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06/07/2007 7:49 PM

Ok I have an idea for a horror rpg.

Story: It's been five months since the initial infection. the zombies have stopped spreading and are now trapped in several cities. now the United Earthen Government ( or UEG) has sent in teams of soldiers to enter the cities, make a safe zone, find any survivors, and find clues to how the zombies first originated. A few teams have destroyed the infection in some cities but have found no clues. now a new team is being sent in to New Haven, one of the cities that was caught with the infection early on, and they are charged with finding survivors and above all, find clues to how it started. New Haven has already been set with a green zone with which our tale will start.

Job: this will be either soldier, survivor in green zone or survivor in red zone.
Class( if soldier ): medic, marksman, sniper, commander, etc
Rank: again if soldier. and rank may be no higher that leutenant.
Equipment: ammo, first aid, keys, other kinds of objects or items.
Weapons: only guns and knives. no large swords or anything like that. and no rocket launchers or grenade launchers. but grenades themselves are allowed.

I plan on making the story as we go. You'll start at the green zone HQ and will go from there. If you want to be a survivor left in the red zone you can be in whatever kind of barricade you have.

Do I have anyone intrested or anyone with comments?

06/07/2007 7:57 PM

Yeah i am interested, but can you release some more info about the story line?

06/07/2007 7:58 PM

lets seen do you want more on the history or on the city we're entering?

06/07/2007 8:01 PM

Both, anything you can think of.

06/07/2007 8:38 PM

lets see here.

Infection history: Five months ago: at first there were just a few people that were attacked. bit in bar fights, homless man came and violently attacked and bit another. a few days later it hit in over drive. the infection was obvious. although no one knew how they came or why they learned one thing. shoot them in the head.

Four months ago: the zombie numbers have dwindled. many people are in barricades or some safe building. however some have run out of food and people are getting out to find any food or things worth trading. now people have begun to learn something new about the infection. if bitten you have three days to live at maximum. people are more cautious around zombies and most have made homemade weapons. the infection itself is in five cities on the east coast and many central cities.

three months ago: helecopters have come by to drop supplies and rescue some survivors. not all survivors have been found and some choose to stay in these cities. more people have been given guns in these supply drops. other ammo is scarce and the zombies are finding ways to destroy and get past barricades. now more people live in groups and zombies are still on a rise. scientists in other cities and military bases are finding a way to develope a cure for those bitten by zombies.

Two months ago: a serum has been found to stop zombie infection. these are now included in the weekly supply drops. a few more survivors have been found in other cities and some have now brought the fight to the zombies. killing zombies instead of hiding. now the infected cities are quarentined and any city with signs of a infection is sealed off for a few days. a new department in police stations appears specifically for zombie infections. a platoon of soldiers is now becoming trained in how to kill zombies and how zombies react.

One month ago: the infection has stopped spreading. the new platoon has been put into action in a few cities and more platoons are being trained. although no survivors seem to be killed and turned to zombies, the zombies numbers keep rising in the infected cities. green zones are now being made in some cities and survivors make their way to these outposts to get out. not much is learned about the infection now.

now: many cities have been cleared of the infection and everything is being bagged and sampled to help figure wether the zombies are made from some sort of new virus. almost all infected cities have green zones and the zombie numbers are falling, but in individual cities they continue to grow. there are now many platoons of soldiers trained to kill zombies and how to handle themselves if caught out of reach of the green zone.

New Haven: this was a bustling city that was filled with commuters that came in and out of other surrounding towns. it had many commercial enterprises and was one of the first central cities to be infected. when the infection began the city became a living hell. much of the city was destroyed. whatever information that was gathered on the zombies was broadcast on local news stations. eventually the zombies became smarter and found ways to break the barriers and the survivors found out how some people suddenly became zombies inside of barriers before most of the other cities had. there were many supply drops here since most people couldn't make their way to the helicopters. now there is a large green zone at a plaza on the south side of the city. not to many teams have gone out to investigate the infestation here until now. the city is filled with damaged apartments and a few abandoned skyscrapers and other buildings. the city is still heavily infected and supply drops have become frequent here.

want more information?

06/08/2007 4:25 AM

No this is ok, ill get a char up soon.

06/08/2007 4:54 AM

What is green zone/ red zone?

06/08/2007 5:12 AM

I would think, similar to 28 weeks later etc. that the green zone is cleared and habitable, the red zone not so much.

Would I be right?

06/08/2007 8:27 PM

close enough. the green zone is the area that has been cleared by the soldiers in the area. it has a wall around it and it has patrols on the inside constintly just in case some zombies got in. the red zone is the area that is still being cleared or still badly infected. i'm starting to think of key parts of the city right now.

south side: most of this is the green zone since this is where the slums were. the slums held most of the survivors of the infection surprisingly because of the number of residents with some form of weapon. many barricades were put up here and what was once known as the place where gangs rule and one step you were shot was known as the last resort to survival. now its completely held by the military and has many troops inside. it has its own armory and some shelters for people still living there including troops. its home to new haven military HQ.

SE: this area is lightly infected due to the number of patrols in the area. its a red zone but it could almost be considered green due to the drop of zombie sightings. there is nothing in the area of real importance other than a few abandoned stores and some small apartments.

SW: this area is alittle more infected than the SE side but is still sparsesly infected. it was known for many community buildings in the area. there aren't to many survivors here since there weren't many barricades but some places are filled with zombies since they were used as shelters. this was before they learned how the infection spread.

East side: this side is much more infected than that of the southern sides. it was home to the suburbs and not many people had the equipment to make barricades nor the supplies to survive afterward. there have been no known survivors here and the ammount of zombies is at least twice that in the southern ends.

West side: this spot is heavily infected. it was filled with some major stores and a mall. after these there were a few smaller stores then on the outer edge there was a low security prison. many people were killed here since there was no where to barricade themselves in. not many survivors have been found here.

NW: this is slightly heavier infected than the west side. other than some apartments there isnt much here. there is a few small stores and some parks here but the big thing that stands out is the high secruity prison and the scientific research facility. this only became heavily infected because of the high traffic between here and the commercial section.

NE: this is as heavily infected as the NW side. this is home to some more lower class homes that are close to the commercial section so the travel time is low. it is home to a few graveyards and might have been the home to the begining of the infection. there have been no survivors found here.

North section: this was the commercial section. most of the people were here when the infection started so this is the most infected side out of them all. it has many skyscrapers and many corperation offices. absolutely no survivors are here. and some teams of soldiers have been sent here and never have come back.

so any one else wanna join or wish for more info?

06/13/2007 7:40 PM

ok im posting this in the horror section to see if it catches any attention. it'll be called dead city: legions.

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