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06/26/2007 6:37 PM

Hi I'm pretty new to this site. I enjoy Roleplaying and have done alot of it at Kotorforce.com

I've already said my hello in the Welcome wagon but figured I'd do the same here. I hope to enjoy Roleplaying here.

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06/26/2007 7:10 PM

Let me tell you something.

Get to know people, make friends IC, and OOC. These people are great, simply put.

But there are a couple of things to remember.

Grammar and punctuation are a must. Incoherent riffraff on the screen may be amusing, but it is not appropriate for this kind of setting. I'm thrilled to see that you seem to know that.

Be polite. Visit nanuk's RP No-no 's thread in the RP lounge chat place, if only to pick out a few things that are member specific. It'll help you avoid problems.

Overall, welcome. You've made a great choice in coming here. Enjoy your stay, and if I come back, I'll be sure to check in on you.

Good luck!

06/26/2007 7:43 PM


I'm going to miss you, Jay.

I better be getting more e-mails.

As for the newbie - welcome. It is past my bed time, and I get grumpy, but you seem to have an idea of what English is, and for that I applaud you.

Use common sense, employ common courtesy, and if you have any questions, just ask.

06/27/2007 3:52 AM

As for the newbie - welcome.

May I point out that newbie is generally affectionate around here ;)

Welcome, [i]Canis Majoris[/i]!
Have a poke around, see what takes your fancy- any questions don't hesitate to ask anybody, most of us are incredibly- almost overly- helpful ;)

at Kotorforce.com

Never been to the site but it's one of my favourite games... must reconnect my XBox because the sound is driving me demented on the 360.

06/27/2007 9:51 AM

May I point out that newbie is generally affectionate around here ;)

Indeed. In my terminology "newbie" merely means someone who is new. Which Sirius is. "noobie" or "n00bie" is an insult.


06/27/2007 10:29 AM

But some people take offence at any even marginal implication of new-ness- Sirius could be snappy so I was just being safe ;)

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