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06/09/2007 4:47 PM


For years, children played the game 'bloody Mary.' Never did they see anything without their imagination storming. Everyone knows that if you wait till midnight in order to sing her name, then close your eyes and open them while looking at a mirror, you'll 'see her.' At least, thats what the tradition was. But what happens when a group of teens try it on Halloween night, while looking at her grave?

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06/09/2007 5:16 PM

Naomi walked to the graveyard they all agreed to meet at. It was Halloween and they were gunna do 'bloody mary' in front of ol' mary herself's grave at midnight. Right now, it was only 10:05. They all agreed to meet around now, but she was the first one there.

"What a night for me to get here first. I wonder where the others are...?" She talked to herself, hoping to interrupt the stifling silence. She wondered momentarily if they would show up, but then banished the thought from her mind. "No, they wouldn't do that. They were all too excited.." she gulped. 'Please show up soon...' she thought to herself.

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