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05/28/2007 12:15 PM

(Read OOC for information)

05/29/2007 12:35 PM

(Ill try an opening post, tell me if you want to change any thing)

Robert Brown lay on the rocky debris covered ground. He lay on his back with a piece of house in front of him as cover. When the gunfire stopped he looked over at the last bit of german resistance in this town they were supposed to take. He raised his M1 Garand Rifle of the edge, took aim and fired. The first bullet hit a german in the leg, the second finished him off. The next four rounds missed, but the seventh and eighth hit their target. He slid back behind his little piece of cover, his helmet was over the edge and a bullet came and knocked it off his head. This prompted Robert to get down even more as he slid his next Magazine in his loading port. Then Robert heard screams comming from where the germans were holding their ground. From behind them, came a large group of crawlers and shredders and the germans were quickly eliminated. Robert quickly stood up and ordered his men to fall back.

05/29/2007 1:41 PM

(OOC: Not bad but if you could maybe, paragraph things it would be easier to read.)

Everything was a blur. Rick ran through the forest. A Tanker was coming up behind his squad. Up ahead was a small German post. They had mortars. They fired 4 or five of the mortars at the Tanker and it fell. A couple winged eyes soared over head and Rick knew they would be taken down easily if the eyes started to blast at them. "Alright men, fire at those eyes! Take 'em down and then fire towards the mortars! The Krauts did us a favor by taking out that Tanker, now let's return the favor by rewarding them with an early death!" he shouted.

His men pointed thier guns and fired. The eyes were hit and they fluttered wildly before falling to the ground and turning to gray ash. They pointed their guns towards the german post and fire several times. The germans were able to shoot out two more mortars before being hit with a barrage of bullets. One of the mortars misfired and the gun exploded. The other launched and headed straight for Rick. The blast hit nearby and Rick was thrown backwards.

One of his men ran towards him shouting. "Sarge! Sarge wake up! Medic, get over here! Everybody group up near the base. Thompson, you get over here and help me drag Sarge into the base! Everybody move, move, move! You're gonna be ok Sarge, don't worry." he shouted. The last thing Rick saw before he passed out was a group of shredders in the distance.

05/29/2007 2:17 PM

[i]Why do I always have to be caught in these situations?[/i]thought Artemis Kalward. Sliding to the ground, Artemis reached for his Bren. Grabbing a strong hold onto he reloaded it. The mud ridden wasteland that was today's battlefield, it was full of his friend's corpses.

Take a few shots, he nailed a German between the eyes, a lucky shot some might say. One of his dead army buddies used to call him, 'The Canadian Miracle' others called him 'Spray and Pray'.

"Damn it." As a bullet clipped his helmet, he noticed a Nazi taking aim at his chest. [i]Great, just great.[/i] As he watched his executioner take aim, a Giant Demon landed on him, squishing the life out of his mortal enemy. Artemis felt kind of sorry for the facist.

"Great, just what we need, Crawlers and Shredders." said the young farmer. Some men started to scream, some just dropped their guns and ran. Artemis just stood his ground, shooting both Germans and Demons alike. As like a neverending flood of death and destruction, he soon realized that the flood of Hellspawn would not stop coming.

"Perfect." Pulling himself off the ground he started to run backwards, all the while shooting his enemies with the greatest percision he could handle at the time. [i]Farming is my forte, not slaying Demons and Nazi's.[/i]

He heard something, a noise he didn't like. [i]Heavy breathing.[/i] He turned around and was knocked down, [i]great a Shredder[/i] He grabbed both of the Demon's arms and struggled trying to push it off of him, [i]I can't get to my knife.[/i]

05/29/2007 3:13 PM

The vass amount of demons comming toward them were great. Any normal man would have run at the sight, however Robert, and his men as well, were very experienced in these situations and knew what to do. Most of his men were armed with rifles but there were a few machine gunners.

What happened first was the platoon, or rather what was left of it, all threw a frag grenade into the path of the demons. The Shreders were either killed, mortally wounded, or jumped over or outran the blast. The Crawlers either jumped on walls and climbed over and past the blast or died. The platoon's riflemen began firing at the crawlers on the wall while the machine gunners opened fire on the Shredders. All of this an backing up at the same time.

"Alright men, FALL BACK!!!" Robert screamed and his platoon obeyed. While they were running away, Robert grabbed his communicator and said into it "This is Sergeant Brown, have met heavy demonic resistance, requesting backup?"
The voice on the other end replied "Affirmative, we are on our way, hold them off for 10 minutes" and then it was gone. Robert thought, ten minutes could be a long time. The platoon found an already pre dug trench from some germans they killed a little while ago. There was even a heavy machine gun in there with ammo!
Robert ordered "All right men, dig in here and prepare for a seige" As he jumped into the trench and started loading the heavy machine gun.

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