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06/17/2007 4:38 PM

Topic has been moved, please delete this thread. Sorry and thankyou mods.

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06/17/2007 7:11 PM

please post this in the interest forum for more people!!!!!!!!!!!!

name: kevin muller
gender: male
Age: 27

kevin was barricaded in the police station with a few other officers. the 1210th precinct was starting to be attacked by some of the rioters. they closed all the doors and locked them tight. he help other nail boards to the doors and windows. they stuffed everything that was deemed unnecessary for survival and that was movable. he had his 9mm beretta out of his holster the whole time. a few other officers had gone downstairs to grab ammo and some more guns. Kevin was in the police station with several other officers, about twenty five really. they had been the only precinct that had most of its officers inside since the violence was getting to out of hand. the garage was cleared and barricaded as well so if they really needed to they could go out and drive away. right now he was at the dispatch radioing for help.
" we have multiple suspects trying to break in. they seem to be wearing some kind of bullet proof armor since all the body shots dont seem to affect them. please any units come to our aid. i repeat all available units come to precint 1210. " it was followed by static. then suddenly...
" 1210 this is car 4 of precinct 508. we're near your station but we're in alot of trouble. if you could get us out we could help you some. we're stuck near an apartment near you. we're right outside and have been trying to keep these people out of the apartment. they've surrounded the car. we've been forced to shoot some and have found the same results. if you must, shoot them in the head. you can kill them that way but if you can, please subdue them."

" ok we'll get a car to your position." Kevin radioed back." it might be a few minutes but we'll get there."

"ok we'll try to survive till you make it and..... oh my god HOW IS HE ALIVE!!!!!! *pow pow pow* hurry quick i think somethings wrong with these people. they dont seem human at all."

Kevin spotted an officer checking in to see if he got anyone. he called him in and told him to keep contact with the men in car 4. he ran out and looked for his partner wilson kartner.

" hey wilson come quick we found some officers stuck in their car and they need our help. I pinpointed them to helsport rd. and finnly rd. we'll take our car hurry."

wilson came and followed. they went to the door that lead to the garage. two other officers were guarding it.
" you guys shouldn't go out there. there's tons of them out in front and i don't think you'll make it far in the cars." one of the officers said.

" to bad we're heading out. theres some officers trapped and we need to get them out." said kevin as he ran out the door. they got in their car and drove to the gate. there were two more officers at the gate. they checked the other side then opened the gate quickly. as soon as kevin and wilson got out of the station they shut it before any of the rioters noticed.

suvivor status: kevin: alive, wilson: alive, car 4 officers: alive.

kevin's equipment: officers uniform, bullet proof vest, beretta, three clips for beretta, mace, flashlight, keys to station/ car, cell phone, squad radio.

( oh and who do you do game developing for? once i get off to college thats the job i want to study for. but that wont be for a few years. and what will the game be called so i could look for it in the future.)

( oh and normally the ooc thread is used for char pages to so they dont fill up here )

06/17/2007 7:46 PM

OH S@#$% i've been thinking up of a game useing that name for a while now. well what it would be like once i became a designer. and i just used that name for one of my rps.

i think i have an idea of what your doing with it. if you pm me on it i think i might know mostly of what your doing but just one question. could you be a zombie in the rpg your going to make?

and please keep this here. it'll be intresting if others come and join this.

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