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06/07/2007 9:04 AM

Ok this is a story i have been thinking about for a while now. The time period is ancient, so no guns, magic is allowed but i will specify later. Only rule is ask first and then wait for my approval before jumping in.


For a thousand years the Nezak and Ranbark countries were at peace. Originally they had been one country ruled in a duel monarchy fashion. The rulers were King Ranbark, ruler of the mountainous and valley filled western region, and King Nezak, ruler of the rolling plains of the east. To the north was a barren desert region that no one desired. To the south was dangerous Monster infested forest. Then after an era of peace, a dispute over land led to war. The war divided the country into two, the Ranbark and the Nezak. For a thousand years this peace lasted and then without warning, the Ranbark country attacked the Nezak. There were many battles but the Nezak are on a winning streak and are marching on the Ranbark Capitol. In desperation, the Ranbark's assembled all of their magicians and attempted to create "Super humans". They failed on many occasions and many magicians died. However on the final attempt they created 4, the four were called A, B, C, and D. They had no personality, they were merely cold blooded killers. They were faster, stronger, more intelligent, and did everything better than normal Humans. Instantly they were employed as commanders and the tide of the war changed in the Ranbarks favor. However, when the Ranbarks were winning, the four superhumans began to question their existance. They left the Ranbarks and now live a life on the run from two empires.


I will be superhuman A (because i am cool like that) and then there are 3 more spaces. I am basically giving you an emotionless shell of a human, throughout the story you will develope its personality to fit how you think. Throughout the story you will develope its likes, dislikes, preferances, peronality, character traits ect. ect. Ill even let you pick its gender.


The layout of Halborn (the name of the continent) is basically one big continent. The plains were to the east ruled by the Nezak's. The west is ruled by the Ranbarks and is mountainous and valleyious. The north is a barren wasteland that no one wants. The south is a Monster infested forest that is undesirable. Sea surrounds everything and no one is brave enough to venture out and explore for other continents.

I will have more info about this later. Tell me if anyone is interested.

06/07/2007 1:16 PM

It is time to show my serious and descriptive skills on this forum. To show that I truly, definitely, absolutely, positively...only suck sometimes LOL had you goin' there.

Naw seriously. I'm interested, i'll think of a character.

06/07/2007 7:07 PM

Cool, I wanted everyone to pick one of the superhumans at first but if you make a good enough character, ill let you join as something else.

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