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06/13/2007 8:31 PM

check ooc. we're recruiting!!!!

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06/15/2007 9:28 PM

John got out of the helicopter door. He just arrived at the new haven green zone with a few other recruits. He knew some were supposed to be in his squad like a private gunner named jorgan, and a pfc radioman named kenneth. Others weren't in his squad but were on the same trip to new haven. He took his bag and walked toward a soldier who came to greet the soldiers. " welcome to New Haven sir take your bags and head toward the guy in the kiosk. He'll tell you where your living quarters are. once you drop off your bags you are to report to HQ." he said to John.

John finally reached his room. it was on the third floor of the second building that was used as living quarters for those still living in new haven's green zone. he dropped his bags down and looked around. inside was a tv with a closed circuit channel of the security cameras outside of the wall. there was also some other channels but nothing good on other than news of the infection. he took a quick inventory of his bag. it held his old remington rifle with scope and ammo. he was going to go to the armory after the debriefing to get his M8 that was sent ahead of the copter for inspection. since the remington and the desert eagle were his personal items and not the army's he could keep them with him at all times. he decided to load the deagle and put it in his belt. he almost always took the pistol with him so he had something incase the walls broke and the place got infected. he walked out of the small apartment and headed for HQ.

06/15/2007 10:05 PM

Joey wandered through the halls hurriedly looking as he passed them. He muttered choice words under his breath, this was the last time he was getting directions from another private.

As he passed people he spoke trying to get some help from them but to no avail. He moved towards a Seargent walking the opposite way
"excuse me seargent where is the..."
But before he could even finish the seargent had walked passed him paying no attention at his question. He turned around a corner and saw a man in a lab coat walking towards him.
"Sir is this the way to head...."
Yet again he man payed no heed to the small private with his papers in his hand and a lost look on his face. Joey sighed heavily.

He saw a Specialist standing in a corridor looking at a clipboard. [i]Hmm this guy looks like hes been here a while..[/i] Joey walked up to him "Excuse me, where is HQ for new recruits?"
The specialist looked up confused. "Habla espanol? No comprendo englais." Joey cringed and turned down the hallway. As he did he got bumped by a civilian moving down the hall causing Joey to drop his papers.
"son of a bitch.." He bent down and collected them quickly and moving forward ran straight into a soldier coming the other direction hard. Reeling backwards from the impact Joey snapped "Hey! watch it as-" and promptly cut himself off looking at the Staff Seargent he had run into. He was taller than Joey with brown hair, but Joeys eyes focused on a nasty looking scar running along his angry expression.
He quickly snapped to parade rest. "My apologies Seargent."

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06/16/2007 11:58 AM

Austin sat crouched in the second story window of his bookstore. It was nightime and it was his turn to watch the streets in the front. His little survivor crew that was in his bookstore used weapons that came from the dead soldiers who had tried to rescue him.

Just then Austin heard a faint footstep and, not taking any chances, flipped a switch on the wall to his right. The street in front of him was instantly bathed in light from spotlights they set up.

Austin saw one lone decaying zombie walking toward the building. Austin raised the silenced sniper rifle that he picked off a dead soldier and took aim. With one silent shot to the head, it was dead.

One of his companions came up from behind and poked him on the shoulder.

"Austin, your shift is done, give me the sniper rifle"

Austin breathed a sigh of relief, finally he could get sleep. He walked through hallways and collapsed on his bunk.

06/16/2007 7:47 PM

" no prob." said john to a specialist who bumped into him. " shouldn't you be at HQ signing in? this is the living quarters. you should make your way out and then head toward the east side of the base." he walked off and headed out of the building. instead of going straight for HQ he headed for the wall to see what the situation looked like. he used his access card and got to the top of the wall where he saw two soldiers on lookout.
" hey whats the situation up here." he said to them.

" ahh your one of the new soldiers stationed here. well we dont have that much. obviously there is the occasional wanderer zombies. oh and watch this." said one of the soldiers as he picked up his rifle. he took it and looked though its scope and aimed for a zombie in the open. " and with a pull of a trigger..." he started as he shot the zombie in the head. the zombies head exploded in a fountain of bone and remains of its brains. as soon as this happened four more zombies popped out of nearby buildings and started eating the now dead zombie.
" they go straight for the body. perfect for getting out of certain situations. the zombies just go straight for the body and forget about you. then thats when you do this," he said as he called on his radio " i need a mortar shell at section 240 point 98." within seconds a shot was heard from inside the base. then the shell fell right on the zombies. blowing them all to shreds. " hows that for entertainment?"

"not bad," said john," i might use this info later on. " he then walked away and finally headed for base HQ.

06/16/2007 11:06 PM

"Thanks" Joey said to the Seargent and following his directions made his way towards the Headquarters. Upon arriving he felt rather stupid to see a large "HQ THIS WAY" sign on the wall. He sighed heavily and entered.
Inside the initial operations room he came to a desk where he saw a Seargent Major overlooking a map at his desk, his laptop open beside it. Over his shoulder and officer looked as the two discussed what they were apparently seeing.

Joey stood at parade rest patiently in front of the desk. After a short time the officer and Seargent looked up at him as if they hadn't noticed him.
"New recruit?" The seargent asked him

"Yes seargent, shipped in this morning" He handed forward his papers. The Officer (whom Joey now saw was a 2nd lieutenant) stepped forward and took them looking through the folder.
"Hmm engineer huh. Ever worked in a combat enviroment before Private?" He never looked up from the papers as he spoke.
"No sir, just training enviroments" Joey replied
"Well you'll have your chance soon enough. We have alot of work to be done and were in need of soldiers, even greenhorns like you. Stand by around here for the others to arrive. Well put you into a orientation briefing here shortly"

Obeying Joey stepped back and moved away from the desk, looking at various charts and maps around the room.

06/17/2007 8:16 PM

john made it to HQ briefign room. most of the people were already seated. he checked over his documents on the mission again. there were three teams involved: charlie( his team), bravo, and theta. he checked over his team members yet again: private jorgan, pfc kenneth, sergent hobbs, pfc randall, and corp. lanks.
they were specialized as: heavy gunner, radioman, commander, sniper, and demo.

he walked inside and waited as the presentation began. he didn't pay attention to most of it since it was pointed towards the new recruits and what they were going to be up against. then finally his part came up.

" staff sergent miller will present on the teams being used and what the assignments will be. " said the LT. who was talking to everyone. john walked up to the podium and started.

" for this mission we will be split into three teams: bravo, charlie, and theta. if you are unsure of what team your on report to the front desk and they will give you your assigned team. our mission will be primarily to search bit by bit of the city to look for survivors left barricaded, and to search for any possible clues on how the infection started." he was interupted by a corp. in the second row.

" but sir wouldn't most of the clues be in the eastern part of the continent? since that is where the infection started."

"ah good question." said John. " we have reason to believe the same clues that are out in the east are in fact here also. but on to the presentation that question will be answered by major wilkes later in the presentation. our first part of the mission will be to do some recon in the southern corners so the new recruits get a basic idea of what we're up against. the recon will take most of the day so once you get back to base it should either be late at night or the next day. we will rest up for the day and we'll get on to our next objectives. bravo team will search the eastern sections for clues. charlie team will search the center section of the city. and theta will search in the western sections of the city. some additional things to look out for other than survivors and zombies are some gangs that have been formed. they've been known to attack soldiers as well as zombies and are mostly former mob members. there are some missing teams to also look for. team echo that went missing in the northern section. team raynod that went missing in the east section. and team zealot that went missing in the central section of the city. if you are separated from your team look for checkpoints or possible barricades. checkpoints are spread all over the city but none of them are in the northern section since there is to many zombies in the area. we have had to many failed attempts there. now on to major wilkes portion of the presentation.

06/18/2007 7:22 AM

"Wake up everyone. Time for breakfast," Sara called from the kitchen. Viktor rolled over and opened his eyes. Sunlight was streaming in through cracks between the tables that were nailed over the windows.

"What's for breakfast today?" he asked stretching his arms.

"Not much to have. We're running low on food," Sara replied, "All we have is some powdered eggs and bologna. We need to get out of here soon and try to make it to one of the green zones."

"How are we supposed to do that with Fred's broken leg?" Viktor asked grabbing a plate off of the counter.

"I could stay here and you could send help once you're out of here," Fred said as he hobbled over on the makeshift crutches they had made from several table legs. He had broken his leg in the car crash that had got Viktor stuck here.

"I still don't think that's a very good idea," Viktor said.

"We can think about it over breakfast," Sara said.

06/18/2007 9:06 PM

the presentation finally ended. major wilkes portion was mainly answering any questions left unanswered. John started to hand out copies of the objectives for the mission. each one had the soldiers name and what team they were assigned to. he started out with charlie teams and went on to theta teams. once he got all those documents handed out he put the rest of the documents on the table.

" if you did not get a copy of the mission for your team, you have been assigned to bravo team and can pick up your individual folder up front."

he looked as a few recruits went up and took their folders. one of them was the specialist who ran into him this morning.
man bravo has alot of work to do. with the mission and haveing him on their team. john thought to himself. he headed out of the briefing room. and entered the armory and waited for the rest of his team. when they arrived he announced the procedure used to pick up weapons

" you will go up to the officer at the desk and show him your slip that was included in your document folder. he will give you your assigned weapons. if you wish for another weapon or want an extra weapon you may request it but if the officer says it's out of stock or that your not cleared to have it do not give him any crap about it because you will be reporting to me about it."

John went first and gave the officer his slip

" ahh john, your special order just got finished to." the officer said. he reached back and grabbed John's M8 SMR " it just got fitted with the laser sighting. anything else sir?"

" yes actually." john started." i heard you guys just got some FAMAS's in. think you could get me one with some ammo?"

" sure. we're starting to use those as our standard weapon with the M8's." the officer went in back and came back out. " here you go sir. one FAMAS with twelve clips." the officer put these in a gym bag that John used to put the M8 in when he had it sent to HQ. he stepped off to the side and waited for the rest of his team to get their guns.

06/22/2007 12:28 PM

Johns team was done getting their guns and gear. He was ready to debrief them.

" Ok men heres the plan. We are going to go to our quarters and pick up anything you left that you need for the mission." John started." Now i want to see you up by the front wall gate 113 in about an hour. now go get your stuff together. remember pack lightly since this is only a recon. the area is hardly infected so dont expect to use your machineguns and rifles. bring mainly pistol ammo. we should return to the gate sometime after nightfall so grab your flashlights and your nightvision googles. now move." the rest of his team ran out and he eventually followed.

as he entered his room he started getting ready. he unpacked the gym bag and then took out his pack for recon. he put the M8 on the side and put his remington on the other. the famas he put in the bag and stuffed the bag with most the ammo he had. he continued to pack it with some equipment and left all the rest of his ammo at ready in pouches on his vest. once he was done equiping he headed for the front gate.

06/26/2007 6:07 PM

Joey recieved his equipment from the armorer, following along his sergents orders hoping he didnt give him and flack about the incident this morning. Most seargents burned you alive for running into him, maybe this mission wouldn't be so bad.

His equipment came in several different cases and bags which Joey Kolb had quite ab it of trouble carryign down the hallway. He imagned he looked like a teenage girl carryign her killer sales along the mall parking lot. Spilling the gear onto the ground he examined and inventoried what he had recieved. HE groaned loudly when he found his unassembled mollie. He looked his watch and sighed.

after quite ab it of frustration a signifigant time later Joey had his mollie packed and ready to go. Strapping his armaments and equipment to his person he left his quarters out the corridor to meet his team at the fence.

06/28/2007 11:28 AM

Viktor finished his breakfast and turned back to his companions.

"I've been thinking about what Sara said and I think she's right. We need to try and get out of here. I think Sara, Danny, and I should leave tomorrow morning and try to meke it to a green zone. Fred and Victoria should stay here until we send help. With three of us gone that will leave plenty of food for the other two," he said.

"I think that's an excellent idea. We can spend the rest of the day packing and we can leave first thing in the morning," Sara agreed. They immediately set to work packing the items they would need for their trek through the zombie infested wasteland that New Haven had become.

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