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06/02/2007 1:35 PM

Sounds of lightsaber combat could be heard deep within the Sith Temples walls. The students had began their combat excersizes. Seraths dark form emerged from his mediation chamber which over looked the sea of sith hopefuls. His red eyes seemed to sway over their forms as if studying them. Serath's long white braids were the only thing one could see besides the darkness of his hood.

Serath's meditation chamber was located far above the students in a series of metallic steps that also lead passed the chamber to his personal quarters which was always locked. The temple was large enough to house all of its students even though they numbered in the hundreds. The sounds of lightsabers crackling and clashing against each other was a common sound in the halls.

Darth Dreezus approached Serath as he was seemingly distracted, but Serath's sadistic tone filled the air.. "What is it my apprentice?" Dreezus the black barabel male kneeled.. His reptillian tail swished behind him. "I recieved a report from General Zazz. Construction on your ship has already begun." Darth Dreezus's voice seemed to slither out like a poison.

Serath allowed his mind to sweep over Dreezus's surface thoughts. "We have aquired plans to build an entire fleet, but we will run out of resources.. I suggest you send apprentices to find suitable planets for aquisition.." Dreezus stood and bowed. "Your will be done.." The massive barabel began moving down the metallic steps. The sea of students parted once he moved towards them. They knew not to hinder him.
It was known that he was the favored apprentice of Serath, and that if anyone was to become dark lord after Serath it would be Dreezus. Zantyra approached Serath and spoke in her seductive voice.."Master?" Serath peered out at her from the darkness of his hood.. "Speak..My apprentice.." Zantyra was a twi'lek, and like Dreezus she had ambitions. Her skin was black, and covered in red sith tatoos.

"I think the Yugzegs arent paying as much tribute as they usually do..What would you have me do?"Seraths lips formed a smirk underneath the faceguard. "Start killing them.. Let it be known that noone comes between us and what is ours.." She bowed just as Dreezus had down but in a split second she had ignited her lightsaber and tried to stab Serath. So all of the student's surprise he had grabbed her arm and was holding the saber close to her face.

Serath's pulled his hood back revealing all of his long white braids, and he brought his free hand to his faceguard pressing a panel on the side.. It deconstructed quickly leaving his face bare. He brought his lips to her ear and whispered in his sadistic voice. "Now is not the oppertune moment to strike." He lifted her with a light force choke and held her out pulling her saber from her with the force it clanked against the steps as it rolled down them eventually stopping.

Serath released Zantyra, and crossed his arms over his chest. She bowed to him submissively, and then rose grabbing her lightsaber she made her way out of the main gate to do her Master's bidding. Serath's eyes once again roamed the mulitude of students before him.

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06/03/2007 11:32 AM

Drake Nethran sat in the corner table of the bar. The other men were laughing, drinking, having fun. Drake was not intent on having fun however. His best friend sat next to him, they had made a name for themselves as buisness partners and had begun to trust each other.

But tonight was a fatefull night, it would be the last time they most likely saw each other. There were rumors going around about someone was raising an army and riches to everyone who joined, but who was it? Only the most trustworthy and honorable bounty hunters and mercenarys had been told about it. Drake and his buddy Band were the only ones in the cantina who knew by Drake's reconning. Drake at first thought that it was a plot to kill all of the mercenarys and bounty hunters, but more and more signed up and returned rich. His buddy was going to be the next one to go.

"Please don't go Band, don't your just gonna end up dead" Drake said pleadingly
"Im sorry Drake, but i need the money" Band replied and got up out of his seat to leave. Tonight, another good man went down, Drake sighed and ordered a drink.

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06/03/2007 8:17 PM

Kukro Bakasa roared at the Sith hopeful standing before him, twirling his ligtsaber in a blurring show of speed and strength. He beat down upon the other student's lightsaber, calling upon his anger, his fear, and his hatred. With each blow, Kukro's attacks became stronger and faster, and soon the bloodied heap that was once a potential student at the Academy was all that stood before him.

The rage of the Dark side would not fade from Bakasa easily, so he called for another opponent to crush.

The new opponent, a potential male student with slick bond hair, approached and activated his lightsaber. The student was known to be a snob and relied mostly on underhanded Force techniques other than lightsaber skills.

"Hmmm...What do we have here? Looks like a brute, flailing his lightsaber like a Gundark."

"[i]I'd be careful who you call a brute. Some brutes may be intelligent enough to be offended.[/i]" Bakasa hissed.

Kukro Bakasa placed his lightsaber behind his back, reading his charging stance. He was going to run full out at this excuse for a Sith, and show him how brutal he could truly be.

"If you think you can just charge at me and beat me down, brute, you've got another thing coming. You don't know the first thing about the potentials of the Force."

"[i]What did I say about calling me a brute? I've seen more of the Force than you would ever dream of, and it had nearly destroyed my mind. The only reason I am here is to reclaim those pieces of my shattered mind I left behind. And you cannot stop me from moving ahead.[/i]"

Suddenly, an Aura of Force energy, fluctuating between Light and Dark, enveloped Kukro. The potential of his Force energy was only limited by his memories that he had lost on Korriban. He was protected by the Defensive Aura of the Jedi, and the Destructive Rage of the Sith.

The student didn't know he was hit until he was devoured by Kukro's starving lightsaber. He lay upon the training floor in seven clean pieces, and Kukro sighed beneath his breath. A stronger opponent was needed for Kukro Bakasa to sate his lust for battle today.

"I told you not to call me a brute."

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06/04/2007 7:11 AM

Her eyes dark and unreadable Arami watched her opponent implacably.

The human was well balanced but his stance screamed his over-confidence: he looked at her and saw only her bare arms and midriff, not the lean muscles defined there, not the lightness of her stance, and thought his extra height and weight gave him an advantage.

Crouched slightly forward on the balls of her feet she side-stepped easily as he feinted to her right while sweeping his right foot in low.

The feint hadn't been the worst she'd been subjected to, but he had telegraphed it with his feet. It was a stupid move, presenting his back to her, and she rewarded it by two sharp blows with the ridge of knuckles of her tightly curved fingers to his kidneys.

Not seeing any point in wasting her energy by letting the sparring continue she stamped the back of his knee with her heel before he even had a chance to grunt, sweeping the same foot around his neck as he sank to the floor. Drawing his head closer to her thigh she grasped his dark hair roughly, pulling it back against her exposed abdomen and bringing her leg down and over his shoulder, twisting her body lithely so that he ended up on the flat of his back with her perching above his chest, knees either side of his neck.

Squeezing her thighs together gently she smiled at him and watched his face redden, her eyes glittering in the light.

"You're lucky, you know-," her voice was almost conspiratorial, and containing a hint of humour, "people have paid a lot of credits for this kind of thing".

She tilted her head, the tip of her left lekku twitching slightly.

"They didn't pay [i]me[/i] of course, one of the drawbacks of slavery, but you get what I'm saying."

She leaned back slightly so that she was sitting on his chest, the increased pressure making him turn a striking shade of purple, the contrast making the froth of saliva on his lips look white.
A blood vessel in one of his eyes had burst, a thin red scrawl across its gleaming white.

She could feel the Force flowing more faintly through him, could almost see it, as dim now as his eyes.

06/04/2007 8:45 AM

Drake sat in the cockpit of his starfighter, the Hidden Fire. His eyes remained motionless staring out into the abyss of space. The white starlines passing before him in a mesmerizing state. Drake sat unmoving looking, thinking, pondering. He thought, most bounty hunters and mercenarys had gone to this mysterious army. The entire bounty hunter's guild was there, but Drake thought that this was all way to weird. "How can an army just be hatched so quickly?" He said to no one in particular.

He thought of his friend Band, he would have made the trip by now, and Drake had been given the coordinates in case he changed his mind. Drake leaned back in his chair, he was currently going to coruscant but decided against it. He punched the cooridinates into the nav computer and the course rederected itself. He was on his way to the mysterious army. He thought "Maybe ill just have a look around, see what the place is like, or maybe just join outright" The way that Drake decisions was instinctivly and quickly. His motto was "If you don't know, wait until its time, you will be forced to make a decision, usually, the right one"

06/05/2007 6:16 AM

Dreezus's infiltrator class ship broke the planet's orbit, and as Serath's form moved further down those steps he allowed his crimson eyes to pan the students as they practiced. He noticed one of the students brutally killing one of the other ones. He shook his head noticing that even though the student fed on the right emotions he was also open to attack especially a well placed choke or push. Serath's eyes wandered further to Arami. His lips upturned, and he began to approach her.

To his amusement he was blocked by a student who stood there, and even though the student was unmoving Serath continued walking until he was a mere four feet away from the young student hopeful. The student's voice could be heard. "Ive heard the rumors about you.. About how you are the dark side.." The student's lightsaber ignited, and he held it out infront of him in an offensive stance.

Serath's demeanor suddenly turned cold, and seemingly emotionless for the moment. He made no movement to grab his lightsaber, but simply watched the foolish young human. "Your allowing your fear to hold you back.." Serath's sadistic tone filled the air commanding the attention of the other students.

The student charged at Serath bringing his lightsaber back in a side stance. Serath's palm lifted casually and he sent a thunderous force push into the student sending him flying back as if he had been hit by a rancor.. His body twisted like a rag doll, and the student's lightsaber fell to the ground clanking as it rolled until one of the other students picked it up.

06/05/2007 8:38 AM

She had sensed Master Serath moving in her direction, his Force aura so strong that it was impossible not to, save when he cloaked it.

Feeling his attention as an uncomfortable tingling through her spine she came to her feet fluidly, the student she had been pinning unconscious and barely breathing on the floor.

A trace of a sneer came to her lips as one in a sea of nameless student confronted the Sith Lord.


If his own apprentices were not yet capable how could they as students, mere infants in the ways of the dark side, hope to be?

No, they were not ready, not yet, and not by some way.

Serath quickly showed the folly of the student, needing no more effort to smash him than to an ant.
Collectively the students all bowed to their Master, the most important lesson of their day learned.

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06/09/2007 9:07 AM

Ide wondered if the Masters didn't accept some students simply as fodder for the rest of them.

"C'mon, sweetie! Or are you afraid you can't handle the likes of me? Am I too...big...for you?"

Disgusted, Ide barely suppressed the snarl of contempt from escaping her lips. [i]No, best to not show him anything,[/i] she thought.

The boy she was sparring was indeed large, standing a good foot and a half taller than her. He was large boned, with large muscles, and a large forehead complete with large, bushy eyebrows over contradictorily small eyes. Indeed, other than his eyes, large would pretty much sum up the description of the boy, including his ego.

[i]Even his swings are too big,[/i] she thought. [i]I wonder if he's compensating for something...[/i]

Bemused, she was almost rewarded for her inner ramblings when his back-swing came deceptively quick.

[i]Fool! Focus![/i] Angry at herself, mostly for almost getting hit by such a loaf as the one standing in front of her, she redoubled her concentration.

The brute's large swings were deadly - to himself. She found that the largest gap in his defense came after his back-swing, when his entire front was exposed.

She counted the swings, seeing that he was getting into a rhythm. [i]One. Two. Three. Back. One. Two. Three. Back. One, two, three...dead.[/i]

When he pulled his lightsaber back across for the back-swing, she darted in the hole of his defence. At the last second, though, a thought occurred to her, and she flipped off the lightsaber.

Instead, she pressed her body up against his - as sweaty as it was - and looked up with her coyly seductive eyes.

"You are indeed quite...large..." She told him. Instantly, she saw the fire light in his eyes as his arousal overcame his common sense, and he relaxed his sword arm.

With the lightsaber still in her hand, she flipped it back on, the beam of the sword going straight through the unsuspecting boy's midriff. The hiss of lightsaber passing through flesh filled their ears, and the acrid stench of burning tissue combined the aweful stench of the sweaty boy as the energy beam instantly cauterized the wound. His eyes bulged, and the leer turned into shock.

Steeling her eyes, she didn't even bother saying any last words. With a flick of her wrist, the lightsaber passed through the boy, leaving him with a gap that extended half-way through his torso. She turned around, and started walking away, when she figured, [i]Why leave the job half-done?[/i]

Whirling around, she struck again, lightsaber passing back through the same hole it had created to get out, this completely separating him as she cut through the other half of his torso.

As the body fell to the ground, she turned around, looking for another opponent.

[OOC: I assumed we resumed training after Master left, but if not I can edit so that this all happened before he came in. Just let me know. Also, if anything in here is contradictory to SW mechanics, just let me know.]

06/10/2007 6:28 PM

Resuming practice, Zenn faces his opponent, a human male standing several inches taller than him, and ignites his lightsaber. Not surprisingly, the larger human starts by making several wide swings, trying to use size against him. Zenn parries and dodges the swings, studying the attacks. [i]It never fails...the bigger they are, the dumber they get.[/i] Waiting for the right time, Zenn blocks his opponent's strike and, using his smaller size and speed to his advantage, spins and drives the heel of his boot into his opponent's knee with a satisfying pop before ducking out and away, looking back just in time to see his opponent hit the floor.

Zenn shakes his head in disappointment, [i]That was almost too ea-...[/i], his thought interupted as a Force Push hits him in the chest, knocking him back a few feet and to the ground. "We're not finished yet, shorty," his opponent calls out. "There's still a few cards left in my hand."

Leaping back to his feet, Zenn looked up to see his opponent getting back up as well, although supporting himself on one leg. [i]Note to self...finish the job, THEN get cocky,[/i] he berated himself. "OK...enough of this Force-play."

Using Force Speed, Zenn quickly moves behind his opponent, a feral grin crossing his lips as he sees the puzzled look on the other human's face at his apparent disappearing/reappearing act. With two quick chops, he literally disarms his opponent and then pushes him down to the floor.

Extinguishing his own lightsaber and returning it to his belt, he reaches down and grabs his opponent's, holding the tip of the blade to the man's neck. Looking down into his eyes, Zenn shrugs, simply stating "You lose," as he flicks the blade across, beheading his opponent.

Looking around for the next challenge, a simple thought crosses Zenn's mind. [i]One more down, one more step closer...[/i]

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06/11/2007 6:38 PM

As the Hidden Fire emerged from hyperspace, Drake saw a large planet in front of him with many ships surrounding it. This hidden army was certanly prepared.

"Unidentified ship, you will identify yourself or be fired upon". The mans face on his computer screen was clearly an officer and stood straight and tall.

"Umm yes, this is The Hidden Fire manned by bounty hunter The Red Wolf, i heard rumors about an army being massed and i wanted to come sign up, i would like to speak to the leader of the army to decide my place." Drake was wearing all of his armor to conceal himself, he expected this to happen.

The man looked amused slightly and then he stepped off the screen to talk with his superiors. Drake waited patiently and sure enough he stepped back onto the screen.

"Lord Serath has been notified, we will send you the cooridinates, he will be waiting for you."

"Thank you" Drake replied. In a few seconds, coordinates came up in his computer and he punched them in and began to follow them. The hidden fire glided through space like a knife through butter. He went through the atmosphere of the planet and followed the coordinates. They pointed toward an old and crumbly temple.

06/15/2007 10:01 PM

Kukro turned his head after catching a look from Lord Serath, only to see him dispatching one of the students easier than he had. He had half a mind to go chasing after Lord Serath, but with the mood the Dark Lord was in, he would most likely end up dead. In fact, Kukro was suprised Serath had not killed him when he first crash landed on Nargrem. At first Serath seemed so immensly powerful that Kukro could not stand...

[i] When Kukro had emerged from the small pod, the entire world was spininning before his eyes. Up was down, dark was light, everything was so overwhelmingly dark on this planet that his immune system rejected it, causing him to throw up all over the empty pod. After wiping his mouth of the bile, things began to clear up a bit. He could stand without falling, he could feel the fluctuations in the...in the...the...

The Force. That's what it was called. He knew that much at least, and he knew how to manipuate it using his emotions. All this seemed new to Kukro, so he played around with the Force for a while, leaning against the ruined escape pod. These fluctuations in the Force had attracted Serath to the spot, and Kukro could now feel the immense amount of power approaching. For some strange reason, Kukro's heart skipped a beat. Not out of fear, but of anticipation. He felt as if he had been searching for this feeling, this power fluctuating from the now approaching being.

The being drew a lightsaber, and Kukro jumped back, the burning blade only singeing his knee.

"You...who are you?", asked Kukro, ripping off a cloth from his Jedi robe to use as a bandage for his knee.

Serath turned around, almost beckoning for Kukro Bakasa to follow, so Kukro grapped his pack from the pod, following Serath to the Nargrem Sith Academy.

His pack was taken from him, his lightsabers and scrolls unknowingly kept with Darth Serath. Within a week he had relearned his name and enough basic techniques to keep on par with the other students, with more to come. As long as his existence was convienent to Serath, he would continue to grow in power.[/i]

Kukro sighed, walking out of the training room and to his quarters, pondering on what he would remember next.

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06/18/2007 9:51 PM

Serath was interupted as he was about to speak with Arami.He looked down at his guantlet which housed a communicator. More Mercenaries had arrived to be interviewed."You will be summoned. I have other things to attend to." He said in his sadistic sounding voice. His lips seemed to be stained with a dark substance. Perhaps a dried fluid of some kind. As Serath walked away his strong presence seemed to linger.

Dreezus punched in the new coordinates, and raised the throttle gently.. His twin ion engine infiltrator elongated as it went into hyperspace. Serath's hand came up to his face, and he tapped the side near one of his temples. The black metallic face mask that covered the lower half of his face reconstructed rapidly, and he pulled his hood back over his face. The long braided locks of white were still visable.

Serath approached the shuttle that was awaiting him, and he walked up the ramp entering through its bay doors. "Send a message to Lord Dreezus that more mercenaries have arrived for him to test.. When he returns from his task." The officer at the helm sent the message. Serath watched as they lifted from the academy hanger.
They moved to a remote location where all the mercenaries and bounty hunters where supposed to meet the dark lord.

As his shuttle landed Serath pulled the hood back. He didnt trust mercenaries nor should anyone. Serath walked up to where the main group of them had gathered. He seemed to be inspecting them at first with his red hued eyes. Serath's officers stood next to him with guns drawn.

06/19/2007 4:24 AM

Zenn watched as Master Serath left, then noticed other students leaving the main room. Looking down at the lightsaber he'd picked up from his last opponent, he shrugged and clipped it to his belt.

[i]Looks like training's over for the day. Don't think anyone will mind if I go for a walk.[/i]

Grabbing a pack with food, water, and supplies from his room, he made his way out of the temple to the surrounding forest. Smiling as he felt the randomness of nature, the chaos of live and death of creatures that called this environment home, he took off at a smooth jog, following a small animal path to a clearing he'd discovered on an earlier exploration.

Setting his pack down, he took both lightsabers off his belt and ignited them. Starting slowly at first, he focused on the chaos of jungle life around him and began a mock fight against an invisible enemy, gradually picking up speed as he got used to holding dual lightsabers. Moving along the edge of the clearing, he hacked vines and trimmed back bushes, seeing them as incoming blaster bolts and enemy soldiers.

Pausing after a couple hours of this, he turned off the sabers. Pleased with his improvement, he was getting ready to head back to the academy when he sensed something approaching the clearing. Looking over his shoulder, he heard a growl just as the head of a large beast poked through the bushes opposite him, eyes locked on the Sith student. Re-igniting the twin sabers, Zenn turned to face the creature.

[i]Looks like I get some more practice after all.[/i]

06/19/2007 7:06 AM

Drake was mad that he had to leave his ship behind but at gunpoint he couldn't complain. They were still told nothing whatsoever about this so called army. All of his fellow bounty hunters and mercenaries were crammed into a shuttle that went toward the surface of the planet. They were allowed to keep their weapons and many of them were fumbling with their guns nervously.

[i] Whats going on here[/i]

The shuttle had no windows so they could not see where they were going, many of them were getting more scared by the minute. Then the Shuttle door opened and they were forced out into a remote area at gunpoint. Then a strange species that Drake had never seen before walked forward and was "inspecting them". What was strange that when they first were in his presens, many of the mercenaries faces became white with fear. Drake's face didn't lose its color but he simply felt the happiness go away from him.

[i] Whats going on?[/i]

He wore black tattered robes, had a purple skin with many tattoes, white braided hair and some black armor. The soldiers still had their guns pointed at the group. Drake decided to break the tense silence.

"Im suspecting you to be the head guy here, I have a million questions but your not going to answer them yet are you? Your going to wait to see if we are "worthy" before you tell us anything right? By the way, im the Red Wolf"

06/19/2007 7:30 AM

The lightsaber cut through the droid like a blow-torch though butter. Its red glow shone in the room and illuminated all the cold, heartless faces of the would be opponents. Suddenly blaster fire from one of the droids behind Thorak, twisting his body with a seemingly god-like speed Thorak deflected the said blaster bolt back into the droid's chest.

[i]Im getting better, but I have to keep focus in order to please lord Serath[/i]

After all the blaster weilding droids lay in ruins a door in the wall opened revealing two droids that had lightsabers built into their arms. Never having faced for lightsabers at the same time before Thorak was slightly intimidated, then he remembered,

[i]They are just droids, they cant match me[/i]

Almost immediately he regretted the thought because the two droids sprung at him and brought the first one brought his sabers down in a Djem Sho slash to trap Thorak's blade while the second attacked from the side intending to finish the duel. Somersaulting out of the first attack Thorak brough his saber to his right side deflecting the blades of the second droid, then parrying said blades to the side he thrust his saber through the chest of the droid and then vertically up through it's head. That was one droid down, without warning the second droid came from behind.

[i]Focus, remember to feed off of your emotions, concentrate on your anger[/i]

With a large grimace on his face Thorak ducked under the thrust of the droid and leaped upwards into a saber slash-uppercut to the droids chin, immediately decapitating said droid. Heaving a sigh Thorak extinguished his lightsaber and rubbed his sweaty forhead with his large, too large for himself, shirt.

[i]That was excellent...Ive never felt such a rush[/i]

Then Thorak clipped his weapon back onto his belt and left for the dining hall to replace some of his lost energy.

06/19/2007 7:30 AM

Serath was interupted as he was about to speak with Arami.He looked down at his guantlet which housed a communicator. More Mercenaries had arrived to be interviewed."You will be summoned. I have other things to attend to."

Bowing low the Twi'Lek couldn't decide whether she was annoyed or pleased at the interruption- whether Serath's attention had boded well or ill.

She had enough confidence in her abilities to be curious rather than overly concerned, but it was as well to be cautious withing the temple's walls.

Straightening, she walked from the room without a glance at her fallen opponent, weaving her way sinuously past the other students while mentally cataloging all that she knew of them.

A lot were simply fodder: students of only mediocre talent, there seemingly only to provide experience for those with more skill. But some were clearly more able, whether through blade or use of the Force; some even, perhaps, almost ready to challenge one of the Master's favoured apprentices.

And each time someone made a challenge, she watched, devouring what she learned from the encounter.

She strode down the dimly lit corridors toward the library, the pallid light doing little to illuminate her dusky blue skin, so much of it covered in swirling tattoos.

06/19/2007 5:35 PM

[i]Looks like I get some more practice after all.[/i]

Facing the beast that opposed him, Zenn stood in a defensive stance, drawing energy from the jungle surrounding him. As the beast stepped forward, crouching low, Zenn watched for the tell-tale signs. Seeing the beasts legs muscles tighten up, Zenn jumped straight up, arms out for balance as he landed on the beasts shoulders, lightsabers swinging down and through the body of the beast with his momentum. Confused as to where its meal had gone, the beast had turned as Zenn's heels drove into its shoulders. Arching its head back, it snapped at the intruder, a glowing scarlet light the last thing it saw.

Springing from the toppling corpse, Zenn gathered his breath, letting the adrenaline of victory calm his blood. Examining the corpse, he pulled out his dagger and dug out teeth from the mouth of the beast.

[i]A little souvenir to remind me of this. Two swords can be better than one.[/i]

Clipping both sabers to his belt, he walked back to the academy. Reaching it and finding Master Serath still gone, he went to his room to freshen up before seeking out one of the other teachers.

[i]Saber skills are great for combat, of course. But what's better than being able to intimidate your opponent with a Force demonstration first?[/i]

[OOC: Sorry not much action, but want to see if there's a list of teachers/powers first.]

06/19/2007 7:28 PM

Kukro Bakasa flung around his room in a dizzying rage, smashing objects and yelling profoundly. After almost a month, He hardly knew anything about who he was, where he came from, or why he had all these strange images in his head.

[i]Wait...were they really just in my head?[/i]

Kukro calmed down for a minute, and concentrated on the image in his head. A faint outline of the same figure appeared on his bedmat. Kukro blinked, and it was gone. He rushed out of the room, ripping down the halls to the library, knocking over everything or everyone that was in his way.

He arrived at the library, looking for something, but his mind would not tell him what. He frantically tore apart the list of files and holocrons, only to notice another Sith student sitting calmly not that far away from him. Kukro calmed himself, and sat down on the ground. He sighed and relaxed, using the force to calm his nerves, a Jedi trick, but Kukro did not know it as such. He did not even know of the Jedi.

06/19/2007 8:06 PM

Failing to find any teachers available for Force instruction, Zenn headed towards the library.

[i]Tired from saber training...no teachers available...may as well study.[/i]

Grimacing at the thought of his least favorite activity, he took consolation that it would be better than doing nothing. As he walked to the library, he was barely able to step out of the way of another student barreling down the hall. Looking ahead and glancing back to see what might have caused the potential Sith to run like that and seeing nothing, he shook his head in dismissal. Arriving at the library a short time later, he was mildly amused to find the same student sitting on the floor completely relaxed, also noticing a Twi'lek female studying a short distance away. He remembered seeing several Twi'leks from his youth on Corellia, but they usually danced or provided other forms of entertainment. This one gave the impression of someone who knew where she was going.

[i]Almost strange to see one like her not in chains or veils. Wonder if that's part of the reason she came here?[/i]

Dismissing those thoughts, Zenn looked through the scattered lists, finding a subject that interested him. Retreiving the holocron, he dropped to the floor in a corner, back to the intersecting stone walls behind him. Focusing on the artifact resting on the floor in front of him, he concentrated as ancient weaponmasters gave instructions on various forms of lightsaber combat, the moves playing repeatedly in his mind.

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06/20/2007 6:22 AM

Sith Academy-

[i]How interesting[/i]

Resting comfortably on her knees, ankles crossed behind her, Arami had been engrossed in a treatise on shielding techniques when she had felt a storm of emotion coming toward the room.

A wild-eyed human had rushed in, long black hair untamed, his rage going before him as a storm, the strength of it sending tremors through the Force.
She recognised him as a recent arrival, but beyond that knew little of him.
After ripping haphazardly through the archives- her lips had tightened into a small frown at the sight- he appeared to regain some control and sat, settling into a meditative position.

What had proven interesting was the energy he had drawn while doing so: having spent the greater part of her life in the temple she was more than used to being around meditation, recognising the different states from the subtle changes of energy in the Force around the practitioner, but this was.. something unfamiliar.

That in itself puzzled her- the rapid calm that descended over human even more so.

It was certainly a powerful technique, but not any Sith form she recognised.

[i]And what interesting scars[/i]

Visible through his tattered robes was an intricate network of burns and scars, evidence of considerable combat experience.

Her musings were interrupted by the this time less-dramatic entrance of yet another human.
Tall and gangly almost to the point of being skeletal, with seemingly perpetually ill-fitting clothes, the shock of bright red hair identified him immediately: Kun, she believed he was called, and he as from Corellia or Coruscant, one of those bland core worlds, she never could remember which.
She did not know him, per se, just the name- with a surname like [i]that[/i] in a Sith academy rumours had flown.

This one was less disruptive, however, settling down to study without fuss or preamble.

With a last brief glance at the scarred student Arami went back to her own work, following the techniques described to gently quiet her presence in the Force, trying to draw it back to a small point, barely more than a shadow.
It was difficult, requiring great concentration, and a draining awareness, the sensation of almost suppressing the Force unnatural.

She maintained the state for some time, trying to keep her breathing and body relaxed, the effort seeming physical as much as mental.
Eventually she felt the state slipping, her connection of the Force seeming to protest and swell under her control and she had released it with relief.

She was pleased: the first time she had attempted the technique she had finished trembling. Each time her control grew stronger, the effort required left. She was a long way from perfection, when only small amounts of almost subconscious concentration were required, were it became almost instinct, but she was satisfied with her progress.

Coming gracefully to her feet she returned the holocron to its place, taking a moment to stretch languidly, hands linked and raised above her head, back arched, before heading to the door.

06/20/2007 9:43 AM

"There is nothing here, Ive read these holo-books a million times already"

Thorak put the book back on the shelf and looked up to see a young Twi-lek girl, Arami he believed to be her name, walking out the door. Thorak had never been a person that someone would regard as a friend but that was not his own doing. People just seemed to avoid him, even in this place where only darkness prevailed.

"Hey wait"

Rising from his chair he sprinted to Arami,

"Im Thorak, Ive seen you around before but I dont think we have ever had the chance to talk, your Arami right?"

Thorak pressed out his right hand smiled, he had always liked the other students, well not all of them. Some students were only fit to be fodder for his lightsaber but she was not one of them, she was one of the top students along with himself.

[i]This is making me so nervous...[/i]

06/20/2007 9:46 AM

OOC- BTW Darthwedge im making your character look good))

Secluded Location-

Serath wasted no time in escalating things to how he wanted. Force pulling the nearest mercenary towards him stepping on his gun arm then igniting his crimson colored sith light saber. The first merc's head was seperated from his shoulders as the blade moved through his armor easily. The officers began picking off mercenaries with their repeating blaster pistols. Serath's arm blurred repeatedly blocking opposing blaster bolts and sending them back to the Mercenaries who shot them. Serath's free hand had a black glow to its palm. He was blocking bolts with that hand, but when they connected with it. They seemed to disappear.

Serath was swift on his feet moving through the crowd of gun toting mercenaries slicing through any that was foolish enough not to flee. He spun around in the air dodging a rocket fired from one of the mercs, and used force crush on the second to last mercenary present. He landed on his feet, and at that moment he felt a blaster pistol be placed at the back of his head. Serath's lips upturned with amusement. He looked up to see his officer's slain. "Excellent." He then stood up. "Return to the shuttle, and await further contact." He grinned adding a sadistic sounding.."Mandalorian.."

Serath returned to his shuttle, and returned to the academy he was begining to have faith that he might indeed be able to accomplish his dark desires. Returning to his meditation chamber. Darth Xyric another teacher of the academy approached Arami.
Xyric was a different kind of species also unknown to the core worlds. He was avian looking, and had black feathers save for a crown of red ones on his head.. He still had humanoid looking arms and hands. His legs were humanoid save for the avian talons, and feet.

Xyric's voice was a wise one that spoke of his knowledge of the force. "Arami.. Darth Serath has summoned you. He is within his meditation chamber." Xyric turned around his back to her. "I can tell you are progressing quite rapidly.." The avian looking sith lord returned to his circle. which was off to the side where most of the students practiced. Xyric was known for his knowledge of the force, and he often taught students very well.

Serath had removed most of his robes leaving him in black armored pants. Droid arms extended from inside the meditation chamber walls, and they began to form different kinds of torture devices. Serath made no sound as they began to simultaneously burn, cut, scrape, stab, and mutilate his skin. He brought a hand to a console, and stopped the droid arms as he felt Arami get close. He concentrated on a force heal making the newly formed wounds disappear.

06/20/2007 10:35 AM

(OOC: Thanks!)

Without warning the bizzare person attacked and began killing mercenaries one by one. The officers began shooting as well. Drake was shocked by the sudden attack but quickly suppressed the emotion and drew his pistols and began firing at the person.

Drake finally knew what kind of army this was. The man was weilding a lightsaber, only it was crimson in hue. And why would a Jedi be making a hidden army? The so called jedi fought with much more brutality than any jedi would. That only meant one thing.

[i] This is a sith army[/i]

His fellow mercenaries and bounty hunters were being killed quickly and instead of wasting time trying to kill the sith. Drake was killing the officers, picking them off in the weak spots.

Then there were two mercenaries left and the sith was killing the other with some force thing. Drake took this as a chance and pressed one of his pistols at the back of the sith's head.

"Excellent." He then stood up. "Return to the shuttle, and await further contact." He grinned adding a sadistic sounding.."Mandalorian.."

[i] This was a test?! Killing all of them to see who is strong enough to live? [/i]

Drake wasn't in the mood for agrueing so he stepped in the shuttle again to wait for instruction. The door closed and the shuttle picked up off the ground. Drake was the only one left, weird how all of the mercenaries had just been alive 2 minutes ago. Drake reloaded his pistols and sat on a chair in wait.

06/20/2007 11:46 AM

Kukro had no idea what he was looking for, but now that he was calmed, he could figure out what it was. The image he had seen had terrified him. It appeared to be a Sith, but with a strange Force Aura coming from it, strong even as it was only a thought.


The word reverberated through Kukro, and he knew what he was searching for now. He keyed "Jedi" into a searching computer, and so many results appeared it startled the Sith student.

The first result on the search was a documentation from the Sith War.

[i]The first war between our kind and those of light has never been documented anywhere except here in this scroll. If anybody is to know I am writing of this, I will not live long, for our masters have forbid anyone of the Sith to ever record what happened. As for the hated Light-siders, they will not tell the future about these events just for the sake of such war never starting again. If they were to do otherwise, this war would certainly be ignited once again like the blade of a 'saber. Many have laid their lives down in the war, so many even we lost track and count of the number of bodies. The conflict was fought on every planet and on both fronts. For long, no side had the winning edge, for both of us had equal numbers. The balance of the universe...hmm... a concept so vague and yet so clear. "Treat anyone standing in your way as an enemy... eliminate them." say the magicians. And yet, how can you eliminate something just as powerful and just as cunning as you and not be destroyed yourself? The numbers of the Light jedi are equal to number in us, let it not be mistaken. The Light siders are neither weak nor stupid. They are almost as powerful in the Force as we are. Why they choose to follow their religion, I do not know. The Dark Side seems to be so much more powerful. The Light Jedi have chosen to be guardians of the galaxy, guardians against such as us. But we, we will triumph, for light has no power in the true Darkness. A candle can not overpower the Darkness of a giant underground cave. If only a Dark Lord were with us, one of the ancient ones, those with true power. He would wipe out half of these infidels with a move of his hand, and another half with slash of the lightsaber. But we choose not to learn more of our ancient magic, but instead destroy the very scrolls on which the spells and runes are scribed. I do not know why the magicians try to win this war without the use of magic, but by force of a 'saber and by force of the laser. Those of the light and those of the darkness achieve equality in the power of the Force. In the end, nothing will remain, for we will wipe each other out without a trace. [/i]

Kukro remembered falling. He fell, and fell, and fell. In his memory he looked upwards, to see a Jedi staring down at him as he fell. He wanted to kill this Jedi. That's why he was here. He remembered that now.

"[i]I will kill this Jedi.[/i]" He muttered under his breath. "[i]And I will kill any other Jedi that gets in my way.[/i]"

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06/20/2007 3:45 PM

"Im Thorak, Ive seen you around before but I dont think we have ever had the chance to talk, your Arami right?"

Thorak pressed out his right hand smiled, he had always liked the other students, well not all of them

Looking at the out-thrust hand as if it were something poisonous Arami drew back slightly.

Scrutinising the human for a long moment, the silent pause uncomfortably drawn out, she was surprised to see that his innocent enthusiasm seemed genuine.
When she had been younger, shortly after arriving, a few students- humans invariably- had approached her at various times, their motives always proving decidedly [i]un[/i]innocent.
She had grown tired of the annoyance quickly, and had dealt with the last quite publicly, not to say... imaginatively.
There had been no more approaches.

"Arami. Yes."

Putting out a hand tentatively she shook his almost by the fingertips, dropping it again quickly.

[i]How peculiar...[/i]

Before she could examine this odd student further Master Xyric approached, bearing a summons from Darth Serath.

Bowing to his retreating back at his compliment she made her way quickly to the meditation chamber, pausing at the door, only entering once she felt the mental acknowledgment of her presence, the sheer power of him at this proximity almost overwhelming.

Going swiftly to one knee she bowed down low wordlessly.

06/20/2007 6:04 PM

Sliqis stood in the training hall awaiting his first opponent. He had trained long and hard on his homeworld and now it would be put to the test. He tightened his wrapped hands, the rough material made a peculiar sound as he did so. He had never fought another of the dark side of the force before. This would be the first of many trials he would face in the days to come. He would treasure these moments with great fervor.
His opponent walked up to the designated starting position. 'TO THE DEATH' was all he could think now.'TO THE DEATH'. They both flickered on their training lightsabers. Their red glow painted the scene with the colour he would soon paint the mandalorian before him. The man had flaming red hair and bright blue eyes. He wasn't particularly tall or large or even remotely threatening but he had a certain intimidation in his eyes. The fool charged first and swung out wildly with his blade of scarlet light, Sliqis turned his lightsaber off and ducked beneath the mighty swing. He thrust up with his left and grabbed the human's wrist, he twisted and crushed it in seconds, the crickle and crackle of bone tore through his victims ears like some otherworldly tapestry of percussion,'what beautiful music' he thought to himself. The echoing cacophony of his enemy's cries of pain painted pictures of red in Sliqis' mind, red and darkness, red and glory, red and blood. He then stepped in and plunged his elbow into the man's stomach, he then flipped his fist up into the fool's face, shattering his left cheek and completely breaking his cheek. Blood splattered from the impact. He then put both his hands on either side of the doomed man's head, holding his head firmly in place, then he thrust his horny crown into the poor human's visage, he then repeatedly thrust his forehead into him until all that remained was shards of skull and a fine red mush. He let the corpse fall to the floor and turned about and went back to the starting position waiting for the next opponent. 'TO THE DEATH' he thought, again and again.

06/20/2007 7:24 PM

Looking up from the holocron he was studying, Zenn watched as a tall, lanky human approached the now-leaving Twi'lek. Though unable to hear what was said, he watched with wry amusement as the human extended a hand towards her, apparently as a gesture of friendship. Zenn was barely able to hold back a small laugh as he watched the Twi'lek apparently accept the gesture, albeit tentively. As he turned back to his study of different saber forms and techniques, he felt a strong presence approach. Looking up, he watched as Master Xyric exchanged words with the Twi'lek and then walk back to his circle. Noticing that no other students were occupying the Master's time now, he turned off the holocron and returned it.

[i]If no one else is asking for lessons, I better get on it right away. It seems that others are beginning to form their own advantages.[/i]

Following Master Xyric to the circle, Zenn stopped at its edge and bowed deeply, not daring to stand back upright until dismissed or approved.

"Greetings, Master. I recognize that as a Sith, I must be proficient in combat with both lightsaber and the Force. I come seeking further instruction in the ways of the Force and strengthen my weaknesses, if you will allow me the time."

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06/20/2007 9:01 PM

[OOC: Damn you, Stoic...I was heading there! Oh well...maybe this will be the first true PC interaction... ;)]

Ide had taken to practicing different techniques and Forms of lightsaber combat, after finding another partner proved to be difficult. She kept an eye out on the other students as she practiced.

On one side of the room a Zabrak student was beating down another student whose race she couldn't identify anymore on account of the Zabrak's multiple skull bashes.

[i]Hmph...crude, and uncontrolled.[/i] If she hadn't been busy practicing, she might have yawned.

As it was, she turned her attention to other students. There were a couple of students who seemed like they had an inkling of what they were doing. Some would be a challenge to take on, and there was one in the opposite corner of the room which she wouldn't dare to face. Not right now, anyways.

No, now she must bide her time, and learn. She was done playing with the lightsaber for now...now she wanted to have some real fun.

She flicked off her lightsaber, clipping it onto her belt telepathically, and grabbed an apple out of her gear which was sitting off to the side. As she munched on the apple, she walked to where Master Xyric could most likely be found.

As she neared the library, she knew that he was there. Master Xyric's force presence was unique, and strong. Which is why she liked learning from him. His connection to the force was on a more natural level than humans or many other species. While not as natural as hers, it pleased her.

There was already a student looking to gain permission for a lesson, which irritated her. She contemplated scaring or bullying the boy off - she knew that Master Xyric enjoyed such shows - but his force presence belied some of his past. It was bright, but small, showing potential that hadn't been much exercised. Perhaps he would be good to "practice" with.

She decided to make a few inquiries later and find out who this boy was.

Following Master Xyric to the circle, Zenn stopped at its edge and bowed deeply, not daring to stand back upright until dismissed or approved.

"Greetings, Master. I recognize that as a Sith, I must be proficient in combat with both lightsaber and the Force. I come seeking further instruction in the ways of the Force and strengthen my weaknesses, if you will allow me the time."

Quickly, she strode up next to the boy, standing before Master Xyric on the edge of the circle. Bowing low, keeping her gaze directly on the floor and not daring to glance to her side to see the look of incredulity and rage she would receive from her fellow student, she spoke to the Sith Master.

"Indeed, Master, all can benefit from training in and learning the ways of the Force. Allow me to further my learning with you once more, in order to further my quest for power."

Hoping that Master Xyric would choose her, or even better, both of them, she stayed low, keeping her face down. Had she chosen, she could have shifted the focus of her sight without moving her head at all. While the student may not have noticed, she was certain that Master Xyric would, and that would not bode well.

Rule #1 of the Academy: Anything goes.
Rule #2 of the Academy: Don't get caught.

Sorry about that, Stoic. I fixed it.

Also, I think we should wait to see if Iorlas takes control of Master Xyric. I'm not sure what the rules are about control of the instructors, so I'd like to wait and see what Iorlas says/does.


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06/20/2007 9:43 PM

[OOC: Great minds think alike...or at least adapt to circumstances quick enough. Oh, and I think you're confusing my char with someone else's...that, or really givin him alot of credit. Either way, en garde? ;)]

Zenn had barely finished requestiong permission from Master Xyric when he sensed another student moving up. Barely able to bite back his indignation, he forced himself to keep his eyes down, resisting the urge to look at this upstart that intruded.

"Indeed, Master, all can benefit from training in and learning the ways of the Force. Allow me to further my learning with you once more, in order to further my quest for power."

Zenn quickly covered up his shock at hearing a woman's soft voice, especially considering the immense power he felt radiating from her.

[i]So, a female. Not my prefered opponent, but [/i]all[i] students bleed the same. This one seems to have an advantage in Force experience. I'll have to be careful and think quick on this one.[/i]

06/22/2007 11:09 PM

Master Xyric tilted his head to the side watching both students with his red avian eye.
The crown of red feathers on his head ruffled a sign that he was amused or pleased..
"A chance for both of you to show some true quality.." Xyric looked down at both Ide, and Zenn. "Everyone gather round." A group of students pressed in around the circle.

Xyric leapt into the air, and sat down on his perch which over looked the circle.."You will both demonstrate how to properly use.. Force push.."

Serath's crimson hues fixated on Arami as she submitted to his presence.."Rise Arami.."
He stood from his seat, and held out his arms towards the walls on either side of himself. Those very same droid arms began to reconstruct his armor, and once they had finished Serath approached Arami. Speaking in his sinister voice.

"Quite contrary to what you might think.. We are alike in the paths that we have walked.." Serath turned his back to her, and made no offensive movements of any kind..His lightsaber was still hidden within his meditation throne so he was indeed weaponless. "Here I stand before you.. Unguarded.." He turned his head slightly to look at her.

"What will you do young apprentice?" His lips upturned slightly in a condescending way. "Strike me down.. If you have the courage.."

The shuttle pilot that carried The Red Wolf Mandalorian quickly decended back to the mercenary post..Apon arrival he would see a handful of bounty hunters who had also passed phase one of recruitment..None of them were mandalorian..

06/23/2007 12:36 AM

Xyric leapt into the air, and sat down on his perch which over looked the circle.."You will both demonstrate how to properly use.. Force push.."

Zenn leapt at the chance to go first. Though not very experienced with Force powers, Force Push was one he had practiced, due to the advantage it could give him in a close quarters fight.

Stepping forward into the ring, stealing a quick glimpse at his opponent as he did so, a small shock escaping before he calmed himself.

[i]A [/i]blind[i] girl?! You've got to be kidding me! She can't even see, how could she even fight? Unless...[/i]

Taking a deep breath, he shifted his focus from her to another student, one who stood too close to the circle for Zenn's preference. With a small grin, Zenn easily picked the surprised student up, holding him a few inches off the ground.

[i]And for the [/i]proper[i] application...well, appropriate enough, anyways...[/i]

Transforming his shock, embarassment, and anger into strength, he sent an invisible shove through the Force, flinging the student backwards into a small group of three or four of his compatriots. Zenn smiled to himself as they all lay sprawled several feet back from where they'd been standing. Bowing to Master Xyric, he stepped back to the edge of the circle to give Ide any space she'd need.

[i]Now then...that'll take care of snoopers leaning in too close during exercises. Time to see what this chick can do. If she's what I think she is, this could be interesting...[/i]

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06/23/2007 7:56 AM

The Shuttle landed and Drake stepped out cautiously, pistols raised. He was surrounded by other people, all holding weapons. One man with some heavy armor and a large repeating blaster walked up to him.

"So you passed the first test, congrats"

Drake looked at the man quizzically and said "You mean there are more tests?"

"Thats what we hear, anyway, I am Marte Wolfrak"

The human male held out his hand. Drake took at and shook it.

"Im the Red Wolf"

"Red Wolf, hmmm, I have heard of you, they say you are good, if we all work together then most of us will stay among the living"

"I certainly hope so" Drake replied.

[i] I hope the next test isn't so hard............ or life threatening[/i]

06/23/2007 8:35 AM

Transforming his shock, embarassment, and anger into strength, he sent an invisible shove through the Force, flinging the student backwards into a small group of three or four of his compatriots. Zenn smiled to himself as they all lay sprawled several feet back from where they'd been standing. Bowing to Master Xyric, he stepped back to the edge of the circle to give Ide any space she'd need.

[i]Hmph...so he knows what he's doing..[/i]

Ide stood straight, and slowly sauntered into the circle which had just been cleared by the boy.

"Why thank you, [i]kind sir[/i]. It was most gracious of you to clear the dimwits from the area. Now I don't have to." Every word was laced with sarcasm and venom, nonchalantly working to rise his ire.

In reality, she was impressed. He wasn't as strong in the force as she was, but he was more practiced with this maneuver, which for the most part she considered crude and base. She could tell from his force presence that his display had boosted his ego, filling him with confidence. Deciding to try and unnerve that confidence, she reached up and untied her headband, revealing her vestigial white orbs.

With a flash of concentration, she increased her force presence, making it visible to the naked eye as her eyes began shining with a white light and a faint aura came into being around her.

With the rush of adrenalin that followed, she readied herself and cleared her mind of all distractions. She mustn't underestimate her adversary, and she prepared herself to see if he would take the first move.

06/23/2007 9:15 AM

Thorak stood among the students in a circle. This should be interesting, the young Miraluka was strong, very strong. The young boy was not nearly compatable with her skills, but he did have a certain finesse he displayed by knocking several students back. The miraluka's eyes began to glow and Thorak felt an awesome force presence fill the room, this would definately be and interesting little side-show.

(OOC: sorry for shortness)

06/23/2007 2:05 PM

Beyond rising from the bow Arami had not moved since entering the chamber, focusing intently on both Serath's words and the meaning behind them, while trying not to be overwhelmed by his presence. Whenever she found herself near to him it felt as if the dark tattoos that painted her were crawling across her skin.

Her interest had piqued at his mention of the past: the students knew so little of his history, so many stories circulated that it was impossible to distinguish myth and fantasy from truth.

The master seemed to be implying that he, too, had once been- or at least aspired to be- a Jedi. What his motivation was for telling her this- or if it was even a truth- she could not have said. What had turned him from that path she could not have imagined. She wondered briefly if she would ever know, before being startled by his next words.

"What will you do young apprentice?" His lips upturned slightly in a condescending way. "Strike me down.. If you have the courage.."

She paused for a moment, trying to gauge his intent and, unable to, settling on honesty as the best approach.

"I have courage, Master, but no desire to die."
She shrugged almost nonchalantly, her head tilted slightly to one side.

"I have not learned from you all I can, nor even from all the masters.
Until I do to challenge you would be to throw my life away with no hope of gain."
A small smile crawled across her lips.
"I would not wish to trust entirely to luck".

Looking him in the eye, ignoring the shiver that passed through her under his scarlet gaze, she drew herself up even straighter, her voice strong with belief and passion.

"One day, Master, I shall strike- but not today".

06/24/2007 12:46 AM

she increased her force presence, making it visible to the naked eye as her eyes began shining with a white light and a faint aura came into being around her.

Zenn watched with curious interest as Ide's eyes began glowing, an interest that became more panicked as the air around the disceptively blind girl began glowing, displaying a strength that he hadn't been expecting.

[i]So, she[/i] is [i]a Miraluka...I'm in trouble.[/i]

Zenn had heard stories of the Miraluka, but this was his first chance to really see one in action, and the fact that he was going to be the most likely target of her aggression did not sit well with him. Offsetting his decrease of confidence with false bravado and a sense of urgency to finish this duel as quickly as possible, he smiled politely and answered, his words echoing her sarcasm as he re-entered the circle and gave her a small bow.

"Why thank you, [i]kind sir[/i]. It was most gracious of you to clear the dimwits from the area. Now I don't have to."

"Not a problem, [i]m'lady[/i]. Some of our fellows students just don't truly understand the dangers they face. I'm expecting our duel to reinforce this lesson, one way or the other."

[i]And hopefully not by dying...well, me anyways.[/i]

Deciding that his best chances lay in attacking as quick as possible, he straightened up, a slight hand motion barely raising a nearby rock from the floor to one side behind her as he did. In two quick moves, he propelled the rock towards her as a distraction, his main attack coming as he sent a shove at her through the Force, using the slight fear and desperation he felt to add strength to it.

[Edit: If I wasn't tired and could've spelled words right the first time, I wouldn't have needed to do this edit, lol.]

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06/26/2007 3:40 AM

"Not a problem, [i]m'lady[/i]. Some of our fellows students just don't truly understand the dangers they face. I'm expecting our duel to reinforce this lesson, one way or the other."

She smirked at his words, amused at his sarcastic reply.

As the rock flew towards her, the only thought that came to her mind was [i]How very typical. How very...disappointing.[/i]

She easily deflected the shot, and decided to use her strength in the force to her advantage. She didn't try to divert the main attack, instead taking it head on, pushing back with her own Force.

She was rewarded with a feeling not dissimilar to a sledgehammer to the brain, as she skidded backwards a good six inches.

[i]Unh...Ow!...I wasn't expecting that much power...[/i] she thought as the headache flared into her skull.

[i]No, relish the pain...take the pain...let it feed your anger, let your anger feed your power.[/i] This was always the hardest lesson for Ide, and Xyric had tried to pound it into her many, many times, often bringing her to the brink of death.

Now, it seemed, she was truly going to understand this concept. She opened the floodgate she had set up to stop the pain, and was almost overwhelmed by the headache. Her Force faltered a bit more, causing her to get pressed backwards another foot.

She felt that pain, and she was angry that she got hurt. Adrenalin coursed through her system, anger coursed through her Force essence.

On the physical side, a flash of blood red was seen from her eyes, and then it faded back to pure white.

Drawing on more energy from the Force, she overcame her initial lapse, matching his Force push so that he couldn't push her any farther.

"Silly boy," she said, grinning now despite - nay, [i]because of[/i] - the pain.
"[i]This[/i] is how you create a distraction!"

She shot her hand out to the side, and plucked the student dumb enough to be nearest the circle. She lifted him up with ease, and threw him at her opponent, the boy screaming as his 120-lbs-or-so mass hurtled toward the boy on the other side of the circle.

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06/26/2007 6:25 PM

Zenn felt another rush of confidence surge through him as he watched her get pushed back, and let a feral grin cross his face as he watched his chances improve.

[i]So they're not immune to the Force. Scratch that rumor.[/i]

Standing there matching her Push, he felt a slight shiver crawl down his spine at the sight of her eyes turning blood red, and his smile faded.

"Silly boy," she said, grinning now despite - nay, [i]because of[/i] - the pain.
"[i]This[/i] is how you create a distraction!"

Watching out the corner of his peripheral vision as an imprudent student was lifted into the air, he felt rage at her repeating his earlier demonstration. That feeling shifted to one of slight dismay as the student accelerated towards him.


Using Force Speed, he spun out of the path of her Force Push, drawing both lightsabers. Still spinning, he ignited the twin crimson blades, both blades slicing through the careless student. He was quick enough to dodge most of the body, but was still struck in the back of his shoulder by a disembodied foot with enough momentum to knock him slightly off balance. Regaining his footing, he glared at his opponent, his ice-blue eyes burning at the white orbs she had.

[i]Ok...forget the distractions. I'm hitting her with everything I can.[/i]

Extinguishing his blades but still gripping the hilts, he transferred his anger and emberassment at his own trick being used against him into concentrated energy. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes for a split second and snapped them back open, focused solely on the thin frame of his opponent in front of him. Letting out with a yell, he thrust his hands and arms towards her, pushing as much Force energy he could at Ide.

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06/28/2007 2:37 PM

The boy's reaction to her impromptu mockery was impressive, although Ide was sure that that wasn't what the other student had thought.

She felt him extinguish his lightsabers - [i]He fights with two...I must keep that in mind for later. If there is a later.[/i] - and send a powerful wave of Force energy at her.

Indeed, she realized, it was very much like a wave. It could overpower her if she tried to take it head on, she knew that. But she had already learned that lesson.

Forming her Force into a wedge, she attacked back. Her Force Push, much more like a spear than the magnanimous wave that the boy had sent at her, tore through the other push, leaving a wake where it had passed. She had hoped to stand within that wake and not get hit, but her calculations were a little off, and she was jarred and could feel where bruises would be forming later on her shoulders.

Still, she concentrated through the pain, and sent her own attack straight at the boy. As the wave of Force energy passed all around her, her own Force attack leaped directly at the boy.

06/28/2007 4:42 PM

Thorak was impressed, he had never seen sucha display of force powers from people so young. Of course he couldn't hope to match them, his skill was in lightsaber fighting not exactly force powers.

[i]Hopefully I'll never have to get into a contest of force skill with them, especially her.[/i]

He looked down at the saber on his belt, it was his pride and joy having built such an elegant weapon by himself. But now was not the time to focus on such things, he intended to learn from this exhibition match as it were and try to improve himself. The girl recoiled in pain, obviously her calculations of the wake of her force push miscalculated. That would hurt later, but she responded with her own force push like a rancor against a gungan. If this hit, the match would be over.

06/28/2007 4:51 PM

Zenn watched as Ide's body swayed from his Push, a mental alarm going off in the back of his head, an alarm that had served him well on the streets of Corellia.

[i]Something's not right...she should've been hit harder than that...unless...[/i]

Feeling the front of Ide's counterattack start to hit him, he resisted as much as he could, trying to deflect her push away. Having used up alot of his energy in his last attack, he felt his feet begin to slide backwards, his knees buckling.

Deciding that her Force would overwhelm him if he kept resisting, he took the opposite path and relaxed his body, taking the hit. As he flew back, he noticed that he'd underestimated the strength the girl before him possessed. Rolling with momentum, he skidded to a stop at the circle's edge on his stomach, lightsabers still clutched in his grip.

When he felt that the last of her energy had passed over him, he pushed himself up on his arms, then onto his feet. Stepping more into the circle, he stood there, waiting for her next attack when it came. The left side of his face twitched slightly as he set one foot back to brace himself, his knee sore from the ride he'd taken.

[i]Note to self: do [/i]not[i] piss this girl off outside of training unless you plan to kill her.[/i]

06/28/2007 6:46 PM

Sliqis looked at the heap of broken bone and flesh at his feet. He could feel the scrutiny of those about him in the training hall. They thought his methods brutal and primitive... Even foolish. How little they knew. His prowess in hand to hand would not be underestimated. Surely they did not believe that he was brainless brawler... It would be their mistake however, not his. He show them what true brutality was, what it truly was to taste the sweet nectar of victory. He would find another opponent and then he'd bath his flesh in the gruesome ornaments of his foe's gored organs. He'd dine upon the beating, twitching, bleeding cadaverous heart and taste glory.

He saw his meal now. A twi'lek in dark robes with a smug grin and an ego of a discernibly large size. He was perfect. Sliqis strode up to him.
"Fight me." he said in a low growl. The twi-lek didn't waste any time in drawing his lightsaber, its red beam soon flickered out. Sliqis spun and heel-kicked the weapon out of the man's hand, he continued to spin until he had come about again and he thrust his claw-like hand into the twi-lek's stomach, he twisted his clawed fingers into his robes until he felt the breathing, sweating flesh beneath, then he dug in an grabbed the skin hard, until he pierced the robes and slid into the sweat-lubricated skin, he latched onto the intestine and tore them out, the whole time the twi-lek screamed in horrifying agony as he pulled every last bit of his digestive tract out from the wound. The blood rushed down his arms as he made his trophy, his example, the liquid's warmth brought him to his knees as he shook with overwhelming pleasure, his thighs ached as untold desires pulled at his loins. He then placed his hands over the heaving chest of his amazingly still breathing victim, he tore into the flesh about his ribs and began to pull. The beautiful sound of tearing sinews and ripping tissues filled him with a perverted bliss. He tore the rib-cage from its bleeding restraints of skin and tissue, and then he plunged his open mouth into the open cavity, devouring the rapidly beating heart, the spray of blood from the surrounding arteries was a fountain of red glory. He stood up dragging the intestine off the bloodied floor and began to wrap it about his right arm as tightly as he could, he took a few nails from his belt and drove them through the now adorned digestive tubes and into his own flesh. He picked up the rib cage and and removed the leg bones from their fleshy binds. He also took the liver and stomach and emptied them of their fluids. He took his gruesome trophies and headed to his private quarters. He had left the impression he had desired, soon he would be either feared or respected, hopefully this would bring him closer to becoming all that was Sith.

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06/30/2007 4:56 AM

Ide 'saw' and felt the boy fly backwards from her attack, and was pleased. Amazingly, however, he got back up. Limping his way back into the circle, he stood and waited, favoring one leg.

[i]Fine, if that's how he wants to play...let's see how well he can walk on no legs...[/i]

Just as she was about to launch her next attack, she was interrupted by Master Xyric.


That one word was filled with power, demanding obedience, with a touch of anger.

"Ide, I am ashamed of you. You should won this match with the first move, your strength in the force is much stronger than his. Your inability to commit yourself fully to the rage and power of the Force is appalling, and will be your downfall.

And you," he continued, turning to Zenn. "Where Ide fails to let go, you fail to hold control. That burst of energy was the worst move you could have done. You have not the power to make such an effort useful. I won't even comment that you have only one opponent, and all but a fraction of the effort you expelled was wasted on the air around you."

Standing up, he looked over the two of them. "I will not waste my time any more watching this nonsense. Reflect on my words, Zenn and Ide; until you have learned from this lesson do not dare to seek me out."

With that, he vanished, leaving the two of them in the circle with several students still standing by.

Ide could feel and hear the derisive comments from the crowd. Angry, both at herself, the crowd, and Zenn, she could feel her heart still racing.

Deliberately, she kept calm. She slowly pulled out her eye-band, and tied it into place, once more covering her vestigial orbs. Then she abruptly spun on her heel, turning her back to the boy across from her - [i]Zenn...I will remember you.[/i] she thought - and walked out of the circle.

The crowd, however, wasn't keen on letting her through. No one moved as she approached, so as she continued walking, she said aloud, "Move."

The boy in front of her snickered and said, "What ya gonna do, girly?" evoking laughter from the crowd around her. Suddenly she realized they were all boys, although being one of the few women in the Academy that didn't surprise her.

"[i]This[/i]" she hissed, and sent a Force push at him that sent him ten feet into the air, and then sent him across the room until he met the wall with a dull thud and a loud crack as the back of his skull burst open as it hit the wall.

She found she suddenly had a path out of the area, so she took it.

[OOC: I was just going to end it at her walking out, but I felt someone had to die. :D]

06/30/2007 7:29 AM

Sliqis awoke in his chambers the next morning covered in yesterday's splendor. His newest garments gave him the outward appearance that would earn him some form of fear from his fellow apprentices, another goal fulfilled. He felt the pangs of lust tug at his loins again... It was time for another sacrifice.

Sliqis spent the entire day in the training room watching his fellow trainees, his future victims. He watched how they fought, how they talked, how they killed, how they died, even how they breathed. He would make them his prey, his worthy quarry.

Now the evening was coming on. The sun was setting on the Sith Academy. It was time for the hunt to begin. He rose to his feet and grinned beneath his wraps as he eyed his first victim. He ran at full speed to the unsuspecting sith, he leaped onto the man's back and tore his head from his shoulders with his bare hands, much like the gardener yanks a stubborn weed from it's mother earth. He jumped off the heap of useless flesh and grabbed the closest fool too him by the throat, choking the life from him before he'd even noticed the hunter himself. He tore out his voice box and removed the wraps from his face. He then placed the voice box into his waiting maw. He clenched down hard letting the blood ooze down his jaw. His loins throbbed with pleasure as the hoary meal slithered down his throat. He felt a surge of lust overtake him... HE MUST HAVE MORE!!!! A few sith apprentices had gathered about him with their lightsabers aglow, coupled with twitching angered faces. Sliqis roared and let fly with a great force push, knocking two of the three challengers to the ground, he slid along the training room floor into the unsuspecting legs of the remaining target, taking her feet from out beneath her. Sliqis tumbled haphazardly to his feet and thrust a foot into the stomach of the fallen warrior. He nelt down aside her , and looked deep into her mandalorian eyes with carnal lust. He thrust his face upon hers and snaked his tongue into her gasping mouth. He tasted the sweet warmth of her tongue against his as he let his hands wander over her lithe and shapely form. He then bit into her neck tearing out her throat and rupturing her pearl white flesh. He let out with a great warcry and rose to his feet, leaving the desecrated corpse where it lay. He would earn the fear of all those around him, he would haunt their nightmares. His impression would be carved into their souls. He would be Sith.

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06/30/2007 7:46 PM

Thorak was on his way to the training room to beat up on some of the less expierienced students when he saw something that shocked him. A young student just had his head ripped off by an alien, a very deadly looking alien at that. Then another boy was stangled to death without being able to react, thirdly several students ignited their sabers and were about to gang up on the alien,

[i]Fools, from what ive seen even they together couldnt stop him[/i]

This alien had acted with a speed that couldn't be described by normal people. Only someone with the special sense that a warrior develops could react quick enough to the alien's ferocity. Two of the students were sent back by a force push from this attacker, while the third one, a young mandalorian girl had her throat bitten out.

[i]Harsh, but effective...probably not what I would have done, but then again thats just me[/i]

Thorak grinned and entered the room,

"Impressive, all five dispatched without a second thought or giving them time to react, Ill have to watch my back. Ive never thought anyone here could give me a challange but now I see that I was wrong, hopefully I will get the chance to fight you myself someday"

07/01/2007 8:25 PM

"Ide, I am ashamed of you. You should won this match with the first move, your strength in the force is much stronger than his. Your inability to commit yourself fully to the rage and power of the Force is appalling, and will be your downfall.

And you," he continued, turning to Zenn. "Where Ide fails to let go, you fail to hold control. That burst of energy was the worst move you could have done. You have not the power to make such an effort useful. I won't even comment that you have only one opponent, and all but a fraction of the effort you expelled was wasted on the air around you."

Standing up, he looked over the two of them. "I will not waste my time any more watching this nonsense. Reflect on my words, Zenn and Ide; until you have learned from this lesson do not dare to seek me out."

Zenn bowed his head, humbled by the rebuke, but proud that he'd lasted longer than even Master Zyric would have given him credit for. Feeling out into the crowd, he felt the taunting air of the students cease as Ide flung a student against the wall.

[i]Hmm...and she still has energy. Perhaps a rematch later, after I've managed to keep more control. Wouldn't be bad to have her on my side in a fight either.[/i]

Taking deep breathes to calm himself, Zenn slowly walked out of the circle. After Ide's example, no one tried to stop him from leaving. Stopping by medbay to pick up some bacta patches for his leg, he went to his room.

Sitting on his bed, he closed his eyes, thinking about Master Xyric's words and criticisms, replaying the duel over and over in his mind, seeking the weaknesses and strongpoints in both himself and Ide. As he sat there, he reached out, using the Force to lift various objects around his room, targeting both large and small. Into the night he practiced, lifting and replacing objects, gradually using Force Push to slide one object without disturbing the others around it. A smile crossed his lips as he remembered the Miralukan female, remembering Master Xyric's words to them both.

[i]Yes, Ide, remember. Remember and reflect. For I will seek a rematch in the future. And if you don't kill me then, you'll only make me stronger like you just have.[/i]

07/02/2007 12:03 PM

Sliqis looked into the eyes of the student. He was naive... He thought this was some kind of game.

"There will be no fight... I will devour you..." Sliqis grinned and turned about as he thought of tasting the poor fool's flesh. Surely this young apprentice did not think that such fleeting flatteries would allow him mercy? He would make a meal of him one day... Of that he was certain.

07/23/2007 1:01 PM

The moment of silence between Serath, and Arami was seemingly long even though it was only a couple of minutes. Serath had gotten the reaction he wanted from her. She knew she wasnt strong enough to take him yet, and that meant she atleast had that basic survival instinct. Serath's lips upturned slightly with amusement, and his gaze stayed fixated on Arami. "You are wise to hold back for now.." He turned around, and placed used force pull on his lightsaber bringing it to his hand. "There are some students running rampant.. Slay them, and you will be rewarded. You are dismissed."

He clipped his lightsaber to his belt, and the meditation chamber doors began to open. He quickly pulled his hood over his face, and decended the stairs moving towards the students messhall. It was nearing the usual feeding time, and Serath was actually hungry so he would oblige his stomach. As Serath sat alone at his table a droid brought him some food, and beverage. As he drank lightly of the liquid a thought came to mind. "Passion is our strength, but even those who cannot control their passion are weak."

07/23/2007 1:40 PM

Sliqis now sat in silence. He was in his living quarters. He had been there for quite some time thinking to himself about how things had gone as of late. He had killed many, their entrails were now his trophies, they were part of him now- testaments to his strength, and yet he knew that there would be another feast to come, but this one would be different. It would be a feast he'd have to wait for. In his twisted mind a horrid thought stirred... A great labor lay ahead. He would have to train harder now, no longer would meals fall into his lap with ease, for he now knew that the only prey worth eating was the prey worth hunting and the only prey worth hunting was the prey that challenged the hunter, and this hunter saught many a quarry that he had not the strength to slay. From now on every kill would be savored, from now on these hunts would be seldom... So as to give those who remained a paranoia to fill their fears. Blood would settle and anger subside until the silence of death climbed into a song of whispers, tales and nightmares-there he would stand at it's apex bleeding out his days as... The Hunter.

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