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05/20/2007 1:42 PM

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05/20/2007 2:07 PM

It was midnight in Miami, by now the nightlife had started and was going hot. This was usually the time for something bad to happen. Blake Henry was cruising along the streets in a cop car, his eyes always darting around, looking for something suspisious. His partner, Kevin Singer, sat in the front seat with him. He said "Doesn't look like much activity going on tonight sarge."
"That doesn't mean something won't happen" Blake said flatly. Just then, as if on cue, the radio buzzed and crakled as someone was attempting to reach them.
Kevin picked up the mic and said "This is unit 35, whats going on"
The dispatch officer said "You better get down to the center of town, there is some activity going on there and it looks like it could get bad"
"Were on it" Kevin said. Kevin picked up two pistols and made sure they were loaded and put one in his holster and gave the other to Blake. Blake picked it up, they were stopped at a stoplight, and put it in his holster. When the light turned green he sped down the street faster than the speed limit allowed.

05/20/2007 6:48 PM

John was at the station, he was looking at some paperwork. The past few nights have been busy. Activity has been bustling and the force was running with its head cut off. He stacked the paper and walked out of his office.

A call was made and Lt. Dawkins walked up to Striker. "Striker, Blake and Singer are heading down to the center of Miami. We just got word that there is a hostage standoff at some motel six. We sent the res opf the team down there. Suit up and get the hell out there."

Striker grunted, "Great, I wanted to relax today." The man walked to the armory and put on his Kevlar vest, padded pants, and undershirt. He grabbed his holster with the colt 45 and his riot shield. Quickly he went over to the mic and dialed up Henry's car.

"Blake, its John. What's the coordinates?"

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05/21/2007 1:08 AM

Charlie yawned as he waited for the police to arrive. It would be ten minutes or so until the SWAT team or such arrived, and so Charlie had plenty of time to wait and watch what was going on.

Moving towards the window, Charlie looked down the road at the siege of the motel. The other members of his cell were keeping the police busy whilst he and one other were setting the real trap. As he thought about how many Americans he could kill today, Charlie decided that he might as well get up to the roof and prepare.

Several minutes later, Charlie was sitting on the roof, hidden from the police by the chimney of the house that he had rented. In his hand was the detonator for the explosives that he had strapped underneath the sewer entrances, and leaning up against the chimney was his L2A1 automatic rifle, loaded and ready to go, with another three magazines for when he escaped. Now all Charlie needed was the SWAT team.

05/21/2007 11:11 AM

Mira heard the phone ringing but was still in to deep a sleep to position it. She fumbled around with her right arm seeking the bedside table, her fingers brushed on a varnished surface from there she worked up to the plastic phone.

"Hel, Hello?" Sleep still clouding her head, she listened intently to the voice on the phone if nothing else so she didn't drift back off to sleep. "Sir, I'll be there in a forty minuets," Mira pulled herself out of bed and into the bathroom, she ran the tap and splashed water on her face, watching it stream in the mirror.

She came back into the bedroom and pulled off her pajama top and bottoms and replaced them with a plain white shirt and blue jeans. Mira pulled her socks on and walked into the kitchen and took thermos from the oven. She slipped on her shoes, opened the door and ran down the five flights of stairs to the ground floor. Parked down the road Mira climbed into her light blue Chevy, she put the key in the ignition, it was 25 minuets to the main precinct.

05/21/2007 12:50 PM

(((forgive me if the cooridinates are not correct, im not that great at that sort of stuff)))

Blake grabbed the mic and said "the cooridinates are 45, 73".
He heard John say "Copy that, we will be there as soon as possible"
Blake put down the mic, he was standing behind his door, scanning the area. The motel was under siege and some terrorists were threatening to execute the hostages if we did not meet the ransom. What was even worse was that there were civilians around. The police force had tried to break them up and get them out, but to no avail. Just then, Blake thought he saw something on a roof behind a chimney. Like a glint of metal in a light. He told one of the spolight people to train the light on that area. It was a good move, sitting there, with a suprised look on his face, was a man with a automatic rifle, and a detonator. Blake grabbed his mic and yelled into a open channel to any one that could here "IT'S A TRAP!!!"

05/21/2007 1:35 PM

Before John could dart out the door, the mic shot on and Blake's voice was heard.

"IT'S A TRAP!!!"

What did he say? John thought he heard wrong, but Blake actually called a trap. He gathered his stuff and ran to his car. Quickly he took the mic and called the SWAT van that was previously sent out. "This is John Striker, over."

There was no answer; he quickly pressed the button and called again, "I repeat, this is John Striker, over." Finally he got an answer, [i]"This is Ben Ward, Striker what is it, over."[/i]

Striker took a deep breath and turned on his car, "Are you at the extraction point yet?" His call was shot right back, [i]"About a mile away, is there a problem?"[/i] John pulled out of the parking lot and dialed back, "I'm not sure, Henry called in a trap. He may or may not be right; he and Singer were the first officer's on the scene. Just to be sure, pull off at the nearest plaza and or gas station; I'll meet you guys there. Sing and Blake should have everything under control. Better to lose an officer than a SWAT member."

Ward called back, [i]"Roger, pulling off now."[/i]. Hopefully John heard right. He popped in his "A Flock of Seagulls" tape and rolled down the street. One of the top songs in the area was playing, "I Ran".

05/21/2007 1:44 PM

A spotlight converged on Charlie's hiding place and, after his initial shock, he swore. Ducking behind the chimney, Charlie pressed the button on the detonator. There was a loud explosion, with metal shrapnel and asphalt going everywhere. Anyone within five metres died from the blast. There wasn't mcuh hope for anyone within ten.

A car started to leave, and Charlie aimed carefully and fired twice. One shot was at the occupant of the car, and the other was at the car's fuel tank. This action attracted the attention of the police nearby, and soon chips were flying off the chimeny. There was only one thing for it.

Charlie made a rush and managed to get to the stairwell. Leaping down the stairs, Charlie suddenly realised one thing: the police were probably in the building right now. Swearing once more, Charlie held his gun at his hip and cautiously advanced down the staris. Anyone who tried to surprise Charlie was going to get a big surprise.

05/21/2007 2:39 PM

Mira came out of the changing rooms in uniform and walk down to weapons checkout, "Standard Kady,"she spoke to the man behind the mesh. Kady in turn pushed a black case out of the slot, "Bit late for you isn't it," grinning, "Not that I don't like you night visits."
"Well, lets hope we can get this done before morning," lifting the case and turning back to the elevator, "I'll bring coffee."
"You better,"

The full forty minuets had passed and Mira was the last member of her team to arrive, most had been pulled out of bed for this. "Hey guys," she smiled, any minute now there was going to be a load of cracks about her being a woman, she was used to it, guys would be guys.

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05/21/2007 2:43 PM

James suited up in the back of the van. He loaded his Assault rifle and .45 while also putting some spare clips in the pouches on his vest.Putting his helmet over his head and lowering the glass, he addressed the rest of the SWAT team within the Van

"Alright boyos up off your rears, this one might get ugly...but i expect nothing but top performance from you"

A simultanious "Yes sir" was sounded from all the members in the van. When the van pulled over James checked with the driver,

"Is this the extraction?"

"No we've been told to stop about a mile from the extraction point, something about a trap"

"Ballocks...this aint just a random hostage sit. is it?"

05/21/2007 5:37 PM

Blake jumped into his car at the initial explosion, his partner did likewise. Because of the police car's stronger metal, most of the shrapnal was stopped. It did put a lot of dents in his car though. Then a few bullets hit his car as well, presumably from the sniper. Blake began to drive away when Kevin fired a few of his pistols rounds out the window. Then a volley of police fire hit the area. The person jumped down a stairwell. Blake stopped his car and looked out. He shouted to some other people "Storm that building, and keep your eyes on the motel!" If only the stupid pedestrians could have gotten out, then there would have been less casualtys. Blake picked up his mic and said to John's company "Sir, it was a trap, the terrorists put bombs in the sewers, the motel is still under siege, we have the person who detonated it wholed up in a building, but there are a lot of civilian casualtys"
He heard another person breathing on the other line, then he heard John say "Copy that, we will be there as soon as possible"

05/21/2007 6:11 PM

((Yea, Darth; never take control of my guy. Oh, Luna, is your post talking about the SWAT team at the scene of the crime? If so, can you fix it, because only one car was called on the scene and I had them pull over.))

John got the call from the lowers. Apparently the "terrorists" set up the sewers and lit them up right when the police arrived. John was skeptic about the word terrorist. He would be surprised that the gang infested streets of Miami were now in control of a much larger threat.

This would also mean the police force would have a lot more work on their hands; after all, they were the first ones to take up the job. If it got out of hand, they sent it to the United States military. The track finished and a new song played.

Striker finally made it to the cordinance of his team. They were surrounding the van, making sure no civilian was dumb enough to take it. The people around were scared, but they continued to pump gas in their cars. A buck ten for a gallon of gas, back in the day it was seventy cents.

John parked the car and headed over to Ward. "We got word that the sewers have been hit. The pipes are now busted. Luckily no officer was killed, but now the sewers are backed up, there are civilian casualties, and now we might be dealing with a terrorist threat."

Ward was confused, "Say what again?" John shook his head, "No time, get back in the van and follow me. We have to make our way over there or we lose our jobs." John whipped out a cigarette and smoked profusely. He walked back to his car and turned the ignition.

Hopefully what Blake said was wrong.


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05/21/2007 6:27 PM

Blake surveyed the area. The street was littered with dead bodies, the street was cracked, and sewage was flowing up from gratings. He told an officer to call a plumbing company to fix it. Apparently the bomb was designed to take out the SWAT team and therefore, leave Miami with less defenses. The detonator was in the building still and gunfire was constantly heard. The siege was at a stand still. They could not storm the motel with out risking casualtys, and the detonator was apparently not giving up without a fight. Blake said to Singer "We really need the SWAT team now, get them over here quickly, im going in the building." He pointed to the building in which the sniper ran in.
Kevin said "Roger" and carried out the order. Blake loaded his pistol and slung his shotgun over his back and walked over to the door.

05/21/2007 11:08 PM

A police officer turned the corner, gun raised, only to be gunned down by Charlie. His partner fired blindy around the corner, but didn't hit Charlie. While he was being fired at, Charlie switched his gun onto full automatic and moved into one of the side room. Suddenly three more police men lept around the corner, guns blazing. They stopped before they ran out of ammunition, but that was all that Charlie needed to leap out from the room he was in and give them a quick burst.

Stepping over the bodies, Charlie found out that at least two were still alive. A bullet tore into his right bicep, and Charlie unleased another burst of fire. Swearing with every word that he knew, Charlie kept on running.

Avioding the front door, Charlie headed for the cellar and found that he had bullets whistling around him. Turning back, Charlie fired the last fifteen rounds or so from his magazine at his enemy, but was hit in his left shoulder.

Finally reaching the cellar, Charlie opened the hidden trapdoor and jumped down it, closing the door behind him. Stopping only to activate the booby trap and to turn on the lights, Charlie ran for it, hoping that he could get clear before anyone found the not very well hidden entrance and well before he fainted from the loss of blood.

05/21/2007 11:45 PM

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05/22/2007 12:19 PM

Blake ran into the room where the culprit disapeared. An officer said "He went in there sir" and pointed to a door in the floor.
Blake looked at it and mumbled "The cellar" he paused and said to the other officers "You stay here, dont open that door, im going to go cut him off at the outside" They saluted and obeyed the order. Blake ran through a back door and around the house. In the back he saw a door leading up from the ground that clearly led to the cellar. He walked over and opened one of the doors and quickly jumped to the side in case he was waiting for this. No body fired and he slowly aimed his shotgun into the dimly lit celar. It was a very large celar for the building and it was full of crates and lots of rooms. Blake jumped down into the hole, his feet landing softly on the concrete floor. Shotgun at the ready, he slowly advanced, looking for any signs of enemy activity.

05/22/2007 2:46 PM

((Luna what the hell are you doing. You took control of the whole plot line. I said the team was sent but called back due to a trap. You just went ahead of me))

05/23/2007 12:33 PM

let me know when the SWAT team can show up

05/23/2007 1:55 PM

Jazz had now slept through three calls on her phone, which only proved that Cajuns sleep like they're dead. It wasn't the phone's fourth ring that woke her up, a dream of explosions and shrapnel shot her out of sleep quicker than a pistol. Without hesitation, she grabbed her phone, she didn't even need to check the missed calls on the machine. She fumbled in her nightstand for her police radio, the connection for the one person she knew would know what was going on and give it to her straight--John Striker. She'd never been able to say his name properly because of her accent, it always came out "shean," so she'd started calling him Jacques so she wouldn't confuse herself. She hoped Jacques was able to pick up his radio. Someone picked up on the other end, and before they could even get a hello in, Jazz blurted "Where's the bomb, Jacques?"

(((totally forgot there are no cell phones in 1979. Duh, sorry guys.)))

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05/23/2007 11:18 PM

Charlie reached the halfway mark in the tunnel and stopped running. There was no way that he could keep on running without stopping the bleeding. Already he was feeling dizy and weak. Setting up the bipod and his L2A1, Charlie grabbed the first aid kit that he had stashed at the halfway point, just for an emergency such as this. Pulling out several sterile pads and rolls of bandages, Charlie quickly bandaged himself up.

Suddenly the lights went out and the whole tunnel echoed with a loud explosion. Swearing, Charlie tried to shake the noise out of his head, without much success. Well, it was no good waiting around. If it was the police who had found the tunnel, they were going to be down pretty quick. If the booby trap had detonated because of dodgy wiring - that seemed to happen one time out of every three - then they were going to be down only slightly slower.

Grabbing a torch from the alcove, Charlie stuffed it in his pocket, flicked the half-way point's boody trap on - it would be activated by anything moving through an infra-red beam - and started running blindly down the tunnel. Only another two blocks to go, but hopefully Charlie would reach his destination way before any police arrived, because the booby trap at the half-way point was designed to hit a water mains and flood the tunnel.

05/24/2007 12:15 PM

Blake swore as a bomb went off, it was not near him because he entered at a differen't door. However the shockwave still hurt his ears. If there was one booby trap this early then there were sure to be more up ahead. Blake thought about his options, he could continue on underground and risk a trap, or he could persue overhead which would be almost imposible. He decided on above ground and called Kevin in the cop car. They left and drove off into the general direction where the tunnel left.

The police officers that were waiting at the trap door decided on helping their sarge and opened the door. The bomb exploded and killed a lot of them. However they pressed onward thinking that their sarge was in danger. At the halfway point they crossed the infrared beam, thats when everything went to hell.

05/24/2007 3:32 PM

The van was following Striker; they were moving at a fast pace. A sudden surge of voices invaded his mic. [i]"Striker, This is Sgt. Thompson. Where is the team we sent out, our boys are struggling over there?"[/i] Striker grabbed the mic and pressed the call button, "With all due respect sir, I pulled [b]my[/b] boys aside due to one of your men calling a trap. We are heading over there now, what's going on?"

[i]"Well, you're right about the trap. An explosion rocked the goddam sewer pipes and a pipe bomb took down three officers. More police cars are on the scene, but we need heavy duty over there fast."[/i] John paused for a minute then pressed the button again, "Ok sir, we are almost there."

They continued speeding down the empty road, trying as hard as they could to get to the place. John got another call from a different officer. This time it was Jazz, a decent female officer who was from the bayou.

They talked at times, but she couldn't pronounce his goddam name right. She always called him Jacques, but tried not to mind. After all, she was pretty decent looking. She called again, this time in a slight panic.

"Where's the bomb, Jacques?"

John picked up the mic only to hold it. They finally made it, only to see fire, water spurting up from the sewers and a police helicopter flying over the scene. He pressed the button, paused, and gave a slight insight of the situation. "Well, it just went off."

05/24/2007 6:15 PM

"Merde," Jazz whispered. "This is why you gotta to learn how ya sleep light" she mumbled to herself, mentally cursing her telephone for not being lounder. She scrambled out of bed, searching for a pair of pants and a bra, as usual she'd just slept in her conson, her underwear. As she swiped a pair of jeans off the back of her desk chair she pushed the button on her radio once more. "Okay, give me the coordinates, i'm on my way, the squad ain't no doubt already there, but be careful, if there be one sure as my ass there be more of 'em."

05/24/2007 7:36 PM

mr. white was at the end of the tunnel. he was waiting for charlie to get back so he could pick him up and get outa dodge. the second team had already got their job done. it was especially easy for them since charlie and mr. white were left to distract the police. he heard a bang as the booby traps for the tunnel went off.

" dammit they're comin along with charlie. "

he takes out his .45's and runs down to help charlie. if the bombs already went off in the tunnel then theres no doubt he's got himself in lots of trouble. after a little distance of running he finds charlie and and sees his wound.

" dammit charlie next time let me cover for you instead of waiting at the exit."

he helps charlie get through the door and up the ladder to get to the car.

" so now where are we heading mr man with the plan."

05/24/2007 11:57 PM

[B]"Dammit Charlie! Next time let me cover for you instead of waiting at the exit."[/B]

Charlie groaned as the second bomb in the tunnel went off. They had maybe fifteen or twenty minutes before the tunnel was flooded, but that didn't matter, seeing as they were already out of it. As he climbed up the ladder, aided by Mr White, Charlie swore every time he put weight on his arms.

[B]"So now where are we heading, Mr man with the plan?"[/B]

Charlie grimaced as he finally stood up. Every movement sent sharp messages of pain to his brian, and brought back memories of another time when he had been wounded. Shaking his head to clear his mind, Charlie walked over to the car, lifted up the back seat and stored his L2A1 under it. Grabbing a Browning Hi-Power from the space under the seat, he shoved it in his belt, covering it with his jacket.

"You drive and I'll ride shotgun. Act as if nothing is out of the ordinary, but if we're pulled over and can't get clear, I'll shoot and you drive like crazy."

Charlie paused for a second and a grin crossed his face.

"Alternatively, we can both shoot and then drive like crazy."

05/25/2007 12:49 PM

Kevin and Blake were speeding down the street to where the tunnel would come up. The explosion from a second trap went off. Blake swore, that could have been him. Kevin was driving and Blake was sitting in the front seat with his shotgun in his lap. When they turned a corner, they saw two people get into a car, one was bleeding, the other was fine. Then the car started to drive away and Blake said "Dont lose them"

05/27/2007 2:02 PM

John got out of the car and walked over to the van. The whole team was out and ready. Striker saw Blake speeding down the street in the opposite direction; something was up, but what?

More police cars were arriving on the scene. Officer Butler walked over to SWAT team bravo and gave them a bleak eye. "I don't know what the hell is going on, but you guys better get your asses in that building.

Striker shrugged and pulled his mask over his face. His team stood before Butler and waited for Sgt. Johnson. Paul Johnson was a big man. He brought fear into the eyes of all employees.

The fellow walked over to the van and stood before the team. "At approximately 10:00 tonight, this motel was infiltrated and taken over by what seems like a drug gang. They needed money to pay off a rival, so they held the attendants hostage. Now an explosion was set off beneath the sewers to distract the police force, giving the drug lords enough time to send the hostages to an even bigger hotel. The Miami riches resort, one of the largest five star resorts in Miami."

Johnson coughed and continued his briefing. "Apparently, they had more men over at that hotel and eventually took it over. The security was obliterated and we just got a call from them awhile ago. Your job is to get back in the van and head over to the Hotel. Infiltrate it as quite as possible and rescue all hostages. Any questions?"

Striker shook his head; [i]so much for a break.[/i]

05/27/2007 3:26 PM

mr. white drove down a few blocks. since there wasn't a second drop off point he decided to take a way towards a safe house he made a few years back.

" were taking a detour. oh and this is just in. a third crime has been reported in town. good news is it's not team two. some drug gangs been shooting a hotel up. team two's also almost to the drop off. we'll go to my safe house quick and get you fixed up a little then we'll go."

mr.white kept driving but was takeing the long way. even then he didn't want to stop at the safe house. he was gonna stop a few blocks back and then walk the rest of the way. if charlie could make it. a few blocks before his desired stop section he heard what he wished he didn't

a police siren.
" shit. ok act cool make sure your guns are put away and put anything that screams criminal in the back seat."
mr. white pulled over to the side since it was only one car and finally took off his mask.

" now remember my name is jake johanson the bumbaling accountent and you just got in a bar fight a got cut. im supposed to take you back to your place then im heading home got it? if he asks about the cut tell him you already got it bandaged and that it's all right."

as soon as he was done talking he saw the officer get out of his car and head to his with only a flashlight.

05/27/2007 8:38 PM

Jazz was halfway to the coordiantes that Jacques had sent her when the call went out on the SWAT radio band to head for the Miami Riches Resort. On the other side of town.
"These boys has got to make up their minds," she complained to her steering wheel, pulling a rather dramatic u-turn into the opposite lane of traffic.
The only good thing, she thought as she accelerated, is now i'll get there at the same time as the rest of the team. And it was the only good thing running through Jazz's mind. She was familiar with the Miami Riches Resort, she'd put her parents up there when they'd come to visit last Christmas; what she was remembering now about the hotel was not its bored wait staff or impressive furnishings, but the antique dumb-waiter pulley system that ran through every floor of the hotel--the perfect system for a series of high level bombs that could completely destroy the infrastructure of the hotel, along with anyone who happened to be inside.
"This is gon be one helluva night," she sighed, and pressed the gas pedal to the floor.

05/28/2007 2:22 PM

Blake sat in the front seet of his cop car. He thought that Kevin's idea to walk out to the terroist's car was a stupid choice. Especially since he was holding a flashlight and they knew that it was the terrorist's car. Kevin was apparently acting really stupid almost like an unknown force was controling him. He wanted Kevin so bad to just sit in the car with him because they were very close and he couldn't bare to see him die. Which was likely gonna happen because he was being stupid. If it were blake, he would have just shot the gas tank and blown the car up but that is not "Politically correct". As Kevin walked up to the car with his flashligh, Blake prayed to god that he would be ok.

05/29/2007 1:44 PM

((I will post thursday. Right now I have finals tomorrow and thursday so I'll post right when im finished.))

05/29/2007 7:08 PM

mr. white wasn't so nervous as the officer walked closer to the car. he did this many times before and when or if something went wrong he had his silenced glock hidden in his sleeve for such situations. but nothing should get bad. hell if he wanted to he could just shoot the guy now but might as well give him the benifit of doubt.

" what seems to b-b-be the problem offic-cer? " mr. white said. he looked the officer straight in the eye with a seemingly puzzled stare with a hint of being intimidated. charlie was sitting with a red shirt on so it hid his wound. he thankfully had a straight face on but he seemed to have a little bit of nervousness in his eyes.

" yeah whats the problem." said charlie, useing a more loud and deeper voice than what he had. it was the traditional taking drunkard home tactic. only twice did it fail and no one ever knew what happened to the cops for real. hopefully officer dumbass here would leave him alone. but then again he might make mr. white do a breathalizer with all the beer cans he put throughout the car. thank God he only drank during celebrations at his appartment.

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