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05/14/2007 7:43 PM

All right, is anybody interested in a Contract killing RP with a Las Vegas setting? I have a few ideas up my sleeves so far.

July 22, 2042. The largest showmen in Vegas compete for the title of Number One entertainer, all on one street. 12 buildings, 10 of them in use by the greatest magicians, singers, acrobats, and showgirls in all of Vegas. But Renoit LeRouge, a magician at the bottom of the top 10 ladder, can't take it anymore.

9 contracts have been created, and the competition is open.

Any contract killer who brings the corpse of one of the other nine Showmen, and signs the open contract with the victim's blood, is entitled to $500,000. With all 9 contracts out there, the dollar signs start to add up. In total, 4 ½ million dollars. That kind of money attracts all the right kind of people for the job.

Of course, it also attracts the Feds. FBI and CIA have been hounding Vegas, after a tip alluding towards the nine contracts. The marks are now mostly under FBI protection, so now only the exact moments they enter the stage for their performance is vulnerable. Alliances will be made, betrayals will be committed. And all under the Vegas city lights.

Are you ready for the show?

Character sheet:

Appearance: (Average clothing and physical appearance.)
Skills: (Any kind of special abilities or feats your character may have, like accuracy or skill with hand to hand.)
Style: (Are you the kind of Hitman that goes for quiet, stealthy kills? Do you want to make yourself known? Do you like big explosions? Please explain in depth.)
Weaponry: (Guns, knives, I'll let you be creative.)
History: (Anything original and slightly interesting. An ordinary person would not choose a hitman for a career choice.)

05/14/2007 8:14 PM

Alrighty then!
Name: Sickler
Appearance: Wrapped from head to toe in black leather strips and belts. A loose pair of black leather pants seemingly hang off his nigh skeletal frame. Leanly muscled and pale, he is truly sight to behold. His lanky, long features are off-set by his brutality and strength. Ice blue eyes make his already deadly stare even more intimidating. His long black, straight hair hangs down to his waist, usually covering his cold ,chissled face. A pair of high cheekbones, thin white lips and a down-pointed nose give him an aura of stern silence and cold steel. His nails are painted black, as are his lips and his eye sockets, his bizarre appearance often leading to suspision and intrigue. Attached to his fingers are a series of syringes filled with powerful neural toxins and muscle relaxants. They are supplied fluids by tubes that lead to a tank strapped to his back. The syringes automatically inject their fluids into anything they are applied pressure to.
Skills: Amazing proficiency in the martial art Escrima and is a well learned expert in the manufacture of medicines and toxins.
Style: quiet and painful. He loves to instil fear in his victims and is famous for his gruesome executions.
History: Little is known of this strange fellow and even less is known of his real name or his family. He was supposedly raised in Germany by an accomplished hitman after his parent's mysterious disapearance. His upbringing was the perfect setting for a killer. His master was cold, ruthless and sadistic and raised Sickler accordingly. Sickler is considered either a monster or a prodigy by many and is often seen as little more than a creaure of the night than a human being. He has nothing but bloodlust to fuel his profession and cares little for money or rewards of anykind. His only desire is kill the most challenging targets and become the perfect assasin.

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05/16/2007 7:06 PM

Here is mine, hope it works.....

Name: Jake Mander
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Appearance: Usually dresses like a normal buisness man. Suite, tie, Briefcase, weapons...... Is a rather tall man with a muscular build. Has Bright, almost glowing, green eyes, and Flaming red hair that is cut short. Blends into almost any crowd, he never really stands out so there isn't much to describe about him.
Skills: Expert demolitions handler, also is very proficient in pickling locks and hacking computers.
Style: Loud explosions and pouring tons of ammunition into one target.
Weaponry: Always carries a 9mm with silencer in his jacket. Is a BIG fan of shotguns. Has a knife in his boot. Always finds a way to sneak a bomb or two into the area......
History: He was a "troubled" child, as his parents put it. He was always doing something bad and for that was always in trouble. He never listened to authority and got arrested his first time when he was 8 years old. When he got out of Juvi his first time, his parents took him on a trip to Vegas and left him there. Since then he has made his way by thievery and eventually fell into the hitman crowd. He is one of the best in the buisness and is always hired to do simple jobs just so the employer makes a statement of power. Always finds away to get away from the cops, whether he is in jail, or not. He owns a penthouse at the top of a casino sky scraper where he keeps his weapons.

05/17/2007 7:36 PM

Awiiiight. Critch, you be accepted, as well as ye, Darthwedge.

I'll be posting my character soon then.

05/17/2007 7:52 PM

Yea, I'm interested. I'll post my character sheet later.

05/18/2007 12:13 PM

Cool, so far though its looking as if my character will be providing a lot of comedy relief.....

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