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05/23/2007 8:25 PM

It was a busy day at the Crooked Shield tavern. The seats were full of people, from peasants to nobles to adventurers. The various conversations all blended together into a wave that washed over anyone who came in.

Suddenly, the noise stopped as a lone traveler came in. He was wearing a robe with long sleeves, gloves, and a deep hood that cast shadow all over his face, so no one could tell who he was, but something seemed... wrong... about him. He sat down in the corner without ordering anything, and began looking around.

This traveler, of course, was Valdar the tiefling. He was wearing the robe to hide his demonic ancestry, and was merely searching for an opportunity for wealth and power.

The people in the tavern began talking again, though not as loudly as when Valdar had first entered.

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