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06/01/2007 11:43 AM

Rederick Gibson
- 22 years old
- Human
- Raised by Twi'leks on Ryloth
- He is a poor man, often resorting to gambling, swoop car racing bets, and loansharks to get money. He owes a lot of money to many people on Tattoine, where he lives now.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Gibson sat in his small, one room apartment just outside Anchorhead. He was thinking of a place to hide from some creditors. He thought of his friend back on Ryloth where he was raised. A few months ago, he went to visit him and his family. During his visit, he stopped by the Republic Recruiting Office located near his friend's house. They told him of news from the far reaches of the Galaxy.

Back on Tattoine, news travelled slow. Recently, sinking stock prices had made the Tattoine trade route obsculete. This allowed loansharks, gambling rings, and criminal corporations to take the matter into their own hands, snatching every credit and breaking every law. With merchanteering, came policing, and naturally, in the state that his planet was in, there was no law enforcement.

Back on Tattoine, he was approaching a deadline for betting and gambling payments totalling 4750 credits (which he did not have the money for), he had been given an eviction notice 2 weeks before hand, and his deadline for moving was coming up (he had barely any stuff to move out anyway, most of his belongings had been taken away by debtors). On top of that there was a bounty on him, and he did not have much more time.

As a quick escape, he ran from his apartment to the shuttle bay near the cantina. He was determined to find a way off Tattoine. He sat down at the bar when a person confronted him...

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06/01/2007 11:47 AM

Then out of no where a missle shot into the transport and destroyed the craft. Then a super weapon with the power to destroy the galaxy fired and the galaxy was destroyed.


not really, but i just had to that ;)

06/02/2007 12:25 PM

A speck of parasitic life evolved in the vastness of space. The gas left over from supernovas made new planets and stars. The bugs evolve, thus, the galaxy is saved. [b] JUST FOR ME TO BLOW IT UP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/b]

06/11/2007 11:33 AM

Grensen Bonac
-25 years old
-human (cloned)
-clone of an assassin
-ex-republic commando now Travels the galaxy on his ship the Sting to collect bounties especially one posted by Jabba the Hutt. ________________________________________________________________________
-4 year in service
-HK-50 assassin droid
-made in the HK manufacturing plant
-serves Grensen but has been programed to kill him if he is interrogated.

"Are you Rederick Gibson?" said Grensen who knew already he was the right man.

"No you must have me mistaken now leave me alone," replied Rederick

"So you won't understand what I am about to say," and in fluent Rylothean "Trust me and duck or don't and die,"

Rederick did duck just in time as a thin laser shot out of the corner of the bar just where his head was he looked up at the spot and he saw a droid aiming a long DC-15x Sniper Rifle at him.

"so you trust me then do you good I want to help lose your money problems if you help me get rid of someone and if you say no i will kill you, your worth more dead than alive so what do you say?"

06/12/2007 2:46 PM

Hmm...I thought this thread was dead...

Rederick replied calmly, not being feeling threatened at all, "Well, i'd help you, but i'm sort of in the service of the republic militi-" He heard a snap as a bullet shot through the glass of the shuttle. He reacted fast thanks to the warning of the man next to him. He was able to duck out of the way, but as the bullet skimmed his cheek and left a nasty scar under his eye, just barely breaking skin, the beam went past him and shot into the wall.

He immediately headed for the nearest exit. He took the side exit beside the bar and duck under the windows. He mentioned as he ran with the man, "I guess i'm goin' with you, we can talk later." As they both exited the cantina, he headed for the spaceport. "So, you have a way out of here?"

06/13/2007 11:51 AM

"Does an unmarked ship count as a way out but first i think you need some way to protect yourself, me and E8 can't go everywhere with you, oh by the way this is E8-23 I got him off some moon near Malachor V in bits and reconstructed him."

"Unnecessary Statement; Master another member of the bounty hunters is approaching the fugitive should hide while the hunter passes."

"Do what he says and have this they might find you," Grensen handed Rederick a DL-18 blaster pistol Rederick went of to find a place to hide but still see what was happening.

06/13/2007 3:11 PM

(OOC): You played KOTOR didn't you, heh, heh. Should we make this KOTOR era?

Red hid in a small storage capsule near the shipping docks and peered through a small crack in the stone wall for vision. He though to himself, [i]I have bounty hunters, hitmen, loansharks, kingpins, and gamblers looking for me.[/i] He read a bounty poster that he took from the inside of the door and he though [i]Why would they put one of these here?[/i] He read the bounty offer and thought [i]That's a lot of money...[/i] He wondered why his bounty was so high. "Did gambling rings suffer so much because of me?"

"Yes, actually" replied a man from behind him. "They did" He turned and saw a man with a pistol looking at him from the storage room door, "You owe money to all of the kingpins, kingpins of crime, they run more than just gambling rings, theft rings, swoop racing rackets, and more. They tend to be very furious and paranoid, so they interpreted their losses because of you as an attempt by the other kingpins to put them into debt. They waged an underground war that had been capped off for centuries. This war and the gambling debts costed them millions."

Red begged, "Please don't kill me..." The man said, "When they found that you were the cause, they freaked and immediately put up a bounty for you. The problem is that each kingpin wanted you dead for themselves, for them to do whatever disgrace they could to your dirty...empty...corpse..."

Red begged and said, "I get it, each company out bountied them and...look...I have friends... please don't-" The man held a gun up at Red "Good lord, man! Don't you think that if I was here to kill you I would have done it already!" He shot at a man hidden behind Rederick. The man released no gasp or flinch...a direct hit to the skull.

He said, "Your friend is waiting, we must leave...you'll be safe with me"

06/14/2007 9:40 AM

(OOC): yea sure why not.

"I hate holograms why didn't i predi-"

"Concerned Observation: Master the Fugitive is in danger I shall try to intercept at the other end of the spaceport," The droid ran off without even orders to go cut the pair off. Grensen started to chase the two men when he saw they both were gone in the distance a ship rose up and went into space "E8 come the ship we got a chase on" said Grensen on the communicator.

06/19/2007 3:02 AM

((Sorry bout short post, i'll post again later))

Red questioned, "So...is this a kidnapping or what?" The man replied, "Geez no, but I thin kwe have some friends who are not thinking the same way as me."

Red buckled his belt as they shot into hyperspace.

06/19/2007 10:13 AM

"you will bring me the man to me Grensen or your life is forfeit," "Oh yeah why is this guy so important and anyway you only get him after I'm in Jabba's place and I believe I get priority over him," Grensen replied to the hologram of the person who posted the bounty on Red, "And, he might make me a better deal than what you supply," Grensen shut off the hologram he was doing this his way he didn't like dealing with Sith.

Both ships had been flying for over hours now. Grensen had sat playing Dejarik until; "Notification: Master the Fugitive's course has been now been discovered its seems he is heading the planet of Dantoonie we can get their first and trap the ship,"E8 said after watching the tracker in Reds gun for two hours The Black Dagger shot through into the Dantoonie space port right next to the ship they had been tracking Grensen geared up no bounty hunter protection here.

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06/22/2007 1:21 PM

((Im sorry...this isnt working. You are putting good posts, but this topic is kind of boring me. We either need more people or a new topic))

09/02/2007 2:10 PM

If you can make another post its fun posting with you plz pretty plz with a pickle on top

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