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05/26/2007 10:04 AM

Ok this is a Star Wars RP (im sorta obbsessed with it).

It is 438 ABY, the galaxy is peaceful, the Jedi exist and keep the peace, The Sith have been eliminated. In an effort to completly forget about the plauge that the jedi call sith. The Jedi do not teach the anyone in the order about the sith, this is in an effort to forget completly. Only a few masters on the council know that the mythical sith really did exist. Slowly, the sith slipped away from memory, to legend, to myth, to nothing. No one knows about the events that happened in the past, this is how history repeats itself. Three people, all brothers, have left the Jedi to "Pursue their own way of the force". The Jedi masters that know about the sith are troubled. They know that this could turn into war if something drastic happens. The masters could stop the brothers, but that would result in telling that the sith existed. Out of desperation, they forget about them and hope it will pass. Two years later, an unknown army consisting of many differn't types of weaponry and technology, has emerged from the unknown regions and is waging war against the republic.

Ok that is the basic story line but i have more info. The Brothers have indeed turned to the dark side. But, unlike the sith before them, they have a greater chance of success. The past sith were doomed to fail because their is always a dispute over power. This wont happen to them because they are brothers and have better relations. I will do character profiles for the brothers now.

Name: Trath

Age: 41

Body description: Tall and well defined muscles. Has short brown hair and brown eyes. Stands tall and always looks like a soldier. Carries himself well.

Lightsaber: Normal hilt, blue blade.

Bio: Calm, cool under fire, he makes the perfect military commander. He is the eldest brother and is very patient and intelligent. He isn't afraid to speak his mind. He is a master of the defensive Form III lightsaber combat. He is also very knowledgable in the force

Rank when he left: Jedi Master

Name: Norton

Age: 39

Body description: Short and stocky. Has large muscles and many battle scars. Blonde hair and blue eyes.

Lightsaber: A double-bladed green saber

Bio: Has a quick temper and a "Take no crap" additude. Very spontaneous and doesn't think much. Relies on brute force as much as unpredictablility. He is a master of combats IV, V, and VII. He has little knowledge of the force.

Rank when he left: Jedi Knight

Name: Frath

Age: 39

Body Description: Medium height and strength. Has brown hair and green eyes.

Lightsaber: Single blade normal hilt green blade.

Bio: Is the twin of Norton, is the youngest brother. He is very shy and keeps to himself mainly. Is the most knowledgable in the force of the 3 and knows little about lightsabers. Only knows how to do combat VI.

Rank when he left: Jedi Knight

All of these brothers are human males from coruscant. It is also known that the 3 brothers had a fourth brother that died when they were younger. This could be a reason they turned to the darkside. They all love each other and work together.

Here is the template for your character, you may not be one of the brothers. You must make your own character. It can be any faction, any species, anything you want, just dont make it the invincable warrior of the universe that cannot die.

Affiliation (who you fight for):
-Traits(is your character funny, stern, angry?):
-Likes(what does your character enjoy?):
-Habits(does your character have any habits?):
-Skin Color:
-Hair Color:
-Eye Color:
-Class(what type of ship?):
-Weapons (what weapons does it have):
-Passengers(how many people can you carry?):
The Force
-Force ability(s):
-Traumatic experiences:

Tell me if anyone is interested.

05/26/2007 12:16 PM

im always up for a good star wars rp

05/26/2007 3:04 PM

Possibly... you have me in a Star Warsy mood anyway but I already need to catch up on some of the RPs I'm already in.

If I can manage that I may be okay to get involved.

The past sith were doomed to fail because their is always a dispute over power. This wont happen to them because they are brothers and have better relations

That doesn't sound like any siblings I know ;)

05/26/2007 3:43 PM

Yeah well some siblings i know would die for each other and others hate each others guts. If we get any more people i might start this baby.

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05/26/2007 6:52 PM

Anyone else want in? We got 3 so far.

05/27/2007 2:30 AM

Two and a half!

I'm not confirmed yet, have to see how busy I am.

05/27/2007 1:22 PM

No one else wants to join a Star Wars RP?

05/27/2007 5:05 PM

You only posted this yesterday, Darthwedge. Have patience. A lot of people aren't on here during the weekend or every day.

05/29/2007 2:26 PM

I'm interested, I'll think up a character soon.

05/29/2007 2:59 PM

Ok, cool.

05/30/2007 8:22 PM

Name: Wisp Hy-blade

Age: Twenty-two
Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation: Ex-Jedi Knight/ Pilot

Homeworld: Coruscant

Affiliation: Neutral (for now)

Personality: Wisp is a man of few words, prefers to concentrate on the matters at hand then talk about something that won't help them at the time.

Likes: Piloting his ship, getting paid, and not talking about his past.

Dislikes: Talking about his past, getting shot at and getting ripped off.

Habits: Stays in the back of things, ever since he was banished he has learnt not to get attached too much. He prefers to get involved in the least possible way, if at all.

Description: With his tanned white skin, Wisp would not have stand out in a crowd. His short brown hair is fortunately never a distraction. His tall stature and emerald green eyes make him stand out in any environment, though. Making him easy to spot in large groups of people. The ex-Jedi Knight prefers to wear his comfortable long sleeved shirt and baggy pants.

Weapons: His handy blaster.

Name: Tarron Falcon
Class: Light Freighter
Weapons: Holds two concealed energy cannons.
Passengers: Can accommodate around twenty people.
Other: Can hold his small fighter; Drake.

The Force
Sensitivity: High amount of sensitivity, but has (somehow) learnt to ignore the Force, keeping his promise to the Order.


Wisp Hy-blade was born on Coruscant, where he was born to two Jedi parents. When he was growing up he was picked to be trained at the Jedi Academy, after being picked by one of the Jedi Master's at the time he was trained under his watchful eyes. Many years later after becoming a Jedi Knight he became involved in an incident, where he was framed for the murder his past master.
None of the Council believedhe would commit such an atrocity, instead of being imprisoned or sent on the death penalty. He was banished for life. After changing his identity he now roams the galaxy looking for legal or illegal jobs to do just to pay his bills....

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05/31/2007 4:22 AM

Haven't forgotten about this, still thinking up a character.

05/31/2007 12:16 PM

Kitos your character is approved, im still thinking.

06/01/2007 8:31 AM

Name: Krath

Age: 28

Species: Chiss

Occupation: Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Now-Coruscant Before-Csilla

Affiliation: Jedi

Personality: Very calm and cool under fire. Is disciplined and follows rules well.

Likes: Peace, knowledge, a fair fight

Dislikes: War, Unfair fights, the scum of the universe

Habits: Always makes sure everything is in top shape and order.

Descripiton: Blue skin, Red eyes, gleaming black hair. Is the sterotypical Chiss. Always wears his jedi robes and if not that he wears a military uniform.

Weapons: 1 curved hilt single blade lightsaber.

Name: The Shadow
Class: Aggressor assault fighter
Weapons: 2 Laser cannons, 1 Turbolaser cannon, 1 ion cannon, 1 proton and 1 concussion missle turret
Passengers: 10 passengers
Other: Customized sublights and hyperspace drives.

The Force
Sensitivity: High amount
Abilitys: All basic ones, Electric Judgement, Force Absorb, Force Stastis Feild, and learning
Color: Green
Hilt: Curved

Personal: Grew up on the Chiss home world Csilla. When he was at age 4 his family and him went to Coruscant. While they were there, a Jedi stumbled on him and asked to take him in as a jedi. The Parents agreed and Krath started his jedi training. After many years of hard work and dedication he became a jedi knight with a vast amount of force knowledge, and became a master of Form II Makashi.

Military: Trained as a Jedi

Traumatic Experiences: None

Here is my Character, I will now start the story in the Star Wars section.

06/02/2007 5:55 AM

Both this and Iorlas's look fun, but I know almost nothing about Star Wars. I've only seen the movies once each, but I have seen all 6 of them.

I just had a question about your storyline:

You say that the three brothers left, and in two years they are back leading an army. Isn't that a little quick? I think they would need that time just to realize the potential of the dark side...and to then raise an army and create new technology?

Anyways, it's a good idea, but that detail was weird to me. Good luck, and I'll try and read it if it gets off its feet...I don't really read the Star Wars threads or Middle Earth threads, because I don't know the details of those worlds, but I might look at them once in a while.

06/02/2007 6:34 AM

I don't really read the Star Wars threads or Middle Earth threads,

But I am often in them, and I'm ace, so you should ;)

I got all excited when I saw your name, lol.
Way to disappoint me.

06/02/2007 12:03 PM

You say that the three brothers left, and in two years they are back leading an army. Isn't that a little quick? I think they would need that time just to realize the potential of the dark side...and to then raise an army and create new technology?

It all explains itself, sorta. Im not a big explanation guy and i know that it works, i just cant describe it. Anyway................................................................yeah.......................

06/02/2007 12:06 PM

You should have just gone with what I said about KOTOR! A Star Forge-type scenario- duh!

06/02/2007 12:20 PM


06/02/2007 12:31 PM

*look of being completely lost*

ok, you all have fun. I wish I could join, I really do...the entire concept behind a Jedi and all of the stuff is neat, but there is so much other stuff I would need to know...I couldn't do it.

I tried googling something, but couldn't find anything; just a bunch of forum sites that don't work. If someone knows a good site to get information that I would need, I might be interested in learning...

06/02/2007 12:49 PM


That is Wookipedia, the star wars wikipedia. The greatest website to find star wars info. Just type anything into the search box that is star wars related and it tells you about it.

06/02/2007 2:59 PM

Yeah wookieepedia is great- there's lots on regular wiki too, but you don't really need to know all that much Max- you don't need to specify lightsaber styles or any of that jazz.

I played a cleric of Bane in thrall to a Red Wizard of Thay in one of my first Forgotten Realms RPs, my only experience of the setting being to have played Baldur's Gate I.

With brains like yours you can just improvise ;)

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