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06/05/2007 10:10 AM

Go ahead Recko, Pillage has already started.

06/05/2007 11:28 PM

This is NOT an open thread, please do not post here or ask to join here, as this is the test of an Idea in the making

If you would like to know more please

[url:http://www.rpgconsortium.com/forums/discussions.cfm?forumid=67&topicid=315083]go here [/url]

[b]When the thread is done it will be made clear [/b] and this (along with a similar post) will be open to comments and questions when they are both finished

06/05/2007 11:30 PM

The following takes place during 3 pm and 9pm on June 2nd)

It had been a hot day In Jacksonville and it was only just now beginning to cool down a little.

On a small suburban street there stood a large yellow truck on the left side of the road that was parked just past a small sewer drain. It carried a tank (also yellow) and had a rather large tube like extension coming out from the top of the tank and hanging past the yellow tanks end.

It had a long red line painted around the yellow tank with a red circle in the middle of line on both sides of the tank with a message on the topside of the line that read "City Sewage Inspections". On the drivers side of the truck, a group of 4 men where eating and had just turned on the radio.

[i]...and so on the 5th day of his hospitalization John Barne, the richest man on earth has finally passed on.[/i]

The story had been all over the news for the last few days. John Barne, the richest man on earth was now dead.

[i]John Barne had been hospitalized on the 29th of May after suffering a stroke during a charity dinner event to support cancer research In Palm springs. He was then brought to the Desert Regional medical hospital around 8pm that night and was placed into the intensive care unit in which he remained until his death shortly after noon today.

But now the big question that's now on everyone's mind is what will happen to John Barnes incredibly large fortune. As many of you know...[/i]

The passengers side door of the truck suddenly swung open and there was a short -click- of the radio indicating it had been turned off

"Hey pops," said one of the men on the drivers side "we were listening to that man"

"Well..." responded the older man from the passengers side "I don't get paid to sit on my ass and neither do you so get the hell up and do some damn work!"

Another of the men on the drivers side who was drinking water wiped his mouth and said "Alright guys lets get back to work before this old fart has a stroke himself and we get stuck carrying his wrinkled ass to the hospital just like Johnny Money bags in California"

This man along with the 2 older men from the group on the driver's side started to laugh and began walking to the end of the truck to began working again.

The one man left on the drivers side was leaning on the car door keeping it wide open and continued to stand there leaning on it.

The older man on the passenger's side looked at him and said "Hey boy!"(Which startled him) What's your name?" He asked

"My names Jon Amon" responded the young man, lifting himself of the door

"Well Jon," Said the man from the passengers side "Stop your damn day dreaming and get back to work! I ain't no baby sitter"

"Sorry boss." he said "I'll get back to work."

He started walking back towards the end of the truck where the yellow tube like attachment from the tank had been lowered over the sewage drain. When He had gotten to the end of the truck they flipped a switch on the side of the tank and the tube began to shake violently as it began to extract some of the sewage from the drain.

He leaned himself on the back end of the truck and began to thought to himself [i] John Barne, the richest man on earth huh. [/i]


Jon walked into his small one room apartment at around 6pm. It was on the second floor of the building where he lived. He dropped the keys on the desk next to the entrance (where there was also a computer) and took a left going towards the bathroom to take a shower and sighed as he looked at the pale colour with which the walls of the bathroom was painted while counting the holes in the wall caused by the previous tenants (which the manager of the building had promised to fix when his friend and he had just moved in).

He turned on the water in the shower and began to wash up when he heard the strangely familiar sound of squeaking pipes that told him he would not enjoy what soon to come.

He let out a sigh and thought to himself [i] look like I get to have another cold shower [/i].

Ten minutes later he came out drying his hair with a towel walking by his roommates room and turning on the computer while he made his way to the fridge to look for something to eat.

The fridge was small (about 4 feat tall) and was divided in 2 with the freezer taking up 1/3rd of the space and the rest

He opened the fridge and noticed his roommate Mike still hadn't bought a new light bulb for the fridge light or any food for that matter. Looking in the freezer he saw a box of waffles with a message on the box written in red marker that read [b] Mikes waffles! DO NOT TOUCH! [/b]

Looking at the box he smiled slightly and did what he always did. Opening the box, he reached in to get out some waffles, but instead found some a small note that read [b] I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM MY DAMN WAFFLES! [/b]

[i]Prick [/i] thought Jon as he closed the fridge and freezer throwing the empty waffle box into the garbage.

He made his way back into the living room (found directly in front of the entrance and off to the right of the computer and desk). He sat down and took a few moments to look around the Apartment he was in

The roof was painted white and there where patches on it where the paint had began to peel and fall off because of the water damage caused by the old leaky pipes in the furnace. The walls were all white. There was a small fan in the living room that would no longer turn, only the light bulb in the middle of the fan still worked.

All the floors where covered with cheep and old wood flooring and in some spots you could see the under layer of the wood.

There was a shelf (large, 7 shelves) that was set-up parallel to the door and held a large amount of shelves worth filled with CD's, movies, and PC games.

He smelt the air and it stunk of cigarette smoke that would rise up from the tenants on the 1st floor through the ventilation system (which was currently broken) and into the apartments above it, primarily this apartment.

He continued looking around the room and saw piles of clothes and other items around the living room (mostly in corners near the entrance to the kitchen and the wall which divided his roommates room and the living room/entrance).

Beside the desk there was an entrance to the Kitchen in which there was an oven a small microwave and a small fridge and was barely able to accommodate 2 people standing in the kitchen.

The kitchen itself in the corner of the apartment divides 2 entrances/exits by adding a small dividing wall so that those in the living room could not see into the kitchen.

He also looked on the couch he was sitting on (there being only one in the apartment) which doubled as Jon's bed at night realising how old and tacky it looked.

He then saw the T.V that was 20x25 inches and was rather bulky. As he looked at it he saw himself being reflected in the blackness of the screen

Jon was a young looking man with dark hair (not jet black or completely black) that appeared to be black when it was dark, but could be seen as the dark brown it really was when sun shown directly behind him. It wasn't to short and the style in which it had been most recently cut gave off a strange sense of coolness and also gave his face a calming and inviting aspect.

His eyes where brown with small black lines that seemed to stretch out from the pupil to the end of the brown around it.

As you made your way down from his black coloured (and slightly poofy) eyebrows to his nose his eyes would slowly become lighter starting from a dark brown shade that resembled the shade of a walnut slowly turning into a strange hazelnut like colour as you made your way down to Jon's nose. They also gave the impression that Jon was tired (which at the moment he was).

His nose was of a normal size and went down on a perfect 45-degree angle to the bottom of his nose that revealed to identical nostrils.

His ears on the other hand, seemed to be somewhat too large for his head giving a strange sense that Jon's face was somewhat out of proportion.

His mouth seemed to be of a relatively normal size and had a smile that was somewhat crooked and always went from his right cheek to his left cheek

His chin had a small fuzzy outline, which had grown out from the last time he had shaved (3 days ago).

His neck was slightly thinner (width wise) than his face and stretched down and outwards towards but not touching) to his shoulders.

Jon was healthy enough body, but a small beer belly and wore a sleeveless plain white T-shirt.

He had thin arms and had arm hair (short) on the tops side and arms that had enough strength in them so that Jon could hold himself on his own.

His legs (slightly harrier than arms, but nothing visible from afar) where much more built than his arms and have been used more than once to get him out of a bad situation and was currently wearing a pair of blue jeans and a pair of white running shoes.

Over all his skin wasn't very soft and the palms of his hands had become hard with the many odd jobs he had worked since living in the apartment which usually required heavy lifting or working in a construction zones.

He stared at himself for a little time in the blackness of the TV screen again before turning on the TV.

After seeing that all the channels where focusing on the death of John Barne, Jon simply turned off the TV without waiting or caring to hear what they where saying about the situation. He decided to take a nap and so he laid himself down, turned over in the couch where he was sitting and fell asleep.

(4:51 AM)

06/09/2007 1:46 PM

(OOC-I've got nothing to do,

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And my carpel tunnels acting up........... It's gonna be a long day....

Lets do this thing.)

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06/09/2007 6:00 PM

(The following takes place between 6pm and 11 pm on June 2nd)

[i] Well I've arrived [/i] thought Scott Robertson as stood infront of the governors home. He stood straight with impeccable posture, as he had learned to do over his many years of servitude.

He was a tall figure at around 6.4 feet tall. He was a thin, flat man and his face lacked expression of any emotion. His eyes where green and submissive with a hint of sorrow that only comes from the loss of someone dear. His lips where somewhat pale and his slick goatee had long since turned grey as if it where a sign of his age. His head was bare and showed quite clearly two small veins lining the side of his head that would bulge with every word he spoke. He had two small round shaped ears that seemed to be pressed to the side of his head. His nose was straight and had a defining point at the end of it. His nostrils where quite large and made an oval shape.

His neck was long and had a bulge in the middle that would move down every time he swallowed. His shoulders where small and though they seemed perfectly straight and in perfect position, there feebleness was hidden under the large grey coat which he wore over his black suit.

His body had a straight build showing no bulges or lumps in any direction. His arms where long and in proportion with his body. On his hands he wore brown leather gloves which where somewhat plain except for the letters JB inscribed on the single buttons located on the end of the strap used to tighten the gloves. In his left hand he held a small rectangular box and in his left a plain wooden cane that had been stained a dark blood red colour.

A man approached him from the security box in front of the gate.

"Sir" he said, "The governor has been expecting you. Please follow me". The man turned around and began to walk towards the gate. Scott followed putting his left foot forward to revealing his black dress shoes that had a classic look about them. He had no use for the cane as was obvious by the way he walked, straight, never losing his posture as If he had practiced it for hours on end.

When they arrived at the gate, the guard unlocked it using a small key and ID card. On the other side, there was a young maid waiting for Scott

"Good evening sir" she said, "Please, follow me"

She led him to the governor's office stopping at thee door and turning to Scott

"Wait here, I'll be back shortly" she said then entered the governor's office.

As he waited Scott reflected on the events which had led to this [i] don't worry sir, I've followed your instructions. All should go as planned"[/i]

The young maid came out of the office and said "Sir, the governor will see you now"

"Thank you madam" He said before entering the Governors office

"You say you have information on the death of John Barne," said a voice from behind a chair "What is it you know?"

Making his way towards the man Scott held up the package and said "Governor Schwarzenegger, I have with me the video will of John Barne and I was given the instruction to personally deliver it to you" He was standing directly in front of the governor holding out the package he was carrying"

"We shall see what you have" said the governor grabbing the box. He opened it to fin a tape and 2 discs.

"There is the original video and the first disk is also the will. The last is something you will have to watch the will to understand."

"Well then" said the governor " I wonder what it could possibly be?" as he said this a white screen descended from the roof along with a projector. The governor placed the disc into a device that was on the wall and the Disk began to play.

Suddenly a man appeared on the screen in chair similar to that of the governors "Hello" he said, "My name, is John Barne"


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06/10/2007 6:15 AM

(The following occurs between 10 pm and 1 am on June 2nd/3rd)

The projector stopped and both it and the screen began to rise back up to where they had been stored before. The governor stood up and made his way to the device on the wall, where he retrieved the disk before making his way back to his chair

[i]Impossible [/i] he thought [i] why would such a man do something like this. I cannot allow this. This tape must never be seen [/i]

As if reading the governors mind Scott said "I have sent copies of this tape to every radio and television network with instructions to play it tomorrow on there morning news shows. You however have something they do not".

[i]The raffle program...[/i] thought the governor. He was quiet for a brief moment "How could he possibly be serious. This is a joke, you are nothing more than an impostor."

"No Sir." replied Scott "I am but a humble messenger who is completing his duty to his master. If you do not wish to comply with what John Barne has asked of you, then I will simply find another more capable and willing". After saying this he turned to exit the office and began walking towards the doors at its entrance.

"Wait!" said the governor "I will do as he has asked of me" after saying this he turned in his chair to the same position he had been in when Scott had entered the room "Now please leave before I have you removed from my property"

"Good day to you sir" said Scott before quickly leaving the governors residence

In the office governor Schwarzenegger picked up the phone

"Get me the President," he said

"Yes governor Schwarzenegger one moment please..."


"Mr. President, I have some important information you need to know about"


As Scott sat in the back of the cab that was taking him home, he pulled out his blackberry and began to type a small message then hit the send button when it was done. [i]Finally [/i] he thought [i] the final peice has fallen into place [/i]

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