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06/21/2007 1:10 PM

This is a new thread and my first so help me out when you can =) this is set after the KOTOR era and a group of sith lords plan to kill the jedi I'll put my first post up when people give me their characters don't just post on here put you person on OOC first ok?

Grensen sat at the bar watching the many people entering and leaving the many people walking, talking and drinking the few people trying to scam people off with fake merchandise Grensen sat in thought about the chances of being able to go to the Coruscant Temple and getting to look into the Jedi Archives.

"No the answer is the same as last week you cannot see the Archives, only the jedi with granted permission may enter," said the librarian "fine all right keep the Jedi deaths a secret," Grensen left annoyed.

Grensen walked back to the shop where he was doing maintenance to the alarm he glanced back at the Temple a group of people robed in black walked into the Temple, Grensen thought to himself the jedi usually wear brown or white robes are well must be a new type of robe they are trying. Grensen pulled down his visor and went back to work.

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06/23/2007 7:43 PM

Vash sat in solitude in the meditation chamber, his mind racked with confusion and pain over the death of his master. Sweat dripped down his face as he clenched his eyes even tighter and clenched his fists to the point of pain,

[i]Master...why?...why did you have to die and leave me alone?[/i]

Unable to think or calm his mind Vash suddenly opened his eyes, he had still not found the answer he sought for. Rising he exited the chamber that he had been in for nearly four hours, repeating his question over and over again hoping to get an answer. By now his robes were covered in sweat and he was exhausted, returning to his room he attempted to sleep but found that his mind could not be quiet. So many thoughts rushing through his head,

[i]Who killed him?...what would I do if I found them?...all the people in the underbelly of this planet?...who will care for them?[/i]

Shaking of the surge of thoughts and memories Vash decided to eat something. Heading towards the dining hall he ordered his favorite meal and sat down to eat. As he ate he couldn't help but notice the fleeting glances from the other students and even some of the older Knights, they whispered about him. Some of what they said he could make out, some he could not.

"Hey look, its Vash...his master was one of the ones who died"

"Do you see that boy there?...he was more than just a student to master Narth, he was his friend"

Vash stood without a word and left the dining hall carrying his food back to his room.

[i]They would never understand, all the others who fought against Revan died, Im the only one who had to stay behind[/i]

Sitting on his bed Vash finished his meal, but he still felt no comfort. How could he feel comfort when the person closest to him in the entire galaxy was gone?

06/25/2007 8:00 AM

"What do ya mean only 50 credits you said 100 earlier, "Grensen augured "You only worked for half the day when you went to that temple place plus I am paying for your break when you went to the bar," Said his employer, "Fine 60 credits and I'll finish off the job tomorrow for another 40 credits,"Grensen replied, "30," "Fine 30 credits but that door alarm won't be state of the art though," Grensen said while walking to his apartment.

As Grensen was entering his apartment he noticed the same people robed in black walking past him, he glanced at them and saw one of the people had been tattooed in black and red Grensen felt a sharp shock in his head causing him to turn away from the person Grensen entered his apartment.

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