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07/01/2007 9:57 AM

YAY, A NON STAR WARS RP BY DW!!! :D I know your all thinking "Finally". I got this idea after reading and watching a multitude of books and movies.

So here it is.

The Mystery of Merkan Manor

There was once a man name Charles Merkan. He was born into a wealthy family and inherited the family estate and wealth. He had it all, money, power, love. The estate was built high in the mountains, 20 miles from the nearest town. One night, Charles and his wife and children sat in front of the fire place. It was a stormy night and the electricity had gone, Charles made a fire for light and warmth. The next day when the maid and butler came to do their daily chores, the family was no where to be found. A search party was organized to find them but they were no where near the house or the town. There were no signs of a murder either, they just disapeared. The house fell apart and was unihabited. It became a "ghost house" for children ghost stories and legends. People say that during the night there you hear weird animal noises outside. People constantly disapeer around there and other weird things happen. Now, it is 50 years later and most have forgotten this. Without anyone knowing or hearing about it, invitations to people that are completely differn't have been sent out in the mail. All are inviting these people to a dinner party at Merkan Manor, everyone travels far across the country to the dinner party. Now, they are fighting for their life with every moment they spend at Merkan Manor. Can they survive long enough to figure out the mystery of Merkan Manor?

Ok, in this RP you play as one of the people invited to dinner. At the beggining of the RP everything will seem wrong, then things start happening that are out of place (I control that).

Is anyone interested?

07/02/2007 2:54 PM

This might be interesting. What are the age limits of the characters and are there limitations on abilities?

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07/03/2007 9:01 AM

Age should be around 20-40. As for powers, i don't want to have any magic or mysterious things going on just yet. I just want normal people and then i will reveal the story in pieces as we go on. Here is a character sheet.

NAME: (Pretty straight forward, your charachter's name)

AGE: (Also straight forward)

GENDER: (Straight forward (hopefully))

OCCUPATION: (What does your character do for a living before he was invited to the party)

ITEMS OR TRINKETS: (Please, no weapons, for weapons we will use what we find around the Mansion)

APPEARANCE: (What does your character look like)

PERSONALITY: (What kind of personality does your character have)

BIO: (A brief background on your character)

Ill make mine in a little while so you have an example.

07/03/2007 10:56 AM

I might be in on this DW, depending on whether I can think of a character.

I'm also going to be going away to Kerry for a bit from this Saturday, where my net access will be sketchy. Don't want to commit to something and then not be around, so I'll see how it works out.

07/04/2007 6:49 AM

Ok Nanuk, If your not around we will wait for you. Here is my character.

NAME: John Orbon

AGE: 43


OCCUPATION: An Ex-sniper for the US army. Now he owns his own bookstore.

ITEMS OR TRINKETS: A gold pocket-watch that belonged to his father.

APPEARANCE: Wearing a navy blue suit. Is tall and athletic. Has medium length red hair and light green eyes. Is white with a slight tan. On his back he has a scar near his right side.

PERSONALITY: Is a serious person and doesn't laugh much. He is somewhat cold blooded from his military background.

BIO: Joined the US army after he graduated from college. He had a degree in engineering. For the rest of his life he was in the army. He spent most of his time as a covert sniper, doing all sorts of diverse assignments. On one mission, he was sent to Columbia to take out a drug lord. Along with John, they sent another sniper along which was John's best war friend.

They were hiding in the in a tree with prepareing to take out the lord. John was going to take the shot and kill the drug lord while he was on a boat. John took the shot and killed the drug lord. On their way out of there, they were a few yards from the helicopter when a gunshot was heard and John's best friend dropped dead. They never figured out who killed him or from where or anything. John then resigned from the army, bought an old building and now owns a bookstore.

07/09/2007 9:39 AM

This sounds awesome, count me in.

Name: Evangaline Augusta

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Occupation: A British antiques dealer, specializing in rare jewlrey.

Items of Trinkets: A gold locket worn around her neck, set with an exquisite blood diamond.

Appearance: Evangaline is tall and slender, with narrow hips and broad shoulders. Her hair and eyes are both the color of rich coffee, warm black bubbling to umber around the edges. Her hair is sleek and kept in waves that brush her shoulder blades. She wears a red dress, vintage silk that brushes noislessly against her tan legs. Her heels are black and tall.

Personality: Evangaline is cunning, shrewd and a merciless flirt. She runs her own buisness, so she must keep on top of things. There is something about her manner that seems almost antiquated--an anacronism. Her laugh is deep and full and used often; she has a perniscious temper, making it hard to tell if she is laughing at you or with you. She is cold, she is calculating, she is beautiful and she knows it. Warmth is not one of her strong suits.

Bio: Evangaline grew up with her parents in South Africa; her father was a doctor and her mother taught the children of the village they lived in. Though very close to other English families, the Augustas spent most of their time with the African people, and Evangaline grew up side by side with the young ones of the village. Consequently, to other "civilized" people Evangaline seemed wild and opinionated, but her parents loved her vivacious nature and did nothing to curb her.
When Evangaline was twelve, she and her parents moved from the village they called home and pushed deep into the Congo--there had been a massive outbreak of Milaria and her father felt compelled to help.The Congo frightened Evangaline, she'd never experienced the level of disease or the political turmoil that abounded there. It wasn't long before Evangaline's mother was brought down with Milaria, a case severe enough to kill an englishwoman who had always been strong and resistant. In a last ditch attempt to save his wife, Evangaline's father commandeered a battered jeep and tried to make it through a war-zone to the nearest city. He was shot ten miles from the village, his wife dying later in the night. Evangaline had slept through it all.
At the news of her parents' deaths, Evangaline was snatched from the only home she'd ever known--Africa--by english relatives and swiftly deposited in boarding school in London. For the next four years of her life she was ridiculed and shunned because of where she had come from and the work and deaths of her parents. Evagaline became a fighter and grew cynical and cold. Although she had been accepted at Oxford, Evangaline open her own shop straight out of boarding school dealing in antiques and curiousities. She is known all over London for her rare jewlrey and knowledge of African artifacts. She goes back to South Africa nearly every year, but has yet to go back to the Congo.

07/09/2007 2:10 PM

Nice job Zombie-pop, your accepted. Just wait for a few more people and ill start this. Tell your friends!

07/12/2007 3:13 AM

I'm still thinking about it, but this does sound neat.

07/12/2007 9:48 AM

Ok cool. Just waiting to see if Nanuk* is still interested........

*Sweet and merciful nanuk. :D:D

07/12/2007 12:25 PM

*Sweet and merciful nanuk. :D:D

Words often used to describe me... lol.

I should be still up for it- just waiting for my brain to recover from the sea air and trying to think of something coherent.

Sister begged me to go see Harry Potter with her so shall be off doing that v shortly. Will be late when I get home but I'll see..

07/12/2007 3:51 PM

Name: James Hue Lanes

Age: 25


Occupation: An ex-Corporal in the ARA during the war (Not necessary to explain), now owns a Deli with an old War-Buddy.

Items or Trinkets: A picture of his former ARA Platoon, very sentimental to Lanes.

Appearance: Around 5'8, deep brown hair, wears a ARA Muscle Shirt where the emblem of the ARA's 377th AA is tattooed on his left arm.

Personality: Quiet and resolved, is the one quiet person in the background with all the solutions.

Bio: Coming out of the ARA shell-shocked and twisted, he settled down with an old War-buddy and his wife. He know lives at the Deli in AlncFord.

07/13/2007 5:57 AM

Ok, your accepted. Ill wait till nanuk* makes a char or says "I HATE YOUR RP" and goes away before i start this.

*Sweet merciful nanuk

07/13/2007 8:20 AM

NAME: Sini 'Nina' Lehtonen

AGE: 24

GENDER: female

OCCUPATION: grad student, part time bartender

ITEMS OR TRINKETS: a jade-bead bracelet she got during the month she spent volunteering at the Sepilok orangutan sanctuary in Borneo

APPEARANCE: usually a jeans-and-tshirts kind of girl Sini is about 5'7, quite boyish in build, with short and choppy blonde hair, fair almost to the point of being platinum, and cerulean blue eyes. She has a number of facial piercings, including cheek dimple, lip, lingual frenum, uvula and tongue. She arrives at Merkan Manor wearing dark blue jeans ('boyfriend cut' I think the style is called- long straight leg, slightly baggy), a dark grey Pixies ringer t shirt with black trim, and a pair of yellow converse hi tops with a pattern of pink and purple hares on them.

07/13/2007 8:21 AM

PERSONALITY: fairly relaxed, she tends to be languid and laissez-faire, with a fairly boho attitude, but can become quite confrontational if pushed. Prefers to think before acting, and can become introspective at times

BIO: Sini is first-generation American, her parents having moved from a small village on the western coast of Finland to Maine. Her two older brothers and herself were born and raised in America, and had reasonably uneventful childhoods. Always having had a love of reading and language Sini went on to study languages and English literature in university, taking a year out after finishing her degree to travel around Europe and Asia, before returning to post-graduate studies.

07/13/2007 8:23 AM

Nice job Nanuk, so me, zombie, you, and azrican will be in it. Ok sounds good, ill start the thread soon.



My mothers name is Nina, Lol.

07/13/2007 12:21 PM

I'd like to join if I still can. I finally thought up a character.

07/13/2007 12:22 PM

Sure, just submit it.

07/13/2007 1:25 PM

This would have been up sooner but I was bit under the weather. Hope you like it. It's my first atempt at a short bio.

Name: Nickolas Arden
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Occupation: A Historian with slightly different views

Items or Trinkets: A personal journal /w pen

Appearance: Tall with a slender build and well toned. He spends much of his time indoors so he may seem a bit pale. His hazel eyes display wisdom and sparkle with curiosity. His hair is an untamable auburn beast. It's a standard cut of medium length. He wears a tan colored suit and black tennis shoes.

Personality: A bit eccentric and not the type to be in social events; he is a loner by nature and enjoys meaningful conversations. (In his case, any kind of knowledge is meaningful)

Bio: His father was a paleontologist and his mother was a chemist. Both were well respected in the halls of academia. When Nikolas, (always fascinated with all forms of history) decided to become a historian it was no surprise. The halls of academia welcomed him warmly, more than happy to have another Arden join their ranks. However, His refusal to conform to the "norm" and his insistence that supernatural powers played a large part in the history of man made him an outcast. When asked to teach a class on Greek Mythology he taught it as fact much to the dismay of his superiors. He has been reprimanded on more than one occasion and was recently given a choice. Shape up or ship out.

07/13/2007 1:28 PM

Your accepted Dalmar.

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