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06/20/2007 9:06 PM

Ok this is the story

the year is 2030. a new superpower of the world has sprung in europe. the leader of this new superpower starts to invade all nearby countries and eventually captures them all. The United States ( the other superpower ) looks on as the new superpower, known as S.U.C., starts to spread its borders beyond europe. by 2035 almost every country has been taken over by S.U.C. All the countries but the United States, Isreal, and China.
on march 2 2037. all of the last free countries are invaded and conquered by S.U.C. However the people have not stopped the fight in the former United States. Many fight on to stop the tyrant from keeping the former land of the free. many fight to help give others hope. some even fight so others will see their acts and join the fight. but all fight so they may live in a better tomorrow.

this is the basic character sheet:

Fightername: ( make this seperate from your chars real name. will be introduced later.)
weapon of choice:

is anyone intrested or do you want more information.

06/23/2007 9:36 AM

I'm interested, but the more details you give off, the better it gets.

06/23/2007 3:10 PM

Freedom Fighters huh? We goin' Red Dawn up in here? lol

I might possibly be interested. I just want some more details. What sort of technology are we talking here, what kind of government is the SUC? Basically i want some specific details.

06/23/2007 9:51 PM

What Dexter said. It sounds really interesting. I'd love to play.

06/30/2007 10:12 AM

Hi i am new here but i would like to participate in this one :)

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07/15/2007 10:04 PM

Im definitely in.

Name: Gary Klein
Age: 23
Fighter Name: Sparks
Former Job: Computer Programmer
Description: Sparks is a complete Wiz-Kid. He finished a Degree in Electrical Engineering at age 16, a second BA in Computer science at age 18. His parents were killed in the battle of brooklyn, 2035, and since then, Sparks has been working with an underground network of freedom fighters, as a hacker and electronics technician.

Weapon of Choice: Pistol

Equipment: Sparks isn't one for combat, instead, most of his gear is centered around data aquisition, and surveliance. His backpack is blooming with connectors, cables, adapers etc to let him connect his laptop to as many different data ports as possible. Sparks has been taught to shoot by some of his comrades, and carries a NYPD issue high caliber pistol, that was his fathers.

07/21/2007 6:14 AM

Was just checking to see if there was such a thread as I was thinking about starting one but here goes.

Name: Namoi Cusinagi
Age: 19
Fighter name: Vamp
Former job(Current job) waitress
Description: Black hair stylishly cut at her neck, Brown eyes and pale skin. 5'10"
Weapon of choice: Switch blade
Equipment: (None)

Bio: She's the rumor mill for the group, information is leaked constantly and word passes to certain people, knowing these people and having their trust gets you in on things you probably shouldn't know. Her father owns the restaurant that she works in and operates it partly as a safe house for those hiding from the law. She against her fathers request joined on of the organizations that used the restaurant, having no real useful skills she wasn't used however but over the year she had been with them she found a knack for stumbling onto information. In the past months shes built up quite a web of contacts proving herself useful to the group she joined. The name vamp comes from the early days when she came to the basement to give the all clear after closing and her back hair.

07/21/2007 7:12 AM

Cool I'm in.

Name: Grensen Rederick.
Age: 26.
Fighter Name: Lucky Wolf.
Former Job: Experimental Weapons Tester.
Description: Spiked dark hair, blue eyes and black gloves pale skin.
Weapon of Choice: Spike ball.
Equipment: Large backpack full of Spike balls and has a experimental cloaking belt.

Bio: He got bored of the rules and regulations of the science lab and started pass out information and equipment to the highest bidder until he was caught by his co-worker who reported him and he was expelled from the lab five years ago. On the day of his leave the lab was burned to the ground with his co-worker trapped inside. He was arrested for four years until he escaped when the prison he was in was raided by other criminals. His name Lucky Wolf comes from his luck at finding things people need and his speed when running from people.

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