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06/02/2007 11:11 PM

Due to the high volume of people who have come in and out of the community recently, I feel we should start an RP to honor them.

I think we should start an RP full of complete Rip-offs of every movie we can think of, and try and throw in as many plotlines from as many movies as possible.

But the characters wouldn't quite be a complete rip-off, but rather what a person who would try and make a character that is a rip might be like when he tried to rip the character off...hrm...that's a little tougher to explain than I thought.

Why don't I try by example?

Name: Jack Hawk

Age: 17

Sex: Yes, please, LAWL! (No, not really...that doesn't belong there...I just thought it would fit...)

Occupation: PIRATE! - and by pirate I mean he takes whatever job he can get in order to live.

Appearance: Has a ridiculously large pink pirate hat - it was the last one on the clearance rack at target. Also, since he seems to be inept at growing facial hair, so he has a glue-on goatee just like Jack Sparrow's, and uses mascara and eyeliner to fill in the sparse tufts of hair on his face that he calls a beard.

(Proceeds to describe other make-shift articles of clothing to resemble Jack Sparrow's outfit in the movie)

Bio: Jack Hawk is what Jack Sparrow would be as a teenager. In fact, Jack Sparrow is Jack's idol, and he strives to be just like him.

Anyways, and then we can start an RP of ridiculous proportions.

I don't think I explained everything I wanted to, but I'm tired. I'll review and revise tomorrow if anyone has any questions, and/or if any interest is being gathered.

06/02/2007 11:22 PM

*thumbs up*

Abso-fucking-lutely. Sillyness and the ability to think I'm better than someone else? M-O-O-N. That spells Oobie likes. :P

06/02/2007 11:39 PM

Hmm. I've got quite an idea to add to this.
It seems fun, and it's peaked my interest, so I think I'd like to have in at this.

Basically, I think we should all create the most stereotypical character that we can. Not necessarily based off of movies, but if that's what you want for this, so be it. I'm just making suggestions.

For instance, an ungodly powerful half demon that looks like Sephiroth. And we'll have a few of us playing characters that only, well, a newb at roleplaying would use. Only, in this, we use it for comedy and entertainment. And we all have a character of any proportion that we want. The only requirement is that it has to be completely and totally stereotypical and unoriginal.

Then, we'll even come up with our little stereotypical plots, but go about them in different ways.

Anyway, these are just my ideas. I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but I think that this way would be pretty good. It's your idea, at either rate, so I don't care what you do. I'll probably be interested either way.

06/02/2007 11:49 PM

Yes, Dustyn, that's what I was getting at. Somehow some or all of them would clash together and have sidestories or whatever, but it'd mainly be for amusement purposes only.

And yes, Godlike characters and Mary Sues and all of those would be accepted.

The only things I would say, though, would be:

1) There could be no universally affecting Godmodding

i.e. you can't pull out teh SUPAH M3GA ULTR4 BOMB UV DESTRUKSHON! and blow up the universe. You could however pull a "I bring out my sword and chop your head off" but the other person could then just as easily say "So I grab my head and chuck it at your head, killing you from brain trauma."

2) Actually keep detail in the posts

For instance, in the "I bring out my sword and chop your head off" post I mentioned earlier, you could start it as: "Lightning fast, my blade clears the scabbard, a sharp [i]shwang![/i] could be heard as the tip left its safe enclosure..." but godmod all the same.

I think interspersing details and lack of will add to the amusement.

3) Just have fun

Do whatever would be funny, or make people laugh, or whatever you feel like. No slash though, unless nanuk finally figures out what it is and agrees to participate. ;)

JK Nanuk...

06/03/2007 1:31 AM

No slash though, unless nanuk finally figures out what it is and agrees to participate. ;)

JK Nanuk...

u r teh sux.

I like my innocence, thank you (and if you don't stop being naughty I'll track down the very scary first image I [b]accidentally[/b] ever saw related to it- then your eyes really will be bleeding)

Great idea, by the way, loosen us all up a bit after the last few days ;)

I actually was thinking of posting exactly this type of character I made for a parody RP in the character bio thread, but it might do for here- if I can bloody find it.

06/03/2007 1:49 AM

And we'll have a few of us playing characters that only, well, a newb at roleplaying would use. Only, in this, we use it for comedy and entertainment. And we all have a character of any proportion that we want. The only requirement is that it has to be completely and totally stereotypical and unoriginal.

Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! *Raises his hand and jumps up and down excitedly* I'm a newb, I don't know how to roleplay very well. Pick me! Pick me! Oooh! Pick me!


I'd like to join. I will be fake jedi guy, with one of those plastic carnival lightsabers, but enchanted so it works, I do the sounds on my own, of course *Woosh* *Beaooor* *Clang* *Zap* *Whooshh*

heh heh

06/03/2007 1:51 AM

Found it- first disc I tried, bwahah!

Mielikki smiles on me!

(to people who know nothing about FR this will not be in the slightest bit amusing- basically substitute anything relating to Legolas)

If you don't think it'll work for what you have in mind let me know, and I'll come up with something else.

Name: Willowleefe Arwenith A'Galadrialithith de l'Orealimworthith Foxglove of Riven D'ale, or Imlodris as those of the Faire Folke call it.

Age: hush your mouth- ageless and immortal

Sex: female

Class/Occupation: Cleric of Mielikki because, like, Unicorns!
Absolutely NOTHING to do with a certain drow...

Elven, part Aasimar (reckons Mielikki herself!), half dun dun dun Drow, but has bravely overcome her evil heritage to become a bastion of good. She has been shunned by her people who know of her heritage, even though she looks EXACTLY like a normal elf- a gift from Mielikki, apparently, to make her passage through the world while doing her works easier. The rumour going around that the real reason she's 'shunned' by her people is because of strange and frankly scary mental delusions is just malicious scandal mongering.

She is embued with several other 'godly' powers- see her golden tresses! She how they, like, totally bounceth in weather that would frizzify the hair of ordinary mortals, the amazing power to change her eye colour to match her outfit- her favourite eye colour being lilac- accompanied by much wistful sighing- again, completely unrelated to any other being wandering the surface of Faerun...

Even her raiment is blessed;

-boots crafted by the great master Pradalas himself, with the power to repel all forms of dirt, and enchanted to step automatically around anything likely to scuff the delicate leather (triple movement rate in bog/marsh/swamp/wet forest/snow-covered/grassy conditions, halves movement speed in all others due to lack of practicality, +5 reflex bonus vs slimes and oozes);
-a cape from the far away, little known realm of Guccilandria, that does little to ward off the elements but inspires feelings of awe in others present by billowing in a most heroic manner (+2 to Cha, +3 distraction bonus to AC vs missile weapons, -3 vs minotaurs and bulls);
-the lightweight, finely crafted Mail of Chanelion, with it's tasteful pink glow that inspires such feelings of tattiness and inadequacy that few foes can stand and fight when faced with it's might and accompanying subtle and oh-so-classy fragrance (auto ability; inflicts emotion: low self worth unless target makes a "I am a beautiful person, I am worthy of love" save vs DC 30. Alternative save; use the equation

[b]1/2Gp/Gy Y x (pS/T + pC/W) + COL2 = M[/b]

where Gp= gold in possession, Gy= average gold earned per year, Y= cost of essentials i.e. ammo, hostelry, pS= pairs of shoes owned, T= number of terrain types covered on average per year, pC= number of cloaks/coats owned, W= average number of weather types encountered per month, averaged over the year, COL = cost of living (taking into account current level, rate of level increase, reputation, appraise skill rank etc.-equation to calculate this may be found elsewhere), and M, the product is your Materialistic Quotient. [i]If M< 10 you save.[/i]

Another 'gift from Mielikki' is her 'trusty' 'unicorn' 'steed', Atrixo. The fact that his head has a decidedly mulish cast is never mentioned. Atrixo also has a dark, potentially dangerous secret, as well as harbouring a recently-developed but passionate hatred for Mielikki.

Willow also manages to glow occasionally, for no discernible reason.

She spends most of her time shopping, trying to make small, furry creatures come to sit calmly in the palm of her hand, trying to escape from 'her evil twin' (whose appearances strangely coincide with periods of binge drinking), smiling beatifically, and buffing her nails.
When she actually does engage in battle (rarely because, it's like, so totally UNFAIR to all the other lesser mortals), she spends the majority of the time casting sanctuary on her self in a high, sing-song voice that she fancies is soulful and plaintive.

06/03/2007 1:56 AM

So...many...long...words...lol jk

I'm going to make fun of basically every comic, movie, show, and ESPECIALLY the old Batman show.

"Ack! A shark! Quick robin, pass me the Batman aerosol shark repellant spray."

06/03/2007 2:01 AM

holey rusted metal Batman- it's not long words, it's D&D.. :P

C'mon, post your character already.

I don't know why I'm getting inpatient because all of y'all must be on your way to sleepyville if it's 10am here.

06/03/2007 2:32 AM

5:16 here lol

Here it is...

Name: Dashiell William Nathaniel Joseph Robert Carmichael III

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Occupation: Ceramic Cleansing Technician

Appearance: Average stereotypical computer nerd / star wars geek look

Bio: He is a know it all when it comes to Star Wars, Math, Computers, and other.
Star Wars Geek pretty much sums him up.

06/03/2007 2:42 AM

Haha, no way am I on my way to sleepyville. It's 5 AM at the time of my writing this, and I've STILL got a long way to go. :D

Name: His name is a secret. However, he's known to many as Vault.
Age: 404.
Race: Half angel, half demon, half human, half elf.
Sex: Male. All 200% of him.
Build: Ten feet tall.
Eye color: Silver
Hair: Long, silvery hair flows along the length of his body.
Other Appearance: He wears long, elegant clothes that cover most of his body. Dark-natured, he tends to wear his bangs over his face, while the rest of his hair is tied back and left to hang down to conceal his weapon.
Occupation: Bringer of the apocalypse
Weapon: Lightsaber the length of Sephiroth's sword.
Abilities: He has telekinetic powers; great magical ability; doesn't need oxygen, food, or water to survive. Is immortal.

Biography: As a young half-elf, Vault was a hero for his king, destroying all who opposed the great kingdom. However, his actions of murderous rage soon angered the gods, who sent the Persians against him. Vault, who knew that he could not go to war without the permission of oracle, flew atop the highest mountain and asked her permission. However, permission was not granted. And so, he killed her, angering the gods further. Finally, in a rage, they sent him to the underworld.

Vault fought mercilessly in the depths of his unchosen afterlife. As a brilliant leader, he helped the enslaved souls to rebel against their demonic overlords. Seeing his potential, the gods of the underworld contacted him, and offered him a position among them. And thus, he was infused with the power of a demon.

However, Vault grew ambitious. Using his newly gained powers and followers, he attacked the legions of the other gods. And, using his godlike ability, he imprisoned all of them.

Finally, his time had come. He toppled the gates of Hell itself, releasing billions of tortured souls from their imprisonment. The benevolent gods of the heavens, seeing his merciful act, bestowed upon him him beautiful wings and imbued him with the power of light.

And so, he could travel freely from plane to plane, doing whatever he wished. Immortal, and having completely emancipated the Underworld, he grew angry with mankind and its destructive nature. And so, he made it his goal to either make perfect or destroy all humans.

And here his final war begins.

[Edited by Dustyn on Sunday, June 3, 2007 2:43 AM]

06/03/2007 3:50 AM

Sex: Male. All 200% of him.


I've got 'One-winged Angel' going around my head now- though it seems at times to be changing to Jaws..

06/03/2007 10:49 AM

I wuz gonna nock up sum hard ass gangsta muvva funker, but doin the research just about killed me.

maybe CU l8r niggaz...

06/03/2007 11:26 AM

hahahaha....this is going to be awesome.

I'll start the thread, and you all can start posting characters and post. I don't have a good character yet, but this is going to be great, so I don't think I'll need to be much of a GM - it doesn't need one.

Feel free to post...it'll be up in a minute.

06/03/2007 12:21 PM

Oh, hell, damn you Max! And here I am trying not to get sucked into any more RPs!

Which is to say; count me in.

06/06/2007 11:04 PM

Oh goodness. This might just be a dose of sillyness I need. Let's see if I can come up with something suitably horrible.

3 hours later:
I almost came up with a horrible Gandalf parady, but decided it was to much even for me. I'll have to come up with something else.

06/07/2007 5:13 PM

lol...Well when you come up with one, go to the thread, it's already started. It's not really active, but I think it'll be more of when we need to get something off our chest and have a good laugh.

That's what I'm hoping for, anyways.

Feel free to post in there! It is titled "We are TEH ROXXORZ!!one!" or something like that.

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