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05/30/2007 11:39 AM

I want to roleplay being the sith master of an academy, and i want an actual roleplay none of the using already created characters of the Star Wars universe. There would be rules, and it would be heavily focused around training to become an actual apprentice to one of the Sith Lords at the academy.

Im taking creative liscense and im making a planet called Nargrem far from the outer rim that is unknown to civilization. Darth Serath who is a species called Nar'kellan is almost 400 years old. This whole story will take place after the first triology of movies.
I really want to get back to the basics, and do a roleplay not centered around knights of the old republic for once. I seem to get drawn into those quite frequently.

On Nargrem there are two landmarks that the sith guard with their lives. The Tomb of Naablin. It belongs to the great Sith War Lord Naablin who is even older than Marka Ragnos or Naga Sadow. The Sith Temple which serves as the academy, and training ground for new sith apprentices. This group of Sith do not follow Darth Bane's teachings infact it is forbidden to even think of such. Serath is powerful enough to make his apprentices Darth Dreezus, Darth Zantyra, Darth Bel'korin submit to his will as Dark Lord over all.

This idea came to me as i started to think about how Palpatine manipulated Anakin. I want to roleplay a great Sith Army being constructed, and the use of ancient sith artifacts. Once a strong empire is built then perhaps Serath will be open for being.."Slain" by one of his apprentices.

Darth Serath
Species: Nar'kellan (extinct besides Serath)
Age: 387
Height: 5'10
Weight: 160
Rank: Dark Lord of the Sith (for those on Nargrem atleast)
Serath has white long hair which is often braided. His skin is purple almost pink in color. He carries a number of red sith tattoos across his flesh. He has a very lithe but muscularly toned body. He often wears simple tattered dark robes, and pieces of black armor across his chest, and arms, legs, and sometimes a face mask that covers the bottom part of his face. His eyes are a dark crimson in color. For reasons unknown his physical appearance besides sharpened teeth, and red eyes. The darkside of the force hasnt disfigured him. He seemingly looks the same since he took up the mantle of dark lord when he slew Darth Aranis his master.

Lightsaber: An Ancient sith saber one twisted and curved in its almost grotesque design. Its dark black exterior matches that of Serath's heart, and its dark crimson blade reflects the hatred in his eyes. He also carries with him his master's old sith warblade whos presence often strikes fear into students.

Force Tempest, Force Crush, Lightsaber throw, Force Push/Pull, Telepathy, Force Heal (for reasons unknown he has mastered this ability) Dark Side Aura (those in his presence will feel an almost tangible sensation of the darkside of the force)

*To be updated later*

05/30/2007 12:17 PM

Do i have to be someone that is force sensative? Or do I HAVE to be a sith?

05/30/2007 2:10 PM

*jumps up and down excitedly*

Me me!
I want to play!

Quick question- though it's far from the core worlds can core races be played or are we all from Nargrem?

If core races are allowed I might possibly transfer Arami, if you don't mind- I'd like to explore her a little more.

If not, no worry- I should have plenty of opportunity to explore her in Darth Wedge's thread.

05/30/2007 4:43 PM


Quick question- though it's far from the core worlds can core races be played or are we all from Nargrem?

same question.
And then I will gladly make a character sheet for you!!!

05/30/2007 4:47 PM

You can play any of the core races you want, but just keep in mind that these group of sith go out and abduct force sensitive young, and bring them back to Nargrem so travelling to Nargrem would be a dangerous trip, and the Sith empire is begining its final stages. Thus starships can be seen being built. For those people who dont want to play a Sith. Please try and realize your life expectancy will not be as great as the other players who will be in the roleplay.

Im not knocking the bounty hunter type characters. (Boba Fett is my favorite SW character) You will need to give me a detailed backround, and a reason of why your character would even come to Nargrem in the first place before i approve that.

nanuk it might be wise for you to create a new charry for this roleplay, but i havent looked at your other character yet so. You have my permission to do what you want, but for this rp it might be wise to give her a backround that fits the storyline of the rp.

05/30/2007 4:53 PM

Looks interesting, wouldn't mind jumping in once I think up a character.

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05/30/2007 6:14 PM

Ok ill make a character. Im using the same character sheet you used. Boba and Jango Fett are my favoriet characters as well so there will be similarities. Most of the similar things are things I would like whether or not Jango or Boba uses them.

Name: Drake Nethran (Called "The Red Wolf")

Species: Human (Mandalorian)

Age: 46

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 171

Rank: Bounty Hunter

Appearance: Wears Mandalorien armor that is painted blood-red. You can always tell his armor from any other person with red armor because of his clan insignia on his helmet. It is two mandalorien iron swords crossed on a sheild. Like all manalorien armor it is loaded with hidden weapons along with his jetpack on his back. Like all Mandalorien armor, it is made of Mandalorien iron which is resistant to blaster bolts and lightsabers. However, not consintrated fire from a blaster and not a direct hit from a lightsaber. His guns are two Westar-34 Pistols and a DXR-6 Disruptor rifle. When his armor is off, which is very rare, he has slightly tanned skin and many battle scars all over his body.

Background: Grew up a farmer on Mandalore where he learned to shoot a gun. This was because he was charged with the duty of defending the farm against wild animals. When he was about 16 he got in a great arguement with his parents and stole their ship and left Mandalore. This was done in an attempt to see the world and do something besides farming. He went to Coruscant where he was amazed at the vastness of the city, and quickly went exploring. With his quick mind, sarcasm, and short temper, he quickly was taken to a crimelord where they threatened to kill him. The boss, looking for a game, said he would let the kid live if he assasinated a drunk in one of the casinos. Drake, not wanting to die, did it and thus, began his path into Bounty hunterhood. He found out how to kill for money and did it well. Soon he got weapons, a ship, and a common employer. However, he was still troubled, he decided to make the journey back to Mandalore when he was 22 to see his parents. He returned only to find that his parents were dead, his home was destroyed and all of their possesions were gone. This drove Drake insane and mad for a couple years. When he was 25 he hit the Bounty Hunter market again after 3 years of mourning. When he hit age 27, thats when his name became known as one of the greatest in the galaxy. He donned his father's mandalorien armor, customized his weapons to the highest degree, and sold his old ship for a more suitable one. It is called the Hidden Fire, an Aggressor Assault Fighter that is also customized to the highest degree. It's weapons are 2 Laser cannons, 1 Turbolaser cannon, 1 ion cannon, 1 proton and 1 concussion missle turret. It can hold 8 prisoners at once and has enough storage space for a few months worth of food and supplys. It also has extremely well customized sublights and hyperdrives.

Pupous for being on Nargrem: I have some ideas. One could be he was sent to assasinate a sith lord. Two could be he stumbled on the planet on a miscalculated hyperdrive trip. Or three he would hear a legend about the Tomb of Naablin and all of the Riches inside. All of these involve him going to Nargrem and having to fight for his life.

I hope this works. All similarites to boba and jango fett are purely coincidential ;)

05/30/2007 7:52 PM

Name: Terense Hy-blade

Species: Human

Age: Twenty-two

Height: 6 '4

Weight: One hundred and sixty four pounds.

Rank: Sith Apprentice

Appearance: Terense has tanned skin, his tall stature makes him stand out from his Sith peers. His long black hair is long, reaching down infront of his crystal blue eyes. He wears dark apparel which somewhat can make him camofleuge into a dark environment. He seemingly has no features that even hint that he is a Sith, he would be most likely be regarded as an average citizen with a strange fashion sense.

Background: Terense was born on Coruscant, born to two loving and caring parents who were both unknowingly force sensitive. The Sith realizing that he had the potential of becoming extremely powerful, they kidnapped him and brought him to Nagrem to be twisted into a Sith. He grew up in the Dark Temple, where he was trained by his dark and evil mentors, but for some strange reason he always seperated himself from his fellow dark and twisted apprentices.
He now studies, and learns from his Sith master's at the Dark Temple.

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05/30/2007 10:54 PM

Ok I liked everyone's concepts, but i have a few minor issues with them which will be addressed in the rules that i am setting up.

As GM im flexin that gm muscle :D

All player characters minus the people who play mercs or bounty hunters will start off as this.

1. Your an up and coming sith student with everything to prove, and nothing to go on but hard studying, and the cruel teachings of the masters. You dont even have a true lightsaber yet. You get one of those dinky piece of crap normal red lightsabers that every other students get. So reaching the apprentice stage will actually require rping to get there. Then your character will travel to a said location, and create his lightsaber.

2. Students in the academy start off with said force powers.. The others have to be learned from different masters in the school. ie Darth Dreezus teachs force choke, and so on. Players may choose to pick to start off with one offensive low level force power, and one defensive low level force power.

3. Players who play bounty hunters or mercs. Be prepared to roleplay by yourself alot because alot of the rp will be focused around the temple, and training and Serath's teachings. Be careful when you make desicions. These are sith your dealing with not jedi. They wont hesitate to cut you down.

4. No auto attacks meaning. If you get into a confrontation with another player. You cant say..

Anakin blows up darth maul with a thermal detonator.
You must give the other player a chance to react to said attack.

5. Your character is a sith. The lust for power, and the journey to the darkside has begun since they were little. They have about as much morals as Jabba the hutt at a carbonite convention..

05/31/2007 12:14 AM

nanuk it might be wise for you to create a new charry for this roleplay, but i havent looked at your other character yet so. You have my permission to do what you want, but for this rp it might be wise to give her a backround that fits the storyline of the rp.

Duh, my poppet, duh ;)

I'll pop her modified self up later to see what you think- I only wrote the bare bones of the background for her for DW's RP because I was going to fill most of it in in story so it'll be no problem to alter.

Gah, I had another question/point...

Can't remember.

Anyway, have to pop to work for a bit so I'll get it up later on.

05/31/2007 4:18 AM

Re force powers- do we have basic core abilities, like telepathy/push/jump/sense etc. or are we still just learning them?
I mention preferred lightsaber style but am aware that she's still an apprentice.

Name: Arami Ta'Anil

Species: Twi'Lek

Age: 21

Height: 5'9

Rank: Sith apprentice

Typical lithe and sensuous Twi'Lek build, belying her strength. Arami's skin is a dark, dusky blue (kind of like how a dark blue would look in moonlight). Her long lekku were tattooed by her masters when she was a young slave, and she has since covered both them and most of her body in dark Sith tattoos (like [url:http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Image:Legacy0.jpg]so[/url]).
Her eyes are the same colour as her skin. No immediately noticeable scars apart from a dark, thin line around her throat.
Her naturally sharp teeth and talons were filed down when she was a slave, although the talons have grown back with time. She never wears bindings or a headdress on her lekku, seeing them as symbols from her time of enslavement.

Lightsaber: Single crimson-bladed trainee lightsaber. The blade itself is quite long to accommodate her style of fighting. Favours what would be classed as Form IV: Ataru- powerful, aggressive, graceful, acrobatic, and combined with Force-aided jumps (thought it fit well with a Twi'Lek's natural grace and the emotion of a Sith). Very fluid and quick, strikes fast and powerful, difficult to predict, but more suitable against single opponents, weak against blaster fire. Also due to the aggressive nature of the style it's not suitable for prolonged battles.
She disdains blasters and will not use them.

Defensive- Force stealth (can mask Force present as well as physical presence- though obviously as an apprentice it's not yet mastered, lol).
Offensive- Force drain (again, useful for form IV, and still nowhere near mastered)

Born on Ryloth Arami was sold into slavery by her own people, as is common.
Trained as a dancer (among other things) she was always willful and refused to be submissive, and so was frequently (and harshly) punished.

She managed to escape while still young (made possible by her then-unsuspected Force sensitivity) and travelled the outer rim worlds. As she travelled, doing what she could to survive- falling into the typical roles of her people, dancing and thieving, using her Force sensitivity to bargain- she became more disillusioned: the fear and confusion at her new life eventually causing her already-deep seeded resentment to burgeon into hate.

She was recognised as being Force-sensitive by one of Darth Serath's apprentices and brought to Nargrem for training.

Although having an inherent dislike for authority and bending to the will of others, after a difficult initial period of training she adapted very well: her hunger for a sense of power and control over her own destiny allowing her to submit to her masters' teachings and become an almost perfect student, adept in both Force training and saber combat.
Arami is intelligent and calculating: initially seeing her training as a means to an end but over time, as she began to feel empowered by her training, became almost fervent in her belief in the Sith code, seeing in it her salvation.

Note: I changed her surname to better reflect the clan-based nomenclature. I think it fits in better with her resentment.
Also made her younger as she's just an apprentice.

Also, lol, I'd like to put in a request that one of the masters, if possible, could teach Enhance ability- it's a useful skill for form IV practitioners.

edit: and of course let me know if there's anything you want changed ;)

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05/31/2007 10:23 AM

nanuk your approved... Since your character has achieved so much watch out for the other students lol they always have something to prove to their masters.

Another thing i wanted to talk about. Your character may die during this roleplay. If you get surrounded by battledroid armies and think your Mace Windu and can take them all down..*snickers* You will be making a new character sheet. In other words your character is not invincible. One you reach sith lord status. Your character will be much more powerful.

05/31/2007 11:47 AM

Another thing i wanted to talk about. Your character may die during this roleplay.

For a second I thought you meant me, particularly, and felt quite aggrieved, lol.

She hasn't achieved that much.. *eyes others suspiciously* and let me stress she's quite ruthless. Quite. Grr.

Remind ppl there's no godmodding or autohitting ;)

05/31/2007 11:49 AM

I have 16 or 17 Sith "scrolls" on my computer that chronicle the history and exact ideals of the Sith, if your going for a very in depth storyline with traditions and customs.

Just putting it out there. I think this is an awesome idea, and I am definatly in!

Edit: Here is an exerpt from one of my scrolls, if you want it:

The Dark Jedi code/Sith code

Of Darkness.
I know no fear,
But rather I instill it in my enemies.
I am the destoyer of worlds.
I know the power of the Dark Side.
I am the fire of hate.
All the Universe bows before me.
I pledge myself to the Darkness.
For I have found true life,
In the death of the light.

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05/31/2007 11:50 AM

I have 16 or 17 Sith "scrolls" on my computer that chronicle the history and exact ideals of the Sith

Well I'm certainly interested.

05/31/2007 11:52 AM

"What is sith?

An ancient cult that uses the Dark Side of the Force. Masters of alchemy and illusion. Once they "were mighty Jedi of the (old)Republic, brothers in the Force, but the Great Schism between the Dark Side and the Light turned Jedi against Jedi." Driven off, exiled, they fled to the far side of the galaxy where they found the Sith people who treated them as gods. After many centuries the Sith empire grew to a vast, rich realm. That was the Golden Age of the Sith . . . until Naga Sadow tried to conquer the Republic and add it to the Sith empire. Sadow's invasion was defeated, but at great cost to both sides, and the Sith empire fell into disarray and all but vanished . . . until Exar Kun rediscovered it. Kun's rise to power started the galaxy-wide Sith War, but he too was defeated and the Sith vanished again. After another resurgence of the Sith by rouge Jedi, Darth Bane reshaped the Sith order and kept it going, hidden from the rest of the galaxy. The Sith believe that true power comes not from the Light, but from the Dark Side; and that power unused is power wasted. They are unmerciful in using any means necessary to reach their goal. Not all dark side Force users are Sith followers; the Force is omnipresent while the Sith are only one following of the dark side, albeit the most powerful and well known."

Quoted once again from the scrolls.

05/31/2007 12:14 PM

Yay, go bounty hunters!!! Just dont kill me too quickly;)

05/31/2007 12:28 PM


I just thought of this, if there is jedi and sith and the sith want to go to war against the jedi. My character, a bounty hunter/ mercenary, could be hired by the sith to fight for them. Kinda like Jango and Dooku.

05/31/2007 1:00 PM

I don't see war happening for quite a while yet seeing as how we're most of us still apprentices.

05/31/2007 1:13 PM

I don't see war happening for quite a while yet seeing as how we're most of us still apprentices.

Well war could happen. Whether your apprentices or not. And if war happens while your apprentice's it would be more..........whats the word.............. ummm Devastating?

05/31/2007 2:43 PM

[Posted By nanuk on 05.31.2007 11:47 AM]

Another thing i wanted to talk about. Your character may die during this roleplay.

For a second I thought you meant me, particularly, and felt quite aggrieved, lol.

She hasn't achieved that much.. *eyes others suspiciously* and let me stress she's quite ruthless. Quite. Grr.

Remind ppl there's no godmodding or autohitting ;)

Sorry nanuk i didnt mean your character specifically.. :D

05/31/2007 3:13 PM

Damn straight- she's ruthless!

05/31/2007 4:58 PM

[Posted By nanuk on 05.31.2007 3:13 PM]

Damn straight- she's ruthless!

Alright first person to respond to this post gets dibs on torturing nanuk's character!


Not in that way you pervs... I ment with like force lightning... The students will go through crap like that. Being choked and lightning'd is just gonna be apart of the daily routine..

Student log-

Well Today someone pissed off Darth Dreezus.. WE all got choked, and beaten bloody and left for dead.. Seems like we accomplished alot. I killed the weaker ones for being weak. I have to go i think my arm started bleeding again.

End Log-

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05/31/2007 5:54 PM

Student log-

Well Today someone pissed off Darth Dreezus.. WE all got choked, and beaten bloody and left for dead.. Seems like we accomplished alot. I killed the weaker ones for being weak. I have to go i think my arm started bleeding again.

End Log-

[b] LOL[/b]

And, are you going to make the Thread in the Star Wars section.

05/31/2007 7:31 PM

Name: Kukro Bakasa (Later to be Darth Siferous)

Species: Terran (Human)

Age: 37

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 147 lbs

Rank: Exiled Jedi Knight

Appearance: Exile Kukro Bakasa is slim and tall, sporting nearly destroyed robes of a Jedi Knight. His body is scarred and seared by blaster fire and close encounters with lighsabers. Bakasa looks as if he had just crawled from the Realm of Shadows, and his long black hair and blood red eyes have a certain ferocity to them, unnerving signs of his twisted mind and demented spirit.

Lightsaber: Bakasa weilds two blood red lightsabers which he constructed on Korriban, in one of the many Sith Temples he had occupied. Upon entering Nargrem Academy, his lightsabers were stripped from his and he was forced to use a cheap assembly line saber, which did not go to his liking. His lightsabers lie in the hands of Darth Serath. Much of training he dedicated to practicing the use of the Dark Side and Sith Magicks in his ferociously brutal dual-weilding lightsaber style. He has no concrete style, aside from the Jedi stances he abandoned with the Jedi Order. His improvised style could be best described as acrobatic beserking.

Abilities: Force Fury(Offensive), Sith Illusion Magick(Defensive).

Background: Kukro Basaka was one of the most promising Knights in the entire Jedi order, and many in the Temple joked that he would acheive a seat in the Jedi Council faster than any other Jedi, especially a human.

That was before the holocron.

One of the Sith holocrons had entered the temple not to long ago, and Kukro and his Master were charged with it's care and security. The Council deemed that Kukro was a prodigy, and could hold the Sith influence at bay as well as any other Knight. The influence was too strong for Kukro Basaka to ignore, and it slowly warped his mind and thoughts.

He stole the Holocron, taking it and it's ancient secrets from the hands of the Jedi, leaving Coruscant and the insolent council behind him.

He arrived upon the edge of the Sith world of Korribann's atmosphere, where his ship was invaded upon by the Jedi, lead by Kukros' former Master. His Master gave him a choice.

"Kukros Basaka, your mind has been warped by the Dark Side, you are beyond redemption. I will kill you now, for the good of the galaxy, or you shall leave this ship and die upon the sands of Korriban. You have a choice; die by my lightsaber, or embrace this Sith planet, this dark planet, and be crushed by the sand and stone upon it. Die with the Jedi, or die with the Sith?"

"I will take my chances with Korriban, my former Master."

Kukros leaped from the ship, leaping into the atmosphere of the Sith planet Korriban. The planet, in conjunction with his dark desires, softened and gave way for the corrupted Force power of this Exile Jedi. The planet saved him and doomed him at the same time.

Kukros wandered the barren planet for weeks before he found the ruins of the old Sith Academy on Korriban. There he discoved the 18 scrolls of the Sith. He trained himself in Body and Mind, learning the dark magick and mastery over the force that the Sith had known since time immemorial.

He escaped Korriban in search of the Sith who left the Academy, looking for another Academy, looking for more knowledge, more power.

And then he discovered the Nargrem Academy. Finally he would reach mastery over the Dark Side, and he would kill his former Master.

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05/31/2007 8:17 PM

Hey Oh....me me me...I love the idea....and I would gladly join

06/01/2007 2:17 AM

Interesting and well written as Vampire Chaos' character is... it does seem a little overpowered..

06/01/2007 4:13 AM

I dont see an improvised, lesser, saber style and Sith Illusion Magick as overpowering, because Sith illusion magick is a lesser sith power. I can drop the summoning part, but my backstory will not be changed.

Many Sith used thier Illusion magick to decive the enemy into thinking there was more Sith than actually was there. This required the Sith using the magick to be carried in a meditation chamber in which he focused all the magic into a reagent, usually a gem.

So without that, Sith illusion Magick is only a few minor mind tricks.

But still, if Iorlas thinks i'm overpowered, being in this RP is important to me, so I shall comply.

[Edited by Vampire_Chaos on Friday, June 1, 2007 4:21 AM]

06/01/2007 9:59 AM

No no, I didn't mean powers-wise, I meant the fact that you have [i]so[/i] much experience- as a Jedi and then studying the scrolls on Korriban.

But like you said, it's Iorlas' baby, and I reckon you can be trusted to play fairly ;)

06/01/2007 10:06 AM

[Posted By nanuk on 06.01.2007 9:59 AM]

No no, I didn't mean powers-wise, I meant the fact that you have [i]so[/i] much experience- as a Jedi and then studying the scrolls on Korriban.

But like you said, it's Iorlas' baby, and I reckon you can be trusted to play fairly ;)

In all fairness to everyone else you can have that backround, but your character's memory of those things has been erased/hidden. So he will still have those experiences, but to make things fair for the other students it takes just as much practice and training to reawaken those things as it does for them to ascend to the next level. I couldnt bring myself to force you to alter his history i find it interesting.

The force powers that he knows are low level dark side powers such as: Force lightning, Force choke, those kinds of lesser force powers. Im not saying he cant have fury or illusion magic. Just not in the begining. Good job on your bio i enjoyed reading it. I shall be making the thread soon.

06/01/2007 4:32 PM

this seems really interesting...ive never played a full fledged bad-guy type character before so ill join if you'll take me

06/01/2007 6:29 PM

So basically I have to go through the same thing as The Exile from KOTOR II to become more powerful? That sounds like a fine idea, and if you guys want me to post some of the scrolls so you know what my character knows(knew; before memory loss)?

I could also have it so that the scrolls are in the hands of Serath, so I can use them to learn as I advance in the Academy?

I'll edit my force powers to be Rage(lesser fury) and Choke(But only for now). Is that OK?

06/02/2007 3:26 AM

Like Iorlas said, don't edit the background or anything else because it's really good- looking forward to this :)

06/02/2007 7:09 AM

I'm looking forward to this too, so here is The first Sith Scroll!

The Scroll of Chaos

Let my words be written so that you of the future may know the true power of the Force. Before the universe began there existed only chaos. When Chaos ruled, that what we now call the Force was not present. Chaos is neither good or evil, it just is. When the universe came into being it was through Chaos that it was created just as the Force. Chaos determined how the Force interacts with all that is part of the universe. In time the universe became stable and Chaos was lost, the matter in the universe became the planets and the stars. The Force settled into all the matter that existed, both seen and unseen. When life began it was unable to draw upon the Force which bound it to everything else in the universe. In time this changed beings began to sense the Force and use it. There came a time when beings learned to use the Force, the were called Jedi. Their philosophy was to use the Force to help those less fortunate, never to use the Force for their own benefit. By doing this the Jedi only use one half of the Force, this limited their potential. If it were left to the Jedi the knowledge of Chaos would never have been found. Soon some of those Jedi became discontent with the Jedi way. They set out on a new path of discovery, they began to experiment with the Force. These Jedi were the founders of the Sith. The word Sith means chaos, these Dark Jedi learned that they could use the Force to gain access to the fundamental force of creation called CHAOS. The use of Chaos can be very dangerous, for it's power is cumbersome. Any who attempt to use it must be willing to suffer the consequences of their actions, including their own death. To ever have any real success in using Chaos the user must be skilled in the use of the Dark and Light Sides of the Force. One of the most very simple uses of Chaos is the ablility to shatter the soul of another being. This is accomplished by focusing on the frequency at which the soul vibrates in the Force. At the most fundamental levels of matter Chaos still exists in some small part. When the user has focused in on the soul's frequency, the user must concentrate his anger on what he wants to affect. This is the dangerous part, if the user does not have full concentration on the aspect of Chaos that he wants to affect, the user may unintentionally use the Force to nudge the wrong aspect of Chaos. In doing so any number of thing could happen including the destruction of a solar system. If the user has focused in on the right aspect of Chaos he may then nudge it with the Force, in doing this the user is ineffect changing the reality of the universe in that localized area. The soul is not actually destroyed for this is not possible, the soul is shattered it is knocked into another reality. Only a very skilled user of Chaos can determine the place the soul is banished to. Another use of Chaos it to destroy matter. Just as before the user must focus in on the frequency of the object he wants to effect, the only diffrence is the aspect the user will effect with the Force. In this case the user will effect the aspect of subatomic bonds, the user must use the Force to feel his way through this intricate disorder to find this aspect. With use the user will be able to navigate their way through Chaos with relative ease. But you must be warned the use of Chaos is diffrent every time, a path used before may not be the same the next time you use it for this is also the way of Chaos. As it is written so it is.

06/02/2007 12:57 PM

When is this thread going up. I am very anxious and want to start! :)

06/02/2007 1:12 PM

Im making the thread now.

06/02/2007 2:49 PM

As the kids say, w00t!

06/02/2007 10:36 PM

Well, I've never had a full fledged evil character (a great weakness of mine - I've never been able to truly write evil) and I'd hate to bring you down now by attempting, HOWEVER, I'm going to keep my eye on this thread, because it looks like it has plenty of potential, and if ya'll ever do get around to fighting a war, I'll throw in some killable do-gooders.

06/02/2007 10:48 PM

Yes! Finally a chance to lash out against your imperturbable good will and all around joyfulness in a manner which is acceptable to the legions of RPGCommies that you have huddled around you in admiration!

I mean....erm...

I look forward to seeing you in the thread?


Also, Iorlas, I didn't want to ruin the flow of character bios in the other thread, but I am working on a character and am researching stuff. I read through the fighting styles, but don't know what to classify it as...I have a general sense, but I'm reading through the force powers, looking up races, etc... (Can a wookie be a sith? Or how about those cute little furry things in one of the original trilogy...in the forest, they had the little gliders that they used to drop rocks on people and they tried to trip the chicken-walker robot things but got dragged....then when the battle was won they had the party and Luke told Han that Leia was his sister, so Han could go for it.. :D)

Also tried to look at some of the things about lightsabers, but can't find much...I want to see about oddly designed lightsabers, since to the best of my knowledge you create your own, although I don't know what the colors signify (is it just your allegiance - Light or Dark side? - or are different colors more suited to different things?)

Anyways, I'm interested, and I'm researching. :P

06/03/2007 2:19 AM

ZOMFG an ewok sith would be FREAKIN AWESOME!

There have been wookie Jedi, and evil wookie, so I can't see why there wouldn't be a wookie Sith (the mostly go robeless and nekkid though, like non-Jedi wookies, so rraowr).

So glad you're joining!

Now if only we could tempt Jay... think Kreia- you don't have to be overtly evil... it's always good to work on your shortcomings...

06/03/2007 6:05 AM

Did I hear Ewok Sith? ................Must....................contain......................bliss................. Lol anyway yes an ewok sith would SO VERY [b] VERY[b] AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one!!!

06/03/2007 7:51 AM

"Come to the dark side, jub jub.."

*dances to a merry folk tune*

06/03/2007 8:53 AM


06/03/2007 11:04 AM

Ummm *laughs* Well here is the deal max im going to give you a rundown on the lightsabers, and their significance.

The jedi order colors usually signify rank. Mace Windu has purple because hes the highest ranked swordmaster.

Color of the blade isnt usually as significant as its design. Darth Maul forged his double bladed lightsaber after the design of Exar-kun's, but his lightsaber staff was basically two sabers melded together.

Most Sith have a redish color for their blade, but ive seen lots of orange, and crimson colors.

On the idea of having an Ewok sith absolutely not Endor is probably too far away to have an ewok be in the present academy. A wookie Sith is plausible.

06/03/2007 11:07 AM

Darn...I'll think of something.

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06/03/2007 11:10 AM

What if the ewok stowed away and landed on Coruscant(?) or some other place where it could get into the ways of the sith? The Ewok wasn't content singing around fires, so he stowed away on a ship and now he's out to shank someone...?


06/03/2007 2:20 PM

[Posted By Max on 06.03.2007 11:10 AM]

What if the ewok stowed away and landed on Coruscant(?) or some other place where it could get into the ways of the sith? The Ewok wasn't content singing around fires, so he stowed away on a ship and now he's out to shank someone...?


You are my buddy, but i draw the line at wookies... *snickers*

I mean ive got nothing against Ewoks, but ill be damned if i can take this roleplay serious if we have Darth Fuzzball shooting force lighting out of his pawed hand..

[Edited by Iorlas on Sunday, June 3, 2007 2:21 PM]

06/03/2007 2:36 PM

I always thought Wicket had an evil streak.. lol.

There are wookie Jedi though, so that shouldn't be a problem once Iorlas agrees.

And if it doesn't work out we can just kill it and use it as a fireside rug.

06/04/2007 11:45 AM

I'm interested in joining (thank you nanuk!) My character is young-in the 14-15 range--is it still alright for her to be an apprentice or would you like me to bump her age?

06/04/2007 12:15 PM

you would probably want to bump the characters age into the 18-20s range

06/04/2007 12:21 PM

Alrighty then, I'll have her profile up today :]

06/04/2007 12:33 PM

thank you nanuk!


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