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05/18/2007 8:26 AM

Well... I was thinking about making a RP based off the T.V. show, Firefly. It is up on a different forum, but it is not going so smoothly. So here is my idea.

The crew of the [i]Twisted Trader[/i] Has to fix up the ship before they can set off. When the ship is fully repaired, they make their first launch, and get their first mission. It would be a simple mission to begin with, that might have twists, like a space fight, and so on. Relationships are encouraged, and it would be updated every day. I have the first few missions planed out, but like I said, it is moving some what slowly.

Anything is possible in this RP, but i wanted to keep it to one ship, that way it didn't get torn apart. so, what do you all think???

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