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05/07/2007 3:43 AM

Basicly i have this idea of an rp set in the trenches in ww2, the war is in mid swing and the nazis are testing chemical warfair (sp?) out. pouring gasses into enemy trenches and studying the effects. but it all sorta go's wrong :p and the chemical create a virus that turns the soldiers into rabid ,brain-dead beasts (sort of like the things you find on films such as 28days later and dawn of the dead).
as if the war wasn't bad anough, theres now these "things" roaming the thrences and battle fields, not at all particular about who they kill.

any one interested?

(p.s yeh i know i have no post count, but i promise im not a noob lol i've rp'd before)

05/07/2007 12:13 PM

im a big WW2 and zombie fan so yeah...im in

05/07/2007 7:40 PM

lets see change the setting and time and you might get me intrested.
its a good thing i loved dawn of the dead both the remake and the origanal. ( the origanal was made in the 70's for those of you who are wondering. the 04 one was the remake.)

05/07/2007 7:53 PM

i think we should keep it WW2 era...we already have a lot of modern day horror threads

05/07/2007 8:41 PM

theres a reason they are all modern day. it seems more realistic. say you had one set in the far future? its not as cool as say one that is set in two months from now. it seems as if it can happen now. not hundreds of years from now so that we'd all be dead when it happens. not 50+ years ago when it didn't happen. now. when it could happen.

05/08/2007 12:10 PM

WW2! And zombie-like creatures! (I say that because 28 Days Later deosn't have zombies in it, they're just crazy people. Zombies don't run!) But anyway, it sounds fun, I'm interested.

I just need a trench gun!

05/08/2007 3:11 PM

yo neon zombies can run but your right on 28 days later guys being crazies. 28 days later zombies can be starved to death. but zombies can't starve since all organs but their brain is dead.

05/08/2007 6:18 PM

yo neon zombies can run

They can, but they don't. They aren't smart enough. The only time an actual, 100% true to the original flesh eating zombie, runs, is when it dives for a person, misses, and stumbles. They can try to keep their balance but when someone goes running past zombies, they aren't smart enough to go "Hey, he/she is faster than I am, I should give chase and run after them!"

Plus, when you die, your body starts decomposing, so alot of the muscels start to rot too, which is why some zombies end up limping, then crawling, then just laying motionless on the floor waiting for food to come to them. So some zombies don't even have the option to run.

but zombies can't starve since all organs but their brain is dead.

They can explode though. Since all that flesh they eat is only building up in their gut... well, you get the picture.

PS Most of the zombie's brains are dead, which is why they can't think or talk. Zombies can't even climb stairs without falling down many times.

05/08/2007 6:25 PM

neon you must get with the times. in george a romeros recent zombie flick. land of the dead. they can run as in the remake to his dawn of the dead. yes they can run but only run when they see food (humans). and no they cant explode from eating and the food not digesting. and zombies are people who die (brain and all) but are reanimated meaning the brain comes back to life. however most of the brains functions are dead but the brain is not. thats why bullets to the brain kill it. and thats also why they have that un quenchable hunger.

05/08/2007 6:36 PM

George screwed up big time. In my opinion zombies were fine the way they were originally made. So no, I will not "get with the times" on this subject. And yes zombies can bust their guts, altough most don't eat enough or live long enough to do so.

PS George sucks! :D Sorry man, but he just messed up with zombies.

05/08/2007 6:38 PM

why are we fighting over what zombies can and cant do?

05/08/2007 6:44 PM

if it wasn't for george ( or that guy who made the return of the living dead series but those weren't as good ) the zombie industry would be dead now. there were so many horrible zombie flicks before georges time. i found one from the 1930s and its the voodoo kind of zombie ( you know sew their mouths and put rock salt in them but not in that order. ) trust me no george = no zombie flicks. my fav zombie movie thats more of a b film is call all souls day and its about some people who are stuck in a hotel on the day of the dead in a small mexican town. but it ends up the zombies are the people who were killed so this one guy could have immortality. and if you were killed in that town or killed by a zombie you joined them. but not if you were bit. if you DIED. and in the end they find where this guy was hiding ( in the hotel DUHHH ) and all the zombies went straight for him and eat him. then they all went back to their graves and rested for eternity. oh and headshots couldn't kill these bad mofos.

05/08/2007 6:44 PM

Because it's fun.

And relavent to the RP... since it is about zombies.

Plus, now the viewing public is learning new and interesting facts about zombies!

PS I don't care, in my opinion Land of the Dead was a horrible zombie flick and should never have been made. And the Voodoo one, yeah if you're talking about The Serpent and the Rainbow, well thats the reason zombies became popular in the first place.

[Edited by Neon_nightLight on Tuesday, May 8, 2007 6:48 PM]

05/08/2007 6:54 PM

O-O omg you cant be serious. but i never saw land because of the part where zombies could think. didn't intrest me. and it wasn't placed in a mall. oh and most zombie flicks were made in the 60's. thirty years later than what ever it was called. it did not start the trend.

05/09/2007 11:46 AM

The movie didn't, but the book did. Then when Night of the Living Dead came out, zombies were turned into the flesh eaters that we know and fear today. George Romero was actually pretty good then, but now... Anyway, this argument has gone on long enough and should end here.

PS Yes, I messed up, the Serpent and the Rainbow came out in the 80's, Oh well.

PSS The Serpent and the Rainbow is actually a very good film.

05/09/2007 11:53 AM

PSS The Serpent and the Rainbow is actually a very good film.

I concur.

05/09/2007 2:53 PM

ever see uhhh i think its called night of the comet? its like a parady to zombie films. it ok but its nothing huge.

05/09/2007 7:00 PM

I'm interested in this. But wouldn't be even more cooler if it was set during the Vietnam war, because there were a lot of crazies in Vietnam, and the soldiers had seen more horrible (deathly) things. Idk, I just think it'd be closer to the present and the fact that Vietnam would somehow tie in more with zombies, or at least in my opinion.

05/09/2007 7:02 PM

dood vietnam war would work wonders. it would be harder to see zombies in the jungle/ you could make some great scenes with the characters getting ambushed by both zombies and viet cong. that would be way cooler.

actually all this talk about zombies makes me wanna make my own zombie rp ( sorry that im such a zombie lover/genocider )

[Edited by raikoh on Wednesday, May 9, 2007 7:03 PM]

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