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06/28/2007 3:14 PM

The sun rose slowly over the grassy hill. Today, the day after the greatest day Longbourn...or perhaps evern Hertfordshire had seen. Mrs. Bennet hadn't slept all night, which of course meant that her poor husband had not slept either. She would close her eyes, trying to sleep, but would inevitable begin rampling about this or that connection or about the fact that the only daughters left were Kitty and Mary. Mr. Bennet just put some wax in his ears and pretended to listen to his wife's ramblings.

Locals were still stumbling home after the long night of celebrating. Not only did Netherfield have a new mistress, but so did the ilustrious Pemberley of Derbyshire. The Bennet sisters were the envy of the entire countryside. The continuation of such wealthy and influential family lines as that of the Darcy line in particular was good news to everyone. Considering Darcy had so much control over so many aspects of their daily lives, his happiness meant their happiness.

Speaking of happiness, none could compare to that of the eldest Bennett's sisters. The sun was peaking into the curtains...and a new chapter in their lives was about to begin.

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