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05/08/2007 12:24 PM

this is a scenario in which Vampires and/or Lycans can come together. a new force has risen and is hunting the streets, a selsect band of Humans who are intent on destroying all Vampires, Lycans and other supernatural beings. we need to start an rp in which we will combat these "Death dealers" and continue our existence...

anyone interested? other ideas to expand it are welcome...

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05/08/2007 2:36 PM

Don't forget there's an OOC section when you post an RP thread- plot outline, discussion, character details should be in there (OOC posts don't count towards your total so it prevents spamming).

Also, this section is specifically for White Wolf- Underworld's great and all, but not White Wolf, lol.

You could post it in general or horror sections.

With more details on story etc. I might be interested but [i]please[/i] forbid Selene/Michael clones- or people [i]trained[/i] by/closely accociated with them- I'm sick of them! ;)

05/09/2007 4:55 AM

wrong forum. moving this to the general Horror forums.

05/10/2007 3:47 PM

Yeah I'd join up. But I'm with Nanuk on Selene/Michael clones and people trained by them. I've played in several underworld RPs (only one on this site) and there is always someone who make a character trained by Selene. They annoy me to death. I'm lucky I have a vampire that I use for just about ever vampire RP. Nanuk and anyone who read A Taste For Blood will be quite familiar of him. Speaking of ATFB, it's a shame that Scrapper left and we all sort of parted ways.

05/10/2007 3:52 PM

Yeah, I really enjoyed that one.
I really liked the interactions.
Leo's still here but not quite as active, I think.

05/10/2007 4:12 PM

Doubt not my activeness.. though I feel a bit tired of late (a first) and I have been trying to buy the book but they wont sell it to me because I'm "too young." But if I ever do get my hands on it I'll read up and maybe try to revive ATFB ^.^

Cyas in the other RPs we share bai!

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