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06/17/2007 3:37 PM

Hello again, time for, yes you guessed it, ANOTHER STAR WARS RP!!!!! lol. I realize that adding another might be to much for people to handle but i decided to go for it. And now ladies and gents, i present to you...........................

[b] The War for Liberation [/b]

The year is 200 ABY and the galaxy is, again, at peace. The sith have been abolished, the jedi keep the peace, there is little corruption.
One High Jedi Master on the council, a human male named Wirloo, is abusing his power and influence. He has hired one bounty hunter named Holo Heroth to bring in a senator he doesn't like, alive. The bounty hunter does so and asks for the initial price of 70,000 credits. The jedi refuses and says he will pay only 10,000. This makes the Bounty hunter angry and he continues asking for 70,000. The Jedi becomes iritated and uses the force to teach the bounty hunter "respect". However in this outburst of the force, the jedi killed Heroth. Somehow, word of the jedi's attrocity got out and the Bounty hunter's guild has declared war on the Jedi. The republic has also warrily jumped to the Jedi's aid. Across the galaxy, thousands of Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries, and other nations that sympathize for the bounty hunters guild have jumped to their aid. The bounty hunters guild's HQ is on Mandalore, The Jedi is on Coruscant.
Who will prevail?

Ok in this RP, players will create a bounty hunter to play as in the War for Liberation as they call it. If you create a convincing enough char. i will allow jedi. There are no Sith in this role play so don't try it ;). The players must choose a specific house to play as in the RP. I will tell you what houses you can play as now.

House Renliss-A house that was composed of female hunters that tracked down male prey.

House Paramexor- A house that only took jobs where they tracked down murderers.

House Tresario- A house that specialized in hunting down pirates.

Or you can be a freelance that does whatever he wants.


Here is the character sheet if anyone is interested.








Weapons/gadgets/ armor:

Starship (you dont have to own one) Name and class:

Starship weapons/ gadgets/ armor/ engines:


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06/17/2007 3:50 PM

House Renliss-A house that was composed of femal hunters that tracked down male prey.

mwahahah... oh you certainly know how to tempt me...

I don't know if my poor brain can cope with another SW RP though, lol. I'll give it a think tonight to see if I'd be able for it.

Bounty hunters need gadgets though, and I'm not good with gadgets/technology. Hmm.

06/17/2007 3:54 PM

Might i suggest Wookipedia, also Renliss is an actuall house that is legit and everything.

Go [url:http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/House_Renliss] Here [/url] for the info on them. Otherwise, for gadgets just look through wookipedia, i know thats what ill be doing.

06/17/2007 3:55 PM

Im going to redo the character sheet to fit this one better.

06/17/2007 3:56 PM

I [i]know[/i] all the information is on Wookie but I just don't [i]like[/i] technobabble, whine whine.

I don't think 'i killz u' will be sufficient to get me through the thread, lol.

06/17/2007 6:25 PM

Always will do star wars...I am star wars lol

06/17/2007 6:56 PM

Thats one, fill out a char sheet and ill check it.

06/17/2007 7:05 PM

Name: Corrus Narth

Age: 16

Species: human

Homeworld: Coruscant

Afiliation: Jedi

Appearance: Average height, between 5'5"-6'0", weighs about 120 lbs and wears the brown jedi cloak over his tunic.

Personality: generally a nice guy but can get real angry at times

Weapons/gadgets/ armor: Blue bladed lightsaber

Biogrophy: Born on the upper levels of Coruscant its no surprise he was noticed to be force sensitive. Training since he was old enough to has lead him to be a very exceptional student, he is proficient in several forms of lightsaber combat and has a very strong connection to the force.

06/17/2007 7:18 PM

Okay, Shig, don't undo all our good work- it's supposed to be a bounty hunter char unless you cleared it with DW, and he specifically mentioned that Jedi Pcs would be rare in this thread.

06/17/2007 7:24 PM

oh right...sry

06/18/2007 4:18 AM

Name: Larsik Samorr

Age: 33

Species: Zabrak/Iridonian

Homeworld: Iridonia

Afiliation: House Paramexor

Appearance: Just short of 6 foot tall, 175 lbs, with sand colored skin and light purple eyes

Personality: Determined, self-assured, and independant like most Iridonians. He has a high sense of honor and duty. He feels that it's his job to bring murderers to justice, an obligation to the victims and their families.

Weapons: DC-17m ICWS (Interchangeable Weapons System) blaster rifle
- can be changed from blaster rifle, sniper rifle,
grenade launcher, and anti-armor modes
DH-17 Blaster Pistols (2)

Gadgets: Stun nets, stun grenades, and other non-lethal weapons.

Armor: Wears torso armor, gauntlets, and shin guards over black pants and black tunic.

Starship Name and class: [i]Karma Delivered[/i] Firespray 31 patrol craft

Starship - Engines: Hyperdrive Class 3
Backup Hyperdrive Class 15
- Weapons: Blaster Cannons (2)
Missile Launchers (2)
- Gadgets: Tractor beam projector
- Crew: Pilot
- Passengers: 1
- Prisoners: 6
- Cargo: 70 tons
- Consumables: 1 month

Biogrophy: Born and raised on Iridonia, Larsik was brought up in a family known for it's military and security backgrounds. Trained hard by his father, he entered Iridonia's security force as soon as he was able to. An excellent officer, he developed a reputation for going outside his jurisdiction to apprehend a suspect. Larsik grew impatient with a slow legal system and its bureaucracy, finally opting to quit the security force and bring justice swiftly, no matter where the suspect ran. Starting off a meager amount of savings and used ship, Larsik quickly became proficient at taking older models of ships and weapons and updating them, often matching or beating standards of newer equipment. He developed a reputation as a fair and just bounty hunter, often working with security forces of several different systems to retrieve suspects and return them to face trial. Preferring to capture his bounties alive so they can receive legal punishment, Larsik is known to kill without a trace of remorse if needed. Invited to join House Paramexor, he accepted due to their higher moral code that limits them to hunting murderers. The higher fees paid to him allowed him to update to a modern ship, though he still prefers his now-vintage rifle and pistols.

Edit: Background done

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06/18/2007 7:45 AM

Stoic your approved, just make a bio and your done.

Shig, I would prefer that you don't play a jedi, but if you are determined to be one in this you have to make a VERY good char. sheet with a in depth bio and stuff.

06/18/2007 4:42 PM

Bio's done. When we start?

06/18/2007 4:46 PM

Im gonna wait to see if nanuk wants in, if she wants in then we will start. Nanuk or someone else, i dont matter.

06/18/2007 5:08 PM

Nanuk or someone else, i dont matter.



If [i]that's[/i] your attitude... hmph. :P

06/18/2007 5:41 PM

C'mon Nanuk, join the fun. It'll be good to play non-Force for a change.

I'm already having trouble keeping track of who I'm supposed to be in each thread!

And that's why I open two screens at the same time...one to reply to the posts in, one to look up the storyline and the OOC of the thread I'm in, lol.

06/18/2007 6:09 PM

And that's why I open two screens at the same time...one to reply to the posts in, one to look up the storyline and the OOC of the thread I'm in, lol.

Oh I do that too... I'd be lost if I didn't. Old brain, bad memory.

I'll [i]probably[/i] join- the fact that I'm currently looking up info on bounty hunters is a good indication that I may already have made up my mind, lol.

06/18/2007 6:13 PM

Hey, it makes lookin up details from past convos and PC profiles a helluva lot easier.

06/18/2007 6:57 PM

Well there's Trith/Krath/Kath, Jace/Jocen... I'm surprised I've done so well so far, lol.

06/18/2007 7:06 PM

Lmao...How come I'm the only one who can spell Jase's name right? Well...'sides that I'm the one playin him? lol Fine, you want me to call Joce by a nickname? How about the tough warrior referring to her lover as "my lil poopsy-woopsy"?

06/18/2007 7:21 PM

That would work..

I got confused on the spelling- I remembered you correcting DW on it but couldn't remember which was wrong, lol.

06/19/2007 5:24 AM

Ok, I can't decide on race, so I thought I'd see if there was one you'd prefer I didn't play-

[url:http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Anzat]Anzati[/url] or [url:http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kiffar]Kiffar[/url].

Either make pretty interesting bounty hunters, but I wanted to make sure either would work for what you have planned.

06/19/2007 5:34 AM

Id rather you do a Kiffar. The seeing memories through inatimate objects is fine if you want to have that. I don't want the Anzati because of their mind control abilities. So yeah, id prefer you play as a Kiffar.

06/19/2007 6:05 AM

Hope this is good, I'm not that good at bios

Name: Elgowin Siptom

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Species: Nagai

Homeworld: Naboo

Affiliation: House Tresario

Appearance: White hair, skinny, 5'7", grey eyes.

Personality: Curious, courageous, and easily angered.

Weapons: Knuckle plate vibro blade, Vibro double-blade, DC-15s side arm blaster

Armor: Light, loose armor, with a cortosis vest

Biography: He was raised by his father, shortly after his mothers death. His father, began to raise him in the way of a bounty hunter. Because of the lack of emotion he is often hunting criminals without emotions, most of the people he collects for he collects their bounty dead.

His one greatest weakness is that he is easily angered. This often leads to droids casualties, and the accidental death to innocent people to his lightwip.

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06/19/2007 6:58 AM

Id rather you do a Kiffar. The seeing memories through inatimate objects is fine if you want to have that. I don't want the Anzati because of their mind control abilities. So yeah, id prefer you play as a Kiffar.

That was my thinking on it, to be honest- just fancied having cheek-tentacles, lol.

Kiffar it is.

I'll try to have a sheet up shortly, keep getting distracted by my teeth.

06/19/2007 11:44 AM


Name: Jetrian Qualma

Age: 25

Species: Kiffar

Homeworld: Kiffu

Affiliation: House Renliss

Appearance: Her thick black hair, worn in the traditional dreadlocks, reaches almost down to her waist. Standing at about 5'8 her skin is pale, her eyes dark green, and although her face is fine-boned and her features delicate, her build is athletic and hardy. The markings of her mother's clan are tattooed on her face in green: one band, about 3 inches long, and 1/4 inch wide, bisecting her left eye vertically, and a second (of about 2 inches, same width as the other) running parallel to and beside this, toward the outer edge of the eye. There is also a band of about half an inch thickness along the centre of her lower lip.

Personality: Self-possessed, and with a tendency towards cynicism, Jetrian is efficient and methodical in her hunts. Although highly professional she can sometimes find it hard to maintain detachment due to her psychometric abilities- seeing mental snapshots of acquisitions going about their lives can make it difficult to continue seeing them as targets rather than people. While she does not let this interfere with contracts it does mean that she can be somewhat selective about those she will accept- a fact the House leaders are aware of, and usually indulge.

Weapons: ugh, technospeak...
MSW-9 molecular stiletto,
a modified hold out blaster,
a laser carbine
has access to a disruptor pistol, rarely uses it

Modified NeuroSaav Hifold Sensory Package cybernetic eye, which increases perception (basically acts as a built-in scope, altered to look like a normal eye)
an array of custom-made toxins ranging in efficacy from mild nausea to lethal
SC-401 stun cuffs
stun grenades
grappling spike launchers
fibercord whip

Usually a light all-in one protective body suit, worn under normal clothes and so inconspicuous. Its lightweight material offers some resistance to the elements, and has an activatable in-built cooling system to mask heat signatures.
Often wears a protective vest over clothes.

Starship name and class:
Modified YT-2000 light freighter [i]Eclipse[/i]
-Hyperdrive system
-Navigation system
Dual laser cannon turrets (2)
Minimum one crew (could have pilot, co-p, 2 gunners- has a droid on board if co-pilot is necessary, converted extra bunk space to holding cell, can carry two prisoners)


Although born on Kiffu she spent very little time there as a child. Abandoned by her husband- a space pirate, Varden Vess- her mother Celen Qualma Vess- a trained pilot- turned from their previous life of piracy and became instead a bounty hunter, ending up hunting (with some satisfaction) many of their former associates and employers. As she systematically destroyed Varden's contact-network and infrastructure he became more rash and bold, targetting an increasing number of Core worlds along standard routes. He managed to evade all official patrols and his success was such that, in a relatively short time, a sizable bounty was taken out on him.
Celen undercut all others bidding for the contract, bringing the young Jetrian on the successful hunt.
While hardly a normal upbringing Jetrian was not scarred by the experience, developing instead a rather pragmatic view of the universe, falling somewhat naturally into the same career as her mother.
She tends to be a bounty hunter of the more subtle mode, stalking and observing-when time allows- the intimate details of her target's lives before completing the contract. Not having the same physicality as many hunters she instead relies on her considerable acting abilities, often using her psychometry to gain insights into people's lives, thus allowing her to simulate empathy and often get quite close to the acquisition.

Her method of operation makes her particularly suited to contracts involving some sort of 'industrial espionage'- where the target is a target not only in and of themselves, but because they have/have access to information wanted by the issuer of the contract.
She joined House Renliss for the simple reason that she finds males generally to be more likely to exhibit repugnant characteristics, making it more easy to view them simply as targets- and making it more enjoyable to 'play' with them emotionally if it is a contract that requires more prolonged contact.

06/19/2007 12:35 PM

Calvinofthecrew, I said i don't want any people with force powers, just non force using bounty hunters or mercenaries.

Nanuk is accepted.

06/19/2007 12:36 PM

Ill make my character then ill start the thread.

06/19/2007 12:56 PM

Just a question...how are you planning on having the mercenaries/bounty hunters fight jedi if no one can play one?

06/19/2007 1:01 PM

NPCs, hello?

Same as if we were a group of Jedi fighting Sith/bounty hunters/Gamorrean pirates/rabid Ewoks :P

06/19/2007 1:07 PM

Sry bout that, Fixed it I hope

06/19/2007 1:09 PM

I gotta go, ill get it done when i get back.

06/19/2007 6:10 PM

Calvin, how can a bounty hunter use a lightwhip?

06/20/2007 5:52 AM

Look at the site some have.

06/20/2007 5:55 AM

Go [url:http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Lightwhip] Here.[/url] The first sentance says that the lightwhip could only be used by specially trained force users. Thats a no-no in this RP.

06/20/2007 6:02 AM

Name: Rhyrax Fasyn

Age: 38

Species: Human

Homeworld: Mandalore

Afiliation: Freelancer although joining the Bounty Hunter guild

Appearance: Has red hair that goes down to his shoulders. He stands about 6'2 tall and has a tanned white skin. Has bright green eyes and a face full of facial scars. Has an athletic and sturdy build.

Personality: Is a quiet person that keeps to himself mostly. He doesn't really stand out in a crowd because he is calm. Never really gets angered, just shruggs it off and does the right thing. This gives him a Cold appearance.

Weapons: Has a LARGE amount of weapons but these are his prefered. 2 WESTAR-34 pistols, DXR-6 disruptor rifle, Velocity-7 dart shooter, numorous types of grenades, Vibroknife.

Gadgets: Comlink, Datapad, Whipcord, Flamethrower, Handcuff's, Cages, Ysalimari, poison darts, Other things

Armor: Mandalorian Armor (colored red)

Starship name and class: YV-666 Light Freighter, [i] The Serpent [/i]. The YV-666 was designed as a cargo freighter but Rhyrax modified his to its current stature. It has a 3 deck system and many rooms on each deck. The main deck houses Rhyrax private quarters, a training chamber, an armory and an advanced medical bay. The middle section is modified into a prison with many reinforced cages, interigation droids, gun turrets on the walls, and Ysalimari scattered throughout the room. The bottom deck housed the engines, power core, and cargo hold. The cockpit is on the top of the ship. From the cockpit, Rhyrax can manage the whole ship, activate traps, monitor prisoners ect.

Weapons: Retractable Quad Laser Turrets (2), Ion Cannon (1), Concussion Missle Launcher (1), Proton Missle Launcher (1), Turbolaser (1).

Gadgets: Hyprdrive class 1.5, A cloacking device (lasts for 10 minutes), X10-D draft droid (acts as a brain that helps manage everything)

Armor: Reinforced Hull and sheilding

Grew up a farmer on Mandalore where he learned to shoot a gun. This was because he was charged with the duty of defending the farm against wild animals. When he was about 16 he got in a great arguement with his parents and stole their ship and left Mandalore. This was done in an attempt to see the world and do something besides farming.

He went to Coruscant where he was amazed at the vastness of the city, and quickly went exploring. With his quick mind, sarcasm, and short temper, he quickly was taken to a crimelord where they threatened to kill him. The boss, looking for a game, said he would let the kid live if he assasinated a drunk in one of the casinos. Drake, not wanting to die, did it and thus, began his path into Bounty hunterhood. He found out how to kill for money and did it well.

Soon he got weapons, a ship, and a common employer. However, he was still troubled, he decided to make the journey back to Mandalore when he was 22 to see his parents. He returned only to find that his parents were dead, his home was destroyed and all of their possesions were gone. This drove Drake insane and mad for a couple years. When he was 25 he hit the Bounty Hunter market again after 3 years of mourning.

When he hit age 27, thats when his name became known as one of the greatest in the galaxy. He donned his father's mandalorien armor, customized his weapons to the highest degree, and sold his old ship for a more suitable one.

06/20/2007 6:03 AM

Ok, im starting the thread in the star wars section. Transfer your character sheets.

06/20/2007 6:29 AM


I wanna!


06/20/2007 4:00 PM

*crosses fingers* I hope I got it

06/20/2007 5:10 PM

Ok calvin, your accepted, go post your character in the thread in the SW section.

07/12/2007 6:14 PM

Tell me Darth, can we be one of the Republics Soldiers? I've always had a tinge to rough it as a grunt in the Republic.

07/13/2007 7:42 AM

as much as inwould like to get in on this one, i think that it is too late to join. Thos one sounded fun, i hope that they do another like this when its done.

07/13/2007 8:18 AM

Yes, this one has already started but more people can join. Submit character sheets either here or in the Star Wars section The War for Liberation

07/13/2007 8:43 AM

...So we can -or- cannot be a Republic Soldier?

07/13/2007 8:57 AM

No republic soldiers in this one im afraid, only bounty hunters. You can however be bounty hunter that is standard soldier.

07/13/2007 3:14 PM

name: Ordo Niel

Race: human

Age: 32

Affiliantion: freelance

Appearance: Ordo is a tall mandalorean standing at 6"4', he is covered from head to toe in full mandalorean armor with a built in blaster shield and dampaner. His armor is night black and built into his left shoulder is a coustomized cloaking field genterator. On his right wrist is a compact mini rocket luancher, witha three round chamber. On his left wrist is a small grapple gun for repelling and scailing most any walls. His helmet is black with blacked out An equipped with multiple vision modes. When his helmet is removed you see a kind face like that of a young child. His eyes are deep blue, and his hair is short and brown. His body is well built and tough from years of endless P.T. (( physical training )).

Personality: Ordo is a straight a foreward guy with little people skills.( that about sums it up)


Ordo comes eqquipped with a weapon or tool for every situation.

A coustimozed DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle, with equipped scope. Has a lifeform tracker an droid detector.

DL-44 heavy blaster pistols, with equiped laser sights. ( although they arein the class they are rather compact ) x2

A wrist mounted mni rocket launcher, with a three round chamber. ( slightly larger explosion than a grenade )

A small metal container on his belt filled with various poisons and needles for every occasion.

Bio: from a young age Ordo was trained by his father in the art of bounty hunting. His father wanting him to live out the dreams he couldn't due to his bum leg. His faher was crueln and unforgiving in his training. He raised Ordo to be a shadow. By the age of 19 Ordo had accomplished his first job. He killed the prime minister of nboo while he slept in bed next to his wife. It was one of the mot skilled oprations done. Nobody saw him enter or leave. The only thing that classified it as a murder was the trace of poison on his blood stream. Ever since then he has developed a well known name for dropping off the grid for weeks at a time and popping back up at a mercenary station just before the descovery of a mysterious death of some high priority person or persons.

He operates differently for each situation. He has is a master of infiltration, and a very skilled sniper. He always moves with his usual load out, that is designed to keep him prepared for any situation that may occur.

(( please leave me an ooc note on when I can come in. Oh and let me know if this is incorrect somehow, or simply not good enough. ))

07/13/2007 4:04 PM

Why did you post it twice, five minutes apart?
With an OOc bit at the end of one, lol?

07/13/2007 6:41 PM

sry bout that my iPhone must have had a siezure and preposter it before I was done... I will delete the first one.

07/14/2007 6:19 AM

Hmm, I was thinking about this and I really don't know how we could fit you in the story. So I have decided that from now on, the war for liberation is full. Sorry for the inconvenience.

07/14/2007 7:19 AM

Well that's a bumer.. I thought my guy seemed cool. Well ok, enjoy it and let me know if you ever plan to make another like it.

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