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06/15/2007 2:25 PM

Descension: Dark Destiny

The year is 2214. Earth has finally been saved from destruction, from a race that has scarred, pluaged, polluted and battled across its now ruined landscapes... Humans.

During the Earlier part of the 2100's humanity's governments finally put aside their differences as the worlds decay reached an all time low. Entire countries lay in wasted ruin, the atmosphere was all but gone, and vegetation scarce. By uniting and ending current wars they spent several decades preserving the remaining fertile territories of the earth.

Once the earth was stable though, overpopulation came to the worlds slate and was answered with their only slightly developed planet habitation project. They had spent extensive amounts of money into colonizing every planet in our solar system with facilities to support human life. By furthering this development humanity spread itself across the solar system and began growing once again. From the heavily sheltered bunkers of Pluto, to the terraforming of mars, all the way to the underground complexes of Mercury.

With this expansion, humans discovered a vast number of valuable resources and minerals throughout the planets surfaces. This gave birth to a new mining industry, which fueled tons of money and power into corporations who took charge and developed the mines.

But like with any valuble industry corruption ensued within it. Sabatoge, Terrorism, Blackmail and other Violent crimes began to pluage the mining colonies and civilization around it.

Through the crime though came the foundation of the Martial Defenders, a generic name given to independent mercenaries who offered themselves as guardians of Mines. By employing these martial defenders corporations could defend their mines, recover lost ones and secure the foundation of new facilities. The Martial Defenders became an essential part of the mining industry.

Martial Defenders-

Martial Defenders are independent mercanaries who take in common the use of Mechanical Aerospace Combat Hazard suits (MACH Suits) and Subterrain, Air & Space Enviroment Ships (SASE Ships). These high end machines allowed the Martial Defenders the perfect ability to preform their job.

The MACH suit is the essential component of a Martial Defender for each has made a sacrafice to be capable of using this equipment. A Nervous Receptor Node (NRN) has been surgaclly attached to each defender. The NRN itself is a strip that runs along the length of the spine about half an inch thick and an inch wide. The outer side has hundreds of receptor ports for connecting to the MACH. The inner side has thousands of needles that insert directly into the spinal cord and fuse creating a branch off of the central nervous system.

Using the permanently connected NRN the defender can connect to his suit and control it as he would his normal body. The suit itself fits like a mechanical skin. Equipped with a propulsion system, oxygen rebreather, climate control, onboard computers and numerous other gadgets. The suit itself can move effectivly through any space, mine or planet environment as well as wield weapons to defend itself. The MACH's gadget customization is limited only to the users creativity and technical ability.

the SASE ship is a upgrade to the MACH suit. Rather than having a defender enter a ship, doff his suit and move behind a control panel the MACH itself inserts its whole body into the SASE ship and controls it via the users own nervous system. The SASE ship itself is about the size of a car, and extremely manuverably. Capable of normal flight, it can also move through zero gravity and heavy gravity almost unlimitedly. Equipped with interchangable weapons and torpedo systems, personal shields and heavy armor the SASE makes hte Martial Defender a versatile tank of sorts.


06/18/2007 5:54 PM

The PMSC Planatary Mining and Science Corporation was created in 2198. In the last 16 years they have economiclly boomed in the mining industry becoming the first corporation to own at least one mine upon each planet. Leading in distribution of minerals and metals, as well as beign a leading developer of modern and future technologies the PMSC has become the most powerful corporation in human history.

PMSC Owned Mars Orbital Space Station "Liberation"
Date: 23/14/2214 Time 24:12

The word was going around the complex. It confused people, it was unusual. Nobody seemed to understand what was going on.
It was never said, it was never stated, there was no memo. But everybody knew.. they knew about it. News travels fast and the PMSC had in the past month put out a call for multiple Martial Defenders in a very short time frame, something no corporation had done before, and likely, something no other corporation could AFFORD to do.

It would be too good to pass up. The PMSC could pick any defender they wanted. They paid well enough, it was a mystery a privateer would go anywhere else for work. The only thing that saved them was the limited slots for work. The PMSC was picky on who they hired. They took thier pick via holochat transmissions over the past few weeks.

They would be arriving today, 4 Martial Defenders from various places in the solar system. At 0600 Mars time the briefing would commence, people nervously wandered around the complex.

Something was up, and it was big. But nobody knew what it was...

06/19/2007 6:19 AM

The Hidden Fire arrived from hyperspae just over the space station and glided toward it. The SASE ship slid into the hangar bay that was designated for the Martial defenders to arive in and landed softly.

James Stanton's MACH suit ejected from the side and landed on the floor with a metal clunk. James, C-4 his call sign, walked around the hangar looking for anybody to help.

"HELLO?" He yelled out.

[i] I guess I just wait for my fellow defenders and see what happens[/i]

06/26/2007 10:47 AM

Lin arrived in Wrath shortly after James. In fact, she had seen him zoom into the hangar and followed close behind. She expertly settled the ship onto the floor with barely a sound and quickly extracted herself from the ship. She squirmed a little in her suit, trying to get it "just right." She was much more used to the "second skin," as she liked to think of it, than when she'd obtained it several months ago, but sometimes, especially in places where she didn't need the MACH suit for survival, it was an effort to ignore the extra weight.

The girl watches silently as James walks around the room. She simply stood by her ship and waited. [i]Someone will be here to brief us,[/i] she thought. [i]They're probably watching our arrival, and will walk in ominiously after the last of us has come. [/i] At this thought, she looks around for some kind of window or hidden camera.

[b]"HELLO?" James yelled out.[/b]

Lin rolls her eyes behind the man's back. About all that was visible of Lin's "real" body was her face, through the clear glass of her helmet. The dark, almond-shaped eyes she scanned the room with revealed her to be of Asian descent. Now, she kept one eye trained on the hangar's entrance to watch for more arriving defenders, while the other kept track of James' movements about the room.

06/26/2007 11:07 AM

A large Massa Inc dropship slid from hyperspace. Using the momentum generated from the transition, the SASE ship known as Dead Star 544 flew towards the orbital station.

"Mars," mumbled the ship's fleshy cargo.

Samuel Argus drifted towards the point he was assigned to land, slowly nearing the hanger, and the dusty brown planet. A thud reverberated around the bay. The noise also worked its way up Samuel's spine and rattled around inside his brain. [i]Not the best way to start a new contract[/i], he thought.

He admitted to himself on the journey here that there was something highly unusual about this contract. There was too many Martial Defenders coming for this to be an easy way to make some quick cash.

Another noise emanated from the newly arrived ship; this time a click. Samuel climbed out of the tight squeeze. He breathed a deep sigh of relief, and began stretching. His body was immensely stiff from being in there for so long. The exact amount of time, he couldn't tell, but he counted at least three days.

Samuel didn't much like the company of others. He was a natural loner. Unfortunately for him, this contract demanded the four Defenders to work together.

"Hile," said he of Massa Inc., bowing in the way he learned back in the depths of Mercury. His right heel firmly planted on the floor, his right arm behind his back and his left at his front. "Hile, my fellow Defenders. I am Samuel Argus."

06/26/2007 5:57 PM

Quickly and quietly sliding through the depths fo space between Mars thin, young atmosphere and the the massive space station metropolis orbiting it, the Synaps sped towards it.

Inside Bolt looked at his computer screen examining his income from his last contract he just finished. Not bad, expenses were a bit high though. His ship had sustained some damage that was ab it costly for him to repair. He made a mental note to be more careful on this next contract. He scroleld down to his arrival info.
What a contract it was! One of the biggest financial expenditures of the PMSC since the experimental Gas harvesting on Jupiter.

The synapse pulled into the hangar land his ship smoothly to the side. He noticed that the other martial Defenders had already landed. He tisked them inwardly, as if being early was going to gain them anything ahead of the others!

Bolt laughed at the nature of the Martial defenders, always suspicious and attempting to move ahead the competition. Bolt didn't need any of that. He Knew he did supirior work, of his record he hadone of the best reviews of maintaining the mines without collateral damage and quickly warding off would be intruders.

As he exited his ship in his sase suit he approached the other martial defenders. Two of them had already stepped up to one another. HE stood outside his ship and looked at something on his leg as he approached the other two defenders.

06/27/2007 4:33 PM

Lin watched from her position near her SASE ship as the final two defenders arrived. She was pretty sure within the first few seconds that she didn't like [i]any[/i] of the others. Then again, she didn't really like people that much to begin with. Friends only betray you, and thus make you weaker. Lin wasn't into weakness. She prided herself on strength, and to her, that meant as hard an exterior as she could maintain.

Now that there were others in the room, all scrutinizing eachother, Lin made sure to remain still as a rock. Relaxed, but unmoving, she stood. She didn't respond to the greeting of bowing Samuel, though she did nod to him and to the other newcomer when they looked her way. [i]What does Hile mean, anyway?[/i] she thought.

Mars. What a joke. Hadn't Mars been one of the first planets humans had made habitable after finally leaving Earth? She wasn't sure. History wasn't her strong point. She herself had been just fine with Pluto. Mars... should be interesting.

The young woman fiddled with something on her right wrist, seretly touching a button.... Just about her only movement. Where were the defenders' employers? Surely someone would come down to meet them soon. Maybe they should just head inside the station. Lin fought down restelessness.

07/01/2007 6:53 PM


The hangar bay doors suddenly burst to life, red lights flashing, warning sirens blaring, as the doors slide shut closing the air lock. As it does you feel the lighter wieght of the chamber pressurizing and the far doors slide open.
Stepping out from the ominous shadows you see a tall bald man in a buisness suit followed by a flock of other white collar, stiff neck looking buisnessmen following suit. The group approaches the martial defenders silently and expressionlessly. You can't help but looking in the windows of the Bay above the door to see the silouhettes of crowds of people staring downwards at the newcomers.

As the group approaches you the, seemingly, leader speaks to the group of you in a dark, undertoned, and troubled voice.
"Welcome to Liberation, our capital station here in orbit above mars. We have awaited your arrival with much anticipation. We have little time to waste however so if you will please follow us we have much to discuss in the meeting room. On the way my men will show you the Security Checkpoint where you may step out of your SASE suits and secure them. Step into the office when you are ready."

With that the Tall man who never even mentioned his name turned on his heels and walked quickly back towards the doors. The remaining men stand ready to escort you through the facility.

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