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06/06/2007 3:21 AM

This roleplay is based on Roran Gamma, a 21 year old gunman from the Technologic state of Spris, and his younger 15 year old sister, Tari Gamma, a scientist-in-training. The two leave Spris on a Skyplane, diven by Jairen Kin who takes them to Million Isle in the Tetterian Deep. After they discover the secret organization XLL, an organization that undertakes the operations of Tracalazia. Roran and Tari meet two very arguementative friends, Sky Jamieson and Z Sidney, two snipers from Weirin, the only forested land of Tracalazia. They discuss the matters of training the two would have to undergo to get into the Organization XLL charts, because there are currently only eight members, from all points of Tracalazia. After the hard and helpful training they finally join. They are soon sent to investigate an explosion in Weirin. After the long and hard investigation the two report back to Xemnas Darkheart, the leader of the Organization who has come to the conclusion that his brother, and exiled member of XLL, Nerox and his army of Droids have returned from their exilement on the Meteor of Ice itself, Icecrush.

After long fights between Organization XLL and Nerox they finally defeat Nerox and continue their work, as time went by they each begun to retire, and recruit cadets to work for them.

The Ten Old Members of Organization XLL
- Xemnas Darkheart
- Axel Blaze
- Laguna Indigo
- Larinxene Evergreen
- Erin Twilight
- Kagi Twilight
- Sky Jamieson
- Z Sidney
- Tari Gamma
- Roran Gamma

The people who join are the new cadets, please tell me what you think, it'll be in the Sci-Fi area when i get a chance to post it.

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