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09/18/2000 11:11 AM

Lightning flashes high above the land. A storm has risen from out of no where. A ring of lightning forms and a large blue figure flies out and it roars in pleasure.

"I am free! The storm over Krynn has returned once again to rule the world! Now to find Autumn and the othes who once worked for me."

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09/18/2000 11:36 AM

In another part of the world, a great red dragon sits on top a mountain. He is the oldest native dragon on Krynn. He watches over Sanction when he notices the unnatural lightning in the horizan.

"I should investigate this one. I only wish I could find myself a rider. It has beena long time since I have had a rider, but to the north I now go."

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09/18/2000 5:02 PM

A werejackel from Ravenloft is in animal form running across a plain.Not turned evil yet by the beast within he looks at the wyrm and changes and then yells"Hey did I hear you say you needed a rider?"

09/18/2000 5:31 PM

The mighty great red of over 1400 years lands before the werejackel.

"Why yes, I am looking for a rider, but I must tell you, I am no longer an evil dragon. I have turned from my evil ways. I senced some unnatural power in the North towards the Northern Wastelands. Do you wish to come with me?"

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09/18/2000 5:54 PM

"Dammit all to the ABYSS!" Autumn the warrior is once again in her plain black and brown leather armor and tunic, wandering thru the woods for days, hopelessly lost and getting more irritated as time stretches on.

She has been trying to find her way back to the Dew Drop Inn for she is weary and injured. Gingerly she touches the two-day-old wound in her arm caused by an ogre's clumbsy attempt at robbing and killing her. The orge lays dead and raven-picked somewhere behind her, his coin purse and sword on her side.

She comes to a clearing, "What the!" shields her eyes as lightening flashes in the distance and a unnatural storm lights up the night sky violently.

Sniffs the air, "No, it can't be...Eminence?" she stops and watches the horizon.


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09/18/2000 6:19 PM

"Autumn! I have returned. I have escaped from the demtion I was in. It was intended to be my prison. Just becasue I was a god then, I ws expected to leave the land. I have lost my god status, but I still have my magic and I am ready to rule Krynn once again."

The giant blue lands and then changes into a a man with brown hair and a blue dragon rider uniform.

"You need to be healed I see."

He pulls forth one of hs giant scales. and places it to her chest and it forms to her chest and then is melted into her chest.

"You have always been loyal to my Autumn. I would like you to help me rule the land when I take it over from the other dragon. This new scale I have given you will not be seen by anyone. It gives you greater strength, speed, and you can now heal faster. Come, we must get to my lair and from there we shall see what we can do to get my new plan moving."

He looks at her armor and then runs moves his hand quickly and her old blue scaled dragon armor reapears.

"Come on my most trusted warrior."

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09/18/2000 6:58 PM

"Why yes good dragon"And gets on him riding with the wind.

09/18/2000 7:27 PM

Suddenly Jakel's(The were jackel)rival Alsololithiloth appears with it's grey eyes and it's 150 feet long ponytail.It laughs and casts Fireball at Jakel.The being is a tyrant from Athas and Ravenloft and is now fighting in Dragonlance.He plans to destroy the tyrant that is already
here and is a 70 level fighter/45 level cleric/67 level wizard.Jakel screams and almost burns to cinders.He casts Prismact Sphere and hit Al(Lets call him that for short).Al disappears and Jakel says"We have to kill both Tryants.They both want to control Krynn.I've battled Al on Athas and Ravenloft(On Ravenloft two times).He is so powerful.We must act quickly!"

09/18/2000 8:06 PM

Sharakas looks at Jakel. "Yes we must. You are a powerful mage I see. You must teach me some of your spells some time."

The large dragon then flies further towards the North.

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09/18/2000 10:03 PM

Elsewhere, in a distant, fire ravaged island, a rift opens admitting two figures into the world of Krynn.

"Alas, the resting place of my kin..."

The elder of the two lays a hand on the parched earth and looks around at the devastated countryside of the island. They stood in a middle of an ancient pine grove, in the exact center of a huge crater.

"This is the lost island of the Irda, my son..."
The younger one helps the aged archmage to his feet.

"Mertonius has returned at last..."

09/19/2000 5:22 AM

Jakel tells the dragon about spellcasting.Jakel is a Mage/Theif(20/25)
Ability Scores
Str.15(18-oo in werebeast form)

Jakel pulls out his crossbow and goes north with Sharakas.....(To be contunued..)

09/19/2000 5:26 AM

Listens intently to Khellendros's tale and accepts the scale and the armor with silent gratitude.

Runs her hands slowly along her blue armor and breathes deeply as she feels her strength return. Tosses her red curls and smiles up at Khellendros, "You abandoned me, Emimence," slaps his handsome face then touches his reddening cheek, "Oops, sorry. I got carried away but you really deserved that," sighs and then looks around them.

"Eminence, I, I..." her grin broadens and fades and she stands straight before him somberly, "I am honored to be in your presence yet again," caresses her sword, "Lead the way."


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09/19/2000 7:42 AM

From atop a tower, a lone figure watches all the scenes unfold. Most of the power players have showed themselves although he know there are still a few "hiding in the shadows." The silver robed wizard would have to choose a side soon, there was no being neutral this time. The Thorn needed to speak with one of his close friends. He want back into his tower to see if he could find Tarohl.

09/19/2000 8:37 AM

On the lost isle of the Templar, Pyranthas Bronzeblade sits meditating, until he gets a sign of great disturbance.
"Khellendros... has returned? That's impossible. I killed him. I may no longer have my old sword, but this new one I forged will work fine. I am going to need to get in touch with someone to cast the final spell I need to have the enchantments completed on this sword. If there was only a mage I could see. It has been a while since I have seen anyone. I have been studying for so long and honing my skills as both a Templar and a Grandmaster swordsman. If I could only see the Thorn, I'm sure he could help me. The only thing is finding him."
Pyranthas walks out of the temple with a sword made purely of diamonds and a hilt made with the horn of a dragon. He levitates himself above the temple and flies off towards the main land.

In the Northern Wastelands, Khellendros loks at Autumn as she slap him and smiles.
"I did not abandon you. I was forced to leave by the other gods. I was a god too you know. Once I was in my prison, an elf by the name of Pyranthas Bronzeblade tried to kill me. He was very close to, but he didn't know who he was up against. I created an illusion of myself and he took the life of another blue so I made him think he took my head. He did manage to take one of my horns, which who know which he is using it for. I have managed to escape my prison to return to this land, but I am no longer a god, and I am a little weak from escaping the plane I was trapped in. I must rest for a few day my fine warrior, and then we shall start conquoring Krynn once more."
He tell her as they walk into his lair and he then manages to cast a smiple spell of covering so his entrence is not visible to the naked eye.

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09/19/2000 9:25 AM

Ghostbuster Lillypad cleric of Fizban, was just checking how much of his pouch items were left after his first attempt at teaching young kender the teachings of Fizban/Paladine, when he recieves a vision.
A giant blue dragon faces an almost equally huge red dragon and a man with a diamond sword. All three are battling,the dragons using their fiery and lightning breath weapons, the man casting spells and attacking with the sword.Beside them stand two smaller figures, a woman in blue armour and a wolf, also fighting.
And almost invisble, on the rough edge of the vision, two watchers, one clad in silver, and one clad in black.
Ghostbuster ponders the vision.The watcher in silver he recognizes, it is The Thorn.
He would have to visit the silver tower once again.
Summonong a silver dragon, Ghostbuster directs it to The Thorns magical home, The Silver Tower.

09/19/2000 12:07 PM

The Thorn traverses several flights of stairs until he reaches his lab. He need allies, probably lots of help, and more then a few questions answered. He picked up a crystal ball, something he got the last time he was with Py. The silver magus sits down and starts to concentrate, sending out a wide message to many people. It was time to convene at the tower. The people who recieved the message would know what it meant.

09/19/2000 1:30 PM

Ghostbuster recieves the message as he dismounts from the silver dragon he has summoned on to the towers top.
It is four simple words: Come to the Tower.
He sends a simple message back to Thorn to let the sorcerer know that he has arrived and starts down the stairs.

09/19/2000 1:40 PM

Jakel goes restless."Hmmmm.Hey dragon.Mind if I look for Al?" he asks.

09/19/2000 2:58 PM

Thorn somehow gives a messege to Jakel."What in the name of lycanthrope?"he yells startled.The messege Go to the Tower enters his mind."Right!That silver robe guys!"He says exitedly.He tells the dragon he'll be back and summons a ,not silver,but a blue dragon."Thats Beth."Jakel says.The dragon is not evil,it is Chaotic Good.He rides toward the tower thinking'I'm a mage right?' and travles far intil he reaches the tower and stops at the balcony noticing a kender.......

09/19/2000 3:31 PM

A giant figure of a Minotaur standing almost 8 feet tall walks towards the 2 figures of Autumn and Khellendros. The minotaur's fur is silver grey, the greying of age. His movements are slow yet still show grace. Numberous scars cover his body along with a few fresh wounds.

He wears a chain mail loincloth and a leather baldric. The baldric holds several knives. Around his waist a Kausin has been turned into a belt of sorts. Dangling from his wrist is a massive spiked clube. The Tessto's loop wrapped so he can't easily be disarmed.

He stops and studies the two figures. were they the ones he was seeking?

He stood just watching them. Then clears his throat.

--The Dark Beserker

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09/19/2000 8:54 PM

Back at the distant island that was once the home of the Irda...

"Tzsiron, please try finding what remains of your distant cousin, Keryl. I will await here and will try to commune with them beyond the folds of time..."

Mertonius sets himself upon a lone rock beside the crumbling ruins, his eyes going distant for a moment, communing with his ancestors and others from another place.

"So, the one called the storm over Krynn has returned. And there are those who come to rise against and for him..."

Seeing his son returning with a wrapped bundle he bows his head in prayer to the ancient gods. With his son at his side, he lays the remains of his nephew on the ground. He gestures his son to back off away from the island for about 2 miles as he started rising into the air. With Tzsiron at a safe distance he started chanting an ancient Ardurian spell of land destruction...

A shockwave of energy washes around and sends a torrent of waves about.

In a brilliant flash, a burst of energy flares from Mertonius's aged palms, engulfing the entire island, reducing it into molten slag, and finally laying to rest all what remains...

"It is time for me to find those who are willing to take a stand against all this madness..."

And with that, both father and son race to continent of Ansalon, to bring a message of great doom upon all those who dwell therein...

09/20/2000 8:23 PM

Sharakas flies in the direction of the tower.
"I too here it's calling. We must head to the tower."

Pyranthas flies using his templar energies until he reaches the tower.
"Keeper of the Tower! I am here cause of your calling. I am Pyranthas Bronzeblade, Grandmaster swordsman and last of the ancient race of the Templar. I was on my way to find the one known as the Thorn so I may have him cast a powerful enchantment to complete the transformation on my crystal sword into the blade I once owned known as the Master's Sword. It can only be held in the hands of a true templar and the user must be a grandmaster swordsman. It is a type of vorpal sword which has some amazing powers."
Pyranthas sees the great red dragon land. He goes to draw his other sword, but he gets a feeling that this dragon means no harm.
"Why have you come here evil wyrm?" the Templar asks.

"I am here because I heard the call of the tower, and I am not an evil creatre, but one of pure heart. I have turned on my old evil ways many many years ago. I am here to only serve the forces of good mighty warrior. I see you are of a very ancient race. The forgotten race knwn as the Templar."

"You know of the Templar?"

"Of course, Takhisis commanded me once to hunt down all the remaining Templar and to kill them. That is when I turned from her. I couldn't wipe out an entire race, even though I was commanded. Please trust me on this. I mean you no harm. I am only here to help. Also, I senced a very powerful being enter this realm."
Pyranthas thinks for a momment.

"Ok wrym, I'll beleive you for now, but you are correct about the powerful being. I also senced it. I couldn't fully get a hold on who it was thought, but it seemed like it was a dragon. I beleive it may have been Khellendros, but I killed him." Pyranthas says trailing off and walks to the dragon. "I am Pyranthas."

"I am Sharakas. It is good to meet you templar. I hope to prove you as a worthy battle companion."

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09/20/2000 8:44 PM


Mertonius turned to his son as they hurtled through the air, "Know this my son, three factions are forming are fated to meet. They will fight but in the end would join as one..."

He held his breath for a moment, then, released it.

"For only united would Krynn can endure what is to come..."

09/21/2000 8:20 AM

Seeing the red land and meet the tall unknown one,Ghostbuster remembers the vision he had recieved from Paladine.
This is the begining of the fufilment of it.Perhaps I shall not survive it, but I shall be with Paladine then.
Collecting himself, he shapeshifts himself with a prayer into human form,adapting his behaviour to it.
He needed to be taken seriously now.No time for 'borrowing' and 'wandering', if the Gods will was to be done.
Prepared,and with shielding clerical spells around his identity, Ghostbuster goes down the tower to meet these powerful beings.

09/21/2000 9:12 AM

Pyranthas looks at the new being, and bows before him. "Greeting. I am Pyranthas Bronzeblade, last of my race, the Templar. My race was E'li's honor guard set to prevent evil from fully ever taking over. I see you are a cleric of the E'li. I know I speak his elvish name, but I was brought up with the elves. You do not know if the Thorn will be coming do you?"

Sharakas lowers himself so his rider can get off and he then lies down on the ground. "Holy priest of Paladine, I am here to help, not harm. I am of good nature. I have been trying to repent my sins for hundreds of years. I have been hunted down by good and evil dragons, just because I am either considered a tratior or because of my race. Will you or Paladine forgive me for what I have done in the past?"

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09/21/2000 10:41 AM

The Thorn opens the door to his tower. He sees figures starting to gather, some arriving faster then he expected. "Greetings, the time for choosing a side has come. I have witnessed the return of Skie. The Storm Over Krynn will bring much suffering to the land unless a force is mounted against her. You are all here for your own reasons. There are more still on their way. I will guide and help where I can, but I'm no tactician, and I can't lead our force into battle. What say you?" asks the Thorn.

09/21/2000 2:29 PM

"So, Khellendros did survive. I killed him though... I don't understand it... unless he used some magic and what I killed wasn't the Storm. Thorn, I need you to finish the enchantments on my sword. I am no magic user. I only can channel energies from my body. It is a semi-complicated explaination on how it works. Much of it is through anger."

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09/21/2000 6:42 PM

Meanwhile all of this is happening, Khellendros is already trying to figure out what he has for resourses. "How many of the blue spawn are still alive Autumn? What do I have left for knights of Takhisis? I got to get my army ready. Also... I may need to start a new dragon purge, but of course, that will only be for those who will not join my side of things and serve me."

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09/22/2000 5:50 AM

Ghostbuster looks kindly at Sharakas."Of course Paladine forives you, Great red.Paladine forgives all who join good, and even those who do not, he still forgives."
"Thorn, I know of Khellendros's arrival, but I have recieved a vision from Paladine that more than the evil Blue has arrived.I know not exactly what but he, or they, or it as it may be, is, but it is very powerfull and very dangerous to all of Kyrnn..."
"It was becuase of this that I came to you, hoping you might know something, and also becasue you appeared in my vision along with another, dressed in black...I know him not."
"But I will join you in defeating Khellendros before he does any more harm to Kyrnn, and becuase he may know something of this other evil."

09/22/2000 7:32 AM

"If we all join together and focus on Khellendros, we can focus on this other evil afterwards. For now Khellendros is going to be a big problem. He also is very powerful and I have fought him before, where I though I had slain him, but apparently I haven't and I have yet to do so," the Templar says as he draws his diamond sword, "This new sword of mine should definately do the job. This time. It will be a little more powerful that my last one. I will personally make sure that Khellendros is dead."

"I wouldn't get your hopes up Templar. I once knew this blue and I know that he was very intelligent. He was one of the blues who was sent out after me when I turned from the Queen. We never fought, but I would have defeated him then, for he is still young compaired to. I am probably the oldest red on Krynn currently. I have seen many dragons rise and fall. He is just another one of them, but he is now a little smaller than what I am and the way he did it was a way which I do not see fit. The Dragon Purge was a horrible thing. I have a feeling that Khellendros would and could start something like that up again, just to gain followers. We are going to need to also convince the dragons of good to help us out. It may be a little hard to convince them, considering I'm on yourside. They don't trust me," the great ancient red says as he lowers his head.

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09/22/2000 12:12 PM

Ghostbuster turns to Sharakas.
"You are correct, great red.We do need the help of the good dragons,and your help as well.What if you come with me to Dragon Isle? I am a cleric of Paladine, and so they may listen to me when I say you are forgiven."

09/22/2000 12:30 PM

"That is a good idea," says the Thorn to Ghostbuster. "You and Sharakas should try to recruit the dragons. I will stay here with Py and help on his sword. Also, this will allow us to be here when the others arrive. I don't know where Werejakel went but I have something he can do too, but I don't know if he can be trusted. Take this amulet Joe, and when you need to contact me just say these words: A thorn prick can draw blood. Godspeed to you."
"So what do we need to do for your sword," he says to Py.

09/22/2000 12:41 PM

~In Khellendros’s Lair~

Autumn listens to Khellendros’s ramblings as she paces back and forth in front of him, gloved hands clasped tightly behind her, her footfalls echoing like thunder throughout the cavern. Her mind is working quickly, her thoughts filled with dreams of battle, fighting again along side her lord, Khellendros.

“The knights won’t be a problem, Eminence. I recently rejoined my former personal guards for a little reunion gone sour due a gaggle of ogres, that is how I came to be stuck in those blasted woods!” grimaces in remembrance, then smiles proudly, “The Knights of Takhisis are doing excellent under the command of my old guards.”

Conitnues her loud military pacing, “They split the Knights into 4 regiments, a good 12,000 strong...a massive force as they have recruited some young pups into their ranks,” feels the blood rush to her head and her pulse quicken as she speaks of this, “Now these numbers are not exact, but they are close...5,000 horsemen with lances, 3,000 footsoldiers many of whom are master swordsman by this time, 2,000 of what they call Special Forces skilled in stealth and subterfuge and the more sinister of the deadly arts, and the remaining 2,000 er so are simple grunts and mean when they drink, which they do too often," stops and taps her chin with a finger, “Oh, they have about 2 dozen mages and clerics, but we would need more skilled in the healing arts...”

Stretches catlike, getting a feel for her dragonscale yet again, “The spawn have formed their own little army. From what I understand they remain a formitable band, perhaps 7,000 total. You would need to summon them to you, Khel, er Eminence.”

Studies his handsome face, still drawn to him like a moth to a flame, “I will summon the Knights to us,” outside is the sound of many hooves, “Speaking of such, I’d know the sound of those warhorses anywhere,” beams with excitement, “Sounds like 8 riders, the Knights, I wonder if JL is among them,” runs her hands thru her red curls then looks at Khellendros and gets serious, blushing, “I will have them organize the Knights which have a base not far from here in the desert, at the old castle. Can I step thru the magical seal and greet them, or must you extinguish it?”

A baritoned-throated Knight outside, “Autumn! Are you in there, The Storm's lair?! We have heard rumors that Khellendros has returned, and that there is a new large red about! Please, Commander, return to the base at once!"

Autumn smiles at this, "Humph...Commander...they still love Auty!" laughs and as she’s about to near the lair’s entrance she hears someone large clearing his throat. Turns and sees what appears to be minotaur stepping out of the shadows. Her hand is quick to her sword and she stands protectively infront of Khellendros, “Do not move!" snaps a quick glance back at Khellendros.


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09/22/2000 12:54 PM

Ghostbuster jumps onto the reds back.
"So, lets go, you big hulk of a dragon."

09/22/2000 3:17 PM

He stops and looks at the woman. His large back eyes studies her carefully. He loos grim even for a Minotaur. For a second in seems as if he wold launch into an attack. Then suddenly is expression changed.

He Chuckled.

"Are ya gonna stop me lass?"

The deadly tessto began to swing on his wrist.

Hegrinned "You are of course welcome to try. However I think there are other options"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

09/22/2000 3:41 PM

Autumn takes in this massive being, admiring his scarring and his weaponry, obviously seen his share of battle.

Squinting slightly she keeps her eyes on his and taps the flat of her sword in her palm, maintaining her distance. With a hint of a smile playing on her lips she addresses the min, "I do not wish to shed blood this evening, mighty minotaur. I am Commander Autumn of the great Army of Khel....of a great army. What is your business here?"

She waits for his answer as one of the Knights of Takhisis dismounts his horse outside and walks casually into the lair, thru the illusion, "Autumn," the tall knight with cropped black hair and tanned skin approaches her, "Your guard awaits you outside," looks at Khellendros and grins, "So it is true...it is an honor," bows to Khellendros.

"Stay here with me, Sir JL, for the time being have the other knights post watch outside," she smiles not looking at the knight, waiting for the minotaur's reply. Perhaps the min can be of service, she thinks, perhaps if he proves his worth. I have enjoyed fighting beside a minotaur friend in the past...

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09/22/2000 6:05 PM

"I am seeking to complete a quest I started too long ago. I believe I might do it here"

Tithas remember the day long ago in the past that he took the oath of honor. He had searched for the army of dark knights over and over again. Many times he thought he'd found it but never was it the true army.

Tithas sighed as he remembers the long years amoung humans searching for that damned army. It was a matter of even more than his honor that he find ths army and fight beside it.

He was old, little life poured through his veins now but still he searched. For a 100 years he'd searched and nit once did he find the army of dark knights. These two gave him hope.

"I am Tithas born of the line of Kothas. I seek an army worthy of my skills"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

09/22/2000 8:21 PM

*as Khel*
"Good job Autumn. What of my Spawn?" the dragon/warrior says as he looks at the red head and takes a step forward, and then notices the minotaur. He listens to the minotaur's tale and then speaks.
"You seek an army worthy of your skills you say," Khellendros says and he quickly reverts into his dagon form. "Well it looks like you found the right one. I am known as the Storm of Krynn. I am the mighty Khellendros. Autumn, what of this new dragon? You say he is a Red?"

*as Sharakas*

The great red leaps into the air and flies with Joe on his back. "I hope we can convince the dragons of good to help us, cause the Storm is going to be a serious problem, and there there is the other being which you senced. I hope he is a friend," he says as he flies North towards the area where the Dragon Isles are.

*as Pyranthas*

Py watches the Red leave with Joe.

"I trust that red. I get a good feeling about him. Ok Thorn, this sword needs to be enchantments and then it needs something to turn it to steel but when the spell is complete, it should still be as strong as a diamond and the spells should turn it into a vorpal blade. While you are casting the spells, I will be using my templar energies and focusing certain powers into the blade. I have studied many books and have found the spells you need to cast. I am no mage, but I can read magic spells. It is a gift my race was given by Paladine, even though we can not cast spells." Pyranthas then hands the thorn a black book with white ruins on it.

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09/22/2000 9:04 PM

Near the coastline of Ansalon, Mertonius and his son lands. He surveys the area around the rift that was created when Khelendros breached the interdimensional seal from where he was banished.

"The energy that held this rift has been sundered. Now, more than ever, that we make haste my son."

The ancient mage started weaving a complicated spell of binding to hold the rift a little while longer. Turning to his son, they make their way southeasterlyward...

Hoping that war hasn't broken out yet...

09/23/2000 4:46 AM

Riding Sharakas, it takes much less time to get to the Dragon Isles.
Ghostbuster looks down at the flights of metallic dragons of all colours who come to intercept the red.
"Do not be alarmed now, Great red.I am reverting to my normal form to show these good dragons who I am."After saying that, Ghostbuster shapeshifts back to kender form, and dispells the protective spells around his identity.

09/23/2000 4:57 AM

Tithas chuckes.

"You think being a Big Lizard makes you worthy? I didn't find Takhisis's last army worthy."

Tithas studied the small woman. Then the dragon. They might be the pair, but it was unlikely.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

09/23/2000 7:42 AM

Putting a hand on Khellendros's leg, she strokes the giant dragon and resheathes her sword, "Tithas, eh?" considers his story, "Join with us if you wish, I would like to learn more about your history. But know this...treachory holds a heavy price at the hands of His Eminence, Khellendros."

"Eminence, the spawn are out beyond the northern wastes, you would need to sumon them to us."

Takes a draw from her waterskin, "I need to go to the knight's camp. To make my command known to those fine soldiers, and to make ready for your return," rubs her temples, "Plus I would like to see my old quarters, I would enjoy a bath right about now."

Turns to JL, "What do you know of this red hanging about?" JL explains that he does not know much but that the red is rumored to be traveling to the dragon isles, and there is rumor of war associated with Khellendros, and the knight's spies are finding different factions are gearing up in fear of the return of The Storm over Krynn. He mentions that a small group of spies were following an ancient mage, watching his movements for his presence is suspicious and unnerving.

"Hmmmmm...Well, let them shake in their boots," Autumn smirks, "Come, we go to the castle and the camp, I need to address the Army of Khellendros. The spawn, Eminence? Can you arrange their assitance?"

"You coming along?" she asks Tithas._____________

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09/23/2000 8:34 AM

*as Khellendros*

He looks at the minotaur and smirks "well you should because I am going to be the future ruler of all of Krynn." He then looks to Autumn. "My spawn have been summoned and are on their way to the castle. It would probably be best if we got to the castle now. Come on lets head to the castle." He lowers his neck and waits for Autumn to climb on.

*As Sharakas*

"You are a kender? Interesting. I have never had a Kender ride my back before. It's almost like air is on my back you are so light. I'm going to land now on the peak and then I shall let them all come to me." He land on a tall peak and then stands up and lets our a bellowing roar. dragons of all colors come towards him, ready to attack, until the see Ghostbuster. "He has a prisoner!" a silver snarls.

"I have no prisoner. I am Sharakas. I am here to worn you all that the Storm over Krynn has returned and that all the dragons of good are going to need to be ready to fight. We have a feeling that a great war will soon break out." He says trying to explain whats going on. "Maybe my rider, Ghostbuster can explain a little more."

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09/23/2000 1:15 PM

(OOC:All right, i hope this will be the last time I have to do this.Joe_Ghostbuster=Forum indentity.Joe whatever=human RP char.Ghostbuster Lillypad=kender RP char.)
Ghostbuster lets his connection with Paladine strengthen, making his aura of good grow and encompass all the metalic dragons.
The aura carries with it an assurance that the red speaks true, and that the dragons help is needed.It also carries the suggestion that each of the colours send its own messenger to the Thorn to help in the initial battle against Khellendros.

09/23/2000 2:59 PM

Autumn takes a moment to run her tightly gloved hands in circles along Khellendros's neck. "He's beautiful," she thinks then watches as a two seated dragon saddle materializes on his back.

She takes the dragon's assistance and mounts the giant then motions for JL to join the other of her guards and ride back to the castle.

Places her dragonhelm on her head, "Ready, Eminence," her voice is strong and clear behind the helm. She reaches a hand down to Tithas.

~At the Castle and the Camp of Khellendros's Army~

Autumn's guards arrive swifty, their warhorses thundering thru the dusty desertscape. News of the impending arrival of The Storm sweeps thru the camp and rallies the knights.

The Army's numbers begin to swell as a minotaur army arrives in waves, 8,000 strong. Tents and camp fires begin to pop up everywhere, 100s of them.

Smoke fills the night air and the warhorses are paced around in their exercises on the northern outskirts of camp.

On the camp's southern parimeter, the spawn settle in, keeping guard and awaiting orders.

Servants bustle around the castle, preparing the rooms for Autumn and Khellendros as well as extra guest rooms. 9 of Autumn's 10 guards keep watch outside of her quarters, and JL settles down inside.

The servants hurry to bring fresh water, sweet wine, and large platters of steaming food to the banquet hall.


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09/23/2000 7:26 PM

Tithas laughs and smiles at Autumn. He bends his knees which creak loudly in the now quiet cave. With ancient legs that stll hold much power he vaults into the saddle.

"The day I need help mounting a Dragon is the day I feed myself to one!"

In truth the leap hurt him greatly. His old bones just couldn' do what they used too. His joints made noise wih every move and he couldn't sleep on the cold ground without becoming stiff. In the winters he slowed greatly as the cold seemed to seep into his bones.

Minotaurs are not meant to get old. He thought.

"Now lets see this army of yours"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

09/23/2000 8:26 PM

*as Khellendros*

The great blue flies out of one of his many lairs and takes to the air to the castle.

~At the Castle~
Once everyone dismounts him, he reverts to his human warrior form, short brown hair, blue scaled armor, like that of one of the dragon highlords during the war of the lance. His cold indigo eyes sends fear through many of the guards as he walks the stairs of his castle. One such foolish man desides to stop kneeing and run up to his with a dagger. The dragon/warrior points his hand at him and release a lightning bolt so powerful, the man is turned to ashes. He continues to climb the long stairs and then turns. He speaks in a dark and calm voice, "My brave, and faithful knights. I have returned from my imprisonment. I have been gone for only a few years here, but it seemed like years in the plane I was on, but now I have returned. My return was a cost of some of my power, but I shall gain it all back. We will start a new campaign now. In this one, we shall take over the world. Nobody shall stand in our way. We shall rule superior!" He hears cheering from the crowd, and then he walks into the castle and into his room and takes a seat. He then writes a note to Autumn and then whispers a word of magic and it is teleported to her. The note explains to her the real truth about his banishment and why he could not meet her at this castle a few years ago.

*as Sharakas*

"Children of Paladine, we must join together and fight this enemy. If we do not, I fear that there could be another dragon purge," He says as he hangs his head and shakes it. "We do not need another purge to happen. I know there are few of you, but with use all banded together, we can defeat Khellendros. Now, are you with my cause?"

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09/24/2000 5:57 AM

A large golden dragon aproaches Sharakas and Ghostbuster.
"I am Rodanthus, one of the oldest and most powerful of my kind living today.But I spread my wings to you, Great red, and to you, Cleric."

"We will help against Khellendros, and I myself will come and help you with your planning."

09/24/2000 11:32 AM

Autumn removes her dragonhelm and hands it absentmindedly to a servant who bows and hurries into the castle, obviously anxious to be out of Autumn's way for knowledge of the warrior woman's temper proceeds her...he may look at her the wrong way and find himself walking with a limp for the remainder of his life, or worse.

Autumn listens proudly to Khellendros's speech then ascends the same stairs and addresses the Army who's camp stretches for miles, "You all know me as Commander of this great and mighty force! I ask only two things of you...First, fight fiercely but with honor in battle! Secondly, hold allegiance to no one other than our great leader Khellendros, The Storm over Krynn!" she sweeps a powerful arm infront of her, "You do these two things and you shall all reap the fruits of our victory!"

Turns and motions Tithas to follow her. Entering the castle she grabs a cowering servant, "This is Tithas, you are to be his personal servant. See that he gets the finest room and a comfortable place to rest."

"Tithas, rest if you must then we will feast in the banquet hall, tonight is trully a night to celebrate. We wait to confer with His Eminence regarding strategy," starts to head to her quarters, "By the way, I will need someone to command the minotaurs. The job is yours if you want it," four knights pace over, "These are you personal guard. They will die to protect you."

Entering her quarters she sees a parchment with a message materialize on the long map table. She reads this letter from Khellendros and folds it and tucks it into a pouch, "Leave me," she snaps at JL.

The knight leaves and Autumn remains at the map table, her mind, "Who are you?" she whispers as she contemplates the existence of the rumored red dragon, "If you dare challenge The Storm over Krynn, your time will be short on this plane._____________

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09/25/2000 6:17 AM

*as Sharakas*

The red looks at the great gold and bows to him. "It is good to see another dragon who is probably as old as myself. You will help us great gold?"

*as Khellendros*

Khellendros lays down on his sofa and rests. He sleeps for a little bit and then wakes an hour later a refreshed. He stands and then walks through the halls of the castle, just to explore it. It has been years, to him since he has been in the castle, when it has only been around five years since he was forced to leave by the gods. He walks into the great library in the castle and looks at a few books and wall tapestries. He takes a seat at one of the tables and starts reviewing an old spell book.

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09/25/2000 3:08 PM

Tithas listened to Autumn and smiled. He understood completely that the nights would die for him or kill him in a heartbeat. He understood all to well his "Bodyguards" would report his every action to either Autumn or the young knight that followed her around.

"You" he says to the servant. "Get me a tent and acot large enough for me and bring it to the Minotuar camp." as an afterthought he added "But first I need a hot bath"

He instructed the "bodyguards" to posistion 2 in front and two behind him. He also told them a couple of wuick commands he would bellow for reformation.

"Also When I enter the Minotaur camp fighting might occur but if you interfere I wil kill you all myself"

He headed towards the hot bath the servant was preparing. It would do both his old muscles and bones good to have a hot bath. As he got into the warm tub he handed the servant a vial.

"Heat it to boiling then bring it back"

By the time the sevant returned Tithas was already out of the tub and dried mostly off. He took the vial and poured the hot liquid onto his right knee and slowly worked it in. The knee was terribly arthritic and caused him much pain. The herbal oil helped but alo but the knee still ached.

He got dressed and smiled at his "Bodyguards" "No to the minotaur camp"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

09/25/2000 3:41 PM

*as Khellendros*

The dragon/man puts his book down and then walks the stairs to the balceny of the castle and looks out over his court yard at the camp below. He is begining to wonder who this new red is. He looks out over the courtyard and then says to himself, "Let the new dragon purge begin."

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09/25/2000 7:52 PM

Unknown to all, an ill wind blows as a greater threat to all life on Krynn comes pounding on the gateway...

Doom knocks...

And only those united shall prevail...

A force beyond reckoning breaks through the first ward...



A messenger in blue leather clambers up the stairs to bring ill tidings before the Great Dragon Khelendros and Autumn.

"Your eminence, a regiment of our guards were waylaid up north. All its men and their accompanying dragons were killed! It seems they were taken by surprise..."

It was apparent that the messenger was holding back more. But one look at from one of the subordinate officers shook the poor messenger.

"And...and... The most... Frightening is..."
Very few heard his whispered words, but those who did stifled a gasp.

"All of them died with a look of profound horror on their faces..."

09/26/2000 7:28 AM

Meanwhile, back at the tower, the Thorn and Pyranthas concentrate on creating the weapon to defeat Skie. The Thorn studies meticulously the book given to him by Py. After 2 days, the Thorn comes out of Solitude.

"I am ready," he says to Py. "I know what must be done, but I will be vulnerable during the casting, just as you will be. Are you ready?"

During this time, several others show up at the tower. One is a Qualinesti elf, sporting hunting garb and bow and arrows. The other traveler is a gnome with a backpack full of stuff. They wait patiently in the lobby, hoping to talk to someone about the voice in their head.

09/26/2000 9:56 AM

Ghostbuster bows to the great Gold.
"Then send your dragons to the Isle of the Irda, it is secluded, and no one will
know of your arrival."
And to Sharakas,"Now lets get back to the Silver tower."

09/26/2000 12:07 PM

*as Pyranthas*

"I have been meditating to get my energies focused. I am ready. I must get my powerlevel up though. It may take a few minutes," Pyranthas says as he gets into a stance with his legs spread and his arms at his side. He starts to think of Khellendros so he may get his anger up. His anger starts to rise quickly. Much quicker than he thought. His rage sky rockets. Energy radiates from him. His blond hair begins to change color and his eyes glow brighter as it does. His hair turns white, and then he starts focusing even more on his anger and his eys glow fiecer and his muscles begin to bulge a little more than normal as he grows in power. By the time he is finished, his eyes flicker red, blue, green, and then they become white. "Lets do this."

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09/26/2000 6:39 PM

With a flash Tarohl appears. "Not without me you don't."

09/26/2000 6:55 PM

Autumn listens to the messenger's story grimly, hands on the map table, fingernails digging into the wood. She stares down at the area this regiment of knights were laid waste, "That was 200 men, no? How many dragons..."

With frightening speed and power she thrusts a hand foreward, throwing the pewter figures representing this regiment from the table and across the floor, "Thank you," she addresses the messenger curtly, "You are dismissed."

Straightens and heads to her guards, "Follow me," hollars back to Khellendros, "I believe your dragon purge has begun with out you," she spits sarcastically, "I am sending out a small troop to investigate and give proper burial to those knights," not waiting for a reply she heads to the command tent outside and adresses the officers, "Send 50 grunt soldiers...skilled but disposable. Have them do the proper rights and return with INFORMATION! Send some subversives along. I want answers, this doesn't feel right at all. And," lowers her voice, "On another note, I understand that one name Pyranthas is up to his mischief. When he is arrives, which he will the pompous fool, his head is mine," her eyes light up with deadly intentions.

"My horse!" stomps out of the tent and mounts a black warhorse and rides to Tithas's minotaur camp._____________

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09/26/2000 7:13 PM

~Minotaur Camp~

Autumn rides into the camp accompanied by her guards. She finds Tithas and dismounts, heading to break up a scuffle. The mins don't seem pleased with their new commander Tithas.

A group of minotaurs scowl at the site of this woman and her guards. Autumn hollars, "Stop this! You are under the command of General Tithas now!" at this a minotaur charges at Tithas, his ax above his head. Unfortunately for this min, he had to pass Autumn to reach Tithas, and with one powerful sweep of her claymore, the min's head is removed from his massive body.

Autumn's muscles bulging beneath her dragonscale, she picks up the head by the horns, "Pike it," thrusts the head at one of her guards who slams it onto a tall pike stiking out of the ground, "Who's next?" looks around.

"To your tent General Tithas," heads to what is obviously the tent of a commanding officer her and his guards posting outside, "JL, come with us. We are on alert now, Tithas," describes to him the mystery of what happened to the knights, "Any ideas of what caused this?" rubs her temples, "Shit, and we have that red dragon to contend with. And, I heard this ELF by the name of Pyranthas is hanging around," shakes her head, "KHELLENDROS!!!" she hollars, "We need a fleet of dragons, dammit!"

Grabs a bottle of wine and pours herself and Tithas a glass, "Strategy, General. You have a choice of which fight you wish to take on, I can provide for you a troop of spawn as well."_____________

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09/26/2000 7:25 PM

Tithas grinned and stepped over the miotaur on the ground. He slowly circled with the fourth Minotuar to Challange hi. The first three had been young and strong, but easily defeated as they were to brash.

This final one however, Tithas had crossed swords with before. The Bulls name was Xarax, and he had a wicked streak in him.

"I told you not to cross my path again old fool" Xarax snarled at Tithas.

Tithas knew a prolonged combat would favor the young Bull, unfortuantly Xarax knew that too. Xarax had considered himself the leader of this band and had sent three of his Strongest to tire Tithas.

"And you young Bull have no honor! You are a coward who would.."

Tithas side-stepped the Xarax's charge.

"Have others fight his own personal battles"

Xarax was furious, all thought gone. Too have hs Honr and Bravery so Challanged! He rushed at Tithas and swng his weighted blade.

Tithas brought his Tessto into block. With his free hand he unhocked his Kausin. The six rods clanging loudly. Quickly twirling them above his head he brught them down. The rods hit mid-way and wrapped around and smashed in again on the other sid. The Kausin was a weapon capable of damaging buildings and in the hands of a master the powerful weapon shattered the horns they just hit.

"You are no Minotaur."

The blow was too painful and Xarax passed out. Tithas shook his head.

The fight was tiring indeed. He couldn't show weakness. He turned and looked at 2 large Minotuars.

"Take That" pointing at Xarax "And remove it from my sight, beyond that i don't care what you do with it"

The two quickly obeyed and the rest of the camp went back to their fires. They had a new leader.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

09/26/2000 7:50 PM

Tithas stored into the Tent. With a strength no human could ever hope to posses he grabbed two of Autumn's guards and hurled them, armor and all, 40 feet out of the tent. He snarled at the rest.

"Never. I mean never interfere with my command. We have our own way. Now I will have to fight them again for their respect. HUMANS!"

Murder was in his eyes.

"Consider the Elf dead."

He turned to walk out, then stopped.

"Of course it will have to wait till we... reconform command here"

Tithas walked out of the tent. He was tired it was plain to everyone even the humans. It was sure the Minotuars saw the weakness, which ewas only hightened bt the interference at the battle.

Tithas knew he'd have to fight just abot every one of the soldiers now to hold command. A hundred years ago it wouldn't have been a problem he'd been young then.

I'm too old for this he thought to himself.

Still he walked out To battle his own Soldiers. Death was all too likely.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

09/26/2000 8:18 PM

*as Khellendros*

Khellendros storms into the tent in a great rage. "Alright! I will have no fighting amongst my generals! Do you have that? There is to be no competion or anything. This is not Mithas or Kothas right now. There shall be no fighting amongst my troops either. You wish to see power? I shall show you power watch this!" he says in an angered rage, he steps out side and then transforms into his dragon form and takes to the air. His giant form spreads his fear radius below on the minotaurs. He watches them run and he then lets loose a lightning bolt into the air and summons a storm. Chain lightning strikes everywhere. He catches a glance of a small green. He watches it come towards him and then he release his lightning breath again striking it.

"THE PURGE HAS ONCE AGAIN BEGAIN!" Khellendros bellows as he attacks the smaller green. he flies at him and rips the green to shreads. As it goes to the ground he clings to it's body and pulls it's life energy from it and the green is reduced to mere bones. He walks back towards the camp and looks down at Autumn and Tithas.
"No one shall stand in my way this time. All shall bow to me!" He says this and then release another lightning bolt into the sky and he watches the camp light up once again as the rain begins to pound down on him.

*as Sharakas*

"Yes Ghostbuster, let's go. We should report to the others about the good news," He says to the kender and then turns and looks at the gold. "Thank you my friend for accepting me as who I am. I wish you a long life and that Paladine shall protect you from harm." He then takes off and starts heading south towards the tower.

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09/26/2000 8:24 PM

*as Pyranthas*

"Start casting the spells," Pyranthas says as his fists glow and he places his hands onto the blade. He then release an energy blast into the diamond sword and holds the blast of energy. The energy beam changes color as he holds it. It goes from red to green to blue to yellow and then back to red and goes on and on. The Templar grits his teeth as he holds the blast. "Cast the spells!"

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09/27/2000 3:55 AM

Tithas watches the display and shakes his head.

"none ever understand. I had thought you might be different. We are Minotaurs. We draw our strength and courage from or ways. With out them we might as well be Gully Dwarves."

Tithas drops his tessto and walks away.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

09/27/2000 6:15 AM

*as Khellendros*

The great dragon takes to the wing and then swoops down and picks up Tithas and then lands in on the ground. He holds him with his great strength and stares at him. "You maybe minotaurs, but when you work for me, you shall do as my will. Do you understand? I have seen a rise and fall of many armies before. I have been around for hundreds of years. I have had minotaurs under my control before and what I have learned is that they are honorable creatures and will fight for their cause and for their honor with their life. So, because I do understand your ways, I will let you go if you wish." The Storm says as he sets the minotaur down and then walks back towards the minotaur camp to see Autumn.

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09/27/2000 11:11 AM

Keeps her distance from Tithas and lets him expel with his anger.

When Khellendros storms into the tent, Autumn spills her glass of wine and backs to the tent wall, watching his rage carefully, "Of course, Eminence."

Follows Khellendros outside slowly, then her heart pounds when he takes his true form and battles the little green.

Sighs as Tithas begins to leave, "Tithas!" she hollars as he walks away, "Get a grip, General!"

Turns to the 2 guards that were tossed across the yard, "You alright?" touches one's arm and says something to him in low tones as she stalks to her warhorse, "Let His Eminence deal with Tithas."

Autumn and her guards depart back to the castle. They enter the banquet hall soaking wet from the unnatural storm and begin to dine.


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09/27/2000 11:34 AM

Khellendros teleports himself back to the castle in human form and walks into the dining hall. He walks inside and sits at his chair at one end of the table. He stares at those who watch him walk in. He then looks down at his plate and eats his food.

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09/27/2000 12:39 PM

The Thorn begins to cast the spells. The energy is pulled from both him and Py. It coalesces around the diamond sword. The Thorn pulls out one component of the spell, a steel coin. He tosses it into the energy and it is held there. Slowly the buildup of energy begins to melt the metal. The drips hiss as they fall on the diamond sword. Next the Thorn pricks his finger. He drips some blood in there to and strength. Finally he pulls out the first thing he ever got from Py. The shattered crystal ball that he repaired. The mage truly felt sorry for what was about to happen next. He dropped the ball and it shattered on the sword, it's magic draining into the already magnificent buildup of power. Suddenly there is a brilliant flash of silver light. It is complete. The Thorn slumps back against a wall, exhausted from the exertion. There's a chance.

09/27/2000 2:38 PM

*as Pyranthas*

As the spell is completed, the Templar stands back and then looks at the magnifcent weapon. A weapon of hope. He lifts the blade and then salutes the Thorn with it and places it in a hidden scabbard. He then walks over to the powerful mage and lifts him in his arms and walks in the tower with him ad lets him on a bed. "Rest now my friend. We shall need it in the up coming war." Pyranthas then changes back to his normal form and slumps to the floor.

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09/27/2000 3:04 PM

Tithas's shoulders sagged. He was too old. He was too tired. They claimed to understand, but never did.

Tithas couldn't rule by the Storm's strength, he had to rule by his own. The Minotuar's wold follow him but they woldn't be loyal.

Time was running out and he'd yet to find the army he needed. He would die without honor.

Tithas walked away from the camp. He lifted his chainmail loi cloth and detached a small metal disc from it's inside.

The disk betrayed a dagger crossed with a lightning bolt, backdropped b an explosion. The picture looked all to real.

"Sithar y old friend I need your help"

Within seconds a shimmering portal opened before Tithas, he quickly stepped through it and vanished.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

09/28/2000 7:18 AM

Arriving at the Silver Tower,Ghostbuster jumps up the steps.
He finds both The Thorn andon the bed and Py fainted before him.He smiles and summons blankets and a matress for Py.
He thinks for a moment.Perhaps I can discover more of this Evil that I sense is coming if I talk to Khellendros.After all,It appeared only when he did.
He prays to his God for a way to speak to Khellendros, and he is answered.
He is inside a castle, in what looks like a dining room.He knows that he isn't really there, just as he knows that only Khellendros can see him.But still..."Khellendros!I would speak to you!"

"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

09/28/2000 7:42 AM

*a figure dressed in armour so black that no light reflected from it, so it appeared that nothing at all was there. he stared at the warriors around the banquet table with an unblinking stare. a few got up and charged at the intruder, but quickly fell to the ground in two pieces. the knight resheathed his blade that seemed to never come unsheated from such speed*

"Khellendros, lord, I have returned." the knight said as he knelt before the great dragon. "I am yours to command."

*he got up and looked through his helmet at those sitting at the table for a response. he didn't know how they would respond, so he kept his hand on the hilt of his sword. his armour seemed to swirl and bathe in the darkness of black. almost as if it were a rift of some sort itself*

09/28/2000 7:42 AM

*As Sharakas*

Sharakas lands on and changes his form to a 7'6" human warrior in silver plate mail with short red hair and a red gotee and jade eyes. He has a huge 2 hander at his side and a lage battle axe on his back. He walks inside the temple and watches over the mage and the Templar.


Khellendros sits up and looks at Ghostbuster. "What do you want?"

*as Py*

Pyranthas stands up and begions meditating instantly to regain his lost strength. He knew it was take a few hours of medation before he could even manage to do some fighting.

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09/28/2000 10:55 AM

After some sleep the Thorn rouses himself from his slumber. He sees the mammoth redhaired man and Py meditating beside him. He clasps his staff and slowly rises out of bed.

"I will be back in a moment," he says to Sharakas.

The mage ambles downstairs, not having all of his strength. In the lobby the Thorn sees two figures. One is a small gnome, the other, an elf.
"I am the Thorn, I sent the message," says the silver robe.

"You may call me Kron," states the elf. "My wife was killed by evil and I think that you may be able to help me avenge her."

"My friends call me Brom," spouts the gnome. "I build stuff, especially things that fly. Maybe I can help you."

"Thank you," says the Thorn. "I need to rest but there are others upstairs that can fill you in." With that the Thorn heads back upstairs to rest.

09/28/2000 3:34 PM

*As Khellendros*

"Gunthar! It is good seeing you again. I would enjoy your presence amongst my staff. You and Autumn shall be my generals. I will be with you. I must talk to this Kender who has magically transported his spirit hear," Khellendros says as he turns back to the kender's form. "What do you want Kender?"

*As Sharakas*

Sharakas walks outside and sees Brom. "Hello Brom, I'm glad we finally met up with each other again," The man says with a smile.

*As Pyranthas*

Pyranthas's mind travels all over Krynn till he reaches the isle of the Irda. There is something there... something far worse than Khellendros... I must tell the others about this, but I might want to scan the rest of Krynn... He scans more of the area a rift in the ocean. This rift... I wonder where it goes... He thinks and then sees a shadow of something horrible coming towards out of it. What the! He wakes from his trance immediately and rushes outside.

"There is a rift in the North. By the Isle of the Irda. There is something coming from the rift. It was very horrible looking. Thorn, remember when I told you about that war that would happen on Krynn, well I'm worried that this may be it. If that creature is a Tanar'ri, than we may not have that much of a chance. I'm just worried that there will be an army of them coming. The Templar are now so few considering I am the last. The rest of my race was all killed off, and I am all that survives. The Tanar'ri are the evil equaliant to the Templar, except they are sure as hell ugly looking. I have fought one before. This one was only a young one and was not that powerful. We have to deal with Khellendros now," He says as he draws his blade and spins it with much power and speed with a look of worry on his face.

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09/28/2000 4:36 PM

Tithasstepped from the portal, not sure where he was. He wasn't even sure if he was still on krynn.

He steeped into a wooded clearing. As he looked arond he saw that each tree was maked with runes. The Elf had the clearing secured. Tithas chuckles. Sithar was a bit paranoid.

"Come out skin and bones" Thithas roared.

A slim golden haired elf stepps from the woods. He smiles.

"How can I help you my friend?"

Tithas laid out his newly formed plan to the Elf.

Sithar smiled he finallt could ask Tithas something he'd been dying to know

"I will help you, if you tell me if it is true"

"Is what true"

Sithar had him! "Were you really the Supre.."

Tthas growled and stomped a hoof. "Never never mention that. But if I must tell you, Yes"

Sithar couldn't believe it! He always knew Tithas was an amazing fighter, but that good?

Gods! if the stories were true then...

"yes I'll help you!"

Sithar began to cast the spell to bring Tithas back to a place he'd not been in a hundred years, back to the Great Circus in Nethosak. He was bringing Tithas, The coward champion, back to Mithas's capital.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

09/29/2000 10:43 AM

*as the Thorn

The Thorn listens to what Py has to say. After the Templar finishes his story the Thorn comments. "I too have felt this disturbance. I have several of my fellow mages looking into it, although I had no idea the deamon spawn would be involved. Tarohl and Mertonious, two very powerful mages are trying to assess the matter as we speak."
"As for Khellendros, we are not quite ready to deal with him. You must remember that not only will we be fighting the dragon, but his armies as well. We must wait for the dragons of good to arrive. Also, I intend to send Kron to get support from the elves. With these allies I think we stand a fair chance," states the mage.

*as Brom

"Sharakas, it's good to see you friend. I finally made it," rambles Brom. "It was a long journey. The Thorn says that we will be going to war soon. Maybe my flying machine can help somehow. If I could find somewhere to work on it I think I can fix the bugs we talked about. Also, I need to see if there is a way I can get in touch with one of my friends. He is a dwarf named Axelrod Granitesledge. He may be able to help us also."

*as Kron

Kron wanders around the tower. He find the library unlocked and unoccupied. He smoothly slides into the room and goes and sits in a corner. His wife was gone. He had noone to spend his years with anymore. All the elf could do was feel empty and alone. How could this mage and his friends help me thought the healer's husband. What can I do for them. As these thoughts echoed through his head, Kron began to cry.

09/29/2000 2:44 PM

Ghostbuster smiles at Khellendros and the new arrival in the black armour.
"My name is irrilevant right now.What is important is that I am part of a group of powerful beings who wish to stop your plans of power.We have the mettalic dragons on our side, and some powerful mages too."
"I say this not to frighten you, as I know you will not be frightened.I tell you this so you know our power, and so I can tell you that we must join together!"
You see, when you returned to Kyrnn, others did, races thought extint and races never known.They will destroy the world altogether if we do not stop them."
"And so I propose an alliance, at least until this great evil is destroyed.For I know, Great One, that even you prefer to rule over a living world."


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09/29/2000 6:20 PM

Tarohl appears beside Thorn. "It's getting bad. The time lines are so random at the moment, I can't help figure out how to solve this problem."

09/29/2000 8:08 PM

(OOC...damn but you all are some awesome RPers and storytellers!)

Autumn stands from her feast and snaps her fingers. Servants rush in to clean up the dead bodies lying about, "Gunthar, get UP!" slaps the man on the shoulder, "I am pleased to see your return, although you appear a tad changed...I think I like it."

Pulls back an ornately carved mahogany chair, "A seat for you. More servants scurry about, filling the table space that Autumn has offered with roasted pheasant and fragrant bread and vegetables.

Autumn lowers herself lazily in her chair across from Gunthar's, "What happened to you?" flicks a quick glance at Khellendros, "I suggest that His Eminence offer you command of the spawn and the knight's cavalry. Interested?"

Looks bored and drinks more wine, "The red dragon, you have heard of his appearance Gunthar, no? His presence in this land makes me nervous. I want him slain," nibbles on a peach as her mind spins with horrible ideas. Smiles a little._____________

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09/29/2000 8:42 PM

*as Pyranthas*

"Ok, you are right Thorn. I want to check Khellendros's area out though. I can take care of myself," Pyranthas says as he shapeshifts into the form of a Knight of Takhisis. "I beleive I will be able to spy on him and be able to report back to you on this matter by telekensis. If I can, I may even be ale to get a possision on his general staff. I will see you at a later day my friend." Pyranthas says as he floats into the air and flies towards the Northern Wastelands.

*As Sharakas*

"I could take you there Brom. I could easily fly you there, well to an area near there. Also, maybe we ca recruit some of the dwarves about this up coming war. What do you think Brom?"

*as Khellendros*

"Hmmm... We shall soon see litle Kender. I will communicate you at a later date with my answer. Now go! You presence is upsetting me," He says to the Kender and then stands ad walks to sit by Gunthar and Autumn. "Gunthar, I would very much apprciate it if you would take a squad of knights and command of the Spawn. Ok, this is what I have found out so far. Apparently, the otehr side claims to have a mass of 'Powerful Beings.' They want a truce and claim that there is some 'deamons who will come and destroy the living... The only deamons that I know of who would want to do that would be the Tanar'ri... but they aren't deamons... if I am correct, than these are what we once knew as Dark Templar. I have done a little reading up on them. The are said to be legendary creatures who can possess the bodies of others, and they have powers of the Ledgendary race know as the Templar, which is said to be dead."

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Bronzeblade Keep

09/30/2000 2:18 AM

Another grain falls as the sands of time continue to flow, bringing with it the call of doom...

Tzsiron turns to his aged father, the last of the Ancient Irda. It seems that he was communing with someone. After a few moments, Mertonius turns to his son.

"I have contacted one of my favored allies and he in turn contacted one of his own. We may finally have the aid we need to halt the onslaught. But I fear the worst. An ill wind blows to the south..."

He turns his head southward, then abruptly halts.

"The shore of Qualinesti are under attack!!! Let us make haste, or those who dwell therein will all perish!!!"

Grabbing hold of his son, the Great Mage made a simple gesture that instantaneously transported them near the southern coast near the great elven nation of Qualinesti.

Tzsiron wished that he closed his eyes when he arrived...

A legion of foul, black armored beings with insubstantial arms, great horned helms (or are those real horns?), and faces most terrifying that it froze the blood and armed with great scythes as large as trees were wreaking havok among the ranks of the Southern Army of the Elves.

The small contingent of Elves were that was left of the large force of elves and were now wavering before the great beasts.

Before the young half-elf could react, Mertonius was already finishing a spell of planar banishing.
The air above the beach started to spin in a mad dance of swirling clouds and winds. A void opens...

Suddenly, the foul creatures started to shift and bend as the energies that bound them to this world started to weaken. It continued tugging, this way and that, then it stopped.

None of the creatures remained, only the torn bodies of their victims lay upon the white sand.

The huddle of warrior elves stared at Mertonius, some visibly shaking as he approached them.

"You have no need to fear, we are here to help you. If you may, please try to find way to send a message to the High Templar, he is urgently needed here..."

09/30/2000 6:48 PM

Tarohl appears beside Mertonius. "Well done friend. How can I help. You seem to know more about this then anyone."

10/01/2000 2:38 PM

Ghostbuster bows to Khellendros."Very well,But know that not all of my faction wish an alliance.They do not know the whole danger."
The vision of the kender cleric disapears.

Ghostbuster opens his eyes.But he is not in the Tower.He is in what seems to be the coast of Qualinesti,but a ravaged Qualinesti.
Paladine must have sent me here. he thinks.Seeing a company of elves facing what appear to be three wizards,he once again takes on human form with all the protections,and goes to meet them.____________________________________________________________________________________________________

"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/01/2000 8:07 PM

*as Pyranthas*

Pyranthas lands on the outskirts of Khellendros Castle. He walks towards it and up past the gates. Guards watch his disguised form as he walks past them into the castle. He reaches the inside and focuses his energies on finding Khellendros. Sencing a great power, he heads towards the dining hall and is then stopped by the guards.

"What's your name and why have you come here?" One of the guards ask.

"That is none of your business," Pyranthas hisses, "Now let me pass. I am here to see Lord Khellendros."

"Nobody refers to the Storm as Khellendros!" the guard says and places his hand on his hilt.

Pyranthas waves his hand infront of them. "You will let me pass."

"I will let you pass," te both say as he walks past them into the room. "Khellendros looks over and see the Templar walking inside the room.

"Lord Khellendros, I am here about the General Staffing job you had. Word is that you were looking for a general."

"General? unless you a mage you can be a general otherwise your are nothing to me," Khellendros says.

"I take it that experence means nothing you you? I am a grandmaster swordsman. I have many years of experence in battle. I have also lead very successful campaigns."

Khellendros thinks for a second, then answers. "No. Perhaps one of my generals would like to have you as one of their personal guards. Autumn? Gunthar?"

Pyranthas stands and waits for a decision.

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Bronzeblade Keep

10/02/2000 7:03 AM

Autumn turns her attention away from Gunthar and to this bold man requesting to be in the service of Khellendros. Something is familiar about this dark knight, but she can't seem to put a finger on it.

Stares intently at the disguised Pyranthas, "What is your name, knight?" she stands and steps slowly up to him and circles him, looking him over thorougly, "Mmmmmmm...I'll take him. Thank you, Eminence," stops infront of Pyranthas and holds out a gloved hand and gazes into his eyes, "I am Autumn, commander of this army...you will join the ranks of my other guards and if you prove yourself worthy, perhaps you you can move up to a higher position," she is very intrigued but highly suspicious of this dark knight before her.

"Gunther," speaks to the general with looking at him, "Your personal guards have arrived," she smirks as 8 Knights of Takhisis enter the banquet hall, a couple of them are women...Autumn is a little taken back by this, but approves.

"Sit down," she says to Pyranthas, "Tell me why you're really here," takes a sip of her wine and pours him a glass.

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10/02/2000 9:48 AM

*As Brom

"Yes, Sharakas, we should see if we can find my friend. He is a hill dwarf that live in a small settlement outside of Thorbardin," says the gnome. "We should hurry though, it looks like the pace of activity has increased."

*As Kron

Kron gathers himself together. He must be tough for his wife's sake. For her memory. He gathers his equipment together and packs some food from the kitchen for his journey. As he heads out of the tower, the Qualinesti elf looks back and sees a lone figure standing on the top of the tower. He turns and heads east, into the darkness, alone.

*As the Thorn

The Thorn looks about his tower. He is tired, worn, from the past couple of days events. He slowly ascends the stairs to the top of his orders tower. Where were his friends now. The mage looks off into the distance, and sees the shape of a dragon. The red had taken the gnome somewhere. Headed east was the elf, walking by himself like a beaten man. Pyranthas was gone, hope to bring back some information. The kender was missing but that was nothing new. The good dragons had yet to arrive. Tarohl was having troubles and he had yet to hear from the ancient Irda. He could sense there was still something missing.
As he turned to head back in his tower the sun slowly set in front of him. It was beautiful, the reds, oranges, purples and yellows. Who knew what the next day would bring. There was still hope in their motely crew. The silver robe headed inside.

10/02/2000 5:25 PM

*as Pyranthas*
Pyranthas looks at Autumn and then smirks.
"My name? It is Erric Darksteel, and I am here for the reason I said i was here. I came here to become a general. Well, since i am working you you great lady, what shall I do for you to show you my worth?" He says as he bows before Autumn and kisses her hand, loking intently upon her eyes. He thinks to himself, this shall be easy to do. I'll simply get all the information out of her. Her mind isn't that strong. I will coax it out of her. As he gets to his feet he send a message to Thorn by his mind that he is fine and that he is working for General Autumn and of his plan.

*as Khellendros*

"You may do what you wish with him Autumn. He's your's to command. I am going into my study," the great dragon says as he walks down the hall to his library.

*as Sharakas*

Sharakas leaps into the air with the little gnome on his back and asks him for directions.

"So to Thorbardin we go my friend. It shouldn't take us that long."

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Bronzeblade Keep

10/03/2000 6:11 AM

*as the Thorn

The Thorn receives Py's message. It comes like a hammer hitting an anvil in his brain. Never before had he felt such mental power. The mage listened to the message then began to formulate a plan. Not all of the pieces were in place on the board yet though. His plan would have to wait. First he needed to contact his fellow mages, Tarohl and Mert. He went to his scrying bowl to see if he could locate them.

10/04/2000 6:42 PM

*Gunthar stared at his personal guards with disgust*

"Just stay out of my way" he said as he pushed past them towards the new recruit. "Erric Darksteel? You...seem different than the rest."

*Gunthar puts his great mailed hand upon Erric's shoulder and stares at him. his eyes have become vast expanses of nothing that seem to penetrate down to the soul*

"Perhaps," looks at Autumn, "Do you mind if I test this man's battle prowess?"

*stands staring at the young man, waiting for a response*

10/05/2000 10:32 AM

*as Kron

The elf hikes several days through the forest. He avoids trails and people and moves mostly at nightfall to let the darkness mask his tracks. Kron makes great time but is troubled on his journey. All he can think about is revenge. It has started to eat at him, and he has stored that in a special place for later, collecting all the rage building up in him. No longer was he a healer's husband. No longer would he cure. Now, he would kill!

*as Brom

The Gnome rode on the great red, taking in only his second flight ever. It still amazed him everytime the passed birds and clouds. Eventually the gnome became tired, and fell asleep along the journey.

10/08/2000 11:32 PM

Suddenly the room was filled with a flash of silver light. Instantlly before Thorn, appeared three figures. Thorn recognized Obnad Majere, but knew not of the elf or the giant woman dressed in brown robes.

*As Obnad Majere*
I have come in response to your summonigs, Master Thorn. I apoligize for the delay. I have been drifting through the ripple to bring forth help. May I introduce my friends to you?
Here we have Silky Silverleaf of the Roc elves. I have recruited this mage for the Order of the Silver Robes. His abilities of a mage are exceptional. He is revered as a master to the Roc Elves, but wishes to learn from you as I have.

Motioning to the 6'6" female next to the elf, "this is Shiree." She is known as a Druid in her world. She has not come to join the Order, but she offers her assistance in our cause for the greater good of Krynn.

*As Silky Silverleaf*
Bowing to Thorn. "It is an honor to meet you at last. Obnad has spoken of you in the highest. If it pleases you I will leave, but I have come as a representative of my people and their need to become a part of Krynn, for our world is dying! I would pledge my honor and magic to your cause; as would all of my race."
We have found a way to cross deminsions and wish to come into Krynn. However, we cannot do this without being invited through the deminsional door. We asked Obnad to bring us through, but he said he had to consult his Master. We are a good natured people with no home. I have no gifts to offer, but we have ourselves to offer. Our numbers are a measly 300 now and growing smaller every day.
Would you help my people? In return we offer ourselves and our allegience to your cause."

*As Shiree*
"Greetings Sir Thorn. I am Shiree, High Druid of the Wandering Cloud. I have come before you at the request of my council, upon seeing the events that have transpired in Krynn. However, in crossing over I have lost the ability to return to my deminsion. Therfore I ask that my coming is not in vain and that you would allow Oppuss Aisatsa and myself to assist your world.
Without further delay may I present Oppuss Aisatsa."

Shiree reaches into her robe and produces a small silver figuinre in the shape of a dragon. She gently tosses it in front of her as she speaks in a foriegn toungue. The figurine illuminates the room with the purest energy that any within have experienced. For a split second the shape of a Silver Dragon appears then reverts to that of a human male.

*as Oppuss*
"You have called upon me?"

*As Shiree*
"I present you to Sir Thorn of the Order of the Silver Robes."

*As Oppuss*
It has come to the attention of my kind that you are in need of our services. State the purpose of your need."

10/10/2000 6:17 AM

*as the Thorn

"A great menace has returned to Krynn. He is a huge blue dragon named The Storm Over Krynn. He ia ssembling an army to try and take over Krynn. But that is not the end of it. There is another menace forming. One more dangerous then even the dragon. My sources have told me there is a rift somewhere and creatures of evil are spilling into Krynn," explains the Thorn. He looks at each of the new members. "I would have you all, but there are specific tasks that I will set before you. First, Shiree and Oppuss. I would like you to see if you can locate this rift. We need as much information about it as possible. Silky Silverleaf, I would be proud to have your's come to the aid of Krynn. While getting situated you can set up camp around the tower, act as it's guardians for I fear attack from Skie's armies. And Obnad, you have the toughest challenge of all. I need to see if you can locate the other silver robes. Will you accept these quests?"

10/10/2000 2:20 PM

I have been witness to such events before. I was merely a child, when a break in the sky swallowed my parents and family. I will help you in your quest!"

Nodding her head with acceptance of her charge. Almost with a whisper, the sound of her voice rings in the ear of Thorn, without movement of her mouth she adds, "I will also find the missing dragons."
Without haste, the Druid and the Silver Dragon gain the ramparts of the tower and take flight.

Bowing before Thorn, "My people would be honored to gaurd your tower with our magic and our lives. we will begin establishing camp immediately. With your permission we would like to guise the area about your tower with 'Solid Illusion' spells. All we will need is a few fragments of the stone in which this tower stands upon. Only those that have true right wqithin your tower will be able to tell the 'Solid Illusions' from the real tower. My people will be the source of this magic and any attack upon their walls will fall upon us. With your permission, I will summons my people and begin immediately."

"I accept." Blinking to a spot closer to Thorn, Oband prodeces a small crystal ball and shows Master Thorn a vision from within the ripple of time. "They have very little rememberance of our Order. This rift has allowed the Shadowen to invade our world in the future, yet they have not the ability to stop them. They need our help as well."
Putting the crystal back in his robe, "I also need to know of all those I am charged to find and where they may have went, for I have been gone for some time. If this is unknown I will find them anyways, it may just take a while longer, a luxery I'm afraid we don't have."

10/11/2000 4:11 PM

*as Pyranthas*

Pyranthas looks at Gunthar and nods his head. He draws a long sword and whirls it around with great expertise. "I accept your challenge sir knight."


Khellendros looks at Pyranthas and then at Gunthar. "Not in my presence you won't. There is to be none of this in my presence. On the streets maybe, but not in the presence of me at my table, but I would like to see how skillful this young fool really is. He appears to be skillful, but is he. Gunthar, I give you to permission out of my own curiousity to spar with this warrior."
Khellendros says as he sits back with a glass of wine. "Let the battle begin."

*As Sharakas*
The great red lands in the hills of the Hill Dwarf village and reverts to his massive human form just as he places Brom on the ground. "Lets find your friend Brom," he says as he walks side by side with his little gnomish friend.

*as a newcomer*
A short figure covered in steal from head to toe walks towards the Tower. He carries a large war hammer in his hand and a shield on his left arm. Behind him, in toe is a small donkey. "Come on Number 7! You better get a movin' or I'll be gettin' a Number 8! We gotta git to that towaa and see what that message was all about." The small team gets to the tower and looks around. He sees the Thorn and walks up to him.
"Name's Thoras Rocksmasher of the Hylar Clan. I'm looking for the one who sent that message. The one known as The Thorn. I'm here to help."

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Bronzeblade Keep

10/12/2000 9:08 AM

*as Brom

"Axelrod should be in one of the warehouses at the end of town," says the gnome as he waddles off in that direction.

*as the Thorn

"I'm sorry Obnad, I have lost track of our own. I don't know where the other two could be, but I have faith in you," says the mage. With that he heads downstairs to help supervise the setup of camp around his tower. During this he notices a newcomer, a dwarf. "Greetings friend, I am the Thorn, how may I help you," says the silver robe.

*as Kron

Kron drifts through the night, he is pulled towards something but he can't tell what. His direction has changed, he no longer is headed towards the elf camp. This Thorn couldn't help him, he started to think, but there might be someone who could. He remembered hearing a name... Skie.

10/12/2000 12:27 PM

*as Thoras*

"I've come because I got a message in my head that you need help, and here I am. I'm an Master Weaponsmith and Armorer. I'm only one of the best armorer in Thorbardin. I was trained by the Grandmaster Armorer himself. If ye are plannin' on buildin' an army, you'll need armor and weapons, and I'm the dwarf who can help you." The dwarf says as he puts his hands on his hips and puffs out his chest with pride.

*as Sharakas*

"Ok Brom, is this the warehouse?" He says as he points to a small warehouse and looks at the small door.

"I don't think I can fit in that in this form... so..." he says as he shrinks the form of a large, muscular, heavily armored gnome.

"Thats better," He says as he pushes opens the door.

*deep within Krynn*
A short figure of only four and a half feet tall stands infront of a taller figure and stands before him. Both of these figures are in black robes.

"Xackery Darkstone, you have been summoned to me because you are needed on the surface. There is a powerful being who needs your expertise with the sword. You are said to be the deadliest of the drow, and that is why I have summoned you from your dimension. I shall send you to your new lord right away."

"Thank you," the small drow hisses as he looks at his summoner with his penitating red glowing eyes. "I would like it if I could have my black dragon here with me. Deamonclaw is an ancient wyrm and he is very powerful. I beleive he would be a great help to this new master of mine."

"Very well Lord Darkstone," The taller of the two chants some magic and then a rift opens and a large black dragon steps out.

"Where am I?" the dragon asks. He stands tall and looks around the cavern.

"You are on Krynn, Deamonclaw. This is not our homeland. We have been hired by a new lord. I do not yet know his name. Summoner, what is our new lords name?"

The black robe thinks and then says "Khellendros, the Storm Over Krynn. He is a very powerful Dragon. It would be wise if you follow his will."

"I am very loyal to my masters, as is Deamonclaw. This one shall be interesting. I have never worked for a dragon before, but this will be interesting. Now send us to our new master."

"Yes Lord Darkstone," the mage says and the dragon and the drow disappear. The wizard wipes his brow and then pushes his hood back revealing a dragon like face, yet almost human. This wizard was a spawn.

*as Khellendros's castle*

A flash of light appears in the great hall where Khellendros and the others eat.

"What is going on here?" the great dragon yells.
The huge black looks down at Xackery and then at the table of men and women.

"Calm down Deamonclaw," He says as he looks around and then walks towards Khellendros and then bows to him. "You must be Lord Khellendros. I am Xackery Darkstone. I was summoned by a mage of yours. I take it you have heard of me?"

Khellendros examines the pair.

"Yes, I have heard of you. It is said that you are a great assassin and you are also a very skilled alchemist. You are also a grandmaster with a weapon know as the double bladed sword. I have read much about you from books I happened to have aquired from other planes."

Darkstone smirks.

"Deamonclaw, change forms into something much more fiting to this toom. If you so much as sneeze, you'll destory this place," he says as he looks over at the great wrym. The black shimmers and then changes into a dark skinned human with midnight black hair and eyes that look like pools of darkness. He stands next to his Drowish counterpart in black scale armor and looks at Khellendros. Xackery looks back at Khellendros. "Yes, those are the stories, and they are very true m'lord. Deamonclaw, introduce yourself to Khellendros."

"Yes master. I am Deamonclaw, great lord Khellendros. It will be an honor to work with you my lord," the dragon says as he bows infront of Khellendros.

"The Deamonclaw? Deamonclaw of the Darkplague Clan? My my, you have quite the reputation for yourself. It is said that you are a very powerful spell caster and you have destroyed who cities of elves by yourself on your world. It will be a pleasure working with you I hate those horrid creature."

"Thank you Khellendros. I shall show no mercy and fight in your name."

"Autumn, Gunthar, met your other never general, Xackery Darkstone, and his dragon Deamonclaw. With these two, I beleive we shall win this battle. I am summoning more warriors to us as we speak."

*as Pyranthas*

Hearing all of this, Pyranthas sends a mental transmission to Thorn quickly warning him about the newcomers and those to come. He then looks at Gunthar and places his blade away.

"Perhaps it would be in my best interest not to fight someone as powerful as yourself. I am only here to fight for the Storm,"

He walks over to Autumn. "Is there anything I can do for you my Lady?"

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Bronzeblade Keep

10/12/2000 2:06 PM

Leaning back in her chair, one leg draped over the arm, she sips her wine and looks at Erric Darkblade in disgust thinking 'what a coward, or a sneaky son of a bitch'. She speaks, "Erric, you can fight Gunthar, that is what I would like," flicks Khellendros a glance, "May the best man win."

Nods at Gunthar, confident in his ability to slay this one who calls himself Darksteel. She knows him somehow, senses it, and the feeling makes her face flush and her anger sore. She hates not having control, she hates the doubt and trepidation she feels. She would like the honor herself, but right now, she prefers to sit back and enjoy the show.

Yawns as she studies the newcomers, Darkstone and Daemonclaw, then grows uneasy.

She snaps her fingers and her guards appear and stand behind her. She takes one's hand and kisses it, "Now that we are growing stronger with all of these fine, fine, fine warriors," keeps caressing the one guard's hand and then stretches her muscular form lazily, "I say, let us draw this red dragon (Sharkas) and his foolish followers to us. Then, we eat them whole," her body quakes momentarily at the thought of battle._____________

*walks on moss*

10/12/2000 2:24 PM

*As Pyranthas*

"As you wish..." Pyranthas says as he turns around. He doesn't reach for his blade. but he opens his legs and gets int a defensive stance. He holds his arms outward and grits his teeth.

"Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!" His power level grows quickly and then there is a flash of light around him as his power level grows faster and faster. He reaches the second stage of his super templar form and but keeps his guise of Erric Darksteel. He draws his blade and looks at Gunthar.

"Alright Lord Gunthar, let us fight. It is Autumn's wishes," He says as he spins his blade at a super sonic speed and then holds it to his right side. He stares at Gunthar and then floats into the air slightly. "Let the best man win... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!!!"

*As Khellendros*

"What the hell! Your power! Where did it all come from! What are you?!" He demands to Pyranthas.

*as Pyranthas*

"Me? I am nothing more than a simple Dark Templar!"

*as Khellendros*

Khellendros stares at Pyranthas with his mouth wide open.

"Stop the fight! Erric, you have the job as one of my generals."

*as Py*

"Thank you sir. You will not be let down," the templar says as he lands on the ground and then walks out of the room to an empty room which he claims as his own.

"I only hope I can keep up this disguise." he says to himself and then sits on the bed and meditates and communicates with the Thorn once again.

*as Xackery*

Xackery and Deamonclaw watch Pyranthas as he energizes.

"Interesting. I see he is a very powerful being. I have never senced his kind of energy before. It is very powerful," he hisses and then looks around and has a seat near Khellendros, and Deamonclaw is not far behind him.

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Bronzeblade Keep

10/14/2000 7:55 PM

*Gunthar watches Erric walk past with interest. he knew something was amist with this man. he was a dark templar, but a human? he would have to keep an eye out on this one. he spun around to look at his personal guards. feeling a bit irritated, he closed his eyes and they (him and his guards) were teleported to his chambers*

"Stand guard outside. All but you," he points to a young man. "You will be the lucky one to be taught today."

*the guards step outside and are glad as they hear the screams of pain comming from the one left inside*

10/15/2000 2:30 PM

Ignores Xackary and Daemonclaw, "Your Eminence," adresses Khellendros and runs a gloved finger along his knee, "Forgive me, but I must depart. I have busines to which I must attend," slithers out of her chair and her guards follow as she heads down the hallway.

Hears the cries of pain from Gunthar's quarters, "Ahhhh...the children of the night, what music they make," chuckles then grimmaces when her guards don't get the joke.

Stands on the balcony of her quarters and awaits the return of the spies she sent to seek out the red dragon.

She sees them approach, "Good, they have 5 blues with them now. Gunthar can claim one, as well as Erric," she spits that name.

The spies land and their leader enters the castle and finds Autumn, "My lady, the horses were lost to feed the dragons who have heard the great one Skie's summons," he shakes and nods and whispers with her for hours on the status of the great red dragon.

"Sharakas..." Autumn mutters and sighs, "He must be dispelled of," she paces and empties a bottle of wine. Many wine bottles litter the floor, and as she climbs out of bed she opens the door and makes a request of one of her guards, "Crucify him and the others he traveled with," snaps her head at her spy.

"Why?" her guard pleads.

Autumn slides back into her armor, "Why? Because he knows too much, and I trust NO ONE!" gives the guard a warning stare.

An hour later, Autumn sips her wine and stares blankly at the 8 crucified bodies on the desert plain, "They crossed His Eminence, The Storm Over Krynn! Remember this!" she shouts to the troops and stumbles back to her quarters.

Her guards look at each other silently and questionably. Their commander, Autumn, has lost her sanity, they suspect.

"Get Gunthar and Erric," she orders her guards, "We prepare the knights, the spawn, and the mins...all in Khellendros's honor," leaves her quarters and finds a spot on the castles front steps to sit and wait for Gunthar and Erric, always scheming, always coniving, "Rule the world," she moans, "Together, Khell and I will rule the world," her body shakes as she silently chuckles, then "IMMORTALITY!!!!" she bellows as she stands, her muscular figure pulsating beneath her armor._____________

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10/16/2000 12:15 PM

A red-robed figure slips quickly in the darkness, silently and cat-like.....and vanishes.

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10/16/2000 12:44 PM

*Pyranthas as Erric*
He hears the knight outside the room at the door. He walks to it on opens it.

"What do you want?" he askes.

"General Autumn asks that you meet her. We are geting ready for battle."

"Ok, I'll be right there. I need to grab my weapons," He says as he sends a telepatic message to the Thorn warning him about what is going to happen.

*as Khellendros*

I hear that Autumn is going into battle... maybe she should take my new allies with her.... he thinks to himself.
"Xackery and Deamonclaw, go meet Autumn outside and tell her that you are going with her. If she says elsewise, tell her that the Storm commands it."

*as Xackery*

Xackery looks up from his black hood and too Khellendros. His face unseen.

"Yes my lord. Come Deamonclaw," he hisses and then stands. The short drow and the dragon/human walks behind him towards the outside in seach of Autumn.

*As Sharakas*

"Brom... I sence something... I sence war is going to be coming... and I sence... there is a hunt for me."

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Bronzeblade Keep

10/16/2000 11:26 PM

Ghostbuster senses that more important matters should concern him now.With a prayer he transports himself to the Isle of the Irda,where the good dragons are massing against Khellendros.
He talks to their leader,Rodanthus the gold."Great gold,the armies of the evil Blue are preparing for battle.Prepare your people for war on short notice.Contact those of the Solmanic Knights who will join you."
"I shall stay with you until I recieve notice from Paladine or some other where and when Khellendros will attack,and then we will move to block him."
"Do not worry,I need no acamodations,and I know there are none here anyway.The ground is good enough for my kender body."


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10/17/2000 8:07 AM

*as Brom

Brom replies to the dragon in disguise, "Thenwemusthurry!" He raps on the door of the warehouse. A dwarf of normal build answers the door. He sees the gnome and flings the door open wide.
The two embrace and exchange greetings. Axelrod then looks at the gnome and sees the worry on his face. "What's wrong my good friend?" asks the dwarf.
"War is coming and I need your help," says Brom. "I need you to help me build flying machines. Can you do it?"
"If there's a war, I wouldn't want to be on any side but yours," proclaims the dwarf. "I will need to get supplies and a crew but I can leave tomorrow. Where are we headed?"
"The Silver Tower," replies the gnome. "My friend and I will take off ahead of you and we will see you there in a couple of days." With that the gnome gives out directions to the tower then turns to Sharakas, "We can go now, they may need us back at the tower."

*as the Thorn

The Thorn greets the dwarf. "Any help we can get would be appreciated. You have permission to shet up shop over by the tower. The elves will provide you with what protection they can. They are loyal, and you should have no troubles with them. You may even be able to some to help."
At this moment the silver robe receives Py's message. "More problems," he says to himself as he excuseshimself from his new companions presence. The mage heads back into the tower. On a piece of parchment he starts to write.

*as Kron

The elf become more and more lean, even for an elf. His usually healthy skin becomes palid and pale. He makes his way through the countryside and finally reaches the castle where The Storm has made his stronghold. He walks boldly up to the guards on duty and proclaims, "I have some information that your mighty lord might find useful." With that he offers his hands in a gesture of peace.

*as Axelrod

The dwarf round of a group of five other dwarves, mostly carpenters. They gather the raw materials that Brom requested and loaded them up into two wagons. With that, the chief engineer pulls out of his home to go to war.

10/17/2000 4:23 PM

*Gunthar hears a knocking on his door*


*a messenger comes in and delivers the message that Autumn awaits him on the front steps. he sends the messenger out as he prepares. he places a pouch on his dresser by his bed before leaving. on his way out he looks at his guards*

"You all may have free time to yourselves as I take care of business with Autumn."

*he walks off, leaving them there dumbfounded. he walks up to the steps to the castle and sees Autumn sitting on the steps, thinking. he smiles to himself and approaches*

"You rang?"

10/19/2000 12:22 PM

*as Xackery*

Xackery walks down the corrider followed by Deamonclaw. He finds Autumn and Gunthar.

"His lordship asks that I go with you General. I think you will find my skills and Deamonclaws skills very helpful," he hisses as he pushes back his hood to revel his elvish fetures with his black skin and red eyes. His hair is long and white. He smirks as they look at him. "Yes, I am elvish. I am from a race of dark elves known as the drow. All of my race is evil and we are some of the best assassins. I am known as the greatest amonst my people. I can use some magic and I am also good at getting imformation and getting items that could be of use to us or myself. Deamonclaw is unlike many dragons of his race. He is a magic user. He gave up many of his abilities in order to study magic like many wizards do. He has become very powerful and I when I first met him a hundred years ago, I witnessed him use his magic and destroy a whole city of elves. It was wonderful watching him destroy those horrid creatures."

*as Pyranthas*

Pyranthas walks up behind them all listening in on the converation. While he listens he takes mental note on Xackery. He's going o be a tough one I think. He is going to be a very tough adversary. He then speaks up.

"Autumn, what am I to ride? am I to ride dragon? or am I to go on foot?" He asks the warlady. He then wits for her answer.

*As Sharakas*

"Lets go Brom we need to get back to the Tower quickly," he says as he hurries outside and starts running towards the outskirts of the town. As he runs he starts transforming into his true form and then leaps into the air and grabs hold of brom, placing him on his back. and flies towards the tower.

*as Thoras*

The dwarf heads upstairs and starts setting up shop. Once everything is set up he begins to start making weapons right away. He makes swords, axes and arrow heads. he also works on shields and starts taking orders on armer and starts making suits of armor. He works night and day getting veryy little rest.

*as Khellendros*

Khellendos uses his clairvoyancy and hears Krom mention about information. He telepots himself to Krom.
"Come with me sir. I beleive I can help you. I am Khellendros. How may I help you?"

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Bronzeblade Keep

10/20/2000 10:50 AM

*as Kron

Kron looks at The Storm with awe. He then gains his composure. "I have some information that I think could be helpful for you but I want something in return," states the elf. "My wife was killed, and I want the man who did it to her. In exchange, I can tell you about your foes. Where they are located, who they are, what they plan. Do we have a deal?"

*as Brom

Brom does not enjoy the ride back to the tower. Something is wrong, and the dragon senses it. This causes the gnome to worry about his friend headed toward the tower. Maybe he shouldn't have gotten Axelrod involved.

*as Axelrod

The dwarf's caravan progesses steadily. The should reach the tower in several days if they didn't run into any trouble. Finally, though, he was going to see some action, just like his great uncle Jasper once had.

*as the Thorn

The silver robe sat in his library alone. He was beginning to worry. He hadn't heard from Ghostbuster about their dragon allies, Kron hadn't sent word of the elves standing, the gnome and the red weren't back yet, and none of his wizard friends had contacted him. Things were not going as planned. It might be time to change strategy, thinks the Thorn. He walked over to one of the shelves and pulled a book off. Elemental Control. Maybe this could be of use.

10/20/2000 1:09 PM

Ghostbuster surveys the massed mettalic dragons and Solmanic Knights with pride.He had helped obtain a few dragonlances,and those with Knights were mounting them on the saddals.
He walks up to Rodanthus,the only gold without a rider,and mounts him."Let us go to to The Thorn and tell him of your mobilazation.And perhaps he will need your magical help for his tasks."
The Gold agrees,and flys quickly under the kender clerics direction to the Silver Tower.Once there,the old gold takes kender form to honour Ghostbuster and both descend to find the silver mage.


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10/22/2000 2:17 PM

Smiles at Gunthar, "I most certainly did," she points out to the desert planes, "See that enormous Blue out there? Her name is Midnight. She is your new mount. I wait for Khellendros," leans closer, "This Erric, as he calls himself...I am suspicious of him. Help me to keep an eye on him, he isn't..." searches for the word, "True...I sense it, he could be our downfall."

Sees 'Erric' approach and hushes up, "What do you ride, knight?" ponders this, "You ride with me," scowls at him, "The troops are preparing to ride...the knights, the mins, and the spawn. We are to follow our spies directions and find that red dragon...and kill it and all who are following him."

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10/22/2000 5:28 PM

*as Pyranthas*

Using his hearing that is far superior to any human or for that matter elf, he heres what Autumn says. When he gets to her and listens to her instructions he smirks and says, "But of course my General. I wouldn't have it any other way."

*as Khellendros*

"Please, tell me this news. I would be glad to help you Krom. I am getting ready to start my attack so this could be very helpful to me." Khellendros says to Krom.


"I will be waiting for you outside General Autumn," the dark elf hisses. As he walks outside, he pulls out some special glasses and then places them on. They are dark lensed so the sun won't penitrate the lenses and bother his light sensitive eyes. They walk to a small field and he and Deamonclaw looks around.

"Change forms Deamonclaw."

The dragon/human transforms into his true form. A black dragon of enomous size. Much bigger than most Great Blacks. Deamonclaw was nearly as large as Khellendros himself, except he was a little sleeker.

Xackery climbs onto the neck of his great mount and waits for the others to come.

*As Sharakas*

Sharakas flies with great haste to the Silver Tower and actually casts a Haste spell on himself so he would get there quicker. he lands then and bellows.

"We are back Thorn. They going to start the battle my friend. They are coming and they want me.... I will not let them defeat me. I maybe a good wrym, but I am a Red. I will not let a lesser dragon take me down. I will fight these dragons to the very end. I wish to lead the fight back at them!"

10/23/2000 3:14 PM

*as Thorin*

The Mountain dwarf works hard and to the point of exaustion. As he finishes his last sword, he tumbles to the ground with exaustion from not eating or sleeping for a week.

*as Sharakas*

He starts becoming restless and clawwing at the ground. He snarls and flexes his wings.

"I have been hidden long enough! I shall no longer hide. I say we attack them first. Let's get in touch with the Templar and start the attack. If nobody is ready to, then I shall go on a solo attack on my own. I shall show those mere wrymlings the power of a great wrym. My spells are much more plentiful than Khellendros, for I am a red, the most powerful of all the dragons of my kind. I am the oldest of my kind. I am Sharakas, the Volcano of Krynn!"

He then takes off flying towards the Khellendros's area. He roars with vengance.

"I shall never hide again. I shall protect this world from Khellendros and his folly!"

*as Khellendros*

Khellendros sences the red coming towards his domain. He can sence his power.

"This... red... he is powerful... very powerful. I have senced his power before... It is that traitior Sharakas! The one who betrayed the Queen. He shall suffer! I am sorry Krom, but I must kill a traitior. This red has grown in stregth since the last time I met him, and i too have grown. I am not the dragon he thinks I am.

*as Deamonclaw and Xackery*

"Master Xackery... I sence a very powerful dragon coming. It is a great wrym... a red... We are going to need to be careful my lord reds are very powerful..."

"Nothing I can't handle," Xackery says.

"You will soon be surprised my lord. There is nothing worse than a angry red dragon... except maybe a tarrasque... especially when it is a renegade."

10/24/2000 10:58 AM

*as the Thorn

The Thorn shouts to the great red, "Wait! We have allies who can help. Stop, please," a hint of desperation in his voice. Hoping the dragon heard him he turns to find Ghostbuster. Word of his return had spread around the tower and through the camp outside. Locating the kender, the mage listen to his and the mighty gold's report. "We must try to coordinate our attacks with the red. If we let the red take the brunt of the attack, the metallic dragons could shred Skie's armies from the sides. Is this acceptable?" asks the silver robe.

*as Kron

"As you wish might lord. I will wait until you deal with your problem and then brief you in full. Then I will have my revenge," spits the elf.

*as Brom

After landing, the Brom headed straight for the tower. While looking for the Thorn, the gnome notices a dwarf, similar to his friend, passed out next to a forge. Carefully moving him, Brom places the exhausted Thorin in a bed in the tower. His workstation would be great for when his friends arrived. He just hoped Axelrod would be here soon.

10/24/2000 1:55 PM

"Yes,it is acceptble.I now contact my mate,who leads the metalics in my absence."says Rodanthus.
Mate of Gold,war is at hand.Hide our forces under invisiblty spells and come to this location.
The gold transmits telephaticlly a map showing the area Sharakas has just flown off to,charting his movements and destanation.
Do it quickly,love!
The Golds mate gathers the mettalics,and per Rodanthus's orders,they procced quickly to where they were ordered,hoping to arrive on time.


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10/24/2000 6:38 PM

*Gunthar looks at the blue dragon and smiles a bit*

"Thank you lord Autumn. I shall keep that in mind..." he bows and walks off and mounts the blue dragon Midnight. "We will go far together, m'lady." he says telepathically to the dragon. "Just be careful and do exactly as I say." he strokes her neck and looks at Erric. he closes his eyes and concentrates on him. he seems much different than everyone else in the camp...the energies he gives off are not quite the same...

10/25/2000 7:41 AM

*as Sharakas*

The great red sees the army head. Before they can spot him, he polymorphs into cardnial and flies over head of the army and then casts a spell of invisibility. He changes forms as he hovers above the army below. He then sucks in a mouth full of air and then flames gush out of his mouth and he becomes visible. He roasts many knights, catching them by surprise and with a look of fear on their faces. Panic sets in on these warriors as he attacks them with his great tail snapping it at them and roasting them in their plate armor. He can sence a black come. A very powerful black.

*as Deamomclaw and Xackery at the time of the attack*

Xackery watches over the troops and then all of the sudden sees flames shoot out of the air and the giant red appear. He watches many dark knights die. Deamonclaw instantly flies forward towards the red.

"Deamonclaw, is that the red you senced?"

"Yes... he is much more powerful that I thought. He has lived a long time and I need to strike fast inorder to destroy him."

Deamonclaw casts a darkness spell at Sharakas, but the red great wryms natural magic resistance repels the spell. The two dragons circle each other in the air.

"So... great red, you must be Sharakas the traitior," Deamoncalw hisses to Sharakas.

"I was once know as that, but now I am Sharakas, the Volcano of Doom!" He roars and then swings his tail around and strikes the smaller black in the head and then rakes his claws through his wings. Deamon claw goes to attack back with his acid breath weapon, but he can not for he feels his throat being clamped shut. Not by the red's jaws, but by a powerful spell. Xackery stares that the red. He can not beleive it is defeating Deamonclaw. Deamonclaw has always been undefeated.

Xackery stands up and then climbs up Deamonclaw's neck and gets ready to leap onto the red. Sharakas sencing this, He then unleases a breath of flames at the blacks wings, burning them. He watches them shrivel as his flames melt away the membraine on the black's right wing. Xackery ducks as he feels the heat run over him. He feels Deamonclaw start to plummet.

Deamonclaw finally able to breathe, and knowing that he is falling, casts a flying spell and manages to keep himself from smashing into the ground. He knows his manuves have been cut and he cant do the things he would be able to do, so to keep the red at bay, he unleashes a blast of acid at the giant red. As he does this, Sharakas releases a blast of fire from him toothy maw and the two breaths colide and explode as they come together.

Sharakas circles the black and his rider and then climbs straight up into the clouds and casts an invisiblity spell on himself to gain the upperhand. He then flies behind the black and then casts mirror image. The illusion of the red is infront of the black. The black goes to attack the red, but as he flies towards the illusions, Sharakas lets out a roar and breathes the hotest blast of flames he can and strikes the black in the middle of his back. The flames melt Deamonclaw's skin away from his back and strikes his neck also. The bigger red flies in at the black and slams his razor sharp claws into the blacks back and starts tearing his back to peaces. He sees the small drow. Before the drow can do anything to react, such as draw his sword, Sharakas snaps his jaws at the drow assassain and snaps the warrior in two. He spits out his torso and then goes back to work at killing the black. Before the black hits the ground, Sharakas begins taking the blacks life energy from him, purging his spirit into his own body, feeling himself grow stronger. He stands victorious above this black and then lets out a roar.


10/25/2000 10:43 AM

Pyranthas hears the roar of the the mighty red.

"Sounds like that must be your red Autumn," the Templar says with a smirk. "Looks like he came to us."

*as Khellendros and Sharakas*

Khellendros storms outside as he hears the red.
The mighty rid stand up on his two hind feel and starts walking towards the castle, crushing any knight below him and flings them with his mighty tail. He stops and looks at Khellendros.

"I challenge you to a duel!"

Sharakas sences Pyranthas nearby.

Khellendros looks at the red and frowns. This red was much more powerful than he thought. He destroyed a very powerful black with out getting a mere scratch. The red was also a hundred foot longer himself. He senced something about this red... Something familiar... could it be... yes... this red purged the stregth of another dragon. Now if Khellendros won, he would be twice as powerful as before. This red was very powerful.

Khellendros leaps into the air and then transforms with a flash of light.


The great blue then lands infront of the castle infront of Pyranthas and Autumn.

Pyranthas runs up Khellendros, tail and then sits down in the saddle. He now waits for Autumn. As he waits he sends a message to Thorne about what is going to happen and what his planes are that when they are in mid air, he will leap onto Sharakas and join the battle against Khellendros. He also let Sharakas know of his plans.

"We shall start as soon as my other rider gets on me. Autumn, come forth. There is to be no interferance from anyone during this battle. It is this red, my riders and myself."

10/26/2000 6:58 AM

Smiles at Gunthar, "Take no prisoners, kill them all when they arrive."

The troops take positions, spreading across the desert planes. The mins and the spawn on the outer reaches, eyes on the sky for they know now, as spies have informed them, that good dragons may be involved at some point.

Autumn grabs her helm and mounts Khellendros. She turns back to 'Erric', "What were you doing just now? I hope that was a prayer of some sort," her eyes turn to slits behind her helm as she studies Erric.

After a moment, Autumn faces forward and caresses the great dragon's neck, her sword pressing into her leg as she does this, the metal lending her strength, "To the sky, Eminence," she is prepared to die for this dragon who is master of her heart and her soul.

Once she readies herself mentally for battle, she concentrates once more on Erric...who is he, why is he here. She makes a decision. She will kill that man, the one who calls himself Erric. He will die at her hands the moment the truth of his being seeps thru. She knows him somehow. She is certain that he is a threat...she knows this like she knows her own name._____________

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10/26/2000 10:49 AM

*as Axelrod

Axelrod and his caravan finally reach the tower. They are greeted by Brom, who thanks them for their haste. Brom tells the dwarf that there is a shop already set up where they can start. Axelrod marshels up his crew to unpacking. They quickly get started, as war is about to break out.

*as Brom

The gnome watches his dragon friend depart. This was the maddest he'd ever seen him. Seeing Axelrod approach, the gnome greets his long-time friend. He explains they have a work station ready to go. He helps get things in order then oversees the creation of his invention.

*as Kron

The renegade elf watches the great blue depart. There was much riding on this, and he needed the blue to win. Climbing through the towers parapet, Kron got to a place where he could follow the ensuing battle and even help if necessary. He strung his bow up and got ready for the action.

*as the Thorn

The Thorn received Py's message. This was a battle they had to win. To end the threat of Skie so quickly could be crucial in stopping the disturbance elsewhere. The mage went to his lab. He collected his scrying bowl, some spell components, and two books. He headed to the roof of the tower, where he would watch the battle in his bowl and help if he could.

10/26/2000 12:10 PM

*Gunthar looked at the face-off between Sharkas and Khellendros. the two largest dragons he'd ever seen. it was quite a sight to behold. he looked to the skies surrounding the camp. they were much too bright for his liking, so he waved his hand in an arc above his head. the skies darkened and a wall of black surrounded the camp. shadows crept over the camp, giving the illusion of hundreds more soldiers walking through the camp. they were mere shadows though...or were they? they seemed to have a life all their own, dancing and flitting through the camp, watching every corner, surveying every surface. Gunthar smiled to himself*

"Come Midnight, we shall watch the fight from the top of the battlements atop the castle."

*Midnight leapt with sleek grace and power. they flew to the top of the castle and perched to watch the ensuing fight between the two mighty dragons*

"We are not part of this fight. Just watch to make sure that everyone else agrees with that point. We can not have anyone tipping the scales in favour of Sharkas, now can we?"

*Midnight shook her head in agreement. they kept a close eye out for anyone trying to intefere with Khellendros's fight*

10/26/2000 1:31 PM

The mettalic dragons had arrived in time to hear Sharakas's challenge and Khellendross's acceptence.They too will let the duel decide the fate of them.
They circle the army of Khell,masked by powerful invisiblty spells,and ready to fight shoult the other side try cheating.


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10/26/2000 3:28 PM

*as the two dragons*

Both Khellendros and Sharakas takes to the air. The circle each other and Khellendros is the first to attack. He spits forth a lightning bolt and purposely misses the great red. The large red stare at him he suddenly flies straight up into the air and casts a mirror image spell. While he hides in the clouds for a few second. The illusion flies down at Khellendros and shoots forth a gout of fire. Khellendros stares at the illusion and laughs.

"You will have to do better than that red!" Khellendros yells just a he is smacked in the head with Sharaka's tail.

"You were saying?" the larger red says as he smacks him across the head.

*as Pyranthas*

Pyranthas gets ready and he then takes his fist and drives it into the back of Autumn's head. He jumps to his feet and the leaps into the air and lands on Khellendros head and draws his sword.

"I'll attack this red, Storm..." he saws as he slices off Khellendros's other horn. The horn starts to fall, but It is then pulled to Pyranthas's hand and he holds it. He grins and then changes into his true form.

The Templar leaps into the air and floats and then grabs hold of Sharakas's neck.

"Now let's have a real fight! Dragon with rider versus Dragon with rider!" He holds the horn and the touches his blade to it and it is envelloped into the blade. He holds the sword out across him and then spins it and a fire ball is projected from the blade down below at the minotaurs, causing a big enough explosion to kill five of the beasts. The Templar looks up and stares a the Storm.

"Your supposed to be dead. I killed you once, and I'll do it again."

10/26/2000 6:16 PM

*Gunthar looks at Pyranthas and refrains from hitting himself in the head. he KNEW he wasnt who he claimed to be. he draws his sword and is about to charge forth to defend Khellendros, but decides otherwise*

"Khellendros can keep his own." he says aloud to reassure himself.

*he looks out to the outskirts to watch for oncomming attacks. he notices some wavering in the darkness wall he set up...something was comming through, he knew it*

"To arms soldiers! We are under siege!"

*he takes to the skies on Midnight and forces the shadow wall to contort around the invaders, effectively blinding them momentarily. the forces gather arms and are scattered throughout the camp, but ready for combat. Gunthar draws his sword, Nyghtburner, and casts a spell of shadow on him and his mount so that they seem like only a black shadow, gliding across the black sky, making them essentially invisible to the others as he relentlessly charges towards the ranks of the metallic dragons*

10/27/2000 11:59 AM

*as Kron

Kron sees his only chance to gain vengence in trouble. One of the generals had betrayed the might blue. The man floated in air and waved a sword. Kron knew he had to help. He kissed his arrow tip and let it fly. Maybe he could take down the backstabber.

*as the Thorn

The Thorn watches the whole scene. On the edge of the battle he sees a man atop a blue wave his hand and disappear along with the dragon. Suddenly all the metallics were visible. The silver robe cast a spell, removing all the previous spells on the battlefield. Now everyone would be visible and his side would have the advantage of being ready.

*as Brom

They had completed several units. Noticing that Axelrod had gotten down the procedures to make their secret weapons, he took several of the elves from outside to start training them how to use the items.

*as Axelrod

Axelrod learned how to make the aparatus pretty quickly. Letting Brom know this, he took over construction of the items.

10/29/2000 7:44 AM

*Gunthar blinked as the darkness was lifted. He made Midnight climb suddenly to force any opponents to look to the bright sky to try to find him, while he would look down upon them. He came to and looked down just in time to see an arrow fly at him. He smiled slightly to himself as it hit his thick breastplate and dematerialized*

"Know this, none can defeat the Shadow Knight Gunthar!"

*he raised his massive sword and pointed it towards a bronze dragon. a bolt of purest black shot forth and struck the dragon square in the chest. the impact threw the dragon back into the ranks of its comrades and left a huge gaping hole from which its internal organs freely dripped out of. it would not have long to live. Gunthar gave a howling laughter as he looked around at the dragons. his troops would be ready for combat now, the battle would begin. Midnight dove straight towards the ranks of metallic dragons, spitting a bolt of lightning and hitting a silver square in the face, saudering its eyelids shut. he swung his sword to the side and a wave of darkness swept across a rank of dragons, putting them to sleep instantly*

"Is there any amongst you who would be a challenge?!" he roared, ready for a good fight. It had been so long since he'd had the thrill of battle. He felt it once again, and it felt very good.

11/13/2000 9:56 AM

The Thorn watches everting through his scrying dish. The battle was a stalemate, and could rage on forever. Who knew how the tides would turn or when, all he could do was watch and add his strength here and there.

11/13/2000 10:42 AM

Rodanthus and Ghostbuster had flown since the battle had started,and as Gunthar makes his challenge, they arrive.
"We are here,oh evil one!Beware as two of Good aproach!"says the great Gold,and he fires a fast fireball at Midnight.
Meanwhile,the other good dragons fan out, battling with the few chromatics in the air and battling with battilions on the ground.The short time it takes for the chromatics to get to the aair is costing Khellendros's army greatly.

"Observe the spider, how patiently he weaves his web.Then squash the sucker."-Garfield

11/14/2000 6:51 AM

With the arrival of Ghostbuster, the scale tips slightly in the favor of good. The Thorn had to do something to make it tip more. He begins casting a spell that could aid Ghostbuster in his battle with the unholy Gunthar.

11/15/2000 1:40 PM

*Gunthar eyes the fireball comming at him unenthusiastically. Midnight barrel rolls to avoid the spell, but is barely singed on the tip of her left wing. Midnight ignores the minor injury and dives towards Rodanthus. Gunthar closes his eyes and concentrates. They seem to vanish in thin air, long seconds pass before he rematerializes behind Rodanthus and Ghostbuster. Midnight lets loose a lightning bolt at the unaware duo. Gunthar smiles as he readies Nyghtburner*

11/16/2000 11:12 AM

The lightning bolt bounces off a protective barrier. The Thorn had completed his globe of invulnerability around the gold and it's rider. Now they had the upper hand in the battle.

11/17/2000 8:47 AM

Rodanthus braces himself for the bolt.As it doesn't come,he realises what had happened.
Ghostbuster studys the globe,and discovers a small fact The Thorn had ovrlooked.The globe couldn't move,and now neither could they,even to stay aloft.
The Dragon and rider fall together to the ground,landing with a crash but unhurt.Rodanthus tries a fireball at Gunthar,but the dark knight is to far away."Damn it Thorn!"comes the cry from both dragon and rider.

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11/17/2000 6:04 PM

*Gunthar watches confusedly as the lightning bolt bounces off and then the dragon and rider plummet to the ground. he hears a cry comming from the falling duo, something about a 'thorn'. Gunthar knew not what they were talking about, but thought it had something to do with the bolt bouncing off*

"This....could turn out to be an interesting battle."

*Gunthar wheels around to get a better view of them while the dust clears and looks down at them. once the dust cloud was blown out by the wind, he store right into the face of Ghostbuster. he knew he should have taken advantage of their folly while they were falling, but he gave them time to recuperate and the battle was once again in balance*

"You will regret ever having crossed the great Khellendros!"

*Gunthar holds Nyghtburner at one side and dives at them, keeping an eye out for anyone else trying to intervene with their fight*

11/18/2000 1:56 PM

Ghostbuster concentrates enough pure Good power on the surounding globe to make a large hole in it,large enough for Rodanthus to fly out of,as he does.
Ghostbuster nods respectfully at the other rider,then hurridly directs Rodanthus to get out of Gunthars dive.Now the Gold is above the dark knight and his dragon,and dives in turn.Ghostbuster ready to paraylaze Gunthar by the power of Paladine,though he knows most chances are that the curse will fail.

... Jesus cried with a loud voice: Lazarus, come forth; the bug hath been
found and thy program runneth. And he that was dead came forth...
-- John 11:43-44 [version 3.0]

11/18/2000 4:38 PM

*Midnight swiftly turned off course and gained altitude to hopefully evade any attacks Rodanthus or Ghostbuster may have performed. Gunthar and Midnight wheeled around to face gold dragon and rider face to face*

"You are a skilled warrior..." he began as he felt some sort of pressure along his body. "Your simple cantrip will not affect me."

*Gunthar grinned and pointed Nyghtburner at Ghostbuster*

"Time for the real show to begin..."

*Gunthar and Midnight dissapeared, soon followed by Rodanthus and Ghostbuster. they then reappear over the sea of blood*

"There...now we may be able to fight without interruption."

*Gunthar urged Midnight on a frontal assault. Midnight was quite a bit smaller than the massive Rodanthus, but her agility would prove to be quite an asset in this oncomming close combat. Gunthar prepared Nyghtburner for a strike to Rodanthus's flank as they neared the lawful duo*

11/19/2000 1:19 PM

As he and Rodanthus find themselves above the blood sea,magiclly teleported in an instant,Ghostbuster admits that his enemy is powerful.But not as powerful as he.He hopes.
The kender cleric summons a mace of pure light from the power of Paladine,and blocks Gunthar's potenitely injuring blow.He doesn't have to guide Rodanthus,the gold could take care of himself.
Ghostbuster jumps over on to Midnights back,readying his light mace for this hand to hand battle.__________________________________________________

... Jesus cried with a loud voice: Lazarus, come forth; the bug hath been
found and thy program runneth. And he that was dead came forth...
-- John 11:43-44 [version 3.0]

11/20/2000 5:21 PM

*Gunthar gets up out of the seat to face the intruder*

"I see you come to face me on my grounds....heheheh. You are a brave little one, I grant you that."

*Gunthar draws Nyghtburner, longer than Ghostbuster is tall. he moves his head to the side a bit as Rodanthus's claw comes whizzing by where his head was. though he wasn't facing Rodanthus, he could sense his movements. Gunthar nodded and Midnight went into a series of barrell rolls. Gunthar moved his greaves into holds on the saddle made for just such occassions as Ghostbuster had to fight gravity, then regain his balance on the twisting dragon. Gunthar looked down at his opponent*

"This will be like taking candy from a baby."

*Gunthar draws Nyghtburner back and swings it in a wide arc that forces Ghostbuster to take a step back or risk getting cleaved in two*

11/21/2000 11:12 AM

The Thorn loses the two battling dragons from his sight. The rest of the battle was waging on, but from the looks of it, the sides of good would prevail. Brom and his gliding brigade of elves had arrived and were wrecking havok on the ground troops. A contingent of dwarves had arrived and were fighting as fiercely as anyone. The silver robe cast several spells to help against the dragons then turned his attention to locating Ghostbuster.

11/22/2000 2:37 PM

Ghostbuster backs off a few steps,then parries Nyghtburner with his light mace,holding it still,but barely,and still on shaky ground.He hurridly sends a mental call to Rodanthus.
The gold bashes head first into the smaller blue dragon,who is busy rolling,pushing Ghostbuster off Midnight and on to the gold,and making Gunthar swing on his ankle straps.
Ghostbuster quickly takes advantage of Gunthars discomture and turns his light mace into a light lasso,catching the evil knight in a strangle hold which increases as Rodanthus flys around and around the blue.


... Jesus cried with a loud voice: Lazarus, come forth; the bug hath been
found and thy program runneth. And he that was dead came forth...
-- John 11:43-44 [version 3.0]

11/29/2000 10:07 AM

Pyranthas watches the battle go on and then looks at Autumn sitting on the back of Khellendros. He powers up to his full potental as a Templar and then release a small energy blast at the human warrior.

Sharakas blows fire from his mouth at Khellendros and Khellendros fires lightning from his mouth. The two breaths collide and explode. The two dragons almost match in power.

"Hey Autumn, you want me? Come and get me!" Pyranthas yells and then leaps off Sharakas and flies to the ground and waits for Autumn.

11/29/2000 6:52 PM

*Gunthar watches Rodanthus and Ghostbuster circle him and Midnight. he forces himself not to laugh*

"Did you really think you could hold a shadow? How naieve."

*Gunthar closes his eyes and he and Midnight turn black as night. they glide out of the magical lasso and soar high into the clouds, where they are indistinguishable. several moments pass as the tension increases, this is an equal battle and will all depend upon strategy. as Rodanthus and Ghostbuster were watching the clouds, they hear a loud splash below them. they look down just in time to catch a glimpse of a flash of light off steel, the steel of Nyghtburner heading straight for Rodanthus's neck*

11/30/2000 2:31 PM

The Thorn realizes the battle is pointless. Neither team can win, because neither team will ever give up.

12/02/2000 2:27 PM

Rodanthus tries to catch Nyghtburner in his claws,and almost succeds,catching the mace before it can do more then wound the gold.
The dragon then does a sudden twist,sending Nyghtburner plumeting and throwing his tail straight at Midnight's snout.

We're sorry,but the planet called 'Earth' is due for destruction.Please evacuate this world in ten seconds...nine...eight...seven...six...five...four...three...two...one.
Thank you for listening,and have a nice death.

12/05/2000 2:58 PM

*Midnight is struck in the snout before she can realize what exactly is going on. she loses balance and begins to fall, throwing the unaware Gunthar off the saddle. the shadow knight flies off to prevent Nyghtburner from submerging in the tempestrous waters. he grabs onto the hilt and looks over to see his mount dive headlong into the waters. he dives into the waters after his dragon and is soon lost in the swirling red waters*

12/07/2000 6:32 AM

Ghostbuster stares as both Gunthar and his dragon fall to the water."That was almost too easy..."he says to Rodanthus."Shall we head back to battle?"
Receiving a nod in return,the kender cleric goes into a trance for a while to gather enough power to teleport the gold and himself to the battlefield.


I've seen better organized creatures than you running around barnyards with their heads cut off.

12/11/2000 5:03 PM

As Pyranthas watches the battle from the sky, he sees something coming from the horizan from the north. He stare at it. It is one singular figure. He can not tell what. He floats into the air towards it, forgetting the battle that is going on. A blue dragon goes to attack him, he simply releases an energy blast at its head and keeps on floating towards this figure. Was this figure friend or foe? He couldn't quite tell.

He closes his eyes and readies up a shield around himself to protect him from the battle so he can communicate.

What are you? He asks.

I am a messenger from another plane. I am here to tell you that a war ever greater than this one is getting ready to take place. This war will be over the total control of the planet. The Dark Templar are going to make their way into thisworld very quickly. The people of this plane are not trained enough to with stand their attacks. There is only a few who could even hope to. I sence one of them is you. Another is a Kender. There is a mage and a few dragons. There is also a female human warrior and knight who might be able to make a stand. Other than that, your plane is doomed. They are getting ready to open the gates to this land. Beware Pyranthas Bronzeblade beware. You need to stop this war and bring everyone together as one. Only you can do it. I must be gone now. I wish you luck Templar.

With that the figure was gone, only to leave the Templar with this warning. He opens up his eyes. He looks around at the battling and starts to become angered. He begins to energize to his full potential. As he does, he takes on physical changes that he has never take on before. He develops feathery wings out of his back and his skin turns a pale blue. His leather jacket melds into him and forms armor. It is not black like his jacket, but armor made of shining platium. His blonde hair turns to white and his eyes turn gold. His slender body becomes a little stockier and more heavily muscled. He has moved on to his next stage of his race.

He is no longer a Templar, but now an Arch-Templar. A being that is the true adult form of the Templar, and their most powerful form. They could bring their power levels so incredibly high that they could destroy planets. Pyranthas has had dreams about this day. Dreams of getting into this form. He has studied and read about it on his secret isle where he had been hiding for about 15 years.

He looks at himself in awe. He then looks around at the battle and then lets down the shield. He flies on his untried wings and manges to float and finally get use to them enough to fligh high into the clouds. He then dives straight down like an eagle and then climbs straight up and spreads his arms and releases a massive amount of energy in the form of lightning.

"Listen to me people of Krynn. This world will soon be in danger and there will be nothing we can do to stop it if we are fighting against each other. We need to all band together to stop this threat against our planet, our home. The Tanar'ri a lost race that inhabits the Abyss will come forth and destroy our home. we need to bad together on this. I do not know if anyone else saw the messenger that I talked to, but he told me of some so people that would be our worlds chance. These people are as followed, Ghostbuster, the Thorn, Gunthar and his mount, Autumn the Warrior, Khellendros, Sharakas, Rodanthus and myself. I heard of this legend fifteen years ago, but I did not know it was to come true. I was also saw this in a vision. I was to be the leader of this opposing force. We all need to ban together, or nobody shall rule the world. I beg of all of you to stop this fighting. We need to band together and make a stand. Please listen to me. Ghostbuster, show me your kindness and help me protect out home. Thorn, you told me once you would help me in this battle. That goes to you too Autumn. Khellendros, hold off your petty battle for control of this world until after this war we will have. There is no sence in ruling a dead world. Sharakas, lend me your might in this battle come. Everyone lend me your support and fight for your world. Fight for your homeland. Show these Tanar'ri that we will not go down as easy as they think. Let show them that we know how to fight!" Pyranthas says and flaps his feathery wings in the air. "Will you all join me[Edited by Pyranthas at Monday December 11, 2000 5:24 PM]

12/12/2000 10:48 AM

The Thorn hears Py's call from his tower. It was strong, stronger then he had ever heard before. It was true, he had told the templar he would help in this battle, thought the silver robed mage.

"I will help, my friend," whispers the Thorn, knowing that Py will hear him regardless. It was time to prepare, and there were several things he needed to collect.

12/12/2000 8:32 PM

"The Thorn is with me! Who else is with me?" Pyranthas yells.

Sharakas turns and tail slaps Khellendros in the head. He then lets out a roar and says, "I am with you mighty Templar! Khellendros, there is no sence in this war. Why would you want to rule a dead world?"

12/15/2000 7:24 PM

"Hmm, so they do come." Gunthar though to himself. He had heard whispers of these dark beings. So dark even the legions of shadow ran from them.

*Gunthar, riding Midnight, emerges from the depths of the Blood Sea. Red foam sprays from Midnight's nostrils as she takes a deep breath. Gunthar glances at the Ghostbuster and his mount. He was indeed mighty. Perhaps Pyranthas was right, they were needed if the Tanar'ri were to be stopped. Gunthar stands atop Midnight's back and looks at Ghostbuster*

"You heard what the Templar had to say. He is right, no one wants to rule a deceased world. Perhaps our bout shall be postponed until after this excursion."

*Gunthar waves his hand in a broad arc, and he and Ghostbuster waver out of existance only to reappear before Pyranthas*

"Templar Knight...I may not be inclined to fight with you, but it is inevitable if victory is to be attained. I shall put aside my grudges...for now. But know this: once we have driven the mad Tanar'ri away, you shall follow them."

12/18/2000 7:37 AM

The Thorn had found part of what he needed to stop the dark templar. A special staff, lost for a while but now found again. A staff that once belonged to a very powerful mage until that mage left this plane of existence. His master's staff, Kistar Dragonstar's staff. Now if he could just find the other object.

01/08/2001 5:38 PM

Pyranthas looks from Gunthar, to Autumn and Khellendros, to the the Kender and the Gold. Who else will join?

*as Khellendros*

Khellendros looks at the Arch Templar in his new form and thinks about the situation.

"Let's see Pyranthas... I will only join forces with you under two conditions. Autumn is willing to join, and two if we win this war, the lands shall all be under my control."

"I can not decide the fate of all of the people of Krynn. I am merely a defender of the people, but if it means that you are willing to join forces to win this battle," Pyranthas sighs, "then I shall go along with it for the time being, but do not think that yu will not be opposed Khellendros, because I shall do everything in my power to free the world."

"Ok, deal. I will looking forward to battling you in the future Templar. I will enjoy ripping those white feathery wings off from you. Autumn, the decision is up to you now."

Pyranthas, Sharakas, and Khellendros looks at the female dragon rider.

"Autumn, I know we have not always go along in the past, but there was a time where we were friendly. Remember the Templar Isle? I saw the good that was in you. I know your skills as a fighter. You are a have a very good sword arm. The fate of the world rests in your hands human warrior," Pyranthas says and lands on the back of Sharakas.

01/08/2001 8:44 PM

Whispers to Khellendros, "May I have his head when you are finished with his wings?" settles back into the dragon saddle.

"I will have my eyes on you, Pyranthas..."

Urges Khellendros forward, stoking his neck.

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01/08/2001 9:11 PM

"Good. Now that this has been decided upon, let us get ready for this up coming war. We all need to work on our skills. We are Krynn's only hope. I fear if we do not better our skills, then we will fail," Pyranthas says as he lowers his head and then looks to the North. He looks at the others. "What do all of you say?"

01/09/2001 6:53 AM

The Thorn had no reply, already knowing he needed improvement. Even for a great mage, there was always someone better. But, before he could hone his skills, there was another object he had to locate first.

01/09/2001 1:17 PM

*Gunthar followed Pyranthas's gaze northward. he knew his powers were vastly increased by controlling the powers of shadow, but that still may not be enough to stop these creatures. he was a master of the elements fire, water, earth, wind, and shadow. if there were more for him to master, his power would increase accordingly. the only problem: where to search for these elements to master?*

01/09/2001 5:35 PM

Feels her bones creak, then urges Khellendros up and practices some manuveurs with him, "We'll triumph, Eminence," looks back at Pyranthas are follows his gaze.

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01/09/2001 7:55 PM

A vision comes to Pyranthas. He jumps quickly and spions around.

"We have two weeks before the attack. I know of only one way of us truely reaching to skills we will need in order to defeat these beings... We will need to portal jump. We need to jump into a dimension were time moves much faster than here on Krynn. I am sure the Thorn must know of a plane and have a device that would protect us from aging. I know any human would not want to learn enough skills and techniqes that would normally take a dozen years or so to master and receive the age along with it," He says as he looks at Autumn. He continues, "Myself, I age at a much slower rate than humans and elves. This... transformation of mine today is a result of me come of the age."

Sharakas looks at Khellendros and eyes him. "He is right you know Khellendros. We need that is the only way we can only be sure that we will defeat the Dark Templar. I know a few new spells for me would most certainly be handy. What do you say Khellendros?"

"Yes, the Templar is correct. I know of a dimension, and time moves by much faster than it does on Krynn. Without protection, those who age quickly, like humans, would age a dozen years within a few moments. I was in this one dimension for about fifty years, and I aged quite a few years. I can open the portal, but I would recommend some type of protective device before you entered," Khellendros says and then looks intently at Autumn with worried eyes.

01/10/2001 6:59 AM

Is still completely annoyed by Pyranthas after all these years, and struggles to keep herself from relieving his body of his head.

Returns Khellendros's look then address the Thorn, "What kind of protection? If there is none, then I shall stay behind. As should anyone else who could be crippled by this venture."


Grimspear High Pep Squad. Yes, I'm the perky cheerleader from HELL!

01/13/2001 4:53 PM

The Thorn had returnedfrom his second errand. He had the other item. "Yes, I have something," states the mage. "It is a cursed ring of longevity. Most people don't think of eternal life as a curse, but eventually they realize living forever isn't always that great."

He holds up his hand, displaying the ring on his finger. "How many do I need?"

01/16/2001 2:05 PM

*Gunthar folds his arms in front of his chest*

"I need no ring of longevity. I live as long as the shadows do. As long as there is light, there is shadow to counter it...me. A simple law of balance."

*Gunthar turns to Khellendros and nods*

"I am ready to begin this endeavour."

01/16/2001 6:22 PM

"So I need two?" asks the Thorn. "One for the lady warrior and one for the kender cleric, right?"

01/16/2001 7:55 PM

"That sounds correct. Looks like it's your turn to open the portal Khellendros." Py says as he looks at the big blue.

"Alright," The dragon says and whispers a word of magic and a portal opens. "It opens to the Grey. I aged there quickly last time. That shall be the place where we shall train. Now lets go!"

Sharakas was the first to fly in, followed by Pyranthas.

"Let's get this over with," He says as he enters the portal.

01/16/2001 10:58 PM

The Thorn places the two rings on the ground in front of the portal.

"When you are ready," he says to the two. With that, he also enters the portal.

01/18/2001 1:49 PM

*Gunthar, atop Midnight, enters the portal. The extra aging effects of this world will help Midnight in the comming struggle.*

01/25/2001 4:43 PM

Pyranthas begins training very hard as soon as he enters. He has never trained with his blade so hard in his life, nor has he ever used so many energyblast combos before. He would power up to maxium level and then fight harder before.

Sharakas starts memorizing and begins to develop a few new fire spells and starts working on more.

Khellendros grabs the ring and hands it to Autumn. He flies into the portal with her on his back and he two starts researching new spells. he watches Pyranthas in amusement as the Arch- Templar trains at his maximum power level. yes... you are quiet the powerful one Templar, but once this battle is over, you are dead... he thinks to himself and smiles.

01/26/2001 12:57 PM

The Thorn also does research, but not on new spells. Instead, he studies the qualities and properties of his master's staff. His objective is to learn all of it's abilities, what kind of limit they had, and how he could use this with his own spells.

02/06/2001 1:34 PM

Pyranthas starts becoming faster and begins moving so fast he leaves images behind him. His arms and legs moving like lightning as his energy peaks and his body becoming in prime shape and his muscles rippling underneith his skin. He only stops to have a quick sip of water. His determination in training is very strong.
He doesnt see everyone else training, he only focuses on what he is doing at the moment.

Khendros researches many spells and observes Pyranthas and his determination and frowns. He sences Pyranthas getting stronger and stronger by the minute. He loks at the much bigger red dragon and watches him as he transforms into his large human warrior form and trains hard with his sword and his axe. He works on his spell casting and Khellendros looks at Autumn and moves his head nearer to her and whispers to her.

"Autumn, the Templar is becoming too powerful. Way to powerful. You need to train harder, or you shall never defeat him. At the rate he is training and is increasing in his power, there is a chance that if we win this war, that I will not be able to defeat him. We need to make sure that we acheive our maxium training that we can gain while in this chamber..." The Storm of Krynn says as he stares back at Pyranthas, with envy, hate and fear, know that this warrior could mean the blue tyrants death.

03/17/2001 2:32 PM

OOC: Tying up loose ends.

Eventually, new party returns and stops the dark templar. Once again, the party fights each other. The side of good (Py, the Thorn, Ghostbuster and the others) eventually defeats the side of evil (Skie, Gunthar and the rest) saving the face of Krynn from utter devestation.

The end?

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