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06/10/2007 10:18 AM

Darth Vadion Stood on the bridge of his massive flagship. The Planet of Korriban Looked so small and insignificant from their position, it was almost impossible for him to imagine it as being the birthplace of the sith.

"Admiral, prepare the ship for immediate landing on the planets surface, as close to the ancient sith academy as possible"

Behind his flagship, an awesome armada of battle cruisers loomed over Korriban. Retiring to his chambers Darth Vadion Kneeled on his floor and began to meditate, searching out across the galaxy with his emotions until he found his apprentice nearby.

[i]Im anxious to begin...[/i]

06/10/2007 10:38 AM

Zaodia walked through the hallway leading to his masters meditating chamber. He had felt his master sensing for him and decided that it was time to visit him. Zaodiah wore a black cloak that was a mirror image of his masters. Zaodiah idolized his master and aspired to be like him.

The door to Darth Vadion's meditation chamber approached him and he came to the door. Opening it slowly he stepped inside. The room was circular with many candles lit, a great window looked out into the galaxy.

Zaodia walked up to his masters black figure meditating on the floor. When he was ten feet in front of him he kneeled down before him.

"You summoned me Master?"

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06/10/2007 10:48 AM

"Yes Zaodia, I have been in deep thought regarding you're training and frankly I think that you are not yet ready for the task I have planned for you"

[i]He is strong, but not strong enough[/i]

"When we arrive on the planet's surface I think it would be best for us to visit he tombs of the ancient sith lords together while the ground commander sets up our base inside the academy"

Rising to his feet he crossed his arms over his chest and walked to the window of his chambers. The planet Korriban seemed much larger now, obviously they had gotten closer but it would still be about an hour or two before they were able to land.

[i]It is almost time...be patient...[/i]

06/10/2007 10:53 AM

"When we arrive on the planet's surface I think it would be best for us to visit he tombs of the ancient sith lords together while the ground commander sets up our base inside the academy"

Zaodia's features turned sad and sunken. He had been looking forward to visiting the tombs by himslef, and this was a great let down for him.

"Master, what will we see down there in the tombs, and what is the future of the my training and the base in the acadamy?"

Zaodia was very inquisitive and always was asking questions, always seeking the answer. It didn't help much that the sith lord was very secretive and kept a lot of valuable information to himself without consulting his apprentice.

06/10/2007 11:11 AM

"I can sense that you dont agree with my decision...you would rather explore the dangers of the tombs yourself?"

Vadion turned to face his student, The boys face had a very discouraged look upon it.

"Even I who knows many things dont know what we will find in the tombs. All that I know is that some 5000 years ago a great sith lord named Darth Revan passed through all of them and learned many secrets of the sith"

Vadion stared inquisitively at the boy, testing him by focusing his mind on the boy's and concentrating his will forcing the boy to recoil from the struggle of their minds.

"If you think you are worthy to enter the tombs youreself...you must prove it to me"

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06/10/2007 11:51 AM

"I can sense that you dont agree with my decision...you would rather explore the dangers of the tombs yourself?"

"If you think you are worthy to enter the tombs youreself...you must prove it to me"

Zaodia thought about this, if his master didn't know what awaited them there, then surely it was dangerous.

"Master, forgive me, the sense of adventure caught up with me, i know now that it would be better if we both went together."

It killed Zaodia to say this, but rationalization caught up with Adventure and he knew what was right.

06/10/2007 12:11 PM

"We will arrive on the planet in about an hour Zaodia, I would suggest you take this time to prepare youreself"

Vadion Smirked from under his hood,

[i]This one is eager...he may yet prove usefull[/i]

"You are dismissed"

Turning from the boy he grabbed his lightsaber and igniting the blade began to practice his Makashi form.

06/10/2007 1:41 PM

Zaodia watched his master turn and ignite his lightsaber. His hand shot down at his own lightsaber because he thought it was a challenge. Seeing his master practice against invisible targets ment that it was not a challenge, Zaodia decided he shoulld leave his master to his practice.

Zason Srikef was running down the halls, he had sensed Darth Vadion looking for him and was going to recieve the call. He was about too open the door to his meditation chamber when it opened by itself and Zaodia, Vadion's other apprentice, stepped out.

Zaodia and Zarkin were good friends and were both loyal to each other and their master. Zaodia looked up and saw Zarkin standing before him.

"What did I miss?" Zarkin asked.

"Master was telling us about how we will land in a hour and to get ready" Zaodia replied.

Both of them had been very anxious to get down there and investigate the tombs.

06/10/2007 1:59 PM

Vadion relaxed, his muscles were tingling. That was one of the best workouts he had in ages, then the holo-intercom crackled to life and the image of the admiral appeared before him,

"Lord Vadion, we are making our final descent into Korriban, we will touch down approximately one kilometer from the ruins of the academy"

"Very good commander, siganl me when the dropship is prepared"

"It will be done my lord"

Turning off his lightsaber Vadion sat in his chair, panting.

[i]Finally...its finally time...[/i]

06/10/2007 2:07 PM

(OOC: I added WESTAR-34 pistols to Zaodia's arsenal because i wanted them, i hope you think its ok cause i REALLY want them :))

Zaodia was in his personal room onboard. The room was simple, there was a bed, clothing compartments, a refresher, and other necesities. Zaodia was basically ready, he had his lightsaber on his belt, and his WESTAR-34 pistols at his side. Despite being a sith, he never really let go of blasters ad WESTAR's were his favoriet. Seeing that he had everything, he turned off the lights and left the room.

Zarkin was also in his room. His room was just down the hall from Zaodia's room. Both rooms were exactly the same. Zarkin had his lightsaber already clipped on his belt and that was his only weapon, along with the force. Zarkin had a pack on his back that contained food and water if they needed it. Zarkin left his room and started down the hallway.

06/10/2007 2:43 PM

The descent through Korriban's atmosphere was rough, the drop ship bounced up and down. When they finally touched down on the surface the crew unloaded a landspeeder while Vadion, Zaodia, and Zarkin piloted the new speeder towards the ancient academy. When they finally arrived Vadion left with his apprentices and entered the ancient building, the musty smell filled his nostrils as he passed into the entrance hall,

"To think Revan himself passed through here and they didnt even know it was him, think of all the secrets he and previous sith lords left behind"

Turning in the direction of the old headmaster's room he turned to his students

"Feel free to explore these ruins before we go to the tombs, I have some business to attend to in the headmaster's chambers"

[i]At last the first piece of the puzzle...[/i]

06/10/2007 4:03 PM

Darth Vadion walked down one hallway, his footsteps getting softer and softer as he got farther and farther. Zarkin and Zaodia looked at each other, both were more interested in difern't fields. Zarkin wanted to learn more about force powers and sith alchemy, whereas Zaodia wanted to become a master of lightsaber combat.

The force tugged at Zaodia's mind and he looked in the direction where it came from. A cooridor was before him, it pleaded with him, it wanted him to go that direction.

The same thing happened to Zarkin only in a differn't direction. The two looked at each other and then without a word, walked down their corridors.

06/10/2007 4:13 PM

(OOC: Why do you keep refering to Revan, i like Revan a lot but still, there ARE other sith you know.)

06/10/2007 4:28 PM

I forgot to put it into his bio that he idolizes Revan

06/10/2007 4:57 PM

(OOC: Oh well, then i have some stuff to put in mine as well :))

06/13/2007 11:54 AM

Tyrrax Sanross sat in his chair at the jedi councle. There had been rumors lately, about the sith returning. At first the jedi merely scoffed at these ideas, but now, the attacks were increasing. More and more people claimed that sith were alive, more attacks were happening, ships had been sited. The councle met to decide what the fate of the galaxy would be........

06/13/2007 3:17 PM

Darth Vadion was to distracted to notice his apprentices leave the main chamber, he was heading for the room where the old headmaster stayed. Finding the large door locked he closed his eyes and focused, the door began to tremble and then finally gave way, entering the room he searched around until he found it.

[i]This is it...I have searched for this for a very long time...[/i]

It was an ancient sith holocron, old and dusty but still able to work. He activated it, the ghostly image of an old sith lord appeared,

"I am Corus Narth, and I am leaving this message along with several other lords to unlock the pathway to bringing back the dead"

"Excellent, the first clue is still operational"

Putting the holocron into his bag Vadion turned and looked around the rom. It was dark and musty inside and he could barely see, igniting his lightsaber blade to cast some light he decided that he should now look for his two apprentices seeing as what he had come for was taken care of.

06/13/2007 7:48 PM

Zarkin walked down a cooridor that was pitch black. He ignited his lightsaber, letting the red blade wash over the darkness, providing him with a little light. On the wall he saw unlit torches, Zarkin put up his hand a shot a burst force lightning into the torch. The torch reacted and lit on fire. Turning off his lightsaber, he lit the other torches in the hall. While he walked down the hall, something on the wall caught his eye. It was an old hierolglyph that displayed an advanced force lightning technique. Zarkin was instantly captivated.

Zaodia walked down a hallway, his lightsaber ignited to give him light. His boots making a slight clicking sound as he walked on the tile flooring. He came to a doorway with a strange lettering at the top. At first he did not understand but then a voice whispered in the air.

[b] Hall of saber masters[/b]

[i] Excellent [/i]

Zaodia walked in cautiously to be in a circular room with many statues lining the walls. Just then, all of the torches lit up on themselves. Zaodia shut off his lightsaber and stared in awe at the statues. Each one had a profile set in stone behind them that told about the specific lord and his or her techniques. Zaodia was certainly gonna spend a lot of time here.

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