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06/01/2007 8:35 AM

Check OOC for details. Ill start the story later.

06/02/2007 2:43 PM

(Ok, time to start this baby)

Krath sat on the bed of his appartment in the Jedi Temple. He was watching a holo-news update about the war at hand. Acording to the lady reporter, the republic was "Unable to stand against the might of the unknown army". This is not true, the republic was indeed losing, but not at that rate. The enemy was named the unknown army because it came from the unknown regions and used advanced and unknown technology. At first the jedi stayed out of the war, afraid that another takeover and extermination might happen. However, if it keeps going at this rate, soon the jedi will have join in because it is established that the leaders of the unknown army are or were jedi!

06/02/2007 3:57 PM

The two figures faced each other silently, each unmoving: a fair haired human boy with the gangly limbs of a growing adolescent, biting his lip in concentration, green-bladed lightsaber held high in a two-handed grip, and a slender zabrak female, dark hair lifting slightly in the light breeze, her tanned face composed and neutral, cerulean blue lightsaber held at shoulder height in her left hand.

At no spoken signal both blades flashed in to a quick flurry of moves, the air sizzling as they met, only to part as quickly.
Blade met blade repeatedly in a series of skillful parries, both figures balanced and resolute, neither trying to gain advantage, seeming almost passive.

The stalemate continued for some minutes, the combatants moving in a slow, careful circle.

At only the smallest change in the boy's stance the blue blade swung through the air in a sweeping arc, stopping a mere inch from the young Jedi's heaving chest.

"Concentrate, Karn: your right elbow slipped again and left you open. You were looking for an opening instead of preventing one."

The zabrak smiled at the padawan, the skin around her striking eyes crinkling slightly.

"Patience is not an easy thing to learn, I know, but it can be done- it [i]must[/i] be if you are to master Form III. There, and not in attack, lies its strength."

"Yes, Master Saeli."

The boy took up an opening stance, ready to continue, but glancing at the midday sun hanging over the practice courtyard Mlarya extinguished her blade and hung it once more on her belt.

"My apologies, Karn, Master Oles awaits to help with [i]my[/i] training," she smiled once more, "but I promise to help with your velocities tomorrow if I am able".

She bowed to him, leaving once he had returned the gesture, moving fluidly into the temple and though its wide corridors.

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06/02/2007 5:30 PM

Krath walked down the hallway of the Jedi Temple. He was looking for a certain master whom he was friends with and had recently been on the frontlines of the war. He would know what was going on.

Krath walked past many studens, fellow knights, and other masters on his trip. Most had become used to his alien presense but others still were uneasy around him. Being a chiss, Krath had glowing red eyes so good first impressions were usually out of the question. It was even rarer for a Chiss to be force sensative but he was a special case. Most people had spent time with him and became used to him, but new padawans and people that had never seen him before usually stared. Krath didn't mind any more though.

He reached a room with a small door to enter. When he did enter he found a man of medium height, long brown hair, sitting in a chair watching a holonews clip. "Come on in Krath" he said without turning around. Krath walked forward and sat down in a chair next to him.
Krath said "Well Vex, i need to know whats going on at the front"
"You want the details or the sumed up version?"
"Well then settle in Krath, your in for a long conversation."

06/02/2007 5:52 PM

The meditation room was dim and cool, but beads of sweat lay on Mlarya's brow.

She was seated cross-legged on the ground, facing a human of late middle years, grey peppering his sandy hair, his brown robes seeming almost black in the dusky light.

His face was almost expressionless, but alert, as he watched the younger Jedi.

Her eyes were open, but unfocused, seeming to look through him.

"Good, Mlarya. The temptation to focus on the Force threat alone is strong, to close your eyes so that you may concentrate only on it, but you must not. You must be aware of all around you, of all the energies flowing: to be able to focus on the threat while remaining able to anticipate others, this is key."

She gave only the tiniest of nods to show she had heard, as during his instruction he had not let up on his unseen attack.

Although neither of them moved she felt as if she was being pushed slowly backwards, as if she was mentally scrambling not to lose ground to the relentless hammering at her shields.

Master Oles voice was soft when he spoke.

"You struggle, Mlarya. You flail when you should be calm. I sense your frustration. This is not the way."

"Then what is, Master?".

Her voice was tight with exertion and disappointment: each time, they had this same conversation, and each time he would remain stoically silent to her question.

She knew the answer, he had said the first time. She knew what to do, but did not do it.

She could feel her hearts beating slightly quicker than normal in her chest, and knew her energy was almost spent, knew she approached another moment of failure.

[i]Be in the eye of the storm..[/i]

The voice of her first lightsaber instructor, Master Lokin, came to her, almost as a whisper. Her eyes narrowed slightly in surprise: in Soresu, this was the core philosophy, to remain calm and centered, withdrawn but adaptive to the outer chaos, as if in the eye of a storm.

Almost from the start, as a youngling learning the First Form, she had decided to focus on Form III. By nature zabraks strove to succeed in anything they attempted, and she knew the discipline and patience required by Soresu would present a challenge.

She had had to work hard, curbing her impetuous nature to learn the art of being still, of being an oasis of calm in the midst of chaos and struggle: to learn to absorb all attacks, to defend and deflect them almost passively, to not push back.

The link was obvious, so obvious that her surprise at not having noticed it before caused her concentration to momentarily slip so that she did actually slide back a fraction on the smooth marble floor.

Recovering quickly she stilled both breathing and thought once more, dropping into the mindset that now came so naturally to her once blade was in hand.

Although nothing moved in the room she could feel it slow, everything achieving a sharp resolution in the dimness.
Where she had been pushing back against Master Oles, fighting to match his strength, now she became passive, as in Soresu, not pushing, not resisting, only letting the chaos flow around her, mentally turning from his attacks, adjusting.

Eventually she felt the pressure lessen, and then ease entirely.

"Good." Master Oles smiled- slightly tiredly, she noticed with a small surge of satisfaction.

"Very good."

She bowed in acknowledgement, frowning slightly.

"Master, it was so obvious- why did I not make the connection before now?"

He smiled the smile all frustratingly elusive Jedi Masters seemed to have, and rose to his feet.

"Why, I wonder? Why did you not until now decide to succeed?"

She frowned in thought at his back as he left the room, the gesture drawing her horns down slightly so that they gleamed in the light.

[i]How thoughtful- it's not as if I wanted to sleep tonight.[/i]

With a sigh she left the room, walking the cool corridors to clear her head so that she might ponder Master Oles' question.

06/03/2007 11:01 AM

"It is really bad out there" Vex said softly. He sighed and said "The jedi that are leading their army are or were rather jedi, they just have turned to the dark side and become sith."
Krath was puzzled, the master's always tought him that the sith were a mith. He said "I thought the sith were a mith?"
Vex replied "So did I until I saw the stuff they did to my company, it was horrific" Krath leaned back in the chair, "The council has some explaining to do" he thought to himself.
Just then over the intercomm a voice said "This is Master Iles, all jedi of the rank of knight or higher please report to the grand meeting room, it is urgent" Krath and Vex looked at each other, Iles was a top Council member so it must be very importent. They both got out of their seats and left the room, the holonews still playing.

06/03/2007 2:48 PM

Mlarya had been walking for over an hour, brooding on the puzzle posed by Master Oles, her thoughts no clearer than when she began.

Serious though it sounded, she was almost- but not quite- glad when the message from Master Iles came over the com system.

She was some distance away from the meeting room and so moved with speed to obey the summons.

[OOC: short, obviously, to allow you to post the meeting]

06/04/2007 9:53 AM

All of the jedi currently in the temple assembled in the meeting hall, Krath one of them. Many were confused as to why they were here. Master Iles, who was the current Grand Master, had his eyes closed. His eyes opened and he said "Everyone is here" loud enough for everyone to hear.

Instantly the whole room became quiet for the old man to listen. He had long white hair with a frail appearance, however was very knowledgeable in the force and was still a formidable lightsaber weilder.

He spoke in a clear and confident voice "Ladies and Gentlemen, as you all know, there is a war going on" He pressed a button and a hologram of the galaxy came up. He pointed up to it and the unknown regions and a few of the northern rim planets turned red showing enemy terrioty. The rest turned blue showing ally territory. "This is the current layout of the war" He said. Iles cleared his throat and said "I also know that you may have heard rumors that the leaders are jedi, this is indeed true"

Voices rose up in yells of disbelief and protest but were quickly silenced by a wave of Iles's hand. He then spoke "However, they are no longer jedi, they are sith". Then roars of anger and protest went up. Krath to was in disbelief, the sith was just a bedtime story, a myth, not reality.

Once again the crowd was silenced by Iles "I know many of you think that the sith never existed, this is not true, every thing that is a myth to you is true, the sith did exist, i know it is hard to believe but you must trust me." Everyone stayed silent, they all trusted Iles, he was a great leader and would not lie to them.

Iles continued "In order to save the republic, and eliminate the sith, we are reinstating Jedi generals, your objectives are to, of course, destroy the enemy, but to also find the brother sith and kill them, everyone is dismissed, everyone will be given their assignments later" Iles stopped and left the podium, everyone began talking at once.

06/05/2007 2:45 PM

Wisp Hy-blade looked up at the news, shaking his head in disbelief. [i]Well, it was inevitable , eventually there would be Dark Jedi that would arise.[/i] The young pilot was sitting in a Catina waiting for someone to come along for his next job. As he continued to watch the news a young Rodian came up and sat in the seat next to him.

"They're getting creamed aren't they?" said the stranger. Wisp didn't even bother looking over at him he knew who it was. "I guess so." he said. The Rodian continued to talk, "It really doesn't bother me who rules this junk of a galaxy. As long as I get my job done, I'm fine."

He sighed, as he watched the visuals of Republic ships being beaten upon by the enemy's laser cannons. The young man looked down at his empty glass, [i]I guess I'll head back to the Tarron.[/i] He lifted himself up and started to head towards the door as he sensed the Rodian take his blaster out, his hand reached and grabbed the grip of his blaster. Pulling it out of it's holster he twisted around, jumping to the side as blaster bolts shot past his head as he let off one shot. He looked at the Rodian and sighed, he had hit him in the chest.

[i]I guess everything is inevitable.[/i]

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06/05/2007 4:11 PM

Cassus awoke from a deep sleep. He stirred from the sheets of his bed in the Temple apartment and walked to his closet. Taking a new shirt from his locker he wrapped it around him and fastened it shut with his belt,

[i]I guess everyone must be up from the sound of things[/i]

Taking his lightsaber from under the pillow and clipping it on his belt he exited his room and walked down the hall, where he caught up just in time to see a flood of Padawans and Knights along with them pouring out of the assembly hall.

[i]Looks like i missed something big[/i]

Pushing his way through the crowd he came at last to the table of the Council,

"Master Iles, forgive me I overslept, What has happened that everyone looks so grim?"

Iles turned toward Cassus and repeated all that he had just said. With a look of utter disbelief Cassus responded,

"But Master, why was no one told before?...surely if we had known this could have been avoided?"

"I am sorry Cassus but it was the decision of a council long past to hide this information and each new council has kept that secret"

Still with utter amazement on his face Cassus bowed respectfully then turned and left the room. This was completley impossible, sith?. He quickly turned a right down the next hallway and headed for the training room, if there was going to be another Jedi civil war he would need to be ready.

06/06/2007 7:38 AM

Her head was reeling.


Mlarya stalked the halls of the temple, once more lost in her own thoughts.

Everyone had heard tales of the Sith, but that was what they had seemed- merely tales.
Cautionary stories told to impulsive younglings and padawans as moral lessons and a reminder of the power of the Dark Side.

For them to actually exist... for Jedi to have fallen unknown, and to such depths...

It seemed like a travesty.

Her steps had brought her unknowingly to her room.

It was cool inside, and quiet, and felt like a sanctuary after the uncharacteristic activity in the temple's halls.
The room itself was sparse, austere, lacking in personal possessions, befitting the Order's tenets.

Kneeling on the floor she began to mediate, trying to center her chaotic thoughts.

06/06/2007 8:58 AM

Krath opened his eyes slowly. The light streaming in through the window in beams. One was on his face and it hurt his eyes.

Krath slowly got up and looked around the room. Then he remembered, today was the day that the jedi set out to their planets.

Krath began packing his things to get ready to leave. He took his clothing, a few books, and a few other things that would help in the war effort.

He left his room and went down the hallway, all the way to the grand meeting hall. There was a computer terminal that would tell him his next assignment. He punched in his name and the computer said "Taris". That is where he was going.

(OOC: Alright everyone, i will let everyone choose where they go as a general, Kitos can do whatever he wants. Anyone with a jedi general can choose where to go but remember, this war is being fought on the unknown region and republic border. Someone can join me on taris if they want)

06/07/2007 12:32 PM

Once at the training room Cassus focused on his sorroundings. Slowly letting out a deep breath he reached for his lightsaber and with it in hand ignited the blade, its bright blue color piercing the darkness of the training room, cracking his neck he switched into the opening stance of the Ataru form. Cassus had been training in Ataru for years, he was instructed by his master Jaden Korr, and he had also read many holo-manuscripts about the basics of the form.

Releasing his mind and letting the force flow through his body and partially control his movements he seemed to dance across the floor with speed and grace. For almost an hour he moved in a rhythmic dance to the force and when he finally exhausted himself, he extinguished the blade of his saber and clipped it back onto his belt. Of course he had only been training in fighting an opponent one on one but he at this point felt that he did not need to focus upon Soresu, figuring that the sith would most likely only appear one at a time. Fixing his robes, which by this point were drenched in sweat, he began to return to the hall to see where he would be asigned. On his way down one hallway he accidentally bumped into a very beautifull looking Zabrak female,

"Pardon me, I was not looking where I was going"

06/08/2007 6:29 AM

Krath wanted to get some saber practice in before he left for Taris. He stood in the middle of a blue tiled circular room. There were 3 other Human males standing in front of him wearing jedi robes. Krath was wearing a crisp new military uniform.

"Training system engaged" The metalic computers voice said emotionlessly.

Then the blue room disapeared and was replaced by a circular area. It looked as if the simulation put them on the top of a tower with an open roof.

The jedi that were to spar Krath let their robes float to the ground and grabbed their sabers. As they ignited, Krath took this as a chance to determine the form they would be using. The one with blonde hair brought his blue blade in a standard Ataru opening stance. The Brown haired one with the green blade was in the classical Shien opening stance. The Black haired one with a blue blade was also in a Shien stance.

Krath grabbed his unique curved hilt saber from his belt. The curved hilt design was standard for Makashi, his prefered form. The green blade slid out from the hook at the end and Krath brought up a Makashi salute and then went into ready position.

The Ataru user struck first with a large jump to close the distance beetween them. Krath feinted the attack, merely stepping to the side, letting him fly past him. The blue bladed Shien user jogged forward and attacked in a verticle down swipe, then with a quick jab toward Krath's chest. Krath blocked both but that opened up a chance for the green bladed Shien to attack. Krath barely blocked the attack and then was prompted to parry the first attacker again.

By now the Ataru user had recovered and attacked at Krath's back. Krath saw this move comming in the force and disengaged who he was currently fighting and did a backflip so he could get distance.

The three watched him move and slowly got into ready position and edged toward him. Krath smiled and chuckled softly as he got back into ready position.

06/08/2007 1:48 PM

On his way down one hallway he accidentally bumped into a very beautifull looking Zabrak female,

"Pardon me, I was not looking where I was going"

Mlarya looked up in surprise as a rather sweaty human bumped into her, and then laughed absently, her violet eyes glinting in the half light, glad of the brief respite from more serious matters.

"Well then that is something we are both guilty of- and I doubt we are the only ones here who are distracted".

Adjusting her light tunic she glanced around, noting the greater-than-usual number of hurrying forms, most of whom bore a common, worried expression.

To think that it was former Jedi who were causing such chaos, such carnage... It was nauseating. The thought that the Council had potentially known of their existence- or at least of the Sith- also sat uncomfortably on her, as did the knowledge that they were almost completely unprepared to face Dark Jedi.

"I am sorry, but I don't believe we've met. I'm Mlarya Saeli", she thrust her hand forward, "Master...?"

[OOC: I'm beautiful! lol ;) And I lied- didn't even make it to a computer. But I will shortly.]

06/08/2007 2:03 PM

[OOC: lied about what?]

"Cassus Li Anek, so I take it you were at the meeting?...I was actually asleep so I was told alone by master Iles"

Taking the slender hand of Mlarya, Cassus shook it gently with his own. Rrying not to be noticed he skimmed his eyes up and down her form, she was slender but at the same time muscular. There was a slight sensuality to her walk mixed with a feeling of purpose, she knew what she wanted obviously. Her skin was very smooth and she was wearing a very skimpy tunic. Then Cassus shook himself out of it, this was crazy, he was a jedi knight!...he should not be looking at a female of any species this way.

"Forgive me I zoned out for a second, did you say anything?"

[OOC: hope its ok if my character checks you out Nanuk, ive never done it in a roleplay before and wanted to try it out, if you dont like it ill do an edit]

06/08/2007 3:08 PM

[OOC: lol! A horny Jedi, that's new ;)
It doesn't bother me once we stay on-story, and I like the description- but I never said skimpy tunic. Normal tunic, normal pants, big bad Jedi boots. Arami my Twi'lek is the barely-clothed one :P

And I lied to DW in the OOC saying I'd get to a computer to see my assignment- which I'm going to go do now. It would seem logical for your character to go too so I'll assume he follows- if you want me to change it just give me a heads up and it'll be done]

"Forgive me I zoned out for a second, did you say anything?"

"...No. No I didn't."

If zabraks had eyebrows Mlarya's would have been raised.

[i]How [/i]incredibly[i] unusual[/i].

She tried to keep the amusement out of her voice as she answered.

"Yes, I was at the meeting. I imagine Master Iles told you everything pertinent. I'm just on my way to the grand hall to see where I've been assigned."

She phrased it as an open invitation and began walking the short distance back to the hall. As she had hoped, it had cleared in the brief time she had spent meditating in her room.

She was silent as she walked, her soft boots making no noise in the corridor, brooding at the thought of a military assignment, . She had been trained for such situations, but to know the Jedi were being called upon to fulfill their role as guardians because of the actions of their fallen brethren was disconcerting.

Reaching the hall she glanced at Cassus before accessing the terminal, his red hair seeming dark in the subdued lighting.

In lettering that appeared stark and cold she saw that she had been assigned to Taris, with General Krath being the ranking member of the Order. Her mind's eye formed a picture of an imposing Chiss: she was familiar with him from the practice room and training, of course, but not well acquainted.
She wouldn't have admitted it to anyone but she felt a small amount of relief that she would be with a more experienced Jedi.

Stepping back from the terminal she smiled with brittle brightness at the human, the reality of their situation becoming increasingly tangible.
"Taris beckons. A new experience for me. Where have you been assigned?"

06/08/2007 4:21 PM

Krath dislike fighting in a saber duel with the force. He believed it to be dishonorable and cheating. However, sometimes when facing multiple opponents, it was necessary.

A shien user struck forward at his chest. Krath parried the blade and spun around attempting to clip his opponent in the back. The attack was successful and he was hit in the back and flew a few yards and landed hard on the ground.

The metalic computers voice said " Combatant 2 Defeated". The man that just went down's image crackled and then disapeared.

Krath pointed his blade at the other two and they did likewise. The Ataru user lept forward while the Shien user sprinted forward, attempting to overwhelm him. Krath stepped to the side and took away the momentum of the Ataru users strength. The Shien user was not in a position to help his ally. The ataru user was also clipped in the back and the same thing happened to him as the first.

The last two combatants were Krath and a Shien user. The Shien user's face filled with uncertanty and doubt about himself. Krath came forward with an aggresive flowing combo of jabs and strikes. The Shien user was forced back all the way to the guard rail of the alledged tower they were dueling on. The two locked sabers and Krath spun his in a circular motion, disarming his opponent. His opponents saber flew off the edge and he grasped frantically in mid-air for it but was unable. Krath's blade pressed itself lightly against his opponents throat and he said "I win"

A second later the computer said "Combatant 1, Vitorious". The scene disapeared and was replaced with the blue room earlier. In a little viewing room stood the two he had defeated earlier. All three of them shook hands and went their seperate ways. Krath proceded down a hallway, he was going to the hangar to get into his ship, The Shadow. He would then fly it to the Military hangar where he would dock on a capital ship and then leave for Taris. On his way through the hallways he mapped out the quickest way to the hangar and determined he would have to go through the Grand meeting area. Krath wiped the sweat from his brow, he continued down the hall.

06/08/2007 4:23 PM

[OOC: sorry i didnt want to go all the way through the OOC section to see what your character was wearing, now that I know what its like to rp an "interested" person maybe ill do it more often if its ok of course, im not sure but i think I might go to Taris with you]

"I havent seen the computer yet, I've been busy practicing my Ataru, Let me see..."

Typing in his name, the computer responded to Cassus with the brightly colored word TARIS SYSTEM. Placing his hand behind his head Cassus let out a sigh of relief,

[i]Ill get to see her again...this should turn out interesting[/i]

"Looks like I'm going with you, the computer says Taris. We dont have to leave immediately, and I think I'm up for some more training, would you care for a spar?...I'm anxious to try out my Ataru"

With that glib remark Cassus smiled hoping she would accept, he wanted to try out his fighting, true, but he wanted to see what kind of style she used and how good she was.

06/08/2007 5:37 PM

Mlarya's head cocked to one side for a moment, considering the invitation.

[i]Ataru? This might be interesting[/i]

It would also be good to know his capabilities if they were going to be stationed together.

"Challenge accepted", she laughed again, her natural confidence resurfacing.
"It has been some time since I sparred against this form- be gentle with me".
She winked and ten turned quickly, moving further away from the terminal.

Reaching the center of the room she shrugged off her robe for ease of movement: it would be needed against the Fourth Form.

She ignited her lightsaber, its blue blade casting a ghostly glow on her features and dark hair, and moved into the opening Soresu stance; facing Cassus almost side-on, right arm forward and extended, left arm held back at shoulder height and close to her chest, blade tip pointing slightly downwards.

Moving lightly to the balls of her feet she let all distraction fade and sought the calm that must come with Soresu, not quite sinking into the mindset until she knew how serious the sparring would be..

[OOC: as I mentioned she'd pretty darn proficient with Form III feel free to post a longer sparring post, Shige- and assume that she'll be able to parry most things, so bunny her for as much of the combat as you'd like. Anywhere you want a specific response from me just leave off]

06/08/2007 6:07 PM

[OOC: what does bunnying her mean? lol]

Cassus ignited his own blade, it too cut through the darkness of the training room with its blue glow. Shifting into the opening stance of Ataru with his blade held parallel to his right side he lunged forward with a surprising amount of speed and jabbed towards Mlarya's chest. Naturally she was able to parry this blow as he had expected, but at he moment of her sidestep he turned the jab into a sideslash which she was just barely able to duck under. As she returned with her own thrust upwards into his exposed belly Cassus lept into the air and somersaulted over Mlarya's body landing behind her. The perpetual strike and block continued for over thirty minutes with neither one seeming to gain the upper hand until Cassus, slashing into her back was countered with a swift parry knocking Cassus's saber out of his hand. Smirking Cassus thought to himself,

[i]Just what I wanted...[/i]

As Mlarya prepared a downward slash to end the bout Cassus dove into he exposed midesction and knocked her off balance. Sending her to the floor Cassus Kicked the saber from her hand and pinned her to the floor. Pressing his knee against her throat he sighed, this was the most interesting and perhaps the longest duel he had ever been a part of.

"That was good, I had a real workout."

Slowly releasing the pressure from her throat he began to rise when unexpectedly she swept his l.egs out from under him with her own. Then she had Cassus pinned to the floor and kneeled above him smiling.

06/08/2007 6:45 PM

Krath had been going through the grand hall when he saw them. The Grand hall was emptying out by now, most jedi had gotten their asignments and were preparing to leave.

The two had been talking, one was a human male, the other a female zabrak. Then without warning they both left into a training room, obviously to have a sparing session.

Krath didn't have anything better to do so he decided to go watch them. He stepped into the dark training room, his footsteps making no noise on the tile floor. He set his suitcase down on the ground softly and began to watch them.

The Zabrak opened up in a Soresu opening stance. The Human was in a typical Ataru opening stance. Then the battle began with the Human attacking aggresivly, the Zabrak blocked all of the blows naturaly.

Krath began to try to predict the outcome, the Zabrak had the advantage of endurance and defense because of Soresu, wheras the Human had speed and offense. However Krath couldn't shake the fact that a Zabrak was using Soresu. Zabraks were usually impatiant and aggresive beings, so he thought that the Zabrak would have an offense suprise later. He believed that the Zabrak would win the day.

The Human's blade flew out of his hand and the Zabrak prepared a duel ending blow. The slash was a Djem So Slash just as he had predicted. However, Krath thought that the human let his blade go [i] too [/i] easily. Then he saw a slight smirk on his face and Krath knew what was about to happen.

The Human lunged forward and knocked the Zabrak off her feat and placed his knee at her throat. "So i was wrong" Krath thought to himself.

"That was good, I had a real workout."

Then the Human began to get up.

[i] Fool [/i] Krath thought to himself.

Zabraks were not the species to take defeat lightly and usually did what they could for victory. Just as he predicted, the Zabrak took the advantage of an oblivious foe and was at the victors spot.

Krath began clapping, with a smile he said "Very good duel my friends". Krath picked up his suitcase and strode forward to the two who had just been fighting and said "That was a quick duel yes, but a very good one, my compliments to both of you!"

06/08/2007 7:05 PM

"It was certainly invigorating".

She paused a moment, enjoying the surprised expression on his face, and then rose gracefully, proferring her hand briefly before withdrawing it with a grin, making sure to step out of his range should he decide to try anything as equally underhanded as she had.

"Thank you- that was stimulating! It is always pleasurable to be challenged, especially when it proves so beneficial".

Retrieving her saber hilt she pushed her hair back from her damp forehead, absently rubbing at one of her exposed horns.
Soresu was a style that favoured lengthy encounters, thrived in them, using economic moves that consumed little energy while awaiting a tiring opponent's mistake; but she felt genuinely taxed.

Her justified confidence in her own abilities meant that she did not for one moment think that it was any lack in her own skill that left her feeling tired, but rather that Cassus' impressive prowess had drawn more than was common from her.

She had been drawn to Ataru when she began her initial training, as many padawans are by its impressive and acrobatic style, but had focused instead on the Third Form, coming to view Ataru's weaknesses as being too great a liability.
But the human's display had been effective and formidable, reassuring her that his presence on Taris would be greatly beneficial.

Krath began clapping, with a smile he said "Very good duel my friends". Krath picked up his suitcase and strode forward to the two who had just been fighting and said "That was a quick duel yes, but a very good one, my compliments to both of you!"

Mlarya turned at the unexpected intrusion, but, recognising the Chiss generally smiled and bowed at the compliment, genuinely pleased as he had a reputation for excelling in lightsaber use.

"Thank you, Master Krath. We-" she glanced at Cassus once more, the smile not leaving her eyes, "thought it might be advantageous to spar a little before leaving."

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06/08/2007 7:16 PM

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"Thank you, Master Krath. We-" she glanced at Cassus once more, the smile not leaving her eyes, "thought it might be advantageous to spar a little before leaving."

Krath looked at the young Zabrak lady and said "Indeed, i just came from a practice spar myself"

By now Krath was standing in the arena itself looking at the two. "Might i inquire to what your names are and where you are going?"

06/08/2007 7:24 PM

Now even more sweaty than he had been before Cassus rose to his feet,

"Impressive, Ive never had anyone turn the tables on me like that, you are a formidable opponent"

Cassus retrieved his own saber and clipped it back to his belt, Cracking his neck and stretching his arms behind his back Cassus once again shook Mlarya's hand and said,

"I guess i was focusing more on what you look like than the fight"

Heaving a sigh he began to leave the room. This was incredible, had he really just said that out loud? Holding his head he leaned against the wall and stood with his eyes closed not wanting to look at her. Why was he having such feelings?, he was a jedi knight and even though centuries before master Skywalker had made the jedi have the ability to care for others it was still widely frowned upon by the older masters.

"Forgive me, I dont know why I said that, but the truth is...I do find you very attractive...I can only hope that my feelings will not interfere with the mission, oh forgive me master Krath I did not realise you were present in the room"

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06/09/2007 8:59 AM

By now Krath was standing in the arena itself looking at the two. "Might i inquire to what your names are and where you are going?"

"This is Cassus Li Anek,", the human still looked rather distracted so she answered for him, feeling in need or a distraction herself "and I am Mlarya Saeli."
She gave another small bow.

Her breath had caught in her chest in surprise at Cassus' words, and in truth she was grateful for the continued presence of the Chiss.

"I guess i was focusing more on what you look like than the fight"

She had laughed, at first: but as he had continued she had subdued into stunned silence, completely unprepared for what had been admitted.

[i]As if I don't have enough to think about already...[/i]

"We have both also been assigned to Taris, Master Krath, somewhat serendipitously".
Even if she had been inclined to believe in coincidences that all three of them had met up like this was thought provoking.

"When do we depart?"

06/09/2007 12:51 PM

"This is Cassus Li Anek,"

"Hello Cassus, A pleasure to meet you" Krath said strongly while bowing.

"and I am Mlarya Saeli."

"Also a pleasur Mlarya" Krath said while bowing.

"We have both also been assigned to Taris, Master Krath, somewhat serendipitously".

"Both of you are going to Taris? That is where i am going." Krath said with a slight hint of suprise in his voice. What were the odds that all three of them going to the same planet, maybe it was fate.

"When do we depart?"

"Now, we need to get to the military port and board the capital ship, i shall be taking my ship, if you have a ship just fly it there and meet me there, otherwise i will happily take you."

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06/14/2007 9:37 AM

"Now, we need to get to the military port and board the capital ship, i shall be taking my ship, if you have a ship just fly it there and meet me there, otherwise i will happily take you."

Mlarya nodded at the plan.

"It may be safer to have a number of vessels on hand- as we do not yet know fully what we face they may be needed. I will fly my ship and I will meet you at the port".

Re-clipping her saber hilt to her belt she glanced out the window.

"If there is nothing further then I will go prepare. Safe journeys."
Bowing briefly to each Jedi she made her way quickly to the maze of corridors, heading for her chamber.

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06/14/2007 12:03 PM

Cassus looked discouraged,

"I will go to my ship and meet you there as well"

With a bow Cassus exited the room and made a left down the hallway,

[i]This cant be good...why am I having such feelings?[/i]

Deciding to meditate and perhaps clear his mind Cassus locked his room door. Sitting cross-legged on the ground he closed his eyes and relaxed, he felt the walls around him peel away and all was visible. He could detect the life of all the other jedi in the temple going about their routines, Mlarya was heading towards her room and Master Krath had departed from the training room.

[i]This doesnt seem to be helping...even in meditation I am drawn to her...[/i]

06/14/2007 7:03 PM

Krath had reached the hangar in which his ship was docked. The Shadow sat on its landing legs motionless, its black painted hull making it look menacing indeed. The walk ramp extended when Krath walked toward it, he had opened it using the force.

"Hello master Krath, good to see you again" The protocal droid greeted him

"Hello G-44, get her ready for take off"

"At once master". The droid was a silver plated protocal droid that was made by Krath himself. The two seated themselves down in the cockpit, Krath as pilot, G-44 as co-pilot. The ship silently lifted itself off the ground and glided out of the hangar toward space.

Krath avoided the traffic as best he could until he saw the Coruscant Drydock hanging in space above the planet. Many ships were being assembled there.

"Unidentified ship, you are entering a restricted area, please identify yourself or be arrested"

The man's face appeared on the visual screen, clearly an officer by the way he stood.

"Yes, this is The Shadow, piloted by Jedi Master Krath, i am assigned to be a general on the capital ship leaving for the Taris system."

Krath slowed his ship down a little as the officer checked his story out.

"General Krath you are cleared to land on hangar AC46 on the ship in dock 2."

"Thank you" Krath said as he closed the communication. The ship in dock 2 was a customized Mon Calamari Cruiser. When Krath landed in hangar AC46, he realized it was a commanders personal hangar for there was no other ship in it.

A man in a military uniform walked up and said "Welcome to the Stiletto, if you come this way ill show you to your room"

06/16/2007 1:14 PM

As she flew through hyperspace towards Taris, Raywyn's mind was filled with turmult.

[i]How could I have been so foolish? How could I have been so...so...weak? Jocen wouldn't want me to do this. He would have gladly sacrificed his life for me. And yet, I was unable to give him the same honor. Instead, I broke down like a little girl, crying out for my love, and this is where it gets me. Sent to spy against all I've sworn to protect, while Jocen is still in the hands of those Sith.[/i]

Looking around the small cockpit to distract her thoughts, her eyes come to rest on a small holoprint of herself and Jocen, standing in front of her recently acquired ship, [i]Raywyn's Redress[/i].

[i] Redress,[/i] she thought to herself. [i]Justice...retribution...atonement...vengeance. It means all those, and more. I named this ship that as a small jab towards those pirates. Ironic that, in the service of good, I now find myself under the thumb of those who would take all that is good from the Galaxy.[/i]

Her eyes come to rest on Jocen's face, his penetrating eyes, strong features, the small scar on his chin. A hand reaches unconsciously to where she knows the bio-capsule lurks in silence, waiting for any sign of treachery to flush it's poison into her. [i]And now...if I choose to do what I [/i]should[i] do, we both die. He would've understood if I'd chosen to escape by myself, but I couldn't make myself leave him, and he was too stubborn to leave me. Why didn't I see that stun-dart coming? I could at least have died the death of an honorable warrior, not skulking through shadows like some rat that I've become. Now I'm forced to choose between our lives or perhaps the fate of the Galaxy. Any Jedi would know what choice should be made...but how many could make it?[/i]

A beeping noise from her console interrupts her thoughts. Looking up, she watches the stars become points of light in space, with Taris in front of her. Within moments, a voice came over her comm. "Unidentified vessel, this is Taris Space Control. Please state your name and business here."

Holding back a sigh, she responds. "This is Raywyn Tsu, Knight of the Jedi Order. I have come to Taris to refuel and make minor repairs to my starfighter. Please give me coordinates to a repair bay."

"Hold on," the voice replied. A few seconds later, the speaker returned. "It appears that you're early, Jedi Raywyn. The others from Coruscant haven't arrived yet. You'll be landing in Docking Bay 987A. Glad to see you here."

As she acknowledged and switched off the comm, the thought goes through her head. [i]The others? More Jedi are coming? Then surely they know of the Sith plans to invade already. Maybe they could help me out of this predicament. But then Jocen....poor Jocen...[/i]

A hint of mourning settled in her thought as she followed the coordinates. [i]No, they'd tell me refuse to spy. Then Jocen would die at my orders. I'll think of something. I hope...[/i]

06/16/2007 2:37 PM

Cassus' ship the [i]Republic Avenger[/i] appeared above Coruscant. Cassus was an exceptional pilot,

"Stilleto control this is Captain Cassus Li Anek of the [i]Republic Avenger[/i], requesting vectors to the initial"

"[i]Republic Avenger[/i], this is Stilleto control please standbye while we transmit coordinates"

Cassus had left his roo m almost immediately after gathering his belongings. He wanted to be as far away from her as possible for the time being, his mind felt heavy and he couldnt concentrate on his task. Shaking his head he punched in the newly transmitted coordinates and began his descent into the Hanger bay.

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06/16/2007 3:03 PM

Although she had tried to ponder the conundrum posed to her by Master Oles in the training room- so long ago, it felt!- on the brief journey to the dry dock, Mlarya's thoughts had kept wandering back to Cassus' declaration.

While no longer forbidden, romantic involvement between Jedi was certainly not common, if for no other reason than it could prove exceptionally complicated: a Jedi's life was not his own, it was given in service, service which could at any time lead to any part of the galaxy.
Constant instability and hazard could leave little room for the 'softer' emotions.

Growing up in the temple Mlarya had not been... [i]unaware[/i] of certain responses, certain desires, arising in the presence of others, but, in truth, she had been too intent on her training to be much bothered with them.

They were not easily pushed aside, and her path had not been without falter, but her goal of becoming a knight had been sufficient to ensure they remained but momentary distractions.

Albeit pleasant ones.

Smiling at the memory of dark lips and stolen moments she followed the directions delivered over the crackling comm, making for the cruiser designated [i]The Stiletto[/i], steering [i]Ben[/i] nimbly through the clutter of small craft to dock.

Making her way through expectedly bustling corridors the young zabrak thought- with some mild irritation- that the impulsive human had poor timing. Their duel had been enough to know that he could concentrate well, so she was not overly concerned that their mission would be affected, but it was one more surprise in a day of revelation.

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06/16/2007 3:16 PM

Cassus was shown to his room aboard the huge republic ship. He immediately lay down on the bad and sighed,

[i]This was incredible, all his efforts to clear his mind and all his jedi training were failing him...[/i]

He decidded that seeing as clearing his mind wasnt working maybe physicall activity would. Flipping through the air he landed in a handstand and closed his eyes, lifting one hand and balancing on the other he raised the nearby locker with his mind.

[i]It was working...he could only focus on the footlocker or risk having it drop...[/i]

He held this position for over an hour trying desperately to forget his passion.

06/16/2007 3:22 PM

The man in the military uniform led Krath through the busy cooridors until they came to a more quiter block.

"This is the commanding quarters, your room is in the one at the end of the hall"

Krath looked down the hallway, his was at the end and there were 3 more on its right.

"We decided to give you jedi your quarters together, oh and im Corporol Watson"

The Corporol brought his hand into a perfect salute in front of his forehead. Krath returned the salute and then relaxed.

"Corporol, what kind of weapons does this thing have?"

The corporol took off his cap and scratched his brown military shaven hair. Krath realized that not once their eyes met during the whole time they knew each other. Krath looked into his blue eyes, Watson looked up at Krath's facial features. Like most people who saw him for the first time, Watson quickly looked down. The Chiss species had Glowing red eyes and blue skin and were constantly perseived as demonic. Krath didn't mind this though, he was used to it by now.

"Well, we got a good 50 Turbolasers, 20 Ion cannons, 30 proton and concussion missle tubes, 5 tractor beams, and many Fighters and bombers in the hangars."

Krath was pleased with the weapons on this ship.

[i] So this isn't some feeble command vehicle. [/i]

"Thank you Corporol, you are dismissed"

The two saluted and then left, Krath walked into his room to deposit his things.

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06/16/2007 11:39 PM

Landing in the designated docking bay, Raywyn shut down her fighter with swift movements born of routine before climbing out of the cockpit. Looking around, she walked up to the maintenance supervisor, noting that other personnel were already pulling a fuel hose out.

"Greetings," she stated. "I was hoping you could help me. I have minor repairs to make, and need the proper tools to do so."

"Good day to you, Jedi. We have a wide variety of tools available for use, plus the service of several mechanics if additional help or advice is needed." The supervisor waved his arm around the bay as he spoke. "As you can see, service is a top priority of ours, especially in these dire times. If there is anything else we can get for you, don't hesitate to ask."

[i]Destroy the Sith, bring back my love...that's all I need at the moment.[/i]

"No, that's all for now. If you can just get me the tools, I'll be fine."

After getting the tools, Raywyn made minor adjustments to her fighter, always watching for how the service crews acted, take off and landing procedures, security patrols, and other routines. Running diagnostics and finding all systems satisfactory, she returned the tools to the supervisor.

"Many thanks for the assistance. Could you tell me where the incoming Jedi are to be quartered, and where our ships will be stationed at?"

The supervisor looked up the information on a computer screen, then responded. "Jedi fighters will be on Landing Pads 846A and 846B. You'll be bunking in Sector Two-Alpha, North Wing. Here are the grid coordinates."

"Thank you," she replied, then she walked back to her fighter. Taking off, she flew a low course over the surface, noting the defenses, troop buildups, and bunker locations. Following the coordinates, she came to a smooth landing on one of the designated pads. Declining the help of military personnel, she walked to the quarters, noting that the troopers seemed to have high moral despite the coming danger. [i]Must be nice to have that confidence. Didn't realize how much I thrived on it until it was gone.[/i] Picking a room towards the end of the hall, she set her pack down. Pulling her robes on, she removed a small communicator from her pack and walked to the front guard desk. Making up an excuse to leave the base, she walked out until she was sure she couldn't be monitored. Finding a quiet location away from other people, she opened a secure channel on the device, she waited for one of the Sith to reply. [i]And so the deceit begins.[/i]

06/17/2007 8:46 AM

It wasn't long before the screen on her communicator crackled to life. A strong, determined face with brown eyes and brown hair looked back at her. "Report, [i]Jedi[/i]."

Bowing her head both as a sign of respect and to hide the cringe on her face from the use of her title, Raywyn looked back up, transmitting information as she spoke.

"I've just arrived on Taris. It appears that the Republic knows you're coming. Defenses are being built up, with more troop reinforcements on the way. The troops seem to be very confident they'll be able to blunt your attack. Here are the locations of their bunkers, main defenses, and barracks. Security patrols have been stepped up, cycling every ten minutes past this repair bay.

"There are also Jedi coming here from Coruscant. I don't know how many or which Jedi they are, but it's enough to give us the northern section of this building.

Nodding his head, Trath replies. "Very good, young Raywyn. Your service has earned extra life for you and your lover. I trust that you will keep up the good work. Is there anything else?"

Although realizing Trath's last question was more of a dismissal, Raywyn couldn't help but ask a favor. "Please Master...I'd like to see Jocen, just to know he's alright."

"You don't trust me, child? I've given my word that he will remain alive as long as you remain loyal to us. But, since you've done a good job, I suppose I can satisfy your curiousity." The screen changes, showing Jocen locked up and pinned to the wall of an energy cell. Small flashes of electricity could be seen at his wrists and ankles, holding him up. His head was rolled to one side, as though he was passed out from exhaustion.

Barely able to keep the emotion she felt from her voice, Raywyn spoke quickly to the screen. "Jocen, are you okay? Wake up Jocen, it's me, Raywyn. Jocen? Jocen..."

The image changed back to Trath's cool demeanor. "I'm sorry. It appears that Jocen is unable to speak at the moment. The fool tried to resist my guards after you left, probably figuring you'd be out of harm's way. Don't worry though. I made sure he was informed of the bio-capsule before he blacked out. Keep your eyes and ears open for now. I wouldn't recommend doing anything foolish to give up your position [i]just yet[/i]. Report back when you have more information." With that, Trath cut off communication.

Blinking back tears of frustration and anguish, Raywyn shut off the communicator and pressed it to her heart. [i]I hate him for what he's done. I don't care if Jedi aren't supposed to hate, I hate him. He used to be so noble...and now, he's the most evil, twisted being in this Galaxy. Why couldn't I have been stronger? For Jocen, for the Republic...why did I weaken right then? What cruel joke is the Force playing on us?[/i]

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06/17/2007 12:54 PM

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The Stiletto emerged from hyperspace above Taris. It slowly moved toward the main fleet of warships that marked the Taris defense force.

Krath flew The Shadow out of his hangar and straight toward the surface command center.

06/17/2007 3:15 PM

The time spent on board the [i]Stiletto[/i] had been uncomfortable: if not physically then certainly [i]psychically[/i].

She had found the time trying, unsurprisingly given her inherent predisposition to impatience. To know so much lay ahead of them, of unknown nature or strength, and yet to be temporarily confined within this void of inaction, was vexing.

All the more vexing as her focus kept wandering.

Given the general chaos on the ship, the clutter and crowding, the nature of their mission, it seemed more natural to spend most of the time in her quarters; practicing, meditating, gathering strength for the trials ahead.

The same seemed to be true for most of the Jedi on board- the few times she had left her quarters she had seen only military personnel, none of the other Jedi..

So there should have been no stimulus to distract her, nothing to interrupt her meditations, and yet...

Analyzing it logically she knew her mind wandered to avoid the more serious reality of the war, but knowing the reason did not make it any easier to bear, or the weakness any more tolerable.

She had been one of the first to the hangar bays when the cruiser had reached Taris space, seated in the small Zebra and running through pre-flight the moment they were on an approach vector.

As soon as they were given clearance she had flown straight to the command centre for General Krath's briefing.

06/17/2007 6:41 PM

Composing herself, Raywyn walked back to the base, almost oblivious to everything around her.

[i]He tried to escape. He tried to escape, and wasn't able to. I love the man, but is he suicidal. He should've known the odds were against him. And yet, I wonder. Perhaps he wants me to quit spying for the Sith. But now that he knows about the bio-capsule, would he want me to? Now that it's both of our lives, not just his in the balance?[/i]

Walking along, she was torn from her thoughts by the roar of several engines. Looking up, she watched as several fighters and troop transports came in to land at the base. Watching them circle to land, she watched a couple of them peel off to land on the pad that her fighter rested on.

[i]So...the mighty Jedi have landed.[/i] she thought with a snort. [i]Mighty. Infallible. Yet, surprisingly human. Maybe one of them might present a solution to my dilemma. I won't hold my breath, but maybe. Undoubtedly, the senior Jedi will want to see forces they have available to use. Whether one of them can help me or not, I should be there.[/i]

Walking back into the base, she made her way towards the command center. [i]Time to see what the plan is.[/i]

06/17/2007 6:46 PM

Cassus had long since relaxed from his one handed handstand and was actually in the dining hall when the call went out,

"[i]All Jedi please report to hanger bay, all Jedi to hanger bay[/i]"

Finishing his food and dispensing of the trash he returned quickly to his cabin and put on his brown cloak. Taking what few belongings he had he headed for the hanger bay, upon reaching the hanger he loaded all of his belongings into the cargo hold of his fighter and sat in the cockpit. He ran the pre flight checks and found that all systems were operational, piloting the small ship out of the [i]Stilleto[/i] he transmitted his codes to the Taris defense fleet and they alloowed his ship to pass. Upon landing in his designated dock he brought all of his belongings to the room he was assinged on Taris and collapsed on the bed from exhaustion and boredom of being in space so long.

06/18/2007 12:33 PM

Krath was staning in the main room of the Taris Defence fleet's Headquarters. The main viewport looked out on a city. A city where rebublic troopers and tanks were walking through. The citizens had been evacuated underground so they were not a problem.

Intelligence was saying that a stealth sith force had landed on Taris and was scouting where to make the invasion. The defence force was ready, everything in place, now he just needed his fellow jedi with him to carry out the war effort, and save the republic!

06/18/2007 4:23 PM

Walking into the command center, Raywyn's first thought was that she was early. Though she had assumed that the fighters that landed by hers were Jedi, there was only one other Jedi there looking out the window, a Chiss judging by the blue skin and jet black hair. Though he only wore the robes of a Jedi Knight, she had no doubt that this was the Jedi in charge of operations here, given the warrior reputation of those people.

[i]Well...sending a Chiss. The Republic is serious.[/i] she thought, a slight grin crossing her lips for a split second. [i]Trath may have his hands full, more than he'd like.[/i]

Straightening up her robes from the brisk walk, she crossed over to the viewport, standing slightly behind and off to the side of the Chiss Jedi.

"Raywyn Tsu. I'm guessing you're in charge of the Jedi detachment here?"

[OOC: Sorry so short. She does like to get right to the point.]

06/18/2007 5:04 PM

Krath looked at the lady that just walked in the room. She was strong in the force, obviously a jedi, but something was wrong about her, something that arroused Krath.

"Hello Raywyn, I am Jedi Master and General Krath, the head of operations here on Taris, i am waiting for my fellow companions to join me here. I was not informed of you being here on Taris?"

Krath was looking straight at her, he wanted to see if she was, like most people, intimidated by the Chiss species features. Any sign of unatural emotion would send up a red flag in Krath's head.

06/18/2007 5:06 PM

Mlarya was almost staggered by the preparations on Taris.

She had never seen a forced so massed.
So precise, so controlled.
It as unsettling given their purpose.

She walked quickly through the command center, appreciating the efficiency of the many, many bodies going about their duties, each seeming to know exactly where they were going and eminently confident in themselves and their abilities.

The overall atmosphere was one of abiding optimisim.
While heartening, it also gave some small cause for worry: danger lying in the optimism spilling over to arrogance, over-confidence

She had been given only vague directions, but found her way unerringly, the familiar sense of Krath shining like a beacon in the Force to draw her on: the presence of other Jedi also making themselves known.

Reaching her destination she found the general already accompanied by a human Jedi, one clothed in a somewhat untypical style. A smile broke across her face as she recognised the Dathomir armour, and she moved over to stand near the two.

[OOC: Stoic- as they're of a similar age it would seem natural that Mlarya would know Raywyn as they probably would have changed together- although because of Raywyn's work these last years they wouldn't have really seen each other. And, yes, I did think it could add more inner conflict for the poor woman ;)
If you want me to change it just holler, and it can be done in a second.]

06/18/2007 5:26 PM

Cassus woke with a cold sweat, he had a vision through the force and it wasnt a pleasant one. In his vision he saw the jedi temple destroyed and in ruins, then he saw himself standing amidst a field of jedi corpses. He tried not to think of it, such visions were rare and not usually a good thing, deciding to keep it to himself he dressed quickly and put on his brown cloak. He almost sprinted towards the command center in search of Mlarya and master Krath, when he arived he was relieved to see both them and a third jedi he was not familiar with.

"Sorry for my lateness, I uh fell asleep"

[i]I definately need to keep this vision to myself[/i]

06/18/2007 5:31 PM

"Hello Raywyn, I am Jedi Master and General Krath, the head of operations here on Taris, i am waiting for my fellow companions to join me here. I was not informed of you being here on Taris?"

[i]Hmm...Jedi Master and General...Trath isn't gonna like this...[/i]she thought with unshown approval. [i]Typical male though...trying for intimidation. Might work with most people, but who said a Dathomirian warrior could be intimidated like most?[/i]

"And I was uninformed of your coming until I had to stop here for repairs and fuel. I was scouting the Outer Rim for attacking forces when my companion and I were ambushed by Sith. Last I saw, he was captured but still alive. I eventually made it out and managed to get here. It wasn't until I landed that I was told other Jedi were on the way," she responded, meeting his eyes with hers.

[i]Not a large stretch of the truth, [/i] she thought.

Sensing a familiar prescence in the Force approach, her hand slowly moved to the fibercord on her utility belt, waiting for the opportune moment.

"My long-range communications was disabled during the fighting, so I wasn't able to relay any messages to the Temple. When I landed a short while ago, I was told of the others coming, so I did my repairs. Your fighters landed shortly after that."

Turning suddenly, she tossed a quick lasso over Mlarya, eyes lighting up at the Zabrak's surprise entanglement. "And this would put me one-up on one of your Knights, Master."

[i]An old acquaintance...maybe she could help me out of this situation. Jocen, you may be down, but you're not out yet.[/i]

"Greetings Mlarya. It's been awhile. Your skills are getting rusty."

Seeing sudden movement from the doorway, she watched as another human Jedi ran in. [i]As are some of mine, evidently.[/i]

[OOC: Nanuk-Nah, made for a good joke. She's been going to the Outer Rim off and on for the past few years, but was only imprisoned for a couple days. Not really enough time for the rest of the Jedi to notice, esp with her "comm failure." Ain't love a b!+ch sometimes, lol.]

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06/18/2007 6:21 PM

"Greetings Mlarya. It's been awhile. Your skills are getting rusty."

She shrugged playfully, her smile only growing wider.

"I thought I'd give you that one, as I missed your birthday".

Slipping deftly out of the fibercord and tossing it back to the young human she bowed to Krath, pushing her long hair out of her face as she straightened, and then nodded in acknowledgment to the apparently-hurried Cassus.

Although eager to talk to Raywyn and hear of her experiences- she looked tired, hardly unexpected given the nature of her work- she contained herself and looked at the general expectantly.

[OOC; Ack! Short AND crap! I'm too tried to write properly but wanted to get in pre-responses]

06/18/2007 6:35 PM

"I thought I'd give you that one, as I missed your birthday".

Raywyn caught the end of the fibercord, quickly winding it up and reattaching it to her utility belt, ready for its next use. Keeping her face even, she nodded to Mlarya.

"Then I guess we're even. That [i]was[/i] my present for yours."

Nodding to acknowledge Cassus' entrance, she took a note of his slightly disheveled look. [i]Not the best first impression, but I've been fooled before. Jocen was covered in grease the first time I met him, and look at who wonderful he turned out to be.[/i] Sighing inwardly at the memory, she turned to face Krath.

[i]Mlarya is still the good-natured being I used to know. Can I confide in her? Or would she betray me to the rest of the Jedi, and seal Jocen's fate? I[/i] want [i]to trust her, but I don't know. She's probably the closest I have to a friend right now, and I don't know how she'll act. There's just so much at stake, on both sides. If only I'd been stronger. I'd probably be dead, but dead with honor is better than a living coward.[/i]

06/19/2007 6:10 AM

After all the introductions, Krath began showing them where the strongest points in the army were, the weak points, stratagies ect. Then a man that was on the bridge of the command center cried out.


Krath looked up at the man and then out the main viewport. Comming down from the sky were hundreds of sith bombers and fighters. Our AA guns rose up to meet them but some were too late. The Command center was rocked by a series of bomber and fighter fire but the sheilds held.

Krath looked at a tacticle read out map and was horrified. Almost out of no where a Sith army and fleet had ambushed their army and fleet.

[i] How is that possible[/i]

The same man shouted "General, we have also confirmed that one of the sith generals is here, look at the screen"

The man pointed at the screen and then an image of a man with a green lightsaber appeared. He had blonde hair and blue eyes with many facial scars. It showed him come forward blocking blaster bolts, usually back at the shooter, then come up and decapitate soldiers. When tanks appeared he used force powers to decimate their armor.

"General, we have also confirmed that at least one of the other 2 is here as well"

The same screen showed an Imperial Star Destroyer that hovered and rotated to show what kind of weapons it had on it.

The Scratcy computer voice identified it. "Death Mongrel, main sith capital ship"

If the other sith was there then surely he would be using battle meditation. The battle had been going on for only a few minutes and already they were losing!

06/19/2007 5:16 PM

Looking past Krath to the tactical readout, Raywyn's face stayed emotionless even though her mind was spinning and a knot formed in the pit of her stomach.

[i]They moved quick. They must have just been waiting for the information I sent. All these losses are my fault.[/i]

Taking a look out the viewport, she watched as the shields rippled but held under the relentless airstrikes. A quick glance showed that, curiously, the Jedi landing pad wasn't being targeted.

[i]Is all this suffering worth it? Would Jocen really want her to continue betraying the Republic and the Jedi like this? But, to lose the only man I've really loved...[/i]

A quick glance back at the viewscreen showed Sith Lord Norton ripping the Republic Army to shreds. When the Sith capital ship was identified, Raywyn guessed that Frath was commanding it. Watching the devestation unfold around her, a sense of urgency filled her. As she applied Jedi calming techniques to quiet her fraying nerves an odd thought crossed her mind, a message from the Force perhaps, and she looked sideways towards Mlarya.

[i]Those soldiers, against all odds, keep fighting back, knowing it will probably be the last thing they do. Can I, a Jedi Knight, be expected to do no less, even with Jocen in captivity? Mlarya's barely past apprenticeship, and here she stands, waiting for orders that could possibly result in her death. She knows her duty. Even with the distractions along the way, she never lost sight of her main goal, to be a Knight. She showed her devotion, I must show mine.[/i]

Straightening up, she faced Krath, looking him square in his eyes. "I understand you weren't expecting me to be here, but if the Council has orders for me to be elsewhere, I don't think Taris Control will give me clearance to leave. I have a fighter and lightsabers. Your orders for me, General?"

06/22/2007 7:20 AM


Mlarya's hearts had both seemed to stop for an instant at the cry, before resuming thunderously.

Stilling herself she got her shock under control, moving toward the main viewport, amazed at the speed with which the Sith had appeared.

[i]They must have been lying in wait. Why did the scouts not report anything?[/i]

Watching the terrible destruction on the screen she took a step backwards, unconsciously trying to deny the horror which sentient beings seemed capable of raining down on each other.
In training they had spoken of orders, battle formations, co-ordinated maneuvers, yet all she saw on screen was chaos, screaming fiery chaos, lacking all semblance of order.
And yet order there ust be, for the Sith were relentlessly driving back the Republic's forces, in some areas overwhelming them with frightening speed.

[i]Where is their confidence now? The stealth of the Sith has daunted them, their hearts fail- the Jedi must be seen![/i]

Moving to stand beside Raywyn she, too, addressed Krath.

"And me, sir. We must move quickly."

06/28/2007 6:15 AM

Krath looked at them, their loyalty to him was heart-warming. "Alright, Raywyn, you are to take a command of this half of the ground defense." He pointed to the southeastern part of the city. "Mlarya, you will take command of the space defense, you can go up and dock with the Stiletto, I will go here" He pointed to the northern part of the city where the dark jedi was. "I wanna meet that dark jedi"

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06/28/2007 5:15 PM

"Yes, General. May the Force be with both of you."

Raywyn nodded her head and turned on her heel, sprinting through the halls of the command center and then out the doors, headed to the southeast part of the city.

[i]So Master Krath wants to face Lord Norton...sounds good to me. Any casualties I inflict on the Sith troops, I can tell Trath were I did as a cover. After all, why wouldn't a Jedi help defend the base?[/i]

Rounding a corner, she skidded on the heels of her boots as a bolts from a repeating laser flew by less than a meter in front of her. Acting on instincts, she drew and ignited her lightsabers, running down the street towards the advancing Sith.

"They shall not pass here!" she shouted to the Republic troops, barely watching as they returned fire. Using the Force, she leaped over a barricade in front of her, sabers swinging as she landed among the first group of Sith. Her yellow blades slashed and sliced through their armor and weapons. She quickly moved on to the next group, slicing the barrel off a Sith tank along the way. Jumping on top of the tank, she took out the vehicle's commander and pulled the body out before dropping inside the now vacant hatch. Dispatching the rest of the crew, she climbed out and stood on top of the tank in full view of everyone, Sith and Republic alike, her lightsaber pointing at the Sith like an arrow as she shouted encouragement to the remotivated Republic troops.

"For the Republic!" [i]And for you, Jocen.[/i]

07/03/2007 5:47 PM

[OOC: this will be [i]short[/i] and horrible- I lost the link you sent me, Stoic. It would be wonderful of you if you could re-send it. Just want to get something up so that both of you can get on with it, I'll hopefully get something more detailed tomorrow]

"Mlarya, you will take command of the space defense, you can go up and dock with the Stiletto

"Yes, General. May the Force be with both of you."

"And you".

Bowing quickly to Krath the Zabrak quickly left the room, making her way cautiously towards the docks after leaving the command centre.

Where she could she avoided confrontation, skirting the belaboured Republic troops with regret, but knowing the importance of reaching the [i]Stiletto[/i] speedily.

Using what cover was present, and drawing on the Force for short bursts of speed to cover the more open ground, she reached her zebra with little trouble: the number of small craft docked there clearly not perceived as a threat, or possessing sufficient security to act as a temporary deterrent.

Settling quickly into the cockpit she ran through a hasty pre-flight check, and forwarded her ID to the [i]Stiletto[/i]'s command. Taking off, she kept low, heading away from the Command Centre and the main concentration of enemy aerial support before increasing altitude.

Breaking atmosphere she was confronted with a sight akin to a chaotic fireworks display: troop carriers and massive command vessels surrounded by swarms of smaller starfighters, most of the larger ships still disgorging their own squadrons of fighters.

Trying to impassively note and assess the staggering number of enemy craft she spotted the [i]Stiletto[/i], deciding on a direct route to minimise delay- the layout of craft such that a more circuitous route would have aided little in avoiding conflict.

Rolling out from under the belly of a star dreadnaught she relaxed conscious control over the ship's maneuvers, instead letting the Force guide her out of the notice of enemy starfighters. Most of the small craft seemed engaged in dogfights, with Republic pilots appearing to be holding their own, despite the surprise of the attack.

Trying to find the 'quiet' places between the fighting she drew quickly near to the [i]Stiletto[/i], the large ship implacable in the midst of a storm of small fighters. Approaching the docking port she'd been told would leave her the nearest to the bridge an A-9 interceptor broke off from its impotent bombardment and moved to engage her. Wheeling around a protruding exhaust port she flipped the zebra and fired its twin mounted laser cannons at the interceptor's body. The notoriously weak hulls of the class confirmed expectation and fragmented into a shower of shards.

Returning to her flight path she reached the docking bay, guiding the zebra in quickly, jumping out almost before it had stopped and heading to the command deck.

[OOC: ack, that was horrible, and so weak! Believe it or not that's taken an [b]hour[/b]. So lame.. just wanted to get to the stupid Stiletto, and should have more time to sort out more detail/strategy tomorrow]

07/06/2007 6:22 AM

Krath had taken a short speeder ride to the sector he assigned himself. The element of suprise that the sith armies had was now gone. The republic armies were now fighting to their greatest extent. Yet, the sith seemed to still be winning.

The speeder stopped at the frontline trench of the battle. Krath stepped out, his crisp new military uniform sending a rally cry throughout the Republic forces. Krath's demeanor was calm and focused.

On the opposite side of the battle field stood a short muscular human male with blonde hair. He was holding a double-bladed green lightsaber or saberstaff. Krath hoisted himself out of the trench and started walking toward the enemy trench at an angle. The blonde man did likewise, they both walked at angles so they were clear of the main line of fire.

The whole battlefield became silent to obvserve the two warriors begin a ancient and elegent form of combat, Lightsaber combat. Krath and the man met standing 10 yards in front of each other on a balcony overlooking the city.

Krath stood at full height, he ignited his lightsaber and held it at his side. The Other man ignited his green saberstaff and with his other hand withdrew something from his cloak.

The man looked at Krath and said "Well JEDI, what does it feel like to have a traitor amongst you?"

Krath stared at him quizzically and said "Traitor, what do you mean?"

"This is what i mean" He said and pressed a button on his control panel. Krath was puzzled because nothing happened. Then without warning, the Sith brought his saberstaff down at Krath in long arc that Krath barely deflected.

Meanwhile, on the Death Mongrel.

An admiral walked up to the man standing on the bridge. "My lord, the Republic forces have been drawn out as you commanded, what are your orders?"

The sith lord stood there and turned around. "Admiral" He said in a low voice "Its time we make a statement on how powerful we really are, activate the second layer of weapons and prepare the photon beam"

The admiral looked suprised "But sir, the Photon beam is still a prototype, we could explode"

The sith lord turned around, a look of anger in his face "We will not explode, I have forseen it, no GO"

"Yes my lord"

07/06/2007 8:07 AM

In another sector, Raywyn led the Republic troops forward, stopping the Sith attack before pushing them back. She kept yelling encouragement to them as she sliced through enemy soldiers or deflected blaster bolts. Seeing that the battle was being won and there wasn't an immediate need for her swords, she paused to help an injured Republic soldier.

"This is what i mean" He said and pressed a button on his control panel. Krath was puzzled because nothing happened.

Raywyn felt a small popping sensation, a slight change of pressure inside her body.

[i]The bio-capsule! But if the Sith are willing to eliminate me now, then Jocen must be dead already. Well, if I'm gonna die, then I'm taking as many Sith as I can with me.[/i]

Standing up and re-igniting her sabers, she was about to jump back into the battle when a cannon shell exploded nearby. The last thing she saw was the hilt of one of her lightsabers sliding across the street as the ground rushed up to meet her, the edge of her vision blackening out more and more with each passing heartbeat.

[i]Forgive me Jocen, I've failed you. I was too weak to rescue you or redeem myself. I'm sorry, my love.[/i]

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[Edit: Added a bit more to her thoughts.]

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07/06/2007 11:09 AM

[OOC: I apologise in advance for the crap that this shall be, just gloss over the inaccuracies]

"What's the situation?"

Mlarya strode to the fore of the Command Deck, to where the commanding officers stood gathered around a holo-display showing the layout of the battle above the planet.

An officer whose dark hair was peppered with grey answered her, outwardly calm but tension showing around her eyes.
"We're greatly outnumbered, ma'am, but after the initial shock of the attack our pilots have recovered well. They're better fliers, and our fighters seem to be proving more maneuverable".

"Are they sending down any more troop transports?". As she spoke she kept her eyes on the display, trying to get a feel for the overall pattern of the battle.

"No- not for the moment anyway".

07/06/2007 11:10 AM

"Good. Keep that monitored- they're overtaxed on the ground as it is. If they're going to send more troops down I want to stop them if possible, and if not then at least delay them to give our troops time to reposition. How many squads have we out there?"

The officer handed her a pad displaying a number of sets of figures, listing squadron numbers, call signs, craft types. She scrolled down through the information, nodding.

"Okay. Keep our fighters near the planet's atmosphere- we need to prevent any of their fighters going down to the surface, their weapons can cause too much damage to ground troops. For the moment have the bigger ships concentrate on their flagship- have those that are most maneuverable dart in, concentrating on the weapons systems and docking ports- try to stop them getting any more fighters out. Move the [i]Stiletto[/i] nearer- if we can seem a threat it might draw their attention away from the planet".

07/06/2007 11:11 AM

The officers nodded sharply at the orders and moved to start feeding commands through to the squadron leaders and ship captains. Her face serious Mlarya remained watching the holo-display, her eyes drawn repeatedly to the enemy flagship.

[i]If there is a Sith onboard using battlemeditation heart and good piloting won't be enough. A further distraction may be needed[/i]...

[OOC: sorry for having to break the posts up. Don't know what the hell is going on. Was considering having Mlarya attempt boarding the Death Mongrel, but don't know what you have planned with this weapon]

07/06/2007 1:05 PM

Private Lenn Darkwalker was leaning against the wall, one hand holding the bacta patch over his arm wound when the shell hit. He watched as the female Jedi who'd just been treating him was thrown by the force of the blast before landing in a crumpled heap in the street a couple meters from him. Lenn sat there stunned as the Jedi made a feeble attempt to rise, eyes closing as she exhaled deeply and collapsed. Stories and rumors from childhood ran through his mind as he slowly came out of shock at the site.

[i]This can't be happening! The Jedi are nearly invulnerable, how'd she get hit? She's not cut up bad, must have been the concussion that got her.[/i]


Grabbing a passing corpsman, he helped get the Jedi onto a stretcher, remembering to put her lightsabers [[i]what curious weapons[/i]] on there with her. Despite his injured arm, he carried one end of the stretcher to a waiting landspeeder to be taken to medbay.

[i]She can't die. Jedi are more valuable than normal soldiers, she's gotta live. I don't care if it kills [/i]me[i], she's gonna live.[/i]


Unit RC-265 MedCenter:

Captain Tyros Sorin took a deep breath, enjoying his chance to get a breather. Despite the speed and surprise of the Sith attack, the Republican soldiers had reacted quickly enough, and now it seemed they could win. Most of the first casualties had been killed, so there wasn't a large backlog of patients waiting in the triage to be looked at. With luck, maybe he'd be able to catch up to the nurse from next medcenter later that evening.

Thoughts of the nurse's curving body were dashed as a landspeeder roared up, coming to a swift halt outside the doors of the medcenter. Tyros sighed and started to jog up to the vehicle, breaking into a dead run as a wounded soldier hopped out the rear of the vehicle and shouted that they had an injured Jedi.

Tyros pulled the scanner from his side as he reached the stretcher, quickly running it over the unconscious Jedi's body as the soldier described what happened. Brow furrowing as he read the scanner's results, he looked more closely at the patient, relying on his eyes and experience over the technology.

[i]Hmm...the soldier says she was thrown by an explosion, but aside from a few scrapes and bruises, there's no exterior damage to her. Apparently she's human, so her breathing and heart rate wouldn't drop that low, not if she was merely knocked out. There's nothing we can really do until we know more, and we still have a few higher priority patients to go through first. Her skin looks a little strange though, almost pasty, and the area around her eyes shouldn't be turning blue.[/i]

Following his gut instinct, he quickly took some blood samples and ran tests on them. Waiting on the scanner's results, he watched as the Jedi was placed in with the third category wounded, those who could wait or who were lost causes. After the computer blipped to announce it was done, Tyros' brow furrowed deeper, and he quickly re-ran the tests. Getting the same results, he yelled to the nurses to get the Jedi into the operating room as he dashed to the medcenter's storage fridge. Finding what he needed, he ran back, quickly setting up a hypospray and pumping medicine into her. He sighed with relief as the Jedi's breathing and heart rate both returned to normal, her pasty skin becoming a healthier color.

Tyros let out a sigh of satisfaction, motioning for a nurse to take the Jedi to a private room where the staff could monitor her condition. As they took away the stretcher, Tyros couldn't help but look back at his scanner and shake his head.

[i]Poison. How could she have been poisoned in the middle of the battlefield? The soldier said there wasn't anyone else close to her, and the Sith haven't deployed chemical or biological weapons yet, or field scanners would've picked up traces of it already. And she didn't have any puncture wounds, so that rules out poison darts. The only other explanation is that the poison has been inside her for a while. But why wouldn't it have affected her until now?[/i]

Tyros shook his head again, slouching down into a nearby chair, hands covering his face.

[i]Just when I think I've begun to see it all, something new comes up.[/i]

[OOC: Before some people think I'm overlooking it, the bio-capsule itself was degradeable, and wouldn't leave a trace of being in her body. Not I'd mention any names, right nanuk? :p]

07/10/2007 4:08 PM

[i]"Calm down. Forget everything. Clear your mind. Don't try to see your lightsaber just feel it...[/i] - thought Kalor as he started slowly to swing and spin his double-bladed lightsaber. With every move he started to move faster and faster. He started to extinguishing one side of lighsaber then other and with every new move he started to make more advanced combos.

Kalor was training when young jedi apprentice came.

- I'm terribly sorry for interupting your training, but Master Iles wants to see you.

- OK say him that i will come to him in a few minutes.

- I understood - bowed apprentice and left training room.

[i]"It seems that i will go to war...[/i] thought Kalor as he extinuished his lightsaber and left room.

- Master Iles you want to see me?

- Yes come in. I will go straight to case. You Jedi council and Republic supreme-commander decided to send reinforcement to Taris. You will go there. But before that you will meet An Imperial Star Destroyer and a Nebulon-B Frigate. Every data you will need in this assignment was uploaded into your ship. Prepare yourself as fast as you can and go there. Do you understand everything?

- Yes Master. - Kalor bowed and left room.

[i]"So im going to war. I hate war...[/i]

Kalor went to hangar. He took his T-wing and headed to cosmos. When he reached cosmos he prepared to enter hyperspace.

[i]"Ok all data uploaded. Seted my destination. Lets go."[/i]

As he leaved hyperspace in front appeared Republic ships.

[i]So there they are. Oh they sended Star Destroyer. So there must be very bad situation on Taris...[/i]

- This Imperial Star Destroyer unknown ship identify yourself.

- This Kalor Genarik. I was sended by jedi council.

- We were waiting for you. you can land.

- Roger.

When Kalor landed he spoted few officers waiting for him in hangar.

- I am commander of this ship. So you are Jedi which was sended by council. We are in war and council send one and quite young jedi to help us...

- Don' worry. I am young but i can assure you that i will be quite helpful.- smiled Kalor.

-Geez...follow me. We are ready to enter hyperspace.

[i]Ehh this man judge about people from the outside . This is so wrong...[/i]

- Everyone ready to enter hyperspace. We need to help our comrades. - shouted commander as both battleships entered hyperspace.

As they leaved hyperspace everyone were shocked, because no one saw ships like that.

[i]So that is reason why they sended Star destroyer and frigate.[/i]

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07/14/2007 6:07 AM

The blow glanced off of Krath's left shoulder. Krath fell back, trying to get time to heal but it wasn't working. The man with the double-bladed lightsaber was a strong opponent indeed. He kept up a furious assault of jabs and slashes which constantly forced Krath on the defense.

Krath's shoulder was stinging in pain but the pain was receeding. Makashi was failing Krath here, he barely had time to move let alone attack. The man was too quick with his saber, striking multiple times to prevent Krath from using his Makashi.

The downside to Krath's style was his saber hilt, the man saw the hilt and that instantly told him Makashi and likewise, what to do.

Then, Krath saw his opening, like a gleaming beacon of light from the heavens. The man's demeanor was stone cold, showing no emotion but rallying the anger inside of him to his own strength. There was no arrogance, no ignorance, no outward emotion. So Krath couldn't use his emotions against him, but he still had the force.

Krath barely deflected another flurry of blows and then did a minor force push. The push didn't push him back hardly any distance, but gave Krath the chance to strike. Saberstaffs were particullary bad at defense, specificly, jabs and stabs, the main part of Makashi.

Krath came forward with a series of Jabs that would be impossible for most men to block with a saberstaff however this one did very well. Thats when he made his mistake.

He blocked another jab and then tried to disarm Krath. What ended up happening was that his hilt was exposed. Taking his chance, Krath stepped forward and slid his blade through the center of his hilt, slicing the blade down the middle. One blade flew out of his hand and off the cliff, the other stayed.

Krath jumped back and got into a standard makashi stance, he did the same with a Juyo stance.

[i] The tide has turned [/i]

~Meanwhile, on the Death Mongrel~

"The Photon beam is charged and ready my lord" The admiral said proudly.

"Fire it at that Mon Cal" The sith lord pointed his gloved finger toward the Stiletto. "Do we have any reinforcements on the way?"

"Yes my lord"

"Very good"

A orange beam of pure energy shot out of a little hole and went straight toward the Stiletto. The beam of energy struck the Stiletto head on and instantly disabled its sheilds, then it rocked the whole ship with explosions that would put any normal ship out of commision.

"How long until the next chance for fire?" The sith lord asked.

"20 minutes my lord"

07/18/2007 10:47 AM

At the impact of the energy shot Mlarya had been sent to her knees, along with many others on the bridge. In the aftermath of the shock people stumbled to their feet, clutching at chairs and skirting consoles that coughed out sparks.

Checking quickly to see if anyone was seriously injured she made her way to one of the few consoles that still worked properly, bringing up a diagnostic schematic of the [i]Stiletto[/i]. Dismayed at the number of zones showing critical damage she found the officer she had spoken to previously.

He looked slightly shaken, and a trickle of blood crept down his face from a small cut on his forehead, but he was still marshaling those on the command deck, barking out orders.

"Energy readings show they're charging for another blast, ma'am".

She nodded, staring at the purposeful bustle of those around them.

"I think we should start evacuating- systems are starting to go down shipwide, a second shot might not even be needed. Have the squadrons contacted- they need to be ready to give some cover to the pods".
She looked out of the large viewing screen at the imposing bulk of the Sith cruiser, a thoughtful look coming across her face.

"The engines should still have enough power to get us moving... set a collision course for the flagship. If look is with us the weapon consumes enough energy from the ship that their engines might be drained- but even if they are able to move out of the way it should at least create a distraction to give the escape pods a window of safety".

[i]If it does avoid the [/i]Stiletto[i] it may turn its weapons on Taris- the battle would be lost instantly[/i]

She'd find a way to board it, it it came to that. She'd find some way to get to the ship or disable the weapon. The devastation that weapon would cause if turned on the troops, the lives that would be lost... she wouldn't let that happen.

08/02/2007 10:41 AM

It had been a simple manuever, a mere simple one. However, the rage that was being channeled by the dark jedi was so great that he was swinging his saber around madly.

The simple sidestep move had taken away all of his momentum, giving Krath the chance to strike. His hand flicked forward and sliced clean through the left wrist of his opponent, separating his hand from his body.

The man yelped in pain from the shock of the blow, and dropped to the floor. He lay across the floor, cradeling his arm. Krath brought his saber down below his chin and near his neck.

The man looked Krath straight in the eye and mocked "KILL ME, is that not what jedi do to dark jedi?"

Krath returned the look with a stone cold look. He showed no emotion whatsoever, with a slight sigh he lifted his blade from the man and stood in a Defensive Neutral stance, allowing him to stand up.

[i] The Jedi do not believe in exectuions [/i]

The man looked suprised and stood up, taking his chances, he sprinted off through the streets to his command. Krath sighed and turned off his lightsaber. Turning around, he walked back to the command center.

~Meanwhile, on the Death Mongrel~

"My lord, The Stiletto is badly damaged and out of commision, we have almost won" The Admiral said proudly

"Pull all ships out and exit into hyperspace" The sith lord said flatly.

The Admiral looked stunned "But....my lord......why?"

"Admiral, your predesesor made the mistake of questioning my orders, do not make that same mistake" The Sith lord looked at him, his eyes burning with fury.

"Yes my lord"

With that, the entire sith fleet left into hyperspace, the damage was minimal for both sides. The republic began rejoicing over their victory.

(OOC: Ill give something special to anyone who knows who I stole "Admiral, your predesesor made the mistake of questioning my orders, do not make that same mistake" and "KILL ME, is that not what jedi do to dark jedi?". Guess both correct, and you get something special ;))

08/03/2007 6:25 PM

[i]Raywyn walked down the corridor, her bare feet seeming to glide over the polished smooth surface of the stone floor. Turning through a doorway and out onto a wide balcony, her heart skipped a beat and she took a quick breath. The man leaning against the rail turned at the sound, smiling as his eyes met hers. Standing upright, he spread his arms, encompassing her as she jumped into them, her own arms wrapping around his neck, pulling her closer for a kiss. Breaking the kiss, the man set Raywyn back on her feet, gently pulling her hand to his lips before kissing it lightly, a smile on his face as he lowered it. Suddenly, with a look of anguished panic, the man's body stiffened and arched backwards, hands shooting up to head, holding it as he let out a mute scream before crumpling to the ground. Dropping to her knees next to him, Raywyn pulled him close, pressing his head against her heaving chest as tears started streaming down her face.

"You can't be...you just can't! Jocen, come back, please! JOCEN!"[/i]

Raywyn sat upright with a start, her eyes wide with fear, tears flowing down from her eyes to her cheeks as she looked around. Slowly, with gradual comprehension, she forced her breathing to calm down, her heartbeat to slow back to normal as she recognized her surroundings for what they were.

[i]That's it then...he's gone. And I'm still here. Somehow, I lived. I thought killing is what the Sith did best, so what allowed me to survive? I felt the capsule pop...I remember the explosion...why am I here?[/i]

Her thoughts were interupted as the door opened, a doctor walking in, studying a datapad. Looking up at her with a reassuring smile, he made a couple notes before looking back at her, relief and curiousity etched onto his worn face.

"Well, good morning. Looks like we caught you just in time. One of the soldiers saw you thrown by a blast and managed to get you here. I will say this, you are one lucky young lady. Then again, you're a Jedi also, right, so you don't need luck."

Raywyn was too stunned to say anything, fear and curiousity eating into her head as the doctor talked. Walking to her bedside, Tyros shook her limp hand before gently pushing her back down onto the pillow.

"I'm Captain Tyros Sorin, a doctor here. You had quite an ordeal, and I'm glad to see you survived. A message was sent to your command, letting them know where you're at and how you are. You need to stay here and rest, no more fighting anytime soon for you. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call for one of the staff."

Turning away, he walked to the door and paused before opening it, turning back to her.

"By the way...something we couldn't figure out. You had poison in your blood stream. That's what almost killed you, not the explosion. Any idea of how it may have got there?"

Raywyn could only look at him blankly before shaking her head, the movements barely visible. Tyros just shrugged, made another note on his datapad, then walked out of her room, the door softly closing behind him. Raywyn dropped her head to her hands, a fresh round of sobs shaking her petite frame as shame and guilt washed over her.

[i]I failed. I failed, and Jocen paid the price. Not only did I fail him, I failed myself and the Jedi. What am I going to do?[/i]

She rolled onto her side and curled up, the sobs becoming more and more muted as they rocked her back to sleep.

08/04/2007 4:41 PM

Everyone were freezed after they saw what one shot did to Stiletto.

- Everyone to battlestations!- shouted commander.- faster you good for
nothing... They are in trouble!

Commanders voice revived everyone from shock. Officers started to shout orders everyone. Everything looked like in chaos

- Prepare starfighters and send recovery ships to help evacuoate them...

- Commander.

- What! What do you want little brat! Don't you see that we are busy!

- Commander! Look...- said Kalor and pointed into sith's ships- they are leaving.

- What the fu**!? Why they leave!?- shouted surprised commander.

- Hmm i don't know but this is odd- said Kalor- i will leave you now i will land on Taris.

- Hmm...ok anyway you won't need you here- said commander.

Kalor left commanders bridge and headed to hangar.

[i]This is odd why sith's left in middle battle. After what they did to Stilleto i doub that they were affraid of us. They weapons are very powerful but they left battle..hmm maybe anyone will know anything on Taris...[/i]

Kalor climbed into his ship and left hangar. And in short time he landed in Taris.

08/05/2007 11:21 AM

Mlarya had been watching the monitors intently, tracking the jettisoning escape pods, and feeding coordinates to the escorting fighters; but she still felt the mood on the bridge shift silently, amazement and confusion palpable in the cycled air.

She looked up, simultaneously experiencing in the Force what felt like emerging from the shadow of a looming behemoth.

"They're leaving", she couldn't keep the wonder from her voice, though it contained no doubt.

"Ye- yes. I... I don't understand. Reinforcements arrived but..." the comms officer shook his head in bewilderment.

[i]This is not a rout, they have not taken enough damage to flee..[/i]

The zabrak watched the viewing screen, a small line furrowing her brows, unable to shake the thought that this had been an exploratory foray- or even a distraction- rather than a concerted assault.

"Are the life support systems holding? Without the threat of another shot from that energy weapon is the [i]Stiletto[/i] in condition to be able to maintain an orbit?"

"Yes m'am". The same officer touched his display screen a few times, nodding to himself. "A few areas may require hazard gear to access, but any of the unstable sections can be isolated while we work on shipwide systems".

"Good", she rubbed at her brow horns absently. "Stop any pods that haven't yet blown, and begin a recall of crew that have already reached the surface. We need to arrange to get some extra maintenance teams up here".

Her frown deepened as she shifted her gaze from where the Sith ships had been in orbit above the planet to the surface itself.

Something was niggling at the corner of her consciousness, something that seemed to have been vying fr attention for some while, impatiently waiting for the immediate concern to pass.


The woman's image swam in her mind, and with it came a feeling of unease.

"I will return to Taris. I will have the Command Centre contact you to see what supplies you require to make the repairs. Well done, Commander- please extend my regards to your pilots and crew."

After shaking hands briefly with the remaining bridge officers Mlarya made her way quickly back to her docked Zebra, trying to quiet her feelings and the urge to rush through pre-flight checks.

Once free of the [i]Stiletto[/i] she picked a path through the few pods that still lingered in the limbo between ship and breaking atmosphere and headed for the Command Centre.

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08/10/2007 4:49 PM

Mlarya brought the Zebra down as near to Unit RC-265 Med Center as she could, leaping lightly from the cockpit before the engines had fully powered down. She'd contacted Command en route and gotten the information on where Raywyn was being treated, concerned by the lack of clarity she felt when she tried to reach out to sense her.

Flying low over the surface she'd been relieved to see that damage didn't seem to be as extensive as she'd feared- it appeared the Sith attack had looked more vicious and effective than it had actually proven to be.

A sudden gust of wind tore at her as she pushed the Med Centre door open, and she had to push her long hair back out of her eyes before asking for directions, promising the nurse she'd come back to help with the wounded as soon as she was able. Long strides brought her quickly to the room, but she paused at the door, trying to calm herself and still the fears in her heart.

The woman was curled on the bed, seeming to be in an exhausted sleep.
A frown creased Mlarya's forehead as she sat quietly beside the bed. Raywyn didn't look to be injured but she exuded pain.

[i]Perhaps this poison they spoke of still lingers[/i]

Softly she lay her hand on the human's forehead, caressing it gently, startled by the waves of emotion that she felt.

"Be easy, friend" she spoke soothingly, making herself calm and quiet in the Force, a refuge if required. "Use my strength if you need it".

08/10/2007 5:18 PM

Raywyn's eyes eased open at the cool touch on her forehead, blinking a couple times to adjust to the light and focus before settling on Mlarya seated next to her bed.

"Be easy, friend" "Use my strength if you need it".

[i]Friend? She must not have heard then. But how can I tell her? She [/i]is[i] the closest I've had to a friend in the Order, and pretty much the only one I've got left, now that Jocen's gone. The truth will come out sooner or later. Better she hears it from me.[/i]

"Have you ever loved someone, Mlarya?"

She straightened her small frame on the bed, stretching before reaching up. She gently lifted Mlarya's hand off her forehead with hers, hazel eyes looking up into the dark purple orbs of the Zabrak. Taking a breath to calm herself, she continued.

"Friendship is something rarely given on my homeworld, a binding commitment considered as enveloping as family. That's especially true when you considered that you have no choice in family, but true friendship requires two people agreeing to it. Are you sure you wish to bestow that honor on me before you find out why I'm here, how I ended up in the medcenter without any major injuries?"

She took another breath, deeper than the first, and closed her eyes, opening them to look back at her visitor.

"The explanation for why I'm here starts with the first question. So, my dear companion...have you ever loved? Truly loved, willing to give anything you could to keep that person from feeling pain?"

08/11/2007 4:05 AM

Mlarya sat back in the chair, slipping off her cloak in the warmth of the room, thinking before answering.

She felt vaguely irritated at being lectured on the nature of friendship: she was well aware of Dathomiri tradition, and felt the distinction between family and friends to be a little trite for a Jedi to espouse, given most of them had no close connections to blood family.

She let the annoyance leave her, aware its root was not in truth, but in the unaccustomed worry that she now felt. There was... something- an intensity, perhaps- about Raywn that was making her feel uneasy, like a slow dread creeping across her hearts.

"Have I ever loved? I return from nearly being blown up trying to defend the life on this planet and you must ask if I love?"
She smiled, aware she was being facetious.

"Not in the way I think you mean, no. I have always... guarded myself, given my father's history- and my own nature. Master Oles said it was in me to form attachments too easily. He cautioned me so much that I still hear him even in my sleep! That, and I have never felt the need".

Shrugging, she watched the other woman, the unease growing as she began to guess how the topic related to the pain and turmoil she could sense Raywyn controlling.

[OOC: considering Raywyn's been out hunting pirates for quite a while I wasn't sure if Mlarya would know about Jocen, so tried to be vague]

08/11/2007 9:24 AM

Raywyn smiled gently Mlarya's comment, pushing down her sorrow momentarily.

"Master Oles was probably right to caution you, although you shouldn't close yourself off completely. Loving someone else provides a delicate balance...it can provide great strength, a source of comfort or protection. Or it can become your weakest link, the quickest way for your enemies to strike where it matters, your heart."

She sighed and shook her head slightly, willing herself to stay focused on her point and not go off on a tangent.

"I met Jocen just under two years ago at a repair yard on Melida/Daan, while out looking for pirates with the other Jedi. He didn't seem like much at first, just a greased up mechanic who started to lecture me on the importance of routine maintenance. But there was something about him I couldn't ignore. Long story short, we grew closer, and eventually he got a support ship and would follow the Jedi around, serving as our on the spot support.

"It turns out that the pirates had been hired by the Sith to stir up trouble and provide a protective buffer zone around their area. The Jedi had split up, each searching along a different corridor for solid proof that the Sith had returned. Jocen, in the infinite wisdom of a male in love, decided to pair off with me.

"Everyone was waiting for me to just grab him and take him back to Dathomir, to declare him my husband."

She paused, smiling and looking at the ceiling as if reliving that memory before a grim look crossed her face.

"But I am a Jedi, and wanted it to be his choice. He probably would have agreed, had the Sith not captured us at that point.

"They gave me a choice: we could both die, or I could be released as a spy for them, and they would hold Jocen, imprisoned but alive, to ensure I wouldn't...falter...in my duty to them. Knowing that a Jedi would be willing to make sacrifices, they also put a poison capsule inside my body, set to be activated by remote if I deceived them or they lost their use for me."

She had turned her head away from Mlarya, her voice becoming smaller out of shame as her eyes filled up with tears.

She continued in a whisper, "As you can see though, something went wrong. I'm still here..."

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08/11/2007 10:19 AM

Krath walked into Unit RC-265 Med Center calmly, his lightsaber attached on his belt. The door slid to the side to admit his tall frame. He walked in slowly and saw Raywyn on the bed, Mlarya sat next to her.

"Hello everyone" Krath said as he walked in and took a seat next to the bed.

"Raywyn, they said that you were poisoned, how were you poisoned?"

(OOC: Oh god, short but I wanted to get into the room before you got to far into your sexual/love/philosophy/best toaster debate.)

08/11/2007 11:04 AM

The zabrak sat unmoving for a time, unable to draw her eyes away from the human, all her training unable to still the whirl of thoughts careening around her mind.

"I... don't understand". Her voice was almost as quiet as Raywyn's.
"If you are here, poisoned, then they must have thought you betrayed them, but... if you intended to do that you would have said something to Master Krath, surely? Unless..." her eyes closed and her hands clenched against the armrests.

[i]You didn't intend to betray them when you arrived[/i]

"Oh Raywyn..." she said the name as a sigh.

[i]You speak to me of love but you were willing to help Sith! How many would have died? How could love allow that?[/i]

"How..." she rubbed at her eyes in confusion, then took and held a breath for a long moment, her voice low and sombre when she spoke.

"I cannot judge, Raywyn. I have not known love so I do not know its strength but... it seems to me that if Jocen returned your love he would not have wanted you to betray your beliefs- to do so is to betray yourself, to deny who you are, to deny that which he loved... I...".

She did not want to speak more. She could see the pain and guilt that the woman carried, and did not wish to add to it further.

Leaning over, she placed her hand on Raywyn's shoulder.
"Only you can know what was in your heart when you came here- but you helped us. You fought with us, against those who sought to use you, though a terrible burden was on your shoulders, and in time that will bring you solace.

"I do not have the wisdom of a Master, but I know that it does not do to dwell on the past- or on what [i]might[/i] have been. Your actions speak for themselves, and that is enough for me, my friend".

08/11/2007 3:43 PM

Kalor enterered Taris atmosphere. He slowed his ship and tryed to spatial. He never been on Taris and he didn't know where to fly.

[i]Ehh where they all can be?[/i] thought him when he came with idea.

- Taris command center this is Kalor Genarik i was send by council to help to other jedis that were send here. Can you tell me is everything alright with them?

- This is command center. We don't know where all of them are but Raywyn Tsu is in Unit RC-265 Med Center.

- Thank you. Please upload your position to my map. - said Kalor and turned his ship to med. center.

- Roger. Our position is uploaded.

- Thank you.

Kalor landed his ship commnd center and exited from cockip. Kalor breathed in fresh air and entered command center.

[i]"Hmm in hospital...jedi...what happened here? Ehh now i need to know what is damage to Taris."[/i]

- Greetings. You must be jedi that was sended by council?

- Yes. I am Kalor Genarik. You are in charge here? I would like to see report about our casualtys and damage to Taris.

- No Sir. I was sended by commander to help you. Please follow me where you can see all reports.

- Thank you.

Young officer leaded Kalor to room where many officers worked. He leaded Kalor to one of the computers.

- This is computer with all reports. I will leave you now but call me if you will need something.

- Thank you. I will.- said Kalor and started reading reports.

Kalor were scaning report. He readed sheet by sheet he was reading report from officers with every new sheet his face was turning grimer and grimer.

[i]"What all this mean. This is so strange...Hmm...i can't understand. Why siths attacked. They made so little damage. All this will be rebuilded in few months. WHy they came to Taris if they didn't want to destroy it...they wanted to demonstrate they power? But then they would destroy Taris but they left before battle was over. So why they came here? What was their objective. Hmm i can;t understand that..."[/i]

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08/13/2007 9:16 PM

Raywyn turned to face Mlarya again, one hand meeting the one she had on her shoulder, giving it a small squeeze before she let go, her eyes meeting hers.

"You still call me 'friend,' and that means a lot."

She lowered her eyes.

"I thought I could help, thought I'd be able to save him. He tried to escape, but I didn't know until after I'd sent my report. The Sith attacked about an hour later."

Looking vacantly towards the walls, she continued. "The report wasn't much...timing of the security patrols around the maintenance hangar, and positions on troops between those and the command center. There's no reason they would've attacked based off that information alone, there were too many gaps. They must have had other spies around."

She sighed. "I'm not trying to excuse what I did. I made my choices, and the consequences are mine alone. I was weak, I deserve the punishment. In case you didn't notice, I wasn't exactly upset when Krath chose to go after the Sith Lord.

"Maybe fighting the Sith troops was grounds enough to be considered 'treacherous.' Then again, they've probably killed for less."

She reached back up, looking back into her eyes. "For whatever it means, for listening to me and trying to understand, I thank you, my [i]friend[/i]."

She tried to force a grin onto her face and turned to face Mlarya. "So...how was your flight?"

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08/16/2007 6:55 PM

(OOC: I hope your not expecting this to be good ;))

Krath stood outside the door to the medcenter. He had been listening on the conversation taking place.

[i] It does explain why she was poisoned......[/i]

Sighing softly to himself, he turned and walked into the room. He saw Raywyn and Mlarya talking sitting in their chairs.

"Hello everyone" He pulled up a chair and sat down.

Deciding not to bring attention to the matter of Raywyn and her......... experience... He brought up the topic of the battle.

"Well, did you here, we won the battle. The sith retreated in full force....." He trailed off, his uniform badly burned and damaged, providing a view into what he had been through.

(OOC: This post is so you can continue the story, I could do more but I just cant. I didn't really want you to be held down by me so here you go.)

08/19/2007 1:53 AM

Raywyn's question went unanswered as Krath walked in. His burnt and tattered robes offered her a grim representation of what had happened, though it seemed he hadn't been badly injured. The part of her that was happy about that was cut off as she realized he may have overheard her talking with Mlarya, then was supressed completely when he started talking.

"Well, did you here, we won the battle. The sith retreated in full force....."

[i]Full force? They didn't press home their advantage?! That's...odd, to say the least. What are they up to?[/i]

She looked at him, expecting him to continue. When he stayed silent, talked.

"That's...good news, isn't it, Sir? Even with the element of surprise on their side, we defeated them."

Still suffering slight aftereffects of the poison and healing process, she leaned back against the pillow on her bed.

"But why would they retreat like that? From what I saw, they held every advantage."

08/20/2007 6:30 PM

"That's...good news, isn't it, Sir? Even with the element of surprise on their side, we defeated them."

"But why would they retreat like that? From what I saw, they held every advantage."

"I don't know why they retreated, I have been going through the actions in my head and I don't understand why. Had they continued fighting they would have won the battle, its as if they knew something we didn't......"

He trailed off, letting the statement go unamended.

[i] What if the sith DID know something we didn't [/i]

~Meanwhile, On the Death Mongrel somewhere in the unknown regions~

Norton and Frath sat in chairs, speculating. Norton's severed hand had been replaced with a prosthetic one.

"So, why did we retreat?" Norton asked skeptically

"I already told you, Trath told us too." Frath retorted

"But why? It doesn't make sense, we were winning too!"

"I told you, Frath said he saw a vision that we must retreat for us to work in our favor, he's our brother, he wouldn't lie to us"

"No, I guess your right" Norton said, ending the conversation. He thought quietly to himself "Im begging to wonder that same question..."

08/21/2007 5:53 PM

"That's...good news, isn't it, Sir? Even with the element of surprise on their side, we defeated them."

Mlarya just about managed to suppress what would have been an undignified snort at Raywyn's comment. Perhaps she'd had a different perspective on the battle than they'd had on the ground, but what had happened had not, been any stretch of the imagination, a defeat.

[i]Unless them getting tired of slaughtering us counts as a defeat[/i]...

The withdrawal was unexpected, but from what little she knew of the Sith- what, until recently, she had considered just tales to scare young padawans before bed- not uncharacteristic. Older stories spoke of brutality and raw agression, but many more spoke of subtlety, of the power of dissembling, of creating fear and shadows. Could that be what this was, no more than a tactic to confuse and shake their forces?

Although it seemed a possibility she felt a stab of foreboding at Krath's words.

"No something we didn't? Can you sense is it something immediate Master, or something coming?"

[i]Or in other words should we be evacuating...[/i]

09/01/2007 7:01 PM

"No something we didn't? Can you sense is it something immediate Master, or something coming?"

(OOC: Im going to assume 'No' actually means 'know' here. lol)

"I don't know Mlarya, part of me is glad that we won, the other part just can't shake the fact that they left so abrubtly, maybe im just paranoid....."

Krath scratched his face, if the sith were doing a physcological approach on tactics, then it was working rather well. Maybe want to raise our morale so that when they crush us later, its even more sweet... Or maybe they just wanted to distract us with this battle to make way for an even greater invasion.

Krath's mind was in disarray, possible outcomes and ideas kept swimming into there. Each one testing each possibility and probability.

"Well, Mlarya, we should probobly return to the command center, Raywyn needs her rest and we need to help the rebublic"

Krath stood up from his seat on a chair, he waved to Raywyn saying "Get better soon" and then turned and left the room.

09/02/2007 3:13 AM


(OOC: Im going to assume 'No' actually means 'know' here. lol)

'Your' safe to assume that- and I'll assume "physcological" means 'psychological' :P

Also, from "Maybe want to raise our morale" to "even greater invasion"- is that supposed to be thought or dialogue?]

Mlarya nodded as Trith left the room, not following him out immediately.

[i]I wish people would stop saying we 'won'. If people start believing it it will lead to complacency[/i]

She picked her cloak up from where it lay across the chair-back and folded it across her arm before looking at Raywyn, plucking absently at one of the heavy threads then smoothing it again.

"He's right- you still look drawn", she smiled faintly, the motion making the tattooed tendrils that crept up her cheeks seem to shiver.

She looked at the woman shrewdly, laying a hand briefly on her shoulder.
"Rest, Raywyn- do not dwell on what is now past. It cannot be changed- and I feel that what happened was meant to".

Moving around to the door she paused to speak back over her shoulder, a grin just visible from her profile.
"And my flight was... eventful, by the way. Think I'll stick to the ground next time. Now rest".

After leaving the room she called to the nurses station, only to find out that, with casualties not being as high as expected, no more healers were needed, so she quickened her pace to catch up to Trith.

[OOC: blurgh. Yucky, but didn't really have anything to write]

09/02/2007 12:15 PM

Raywyn could barely keep from shaking. She'd pushed aside fear of being punished for her indiscretions. She knew she'd done wrong and was willing to accept the consequences of her actions. No, that's not why she was shaking. Something in Mlarya's movements, the gravity in her tone of voice.

[i]Is there something she knows, something she saw that I didn't? Wouldn't surprise me, considering I was unconscious for...how much of the battle [/i]did[i] I miss?[/i]

She'd acknowledged Krath's departure with a nod of head, turning to face her sole friend and confidant when the Zabrak stood up and made ready to leave.

Alone with her thoughts again, she lay back against her pillow. She felt her stomach twist and tighten at the idea of staying in the sterile environment any longer.

[i]As much as these doctors know, they don't know me. The Jedi might be willing to let me rest now, but my Clan mother would scorn me if she saw me laying around, especially with how much I have to atone for. Ill or not, I still have the Force to help me...I'll get by.[/i]

Sitting up and turning in her bed, she set her feet onto the cool tile floor. Standing up, she was forced to catch herself with the bed as she felt one leg start to give. Taking a deep breath, she grit her teeth and made herself stand again, slowly making her way to the closet. Once there, she changed clothing, grateful for the familiar feeling of her lizardskin armor. Picking up her lightsabers, she held them in her hands for a couple seconds, curious as to whether she'd ever consider herself worthy of them again before attaching them to her utility belt. Walking slowly, drawing just enough help from the Force to keep her footsteps steady, she left her room without looking back to seek a doctor.

Fifteen minutes later, she found herself walking back to the command center, a fresh breeze drifting through the city as she walked alone, lost in thought.

[i]Krath and Mlarya probably wouldn't like the idea of me using mind tricks to "persuade" the doctor to sign me out, but it had to be done. I have to make up for what I've done, regardless of personal discomfort.[/i]

09/09/2007 7:19 AM

Krath entered the command center, things were still very active but were slowing down. He asked for some reports of the battle from a younger commander.

Apparantly, the Republic suffered light damage to most of their land forces, the space forces were greated, especially from that blast to the Stiletto. The Stiletto would be out of commission for a long time because of repairs.

Krath then looked at a map of the republic and their planets, then he looked into the unknown regions where the sith had come from.

[i] They can move around without us knowing......[/i]

Suddenly it hit him.


He ran over to another officer and asked "What is the possability of an attack at the other side of the galaxy"

The officer replied "Very little sir"

"Call the supreme chancallor and tell him to watch for an attack over there"

"Yes sir"

09/16/2007 6:20 PM

Talath emerged from hyperspace along with the rest of the reinforcements, just in time to see the Stiletto take a massive energy blast from an unknown weapon type, lose its shields and take massive damage. It was still flying, though.

[i]Good. It is still flying; let us see if we can keep it that way, at least till the crew gets off.[/i]

Accelerating towards the Stiletto, he targeted the Sith starfighters that appeared ready to finish it off. Just as he came within firing distance, however, they all fled back to their carriers, or exited into hyperspace if they were able.

Decelerating, Talath looked on in disbelief. There was absolutely no way such a move could be justified with anything he knew about tactics. No way at all.

[i]Yet somehow I feel their leaving will not help us at all[/i], he thought. Shaking away the dire thought, he decided that there was little else he could do up here.

He opened communications with Taris control.

"This is Master Talath Drayen. I have a ship I need to park and stuffy Chiss I need to see. Any idea where I could find such things?"

"Uh...do you mean Master Krath?" control responded.

"Yep. The one and only Jedi Master and General Krath."

"Right...we'll guide the ship in. Once you're on the ground we can escort you to Krath."

He exited his starviper, taking a deep breath of what he expected to be fresh air. He coughed at the smell of the burning, and smiled ruefully. Why had he expected fresh air from a planet that was mostly city anyway? He began to whistle a tune he recalled that was written about Taris, until a harrumph from behind interrupted him.

He turned and saw a soldier, who spoke upon being acknowledged.

"Master Drayen. General Krath is in the command center at the moment, If you wish, I can escort you to him."

"If you wouldn't mind. Oh, and you can skip the titles. My name is Talath, not Master Drayan."

He did his best to put the private at ease, and by the time they reached the command center the soldier was conversing freely with him. Before Talath entered, he turned the soldier to face him and spoke,

"Curt, I am sorry that you have to be here. This war is the fault of three former Jedi, and it should not be happening. I hope that we can set it right quickly, so you can return to Correlia and your life. Your service to the Republic means more to me than you know. May the Force be with you."

He felt the soldier's mix of emotions after that little speech, and as he walked into the infirmary said over his shoulder,

"And I'll get you those songs by tonight. I left the datacard in my ship."

Resuming his humming he walked into the command center. Having entered the academy at the same time, he was somewhat familiar with the chiss, though he had not seen him in years.

"Hello, Krath. Good to see you again. Now, you know I'm no fan of skipping pleasantries, but what is going on here? Fleets that are winning battles don't retreat without reason."

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09/17/2007 11:28 AM

Mlarya had caught up with Krath just as he reached the commmand centre. She looked at some reports analyzing the battle and the damage and casualties sustained, but, despite their importance, Raywyn was still to the fore of her mind.

[i]Some time to reflect on what happened will be good for her, help her to reconcile her own actions[/i].

Despite the outward support she had shown the woman she could not understand the choice that she had made. She had never known the kind of love of which Raywyn spoke, true, but she could not,in the depths of her hearts, imagine choosing the same path. Every life was equally as precious as another, they were taught, and it was a belief central to her outlook: for her, the Jedi's role in bringing justice to the galaxy was tantamount to ensuring the reality of this equality.

To place one life before countless unknown others...

Logically, she understood the [i]concept[/i], could understand how someone would be torn, [i]devastated[/i] at having to make such a choice, but she could not understand how anyone, much less a trained Jedi, could go so far as to make a decision that was so selfish.

[i]I must not judge. I can only think how I would act given such a choice, but I cannot [/i]know[i]. And she would not have chosen lightly[/i].

Sighing she returned to the readouts, only looking up once she sensed a Jedi entering the room. With interest she recognised him as a Firrerreo, not a race she had had much contact with. He looked vaguely familiar, doubtless from around the Temple, but she couldn't remember ever having been introduced.

She moved slightly nearer, keeping just out of earshot in case they had private matters to discuss, and waited for a sign that the General wished to include her.

[OOC: subtle, no? ;)]

09/17/2007 5:36 PM

Raywyn leaned against the wall just outside the doorway to the command center. She was glad to find that she hadn't needed to use the Force as much as she'd thought she would, but was still upset that she couldn't manage more than slow, shuffling steps without it. [i]Maybe they were right, I should rest more. But with all I have to make correct, I can't lay stagnate.[/i]

Taking a slow, deep breath and exhaling, she pulled herself off the wall and through the door, making her way to the control room. She drew upon the Force to heal her at the same time, although it would've been more effective if she was inactive as well, preferably in meditation. [i]That's it...one foot, then the other. There you go...[/i]

She'd almost managed normal steps without aid of the Force by the time she reached the others. Seeing a somewhat familiar Jedi talking to Krath, she walked up to Mlarya instead. Tentatively, she reached up and put her hand on the Zabrak's shoulder.

"So, my friend...you say your flight was eventful, and you had a flash of disbelief in your eyes when I say we won the battle. What happened then?"

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09/27/2007 9:33 AM

She was almost startled by the hand on her shoulder, turning quickly when she felt it, chagrined to realise how tired she must be to have focused so completely on the general that Raywyn had been able to surprise her again.

"If I told you would you go back to bed?" she raised her eyebrows wryly, knowing from the look in the woman's eyes that, despite her paleness, it was a futile wish. Sighing, she straightened, glancing back at Krath before continuing.

"As dogfights go... it was okay. We were under pressure but holding our own, thanks mostly to the pilots. I thought the largest threat was their sheer numbers..."
She shrugged, and a frown crossed her face.

"Their flagship- it was huge, but more than that... it had a weapon, some kind of energy beam- I'm not sure what, we couldn't get decent readings- but it was absolutely devastating.

"The first hit caused major problems, and they were charging for a second attack. We started evacuating the [i]Stiletto[/i] and then..." she shrugged again, clearly still uneasy at what had happened, "they just withdrew".

She pulled her hair back behind her shoulders, and folded her arms in front of her chest, her face still showing confusion and worry.
"I'm not a commander, Raywyn, I don't like it. I like being on the ground, feeling like I'm [i]doing[/i] something- but being up there, seeing the scope of the battle, seeing how we were being [i]creamed[/i], completely helpless to stop it- if they'd continued..." she shook her head. "I don't know if many of us would still be here".

09/30/2007 7:30 PM

Raywyn listened as Mlarya described the battle, her face calm and understanding as she absorbed the information. That did little to nothing to keep the sudden feeling of disappointment from creeping through her.

[i]Oh...so [/i]that's[i] why she looked at me like I was crazy for saying we won. Whatever they're up to, this can't be good.[/i]

She forced back her own concerns, reaching up and laying a hand gently on the Zabrak's shoulder, a small smile crossing her face.

"Not everyone is suited for command, and fewer still are ready at the time they assume it. Combat leadership is something that can only be learned through experience, not in a class. As long as you did the best you could, you can hold your head up. No one knew what the Sith plans were, and very few could keep calm after being the target of a weapon of that magnitude. I'm positive you did all that could be expected, and then some.

"If it makes you feel better, although I was in charge of hunting the pirates in that sector, I still felt more at ease in the cockpit of my fighter, going one-on-one with them. I think that's a sign of a good leader...being willing and able to do anything and everything that you have to order your troops to do.

"As for the Sith...I'm sure we'll find out what they're up to. The galaxy is large, yes, but they can't hide forever. Sooner or later, they will be defeated. For now, we just have to wait and see what the Sith are up to."

10/04/2007 8:22 AM

"And you know patience is one of my virtues", she laughed self deprecatingly and rolled her eyes.

She looked back over towards Krath and the other Jedi, that impatience making itself felt on seeing that they were still not finished.

"Finding out what they're doing- and going after their leaders- are going to have to be our priorities. Resources are going to be our biggest problem if this is drawn out. It's not as if we can just create an army out of nothing".

Looking back to the woman beside her, she grew thoughtful.

"Did you meet them, the Sith, in this battle? How are they different from us? Before we left the Masters made available what information they had-" the frown on her face made clear her thoughts on what the masters did in keeping the information hidden for so long, "-but most of it was little more than heresay, rumour, and read as myth".

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10/04/2007 8:48 PM

She shook her head, a slight smile crossing her face at memories of trying to instruct a younger Mlarya, the constant fight to keep the Zabrak's initial frustrations under control.

"It always has been. And I don't think an army of clones is going to appear this time. If history showed us anything, it's that even apparent godsends can turn into demons."

Raywyn's forehead furrowed, her smile now a grim line. She recalled her fights with the Sith, both on the frontier before her capture and here on Taris.

"History has taught us several lessons, the most important being that everything is always changing. Nothing remains completely the same.

"Yes, I fought the Sith. We didn't know what they were at first, until it was virtually too late. They flew with the skill of aces, fought with the ferocity of the most fabled warriors on the ground, and could draw on the Force at their will. They were, in summary, complete and nearly identical images of the Jedi. There is one difference, however. Where a Jedi would seek diplomacy to spare innocents, sacrifice time, energy, and their own lives to save other, a Sith does none of that. The Sith attack without mercy, completely apathetic in the collateral damage that's done, so long as they meet their goals.

"History and mythology may have taught us much about the Sith, but in several ways they didn't teach us enough. I fear that many Jedi will underestimate their opponents, and be crushed under their own self-confidence.

"How do you fight someone who's willing to do anything to get what they want, unless you are willing to give all to stop them? A single candle can hold back a sea of darkness, but being distracted by others around you can and will snuff you out in an instant. I'm afraid that the best way, and possibly the only way, to defeat the Sith is to fight like the Sith. Don't be distracted by innocents, let the civilians fend for themselves at the moment of battle, so long as everything is put towards defeating the Sith. This war will create lots of wounds...what good is it if there's no one around to tend to those wounds afterwards?"

Her eyelids grew heavy, and her eyes seem to shade over as she stared into the unseeing distance.

"The Sith will exploit every weakness they can. They will find the weak link in your chain of defenses, and strike hardest there. You must be strong to fight, my friend. If you falter, if you bend, if you in any way expose your weak point, they will take advantage of it. It will be the downfall of many; for some, they've already been struck."

10/06/2007 6:53 PM

"Hello, Krath. Good to see you again. Now, you know I'm no fan of skipping pleasantries, but what is going on here? Fleets that are winning battles don't retreat without reason."

Krath turned sharply to face the other Jedi whom he had known for a long time, Talath Drayen. The male Firrerreo wore his hair loose, the silver and brown hair fell down his back, his gold skin making him a very interesting sight to see.

"Talath! Very good to see you again, and no, winning forces usually do not retreat, the Sith commanders are strange indeed. I do not know why they left but we can only rejoice and repair now"

Krath turned back to a tactical display of the galaxy. Almost instantaniously, Krath's worst fears were confirmed. A red dot appeared at the other side of the galaxy, the other edge of the unknown regions. The dot represented another sith fleet, sure enough, the sith were attacking the other side of the galaxy, using Taris as a diversion.

[i]The Republic can't stay defensive, we don't know where they will attack next, the only thing we can do is....[/i]

Krath walked over to a commander and spoke sharply. "Tell the Supreme Chancallor that we are leaving Taris and attacking the Sith Territory"

Krath walked away before he had a chance to respond, he stepped up to Mlarya and Raywyn.

"Get your things, we are leaving now"

10/08/2007 7:38 PM

Talath opened his mouth to voice his objections to what he saw as a very ill-advised decision, but thought better of it. These troops were under Krath's command, and he did not want to come off as an outsider attempting to undermine Krath. Further conflict between Jedi would not improve morale any, either. From talking to the soldiers, that is what he knew they saw this war as: a war between Jedi. "The dark side" meant little to them; they saw the Sith as little more than black-clad Jedi with a penchant for killing them. The facts that the Jedi Order had suddenly "revealed" the existence of the Sith in the past and that the Order's response to the attack had been to take command of the military only reinforced this perception.

Now Krath had ordered the soldiers of the Republic to abandon the defense of Taris and go attack some unknown location completely outside the Republic. Fortunately the soldiers seemed to relish the concept of taking the fight to the enemy; at least those in the command center did.

[i]This should be interesting[/i] he thought, a wry grin appearing on his face. The Krath he remembered would not be dissuaded from a decision he had apparently given much thought to. If the chancellor relieved him of command he would still attack, even if he had to do so alone.

[i]Well, he wouldn't be alone. If he is going to take the fight to those who started it, I am with him.[/i]

Still smiling, Talath headed towards the exit. As he passed Krath, he heard his tell the two Jedi that they were leaving immediately. He paused and spoke.

"I'm not sure how the Chancellor will take this, Krath, but I'm with you."

Then he exited the command center and returned to his ship. The only business he had to take care of was his promise to the private, which took very little time. He had just arrived and traveled light, so he was ready to go.

10/09/2007 5:18 PM

"Get your things, we are leaving now"

Krath's order snapped Raywyn out of her thoughts. She barely had time to nod her consent before the general walked away. She also heard the Firrerreo Jedi's comment before she turned and looked back at Mlarya, giving her friend a half-smile and small shrug.

"Like we have a choice?"

Sweeping her arm in front of her body, she grinned at the Zabrak. Something in her friend's posture, the look in her eyes...it disturbed the Dathomirian warrior to see her normally calm, steadfast friend looking unsettled, however slight it was.

"Unlike some women, female Jedi usually travel light, do they not? Unless you have business to attend to, I can walk with you to the spaceport. I sense that you still have questions, whether about me or other subjects."

10/11/2007 5:04 AM

Mlarya smiled wryly as she began to walk.
"One of the disadvantages of having Jedi friends is the difficulty in keeping secrets- or leaving words unsaid.

"I have questions and more. I am trying to keep my mind focused on the present, and what awaits us, but am having... difficulty".

She sighed as they walked, not sure how to phrase what she was thinking.

[i]How to tell you that I cannot understand your choice? That I think it approaching madness to risk so much, weighing the lives of so many against just one other...[/i]

She finally settled on skirting the issue, on telling half of the truth. There was no point in reliving what Raywyn had chosen, it would not change, and neither could her understanding of her friend's choice.

"I am... unsettled, and am... unused to the feeling. It is partly the Sith, I think. Trying to guess why they have returned, what their purpose is besides simple destruction. I am..."

She frowned, irritation written clearly on her face. "-[i]vexed[/i] that their existence was kept from us. I do not like being treated as a child, as if I am unable to view information objectively, and I do [b]not[/b] like being left unprepared and unsure because of the decisions of others.

"To hope to avoid a threat through enforced ignorance..." this time the sigh was almost a growl as she shook her head at the thought of the Council's decision.

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10/11/2007 5:12 PM

Raywyn kept a straight face as she accompanied Mlarya.

"It would be my guess that the Sith have returned to try and conquer the known galaxy. But that's just based off what I know and have heard of previous Sith uprisings."

She shook her head, mirroring her friend's frustrations at the Council's lack of warning.

"To rely on others for information will always leave you unprepared to some degree, as will attempting to discover everything yourself. And to ignore even the slightest chance of a threat makes you that much more vulnerable to it.

"Unlike most younglings, I believed the tales of the Sith. That was mostly due to similar tales of Nightsisters from my home planet, to be sure, but the parallels were there. I always believed that there is indeed fact behind any and all fiction, and there were just too many stories of the Sith and Nightsisters for them to all be untrue."

She looked forward, staring as if looking past the present.

"Perhaps that is why I volunteered for the missions to the Outer Rim. I wanted to see for myself if there was any evidence that the Sith were reforming."

A small, pained grimace crossed her face for a second before she shook her head and looked over at her companion. They had entered the hangar, and were standing next to Raywyn's fighter.

"I guess I bit off more than I could chew that time. Do all of us a favor, don't get hit by the Sith energy beam again. The [i]Stiletto[/i] was lucky to be large enough to take the hit and survive the damage. I don't think our snub fighters will have the same luck."

She rested a hand on the Zabrak's forearm, giving Mlarya a small smile.

"Just believe in yourself and trust your instincts, my friend. May the Force be with you."

With that, she turned and climbed into the cockpit of her fighter, beginning the preflight checklist as she awaited further orders from Krath.

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10/12/2007 12:49 PM

Mlarya stood looking at Raywyn in the cockpit for a moment before moving to her own Zebra.

Usually, believing in herself and trusting her own instincts was a given: self doubt was not one of her failings. But part of her belief in herself, a large part, was founded in her belief in the Order, in its ways and teachings, in its history. To find herself now questioning the Council at the moment felt akin to questioning the Order.

She knew it was foolish, knew that the virtues and wisdom embodied by the Order were far greater than those who served it, were greater than any mistake made by the fallible and imperfect people who tried to live by those weighty ideals; but her dismay at the aftermath of the Council's decision was making it hard to reconcile.

Her faith was shaken, only compounded by seeing the strength of the Sith forces.

Climbing into [i]Ben[/i]'s cockpit she numbly went through preflight, using the mundaneness and routine of the task to try to clear her thoughts.

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10/21/2007 7:05 AM

Krath climbed into [i] The Shadow's [/i] cockpit and put on his headset and began prepping her for flight.

He called Talath, Raywyn, and Mlarya saying "Get up in space, The Stiletto is to damaged for flight so it will stay here for repairs, hook up with Talath's flagship"

He quit that conversation and then called his commander on the Stiletto. "Commander, this is Master Krath, keep the Stiletto here for repairs and order the rest of our fleet to hook up with Master Talath's"

The commander's "Yes sir" was cut short by Krath shutting off his Communications and grabbing the steering yoke. He flew out of the hangar faster than he should have and went up to Talath's flagship.

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10/21/2007 12:59 PM

(OOC: Just for that, it will be called the [i]Whore's Cantata[/i]. In another universe ;)

Oh, and Wyx had said there was a Star Destroyer in the reinforcements. Is that the flagship or should it change?)

Talath received the message from Krath and headed for the [i]Vigilance[/i]. Though technically "his" flagship, Talath generally left it and the running of the battle to its commander. Talath was no slouch when it came to strategy, but knew his better when he met him on the bridge of the [i]Vigilance[/i]. In addition, the soldiers were already unswervingly loyal to the man.

Talath exited Taris's atmosphere and docked in the hangar. He made his way to the bridge, exchanging greetings with those he recognized. As he entered, he observed that commander Dakran was conversing with an admiral's hologram.

"....I have no knowledge of plans to abandon the defense of Taris," he said. "I have received no communication from Master Drayan indicating that this is the case."

"The Chancellor received a message from Krath stating this as his intent. He has been unreachable, though, and the Stilleto indicated that is is incapable of leaving Taris due to Battle damage-"

At this point Talath interrupted.

"Admiral! Good to see you again."

"Master Drayan. Perhaps you can clear this matter up. Are you planning to abandon Taris to chase an unknown target?"

"I was planning on going. The [i]Vigilance[/i] would certainly help."

"How can you abandon these people!"

"With due respect, Admiral, we are spread too thin to defend the frontier of the Republic. We'll be playing cleanup, arriving after the Sith have already destroyed their targets or being attacked with overwhelming force and destroyed before reinforcements arrive. Once the manufacturing capacity of the Republic gets to wartime production levels you can guard the Outer Rim planets effectively, but not before; the best way to get Sith fleets out of the Republic at the moment is to attack their power base."

"And do you know where that is?" the Admiral replied, a little more subdued.

"I don't. But Krath is no fool; he would not order a blind attack. On a slightly less tactical note, it feels like the right course."

"I still don't like it. But I will put it before the Chancellor."

The hologram cut out, and Dakran turned to Talath.

"So...an attack against a force of unknown strength in unknown territory?"

"Looks that way. Will you follow me there?" Talath responded with a grin.

Drakan's lips briefly briefly quirked into a smile.

"Yes, Master Drayan. I will do my best to keep you Jedi alive despite yourselves."

10/21/2007 8:03 PM

"Get up in space, The Stiletto is to damaged for flight so it will stay here for repairs, hook up with Talath's flagship"

"Roger that. See you topside."

Starting her fighter, she piloted [i]Raywyn's Redress[/i] up to orbit. Taking a slight detour, she flew a loop around the battered [i]Stiletto[/i]. Observing the damage, she felt a slight chill run down her spine.

[i]No wonder Mlarya seemed so shaken. I don't know what the Sith hit us with, but I hope I don't end up in the crosshairs.[/i]

Finishing her loop, she felt subdued as she flew to the [i]Vigilance[/i]. Mixed feelings coursed through her: renewed shame at her choices, a humbling look at the odds that they were facing among others. But underneath it, a spark of resistance ignited as she gripped the controls tightly. Yes, she had made mistakes, but she can atone for them, and she would. A burning desire to see the Sith defeated coursed through her veins.

By the time she'd landed and climbed out of her fighter, a renewed sense of purpose filled her. She felt a small nudge against her thigh, and a small smile curved across her lips as she looked down, her hand curling around the hilt of the lightsaber that had just nudged it. Holding it in her grasp, she felt a feeling of gratification, same as the day she'd built her first weapon.

Reattaching the saber to her belt, she walked to the doorway of the hangar, pausing at the entrance, debating whether or not to report to the bridge. Mentally shrugging, she pulled out her comlink.

"This is Jedi Knight Raywyn Tsu, I'm aboard the [i]Vigilance[/i], in the hangar. Contact me if needed for anything."

With that, she hopped onto a nearby cargo container, crossing her legs as she sat down to meditate, waiting on the others she was more familiar with to arrive.

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10/30/2007 5:27 PM

She had waited for some of the other small fighters flying up from the surface to dock, watching their business-like efficency, speed without haste, control and precision.

Before docking her own small ship she fired the thrusters briefly to come about one hundred and eighty degrees, looking away from the planet and into the unspoiled depths of space. From here it all looked so serene: tiny pinpricks of light set against an ebon background. She shut the thrusters off, and silenced the comm, hearing nothing now except her own breathing and the near-silent hiss of the life-support.

She stilled her breath and held it, looking out for long minutes into the dark expanse that promised so much, until the rushing of her own blood grew loud enough in her ears to drown out her thoughts. After holding it a minute longer the controlled exhale was slow and even, and she felt a slight lessening of the weight that seemed to have settled on her shoulders.

Flipping the comm back on another brief thruster burst brought the [i]Vigilance[/i] wheeling back into view, now all but free of the small swarm of fighters that had been docking. Sending her codes to the deck officer she landed in the hangar area they reported cleared for the Jedi, powering down completely and running a brief series of checks before climbing out of the cockpit.

Climbing lightly onto Raywyn's cargo container she lay down next to her, pillowing the back of her head on her hands and closing her eyes.

10/30/2007 7:18 PM

Eyes closed, she had let her senses wander through the ship, trying to determine the crew's status. Gone was the over-confidence of earlier. Instead, there was a determined sense of duty, a desire for revenge, and more than a few strands of fear. They had seen the display of firepower the Sith could bring. While it had humbled their lofty expectations, an overwhelming majority of the crew seemed determined to defeat the Sith, although they didn't like the shrinking odds against surviving intact.

[i]Such is psychological warfare like a sabaac game. The Sith hold most of the cards open in their hand, with a surprise or two up their sleeves perhaps. We, on the other, must call their potential bluff. We must win, or all chips are lost.[/i]

She felt Mlarya's approach, the soft settling of flesh and clothing as she laid out next to her. Raywyn was pleased to notice that she seemed less anxious than before, but was almost sure more doubts were held in shadows.

[i]Better to show your partner everything you have, less they act based on a disillusion.[/i]

She forced a small smile onto her lips, opening her eyes as she turned to the resting Zabrak, playfully chastising Mlarya.

"Shame on you, Mistress Knight. Aboard your newest duty station, and not chomping at the bit to report for duty? Or is there more you wish to discuss among select ears?"

Pausing for a brief second, she continued. "And don't worry. If we're needed, they'll be contacting me on my comlink."

10/31/2007 4:34 PM

The Shadow, Krath's Aggressor, pulled into the hangar, the landing legs extended to permit it land safely. As soon as it was landed safely, Krath extended the ramp and walked down the ramp.

He was dressed in a new military uniform. During the flight from the planet to the [i]Vigilance[/i], Krath had set the autopilot so that he could change. The Majestic style cruisers were very unique in their design from the outside, and usually, gave an insight into their commander's personality.

Krath walked through the metalic halls with speed, wanting to reach the bridge as quick as possible so that he could provide his services. He entered through the doors of the bridge in time to see a holo-gram disappear.

Talath was standing and talking to a republic commander. Probably argueing about his decision to attack at such uneven odds. Thats what Krath guessed at least.

"Talath" He said as he approached his friend, "Is your fleet ready for deployment?"

[i]MEANWHILE, at the other side of the galaxy in the middle of a sith attack....[/i]

The Sith lord, Trath, leader of the sith army, sat in a meditative stance on the bridge of his flagship. He was using his battle meditation to make his troops fight harder. He also was placing other emotions like discontent in the republic's forces.

It looked like they would win this battle, then they would send in ground forces to secure the planet. Trath was suprised at how vigilant the enemy was fighting, they just refused to give in.

However, their fleet was almost completely destroyed, so they would soon lose. The republic had chosen to fight to the death, and death would be their reward. Next to him, sat his younger brother, Frath, who was also deep in a meditative trance.

Trath turned to his brother and said "Your plan worked brother, I am proud of you, your plan for the diversion at Taris worked very well." He smiled his devious smile, which the humble Frath returned with his own awkward smile.

"Thank you, brother." He said, stuttering a bit. Norton was placed back in their territory with his fleets. He would defend the homestead as the two began a drive into the republic.

[i]All is going as planned....[/i] Trath thought with a devious smile. Little did he know, his plans would soon change dramatically....

11/02/2007 9:24 AM

"Shame on you, Mistress Knight. Aboard your newest duty station, and not chomping at the bit to report for duty? Or is there more you wish to discuss among select ears?"

Mlarya grunted indelicately, without opening her eyes.
"We rush from one battle to the next, without foresight or any plan beyond survival: my duty then, it seems, is to kill people, so there is little I can do at the moment".

Grimacing at her own words she opened her eyes finally, staring up at the durasteel plating of the hangar roof, feeling what little calm she had gained begin to slip away.

"Ack, this war has barely begun and already I am become a self-pitying defeatist. Forgive me".
She sat up and pulled her legs into a mediating position, shaking her head gently.
"A... shadow weighs on me. I can see the deaths this war will bring, and merely reacting to the Sith's moves will not avert them. This chasing tails frustrates me: our fight is on a different front, I feel,".

She frowned and looked at Raywyn as Krath walked below them without pausing, in a rush to reach the bridge.

[i]Am I alone in my thoughts on this?[/i]

11/02/2007 12:05 PM

Talath turned at Krath's entrance, a smile on his face.

Talath" He said as he approached his friend, "Is your fleet ready for deployment?"

"Ah! Commander Drakan, this is Master Krath. Krath, this is Commander Drakan. He just agreed to support our mad venture, though from my conversation with the higher-ups I gather that they are not yet sold on our leaving. In answer to your question, yes, we are ready to leave; we just need a destination."

11/03/2007 3:25 PM

"Ah! Commander Drakan, this is Master Krath. Krath, this is Commander Drakan. He just agreed to support our mad venture, though from my conversation with the higher-ups I gather that they are not yet sold on our leaving. In answer to your question, yes, we are ready to leave; we just need a destination."

Krath shook the commander's hand and then replied to Talath, "I don't think that they will be very happy either, but it must be done.

"As for a destination, I have absolutely no idea, but there is one way we can get back to the Sith's defenses."

A smile crept over Krath's face, he rushed to the bridge so that they could get going. Time is of the essence in this situation, every minute they wasted would be unnecessary loss of life. Or would this whole crusade of his be a waste of life? Should they just wait here like the republic wanted them to? No, Krath had seen what the Sith could do, what strengths they posses. They needed an offensive and unpredictable victory now.

Krath turned his face to Talath, "We have no way of following the sith into the unknown regions, they gave us no data, our spies have uncovered nothing, we are blind. But we are not going to just rush in there like a madman, oh no.

"There is one way that this can work, one way alone. The Sith fleet has strong weapons, particularly the one that hit the Stiletto"

Krath shifted his weight, the smile still was spread across his face, "However, that weapon will in turn be their downfall. As they retreated, they were still recharging that weapon. So, when they hyperspaced away, they needed power from the weapons. So they drew that power, but, that one weapon was not done recharging yet. So, because it was incomplete, it left a unique trail, a chemical trail that our sensors can pick up in a heartbeat. It is this trail, that goes directly back to their territory where their fleet is waiting, unaware of this conversation. Only aware of the fact that they are invading the other side of the galaxy."

Krath couldn't help himself let the grin expand until he couldn't accommodate it any longer. It was the perfect plan, one that they would never see, and one that was almost fool-proof.

11/04/2007 9:14 AM

She resisted the urge to berate Mlarya as Krath strode by, disappearing into the hallway beyond the the doors to the hangar. She used those few seconds to calm herself before turning back to face the other Jedi.

[i]He's got some sort of plan, otherwise he wouldn't rush like that. But has the war already begun to drain too much from people? Perhaps a gentle reminder of why we fight will ease her thoughts...[/i]

"I'm sure Master Krath has a plan. Why else would he hurry like that when we're not under attack? As for your duty...

She turned on her container so she could face Mlarya square.

"You should already know better than to feel defeated already. We were both raised in cultures that embraced fighting, martial arts, and a soldier's lifestyle. We are also both Jedi, bound by our word to a vow to protect the Republic. Our duty is to protect democracy, to serve the Republic and the galaxy in that way. We both know that, in order to preserve life, others must die sometimes, whether ourselves or others by our own hand if need be. It is not desired, but it is fact."

She felt her face start to flush a bit at the memory of her own recent actions, and she tilted her head down, a loose strand of hair spilling forward over her shoulder. She took a deep breath, feelings of hypocrisy and sorrow of lost anchoring in her chest. She looked back up, exhaling lightly as she looked towards the other's eyes, a hand coming up to rest lightly on the Zabrak's shoulder.

"I understand your frustrations, but not your asking for forgiveness when there is no need of it. You don't need to seek it from me, not when you gave it to me freely when my own crime was far worse than yours.

"If I could go back and do it over again, knowing what I know now, I don't know what I'd do different. Maybe I would've killed myself before the Sith captured me. I still don't know if my heart could be strong enough to watch Jocen die, not if there's a chance of being able to save him."

She felt tears start to form in her eyes and turned her head away, closing her eyes against the oncoming stream.

[i]There is no emotion, there is peace... And I am a Dathomiri warrior...warriors do not cry, not when the period for mourning is over and there is no changing the past.[/i]

She calmed her voice, keeping her eyes closed and head turned away as she continued.

"He meant everything to me, and now, even with the echo of me reminding you of our vow of service, my heart still mourns his loss, and burns with the desire to avenge him, to destroy those who destroyed our chances of a life together. I know he rests in the Force, but I still want that life back. Such thoughts are not the Jedi way, but are hard to resist. They say time heals all pains. I hope they are right, and that I can find something else to live for, besides revenge."

11/09/2007 2:31 PM

As soon as Krath laid out what he had in mind, the well-disciplined crew under the direction of Drakan began implementing his plan. The chemical signature was identified and the other members of the task force alerted to the plan. In a matter of minutes they were ready to depart.

"All ships ready, Masters," the Commander reported.

"Then let's go," Talath responded. Drakan gave the order, and the ships entered lightspeed.

Turning to Krath, Talath spoke,

"I've been thinking, Krath. I've done some reading in the histories of Dark Jedi as well. I realize that this may not be the best time, but I haven't had a chance to hash this out with another Jedi. So I take advantage of you as a captive audience to do so.

The way I see it, the existence of the Dark side of the Force changes things. I never took the rules of the Jedi seriously, all through my tenure as a youngling. As a padawan I wasn't much better; I didn't actually come to truly believe in it until shortly before becoming a knight. I also know that I was not alone in this, and that there are more than a few padawans and even knights who don't hold to the code as they should. Knowing about the Dark Side has driven me to think about what would have happened to me if when I did not hold to the code my master had been killed in battle. Everything I have read says that anger and vengeful hatred lead directly to the dark side, and I am forced to admit that is likely what would have happened to me. Now, it was unlikely that my master would die because the worst [i]we[/i] faced were smugglers.

We're at war though. And under orders to kill the Sith, no less; this from a council that will not execute its prisoners.

I can't predict anything for sure, but to me it looks like we are setting ourselves up to lose many in the order to the Dark Side before the war is over.

So, those are my dark thoughts. Maybe not best shared on the eve of battle, but I wanted your opinion."

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