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06/15/2007 3:59 PM

Cinnatron exited the closet where his group of teammates stored their costumes. He wore a black spandex base with a large red "C" symbol on his chest. Cinnatron donned his bergundy cape and his matching cowel, it squeaked as the spandex material tightly fitted onto his grossly out of shape body. He wasn't extremely fat, but he did have a bit of a beer belly.

He slipped on his burgundy gauntlets, which had a launcher attached to the back of them, for propelling various spices at his enemies. He walked to the television and flopped on a la-z-boy. He turned to his buddy who spoke to him, "Found this, this morning, might be a problem."

He read the paper that was tucked inside a white envelope, "EVICTION NOTICE: RENT NOT PAID" he sighed and said, "I thought your old high school friend was the landlord?" His buddy said, "No, what I said was that I had a friend that went to high school with him, they used to pick on him a lot." Cinnatron sat up and crumpled the paper, "Well, to keep our plan working, we will have to make a base, I guess. Quick, paper-mache man, get lots of materials!" They all chuckled at the joke.

His buddy said, "Hey, didn't you know a guy who rents property on the waterfront?" His pal shook his head and said, "Naw, he rents Florida property" Soon after hard thinking they thought of a plan, one so crazy it just might work. "Why don't we just settle into the old farm, no-one goes there?"

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06/16/2007 8:57 PM

Gerk Franklin, aka 'MOTH' Just MOTH mind you. Since there was already a 'MothMan' and 'The Moth.' He tried to be original. A little difficult when your super power was the ability to speak to moths.

After all, there were enough Goliath's out there to make a person sick and confused. God forbid you call the name durring a Super Hero convention and have fifty different people turn in your direction.

Last he'd heard they all went and sponsored their own food chain. "Goliath Burger! Super Burger for the Super hungry man!"

His costume consisted of normal cloths with white gloves and boots. A matching white cowel with antenae and a doubled white cape. That when streched out accordingly looked like moth wings. (Materials purchased on sale at Wal-Mart) Cinnatron even expanded on it for him, Using some of his less known jerry-rigging abilities so that should he fall a great distance, the cape would work to slow his decent... for a whole span of three seconds.

It actually looked kinda cool... if you were standing directly boelow him as he fell. Or so a kid told him after he woke up in traction. Not a good place to be standing. It didnt help that he was practically swiming in his outfit as well as his cloths. (What do you expect? This is Wal-Mart and the materials were on sale.)

He turned his head half listening to the conversation and swatting at the moths collecting around him. "The old farm?" He repeated. "You mean my Old Uncles place? The place people now always claim is haunted by restless spirits and numerous people hafve dissappeared?" He looked at the skeptical expressions on his friends faces. "What? Just making sure we're all talking about the same old farm here."

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06/19/2007 2:58 AM

Cinnatron replied to him, "Well...that is good to know...still, it would be a nice place to hide out to store our recrational *cough* *cough* supplies when we're not *cough* *cough* fighting crime"

He laughed and suddenly a blast came from the kitchen as Cuisino came back from his round of cookies. He aimed at a dartboard that he practiced his shots at, he spoke in his heavily satirical stereotyping italian accent, "Cookiea vanishio!" He tossed the cookie, but in a rage at the heat of the baked good burning him, it misfired and smacked Cinn. in the head.

"Wella...he'sa gonna be asleepa for a while...heya Motha would you go tella those bloody moths to saty away from ma cookin' eh?" Moth rolled his eyes.

"So whaddaya been talkin abad, eh?" Mopth replied...

06/19/2007 4:59 PM

Motha... ahem. I mean Moth rolled his eyes. Both at the serious turned question and at the horrible and cheesy accent. "You crack a joke and the world stops." He had a face that lacked a lot of emotion, and henceforth a lot of people took him a little too seriously. "Come on, you know I'm just kidding. You know how stories like that start. Heck, we started a few back when."

He frowned in thought. "We'll have to stop by and see what condition the place is in. It still belongs to my cousin but he hasnt been out of there in ten years. It shouldnt be a problem staying there."

Getting up, he walked over to the unconcious form of Cinnatron and picked up the rock hard and leathal cookie. He grinned at the endless cracks his friends had made to Cuisino about his home made hockey pucks. And unable to resist himself... "So, hockey anyone?"

He dodged behind his friend/human shield Cinnatron just as a barage of cookies came flying out of the kitchen at him at high velocity. After the rapid fire had ended, he stuck his head out over his friends shoulder and winced. "That's... going to hurt. Lets get him in the van and get going before he wakes up."

He frowned again. 'Hope I dont get blamed for this.'

An hour later...

"I SAID I WAS SORRY!" Moth yelled from the ditch to the white van as it continued to speed down the old country road.

06/20/2007 11:18 PM

Cinnatron, still a bit knocked out, finally dazed up and said, "How long till we get there? I need to pee..." Cuisino said, "You stilla bita knockeda bro? Youa needa catheder" The 3 men chuckled and Cinn said, "Hey guys, we don't we go water diving by the old quarry later? We used to have fun doin' it"

Cuisino replied, "Whya not?" The 3 men were talking, of course, about the old, filled in quarry that was well hidden in the forest behind the farm. They would swing from an old rope and land in the water, purely fun.

Soon they were beyond city limits, the farm country was seen around them. Another remembrance of the old farm came around...smell. As the strong smell of cow maure filled the car, all 3 men hanged their heads out of window in a desperate attempt to rid the car of the smell. Then Cinnatron said, "Yep...the good ole farm cometh..."

06/22/2007 5:30 PM

Elsewhere in the city... (What was the city's name?)

Comissioner Garden stood in front of the police lines as crowds of citizens and reporters stood, watching the scene unfold.

Lately there had been a spree of thefts across the city. To make things difficult, they were supers. To make things worse, they were equiped with advanced technology He had a feeling he knew who was behind it too. The Bowling Pin of Crime a.k.a. Fat Charlie.

Things like this have been going on for years. It was the rate at which it escalated that bothered him. They were only a mid sized city after all. So all the REALLY famous super heros were in the larger cities like Metropolian and Golem city.

Jacks Bonds was currently on vacation with his flavor of the emergency. The Fantasmic Five claimed to be fighting space aliens at the moment, despite the sounds of the ocean and hula music in the background. The Y-MEN? said they were currently busy crossing over, whatever that meant.

The Mayor had gotten desperate. So they began calling out to all the known registered super heros in the city...

...It hadnt been pretty.

There latest attempt at stopping them had been "The Rocket Man."

"Dont worry! The Rocket Man is here!" The man proclimed as several police officers helped the man put the overly large Rocket to his back. "Up, up, and away!" he shouted as he ignited the rocket.

He went up alright. Never came back down either. They were still fixing the dent in the space station last he'd heard. Still it was an improvement over the fellow before him.

Mr. Touchy.

"I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you! I'm not-"


Running a hand over his eyes, he ignored the group of theives robbing the museum in front of him. As there was nothing he could really do about it. he flipped through the list of available super heros for hire.

Next on the list was...

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