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06/15/2007 8:16 PM

"For the accusations applied to you, and the criminal acts that you have carried out, we find no other choice but to exile you from Aeria. You will have no further contact with us, not even our merchants or the wandering Wyrms. You are not allowed to return, and if we see you in our airspace trying to get to us, you will be taken down without question." One of the Elder Wyrms said.

"I... understand." Garrum replied. Then, a whole mass blabble of screeching. Garrum sighed, and proceeded to walk out of the chambers.

That was, until, the doors burst open and soldiers began to file in. The scenery around him changed; no longer the inner tree chamber, but now in a town in Jilom. He was sitting in an alleyway, shivering, watching the events unfold.

Fire. Death. Screams. That's all he could see, hear, and smell. He watched from his alleyway as cloaked people with dragon-like tails, much like his, ran as fast as they could; most of them only to be caught and ferociously stabbed.

Other tried to transform, but were shot down by majick. He forgot to count how many actually escape.

One ran up to his alley and stared him in the eye.

"You!" He said, before being brutally stabbed through the chest. Garrum shook his head, and ran down the alleyway into the darkness. He ran as fast and as hard as he could, trying to get away from the town. He soon found his way into the main street, but was promptly stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He whirled around to see a soldier staring at him.

"Kid, have you seen any of those Wyrm filth?" He asked. Garrum shook his head, not taking the usual time he did to translate the words and properly understand them.

"I not... no!" Garrum muttered, and the soldier looked at him. He peered behind Garrum, and Garrum looked back in horror to see a tail swishing back and forth. He looked back to the soldier, whose grip had just now become fierce on his shoulder. The soldier brought his sword up, and plunged it into Garrum's head-


Garrum awoke with a screech of terror, panting and sweaty. It was all a dream. He was never stabbed. But...

The truth was still there. Wyrms were being hunted, and he was one of them. It was only a matter of time until he'd be found, and murdered. He didn't understand why. The Wyrms were always peaceful, and all of a sudden the empire of Jilom decided to eradicate the Wyrms.

Some fled to Endervorr. Even though the borders were closed, they were still able to sneak in through the air. Endervorr wasn't helping Jilom; it's leaders just didn't want a war to escalate between them and Jilom because they were housing Wyrms.

Everywhere Garrum went, he felt isolated. Alone. He'd thought many times of escaping to Endervorr and finding the others; but he never did. Something in Jilom told him to stay.

Deep down inside, he wanted to know why.

Garrum stood up and put his clothes back on; a red cloth pants covered by a red tunic. He curled his tail in as usual, and found that after weeks of doing so, it didn't bother him that much. He was just worried about what would happen to it because of that in the future.

The door burst open right after he finished changing.

"What in bloody hell, I hear a screech like a wyrm and all my customers leave!" The innkeeper said. Garrum looked at the man, trying to put a look of shock on his face. "Hurry up, kid. I don't know what's in this inn, but the soldiers are coming and you'd better not get in their way!" The innkeeper said. Garrum nodded silently, and the innkeeper left to awaken any other customers.

He smiled, thinking about how the innkeeper called him a kid. Garrum was young by Wyrm standards, but he should have at least matured into the Whelpling stage by now. A sort of, teenager, to say. But he never outgrew his childish figure; and looked like he was still a baby Wyrm. When transformed, he never grew to the normal size; but instead was puny compared to most. At least, he thought, he had matured enough to fly well and breathe fire.

Garrum sighed, and looked downcast at the floor. He was always causing trouble wherever he went. He looked out the window, and noticed a figure dashing down the street.

"Wyrm! Wyrm!" People shouted, and the figure ran as fast as they could. Garrum quickly ran downstairs as well. He burst through the door of the inn only to see soldiers starting to run down the way the other figure had been running.

06/17/2007 9:10 PM

mesuko was being followed. he could easily tell. he was trying to get to a meeting with a clan named the martyrs who were rebelling against jiloms decision of hunting wryms. mesuko knew who was stalking him. it was a hooded stranger. the stranger has been following mesuko for the last three years. ever since he was given the title warrior. mesuko stopped and waited for the stranger to say something. but nothing was said.

" you can stop following me. i know your there. now what do you want." mesuko said.

the stranger came out from a nearby ally. " ahhh mesuko i see you powers are developing well."

" who are you and what do you want from me for real? and why do my powers concerne you?"

" i'm your guide mesuko. you remember dont you? about what you left behind?"

" no what are you talking about. why dont you just face me and tell me..." mesuko stopped right there. the stranger disappeared. mesuko started walking again. the stranger was starting to be quite the nusance. he entered the pub called mildreds hall and entered the hidden passage behind the storage room.

06/18/2007 10:47 AM

Llor had been walking the street, for once minding his own business. But then, he saw two people talking, one looked like nothing more then a boy, the other was hooded, much like he was. When the hooded man(if he was a man) dissapeared, he followed the boy.

[i]I wonder what this is. I havent had a good adventure lately, lets see what I can dig up.[/i]

He entered the pub, just in time to see the boy round a corner. But, when he went around that same corner, there was nothing there, except a door. So, of course, he went through the door, but once again, he was greeted with nothing. [i]Curious...[/i]

But before he could think anymore, shouts of "wyrm! wyrm!" erupted out of the street, and they were loud enough that he could hear them even in this room. So, of course, he went out of the pub, still thinking of the boy...

Of course, Llor didnt care much whether the wyrm lived or died, just as he did not care about the lives of anybody in that crowd. In fact, the only one he did care about was him. But, maybe the wyrm would put up an entertaining fight, before the end. As he thought this, he ran into a man hurrying out of the inn, falling onto the cobbled streets, and spilling some of his leaves, which he began to quickly pick up.

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06/18/2007 12:30 PM

Parth Bolder was walking down the streets of a town. Parth was a Kemono species and could turn into a Gray wolf. When he was in human form he had a gray tail that always followed him and gray hair. Parth was currently in Human form so he was constantly looked at by humans.

[i] You'd think they never saw a Kemono before[/i]

Just then Parth heard shouting from farther down the street.

"Wyrm! Wyrm!"

[i] A Wyrm?[/i]

Parth had no bias against wyrms, he liked them actually. He also didn't think Jilom's mass extermination of them wasn't worth it.

Parth walked down an allyway and changed into wolf form. The change didn't take long and was not painfull. Parth wanted to be in wolf form so he could run faster. When Parth turned the corner again he saw soilders comming toward him.

A few people started screaming at the sudden appearance of a wolf and ran in differn't dirrections. There was a young boy in the middle of the street and by the way his clothes were bunched up, where the tail would be, Parth identified him as a wyrm.

[i] The soldiers will kill him!! [/i]

Parth decided to help the little boy out.

06/18/2007 1:14 PM

Garrum exited the inn, to see people running back inside. Someone was nearby, picking up leaves for some reason, and the cloaked figure he'd seen from his window was still. He didn't know why; the cloaked figure was standing dumbstruck in the middle of the road, and Garrum looked over; to see a gray wolf. He was so confused, first someone was chasing a wyrm, and now people had scattered, leaving no-one but a wolf, the cloaked figure, and soldiers.

"Wyrm scum, die now!" Garrum heard behind him. A soldier appeared in the doorway with a bow and arrow, and aimed it at the cloaked figure in the street. Garrum instinctively raised his hands upwards, causing the archer's fire to aim straight high, and making the soldier grunt. The commotion caused the wyrm in the middle of the road to look over, and make another dash. Soldiers ran after him.

Garrum stepped back, as the soldier grumbled and walked up to him. "What the hell are you doing? Treason against Jilom? You'll be punished for this!" The guard muttered. Garrum tripped backwards, and his tail fell out from around him, falling between his legs. His cloak came out from under him; revealing simple pants and a shirt; red markings across his skin, and a confused look.

Garrum looked up in fear, and the archer smiled down at him, taking out an arrow. "Ah, so you pieces of dirt are everywhere, huh?" The archer said. "You can't make me miss from this close." He said, nocking his arrow.

06/18/2007 2:13 PM

Parth was horrified as he saw the archer about to shoot a defensless child. He raised one gray haired paw and pointed it at the ground beneath the archer. Beast
Majick was his specialty.

The mud on the ground was yanked upward from an unknown force and flew toward the archer. Some of the mud him in his bowarm making the shot go wild, the rest hit him in the face blinding him.

Parth stepped forward and said "If you want him, you will have to go through me!"

06/18/2007 2:58 PM

(Aaah! I completely forgot to specify that when transformed, you can't speak any normal tongue unless you've trained yourself to do so. X_x. Let's just say Parth did. :P)

Garrum looked over in surprise. One, that wolf had spoken the common tongue; which was a feat all in its own. Secondly, he had saved him. Garrum got to his feet, and the archer pushed away mud from his face.

"You've got friends, huh?" The archer said, spitting out some mud that had gotten into his mouth. "That's fine with me. So do I." He said, whistling loudly. Garrum could not only hear, but feel footsteps all around him. Soldiers, and more than he expected this wolf to handle...

He nudged the wolf with his tail slightly.

"We... need run! Now!" Garrum mustered, his broken speech hopefully understood.

06/18/2007 3:14 PM

(Oh ok, well then Parth is a speaker of the common tounge from now on :))

The boy nudged him in the side a little with his tail.

"We... need run! Now!"

The boy's basic speech was broken but understandable. Parth turned his head over in the direction of the boy and nodded his head.

Parth raised his paw again and sent more flurries of mud at the soldiers that would temporarily stop them and push them back. Then while mud was continually being flung, Parth used his Majick to grab the shingles off the roof's with the wind. The shingles came down and created a sheild the separated the boy from the soldiers and blocked them off. Parth put the shingles in the ground, it would hold them, but not for long.

"Come on" Parth shouted and motioned for the boy to come this way.

06/18/2007 8:00 PM

the meeting was canceled. everyone had their weapons at the ready. what was once a peaceful street came shouts of "wyrm". everyone thought the clan had been found but mesuko sensed something. two kemono running. followed by some kind of large form. possibly a mob. " everyone stay inside. i will check up on this manner." mesuko said. he ran up out of the pub and saw a mob of soldiers beating at shingles stuck in the ground.
he didn't see the kemono but could sense them. part of his mind ability was being able to sense others. he's been able to reconize certain siginatures. for instance the hooded stranger or the basic signatures of races. but if there were to many he wouldn't be able to make exact identifications. he took a nearby alley and saw them running away from him down the main road. " damn they're in a hurry. mabe this'll help." he traced them and used his ability to appear in front of them. as soon as he appeared he started to puke. a sad side effect from that. " wait this way we have a hidden buaaaaa." he started as he puked again. " we have a rebal clan nearby. come we'll hide you."

06/19/2007 4:34 AM

Garrum started to follow Parth; but as they ran, a person suddenly appeared before them and all of a sudden, started to vomit. The sight scared Garrum as much as the soldiers did, and instinctively, he hid himself behind the wolf, quivering.

"Wait, this way, we have a hidden-" The man had said. "We have a rebel clan nearby. Come, we'll hide you."

Garrum whimpered; confused. Could he trust someone that had just appeared in front of his eyes? Well okay, that was a little unfair, he was trusting this wolf... but at least the wolf didn't randomly teleport to other places and puke in front of your eyes...

"What... think you?" Garrum asked the wolf, unsure of what to do.

06/19/2007 5:55 AM

Parth slid to a stop, his paws sliding on the dusty ground. A man had appeared in front of them and started vomiting. Truly, a strange sight to see.

"Wait, this way, we have a hidden-" The man had said. "We have a rebel clan nearby. Come, we'll hide you."

"What... think you?"

"I don't know, I don't usually trust strange men that appear in front of me and begin vomiting"

He twitched his ear back in the dirrection of the shingle sheild he had just made. Because of his wolf forms keen senses, He heard the sheild start to be broke.

"But now we don't have a choice, alright man lead on"

06/19/2007 9:05 AM

Of course, the shingles had partially shielded Llor too. [i]Now they'll think that Im with them. I guess I have to be.[/i]

With that, he began to limp down the alley, just in time to see a man vomit. While they were discussing things, he came up behind them, suprisingly agile and quiet.

"If you dont follow him, you will all die."

[i]Fate has decided I am to be with these strangers... hmmm.... why?

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06/19/2007 1:21 PM

Garrum turned back, startled at the sudden person appearing before them. It belonged to... the man who had picked up his leaves before? What was he doing here?

"If you don't follow him, you will all die." The man had said. Garrum took the time as he looked back at this new man, and look behind him as well. The makeshift shield out of shingles broke, and he could see soldiers hacking away the final pieces they needed to break in order to climb over.

"No talk, go!" Garrum muttered, urging the stranger who had appeared in front of them to lead the way. "All, now!"

06/19/2007 7:28 PM

mesuko was still alittle disoriented from the nausea that came as a side effect of the ability he just used.

" ok this way." he said as he started to run past them the same way they came.
" its over here. theres a small alley that leads to the back door." he ran down the street till he got to the alley way. " quick this way. they dont know you've gone this way." he saw they had followed. he opened the cellar door and shoved them all down it. he shut the door and locked it from the inside. he heard the footsteps of the soldiers coming then going.

" ok now follow me. i'll have to enter first since they all know who i am. i'll introduce you except for you," he said as he pointed to the man who had said the threatening words. " you will stay here till i figure out who you are. if you dare follow i will slit you throat. it wouldn't matter if you tried defending you self so you better stay here." now he looked around the room till he found the stairs and began to head up them. the kemono still followed but he didn't see the other man. he looked for the doorway. it was hard to see even when he could sense peoples presence in the room. once he found it he lead the kemono through and sealed the door behind them.

" quick we gotta hide these kemono. the soldiers are after them. get your weapons ready if the soldiers find us." mesuko said. he looked at the kemono " you should be safe now. so who are you and why did the soldiers go after you?"

06/20/2007 4:20 AM

((I don't like the fact that you just left Llor there... other than that it seemed okay. That was just too much character control, though, by leaving him there. You want to assume everyone goes along.))

Garrum looked back as they had walked. It had been quick, decisive, and to the point; no time for really looking around. When they had gone through a door, Garrum was suddenly facing people; and for some reason, his body had a slight chill. He... didn't really like these people.

"So who are you and why did the soldiers go after you?" The man asked. A little too quickly for Garrum to understand. Panicking, he whimpered, and looked around hurriedly. No one seemed to want to help.

He looked back at the wolf, and then back at the man who had demanded questions. Garrum couldn't really understand what this man said; his tone was hurried and quick. He shook his head, confused.

"No! No! Leave alone!" Garrum cried out, lashing past the man back out the door.

06/20/2007 8:56 AM

((Its fine. He just threatened to hurt Llor if he followed. That doesnt mean Llor didnt risk it. [Remember, Llor does have a small assortment of non-elemental spells. Hes old enough, hes pretty powerful with magic.]))

Of course, Llor didnt shuffle in after the rest of them, but he did take a quick peek in, just enough to memorize what the room looked like. Now that he had its appearance memorized, he could teleport, at least until his memory faded.

He raised his arm up before him, his hand parrelel to the ground, then crooked it, so his forearm was in front of his chest. A leaf dropped out of his sleeve, and by the time it hit the floor, it had burned. He snapped his arm back and away, so his arm made a line with his shoulder and neck. As soon as this move had been completed, he was in a semi-dark room, in the darkest corner, the room everyone else had come in. He watched the distressed wyrm, but didnt say anything. Because teleportation was quiet, and because of the way his robe could almost take on a blacker appearence in the dark, nobody noticed him.

[i]Well, I didnt FOLLOW you in. I found my own way.[/i]

06/20/2007 8:09 PM

( i was hopeing you would take advantage of what i had said. i knew you wouldn't just stand there but if you did i would've freaked.)

mesuko watched as the wyrm started to dart out of the room
" WAIT NO!" mesuko yelled but it was to late. the wyrm was already out of the door. he headed out to grab the wyrm before he brought out to much attention to where the clan was located. especially since there were guards in the area. he ran towards the door and found the wyrm just running out of it. he double timed it and caught up with the wyrm. he snagged the wyrm just before he got up the stairs. where most of the people would see him and probaly report him.

" geez kid dont just run up there. theres to many people. they'll get the soldiers down and they'll kill you."
he pulled the wyrm back in the room. he put himself between the door and the wyrm. then he looked toward the wolf kemono.
" hey you can understand us. i'm not to sure if he can well. tell him we're friends. we're here to keep him from the soldiers. we dont want him to run. we'll keep him safe." mesuko asked the wolf.

for a second he thought he sensed an extra presence in the room but there was to many people to be sure. he just brushed the feeling off and tried to calm the wyrm down. he started to speak slower.
" its ok. we're friends. we want to help you. calm down. we'll keep you safe from the soldiers."

06/21/2007 4:21 AM

Calm down? Calm down? CALM DOWN? He had just abruptly grabbed hi, brought him back, and spoke too fast yet again. Didn't he understand? Well, his last line of speech was slower. Garrum shivered, edging away further and further into the darkest corner possible.

"Leave... leave... alone.... go... away..." Garrum said, as he started to edge closer and closer. He grabbed his tail and held it, inching back further into the darkness.

He hit a pair of legs, and didn't know who it was, and yelped, jumping a foot to the side and landing unceremoniously on his back. He started to inch away further, tears streaming down his face. "Leave... leave alone..."

06/21/2007 5:09 AM

Parth couldn't stand this anylonger and growled very loud for everyone to hear him. Then he walked over toward the young Wyrm confortingly and said to him "Its alright, they just want to know who you are."

Parth turned to the crowd of people. "Can't you see your scaring him, talk slower in a nice tone."

Parth looked back at the whimpering, crying wyrm and said "Its alright".

(OOC: God, im acting like your mother here Keiji ;))

06/21/2007 12:03 PM

(OOC: Well, he kind of needs one. XD)

Garrum looked up and sobbed, and still sat in a ball. Could he... would he trust these people? What if they were just going to hand him over to Jilom... he... he couldn't escape. He wouldn't be able to get the answers he wanted...

He gripped his tail, a habit he did whenever he was nervous, and stood up. He didn't leave the darkness, but instead he stepped forward a tiny bit into the light.

"Sig... Garrum." Garrum muttered. "Garrum... Name... Wyrm..."

06/21/2007 8:18 PM

mesuko started to talk slower as the wolf had said.

" ok. Hello Garrum. we are friends. my name is Mesuko. i'm here to help you. we save you from soldiers."

Mesuko started to move closer to the wrym. he moved slowly so he didn't startly the wyrm anymore.

" come on out. your safe."

06/22/2007 7:01 AM

"No." Garrum said, sternly. "Go.. away..." He muttered, slinking back into the darkness as Mesuko started to move towards him. "No...friends...no...help..."

It was hard to trust people nowadays. Anyone and everyone would turn him over to Jilom for cash. He wasn't even sure if he fully trusted the wolf yet; but something told him a fellow Kemono wouldn't betray him. Right?

Just who was this group, anyway? Why did they want to help him? He didn't want help, he just wanted answers.

((OOC: I'm not intending to not be friends with you, it's just because of the way Garrum acts, it's hard to become friends.))

06/22/2007 8:07 AM

Parth sat unmoving on the stone floor. Sighing, he stood up and started to speak.

"I think we all need some rest, especially him" he pointed a paw toward the Wyrm. "He was almost killed and is thrust forward into a strange place with people, how would you feel? We should all just go to sleep and in the morning, make a next move."

Parth was not origninally a member but he knew allys when he saw them, these people obviously had good intentions.

Parth stood up and started to change back into human form, there was no need for the wolf here. Over time he learned how to suppress the pain of changing. Parth stood up on his two feet, tail swinging around behind him and said "Do you have a room?"

06/22/2007 11:46 AM

[i]Touching... But the innocence of that wyrm will probably kill him.[/i] Llor thought as he watched events unfold between the two kemono and the man there. He began to walk forward, and while some of the clan members were gruff, they did not hamper an old man leaning on his staff, so he made it to the small circle the other men had made around them easily. "Of course, the soldiers are not stupid, and if they begin a search, this place will be found." he said in the icy tone he used when he wasnt trying to make sarcastic comments.

[i]Well, lets see if you make good on your promise.[/i] he thought about the threats of slitting necks. He had a leaf in hand, just in case he did make a move.

06/22/2007 12:07 PM

" well we dont have a room here but we do have a kind of sanctuary nearby that we house any kemono being hunted by soldiers." mesuko said," its not to far and the soldiers have probaly left by now. there's also a man who can take you to the other islands to escape if you need to afterwards. if you need me to i can escort you there."

mesuko put his hand on the hilt of his sword. he knew someone else was here the whole time. " as for you. " he tried to use his mind to pick him up in the air slightly. however something was wrong. nothing happened. [i] damn it come on get control again. i dont want something to go wrong and someone get hurt like last time[/i] mesuko was thinking. instead he tried to throw him against the wall. this time the power worked.

" Everyone make sure he doesn't escape. bind him down NOW. we have an intruder." mesuko said. he turned toward the kemono.
" hurry we've gotta leave now. i told that guy not to go in here. Him being here tells me somethings up. either we stick here and something goes wrong or we get out now and head to the sanctuary. your guy's pick.

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06/22/2007 12:52 PM

Llor let out a very uncharacteristic grunt when he hit the wall. But, when the man ordered him bound, one leaf fell out of his sleeve. "You will find that much harder then you would think..." he said, and the leaf erupted into flame, which then promptly covered him, in a blossom of a strange translucent-white flame, giving off heat then cold.

Llor slowly planted his staff into the ground, and like an old man, stood up, leaning with both hands on his staff. "Bindings are no good if your men cant touch me, or the bindings burn." he said with a smile "and besides, I may be able to offer services... for a price." he gave off one of his mocking grins, flashing it around the whole room. "You have never encountered this fire before, so I wouldnt advise any 'heroism'. If the leader of a group is a fool, then no matter how strong, powerful, or smart the followers are, they will always lose. And, I think that this man has just shown himself to be a fool."

06/22/2007 6:31 PM

"STOP!" Garrum yelled, still curled up in the darkness. "No... no fighting... no more... stop... all... please..." He muttered. He walked out of the darkness, and sighed.

"Running... no... give answer..." He muttered. He pushed away confusion, pushed away fear, and tried to focus on why he was here. At least, still here in Jilom. He wanted answers. "Only answer... here." He muttered. "Why Wyrm... only? Why... suddenly... massacre?" He muttered.

"I... no want fight... no Wyrm... want fight... so... stop..." He said, clenching a fist. "I just... want answer... and..." He muttered. He noticed one of the random men moving towards the door amidst the confusion, and stopped talking. The man opened the door, and soldiers started to pile in.

"How could you?" Someone yelled.

"Money is a dangerous poison, but also a powerful ally." The man replied, before ducking out. People drew their weapons, and Garrum shook his head.

"There! A Wyrm!" The soldiers said, pointing at him. Garrum stepped back further into the darkness.

"No... no..." He muttered. The soldiers drew their weapons, and charged into the room.

06/22/2007 7:19 PM

Today Kreias had the day off from his usual work, his employers had said something about it being unnatural to work so much. Sighing he sauntered down the street, life of late had been fairly quiet and he hadn't heard much news since he spent any time he wasn't working or running errands off looking for something new. Today it had brought him into town today seemed normal but he knew something was off, just what he couldn't quite say.

Kreias had been there to see the soldiers outside the door in a fairly large group for just bystanders just before the door had been opened. Curious he now ran over to hear the sounds of a fight erupting inside. Not knowing what to do he panicked slightly before remembering that they weren't after him, he calmed down slightly before slowly walking away hoping that nothing unfavourable would come of this.

He had tried to walk away but now he found himself watching through the door as the people inside fought. Kreias realised he had maybe gone three steps before reaching this position but this was just too interesting to pass up. Maybe he might get something out of it too..

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06/26/2007 4:53 PM

((OOC: Well, people just randomly left. Here's my one and only try at revival. Character control only to speed up plot.))

"Damnit, is there any other way out?" Parth shouted, as people in the room clashed weapons. They bottled most of the soldiers in the doorway, and seemed to be holding temporarily.

"Who's to say there aren't more of them out there? Goddamnit, if Dyr hadn't told them where we were..." Mesuko muttered. "He could have easily told them to wait around the exits."

"Bad news." Someone muttered, running up to everyone else. "Just checked the other exits. Looks like Mesuko's right, we're boxed in."

Parth looked back at Garrum, who was shivering in his corner.

"What the hell are we going to do, then?" Parth muttered.

"Fighting... no solve... no give answers..." Garrum muttered. Llor looked at him, and Parth's head snapped back as well.

"A large amount of energy being amassed..." Llor muttered.

"Beast Magic?" Parth wondered.

"I want... answers! I... no run! Tired of... no answers!" Garrum said, clenching a fist. He glared angrily at the soldiers, and his eyes glowed red. He ripped off his cloak and his skin was turning into scales. "TELL ME WHY?!" Garrum shouted, clapping his hands together. The ground rumbled and spires shot up from all around. They made walls in the doorways, shutting out any entry. One from the middle of the room went up right through the roof; offering a ramp out.

"How is he so strong?" Parth wondered aloud. He saw Garrum on hands and feet, and stepped back. "There's not enough room! Stop!"

"What is he doing?" Mesuko wondered. Garrum growled, and everyone turned to him; as a columng of light surrounded him briefly. Two crimson wings broke the light, a little smaller than the room's width, and Garrum had transformed into his wyrm state, letting out a growl.

06/28/2007 1:58 PM

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Llor had stayed out of the fight, for it did not concern him in any way. Besides, the soldiers wouldnt be able to get past the fire bloom he had set around himself. "A large amount of energy is being ammassed... That wyrms aura... Its getting bigger..." he mumbled to himself, as all around him, people fought on, unawares. Time seemed to slow, as the wyrm began working and shaping magic, almost as easily as Llor himself would do it. He had just enough time to flare his aura, dissapating the fire, before the wyrm transformed. [i]Good. If it had transformed while I was using magic, it could have smothered my aura, before it stopped its flare...[/i] he thought, as he leaned against the wall, pushed back by the enormity of the dragon. "Well, we may be in some trouble here now." he mumbled, mainly to himself, as a leaf in his hand began to burn. "Wyrm. I will give you 10 seconds to let me pass out of here."

06/29/2007 5:17 AM

Truth be told, even transformed, Garrum wasn't all that large; he was a runt of his tribe. His wingspan wasn't as wide as the room; but he could still feel pressure on all sides. He couldn't extend to full length at all; with this much furniture and people around him. He needed room. He needed space.

He needed to get out.

Without thinking, he barreled for the makeshift ramp he'd created, and his wings beat steadily; making small gusts in the room. It seemed to take forever to get there; but that was his only exit...

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