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06/23/2007 3:23 PM

Allow me to give a basic overview for those who haven't been graced with playing the last Twilight of the dead.

ToTD began in Rural, western Colorado, a few miles outside of the small town of Aladero. The Patrons of McGrueders bar and Grill found themselves captives in the bar. Surronded by a small army of living dead. There is no explination as to the sudden outbreak of the dead.

The Dead are 'Runners' However, you don';r have to be bitten to turn into a zombie. Any death will bring a walking dead. But as usual only severe damage to the dead or brain will kill it.

The game left off with the survivng patrons of the bar and a small squad of soldiers escaping. They set a course for the Aladero Maximum security prison. This is where our new game will begin.

The character types must eitehr be guards or prisoners. Try to keep the cons realistic. I don't want 100 Hannibal Lectors runnign around. But one or two is fine :P

Sex: (N/A) only Male Cons but Female guards acceptable.
backstory: How they survived the zombie outbreak basically.

Please read up on the first Totd, not required but it would help.

The story of the Max is: The guards noticed the outbreak and put the prison on lockdown. A few cons were infeted and isolated in C Block. Now almsot all the inmates in that block are infected, but they are also trapped. A few of the less dangerous prisoners have been released to hep the guards keep an eye on the rest of the cons and to make up for a few desertions.

This game (unlike the last) has a much more secure setting, the dead won't be breaking in en mass for quite soem time. That means, this game is mainly about the character development and interaction. So let's make some interesting personas.
Well then...who's in?

06/23/2007 10:09 PM

Here's my three new characters. You already know my other two if you were in the first part or read it.

Name:Henry Harrison
Sex: Male
Description: Pretty tall and really skinny, African American. Wearing his orange prison jumpsuit.
backstory: Henry was locked up when the outbreak happened. He had just been sentenced to 9 months for assaulting a businessman one night when he was drunk. When the guards locked the place down they let him out to help secure the facility.

Name: Derrick Erricson
Height:5' 10"
Sex: Male
Description:Average height but a little fat around the middle, Caucasian, blonde hair, brown eyes. Wearing a prison guard uniform. Carrying a standard police issue 9mm pistol.
backstory: Derrick's shift was five minutes from being over when the outbreak happened. He helped some of the other guards secure the place and get the injured prisoners into cell block C.

Name: Jose Sanchez
Height:5' 6"
Sex: Male
Description:Latino, black hair, brown eyes, kinda short. Wearing prison jumpsuit.
backstory: Jose had remained locked in his cell through the outbreak. He was locked up for gang violence and posession of cocaine but he had been framed because this one gang wanted him to join but he refused so they set him up.

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06/24/2007 6:28 PM

Name: Kane Marco
Age: 29
Height: 6'1
Sex: Male
Description: Broad and stocky, Italian-American. Wearing prison jumpsuit. He is bald and has a jagged scar going across diagonally his right eye. His whole right arm and shoulder is scarred with burns. Many consider him a bodybuilder.

backstory: Marco was sentenced to death and was about to be electrocuted during the outbreak. But, due to the outbreak, the guards stopped the procedure and went out to aid the others. Marco is a grim character, he grew up on the streets of Brooklyn. His father was the leader of the Brooklyn Costa Nuova (new thing). The family lived a high life, but it took a turn for the worse when the local Russian Mob betrayed the Nuova due to money handling and set their mansion on fire. The father, mother, and older brother made it outside, but only to be gunned down by the sitting mob. Marco stayed in the fire as long as he could, but a piece of sharpnel hit him in the face causing him to black out. Lucky for him, the fire department made it and saved him. He grew up in a poor orphanage, always getting into trouble. He hated the life of crime, so he took up boxing. His fighting skills were outstanding, he became pro when he was twenty. The Russian Mob still wanted him dead. After a prize fight match in Madison Square, a group jumped him and beat him. They left him for dead, but he managed to crawl to the nearest hospital. Marco grew a dark hate after that incident and vowed to kill off the Russians. A year after his beating, Marco planted a bomb in a bar where the Russian head was. It killed everyone everyone in that building. A demon began speaking to him afterwards and he was determined to kill off as many Russians in his neighborhood as possible. The thing was though, they were all innocents; men, women, children. He went on a killing spree, only to be stopped by the NYPD. He was put on death row for killing over a 80 people, that is including the people in the bar and building. They say he still hears the demon of San Giuseppe, telling him to kill more. Luckily, he has learned to control the evil thoughts, but at the cost of not speaking.

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07/05/2007 3:08 AM

I still have 5 characters (though I want to try and eliminate one more early on in part 2, if possible), so I don't know if you want me creating any more characters or not?

07/05/2007 7:50 AM

Yeah, if this goes ahead I'll just be sticking with Ozzy.

07/05/2007 2:21 PM

wait, do we have to make new characters? I mean, I would really like sticking with Ronny and the other two kids. I mean if we can't do that, I guess Kane is good to go, but if I can, I'm sticking with Ron job

07/11/2007 11:56 AM

these characters are only gonan be supplements to your existing ones. But I don't know if it gonna go through, alot of stuff has come up with me. If someone else wants to start it and run my characters I might show up later.

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