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06/13/2007 6:29 PM

Hello, names Squirll. Lurked the forums off and on but havent posted yet. I'm a RPer from other forms, which arn't around anymore, so Ive decided to come here.

This RP is an idea I've had for a while I want to put out there for interest possibilities.

I should note this is a Sci Fi RP and not a fantasy... Apparently theres a hig hfantasy book out there name Decent so Ive modified the RP name.

Descension: Dark Destiny

The year is 2214. Earth has finally been saved from destruction, from a race that has scarred, pluaged, polluted and battled across its now ruined landscapes... Humans.

During the Earlier part of the 2100's humanity's governments finally put aside their differences as the worlds decay reached an all time low. Entire countries lay in wasted ruin, the atmosphere was all but gone, and vegetation scarce. By uniting and ending current wars they spent several decades preserving the remaining fertile territories of the earth.

Once the earth was stable though, overpopulation came to the worlds slate and was answered with their only slightly developed planet habitation project. They had spent extensive amounts of money into colonizing every planet in our solar system with facilities to support human life. By furthering this development humanity spread itself across the solar system and began growing once again. From the heavily sheltered bunkers of Pluto, to the terraforming of mars, all the way to the underground complexes of Mercury.

With this expansion, humans discovered a vast number of valuable resources and minerals throughout the planets surfaces. This gave birth to a new mining industry, which fueled tons of money and power into corporations who took charge and developed the mines.

But like with any valuble industry corruption ensued within it. Sabatoge, Terrorism, Blackmail and other Violent crimes began to pluage the mining colonies and civilization around it.

Through the crime though came the foundation of the Martial Defenders, a generic name given to independent mercenaries who offered themselves as guardians of Mines. By employing these martial defenders corporations could defend their mines, recover lost ones and secure the foundation of new facilities. The Martial Defenders became an essential part of the mining industry.

Martial Defenders-

Martial Defenders are independent mercanaries who take in common the use of Mechanical Aerospace Combat Hazard suits (MACH Suits) and Subterrain, Air & Space Enviroment Ships (SASE Ships). These high end machines allowed the Martial Defenders the perfect ability to preform their job.

The MACH suit is the essential component of a Martial Defender for each has made a sacrafice to be capable of using this equipment. A Nervous Receptor Node (NRN) has been surgaclly attached to each defender. The NRN itself is a strip that runs along the length of the spine about half an inch thick and an inch wide. The outer side has hundreds of receptor ports for connecting to the MACH. The inner side has thousands of needles that insert directly into the spinal cord and fuse creating a branch off of the central nervous system.

Using the permanently connected NRN the defender can connect to his suit and control it as he would his normal body. The suit itself fits like a mechanical skin. Equipped with a propulsion system, oxygen rebreather, climate control, onboard computers and numerous other gadgets. The suit itself can move effectivly through any space, mine or planet environment as well as wield weapons to defend itself. The MACH's gadget customization is limited only to the users creativity and technical ability.

the SASE ship is a upgrade to the MACH suit. Rather than having a defender enter a ship, doff his suit and move behind a control panel the MACH itself inserts its whole body into the SASE ship and controls it via the users own nervous system. The SASE ship itself is about the size of a car, and extremely manuverably. Capable of normal flight, it can also move through zero gravity and heavy gravity almost unlimitedly. Equipped with interchangable weapons and torpedo systems, personal shields and heavy armor the SASE makes hte Martial Defender a versatile tank of sorts.

Lamens Terms-

In this RP the players become a MArtial Defender, they have thier own suit and ship which is customized to whatever they desire in gadgets, tools, weapons etc. Of course some managment of balance is required but equipment is completely up to the player.

The ship itself is the main point of focus as the martial defender is techniclly a pilot, the suits use is mainly in the event his ship fails, or is too restricted.

I'd like to know what you guys think, and possible sugestions for anything that might need improvement or clarification. Thanks.

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06/13/2007 6:45 PM

I like it and i would love to join. Only, how about there is an "Alien invasion". I know its been done and such but i really like those.

06/13/2007 6:47 PM

This is only a synopsis of the background, there wil be plenty thrown in for story element as the RP begins.

06/13/2007 6:48 PM

Ok, well then yes i will join.

06/14/2007 9:27 AM

I am interested. Sci-fi isn't done enough around here.

06/14/2007 3:41 PM

as you know, i'm interested in this idea..but i just thought i'd publically voice my support as well so everyone knows there's more than just one person interested lol

06/15/2007 12:39 PM

We have 4 people, I think thats enough to start it... can I get MOD approval?

[Edited by Squirll on Friday, June 15, 2007 12:45 PM]

06/15/2007 1:27 PM

do you want us to post characters? and do you want them in a certain layout?

06/15/2007 1:28 PM

can I get MOD approval?

You don't need it- once a thread generates sufficient interest just pop it up in the relevant RP forum.

06/15/2007 1:36 PM

Alright, I'll make the thread here i na while. I'll post In the OOC layouts and stuff then submit your chars in OOC right now what I want is

Call sign:
Suit Desc and abilities:
Ship name desc and abilities:
Char bio:

Abilities are limited only to your imagination but dont go too overpowered. If you need an example I'll have mine posted. I'll have more detail explanation in the thread itself

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