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06/03/2007 2:37 AM

This roleplay is based on the life of a twelve-year-old boy named Jesse (Bartholomew) Blade, the son of a Champion Bladesman in the World of Tracalazia, he soon reunites with his brother, Leo (short for Leoraki) for the first time in four years. After his uncle Gethi and his Aunt Nethia have been sent on a mission to re-apprehend Kev Jon Hunter, a sly bounty hunter who is wanted for interrogation in the SER (Secret Empire of the Republic). While the expedition Jesse meets Kev Jon Hunter, but has no idea it's him, Leo informs Jesse of the dangers Kev Jon can cause.

After Jesse has a vision of Torrenzis' future (the village he is currently in) Jesse finds out Gethi is killed and at the funeral encounters Kev Jon Hunter who tries to assassinate Jesse. Jesse and Leo set of to Hunin, a snow-ridden village built on the mountain peaks of Mt. Wellis. After meeting Xaine Jamieson after a battle against the reptile creatures (Vrakis) they soon set off to Tracizire, the capital of Tracalazia and the biggest keep in Tracalazia. After encountering Kev Jon Hunter again with his friend Nostrodarm and his bandit goons, they battle until Benedict Mornia, a Voodoo Hermit rescues them, they soon battle again, Nostrodarm is killed and Nostrodarmus, the Palm of Death is handed to Xaine as Kev Jon flees. They finally arrive in Tracizire to seek mercenaries and guides to help them on their journey to Sprisitan and their quest to kill Kev Jon Hunter.

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