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06/04/2007 11:47 PM

Please see the OOC/Recruitment page. Planning characters and recruiting first, so don't roleplay right away.

06/20/2007 11:57 PM

Brezan sat under the tree waiting for the others, he was playing with a fly, the fly trying to fly away towards the castle, but Brezan was altering wind an a small scale to prevent the fly from going anywhere. He smiled and let the fly go, giving the fly a gust of wind to help him fly. A leaf landed on him, so he blew it away toward the castle.

He smiled again as the leaf flew back towards him, "I keep telling you not to harm nature's way." Brezan replied as he played with another fly, "I'm sorry, Leif" Leif and Brezan shook hands as Brezan said, "We all set for this adventure?"

Brezan stood up as he called his white stallion named Ocaran after the Goddess of Wind and he hopped onto him. He turned on the horse and pulled out a leather canteen and took a drink, then he started playing with another fly and waited for more people to show.

06/21/2007 5:20 AM

Drake Young looked out at the hill with a tree. There was a white knight on a horse there. He was called to a meeting beneath that tree for a certain job.

Drake's footsteps were soft as he walked over the hills to get to the specific hill. Behind Drake in the sky a thundering cloud was following him. Drake's element was lightning and thunder and he always brought his cloud with him.

Drake decided to get up the hill quickly. He leaned back on his strong leg a little and then, with help from the lightning element, shot up the hill like a bullet. He stopped on a dime in front of the mounted knight.

"Hello there, I am the Champion of Lightning Drake Young, I suppose you were called to a meeting here as well?"

06/21/2007 10:22 AM

He nodded as he played with yet another fly. Then he said, "Yes, we are to go to the frozen lands of isosceles, near the Epsilon mountains." He continued, "We must decide whether to take the Upsil Forest path, or head down the River Bigot"

He then walked to the man who had just arrived and said, "The river Bigot is filled with horrendous pirate galleons and tretcherous bandit villages," he contined, "The forest of Upsil is filled with terrrible beasts and violent savage men."

Then he replied, "So are we to leave now, or should we check the town out before hand?" He continued again, "We may find out more information in this town, but we would lose a night and a day of progress."

Then he unsaddled and tied the reings up, leaned against a tree, and continued playing with a fly.

06/21/2007 11:29 AM

It was a tall, slightly grizzley and heavily dressed man that slowly made his way up the hill carrying a long staff of ice. Grumbling to himself the whole while. A cold chill hung close to his body.

"I can understand the King's need of assitance. I can even understand some of the village's open hostility and fear towards us. But not to show his hospitality does not bode well for me. I am suspicious and I would have words with him if I did not already dislike the man."

His ears picked up the conversation of a rebel group up in the Epsilion mountains. He lived not too far from there. Figures, he would get here and then find out he needed to go all the way back. He had heard of a rebel group, but he did not know it had escalated.

"A rebel group in Epsilion?" He spoke as he approached the group of three on the hill. His breath came out in white puffs despite the warm temperatures. "That is something the King's army should handle. Either there is some unknown force at work here as well, or the King is deliberately witholding information from us. I am suspicious."

Fighting a small sneer, he turned his back to the group. He never was a big people person. "I am going into town. I shall either meet you on the road or where the river and the forrest meet the mountain pass." He spoke somewhat frostily.

Taking a step forward, he jerked bad suddenly and looked down. His staff had frozen the earth... again. This is another reason why he hated sunny days. Growling, he kicked his staff slightly with his boot and loosened his staff from the ground. Taking a foot off his staff in the process. Grumbling as he made his way down the hill.

06/22/2007 1:34 AM

In a very easy going manner, Brezan replied to the man who seemed angry at something, "I agree with you, champion of cold, we should see the king, this altercation seems a bit out of whack."

He mounted his horse and headed off to the castle with the man next to him.

06/22/2007 7:47 AM

Drake followed them, he really didn't know what was going on here and wanted to find out. The Champion of Cold's seemed distressed about the sun overhead.

"You seem distressed, if your element is cold then you must not like the sun, if you want i can block it for you?"

Drake smiled warmly, it would be more beneficial in this trip to get more friends.

06/22/2007 1:15 PM

Brezan replied kindly, "The king is in the process of getting more people to join in our quest, but I agree with the cold champion, by the way, you did not tell me your name."

He continued as he asked a guard to tie up his horse as they walked into the inner square near the king's keep, "Why doesn't the King send the army to the Epsilon Mountains?"

They all walked to the king and the king greeted them with a welcoming smile, "Friends, saviors, why so questioned looks? Shouldn't you be parting off towards our foe on this quest?"

Cold's temperature lessened as he got angry and said, "Why aren't getting military help, why not send them?" Brezan placed his hand on a large stone pillar as he said, "This room needs some breeze." He allowed wind into the room and the atmosphere was much better, he continued, "What cold is saying is that we do not feel appreciated as such, if we are to take down this evil, then why arent you sending the military."

The king replied as he sat down and waved for the heros to come closer, "I hoped you would realize that after you left...the evil in there is fierce...we need you to help save us."

Cold didn't buy it. He shook his head and Brezan continued, "What do you mean by fierce, tell us everything." The king swallowed and said, "Meet me in my private quarters later on, for now I have a favor to ask of you. Go to the Forest of Arbregost. There you will meet a fierce warrior that calls upon the power of mystical energy. This long forgotten power that he holds will help, and it will answer many questions."

Brezan said, "The forest is only a day's ride away, we may as well go there, if this fighter is as powerful as the king says, it will help us."

As the group left, Brezan slowed the wind in the king's chamber and mounted his horse.

06/22/2007 6:01 PM

He glared at his traveling companions half heartedly. Just as soon as they were out of ear from the old king he spoke. "The name is Celan. I am only here because of my alliegence to the Kingdom. That old man got me killed once already. Once was enough." He growled to himself more than they.

After following them to a stable nearby the castle, he mounted bareback a giant of a horse with long hair, Looking almost like a giant sheep dog than a horse. They were bred specifically for the cold harsh winter of the north. "Before we journey, you should either find a wizard or get another horse. Those will not last the mountains."

Stiffly, he brought his horse out of the stables. Having to comply with the compains rather than go his own way as he was used to. He had lost too many before to want to get close to others again.

"Arbregost." he muttered to himself softly. The name rung a bell somewhere in his mind but he could not place his finger on it. He supposed he would find out soon enough.

"Brezan, you called yourself." He adressed the white knight riding to his left. "Is that you actual name or your designation? I do not recognize the name's orgin."

06/22/2007 6:17 PM

Drake's two companions were mounted on horses. He, unlike them, was not. Being the champion of lightning he could run incredibly fast. In most casses, faster than horses.

Drake made sure everything was present on him. The champion of Cold, called Celan, was not very friendly.

[i] Something must have happened to him in his past......[/i]

He thumbed his elemental stone stressfully as he listened at the coversation.

06/23/2007 2:44 PM

"Brezan was an appointed name given to me by the wondrous wind goddess Ocara," Brezan stated, "I was once known as Nole Wendred, before the evil sorcerer Glamnei killed my fiancee and left me for dead. I tried to save her but..."

He remembered Lara. He held back tears and he continued, "The gods pick those who are not done on this world to finish their duties in exchange for a personal quest. Only when we are ready to pass on can we cross over."

He continued, "The name is representative of my wind powers. I control the wind force." We are all called with a specific task. We must find the task ourselves.

He dismounted and whispered something to the horse. The steed hastenly returned to the stables. He asked a guard to look after him and he flew a coin over to the guard.

He said, "I may as well walk, I have the ability to swiftly hover just inches above the ground."

06/24/2007 4:20 PM

Celan nodded accordingly as he listened to the Knight. It was curiosity that had made him ask. He had not expected the Knight to be so open with him. Then again the man is a White Knight.

He made mental note when the wind deity Ocara was mentioned. He could not remember the last time he paid homage to any deity, it had been that long. Or perhaps it only seemed that long.

Still, he forced himself to listen. Both out of respect and that he would be working along side these people for the foreseeable future. He did not like people in general but he would not allow them to die out of his own selfishness.

an eyebrow rose at the mention of a task given to him, but said nothing on the matter. He assumed it was something given to him by the goddess as he couldnt recall any such task given to him.

He bit back a small bark of a laugh. Lord this man loved to talk. Another people person he supposed. This time however he could not avoid the small smirk that came. " You know, it will be a days's travel to the forrest and five days travel to the mountain pass?" He asked as he watched the horse gallop back to the stable.

Wait a minute... the man could hover? And for such lengths of time in the mountains? Wind was one of the most difficult elements to controll due to the fact that the wind was in a constant state of change. This man was powerful.

From the Lighting Champion he could understand. Lighting was a great and terrible force all of its own. Said to be a finger of god. Still...

Everything had its limits. Be they wizard, sorcerer, or demon. Amulet, stone or object of power. Some simply had higher limitations than others. He was constantly concentrating on his to keep himself in the chilled preserved state that he was.

It probably helped to be the chosen one of a goddess.

"And what of you? Champion of Lighting?" He adressed his other companion. "From where do you hail?" This man he could live with. This man seemed much more willing to stop and listen to the world around them. If not maybe a little to warm. He thought with another smirk.

06/25/2007 10:02 AM

"Im Drake Young, My alleigance is toward the kingdom and of course the thunder gods, I like dark cloudy rainy days, which explains the cloud"

Drake pointed to the sky above him. There was a large dark cloud above him covering up the sun.

"I have control over lightning and thunder, with that comes rain and thunderstorms"

Drake smiled warmly at both of them.

06/25/2007 12:47 PM

Brezan relaxed and said, "You will find me to be very easy going." He watched as a bird passed over-head and he smiled, "Do you not represent a deity? That's where we get these powers from. They are given by supreme beings to us for us to use as a gift."

He went serious for a moment and said, "What angers me is when people mis-use these gifts." He soared up a few feet, roughly his unfocused max height. To unleash his true abilities, he had to concentrate. "Then I get unsettled and angry." He calmed and grounded himself and continued, "So, why don't we be off?"

The small group departed from the town and are off to the forest where they will find this warrior, but as they leave the town.

06/25/2007 1:06 PM

Author Note: Darthwedge, no offense, but work a little on your introduction a little. Hmm? :) I like dark cloudy rainy days makes you sound like a contestant on Love Connection. :p

Celan looked at the Lightning Champion after the brief introduction. The man had given Celan as little information on himself as he had given earlier. He was thinking the man might have done it on purpose too.

He grunted. "I grow weary of this." While he appreciated the damned sun kept off them, the temperatures were still warm. He wasnt about to over exhert himself. But he never said anything about the horse. The sooner he was back in his mountains the better off he would be.

Though he wasnt sure, he guessed it to be a few more hours until they reached the forrest. "The sooner we reach the forrest, the sooner we can leave." Gripping the horses long hair, he reared the giant horse backward a moment. "Last one to arrive fixes dinner." He offered and kicked the horse into high speed down the traveled road.

06/25/2007 1:25 PM

Author Note: Darthwedge, no offense, but work a little on your introduction a little. Hmm? :) I like dark cloudy rainy days makes you sound like a contestant on Love Connection. :p

(OOC: Lol, i couldn't think of anything at the time.)

"Last one to arrive fixes dinner."

Drake saw Celen spur his horse away. Clearly the man was not one for small talk.

[i] Oh your asking for it [/i]

Drake stepped back on his right foot in a sprinting position. He press his amulet to his neck. The amulet glowed yellow, brighter than it normally does. Then Drake was off. He shot over the hills, slightly glowing yellow like a thunder bolt, and passed Celen on his horse.

Drake slowed down a bit so he faced Celen while he was backpeddaling.

"I guess im not cooking dinner eh?"

Laughing, he turned around and shot toward the forest.

06/27/2007 12:53 AM

Brezan smirked and hastily flew towards the forest, at this rate we'd make it there in no time. He still wondered why the king never sent the army to do any of these quests. He thought back...

[i]Something was strange about the King's behavior back there, i'm not going to mention it, because my loyalty to the king has already caused stormy weather with Celan, but I wonder if they noticed[/i]

He opened his mouth to say something, but he heard a noise. The three adventurers stopped as the sound grew louder. Three large soldiers bearing the king's ensignia stopped behind him, "Nole Wendred, you have been charged with murder, thievery, treason, and purgery towards the royal crown of Sudentenland!"

Celan and Drake stopped and turned. They had estranged looks on their faces. One of the guards shouted, "We have been given orders return you to King Degaulle and from thence on be executed as a criminal." Another said, "You two can leave now, you aren't part of this."

Brezan sighed and bowed his head, the others looked in amazement as he surrendered, seemingly innocent, the thoughts all around were of confusion. Cuffs were slapped on him as he entered into custody. Suddenly the third guard muttered something he should not have.

"How did it feel to kill the one you loved...to know that you are guilty and to admit to it this harshly, to know that the terrible Nole the Reckless is finally going to be sent to the same place your freakity, nasty woman was sent. We are to be given riches for this, we are to be acclaimed as well. You are worse than that philthy tick Lara. I was there, she squealed like a murdered calf!"

Suddenly the wind dropped. Brezan grew angry and the cuffs broke and set him free. The first soldier swung his sword, but in a quick motion, Brezan parried, unarmed the guard and sliced into his chest as he jumped and hovered, swinging his now ensanguined blade into the neck of the second guard, genuinely decapitating him. The third cowered and crawled away, but Brezan stopped and fell to the ground as he looked at his blood soaked hands and his face cowered in horror. He saw the dead men on the ground in front of him and he dropped his weapon as the third guard, wincing in front of him and begging for his life, ran away in terror. He sank to his knees, kneeling...

[i]Those were royal guards...why did I...and why did the king...?[/i]

He looked down as his two mates looked in surprise. This calm man did this to royal guards, the best in the land, there was more to him than Celan and Drake knew.

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06/27/2007 8:23 AM

Drake was taken aback at the scene that unfolded before him. Brezen just killed two royal guard soldiers, just after they accused him of horrible crimes.

Drake stood there with a baffled look on his face. Could they trust this man, were the soldiers right and this was a rouge criminal. Or was he a misunderstood man?

[i] Better to be safe than sorry[/i]

Drake held up his hand and a ball of electricity crackled there. The ball flew toward Brezen and stopped over his head. Then it came down and created a cage of pure electricity around him.

Drake walked forward and said "Brezen, I don't want to fight you, but tell me everything"

06/27/2007 4:41 PM

Celen said nothing, prefering to sit upon his horse and look down at the strange proceedings. A frown on his face as he gripped his icey staff tighter.


The King had just enough reason to hate and kill him as he did the White Knight. Especially with the bad blood between them. Unlike others, his wounds would never heal.

Comming up from the side of the Lightning Champion, he kept wary distance from both. Unsure of the Knight's decision and not wanting to be electricuted. He could feel the heat rolling off him.

"This is a set up all too simple." He jerked his head toward the cage Young Drake had created. Asking him to dispell it. "Though I rarely converse with the King, I have still known him a long time. If he wanted us dead he would have offered us hospitality and done so in our sleep."

He looked at the White Knight, who had an almost affronted look on his face. Brezen was known as one of the most loyal and greatest of the King's Knights. To him he supposed he might as well have been speaking blasphemy against Ocara.

His forwn deeped as he looked down upon the man. "The King is old. One does not survive for so long without ensuring one's survival. These men-" He pointed his staff at the remains of the dead guards and a cold frost covered their bodies. He didnt want anything carnivorous smelling the blood. "-are not Royal Guards. Whoever they worked for they wanted you specifically. They did not even give us a second glance, confirming they didnt know who we were."

He leaned down slightly, looked oddly at the White Knight. "Which makes me even more suspicious of you."

His horse nudged doward slightly. Almost flightly for a moment. Straining his ears, he resisted the urge to turn around. There was the sound of something more than one man running away from them...

06/27/2007 5:19 PM

[OOC: Dangit, I wasn't planning on revealing it now...oh well, I'll try my best]

Brezan spoke, "Andres Wendred was the son of Durnan Kingsbane, a servant of Durnan's evil council, and a descendant of a line of necromancers. As you know, Durnan's evil council terrorized the reign of king Litmus the Victor. During the Mage Wars, Andres was sent into hiding that way he could protect his line.

While he was in hiding, he was discovered by an elf woman. Durnan had layed a seal of life on Andres, to protect his throne as Dark Emperor until the time came. This seal stated that Andres would be given all of Durnan's powers if Durnan should be killed.

It also gave Andres the inexplicit talents of stealth, and forced him to make many unprovoked murders against anyone that should find him in hiding. For over 2000 years he hid from the world. But this was not any elf woman, this was the elven-princess, the king's daughter.

Right away Andres saw to assasinate Princess Lexis, but her astonishing beauty over-took him and crushed the evil in him, Andres saw the error of his ways. At this time, Durnan was again at large. He ordered the sacking of one of the kingdoms of elves, Aldrilas, and Princess Lexis' father, the king, was executed.

Andres saw to overthrow his father and avenge the king's death, for he vowed to win Lexis' heart. He then returned to his father, who welcomed him quickly, and was appreciative that his son was back, but as the minutes passed, Durnan saw that the seal had been destroyed by the one bane of evil, love.

As Durnan cornered Andres, he threatened him, "You have been ruined, my son, the one thing that shouldn't have happened did, and now i'm afraid you will stop at nothing to kill me." Durnan attempted to kill Andres, he tried effortlessly to finish the "Waste of life" that was his son. To Durnan's surprise, Andres lived. Andres managed to find the power inside him, and he managed to deal a blow to his father.

After that, Andres turned around and saw Lexis, who was crying at the loss of her father. Lexis hugged Andres and they kissed. In thanks, Lexis gave a gift to Andres, she gave her father's ring, it symbolized the heir to kingship, but as they parted kiss, Durnan awoke.

Durnan unleashed his last power and targeted Andres, but before he shot a blast of energy, he aimed at Lexis..."

Brezan fell to his knees again and out of the inner pocket in his shirt, he pulled a large, gold ring. It had two white lilies on either side, and a silver tree of Aldrilas in the centre. Brezan's eyes watered and he continued, "I am Andres Kingsbane."

06/27/2007 5:36 PM

He continued reverently, "They are from the renewed kingdom of Aldrilas, where which, as holder of this ring I am true King. They are servants of evil there" He slipped the ring into his pocket once more, safe and sound, "I challenged the king's throne, attempted to reinstate myself, the true heir, and for that I was exiled."

He sighed and said, "My father left after...after he did what he did to Lexis, and has never been seen since, it was assumed that someone killed Durnan, and that I was responsible for murdering Lexis. But please believe me, that isn't true."

"I fear that I still have evil in me, and I have tried to hold back revenge against my persecutors. I am not sure about our task to Epsilon, or about our task to the Arbregost, but I know that I will be loyal and that I will remain loyal, no matter what."

He stood up and continued, "They knew something, however, something in their tone that is suspicious. I say we return to DeGaulle and find out more information. For I feel that the King was lying to us, maybe the only reason he sent us here was for those guards to kill you two and take me, probably paid off by someone."

06/27/2007 8:35 PM

Lala had been listening from a comfortable perch in a tree branch, she'd followed the three champions into the forest; she too had been called by the King, but had arrived late. She had planned to only catch up with the companions, but a visit from the seemingly-royal guards had kept her small frame safely up in the tree. The young man crackling with enough electricty to set a small town on fire wasn't exactly comforting either.

The White Knight's story was both intriuging and sad, but--Lala thought--heartfelt. And the ring he held, she recongnized the symbol from her travels in the elf-lands, it seemed to be the real thing. This mission was becoming more interesting by the moment.

Being up in the tree was making Lala woozy, Earthquake Dancers were meant to be on the [i]ground[/i] and Lala was begining to feel the effects.

"Better jump down before I fall down," she muttered, and launched her dancer's legs in a graceful jack-knife to the forest floor. She landed in a ring of very suprised men. She paused a second--making sure no one was going to try to kill her--then raised herself to her full five feet four inches and picked a face to address. Since she felt she'd been staring at the White Knight long enough, and the Lighting Champion still made her nervous, she turned to the tall, stoic Ice Warrior, who seemed ready to create his own personal blizzard any minute.

"I agree with the Knight," she told him politely. "Kings seem to lie more than they breathe these days."

((ack, I hope this is okay guys...))

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06/27/2007 10:45 PM

Celen groung his teeth silently in frustration. The chill he kept wraped around himself became colder. At the talk of Necromancy he had been about ready to hurl his staff of ice like a spear at the 'supposedly' White Knight. It was because of these people...

He was cut off from his internal ranting as a lith creature jumped down from the trees. He'd forgetten about the noise he'd heard. He half expected it to be an elf but was somewhat surprised to see something else.

An Earth Element. He'd forgotten their name, as he so rarely left his mountains anymore. A cousin race to the Wilderkin perhaps? He couldnt remember. Nevertheless, he felt his anger deb away.

Earth creatures were known for being empathic to an extent. Furthermore they tended to be honest. Often times brutally so. While he wasnt able to classify her heritage, he gave in supposing he could trust these people.

For now. Though he loath to admit it.

"I never did like the King. That much is obvious to some of you." Celen looked pensive as he sat up further on his horse. "But for that my reasons are my own." He looked at the darkening skyline. "Let us camp here tonight. Head out first morning. We do no good without a plan."

He looked at the small woman standing in between them. Looking somewhat uncomfortable as the other two were still staring at her. "And I think introductions are in order."

06/28/2007 6:26 AM

Drake listened to Brezen's story. It was believable but also very farfetched at the same time.

[i] Could they trust him?[/i]

I say we return to DeGaulle and find out more information. For I feel that the King was lying to us, maybe the only reason he sent us here was for those guards to kill you two and take me, probably paid off by someone."

Drake dispelled the electricity cage. "Alright then Brezen, ill believe you, but im watching you and if anything goes wrong you will have to deal with me."

06/28/2007 8:25 AM

Brezan stated as they set up camp. A chill was lowering from the mountain as darkness fell and stars spread amongst the sky.

Brezan said as he sat on a tree stump, "To finish my story, I returned to my hiding and trained in this wind magic, representing Ocara in that sense. I believe that Ocara is with me because my powers have strengthed of late and I feel more at peace...except for the..."

He looked at the guards and it caused him to shiver in the cold. "We better get rid of those bodys. Lala, can you bury them with, with your magic?"

06/28/2007 11:59 AM

"Lala. Lala Temtembara, of the Kirkik tribe," she said, with a graceful bow to all three. "A pleasure I'm sure."

She began to make camp with the men, working quickly and efficiently. Making camp was something you have to become very good at in a nomadic tribe. She was tossing some rocks in place for a fire circle when she heard her name.

Lala, can you bury them with, with your magic?"

It was the White Knight, Brezan; he was pointing a long finger at the guard corpses still strewn on the pathway. He looked as if the sight of them made him queasy, or worse, ashamed.

"Of course," Lala told him, letting a brown hand brush his shoulder as she passed his tree stump. "Don't look so depressed," she called back to him. "You got them, they didn't get you, remember?" She stopped in front of the bodies and tapped a graceful foot on the ground, thinking of the best way to dispose of the garbage.

"Ah ha," she said quietly, lifting and twisting her legs into a complicated dance position. Her hands went above her head, palms foreward so the tribal tattoos curled beneath her fingers were visible, casting a long, thin shadow on the guards. In one swift motion she brought her hands to the ground--her feet shifted into a different stance and she seemed a black and lime cat, arching its back in indifference as her slim fingers brushed the ground.

As soon as her palms touched the earth the ground around the guards began to quiver, then to quake, and then to split cleanly underneath the bodies, letting them drop like soggy rag-dolls into an earthen grave. As soon as the last finger went under, Lala deftly curled herself back into a graceful standing position, legs twisting once again into her original stance. As her hands once again lifted over her head the ground rumbled and creaked it's way back together, like healing an old scar. The whole process had taken less than a minute.

"I may be a lousy tree-climber, but I can bury things," she sighed, wiping the sweat off her forehead. "Would you like me to start the fire?'

06/28/2007 3:20 PM


Zombie Pop, after finally getting around to reading the character profile you put up, I must commend you on making one of the most unique characters with one of the most unique fighting abilities I have ever seen in a serious fantasy RP.

Now if only I could get rid of the image of a small petite woman River Dancing on her enemies as we fight and creating tremors while she's at it. :D


Celen sat a distance away in the shadows as the group made camp. A good distance from the fire that is. Oh how he looked forward to seeing his mountains again. It wasnt that he disliked the warmth, it was just that it did him good no longer.

The White Knight's story was in fact unlikely. Unbelieveably so. However, he had heard the stories. He himself had seen too many strange happenings in the world to discredit the man completely. Especially given his own age.

There were just too many peices of the puzzle missing still. "I will take watch tonight." He said and leaned back into a tree. Tomarrow would most certainly be a busy day he expected.

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