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06/18/2007 7:54 PM

The humans had landed on the planet of the Veeq in the year 2345.

The missionary Cleric Griel aboard the fleet of General Rand first discovered the planet. He landed with the belief that the Veeq would accept the Human's Namesist religion. The Veeq forcefully rejected Namesi in favour of their multiple gods. Namesi was, according to Cleric Griel, displeased with the Veeq and their sinful religion and Griel informed General Rand that they must be annihilated.

General Rand landed upon the planet with a large group of soldiers to discover that the Veeq had under their command living stone monuments that represented their gods. The forces under Rand were decimated, so the Human Royal Armada created the Synchro-mechs.

The Synchro-mechs were massive marvels of Human Technology that rivalled the Veeq's God-statues. The first Synchro-mechs were the H.T. (Human Technologies, the corporation hired by General Rand for the task of defeating the God-statues) series. The pilots of the H.T.s had to endure the torture of mechanical spinal operations, for the Synchro-mechs synchronized themselves to the pilot's nervous system.

The Veeq fought hard against these machines, and defeated many of them. It took many Synchro-mechs to destroy one God-statue, and General Rand was not pleased. H.T. began working on a prototype, a new type of Synchro-mech that connected directly to the brain, which could produce much faster neural reaction time than a nervous system.

Emersi Kitri was the test pilot of this prototype, the guinea pig of the Royal Armada of Earth. The AI in the machine fused with his thoughts, and a fatal flaw caused a loop in the prototype's programming.

[I]Eliminate. Eliminate. Eliminate. [/I]

Emersi was one with the machine, and assaulted the H.I. laboratory on the Veeq planet, destroying any God-statue or Synchro-mech that got in his way. He was caught in a vicious cycle of elimination, and no machine so far could stop him. The Veeq found the destroyed H.I. lab, and now have a fleet of Synchro-mechs for themselves

General Rand and the Veeq council both appointed a group of Synchro-Mech pilots to eliminate the threat of Emersi, and those pilots are you.


All Synchro-mechs have the same basic combat capabilities, but other models have specific jobs or features that would make it more suited for a specific task or role. All mechs have basic melee capabilities and firearms proficiency.

H.I. 547 - The 547 model is a general Synchro-mech, with moderate attack, mobility, and defence. This is a recommended model for trainees and veterans; it incorporates many types of piloting styles in one package.

H.I. 621 - The 621 is a high-mobility, high-speed mech with low defence and a focus on close range melee and gunplay. This model is ideal for someone who avoids enemies attacks and then strikes up close and personal. This model cannot sustain much damage before it is destroyed.

H.I. 909 - The 909 Synchro-mech is a glorified tank with low mobility and a high amount of skill in explosive weaponry and missiles. It has high defence and can withstand a lot before it is destroyed.

H.I. 217 - The 217 is a Mech with a massive focus on melee. It uses solely melee attacks and has moderate mobility and high defence.

H.I. 006 - The 006 is a scouting class mech with low defence, low attack, and extremely high mobility and speed. The specialty of the 006 is it's noiseless engines and active camouflage. It is good with long range sniping and hiding.

H.I. 759 - The 759 is a mech made for high defence, for long, drawn out battles and guarding important people and places. Its mobility leaves a ton to be desired, but it would take a ton of effort to bring it down. It has a moderate attack level.


Race: (Human or Veeq)
Faction: (Human, Mercenary, Veeq)

Synchro-Mech Model #:
Mech Weapons: These weapons are to scale with the mechs, therefore are fairly massive. (Choose two, one for each arm, from Melee, Energy, Firearms, or Explosives)
Synchro-Mech Name:
Synchro-Mech Appearance and Color:


Firearms: Semi-Automatic Pistol, Automatic Rifle, Sniper Rifle
Energy: Energy Pistol, Energy Rifle, Energy Cannon
Explosives: Mines, Grenades, Rockets
Melee: Knife, Katana, Broadsword

06/18/2007 8:04 PM

nice i think i might be intrested in this. i'll post a charcter sheet soon.

06/19/2007 5:21 AM

Ill get a character sheet up soon.

06/19/2007 7:10 AM

Actually never mind. I dont think i would like to join this one.

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