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06/19/2007 7:04 AM

Anyone willing to join me with a Dragonlance thread? I've recently been reading the newest book "Dragons of Time" and one of the stories made me want to expand on it.

Morrigan's curse is a blood born 'curse' that causes the inflicted to run impossibly high fevers and pain . Driving the inflicted mad with a need to rage on any living thing. Killing eases the fever, but only minimally, and the fever returns with a vengence afterward. THis continues till the inflicted is either dies on their own or is destroyed.

I wanted to do something perhaps on finding the source of the curse, and putting an end to it. Any ideas on how to help me along with this???

06/19/2007 7:37 AM

Oh gosh, it's been so long since I properly read DL!
And I kind of got lost in all the Fifth age stuff, I really need to re-read it.

What's the time setting for the book?

06/19/2007 8:06 AM

Post War of Souls I think would be the best time... the return of the gods, Takhisis's destruction, and Paladine's fall as a Mortal. The gods of Darkness would be warring to see who would rule in Takhisis's stead. I think it would be a toss between Morrigan and Sargonnas

06/19/2007 11:45 AM

the return of the gods, Takhisis's destruction, and Paladine's fall as a Mortal.

ye gods, I'm so out of touch!

If I'm to be any help at all I'm going to have to do some serious research..

06/24/2007 5:31 AM

I put the thread up, and will be coming up with the bulk of it by tomorrow evening. Is anyone else interested?

06/24/2007 6:47 AM

I've only read one Dragonlance book, and that was a long time ago. I don't really know much about the Dragonlance fantasy setting, otherwise I would be interested. Sorry.

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