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06/27/2007 10:46 AM

Survivor Stories Part 1

Survivor Stories Part 1 is mainly based of Civilian Chapters, but the setting in the future of Civilian Chapters.

The population of the United States has dropped because of the nuclear bombing from the United Kingdom and Europe Union. The UK and the EU decided to nuke the United States after discovering the zombie infested nation. Even though the nuclear explosion has wiped out parts of the zombie population, the nuclear waste left behind has chemically altered the zombies causing them to become more savage and gaining the ability to run. The heroes of Civilian Chapters Joey and Sam's efforts died in vain due to the fact they we're unable to save the United States from being nuked. Both the Resistance and SCAGOA have been eliminated and no organizations have been formed since the fall of both the Resistance and SCAGOA. What is left of the human population is small; the human survivors are spread throughout the entire United States as each one tries to find each other. With the close extinction of the human race in the United States, the human survivors are trying to restart society in the United States.

06/29/2007 9:31 AM

It was just another day living in the slums. The few that camped in the rubbled New York City were normally tired and hungry. Vincent sat on top of a sloped hill, looking down at the others. He picked up a broken glass bottle and threw it against the nearest concrete slab. Rising to his feet, Vincent stared out at the rising sun. It wasn't all that bad; they could have been worse off.

You see, the zombies usually stayed away from the east coast. Why didn't they migrate out there? That is a question the lone survivors ask themselves. Aside from the safety of the area, they had the most shelter and food sources, even though they are scarce.

Vincent slid down the hill and landed at the bottom. He made his way over to the camp. The people were out, helping each other build small huts out of drift wood. Vincent rolled up his sleeves and walked over to Donny Gallagher, an old Irish man who the group claimed as their "leader".

Vincent tried to make the best of his appearance. Since the apocalypse, alls Vinny had on was a GQ red dress shirt, black suspenders with black dress pants, his grandfathers gold cross, and dress shoes. They used to look nice, but now they are all tattered, ripped, and dirty. Vincent chopped off most of his hair, now he has a sloppy crew cut.

He made his way over to the old man and helped hold up a large piece of wood. "Need help der gramps?" Donny laughed, "Well, only if you want to." The two held the foundation until Katie nailed it still. Donny walked away with Vincent. "You know there lad, I'm guessin those scummers will make their way over here sooner or later. I had a errie feeling last night, couldn't shake it off."

Vincent laughed, "You got nothing to worry about, the last time we saw them was at least a month ago. You just have to relax, keep these people calm." Donny had a doubtful grin, "I guess, but just keep guard." Vincent nodded and walked away from the area.

06/29/2007 10:56 PM

"Mr. J, ever since the world turned to s***, the dealers think that they own Georgia," said Deshawn. "I know Deshawn. First it's CVSs, then it's car dealerships, now it's our supermarkets! If any of the good cops were around, then Atlanta wouldn't be in an anarchy."commented Jack. A month ago everyone was up in arms against the zombies, but now those with guns hold the power. thought Jack. The city was in shambles. Most of the apartments had caved in, and cardboard boxes littered the streets with fire barrels for every ten. The dealers had taken control of the freeway, blocking all traffic going out. In addition, the water reservoirs were in their hands too. So much for the so-called underground revolution. 1 gallon of water for 3 gallons of gasoline. Before the outbreak, that price was reversed. Now people were giving away their livelihoods or their children for water. Jack knew he had to overthrow the dealers, but the only people with him were the remnants of his high school students and his ex-girlfriend Nancy. How to overthrow 45 thugs with guns, with only 35 teenagers and 2 adults? Jack was wishing that he had his old Ranger buddy Mike with him.

06/30/2007 9:59 AM

Kristen looked out the window of the hospital; it was a sad view for her, death, chaos, destruction, along with the stench of death. Kristen kept on wondering why she survived and how the hospital manage still be operational. She was one of the few doctors remaining in the hospital to take care of any survivors in the area; she walked to Doctor Mitch, "Mitch, I don't know what we can do anymore. We've barricaded the entire hospital, but the zombies are still outside so we can evacuate anybody." Mitch nodded, "I understand your point, but we can't stay in this hospital much longer, we're running on the back up generators to power the hospital, and who knows the European Union and the UK decide to re-nuke the United States, so I really don't think we can stay here much longer." Kristen shook her head and looked down, "Even if we could leave how are we going evacuate all the injured survivors, plus we don't have any weapons. Besides from what I've observed these zombies don't portray the stereotypical zombie that you see in bunch horror movies. They seem more savage, they some how know that we're in here." Mitch put his hand on Kristen's shoulder, "We'll get out of here, there has to be some kind of blunt objects in here that we could use as weapons. You stay here with the survivors, I'm going to go look for any kind of blunt objects or supplies that we could use, I'll radio you if I run into any trouble." Mitch slowly disappeared down the stairs.

06/30/2007 12:36 PM

Vincent wondered around what used to be the largest city in America. Apartment buildings were caved in, executive buildings toppled, houses destroyed, it was really a disaster. Vinny was still in awe how there were still people alive in this country.

He kicked a few pieces of rubble around and continued the hike. Small fires were present, but nothing too major. His walk was leading him to the statue of liberty and Stanton Island. He climbed up a large hill and looked over.

Over the horizon was the fallen liberty and a few zombies scattered around. Yet with all the chaos and destruction, the ocean waves seemed to be calm and peaceful. Vincent sat down on the hard surface and looked out at the ocean. He closed his eyes and whispered a call to God.

[i]"Help us all...please"[/i]

07/02/2007 8:34 AM

Kristen slowly turned away and walked towards the patients of hospital. A patient looked up at her, "When are we getting out of here, Miss?" "Kristen sat next to the patient, "Soon, I hope, soon. Dr. Mitch went to go look for anyway out of here, but for now I think you need to rest." The patient nodded as he lay back down of the bed and shut his eyes. *Beep* *Beep* the radio was beeping.

"Kristen, I think, I found something that we could use to get out of here. It's a bit dark down here, but I think I found an ambulance. We might be able to evacuate survivors with it." "Alright, that's good, I'll tell the patients to hang on, and that we'll be out soon." "I'll try to find the keys for the ambulance and get it started."

Kristen walked back to patients, "I have an announcement; it won't be too long before we get out of here, but we can only evacuate a few survivors at a time. Those who are in critical condition shall go first followed by the condition of your injuries. Do not worry everyone will be evacuated, to guarantee you're that everyone will be evacuated; I will leave with the last group of survivors. *Beep* *Beep*

Kristen answered the radio, "I've found the keys to ambulance, and we can start moving the survivors now. I'll be back up to escort them to the ambulance, tell the survivors I'll be up soon and we can leave.

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07/02/2007 8:50 AM

The ocean remained calm. Drift wood rocked back and fourth while the waves played with the debris. Vincent slowly walked down the hill, making sure he wouldn't slip and hurt himself. Upon reaching the bottom, he darted over to a large boulder and hid behind it.

Over the wall of trash, there were a small group of savage. They knew there was food over the hills, but something was stopping them from climbing. Out of all the things happening, Vincent wanted to know what the deal was with those things and the east. Something made them stay away, ever since the first and last raid on the camp.

He crouched ever so low and trotted his way over to another hiding spot. The man was observing his predator, noting every small movement. When they weren't in a frenzy, they limped around like any old human.

Even though Vincent wasn't fascinated with knowledge, he found these things entertaining to watch. The look in their blooded eyes read a sign of depression and anxiety. In a way, you had to feel kind of sorry for those things. Vincent stayed low for awhile, nothing interesting was happening; not until the boat arrived.

The motor was choppy and you could hear it for miles. Vincent peaked over the side of the boulder and spotted a speed boat flying towards the harbor. The zombies turned and growled, sprinting to what hopefully was food.

The shouts of cowboys were heard, "Yiehaa!". Vincent didn't really have a good view on the boaters, but he knew they were ignorant. He stood up and watched the scene unfold. The three guys on the boat whipped out some pistols; one looked like a 44. Magnum. They unloaded on the oncoming attackers, sending them back to the deepest pits of hell.

The blood sprayed all over the trash and some sprinkled on the last of the liberty. Eventually the boat docked at the broken harbor and the three men jumped out. Vincent checked to make sure it was clear and made his way over to the cowboys.

07/03/2007 7:42 PM

Mitch appeared on 10th floor of the hospital; Kristen saw him and ran up and hugged him, "You're alright." Kristen let go of Mitch; he walked to the patients, "I am going to start evacuating the patients now, those in critical condition will come with me now, and rest of you will remain behind until I return." Mitch slowly lifted up one of one injured patients and put him in a wheelchair. Mitch slowly did that until all three of the critically injured patients were in wheelchairs. Mitch looked at Kristen, "We're taking the elevator down to the parking garage, where the ambulance is, the radio will be cut off during the time I'm in the elevator, when I get off and get the patients on the ambulance, I'll radio you. Kristen nodded, "Good Luck."

Mitch started loading the patients into the ambulance. He radioed Kristen, "Alright, I've got the patients in the ambulance, I'm going to open the parking garage door, and I'll close after I get out. I'll radio you, when I reach a safe destination, where we can set up camp, Mitch out." Mitch opened the parking garage door, he climbed into the ambulance and started the engine, he looked up, and "Holy Shit!" he said out loud. Hordes of tiny leeches we're flooding into the parking garage. Mitch grabbed the radio and hit the gas, "Kristen, be careful I've accidentally unleashed leeches into the hospital, they must infected because they look a lot bigger than the average leech. Mitch attempted to speed through the leeches and get outside, but the leeches managed to form into a wall and stop the ambulance from moving. The leeches we're slowing climbing inside the ambulance.

Mitch grabbed the radio "Kristen, I'm sorry I've failed this place will soon be a new home for the leeches, if you can't get out. It'll become a hive for them." Screams were heard from the radio, and slowly a new figured emerged in the formation of a man, but covered in leeches.

07/04/2007 9:03 AM

He sprinted his way over to the three only to be stopped dead in his tracks. One of them whipped out his pistol and locked on Vincent. "Hold on pretty boy, don't come any fucking closer eh?" Vincent walked back with his hands up, these guys weren't fucking around.

"Aye, guys, don't flip out, I ain't here to hurt you." Vincent was shaking, these guys would shoot him if he did anything stupid. Eventually, the man put his gun down and then put his hand out. "Sorry mate, just a little jumpy. Names Nate, and yourself?" Vincent took a gulp, wiped the sweat, and shook his hand. "The names Vincent, but you can call me Vinny."

The other two made their acquaintances. Their names were Joey and Gavin. Apparently, the three have been sailing for a week or two, trying to find dry land. They came up from the Bahamas, the Island was overrun and they managed to jump a boat with a full tank and two spears.

Vincent told them of the camp and the people. "Aight, let's go then.

07/05/2007 10:21 AM

Kristen started pacing back and forth, "What to do, what to do." The lights in the hospital started to flicker, "Crap, something is happening to the power supply." Kristen looked at the patients, "I want you guys to stay where you are if you can't move, otherwise come with me, I'll need some help." Two patients nodded and got up, "We can help you, but we need weapons." Kristen nodded, "We'll see what we can find, what are your names anyways?" Patient one looked at her, "Name's Jim." "Name's George," said patient two. "Alright, Jim and George, I'm Kristen."

The three entered an empty room; Kristen found a crutch lying against the wall, "Search the room, for any kind of weapon, like melee weapons like this crutch." The two of them nodded, *Thump* *Thump*. Kristen looked up and saw the ventilation system was shaking and out dropped the Leech Man from the vents. The Leech Man started swinging his arm at Kristen, as leeches fell of his body and onto the floor. Kristen started screaming and swinging the crutch at the Leech Man. The Leech man started to stagger back and Kristen made a run for the door, followed by Jim and George who were stomping on the leeches that fell.

As soon as they got out of the room, Kristen locked the door, "We've got to get out of here, before that thing finds us.

07/05/2007 10:29 AM

The four made their way back to the camp. The others were sitting around; cooking what was left of their food. Vincent found Donny and introduced the three men to him. They said their "hello" and made their way over to the fire.

Donny took Vincent aside and slapped him across the back of the head. "What are yea doing, bringing wonderers to this camp? We don't have enough supplies as it is." Vincent rubbed his head, "Sorry, I wasn't going to leave them. Plus they have firepower that we might need."

Donny shook his head, "I can't let you run around and does what yea want. We are in a serious tight here and I need everything to remain the same." Vincent pushed Donny away, "Fine, I'm leaving this shit hole. You go have fun dieing by yourselves."

With that Vincent walked away hot headed, hoping he could survive on his own.

07/06/2007 10:04 AM

"We need to restore the backup generators, so we have access to the elevators. Someone need come with me while someone goes to check on the patients" said Kristen. George looked at Kristen, "I'll go with you to restore the back generators." Kristen nodded, "That means you Jim, will have to go check on the patients, once you see the lights back on meet us at the elevator." Jim nodded, as he headed towards the stairs.

"We need to head towards a barricade that was set up by Dr. Mitch and me when we saw zombies outside the hospital; we decided we need to protect the hospital generators and the backup generator, so a lot of climbing over obstacles and crawling under them will be involved, it's just a warning." "I'm up for it," chuckled George. They ducked under the first obstacle and climbed over two more, until they got to the back up generators. Kristen pulled the switch, *hum* *hum* the electricity was restored to the hospital. "Let's get back to the elevator and meet up with Jim.

Jim was at the elevator already, "Ready?" asked Jim. "Yeah, let's go." George pushed the down arrow on the elevator, *Ding* the doors opened and they stepped through.

07/06/2007 10:26 AM

The sun was finally out and was it scorching. The heat would make a man want to kill himself. Vincent was just walking down a long path; without the buildings, it was like walking through the desert. He ripped one of his sleeves off and rapped it around his head. Hopefully it would block some of the sun.

He found a broken down apartment; it would do for shade. Slowly he laid himself down on a ripped couch. For some reason, he felt like shit. Why did he run away like a baby? He shook his head and closed his eyes. He had the chance to go back, but something made him just lay there.

He heard someones voice and opened his eyes. Above him was Nate, Joe, and Gavin. They started laughing. Nate kicked a cracked bottle and looked at Vinny. "What you doing out here laying in the fucking heat man?" Vincent got up and wiped the sweat from his brow. "Don't know, why aren't you guys at camp?"

Nate sighed, "Nothing personal, but we just wanted fucking food and water. After we helped ourselves we wanted to get the fuck outta there. We heard you left so we followed your tracks." Vincent shrugged, "Good job."

Gavin looked around the place and headed back, "Come on, let's get a move on. I wanna find a truck." Nate nodded, "Aight, well come with us mate. If we find some movement, we can travel and hopefully get the fuck outta here."

07/09/2007 2:38 PM

Kristen hit the button for B1F, "We need to unlock the B2F on B1F, so we have access to the sewers, when the power generators were knocked out it locked up the B2F floor. We need to get to the EV control room, to unlock it, plus it has a way out through the sewers, since we can't use the parking garage, because it could be flooded with leeches.

*Ding* the elevator doors opened as Kristen, George, and Jim stepped out into the dark hallway. They moved through the B1F passageway, encountering the occasional leech that could be stomped. On a nearby shelf, Kristen grabbed a Blood Infusion pack, "We might need this to fight the Leech Man," as they entered the EV control room.

"There are the controls" pointed Kristen, as the three of them ran towards the controls. *Thump* *Thump* out popped the Leech Man from the ventilations systems. Kristen quickly opened the Blood Infusion pack on the floor; as she saw the Leech Man go straight for the blood, ignoring her and the others. "Hurry!" she shouted. Jim was the first one to get to the control panel, "What do I type in?" Jim said all jittery. "Type 5315 on the keypad," shouted Kristen. *Beep* "Access Granted" said the console. The three of them headed out the room avoided the Leech man who was still sucking up the blood.

They ran out of the room and back into the elevator.

07/09/2007 8:40 PM

The group headed down the desert ruins. The heat got worse and Vincent was sweating profusely. If they didn't find water soon, he was surely going to become dehydrated. He began seeing things, his vision was becoming blurred. "Guys I think I need water."

Joey turned toward Vincent, "Aye mate, you don't look to tough. Don't worry, we'll find shit soon." Vincent nodded, he kept trying to focus. The sun was much worse after the nuclear blasts. He saw a skull in the distance, it began shape shifting and turning different colors. Vincent thought he was on an acid trip.

He faintly heard Nate's voice, "Come here guys! I think I found something." The other two ran over there, Vincent trotted behind. Before he could see what they found he blacked out. All he could hear was the soft faint voices of the other three.

[i]"Aye holy fuck mate! What is it?"[/i] The conversation continued and that was the last Vincent heard.

07/14/2007 9:20 AM

"Right if that goes there and this goes here bugger!" Grensen said as he got shocked for a fifth time trying to hot wire a jeep, "Screw this I guess I'm walking then," Grensen got his pack filled with rations, water and medical kits to last several weeks.

Grensen had been walking for two hours now and was on the verge of collapsing from the heat, "Just need a cave, bank, house anything which is not zombie infested or about to collapse because a bird sat on it." Grensen fell and just lay there thinking about the camp he left why didn't anyone believe him that the zombies attacked the camp last night this thought drifted into dream as a mass of bloody limping creatures flooded the camp killing everyone that was there a loud rumbling was invading his dream he opened his eyes as a large van was coming at him he got up and started to wave to it.

07/14/2007 4:11 PM

"That was way too close" said Jim out of breath. Kristen quickly hit B2F; the elevator started moving again. *Ding* the doors opened, they stepped out into the hallway. "We need to go to the Fixed Temperature Experiment Room; I believe that we can get rid of the leech man. They walked into the Fixed Temperature Experiment Room, "I'll bait the Leech Man into the room, one of you needs to set the temperature to High, but I'll need to be out of the room first. Kristen walked into the room; I dropped another Blood Infusion pack. *Thud* the leech man dropped out of the vent and went for the blood. Kristen quickly left the room, "Now!" she shouted. George set the temperature to High; they could see the leech man engulf into flames as he slowly fell to ground as the leeches disintegrated and was left was body. "Set the room to cool," said Kristen.

Kristen walked and was disgusted to what had happened to the body.

07/18/2007 1:03 PM

Grensen had guessed that the van was just the heat playing tricks on him since he had waved for twenty minutes at it he started walking again.

After thirty minutes he noticed something in the road, it looked like a small crab shell pale white but no claws just some small spikes poking out of it, "Well then what are you," he dropped it to see if it was alive and faint click sounded as it struck the ground like bone on stone he had broken something was it still alive now. It was alive just but alive is alive it got up oozing blood everywhere it it scuttled towards Grensen. H e kicked it as hard as he could, "Ow what in hell,"He shouted the crab was now a good three metres away on its back. But one of it's spikes penetrated Grensen's boot into his foot which was bleeding as though it was shot with a hunting rifle. Grensen pulled the spike out without much pain with help of some Vicodin but the end of the spike was dripping in a green liquid he got a syringe and stuck it into his foot and pulled out at least half a litre worth of green stuff he kept the syringe in his bag it might help against the zombies he walked on reaching a rather large city he had no idea where he was or if the place was "safe".

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