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05/13/2007 4:28 PM

Leogas walked through the heavy gate onto the yard of the Battle Mansion. He slipped his Spiked-Knuckle gloves onto his hands and began running towards the massive building ahead.

"I wonder where the others are going to start..." he thought to himself, smiling as he ran across the yard...

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05/19/2007 10:19 PM

Thomas had been watching for his opponents, but so far had only seen one of them enter the building. Risking another look around, Thomas slowly began to move towards the building, picking up speed as he found more cover. Finally, only a few metres before the gate, his covr ran out. Once more Thomas looked for any enemies. Seeing none, he made a rush for the gate, rolling to one side of the wall in case his opponent was standing there.

As he stood up from his crouch, thomas looked around once more, but couldn't see where his opponent was. The only option was the mansion. Moving silently towards the large door, Thomas constantly looked over his shoulder in case there was anyone there. Finally, Thomas was inside the building.

Settling down into a defensive position, Thomas scanned the room, his crossbow at the ready. No one. That was good. Now all Thomas needed to do was to find his way up to the roof.

05/20/2007 5:18 AM

A grappling hook flung over the edge of the roof. It landed and was pulled tight against the side. Drake quickly scaled the wall, so he would not be seen. When he made it to the top he cut the rope in half so it could not be used again and put it in a nook so no one would find it. He took his bow from his bow sheath on his back, it was always strung and ready to go. He looked over at the door that lead to the third floor and went through it. He went down the stairwell slowly but not slowly enough because on the bottom it, it creaked. He cursed himself for being careless but then continued on. He found a table and grabbed one of the chairs and took it to the roof. Drake slowly closed the door and wedged the chair under doornob. He took his bow and nocked an arrow and took aim over the edge. He was dressed in black so he couldn't be seen as easily. He silently waited for any enemy.

05/20/2007 2:52 PM

Thomas swore as the stair creaked. He stopped and stood still for a whole minute, listening for any movement. Satisfied that no one was there, Thomas carefully tried the next step. Nothing happened After repeating this for three more steps, Thomas increased his speed, but was still very careful.

When he reached the door that he knew had to lead to the roof, Thomas tried the door handle ever so gently. The handle stuck and Thomas grinned to himself. So, there was already someone on the roof. Soon there would be only one person trying to get to the roof. Unless, of course, the person on the roof wasn't the one who he had seen coming in. In that case, Thomas had to hope that his clothes, which were designed to break up his outline and help him to hide, would have protected him from his opponent's gaze.

Still, Thomas had to focus on the job at hand. Putting his crossbow down, Thomas reached for one of his throwing knives and began to undo the screws that held the handle in place. This done, Thomas removed the lock and hoped that his opponent hadn't heard him. Carefully placing the lock mechanism on the ground, Thomas grabbed a jar and pulled the pins. Pushing the door open, Thomas tossed the jar out onto the roof and then quickly shut the door and stood to one side, just in case an arrow can through the door.

Outside, the pressure inside the jar built, until finally the diphosphine ignited and the whole jar exploded, sening fragments of bronze everywhere and hopefully defening anyone within ten metres.

05/20/2007 3:56 PM

Drake had been listenening so closely that he heard the stair creak. In the time beetween when he heard it and the person unscrewed the screws he had moved to the side of the door. When a bottle flew out and then exploded he jumped to one side and put his hands over his head. Luckily he was to far out of range and nothing hit him. He slowly got to his feet and stood next to the door. The door opened slowly and a figure stepped out. Drake drew his rapier during the explosion so the sound would not be heard. He pressed the point of the rapier against the figures neck and said "Dont move an inch"....

05/20/2007 4:51 PM

As Leogas reached the door to the mansion he heard an explosion from the roof.

"So the party's already started?" he grinned wickedly. "Thought I'd have more time..."

Leogas pulled a kunai from his pocket and entered the Mansion. He leaped through a hallway into a dining room and bolted through to the kitchen, then to a parlor, and finally the library. He walked calmly to the back of the book-filled room and sat in a comfortable looking chair, staring at the only entrance to the room.

05/20/2007 5:11 PM

Rath saw the explosion on the roof and decided he better hurry up and get to the event. He came from the back of the mansion and kicked in a door. Stairs led down into a dark area. He walked in and stopped. He pulled his sword off his back and looked around. He had ended up in the basement.

He walked around for a while and found a stair case that led upstairs into a room that he thought to be the kitchen. He grabbed a large knife that was stuck in a cutting board and put his sword away. He searched around the house and found a long hallway. He went down it and opened a door.

He walked into a dimly lit library and looked around. There was a figure sitting in a chair. He slinked up against the wall and put away the knife. He pulled out his revolver and looked past a book shelf that was blocking his view.

05/21/2007 1:35 PM

Thomas opened the door and peered out. He couldn't see anyone and stepped out slowly. A second later, Thomas was regreting that he hadn't kicked the door down. It had been several years since he had felt cold, sharp stee; against his throat, and Thomas had forgotten how unpleasent it was.

"I really don't feel like moving right now. In fact, I'm perfectly happy to stay right here."

As soon as he had said this, Thomas jumped backwards and off to one side so that even if his opponent had been able stop the signs that Thomas had carefully hidden, he wouldn't be able to skewer Thomas on the end of his rapier. As Thomas lept backwards, he fired his repeating crossbow once and, as his feet hit the stairs, fired a second time in the hopes of hitting his opponent at least once. It really didn't matter to Thomas if his opponent didn't and tried to slash him, as his hands, legs and his face were the only arts of his body vulnerable to a rapier. He was wearing a padded jack, thirty layers of canvas sewn together and completely arrow proof. Inderneath his sleeves was very fine chainmail that would have been in effective against a larger weapon, but which was perfect against a rapier.

05/21/2007 5:43 PM

Drake made no attempt to stop him. He was skilled in many formes of melee against projectile combat. He brought his sword up and cut through the shafts of the bolts in mid air. The pieces went wild and he pointed his sword at the man and said "Don't try it". The man said nothing but drew two short swords and a shield. Drake said "Ah a fight, well then, if i may." He slid his rapier into his sheath and stepped back a foot. He then drew it in a sweeping motion and held the hilt in front of his face in a perfect salute. He then bowed and got into ready position. He then said "Sir, do not be fooled by my blade's fickle appearance, you shall soon find it is more than it seems....". He trailed off and without warning, he shot forward in a lunge faster than you could see. The man barely had time to jump back, but he managed. Then, the battle began.

05/21/2007 9:59 PM

The air became hot. Kevin looked up at the huge house. He heard the fight start.
[i]Grand... I'm late.[/i] He walked up to the door and tried to open it up. The door was locked, and Kevin just stood their, looking at it. He brought his hands together and a small ball of fire started to form. It started to twirl as it grew. First it was the size of a dime, then a quarter. Next came a baseball, then a softball. When it reached the size of a bolling ball, Kevin let it fly.

It crashed through the door and left a nice hole where the handle would have been, With a strong kick Kevin opened the door and was ready to throw up a shield. His hands crossed in front of his body, and his eyes flashed, a shield of light appeared, blinding all who looked at it. He used this to hide and watch.

Kevin found himself in a small corner, he was hunched down, and took up very little space at all. He watched the fight, learning how the people moved. Once he felt like he had some idea it was his time.

Not moving at all, Kevin made yet another hand signal. A pillar of fire shot up from the ground where Drake was standing. The fire created a great boob sound and Kevin leaped from where he was sitting. It was his turn to join the battle.

05/22/2007 1:09 PM

Zebulun who had been standing across the road form the mansion heard the nosies from the inside of the house he quickly picked up his trusty 1945 jungle carbine and loaded it and headed to the door of the house.

When Zebulun got to the front door he could hear a ferice battle rageing inside. he walked into what looked like the sitting room and looked at a book that was sitting on the table. Sudenly a shot rang out from behind him.

05/22/2007 5:35 PM

"I saw that!" Leogas yelled benignly at the intruder. "I have been waiting for a few minutes now, and I thought I would be here all day." He beamed in the direction of his first opponent. "I guess I'm just impatient, but that can't be helped. I would first like to say, MOVE!" Leogus leaped up and threw six clone kunais at his opponent.

05/22/2007 5:54 PM

Zebulun heareing the near by voice decided to take refuge under a near by table. from under the table he could hear gun shots, vocies and what sounded like screaming.

As Zebulun crouched under the table he spotted a Granade obveosily droped by some one considering the pin was still in its factory placed position. at that moment something that sounded like foot steps enterd a near by room. At that split second Zebulun pulled the pin from the granade and thew it through the near by door way.

05/22/2007 6:09 PM

Rath had been noticed. The figure shouted at him from the inky blackness and then threw knives at him. He dodged the first few but was knicked by a last one. He jumped out from behind his hiding place and fired several times. Then he dashed towards the figure and jabbed at it with the knife he had taken from the kitchen.

He dashed back and threw the knife. Then he pulled out his sword and dashed forward, faster than the knife was thrown and slashed at his opponent as he passed.

05/22/2007 6:32 PM

Zebulun quickly regained his wits and ran forward through a door way it was a kitchen. Zebulun Quickly took out his switch blade and as it went click he noticed that he was not alone in the room.

05/22/2007 10:57 PM

OOC: Darth's taken control of my character, and events at home and school have made me pretty cranky, so I'm definitely not going allow that. So this post starts from where Darth took control of My character.

IC: Thomas was impressed. His opponent was very, very fast. In fact, his opponent's speed made him wish that he had an arbalest, because Thomas knew from experience that there was nothing faster than a speeding arbalest bolt. Still, just because Thomas' opponent was fast enough to cut through two bolts didn't mean that he had no weaknesses. When the man pointed his rapier at him Thomas stopped and mentally laughed at his oponent's words, but showed no outward sign.

Thomas hated arrogant people, and his opponent seemed to be just that. Pulling the lever on his crossbow down, Thomas fired the other eight bolts rapidly. Some bolts hit the wall, two completely missed the man, but the others were all headed for different parts of the man's body. Some might hit his head, while others might go for his feet. Thomas knew all too well tat once the man was poisoned, he had mere hours to live, depending on how much he moved. This was because Thomas prefered to use venom from the inland Taipan, the deadliest snake in the world. It was slow compared to some poisons, but it did have more of an element of poetic justice. Anyone who could kill Thomas would probably die very soon afterwards. Besides, at these ranges, the arrows from the crossbow would be lethal anyway.

As soon as he had fired his arrows, Thomas tossed his bow behind him, and quickly drem his two dirks and his buckler, taking no more than five seconds for the entire process.

05/23/2007 12:35 PM

Drake cut apart the arrow shafts in mid air. His motions flowing smoothly as he did so. His oponent then drew his swords and a shield faster than Drake believed he was. Drake stooped to the floor and picked up one of the arrow heads. He saw it was coated with a thin layer of poison. Drake knew he had to be careful about this oponent. Clearly he was going to be more dificult to defeat than normally. Drake brought his rapier up in a salute and then went into a defensive position. The Rapier was held outward at its full length so he could keep his opponents short swords and shield at bay untill he had an advantage.

05/23/2007 2:28 PM

When his opponent stooped to pick up one of the arrowheads, Thomas didn't attack. He had seen how fast his opponent was, and definitely wasn't going to risk his opponent trying to skewer him on that long, dangerous thing that he called a rapier. In Thomas' opinion, it was nothing more than a long spike, alniet one with edges.

When his opponent had saluted him, Thomas decided that he was going to have a good fight. While Thomas was able to block most weapons with his dirks and his buckler, his left hand was slower than the rapier and the dirk in his right hand wasn't going to be long enough to attack his opponent. Thomas sighed as he realised that this combat was going to be one of skill and of stamina. Well, Thomas knew that he probably had the advantage in stamina.

"Okay, old man, you have a choice. You can jump off the roof or you can fight me until you're so exhausted I can kill you."

With that, Thomas assumed an offensive position, ready to attack should his opponent refuse his ulimatum.

05/23/2007 2:47 PM

OOC: Very interesting proposal the roof there. Sounds like something i thought awhile ago.............

IC: "You underestimate me" Drake said flatly. He thought in his mind that he had the advantage of range and speed. However his opponent had power and stamina so he would have to rely on a lot of terrain. He glanced around on the plat form. There was the edge of the roof with guard rails but otherwise it was a very confined space. He darted forward while whispering the incarnation for 1000 blades. He was going to try to back his opponent to the guard rail and then knock him off. The Strikes would be very fast and he would have very little time to block them and he would be forced to retreat.

05/23/2007 3:24 PM

(OOC: Yeah seriously Tom don't go "borrowing" ideas

05/23/2007 6:36 PM

Leogas anticipated the attack, but only barely dodged the knife. Then as it was thrown at him Leogas pulled a kunai in the way--but he wouldn't need to block it. His opponent launched at him before the knife could get very far, and Leogas had to roll over onto the ground. His opponent cut his left arm, but Leogas was used to pain. He pulled himself up as quickly as he could, and threw several more cloned kunai at his target before sinking behind a bookcase. Leogas couldn't see whether the attack worked, because he slipped and fell through an opening in the wall. The bookcase pulled close to the wall before him, and he realized what had happened; Leogas had slipped into a secret passage...

(Sorry for being evasive like this, but I have some work to do in preperations for the Seas of San Tosa. Peace!)

05/23/2007 11:05 PM

OOC: I can understand your suspicion, but I only realised how similar that was after I had written it. Sounds lame, but it's true. I'll try to check everything I write in the future. Also, does your spell let you attack 1000 times?

IC: Thomas stood on the stairs, not willing to move. He was definitely not going budge from a place that offered him two advantages. This first was the fact that his opponent couldn't do much in the way of cuts, allowing Thomas to defend himself more easily, whilst still being able to go in the offensive. The second advantage was that there was virtually no way for his opponent to have friends who could sneak up on him. Sure, they could come behind him, but that first step was a bit dodgy and Thomas would hear them coming.

Admitedly there was one major problem with Thomas' position. This was the fact that his opponent had the advantage of height, meaning that he could rain down blows on Thomas. As he thought this, Thomas allowed himself a grin - it wasn't as if his opponent had a weapon that could do that much damage with overhead cuts.

05/24/2007 12:07 PM

OOC: Sure why not, and do you want me to do the scene where i do 1000 blades? Or do you want to?

05/24/2007 2:23 PM

Drake crouched and then launched a flurrly of blows faster than you could see. They would flow through each other greatly. A back hand, a forehand, a overhand, a jab, a lunge, a spin. His opponent would block some, but then the sword would hit his expossed areas. His plan was working though, in an attempt to defend himself, his opponent was slowly but surely backing up against the guard rail. When he was back up against that guard rail, Drake jumped back and then forward with all of his power and momentum at his opponents chest. This would be done in effect to knock him off the roof.

05/24/2007 8:36 PM

Kevin stood up from crouch he was in. He walked past the two people fighting, putting up a shield to protected him. He kicked down the door and walked away from the house.
"Well, this was a waist of my time..."

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