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06/01/2007 9:03 AM

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Owen Sail sat patiently in his cabin, sliding his hands through Bane's soft black fur. The Obsidian Seagull bobbled in the water, back and forth, back and forth, but Owen was used to it. Bane lifted her head and began to sniff the air.

"We are close," she whispered. Owen looked down at his transformed lover in surprise. He wasn't expecting her to speak for awhile. She always had to get used to keeping quiet before entering a new port.

"Alright," Owen said. "Let's go prepare for landing." The two got up and went out on the deck. Before moving to the wheel, Owen stopped to stare at the splendid Destina City. Several ships were anchored in the bay, and the pier at the left end of the city was very busy with human activity.

Bane nudged Owen in the leg, and he quickly moved to the wheel, and turned the ship towards a vacant dock. As he neared the dock, six workers came by to help, followed by three more when they saw only Owen guiding the ship.

"Where's yer crew?!" one man cried out as he set a plank on the edge of the dock leading up the the deck of the ship.

"Behind you!" Owen smiled.

The man turned to see Bane looking fiercely at him with her piercing eyes. The other men stayed clear of her, but the first man said "Nice doggy," smiling nervously, reaching out to pet her.

A shot rang out from the ship, and all the men stopped what they were doing. Owen was holding a gun out, smoke lifting from its barrel. The man on the dock froze for a moment, then looked down. Their was a bullet whole in the dock, just centimeters from his hand. He turned to Owen, about to scream at him, but Owen quickly spat out, "I just saved your life, mate. Pet that wolf, and you'll lose more than just your hand."

After the workers had finished, Owen and Bane left the docks to find there crew. The went into the nearest bar, finding only poor laborers and old men. So they moved to the next bar, but they were thrown out, the owner swinging a broom at them screaming "NO ANIMALS ALLOWED", and then they tried a bar deeper in the town, where their luck turned around...

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06/09/2007 8:46 AM

Jack sat at a table in the bar sipping some whiskey. His pointed hat looked battered and worn, as were all his clothes. Standing up from the table he left a few gold coins there to pay for the drink, the stench of the bar was almost unbearable for those unused to it. With a smug look on his face he swaggered out of the crowd of tables heading for the door.

"Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure drinking with you but I am afraid I cannot stay in once place for too long so I bid you adieu"

Turning around from the men sitting at their prospective tables and striding to the door he accidentaly bumped into another man comming in,


He said in his thick accent, he surveyed the man. This person was obviously a seaman, he had the look, and smell, of someone who spends most of his life on a ship. Trotting behind the man was a large wolf,

"Nice doggy"

06/09/2007 9:22 AM

The night air was calm. Surprising after the big storm they rode in on. Eric struggled to free himself from a large crate he had been hiding in. "Stowaway... Is that what you've turned to in order to get on a ship?" he muttered to himself. He spat out several curses and finally managed to get out of the tight fitting crate. It had been a long and uncomfortable ride.

Eric looked about the cargo hold while dusting himself off and adjusting the placement of his things. His sword had been sticking into him in a very uncomfortable position. He reached into the crate and snatched up his indigo bandana. He placed it on his head fit it snuggly into it's usual position. Light moonlight beamed down between slits in the ships deck.

Eric made his way sleepily to the steps of the hold and up to the door. He pressed his ear against it and heard the shuffling of boots on the ships deck. A night watch most likely, or someone deep in thought. He could make it to the rail of the ship and over into a boat before anyone noticed.

He opened the door a crack and saw a small lantern on a table. Sitting around the table were about three...no, four shiphands. He used that word lightly. They were ruthless heavydrinking cutthroats if he'd ever seen a bunch. Just as he had assumed near the front of the ship, which is close to where the table sat, was a pirate pacing. Most likely a nightwatch, as he'd predicted. It would be an easy escape.

He opened the door ever so slowly and stepped out. He took a few steps towards the rail of the ship where he saw the rigging that held up one of the boats. Much to his usual luck he tripped on a loose board and crashed to the deck of the ship. Underneath him of course had to be a bottle. He slammed down on it and it shattered creating a large noise. The pirates turned themselves in the direction of the noise to see nothing but a broken bottle.

Two more bottles convieniently fell from the rigging and crashed upon the deck. Eric had managed to slip over the rail as soon as he fell and land into a boat. He looked up to see a pirate in the crows nest. Drunk as all getout most likely. He was dropping bottles onto the deck. "Oi! Jerry! Stop that nonsense you blaggard before I run you through!" shouted the man on nightwatch.

Unfortunately Eric's luck ran out there. He had landed hard into the boat. The unfortunate part was that the crew had filled the boats with some of the finest rum. The weight of the crates of rum along with Eric meant something had to give, and something did.

Eric heard a snap and looked up to see the rigging that held his boat in place was giving way. He smashed open a crate and grabbed two bottles of rum. Stashing one into his coat, he placed the other near his mouth and pulled the cork out with his teeth. He took a sip and with a dower look he awaited the eventual snap which came a second after. It sent Eric plummetting into the sea.

Also unfortunate was the fact that the boat landed sideways and spilled it's cargo. It's cargo being Eric and the crates. The pirates rushed to the rail and saw him. They cried out and began to fire. It looked like Eric would be swimming to Destina. "Wonderful" he thought while starting to swim away from the ship and towards Destina.

06/09/2007 10:04 AM

"Mr. holland bring us around the side of the islaland to the port of the city, I wana see what some of those dam pirates are up to this time." siad Zebulun
"Aye sir."
The voyager turned soft and swiftly as the sweet salty air of the sea sstug Zebulun's face. "Sir were are we going exactly, i cant read these maps there in some type of language i cant read."siad a cabin boy
"That there is Destina City my boy"Exclaimed Zebulun

Suddenly a large cannon blast rang out from behind. "Dam pirates!" Zebulun yelled to no one in paticular.
A cannon ball pirced the side of the voyagers deck. Splinters flew in all directions hitting some of the newer men too stupid to duck when they herd the shot.
"Are you going to take this men garb your cutlases and pistols and man the guns, i have a fealing this is going to be a long day!" Yelled Zebulun

Another shot rang out just missing the main mast of the voyager. The ship was painted red in color and had 42 guns that Zebulun could count but he could not read the name on the side. Another shot hit the the bow spirt of the ship all most knocking it off the ship. The cannons were loaded and zebulun gave the order to fire. 50 of the voyagers guns fired in compleate unicine the smoke rose above the water the other ship was almost compleately engulfed in smoke all the crew of the voyager could hear was the snap of ropes and the crack of wood.

When the smoke finaly cleard the opseing pirate ship was right up aside the voyager . They were going to board. Quickly zebulun ran to his cabin to grab his weapons. By the time he got back to the main deck of the ship he could hear the loud shots of pistiols and muskets. Then the enemy ship thew over there grapling hooks and boarding boards over to the voyager. Pirates swung over all of them screaming a devilish scream.

Quickly Zebulun took out one of his pistols and shot one of the pirates in the head. Soon after he took out another and shot another pirate in the arm. The pirate took a swing at zebulun with his short sword but zebulun grabbed the pirates arm and quicly disarmed the pirate. Zebulun quickly called over another crew member "take this man in to costody!" he yelled "are you sure this is the right time for that captian!" Siad the crew member
"Yes im sure you fool!" Zebulun siad stabing another pirate in the chest.
Zebulun quickly put his sword away in its scabard and took out a granade and matches from the pocket of his pants he lit the granade and threw it over to the oposeing pirate ship. Zebulun saw body parts fly up in the air and the scream of men. Then he grabbed a rope from the deack of the ship and threw it over to the other. He swung across the open water to the enemy ship he took out both of his swords and started fighting pirates on the main deck he killed 2 and ran over to a hatch witch looked like it lead to the decks below. He opened it and jumped down and soved one of his swords on the hatches latch so it locked. He walked around below there was no one down in the bottom part of the ship. Zebulun trying to think of some way being down here could benifit him thats when he noticed that the room he was standing in was filled with gun powder. He quickly grabbed a keg and started makeing a trail of gun poweder from the kegs all the way back to the hatch he had enterd through. He quickly put down the keg and removed the keg from the hatch. Then he lit a match and lifted up the hatch and grabbed a rope and jumped back over to the voyager.
"Mr. holland get us the hell away from that ship!" Zebulun yelled!
"im a bit busy captian!"replyd Mr. Holland. Zebulun turned to see holland fighting 2 pirates. Quickly zebulun grabed the helm and turned the voyager swiftly around.
Zebulun figured the ship would blow in about 10 seconds. Then the voyager caught a gust wind and got away from the from the ship the now burning ship.

BOOM! the men a board the voyager could feal the blast from the now burning and sinking pirate ship.
Ha now thats what i call fire works Zebulun quitely chuckled to himself.

Soon after the explosion the remaining pirates surrenderd.

"All in a days work Mr. Holland all in a days work now lets see what the pirates are up to in port." Exclaimed Zebulun.

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06/09/2007 10:16 AM

Owen looked at the man curiously, but quickly turned to hold Bane back. She was growling softly, glaring at the man. "No, no Bane," Owen said. "Calm down."

Owen turned back to the man. "She doesn't like being called a dog. She's a wolf, and very proud."

Owen lifted his hand to shake the stranger's.

"The name's Owen. Owen Sail."

06/09/2007 10:23 AM

"Jack Rackham, very sorry, nice wolfie. Well I can see you are a ship owner, did you just arrive in this faboulusly digusting slime hole known as Destina?"

Jack eased his posture slightly and patted the sword on his belt with his left hand as he shook Owen's with his right.

"I was actually just going to look for a ship when I bumped into you, what brings you to our fair little town?"

06/09/2007 10:41 AM

"Mr. Holland bring the ship in to port then come along with me on to this scum of an excucie for a city also grab two other men im going to gess that were not too welcome here." siad Zebulun
"Yes sir." replyd Mr. Holland
"And Mr. Holland do make sure the men on the boat are armed we dont need any one stealing our ship now do we." Wisperd Zebulun
"No sir i will make sure they are armed." replyd Holland
"Good then we go ashore." siad Zebulun

When Zebulun steped on land it felt like he had never steped on land before in his life. He hadent touched land for 4 months.
"Mr. holland im a bit parched are you up for a drink?" siad Zebulun
"Aye as allways captian." Replyd Holland
Then they walked in to the closest bar.

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06/09/2007 11:32 AM

Eric pulled himself out of the warm water and onto the shore. He was comepletely soaked. He shook himself to get rid of all the excess water. He walked into the town all the while attracting the stares of theives, pirates, crooks, and wenches alike. It might've been that he was soaking wet or that he had the Nightray family emlbem stitched into the shoulder of his coat.

It was a crescent moon shaped like a shark with two swords pointed through it. They crossed each other. Next to the shark moon was a manta ray with a star on it's back and a serrated tail. Eric had designed it himself from drawings his grandfather had stashed in a large case in the cellar of their home. It's where Eric also found his long forgotten key. It was an odd looking key. It's ring was shaped like a crescent with a point sticking out of it's back. It had three long points and five ruts on two of them. The middle only had one.

Eric never knew what it opened until he tried it on a locked door. It would fit into alomost any lock. His grandfather had told him that if he ever found a certain lock that it would fit into but it wouldn't open, then Eric had found that key's lock.

Eric made his way to a tavern where he dried his clothes. He drank the bottle of fine rum he stole from the ship and then headed out in his dry clothes.

06/09/2007 11:45 AM

Zebulun could make out a figure walking through the darkness with a bottle of rum in his had walking out of the bar. Zebulun followed,

"Hault I order you to hault, and give and give your name and your bussines in Destina city, If you dont stop we will have to take you prisoner or kill you!"

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06/09/2007 11:47 AM

"I'm actually here to find some able bodied sailors. If you know anyone, please direct me to them." Owen smiled slyly, and looked at Bane.

"If we want to find that treasure, Bane, we're gonna need some damn good sailors, eh?"

Owen turned back to Rackham, still smiling slyly.

06/09/2007 12:24 PM

Drake Dolive walked slowly through the streets of Destina City. A Falcon sat on his shoulder. Many people looked up to see the bird for most had never seen one like this before. All of their gazes were met with a stare of the Falcons Icy Blue eyes that showed no remorse whatsoever. Drake was looking for a crew to join lately.

The bars were always good places to find sailors. Drake looked down the street to find a bar that was notorious for the pirates that came out of there.

When he found it he saw two men standing in the doorway with a wolf behind him.

"I'm actually here to find some able bodied sailors. If you know anyone, please direct me to them."

Drake walked up behind him and said "Ill join" flatly. "I need a new crew to join."

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06/09/2007 12:53 PM

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Owen turned to see a man standing behind him. The man carried a falcon on his shoulder, but Owen took little notice of it.

"Have any experience? Or a name? Or perhaps a reason for cutting into our conversation?"

Bane looked at the new man, and bared her shiny teeth.

06/09/2007 1:00 PM

"Have any experience? Or a name? Or perhaps a reason for cutting into our conversation?"

"Yeah, lots of experience, the names Drake Dolive, as for the conversation, I have no excuse." Drake said with a slight smile. He looked at the wolf and its teeth.

"Does it always act this way around strangers?" Drake asked calmly

06/09/2007 1:31 PM

"Myself, Ive been sailing since I was a lad, been part of many ships...infact you could say that ive bled on so many ships its as if they were all my family"

With a hearty laugh Jack opened up his mouth in a wide grin and prepared to speak to Owen again,

"But seriously if your looking for a good mate then im your man"

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06/09/2007 4:40 PM

Owen put a steady hand on Bane's head.

"She isn't acting. If you value your limbs, I suggest you show her respect. Alright, men," Owen added, stepping behind the newcomer so he could look at them both. "Let's see how ya do. Meet me on the docks in two hours. That's when the tests will begin."

And then he walked away, Bane following close behind. After they walked a short distance, Bane turned and barked at the two men left behind, then continued to follow Owen.

06/09/2007 4:45 PM

"Docks in two hours aye?...I can only hope that we will no what ship to look for"

Exiting the bar Jack went to his room at the nearbye inn to collect his belongings, packing his sea bag and slinging it over his shoulder he decided that he may as well head to the docks now seeing as he had nothing else to do in the mean time.

"Heh I wonder what sort of test this will be, but why should I worry?...I know almost everything about the seas"

And with that Jack exited the inn and took a left turn heading for the docks.

06/09/2007 5:39 PM

"hault I order you to hault and give and give your name and your bussines in destina city. If you dont stop we will have to take you prisoner or kill you!"

Eric stopped where he stood as soon as he heard the voice. This man was obviously insane. That or he had never heard or the Nightrays. "Are you mad? Who be ye to demand anything from me, you filthy mangy cur?!" he shouted. He turned around to see a familiar face. An old friend of his. Zebulun, Captain of the Navy. Or at least he was captain now. The two had been friends long ago, it was strange to see him now. He was alot older looking and certainly more formal.

When they were little they both dreamed of adventures of the sea. It was odd to see that they had both taken different paths towards that goal. "Zebulun? What in the world are you doing in Destina? And in that outfit no less. It's like you're asking for a death wish." he said.

06/09/2007 6:03 PM

Drake just stood there, rooted to the spot. He watched them leave away and go to the docks. Drake leaned his head into the Falcon's ear and said softly "Shadow, go follow them in the air, keep out of ear or eyeshot, remember, the wolf has better senses". Shadow squaked a reply and then flapped into the air. The one who called himself Jack went into the inn, obviously to get his things. Drake always had his things with him, there wasn't much either.

Then an idea struck Drake "Wolves and humans don't have that good of relations, i wonder if, oh i know...." He said softly to no one in particular. With a smirk he walked off in that direction.

06/09/2007 6:18 PM

Zebulun overwelmed by seeing his old freind agian was speachless.
"Errr Eric i havent seen you in years i thought you were one of the troble makers, howd the hell you get to Destina the last time I saw you and you we were both but mere lads!"
Stuned Zebulun almost feel over. "lot different than the last time you saw me isent it. Joined the navy after the last time I saw you, and look at me now a navy captian who gets paid 50 peices of eight for evry pirate I take prisoner to take back to be hanged for piracy, its a quite good bussiness actully."
So whats bussines here.
Sudenly a group of pirates emerged from the shadows pistols and swords drawn.

Zebulun drew his swords "You caught me at a bad time you bastards!"

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06/09/2007 6:35 PM

Before Eric could respond a group of pirates came out from alleyways and drew pistols and swords. They surrounded Zeb and sidestepped Eric. One of them turned to him and said "Begone ya bilge rat! We've got no business with the likes of ye!". His breath was foul and smelled of ale. It made eric contort his face in a weird position before it passed.

Eric stepped forward and he and Zebulun put their backs together. He drew his custom sword, BlackPearl, and his broadsword. "If you be wanting to get to him you'll be running through me with your cutlass, if you can!" he shouted.

A couple of the pirates charged forward and the two prepared for battle.

06/09/2007 6:45 PM

Zebulun threw one of his swords and it went though one of the pirates heads. Then he pulled out a pistol and shot another man in the chest he fell to the ground screaming in pain as Zebulun drew another pistol off his belt and shot an other man in the arm, finishing the man off with his cutlass. "Well isent this FUN!" Zebulun exclaimed to Eric.
"Swords drawn and fearless just like when we were lads!"Yelled Zebulun as Eric turned and stabed another man in the chest.
Finally they had fought the gang of pirates to the last member.
"lets kill him together as a covenent set in blood!" Yelled Zebulun
Then they both sliced off his head with in swift blow blood was spilled all over the ground.
So pirates know im here zebulun thought to himself.

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06/09/2007 7:01 PM

Owen kept walking until he was sure that no one could hear him.

"What do you think the test should be, Bane?" Owen said quietly to the wolf padding beside him.

"You mean, you don't know what it is? Why did you..." Bane stopped, and raised her head, sniffing at the air and looking all around.

"What is it? What do you smell?" Owen asked, placing a hand on a blade sheathed at his side.

Bane responded with a howl. Owen knew that meant someone was near. He cautiously moved forward, beckoning to Bane to follow. The pair warily walked down the road...

06/09/2007 7:13 PM

"Fifteen men on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho and bottle of rum, drink and devil had done for the rest yo ho ho and bottle of rum"

Sang Jack as he marched down the street, reaching the docks he sat down and started whistling to himself awaiting the arrival of the captain whenall of a sudden he heard a loud howl comming from somewhere in the direction he had just come.

"Well it must be the captains wolf, maybe I should have a look see"

[i]this should be safe here for a while[/i]

Jack thought as he left his bag against the nearest building, then drawing his cutlass in his right hand and taking one of his pistols in his left he charged in the direction of the howl.

06/09/2007 7:46 PM

Eric was amazed to see his old friend fight with such skill and precision. It had been an amazingly quick and easy battle. The two stood together in a ring of bodies. "Zeb you old rat you fight like the day I first met ya!" laughed Eric. The laughter quickly faded though. "But you're a Navy man now, and you've got pirates blood on your hands. I'm afraid we part ways once more old friend." Eric said. He turned around about to leave.

06/09/2007 7:52 PM

"Eric we could use skill like you abroad the voyager i could hire you as a priviteer and you would get to keep all the money that you get from ships, something that the rest of us navy people cant do." Siad Zebulun
"not only am i offering money. " Zebulun siad "but im offering you revenge ageinst your enemys, you would be able to kill them whitin the law within reason, and Eric if you want to keep your self out of jail i sugjest you take this offer becouse i know you have a record and i just watched you kill about 3 men."
"So are you in?" Zebulun siad.

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06/09/2007 8:03 PM

Eric gave a heavy sigh and thought over what Zebulun had just said. He could easily escape the law but he couldn't kill his best friend. He had plenty of money but a chance to sail the seas with his old friend sounded great. But it also meant he'd be working for the enemy of all pirates.

It was a most interesting proposition. With a ship and a crew he would be able to get close to the seas like he wanted, without stowing on a ship and nearly dying. He wouldn't have to run from the law again. Even if it did add to the excitement of being a pirate it also added to the danger.

Eric turned around and looked at Zebulun. After a few last seconds of thought he spoke "Fine, I'll do it. Two conditions though. One, I want a first mate position and two, I'm not wearing one of your frilly uniforms."

06/09/2007 8:09 PM

"Good then we set sail after we find some of these troblesome pirates in port."siad Zebulun." I over heard a man at the bar that thare meeting at the docks, I hope we can catch them before they set sail!" Zebulun yelled as they started running in the direction if the docks.

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06/10/2007 2:12 PM

Drake heard a howl and realized that Shadow was found or in danger. He looked up at the sky but did not see him. Drake put his fingers up to his mouth and whistled loudly. They had worked on this and that meant he wanted shadow back. Sure enough in a minute, Drake saw Shadow come down and land on his shoulder.

"They are going to the docks, i think the wolf smelled me." Shadow whispered

"Hmm, i say we go to the docks and see if we can find them" Drake replied and began jogging down the street.

06/10/2007 3:04 PM

((Unless for some odd reason we are not together, Zombie and I are jointly writing our posts, so that both characters are portrayed correctly. Enjoy.))

"Adios mon capitan."

"Goodbye sailor."

The trim woman watched the final pirate stagger off the deck of the Red Raven, and sighed, reattatching a small pouch of change to her belt. They were expensive to pay off, each of these men, but she wasn't too worried. They would all be drunk and swaggering, proclaiming they themselves had beat the famed Captain of the Red Raven and mutinied before midnight even. The wind whipped her long curly raven locks, threatening to tear her ill-won tricorn off her head, but stubbornly she reached to fasten it more securely.

"Well Captain, it's just you, me and the monkey.

"I have a name thank you very much," Homtae grumbled from the pale first mate's shoulder. "I do not call you ghost boy, and therefore do not call me monkey."

Sendren smiled, his teeth almost lost against his white lips. "A thousnad apologoes my old friend; let me rephrase. Well Captain, it's just you, me and Homtae the wise and powerful."

She turned on her heel to her first mate Sendren. As usual, he was accompanied by the irritating monkey. Her nose twitched slightly as she surveyed the only man to stay on her crew. Together they had plotted to remove the previous Captain of the Red Raven, the obnxious Limeirch Jabal. Honestly, with a name like that, surely he deserved the hand he had been dealt. How the monkey had entered the picture was Sendren's, not her own.

"Aye Sendren. But its better this way."


"Can we please," Homtae interjected once again, this time hopping from Sendren's bony shoulder to Devlin's, much closer to the ground." Find a crew that neither tries to eat me, thinks Sendren is an evil spirit or is constantly staring down your corset."

"Now Homtae, I though you liked the view," Sendren laughed at his old friend, who promptly swatted the albino in the face with his long tail--but did climb lithely back onto the taller man's shoulder.

"Ahem!" She coughed loudly, her level-eyed stare catching them both angrily. "I can stomp that kind of talk from the crew, but I best not be gettin' it from yew two either! Especially by the damn monkey!"

Sendren threw his head back in laughter. He loved Devlin's temper, if only because it was quite amazing how much fire that small a woman could breathe. "Well Lady Captain," said her first mate with an elegant bow and a pointed bare toe. "May I then have the honour of accompanying you into this fair city in search of a crew that will not curse us, molest us, mutiny us or stab us in our sleep?" He reached out his arm as if a fine escort in sea brine livery, adorned with an angry monkey hat.

Despite herself, a smile curved her well defined lips. "Solunba. Aye my first mate. To the land we go. Though I have me doubts about our luck." Taking his arm, similarly acting as if she was wearing an elegant gown of silks and foreign design, she allowed herself to be escorted - something she would never allow anyone else to do.

06/10/2007 8:35 PM

"It's gone," Bane whispered quickly to Owen. "But someone else is coming. It smells like...the man from the bar..."

Owen and Bane were still walking warily, but Bane was sniffing at the air all the while.

"Which one?" Owen asked, stopping to look at Bane.

"Hmmm...I think...both of them?" Bane turned around, then back again, and looked at Owen.

"Hmmm...alright, Bane. Let's test it. Run!

Bane rocketed off down an alley, launching past drunken sailors and angry watchmen, leaping onto crates and around large pots.

Owen, meanwhile, waited for the other two men to show up.

06/11/2007 8:14 AM

Drake walked as normaly as possible, like any sailor would. He rounded the corner and saw Owen standing in the road near the docks.

But something wasn't right, the wolf wasn't around any where that he could see. Drake didn't look in any direction because that would show suspision and just continued walking up to Owen.

"Im here Owen, whats this test of yours?" Drake asked

06/11/2007 12:16 PM

Rounding the corner of the building, Jack saw both Owen and Drake waiting,

"Blast I thought there was some trouble going on when I heard the wolf, well now whats this test of yours?"

Jack put his cutlass back into the sheath on his side and the pistol he stuck back into his leopard skin belt with the other one. Grabbing a crate he sat down and readjusted his tri-cornered hat, shaking from the slight chill he opened his mouth in a broad smile showing a few missing teeth.

"Well captain?...whats this here test you've got planned out for us?, im eager to see what a seaman such as youreself has got instore for the rest of us"

Jack chuckled at his own remark,

[i]This lot needs to lighten up...[/i]

06/11/2007 1:59 PM


"The...test?" Owen said as the men approached. "Hmmm...it hasn't been two hours yet...but I guess I can give you a head start." Owen stepped away from the road, and leaned against a high wall, and looked up at the sky. He sighed, closed his eyes, and thought for a second.

"You must...bring me the sword of a Navy sailor. You have two days."

06/11/2007 2:10 PM

Jack was shocked, he hadnt been around a navy officer since he was arrested. Surely trying to steal one of their swords was something he could do but at what cost? Was it realy worth going back to jail for a sword?

"Ill do it"

Jack had realized that Owen had never said what kind of condition the officer need be in. A smile crossed his lips,

[i]This should be interesting...long time since I've been anywhere near the navy[/i]

Jack stood up and started scouting around the ships looking for a navy vessel.

06/11/2007 3:01 PM

"You must...bring me the sword of a Navy sailor. You have two days."

"Two days, just for that?" Drake said.

[i] This should be easy, all i need is a navy person[/i]

"Well then i better get going if im going to find that sword"

With that Drake turned on his heel and left the middle of the road.

"Shadow, go fly and find me a drunken naval officer" Drake told shadow. Shadow squaked a reply, it was only a matter of time now.

06/11/2007 9:09 PM


Bane was still running. Her legs were strong, and her mind sharp. Nothing would stop her from finding her target, not that anything was in her way. The alleys were empty except for the occasional cat or mouse, mangy dog, or sleeping drunk.

Bane leaped over a fence, ducked through a hole in another fence, and rocketed down another alley, stopping only twice to sniff the air. When she finally caught the scent she was looking for, Bane slowed to a trot and moved down an empty road to a tiny pub, already closed for the day, and she jumped through a window that had been left open.

Bane followed the scent trail, which took her up a flight of stairs, down a hall, and into the room of a man who had just sat down to read a letter.

Bane moved slowly into the room, and started growling.

"What the hell?!" the man cried, turning in surprise to see the angry wolf behind him.

"Bane?! Wha'? Wha' are ye doin' here?" the man whimpered, falling off the chair to his knees.

Bane stood perfectly still, baring her teeth with such ferocity that the man looked down at the floor out of fear.

"I've come for the map, Arnold." Bane growled.

Arnold looked up. His eyes showed both confusion and despair. "I ain't 'ave the map." he said apologetically to the dark wolf.

Bane growled heavily, and she screamed in anger, "What do you mean, you don't have the map?! Tobias told me that you were the one who stole it!"

Arnold whimpered, then choked out sobbingly, "I sold it! I ain't be holdin' that map for no ways!"

Bane barked a command at the pathetic man, and he stood up, told her who bought the map from him, and where he was, and then Arnold bared his neck.

"Do ye 'ave ta do this?" Arnold sobbed.

Bane moved to the whimpering sap and nudged his neck with her nose. "Yes, Arnold. You stole the map. You [i]sold[/i] the map. Now, you will pay for the map."

"Can I not jus' give ye the tenne?!" Arnold cried.

"You already spent it, didn't you? How can you pay me with money you don't have? No, you'll pay me with your blood."

And with that, Arnold, the first first mate Owen ever had, was killed. Bane left not with the map she so desperately needed, but with information, and a full stomach.

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