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05/06/2007 5:31 PM

Okay guys I can't make the big fancy opening post right now but I will tomorow, so feel free to post character sheets, comments, and ideas in the ooc.

05/06/2007 7:38 PM

The beginning of the world of Aza. It was turbulent and truly unique. It was a realm of existence like no other. A place where the very emotions and desires of its inhabitants could manifest in ways far beyond mere inspiration, here it would escalate into the very spawning of a great realm unto itself where further inspiration would forge the very souls and bodies of gods. At first these gods were powerless and physically featureless. They had only their names, personalities and souls to define any form of individuality amoungst themselves. In the begining the mortal realm had merely wished for gods, they had not yet given them definition or domain over anything in the mortal plane. But eventually they started to wish for things they could pray to for, these prayers would rip into the realm of the gods and randomly select one of the domainless gods. Then the chosen god would undergo a great transformation, they would gain power, a unique appearance, followers, land and even servants to do their bidding. They also would gain a temple for them to live within in the realm of the gods, they could also create anything in this temple that would fall within their domain, these constructs were called Oluhm. Some of these Oluhm were Ororoc's Blades, or Kual's Tome. The gods often feared being chosen for they had no means of what power or domain they would receive. Thus many of the gods were either misuited to there domain or they simply abused it. These gods were and still are bound to those who believe in them. They could only have influence in the lands of their followers, temples raised in their honour, or individual mortals that prayed to them. The gods although restricted, still had much power and the mortals of Aza called this first age of the realm: The age of Inspiration.

05/06/2007 7:52 PM

Ororoc looked down from his great dark spire in the realm of the gods, he stared deep into the realm of mortals. Das... How he would miss the heartfelt judgement of his words and his enormous deeds of love and fear. Ororoc realised that there may never be another like Das. But his people needed a prophet, someone to come to in his temples. Someone like them. He did not wish to go the mortal plane. He knew other gods had done so to instill greater faith in their worshipers. But he did not want them to believe in him because they knew he was there but because they chose to out of pure faith and hope and especially love. O how he loved these people that he had given guidance over the centuries. How he loved their innocence and their love and their fear. He had in the begining disliked the domain of fear but now he had become as much a part of it as anything else his existence had become. The world below was dark and full of shadows, but his people had embraced the eternal night he had given them in full earnest. Even the plantlife had forgone the sun in favor of the Oluhm moon, Erettoq, he had created for his land. The people were lovers of the dark and its protective shroud. They feared not the dark, they feared it's abscence. All their lights were a dim star-like blue, they had developed this magical fire from yet another gift from Ororoc. The Starfire Lantern, Loqis. How he admired their love and their fear. He continued his search for a new prophet and let these thoughts ferment and sweaten in his head as he paced about in his great spire.

05/07/2007 3:45 PM

Kual-Juah, the God of Time, was in the west wing of his Great Library of Enous, pacing with his head buried in a book. This book was a rather interesting tribute to the gods of Aza, a praise in literature if there ever was one. He laughed at its poetic verse and flattery. This man was certainly attached to the ideals of the gods, and wished them all well.

[i] Ororoc of Fear, and Kual-Juah of Time,
The sisters Adama and Poena of pain and pleasure,
All gods high above us in the realm of immortals,
Give us our hope, and hope never dies. [/i]

That was Kual-Juah's favourite quote from this book, and he chuckled at the fact that this man respected all gods and what they did for their followers. Most people with no God themselves would only destroy the hopes of other worshippers by claiming that the gods did not exist. Instead, this man loved all Gods as equal parts in the cycle of life. In the course of history, he would be forgotten after death. But Kual would make sure to chronicle his life, using the Tome of all Past, the book which holds present and past within its pages.

Kual placed the book gently upon its shelf, skimming through the different books on the shelves, as a shy Bookkeeper approached him. She was returning books, and was slightly nervous about the news she had for Kual.

"Venerable one, there is someone here to see you. Would you like to see him?"

Kual smiled at the Bookkeeper, and stood, suddenly appearing tall and youthful, with his beard disappearing, and the black colour returning to his long hair.

"You have been my Bookkeeper since I became a God, so please, just call me Kual. I am not venerable, nor am I youthful. It is only my appearance. So please, lead me to the visitor."

The Bookkeeper lead on, and Kual returned to his former appearance, snatching another book from the shelf to read on the way to the visitor. This one was a compendium of all the creatures, mortal and otherwise, in the world of Aza.

"Kual, my old friend. It has been a while."

Kual looked up from his book to see the featureless face of his old friend Pashk, a still domainless god. Pashk had been previously offered a position as a demigod under Kual-Juah's domain, but he had said before that he'd take his chances with a new domain. Pashk had been visiting the Library for sometime now, examining all the books he could find on achieving a domain for himself. No matter how hard he tried, he could not find a recorded way to achieve this any other way than randomly.

"Then I suppose you are searching for another book on achieving your domain, friend. I do not wish to tread upon your hopes, but I have never recorded such an event in the whole of the library." Kual said gingerly to his friend, trying not to tread on feelings.

"It's not that, Kual. It's Gauw. We found his journal, the one he wrote during the Great War of Jural."

Kual's jaw dropped as he heard this news. That was impossible, he had scoured the entire Tome for anything related to Gauw, anything. The entire writing of a journal could not have passed him by.

"He took the pages from the Tome which chronicled his Journal. He was always two steps ahead of us."

Kual dropped his book, staring at Pashk with a certain gleam of intent in his eyes.

"Get me that journal."

05/07/2007 9:17 PM

tsuna had put on his diplomatic robes. he had decided to do the peace talkings to what might be a terrible disater. the fall of a dynasty. but not only a dynasty. the imperial dynasty. the one that could keep the human world united. however it decided to take on a few neighboring states that were not fully captured. unfortunatly if the war would start the dynasty would fail. " i can't believe he wants such a pety war. he could just get the whole place through peace talks. but no he wants it by force. does he not see his people are on the verge of rebellion? " tsuna said as he was ready to enter the human realm. he was stopped by one of the diplomatic spirits.

" sir allow me to take care of this one. i shall make sure everything goes well." this was the spirit of one of the most sought out diplomats in the history of human kind. zent. he was well known for preventing numerous wars ( although about a third of them he needed tsunas help in.)

" no i can't allow anything to go wrong with this. i can only trust myself with this task." replied tsuna as he opened the portal and stepped through into the humans world.

05/08/2007 11:22 AM

The garden was beautiful, if quiet.

It was reflected in the still water of the pool, verdant and crystalline, and utterly perfect.

A soft breeze drifted through the garden, causing the trees to sigh and shiver, and a frown to appear on the beautiful face of the figure reposing by the pool's edge.

Her eyes went briefly milky, accompanied by a subtle shift in the set of her features.

"Yes, my Leva?"

A raven strand of hair was lifted gently from her neck as the breeze curled about her.

Faintly, almost inaudible, a voice came, tenuous and etiolated.

[i]Begetter... Eru cries...[/i]

"As always, my favoured, and forever".
She gazed into the waters, a faint image lay below that of the reflected garden: a land, as any other, her people, as any other, their struggles played out, the struggles of all men.

[i]As you say... and no more..[/i]

"Good. Thank you, Leva, for tidings. Return now, and seek to comfort."

The hair once more lifted gently from her shoulders, and the garden was still once more.

Poena was satisfied.
No more trouble than is the lot of man bothered Eru.
Her people lived, laughed, cried, died as they should.

05/08/2007 8:07 PM

Ororoc left the view of his people and his land behind in the light of open eyes as he shut his , thinking deeply about his time in this tower, in this existence. Why did he never visit his people? Was he selfish? Did he not care? No... That couldn't be it, shouldn't be it, wouldn't be it... He surely had some reason... Didn't he? Why had he so feared the fear that had surrounded his rebirth as god with a domain? Why was it he who was to receive the domain of fear? He opened his eyes, searching desperately for something to escape to, somewhere away from himself, from his looming self-inquisition. Perhaps he should visit his people. They had not seen him in nine hundred years. Maybe his prescence would loften their lives. Maybe he in himself would bring the bliss he so wished for them. But was this too lofty a thought? Had he truly believed himself to be so great? To be so aweinspiring? He shut his eyes and opened them again, hoping he'd see something different something distant and distracting. But he did not. He saw nothing, all he did was think and think and question! He turned about and headed towards his stairs, he would go to Aza. He would see his people for the first time in almost a thousand years. Perhaps he would experience something he had yet to. Perhaps this would loften his life.

05/08/2007 8:14 PM

Ajuntas appeared in a quick flash of pink purple and black smoke..He paused a moment then coughed and gagged. "Poena..As usual you look absolutely..DELICIOUS!" He floated over to her and balanced his wooden cane on one hand as he looked at her through the mask of ornate ivory over his face. His multicolored hues seemed to shimmer for a few seconds. He let out a giggle. "My my my.. I just love that feeling of interupting something.." He floated upside down infront of her face, and one wouldnt be able to tell, but a serious look crossed his features behind the mask. "Wanna play a game?" He asked in a nonchalant tone.

He was dressed in over dramatic clothing. One half was purple, and the other half red. He had semi pointed shoes on his feet, and a ring accompanied each finger. The days before had really frusterated the mad god for noone had wanted to play his games. He had been stuck torturing his own followers with practical jokes, and as much as that always amused him. He need something with more.... Style as he often put it.

05/08/2007 8:41 PM

Rk'th was lying in a field admiring the sky. The stars and moon were so beautiful down on Aza. The taste of the cool breeze rippling the tall grasses was truly exhilarating. Laughing quietly to himself he slowly got up before searching about allowing himself to taste the air. Without any real reason he moved off lazily towards the nearest moon needle, perhaps there he could find something new.

Along the way he happened upon a man lying on the side of the road. This puzzled Rk'th as he had not seen this in quite a while. Puzzled he wandered over looking down at the figure lying in the road. "Why does one lie face down to the sky on such a night?" His slurred and twisted speech harsh in contrast to the calm sounds of the night. The form stirred a little before bolting up in shock and fear. The man stuttered unable to understand what was going on being still half asleep. Rk'th simply smiled and pointed to the moon before going on his way leaving the man to deal with his shock and confusion. Tonight was good as well as satisfying, Rk'th thought to himself as the sounds of cats met him.

05/08/2007 8:47 PM

"Ajuntas..." came the voice of Argon from behind a nearby stone pillar, "Harassing another god?" he said in that velvetty voice of his. From behind the pillar he stalked out, his hands behind his back, his hood pulled low so that you could only see his mouth. He walked over to the two and sat on a small stump.

Everything was eerily calm for a minute or two, just how Argon wanted it, then the silence was broken. "It saddens me to see that you've not aggrivated me in such a way. Nearly brings tears to my eyes..." he said. Then he drew a line down his face from his eyes with his pinky. A second later a blood red line trickled down it. He wiped it away as if it wasn't what it was.

He stood and in a flash his scythe appeared. The white blade gleamed in the sunshine. He pointed it towards Ajuntas and spoke in a menacing voice, "I would be the only one to play you're games."

05/09/2007 1:25 AM

The sky was clear, a flawless blue, uninterrupted except for the trio of suns in the sky, and the foot that was coming directly at Dh'ava's head.

With incredible speed - divine speed, you might say - he (for Dh'ava had taken the male form this time) brought up both arms to block. He was already bent backwards to be parallel with the ground, so it was clear that he had no hope of truly blocking the attack. What he did instead was ingenious, and deceptively effective. He used the momentum of the kick as it hit his arms to drive his torso farther down, while simultaneously jumping up, doing a complete back flip with the help of his partner's own energy and landing lithely on his feet.

With a smirk, Sh'yamagh advanced again, her brutal attacks not stopping.

They were sparring in the fields surrounding their temple, although not many would call it a temple. It was an odd structure, yet completely natural. It was ostentatious in its simplicity, and was at once a part of its surroundings, and completely unnatural. It complimented the surrounding country - no, it finished it. Where chance and nature had come together, this structure filled the voids left where the two would not meet, meanwhile balancing the scale between built and natural.

Their battle wore on, each participant not backing down, even whilst retreating. They were perpetually offensive and defensive, simultaneously.

Sweat poured from the bodies, each exerting unending amounts of force, until finally they stopped, abruptly, synchronized. With a bow, they stepped toward each other, there was a flash, and then there was just one being standing there: Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al.

Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al took a deep breath, closed its eyes, and began doing a series of movements, which gathered its inner energy and kept it flowing. It was a dance, and it was combat. It was beautiful, and it was deadly.

After a length of time had passed, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al stopped, satisfied. It then proceeded to walk back towards the temple, calmly strolling through the rolling meadows.

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05/09/2007 4:24 AM

Kual-Juah left the Library with Pashk, walking through the streets of Ada, towards the place where Pashk had said he kept the journal. Kual came across a strange scene in the distance, and slowly approached.

"I would be the only one to play your games."

It was Argon, Ajuntas, and Poena. He did not venture from his Library often, but Kual did make a point of acquainting himself with most of the other gods, newcomers and otherwise. He examined the scene before him, Ajuntas caught in the act of harrassing a goddess, and Argon attempting to remedy the problem with his scythe. He looked towards Poena, giving her a smile and a look that said "What a mess."

He tapped his staff onto the ground once to attain both Ajuntas' and Argon's attention, and stared at them both with a stern look. He wanted them to figure out that fighting amongst themselves would never bring about anything good.

"Calm yourself, Argon. We do not want any unnecessary violence between ourselves. That would only bring about Ada's decomposition from within. I do not think your methods are what will teach Ajuntas his lesson, either. And I need not deny that Ajuntas needs to be taught a lesson. But please, let me be the one to teach it. Ajuntas, do you know anything about the 32nd year after Creation? There was a man, a man who did not pay heed to the lessons of others, He was a letcher. He went around touching every woman he found, until he found a woman who he could not touch. A goddess. He tried to touch this goddess, but was severly punished for his actions. He died upon the moment he "accidently" touched her bosom. Now, what is the moral of this story? Do not be lecherous, especially towards a goddess. And who is Poena? A goddess. Do you understand, Ajuntas?"

Inside, Kual was laughing. He would [i]have[/i] to copy this onto paper, maybe using the Tome. It was just too funny to see a trickster god getting a god like Argon all in a fluster. Not to mention the look on Poena's face...

05/09/2007 8:16 AM

"Brothers, peace."

Poena's voice was soft as ever, and a stray smile seemed to play faintly across her lips.

"Ajuntas bothers me not- I was finished my contemplations. Though I confess... I am in no humour for games. Perhaps Adama will indulge you"

She rose from the ground gracefully, interposing herself artlessly between Argon and the trickster, trailed by the delicate scent of valerian and feverfew.

"And as for my bosom," her limpid eyes, the ghost of amusement just present, held those of Kual-Juah for a moment, "I'm sure he knows better. Although, again- perhaps Adama will indulge."

05/09/2007 12:10 PM

Ajuntas got an amused look on his face. Although noone could see it because of the mask of ivory. He twirled around and paused bowing almost too low to Kual-Juah. "Your excellency. I will always hold your lessons dear to my heart. That is.. If i have one." Suddenly he bounced his cane into the air and brought his hand to his mask making it disappear. His pale features, and smug smirk were revealed to all present. "Your all mistaken." He said in a quite psychotic tone. "Poena like the rest of you are invited to play my games.." He suddenly held his hand out and caught his staff. He vanished and reappeared next to Kual-Juah.

He began floating there as if contemplating something he held his chin..He stood atop his cane as if it could hold his weight. "What a marvelous game it would be!" He kicked the gnarled wooden cane up and oddly enough he was still standing in mid air. Grabbing the cane he spun around and reappeared by Argon. "I just love that outfit. Its so... Deadly.." He cackled and twirled his cane around before putting it back against the ground and leaning against it. "Well if you all will follow me.." He got a serious look on his face like he was going to be angry if everyone present didnt induldge him.

05/09/2007 2:53 PM

Ororoc began the long walk down his staircase. The reflective black of the steps mirrored his troubled eyes, he cringed at the sight of himself. He looked like a monster, a being meant only to be feared and shunned. How ashamed he was of what he'd become. He looked nothing like a god... He was nothing. He was a mere shadow in the light of other gods. Many gods boasted beautiful smooth skin, flowing brightly coloured robes and lith desirable bodies. He was a ragged swirling mass of torn black and grey cloth that was only given personification through the prescence of his nigh featureless dark grey skin. If only tears could escape him. But alas his eyes possessed not the salted water of mortal sadness. He was a wretch. A thing to be hated, not worshiped. But still his people would pray to him, still they would praise his name and his merciful rule over their beloved families and friends. Why? Why would they care for something that even thought nothing of itself? His people were his blood, they were his life, his reason for every action in the mortal world. Today he would meet with them. Today he'd see what may never wish to see him again.
He continued down the stairs, he reached the bottom and walked into the streats of Ada's residential area. Then he heard an almost forgotten voice. Kual-Juah's voice. He had considered the god a true friend in the past. Kual-Juah had helped him through his brief time of dementia, when he had first become a god. He didn't think after that he just walked towards the sound. He walked until he had found himself inside a beautiful garden. If Kual-Juah was standing there, along with three other gods. One seemed cold and stern, his eyes spoke of authority and stoism. Another was dressed extravagantly, his pale handsome features screamed eccentricity and suave manner. The third was truly worthy of the word beautiful. Her every curve, her every graceful feature held him in blissful fixation. She was something more than merely attractive or beautiful, she was desire incarnate, 'most likely this goddess's domain' he thought. None of them had yet seen him. Thankfully. He saunted over behind a tree to observe the ensuing drama of these wondrous gods, things truly worthy of worship and praise. He felt like nothing in their prescence, he felt even smaller whenever his gaze glided over the lithe, pale form of the temptress-like goddess that sat in the scene before him. Surely a horror such as himself would be looked down upon amoungst such marvels as these three. He enshrouded himself in the shadow of the tree and tried his best to hide his orbiting blades. He didn't wish to be seen. He began to wonder why he had come... Why did he even leave the tower? He never should have left, he should have stayed there and looked over his people as he had done for so long... Why did he come here? Why?

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05/09/2007 3:30 PM

Kual noticed Ororoc, as well as his blades. The blades, even though Ororoc had tried to hide them, were too noticible to miss. But the fact that Ororoc was still hiding himself from the rest of the gods still alarmed Kual. If he felt isolated and unwanted, he may revert back to the way he was when he first became a god, violent and afraid.

"Ororoc. Would you like to come over here? We've all been invited to play a game, you can come too."

He beckoned Ororoc over to him, Adjuntas, Poena, and Argon. He needed Ororoc to be a little more secure around the other gods. Kual sighed, because Ororoc was a genuine friend, and they had both been gods for quite some time.

But, as Kual was busy with Ororoc and the others, he started to notice that Pashk had already left without him, but he dismissed the thought from his head. Pashk would be back soon with the journal.

05/09/2007 3:55 PM

Ororoc froze as soon as he heard Kual's voice. He thought against trying to act like he hadn't heard his request. Ororoc sauntered over to Kual. Surely he could Kual. He looked about and somewhat cowered in the sunlight, waiting for one of the shocked faces to open their mouths and speak. Why did he come here?Why?

05/09/2007 7:27 PM

tsuna came back from the mortals world. he was not succesful in persuading the great leader. he was ready for the calls. for the prayers once this news was spread throughout the world. until then he decided to fall back to the heavenly domains of the godly world. he decides to rest for a moment before he joins his bretheren wherever they were. he needed a moment of meditation.

05/10/2007 11:02 AM

[i]How intriguing[/i]

The intrusion of Adama's thoughts caused a small frown to flicker across Poena's features.

She could feel the pain this other carried: his charge sat as a great burden about him. The weight of his office almost tangible: and yet Adama's interest, almost callous, was nothing but casual amusement.

She floated nearer to Kual-Tuah, wondering absently what had caused him to venture out from his library, but she addressed her comment to Ororoc with a benign smile.

"If you have never had the pleasure of experiencing one of Ajuntas' games I might forewarn you that the rules- when they exist- are somewhat.. fluid."

05/10/2007 12:17 PM

Songs of praise and worship still echoed in Abeni's ears as she walked through the streets of a city within Ada, after paying a brief visit to a mortal city that had recently constructed a temple in her honour. The Mother of Mothers marvelled at the ingenuity of the mortals she held under her sway when her attention fell upon the temple they had made with its innumerable pillars and spires and immense stairways. The festival her children had thrown in celebration of the achievement too made her feel giddy with joy and pride, although that might have been because of all the wine they offered her. Abeni was not an alchoholic (there aren't many things immortals can become addicted to and spirits are not one of them) yet even she couldn't resist a good binge every now and then. Right now the goddess was ensuring that her realm was in order, the occasional Mosi arriving seemingly out of nowhere to give her messages and updates about affairs going on within her area of influence. And whilst she did this, Abeni was paying a visit to the godly world of Ada to try and see what rumours and news were being spun by the other entities and personifications of the universe.

The goddess walked for a while until at last she came into a garden that was beautiful beyond compare, no doubt the work of some sort of nature or gardening god. It had a mixture of elements and themes about it and the colour schemes and patterns were pleasing to the eye but she saw that she was not the only there. A group of other gods and a goddess were gathered near a pool, and they were an odd looking bunch as dieties were. Abeni decided that it was not her place to barge into the conversation, nor did she think it polite to eavesdrop, so she stayed a distance away and admired the multitude of flowers and plants that were growing in pretty rows.

05/10/2007 1:24 PM

"I...I..." Ororoc could think of nothing to say. His mind was empty and yet full. All he could think of was 'Why did she speak to him? Why would anyone speak to him...'. He looked around and left his gaze on Ajuntas and let it flicker back to the goddess before him. His skull white eyes shut tightly and opened slowly, almost as if in pain. Once again he wished for tears to stream down his cheak. He did not deserve the attention of this beauty before him. Yet his curiosity pushed him to stay, pushed him to speak.
"Re-regardless... I will still...play this... this game... Thank you...I think..."
Ororoc shut his eyes and trembled slightly. He had spoken to her. He had not the right to speak to such prestige. He couldn't turn beck now though. He had already dug himself in. He would just have to accept it.

05/10/2007 2:06 PM

Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al was in the temple. It (the English language does not have a parallel for what Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al is, both man and woman yet neither, and more than both. As such, 'it' will have to do) was sitting in the middle of a shallow pond. Slowly, it began another dance, although this one was slow, calm, flowing. Its eyes were closed, but its vision was racing across the realm of the gods.

First on the agenda was to check the land of the gods, and then the lands of the mortals. As it looked across the realm in its mind's eye, it came across a peculiar sighting: no less than six gods congregated in a beautiful garden.

As it gazed across the scene, a smile made its presence known on Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al's face. This group showed a balance, and was pleasing to the god. Ajuntas's chaotic and mischievous dealings were countered by Kual-Juah's stern order. Ororoc's hideous visage contrasted beautifully against the fair Peona, and Abeni, the gentle mother-goddess, stayed at a distance and seemed to fulfill the gaps, her calm and positive demeanor inevitably would balance Argon's dark and rash demeanor.

Yes, this was quite an event, naturally balancing itself out, and Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al was pleased.

It kept this in its minds eye even as it continued to scour the rest of the immortal realm, before continuing on to the mortal realm.

It seemed that all was well there as well. The scale had begun to tip too far to the side of what the mortals termed 'good' a few years ago, so Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al had had to step in. The mortals were beginning to take everything for granted, and it was beginning to upset the balance. Rather than do anything rash, this time Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al had subtly enacted a few events, which would come to fruition soon. A war would soon break out. A large war, and many mortals would die; it would be seen as a tragic event, but it would bring Harmony back to the mortal world.

Seeing everything was still on the path to Balance in the mortal world, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al returned its full attention to the events in the Peona's garden.

And still, the dance continued.

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05/10/2007 2:24 PM

Argon shot another look at Ajuntas. It was a look of annoyance. There was another flash and his scythe was gone. He turned away from Ajuntas and towards everyone else. They were gathered around a pillar. Then he heard the voice of Ororoc. The two had been good friends but he locked himself away for such long periods that Argon never thought much of him.

He walked behind the pillar and there Ororoc was. Such a dower chap. Always so self concious. "Ororoc! You've finally dredged out of your hovel! Good to see that you haven't forgotten about the outside world." he said.

05/10/2007 3:01 PM

Ajuntas was pleased at most of the reactions he had gotten from the other gods, but he maintained that look of seriousness across his pale features. Suddenly without worning that mischevious undeniable look of insanity crossed his face. That sick twisted grin of dementia. "Well now.." He said in a slightly psychotic voice. "Isnt that interesting?" He waved his hands and suddenly, and a portal appeared behind him..Utemna poured out, and lifted Ajuntas onto a carrying barge. "WE ARE OFF!!" He suddenly got an angered look on his face when his servants didnt move, but of course they couldnt he was making them unable to with his powers.

The sound of his cane bashing against the armor of his beloved servants could be heard.."Onward!! Elightenment awaits us all!!" Finally the mad god hopped off the barge, and glared at the Utemna who were still trying to push the barge.."Confound you all dimwitted bafooons!!" He quickly unsummoned them and ended the spectacle, but he was enraged then suddenly. A calmness came over him. "The first game is that of riddles, and i do so love riddles.." He paused and crossed his legs indian style floating around the group of the other gods. "What answers to noone? What has no life, but holds all life within its grasp? What gives birth, and kills the old?"

05/10/2007 8:24 PM

Rk'th had spent a peaceful night alone under the moon but was now bored and looking for something to amuse himself with. Looking to the unforgiving sun he darted along lazily searching for anything of interest. The tall grasses swayed gently rustling softly in the cool breeze as he moved along creating the feeling of a sea. Moving along the taste of smoke on the wind interested him, soon following this change he happened upon a town its residents already moving about their daily work.

From his perch atop one of the larger buildings Rk'th observed the people in their lives. The care free play of children, the construction of new buildings and tools was all interesting to him though he longed to experience it himself. He continued to watch what was going on with child like curiosity fixated on the happenings below.

After an hour of watching Rk'th decided that he would offer help to those below. Grinning he leapt down among the people only to be met with confusion and fear. Confused Rk'th tilted his head and watched as the people ran until he was left alone standing in the town.

05/13/2007 7:41 PM

Kievre sat patiently in the center of her small shrine in the forest. Glancing around wearily, she perched on a small pedestal. It had been several years since her last prophet had ventured her way. Would she have to lure the next? It was so much more pleasing when they came of their own accord... She sighed and dragged a small fair finger through the pool of water inside another pedestal. The water blurred and a small of gods and goddesses could be seen.

"Making trouble again it seems..." she said with a small smile and tucking back a strand of hair. With a sigh, she dissapeared and appeared a few yards away from teh current commotion. "Oh dear dear me...' she said softly, her opaque eyes glancing around with only a small trace of amusement.

05/13/2007 9:46 PM

Argon was actualy rather amused by Ajuntas' riddle. "My...you flatter me Ajuntas! But I am sure that we all know I have never given birth to anything." he said. He walked over to the pillar and leaned against it. He balled up his fist and placed it under his chin as if to signify that he was pondering the riddle.

Really he wasn't. It was a fairly easy riddle. He knew the answer immediately and responded rather quickly after taking the pose. "Time. Time answers to none, time is without life but carries it all, time gives life and takes it away. Time does half of my job for me." he said in a sly tone.

05/14/2007 5:53 AM

Despite herself, Abeni found herself wandering towards the deities, more out of curiosity as to what they were doing than anything else. The grass tickling her bare feet as she walked, she eventually saw one of their number detatch himself from the group and lean against a nearby pillar, taking a thoughtful pose for a second or two before speaking. It took Abeni only a few minutes to recognise that they were exchanging riddles; a favourite pastime of gods who had all the time in the universe to think upon such things. A soft smile came upon the goddess's lips and Abeni decided to wait around and see how things developed. Who knows? Maybe one of the riddles were one she had heard before and could answer.

05/14/2007 6:38 PM

A great swirling mass of blackness appeared in the depths of Aza. None knew of it yet. None could see the onslaught to come.
"I AM!" the blackness said. And so the storm would grow.

05/15/2007 7:59 AM

Ajuntas replied to Argon. His face seemed to be devoid of emotion again. His mischevious voice filled the air. "Argon is correct.. Time." He stopped floating, and his eyes shifted from one god to the other. "Tell me this brothers, and sisters.." He suddenly grinned in his manical way. "Time flows, and keeps constant." His pale lips lost their emotion again as he continued talking. "What is as violent as the waves? What holds no mercy in its wake? What rains down silent destruction on every nation?"

05/15/2007 5:22 PM

Kievre, despite her belief that riddles were no way to waste time, found herself pondering the question. "Silent destruction..." she murmured softly, drifting silently down from her spot above them to land on the ground next to the riddler. "There is too much destruction." Her grave child's face appeared to be deep in thought, her small lips pursed and eyes closed.

05/15/2007 7:15 PM

Kual pondered Adjuntas' riddle, as he did the last. He liked to have a lot of time to think about riddles, for he had read many books on them in his Great Library. He knew one thing for sure. [i]Waves, wake, rain...[/i] The riddle held a common theme of water, so the answer was probably something to do with water. Or, as Adjuntas mentioned earlier, "Time flows, and keeps contant." Maybe his riddles held a common theme.

[i]"Is the answer...Age? Or how about a flood? Maybe it's disease or drought. "[/i] Kual whipered aloud, hoping for a hint from Adjuntas. Maybe Ororoc would know the answer, or Adama and Poena.

"Hmmmm. This is an interesting riddle indeed."

05/15/2007 7:41 PM

"The answer...Age, it must be age." Ororoc said to himself. He had pondered saying it aloud, but had thought he was probably wrong. He was never good at riddles. His dark features twisted into a look of comtemplation and confusion. Ajuntas was a truly intriguing individual. Ororoc looked over to Poena and Adama. He let his gaze rest for a moment on her slender form and then let his eye's focus fall to the ground. If only he was like these other gods. These beings of majesty and beauty. He left this depressing thought sink to the bottom of his mind and focused on the riddle. He was after all playing a game. Surely he could at least do this.

05/15/2007 7:54 PM

Ajuntas giggled loudly and brought his hand to his face forming his mask. "AGE IS CORRECT!!!" He spoke almost sarcastically. "Now you should pat yourselves on the back!" He spun his cane around and leaned on it rather dramatically. He peered out from behind the mask at Poena first then Ororoc. He held out a free hand to them."My next riddle will be far more difficult and carry a price.." He waved his hand and a map of Aza appeared before them all. "Should you answer this and fail.. I will gain these lands." He said almost amused by his own words.

The lands highlighed in a deep purple. "I like to spice things up. So Answer correctly, and I will offer one of my temples as a gift.." He sat down in what seemed to be an invisable chair, and crossed his legs almost in a feminine manner. "What is the difference between A king, and his horse?" A sick twisted grin played on his lips though none could see it.

05/15/2007 8:01 PM

Kievre sighed, gradually getting tired of these games. Ajuntas wasn't irritating exactly, more like just annoying. Her eyes flickered towards his temple on the map. It would be nice though to have another place of her own besides just the forest spring. "A king and his horse..." she murmured softly, crossing her arms behind her back childishly. Unfortunately, she really had no idea. Making peace between warring nations was easier than one of Ajuntas' riddles. She sighed, glancing covertly at the other faces around her for a hint.

05/16/2007 6:32 AM

[i]The number of legs?[/i] Abeni thought to herself with a smile, although she didn't really expect it to be correct. She hadn't been able to guess any of the answers to these riddles and that made feel somewhat dissapointed with herself; has she been spending a little too much time with the mortals? Possibly.

The goddess looked over the map briefly, observing the amount that the riddler had just made claim to should he win. That was quite a chunk of Aza, although she didn't think that any of that land was of concern to her; her domain was located a bit further south and she was happy with that. Besides, once land was claimed it was nearly always lost again in time; whether through war, nature or divine influence. Regardless, she didn't want to risk answering until she was absolutely sure she had the right answer, for whilst she may not have been concerned about the land one of the others might be.

"Let's be honest," she muttered quietly so that none of the others could hear her, "I'm more suited to healing and nuturing than answering riddles."

05/16/2007 8:44 AM

"Riddles-" Adama walked over to Ajuntas, slowly, so that her hips moved just [i]so[/i], "are so-" she moved so close that her face almost touched the featureless mask, "[i]boring[/i]".

Her last word was almost a hiss of annoyance and was followed by a pouty sigh.

"I [b]imagine[/b] it's some ridiculous pun on 'rein' and 'reign'. Or something equally uninteresting."

She kept her face, beautiful as a study done in alabaster by a master, close to his, dropping her voice so that it was almost a whisper.
"You give me no pleasure, Ajuntas. Keep your mad followers, you king of fools, for they would give me a headache."

05/16/2007 3:35 PM

Ororoc saw the strange scene before him turn dark and frightening, he felt an uneasiness in his chest and began to twitch and tremble. Ajuntas was playing with Aza... The land of his very followers. How could he? How could he gamble the love of hundreds for mere amusement. He truly was the Mad God. Ororoc regretted, now more than ever, his joining of this game. Then he saw Adama, who had done little as of yet, slither through the air, her temptress body flowing like a snake, something tugged at his insides, desire, lust. These feelings of want and need and many more pulled at him. Her walk was more than enough, it would seem, to bring him to his knees. He was also rather interested in Adama's bipolar opposition to Poena...Wait... How had he known those names? She was a stranger to him, wasn't she? Maybe Kual had mentioned them at an earlier date. He left that thought to wander his psyche and let himself sink into the horror of Ajuntas' strange proposal.
Already his mind was drowning in it. What was this game really about? Was it all it appeared or was it more? Did Ajuntas really only do this for amusement, was this mere madness or was it something both chaotic and planned. Something sinister had crept accross Ajuntas' face after his last few words. Ororoc almost considered it a smile, he couldn't see it behind his mask, but he knew it was there, it was more than a mere smile, it wasn't even the grin of a madman. It was more. It was true chaos. Ororocs blades suddenly hastened in orbit. Fear had come. Ororoc was fear and he himself truly feared. The last time he had feared like this was when he had first become a true god and had attained his domain, when he had lost his own sanity, when he was dangerous and violent. How he hoped this would slow in its worsening, lest he harm these innocent gods, these... friends.

05/16/2007 5:32 PM

Ajuntas was indeed insane, and to suggest otherwise would be foolish. A flash of brilliance in Ajuntas's multi colored ever changing hues could be seen, and he now knew that he had rattled their cages enough. He disappeared in a puff of multicolored smoke and re appeared floating above Ororoc. He seemed to reveal in the insanity that seemed to peel away at Ororoc's psyche. "Then since noone has the stomach to answer..I shall.."

His voice took on a tone of anger.."INSTINCT!! A horse carries the king into battle but they are one unit. They both cut through their foes with presiscion, and speed, but A king has INSTINCT that is the difference!! He glared at Adama.. "Im dissapointed in you really i am.."

He disappeared once more in a flash of brilliant colors.."You used to love playing my games.." The Mad God's demeanor changed to that of depression, and sadness. Then that unmistakeable grin formed. "So it begins." He said in the softest of whispers. The sound of his cane tapping against the ground as he leaned lazily on it with each step. He wasnt a cripple.. Probably just fond of his cane. Which housed some of his godly powers, but it was no more significant than Argon's scythe.

Ajuntas passed through one of the portal lakes to one of his temples, and emerged in the realm of the mortals. He was now robbed in white, and his mask was more ornate. His followers all present within the temple began reciting scriptures form the Kalaitus.."Be quiet!!" Ajuntas said in an aggravated voice.."Build me an army." The leaders of his followers gathered, and Ajuntas spoke with them. "I shall gather my Utemna, but here in this realm. You shall build a magnificant army.." The followers nodded, and the building began. Forges, and fires could be seen from Ajuntas's lands as they began their preparations.

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05/16/2007 6:06 PM

Ajuntas opened a portal to one of his temples, and emerged in the realm of the mortals.

(out of game comment that needs to be posted here!) Iorlas please edit that, remember that you can only reach the mortal realm of Aza through the portal lakes in Ada and Aza, and Undos stands between them. Please edit that so that you left for the lake or teleported there. If I have neglected to mention the lakes, then I apologize. Regardless this is a rule of Aza and Ada, these things are essential to the story so edit and we're good. GREAT POST!!

05/16/2007 6:40 PM

Ajuntas... He was gone. What had just happened? Ororoc shuddered, something horrible was happening. Ajuntas frightened Ororoc, truly frightened him. He looked around at the other gods and backed away slowly. He blinked hard and opened his eyes wide, he took his final glances at the gods and left the last of them rest upon Poena and Adama for moments more than he should have, then he turned about and began the walk back to his citadel, he would visit the mortal realm another day. Now he had to see to his people from a place where he felt safe, where he would remain unjudged. He hadn't gone far when he heard the sound of blades rushing through the air, not his blades, no the blades of an Iq, he turned around and saw before him Mawb.
"One of the Iq has rebelled, he has declared indepence from you and has gone to your realm and taken many of your followers in his wake. He claims he will not serve something that both fears and is fear. He has declared war!" said Mawb is the metallic echo of his voice.
Ororoc was speechless. Once again true fear struck at his psyche, at his very soul. Fear, he was fear and yet he feared, he even feared fear itself. He truly was fear in every aspect, thus he also experienced it. He looked to Mawb and nodded. And hastened his step as he continued to his tower. What darkness awaited him?

05/16/2007 6:59 PM

The black mass in the depths of Aza began to pulse and swell more intensely than before. Great tearing tendrils of oblivion ripped themselves from it's tumultuous surface. Immense cascading waves of pitch-black shadow rose and collapsed over the pulsing oblivion. The pounding pulsations thickened in depth, their volume growing into an enormous chaotic and strangely orchestral cacophony. The tendrils dug through all that they could, they spread and encancered all that lay before them, they soon reached the layers of earth only miles below the surface of Aza. There they stopped suddenly. But the stacatto of the pulsating darkness did not. Each thundering boom shook and tore at the earth about it. On the surface of Aza, one would barely notice the faint tremors, only the most sensitive beings bore any reaction to the ominous tune. The core of this black cancer began to sooth and calm. Although it's horrid dirge still played without change. It began to shrink and shrivel into a strange form, a featureless black humanoid. No taller than eight or nine feet, did it stand. Still the dirge played.
"I AM" it said.

05/16/2007 7:12 PM

Kievre felt a surge of pain, and gasped, her small hands clenching into fists. Black flashes crashed across her vision and she stumbled backwards, stifling a scream that tore from her lips. Frantically she sought the gateway back to her temple. Appearing above the gateway to Gha, she slipped into the lake and disappeared.

She reappeared in her empty temple seconds later, still gasping and breathing hard. Catching a glimpse of her reflection, her face was flushed and red. Her image even, the very image that she chose seemed to flicker as if she were losing control. Taking a deep breath she sought peace, meditating on the simple beauty that lay quiet around her. After a few moments, the pain and black subsided and then was gone. The small white doves that twittered around her temple were silent, each staring in her direction.

"What just happened?" she whispered, with wide uncertain eyes.

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05/16/2007 7:42 PM

Frantically she sought the gateway back to her temple.

Do you mean the gateway of Gha? please say yes... I just went over this with Iorlas. I apologize for the inconvenience...

05/16/2007 7:51 PM

((Well, you hadn't exactly named it yet when I posted, so I figured I would cover my bases until I knew for sure. So now I'll go clarify.))

05/16/2007 10:01 PM

As Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al danced and watched, a frown emerged onto its face. Ajuntas's actions may tip the balance too far.

Ajuntas passed through one of the portal lakes to one of his temples,

Suddenly, the Mad God teleported, although Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al knew not where. He kept part of his vision on the congregation of gods, and split his attention to scour both Aza and Ada, trying to locate the Mad God once again.

Still, the dance continued, smooth and flowing.

Suddenly, almost imperceptibly, a finger twitched out of rhythm.

Surprised, the god concentrated hard on its divinations. This time, its left hand rotated the wrong way, and shot perpendicular to its position in the dance. On the third jerk, when its other hand moved without it willing to, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al felt the disturbance in the lands of Aza.

Dismissing the vision of the congregation of gods and the vision scouring the lands of Ada, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al concentrated purely on the lands of Aza. It felt small disturbances throughout the land, but nothing major. Another jerk, this time its whole arm, and the god knew something was happening. It looked deeper, it looked beyond, it did anything it could think of, no matter how much sense it made, looking everywhere, trying to find out what this disturbance was. It wasn't Ajuntas, it knew that. This was too big to be caused by any one god, Mad or not.

As it scoured, the jerks became more and more severe, until its beautiful dance was ruined by jerking limbs and flailing appendages every few seconds.

Suddenly, it found the source of the disturbance. Or rather, it didn't find the disturbance...it found nothing. There was a hole...a humanoid shaped hole...deep underneath the lands of Aza...Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al couldn't concentrate on it, but had to feel around it, to know that it was [i]nothing[/i]. It wasn't just empty space, it [i]was[/i] [b]nothing.[/b]

"I AM"

As that thunderous statement went forth, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al was watching. It seemed to have been pointed at nothing, everything, and Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al personally. When the god heard that exclamation, its entire body tensed, shot straight up into the air, and came crashing back down into the shallow pool.

There it lay, unconscious, as the ripples faded and the water slowly calmed after its thunderous crash...

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05/17/2007 4:24 AM

Kual felt a wave of shock roll over himself, and he knew that something bad was happening. He excused himself from the prescence of the other gods, and moved as fast as possible to the Great Library of Enous.

He arrived at the Library, frantically tearing through his books until he found the one that helped him open the bookshelf. Behing the shelf was a gate, and Kual presented his only key. He waited impaitently for the gate to open, then rushed forward into the place where the Tome of All Past was kept.

But the Tome was gone.

A masked figure lurked on the ceiling above, smiling down at Kual from beneath his mask. This figure had a dark malice about him, and Kual looked up, sensing this. But there was no longer anyone there.

And the Tome was gone. Kual sensed that a catastrophe was about to form and take shape. All it needed was time.

05/17/2007 12:28 PM

Ororoc within his tower, had shut himself in his dark room. Unaware of the swelling darkness that now trembled through Aza. He was too consumed by fears that had already set themselves within him. He shook and jerked about, tears unfalling, unexisting. His eyes longed for tears. How they pleaded for water and salt. He wrapped his arms about himself and slowly descended into madness...

05/17/2007 12:43 PM

The blackness, the strange figure deep within Aza. It moved. It began to turn through the earth and slowly climb through the solidity of Aza's depths. It once again began to speak.
"I AM...I AM...I AM...I AM!!!!" it bellowed again and again. Its words thundered through A'oor now. The howl of oblivion rang out. Men and women, children, millions died at these words, it shook through their souls, it tore at their bodies as though it were a legion of blades and edges. Scores of gods dropped to their knees, crushed by the great drop in faith, some gods keeled over, dead, with nothing left to worship them. A'oor wept that day. All the rivers of Aza flowed red with the blood of countless mortals. Only the ocean indefenite and the Lake of Gha remained unstained by the scarlet cancer. And then as if nothing and yet everything had happened, as though one had blinked their eyes and saw the world torn to pieces upon their reopening. The dirge had largely subsided. Only a low rumble could be heard at best. But everyone knew somehow that it was far from over. Moments would require every ounce of appreciation, for their would be few to come that wouldn't contain suffering and pain.

05/21/2007 9:26 AM

Poena wailed.

She had been sent reeling by the sudden outpouring of pain, the scale and ferocity and sheer senselessness of it, and the cry passed through her lips without thought.

On her knees- silks still swirling gently about her, incongruous now- her hands hovered, shaking, by her ears, not quite touching.

The wailing had subsided to a low, dreadful keening, but every part of her trembled.

Stumbling, she crawled over to the pool, bringing forth an image of Eru.
No breath passed over her lips as she watched in horror the awful devastation, blinking back tears each time the image blurred.

"Ruin.." her voice, when it came, was almost inaudible, "ruin.."

05/21/2007 8:33 PM

Kievre was as close to death as a goddess could get. In fact, it would not be unwise to believe that there was only one, perhaps two believers in her still existing, and their power alone kept her alive.

She sat sitting alone by her spring, which has shrunk smaller and smaller til only a small pool a foot square wide remained. Her reflection in it wavered, indeed, her very materialization shivered to stay alive as well. The goddess sat cross legged, eyes closed, as if unaware that her small temple had fall in around her. The pillars that once stood white and majestic had fallen to shambles, where lines of vines circled their remains. Her visage glowed, as if by meditation she sought to keep in touch with her two single followers, to keep their faith in her alive.

Suddenly her eyes burst open, burning with white light and she sagged backwards to lay with a deathly pallor against the browning grass. "No..." she whispered, watching her altar crumble. Death had stolen the first of her last two followers. Only one remained. She didn't understand what was happening, but desperately she sought an answer, a way to bring a new mortal to her that may yet bring her back to life, and to power. But it was a power she was uncertain remained within her.

05/24/2007 6:41 PM

Kual deduced what was happening had something to do with Pashk and the journal, for no other god in A'oor was brave enough to take Kual's one great Ohlum away from him. If that journal had anything to do with attaining a domain and true godhood, the Pashk had already resigned himself to this darkness spreading across A'oor.

Kual had to go. He grabbed a sachel full of books from his private collection, and his staff. He rushed out of the Library, ignoring the comments from the Bookkeepers.

"Sir, are you leaving again? I have not seen you so out and about in a while. Does it have something to do with the prescence that I felt a minute ago? I think everyone in Ada felt that, Master."

Kual grabbed the young Bookkeeper and brought her close, a look of panic in his eyes.

"You must be silent about this, my child. The Tome has been stolen, and I fear all of A'oor is in danger. I will be traveling to Ororoc's tower, and then to Aza. Do not tell anyone about the situatuion with the Tome, and keep the library safe while I am gone."

The scared Bookkeeper nodded her head, for she had never seen her Master so flustered and frustrated. Kual firmly grasped his staff from where it lay on the ground, and left the library.

[i]Later, At Ororoc's Tower [/i]

Kual slammed his fist at the gates to Ororoc's tower, pleading to the reclusive god for his aid, as well as the aid of the others that were present for Ajuntas' games.

" Ororoc! I beg of you, leave your tower and come with me to Aza. There is a great rippling darkness that will cripple all of A'oor if we sit idly and wait for it to happen. All of our people, the people who adore us, our precious followers, they are all in grave danger!"

Kual screamed at the gates, only hoping that the God of fear could cast away his own fear. This would not be a repeat of the Great War of Jural, Kual promised himself that. He would stop this darkness from ever harming A'oor, if only Ororoc would help him.

05/24/2007 7:57 PM

" Ororoc! I beg of you, leave your tower and come with me to Aza. There is a great rippling darkness that will cripple all of A'oor if we sit idly and wait for it to happen. All of our people, the people who adore us, our precious followers, they are all in grave danger!"

Ororoc, already descending into madness as the world shook beneath him, as his followers died and his lands were torn apart, he still heard the desperate pleas of a god at his gate. The voice was vague in his memory, his mind was far to contorted and twisted to place upon it a name, he knew it only as 'friend'. This friend... Why was he here? Was he the reason why this was happening? Did he do this to him? Ororoc then became something he hadn't been in centuries, his robes began to lift into the air revealing his oily black body, thin and muscular, bleeding black blood all over it's grey flesh, his robes then contorted and wrapped themselves about each other until they formed great, almost claw-like wings, grey bloodsoaked flesh crawled over them forming the membrane and covered his now skeletally structured robes. His face also began to contort and change, where a featureless face once resided, a massive fang filled maw took up his entire visage, within it could be seen countless tongues and many other strange things, eyes and toothy mouths. His eyes had all but disapeared, they were slit like now and were just above his screeching roaring maw. His hand's fingers stretched out, the flesh taunt over them as long slender talons tore through the ends of his fingers' flesh. His form also elongated and tore apart his tight skin, and the blood poured forth in tides and streams. His rib cage also tore open through his flesh, each rib like a fang in yet another growing mouth. He now stood at least twice as tall as he once had.
These thoughts and more rushed through the madness that was now his mind. Pandamonium took him as the transformation peaked in a screaming climax. The blades that flew about him had all forced themselves together into one long and jagged, curved blade, a great sword, it was almost as long as he was tall and it seemed to bellow a silent threat to all that would be soon caught within the sight of it's master. He screeched and leapt from the balcony of his great tower, he descended upon the one he had once called friend. How foolish of him to think that anything would befriend such a monster as he, he would kill them all like the monster he was. Because that's all he was. He had always felt that way, he had always seen himself to be a monster. He swung the blade out at Kual and roared a thousand roars through his many mouths and throats.

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05/25/2007 9:39 PM

Kual just stood, not at all unnerved by the massive sword flying towards him. The sword came closer and closer, and Kual lifted his staff slowly, before the sword came so close he could feel its movements in the air.

"Rordas, protect."

"I will protect."

The blade stopped in midair, a transparent shield blocking it from cleaving Kual in half. Kual forced the shield to disperse with a wave of his hand, parrying the sword. His staff lengthened to the point that the tip was pointing at Ororoc's neck. He assumed a stance necessary for wielding such a now large quarterstaff.

"Calm yourself, Ororoc. I am not here to fight you. But if I must, I will put you down for the good of the rest of Ada. Do not think I would waver one moment, my friend."

Kual steadied himself, awaiting Ororoc's response, ready to move at any time.

05/26/2007 11:19 PM

Ajuntas had returned to the godly plane through the portal lake, and was now floating above Kual, and Ororoc. Finally after all that had transpired he cackled manically.."OH my..Fighting amongst one another..HOW EXCITING!!" He vanished and appeared beside Ororoc. "Dont listen to him..He just wants to use you.." He whispered those words ever seductively.

Ajuntas's mask now had ornate white horns on it, and his staff had taken the form of a rather cruel looking shortsword. "Whats has everything come to?" He disappeared and reappeared before Kual. "You know dont you?" He said leaning forward as if to suggest he was gesturing to Kual. "You want to keep secrets..You want to bring all of us down on our knees..That is where you want us."

Ajuntas snapped his gaze back to Ororoc. "Hes a liar, and he wants to control you."

05/27/2007 12:31 PM

"RAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! How dare you!! EVERYTHING LIES!!!!" Ororoc screamed. Once again another transformation took place, his fear of all of A'oor fueling it. His limbs double in length, his long skeletal torso stretched and contorted in a most gruesome fashion, flesh was being torn and regenarated all over him. Soon his spine began to tear through his back, long spikes growing out of each notch. His jaws elongated as well, his eye's completely disapearing. His lengthened till it was twice it's original size. Then thousands of tendrils covered in hoary barbs sprout from his back and entangled his wings, tearing them apart and writhing about violently through the air. His anger, his fear, his hatred intensified a thousand fold as he landed and ran at Kual swinging his great blade, only this time a great churning shadow enveloped it, the true nature of his oluhm, it was a blade fueled by the fear and hatred around it, and it's swing could bring even gods to their knees. However it also bore a great toll on Ororoc as well, for it would ultimately drive his mind so far into madness that it would crush his very being, the sheer chaos of his thought warping reallity and devouring him physically and mentally. However Ororoc would survive if he could be calmed, for although the swing was nigh unblockable, it was however survivable and an effective retaliation could shatter his bezerkers rage long enough to see to it that reason would reach his ears. Kual was one of few whom had the ability to tame such a fury.
Ororoc's fury however suddenly cut short of striking Kual and he turn his horrid visage towards Ajuntas.
"YOU SHALL DIE!!!! CHAOS WILL DIE!!!!! NOTHING SHALL LIVE!!!! YOU WILL COWER BEFORE ME!!!" He held his blade fast and lept from where he stood and flung out his sword arm in a great arc towards the Trickster God, leaving a great trail of shadows in it's wake that pulsed outward, washing the ground about him in blackening rapture. Great tides of blood poured from Ororoc's maw as he roared, true terror emanating from his throat.

05/28/2007 10:50 AM

Ajuntas didnt move. He didnt flinch infact the sword cleaved him in half. His body lie in two on the ground, and for a moment it looked as if the mad god had indeed been destroyed. Then that manical laughter. Ajuntas's body formed into a swarm of black, and purple butterflies. As they dispersed Ajuntas's true form reappeared next to Kual. "Hes out of control..Kill him.." He sat back as if he was sitting in an invisable chair.

Ajuntas tilted his head and spoke to Ororoc. Insanity was Ajuntas's game. "Ororoc.. You will calm yourself.. Or you will be forced to paint flowers on your palace..I mean bright pink flowers!!"

05/28/2007 2:43 PM

Ororoc roared once again and bellow these words.

Ororoc ran at Ajuntas brandishing Saanqis, his speed was great than before and his fearful aura intensified. He brought the blade as hard as he could upon the mad god. His every ounce of suffering and insanity was focused into this moment, he truly intended to murder a fellow god. He truly wished to murder Ajuntas. He truly wished to murder many more after him. HE WAS FEAR! HE WAS UNDENIABLE!

05/29/2007 2:53 PM

There was a blight on creation, and it was blasphemy to Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al.

There was a pandemic of destruction. This wasn't death, it was obliteration. People, animals, plants, land: all were turned to naught, as if they never were. There was no sense, no cause, no balance to what was happening, it just [i]was[/i].

Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al lay unconscious in the water, deathly still, not so much as a twitch to disturb the water. Despite its calm appearance, however, it could feel the turmoil in the land.

Destruction ripped through the land; pain ripped through the deity. It suffered waves of agony as the land was torn, lives were lost, and souls extinguished.

As the deity lay half-submerged, wounds began appearing on its form, belying the torture it was undergoing. Bruises formed along its torso and extremities and cuts mysteriously emerged on its skin; slowly, the water turned red.

"RAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! How dare you!! EVERYTHING LIES!!!!" Ororoc screamed.

With a gasp, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al burst from the water, sending a wave of water over the edge of the shallow pool. The temple was eerily quiet as its spiritual followers and servants were already seeing to what needed to be done: they did not need direct orders, thinking on their feet independence was encouraged. Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al knew that they were gathering followers, and sending reassuring messages. No one knew exactly what was happening, though. Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al would contact them once it had more answers. Right now, it had to act before the destruction caused battle and destruction to spread amongst the gods themselves, which would not be wise at the time.

Quickly, it scoured the lands of the gods until it found where the confrontation it could feel was happening.

Ororoc ran at Ajuntas brandishing Saanqis, his speed was great than before and his fearful aura intensified. He brought the blade as hard as he could upon the mad god. His every ounce of suffering and insanity was focused into this moment, he truly intended to murder a fellow god. He truly wished to murder Ajuntas. He truly wished to murder many more after him. HE WAS FEAR! HE WAS UNDENIABLE!

Knowing it had to act quickly if it were to stave off confrontation between the deities, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al appeared in between the two gods, gathering all the strength it could muster as it exclaimed its next words.


That single word was louder than a charging army, reverberating through the air and the gods' minds. The strength of that single utterance even spilled into the land of the mortals, causing thunder to rumble throughout the lands of Aza.

[b]"You have the power over fear; do not let it have power over you."[/b]

Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al held its ground between the charging god and his target, emanating the power it had gathered, hoping that Ororoc would realize the folly of his actions

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05/29/2007 7:19 PM

"You have the power over fear; do not let it have power over you."

"I AM FEAR!!!! NEITHER APART NOR WITHIN IT. I AM FEAR!!!" said Ororoc as he charged right into Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al, his great blade shimmering. He no longer had reason or logic to guide him. His words now held a horrible insight into his true state of mind. Perhaps Ororoc truly had become fear itself. He truly feared everything, even himself.

As the battle raged, the lands of Aza below, in the lands of Ororoc's followers, pandemonium still raged, but it had spread to the minds of the people now. They shared a deep emotional connection to Ororoc and his insanity was tearing them apart, their fear filled the already overpowered god with even more uncontrollable strength. O how the disciples of Ororoc prayed for the Oririsosis, the chrysalis stage of their god, so that he may calm his troubled mind and regain control over the horror that was his strength, fear. They focused their fear unto him, knowing that once his limit was reached he would achieve Oririsosis and a small peace would reach the bedlam of those lands of Ororoc's night. All one could do was hope that either foreign gods would interfere or that Oririsosis would be attained. This however was but a small drop in a much larger pond, for all of A'oor was in chaos and such things were now trivial in scale. Tradgedies were legion.

05/29/2007 7:26 PM


Kual was amazed to see Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al, standing equally to Ororoc, preventing the bloodthirsty god from reaching Ajuntas. Kual took a place beside Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al, holding his staff towards Ororoc.

"Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al, you do not fight this battle alone. I have known Ororoc longer than any other god in Aza, and he cannot be defeated easily while in this state. We must be sure to occupy his time until he reaches his crysalis stage, then we can preserve him in the cocoon until we know what to do with him."

Kual then focused his attention to Ororoc, his friend, the one who he would have to defeat if he hoped to move on to save A'oor from this dark threat.

"[i]I will show you what a god can do when he is wise to the world around him, Ororoc. This beserking behavior will yeild no success against me, and no success against A'oor. Rordas, [b]PROTECT!!!![/b][/i]"

Kual and Rordas focused their energies together then, and Kual's eyes turned a pale white. His body lifted from the ground, and Rordas began to shape into a spear-like form. A once invisible shield upon Kual-Juah's arm began to shine like glass, and appeared as a glimmering buckler.

"[i]Prepare thyself for an oblivion sculpted into existance by your own fear, Ororoc.[/i]"

05/29/2007 10:04 PM

Ajuntas's attention was brought to what had transpired..That time he had no tricks planned, and surely would have been cut in half if it where not for Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al. Ajuntas unsheathed his cruel looking shortsword, and vanished reappearing above Kual he then began speaking in the insane tongues of Kalaitus. He reopened a portal behind them a rather large one, and the seven Utemna flew out their minds were connected to Ajuntas's so they knew what was going on. They fluttered around with their great wings spread, and their golden armor shineing. Feathers floated around in the air.

Their swords and spears burned with a hot white fire. Ajuntas's eyes turned a dark red behind the ornate mask of ivory. Strands of his white long hair flapped in the sudden energy that burst forth from him. "You didnt play by the rules!!!" He said angrily. He began forming a circle in the air that eventually started to make colorful lines of energy.
He finally slammed his palm forward and a burst of massive multicolored energy shot towards Ororoc.

05/30/2007 3:06 PM

Ororoc's frustration pealed out from his maw in a great roar as he swept the great circular projectile Ajuntas had flung at him with his hoary blade. Ororoc roared once again and soon legions of Iq descended upon the defiant gods before him. Their blade-like bodies weaving sanguine, air lacerating paths about the deities. Ororoc jumped into the fray at his strongest yet, the build up of fear and malcontent were finally taking their toll on his ominous new form, he was more a monster now than he ever was, screeching and roaring, swinging Saanqis abouot wildly and clawing and grasping for his enemies. His tendrils crept through the air at startling speeds as the maelstom which was Ororoc's onslaught mounted towards a terrifying climax.

05/30/2007 7:06 PM

"Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al, you do not fight this battle alone. I have known Ororoc longer than any other god in Aza, and he cannot be defeated easily while in this state. We must be sure to occupy his time until he reaches his crysalis stage, then we can preserve him in the cocoon until we know what to do with him."

As soon as he heard Kual say this, realization clicked in the deity's mind. Like a caterpillar that must gorge itself before weaving its cocoon, Ororoc must have his rage fueled. Hopefully, afterwards, they can contemplate the best maneuver with level heads.

For now, however, they must fight.

It merely watched as Kual prepared himself, and Ajuntas continued in his mad ravings.

They fluttered around with their great wings spread, and their golden armor shineing. Feathers floated around in the air.

As it saw the beings flying about, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al thought to itself, [i]Good, this will provide some cover. All of this chaos shall only furthur Ororoc's rage, and make it easier to play on his own fears.[/i]

As a deity whose method of worship consisted of martial arts, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al did indeed know how to fight. It knew that rage was an important part; it provided strength when determination was failing. Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al also knew, however, that if left unchecked, rage could be a fighter's downfall, and that is exactly what it planned to do.

Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al walked straight up to Ororoc, without raising a hand. It stood there, and waited for him to take a swing. Predictably, the god swung wildly, lost in his rage. Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al twisted its body slightly, so that the blade barely missed the deity. It continued to taunt Ororoc, presenting itself for seemingly simple attacks, and then denying the god the satisfaction of hitting it.

Ororoc roared once again and soon legions of Iq descended upon the defiant gods before him. Their blade-like bodies weaving sanguine, air lacerating paths about the deities.

As Ororoc roared and charged again, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al sidestepped, bringing its body low, sweeping its rear leg back straight at the shins of the rushing god, intending to leave the raving god sprawled out on the ground to lay in his own humiliation. As it crouched down, however, an Iq appeared in front of its face, causing it to throw its body backwards to prevent from impaling itself on an Iq. Lying directly in the path of the rushing god, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al rolled backwards and launched itself into the air, landing lithely on its feet.

Still, Ororoc charged, blade swinging. Backstepping, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al evaded both blade swings and Iq, until it stepped directly on one. With a hop and a growl to push the pain aside, the deity feigned a pain worse than it actually was, and fell to one knee.

Looking up, it saw that Ororoc had caught up to the deity, and raised his blade triumphantly. With another mad scream, he swung down in a mighty swing, fear emanating from his blade and from his being, completely swallowed in his own domain.

Looking up, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al saw the blade coming straight down, aimed at the middle of its forehead. It knew that it had to time this perfectly. Too early and the surprise will be blown, too late and it will die. Surely, the blade coming directly at its head had delivered death before; it emanated the fear and hatred of thousands of lost souls. It could easily cleave the deity in two, as it had probably done before, and as it would do again.

Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al knew that death could happen to gods, so its life was riding on this one move. As the blade swept nearer to its face, it began to wonder if it could indeed pull this off, and what would happen if it couldn't...

With a thunderous crash, the blade smashed into the stone floor, creating a gouge several inches deep and stirring up copious amounts of dust. The dust obscured the area for a moment, resulting in a brief mystery as to whether or not Ororoc had truly just cleaved the deity in twain or not...

A stray gust of wind blew the dust away just in time to see what was happening.

Instead of Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al kneeling down on the floor, there were now [i]two[/i] deities before Ororoc. They were Dh'ava and Sh'yamagh, the two sides of the deity that [u]was[/u] [i]Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al.[/i]

On either side of the sword that was still partially buried in stone, each was in mid-air, spinning in opposite directions. Their torsos were facing Ororoc with their legs quickly catching up, performing flawless tornado kicks. One leg tucked safely underneath their bodies they launched the other, snapping the leg to full extension, feet flying squarely for the temples on either side of Ororoc's head...

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05/30/2007 7:22 PM

Ororoc took the kicks directly, caught completely unaware by the opposing god's flawless evasion. He screamed out in pain as his skull pounded with reverberations. He however had not let himself completely defenseless and had in fact swung his blade out horizontally as the kicks had landed, hoping to butcher the assailants with one fell swing. As he did this a dark grey mucus began to ooze from his back. Perhaps the Oririsosis was finally initiating. Perhaps this battle would end soon and allow for the innumerable horrors of the world below to be tended to.

05/30/2007 9:07 PM

Door was worried. Maelmorn had collapsed on the cold marble floor of his temple as the Black Tremors had begun, and even now the Dream God would not awaken.
"Sleepwalker," Door whispered in Maelmorn's pale ear. "It is the waking-time." Door reached out his child-like fingers, groping in his blindness to feel his master's face, push at the nose, touch the cheekbones, until suddenly, Door felt the unmistakable feeling of fluttering eyelids underneath his fingertips...
"Door..." Maelmorn regained consiousness slowly, as if pulling himself out of mollasass, the shape of his trusted servant swirling into place above him. "Door, I was dreaming. I dreamed of black, of a man twisted out of darkest night..." As Maelmorn came fully awake, his dream faded and the pain and fear of Ororoc filled his mind, the god's anguish and insanity were enough to be felt in Aza, and they hit Maelmorn like an icy fist to the stomach. "I must go, " he choked to Door, using his servant's small shoulder to elevate himself off the floor. "You stay here; find the other Sleepkeepers, make sure they are all safe. Go to the Oracles--if they live. I must go to Ororoc, he must sleep."
In a swift blink Maelmorn found himself inbetwixt the Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al and the cause of all this commotion--Ororoc, fear in god-flesh. He'd taken a blow from the Harmony god, dripping a grey fluid as he swung again at his assailant. Maelmorn dove out of the way, next to Kual, also preparing for a deadly attack. Maelmorn gripped Kual's arm with silent fingers and turned his face to Kual's now opalescent gaze.
"Time-Brother," he called. "It is time for Ororoc to sleep. He must reach Oririsosis and [i]sleep.[/i]"

06/08/2007 2:05 PM

Rk'th was still dazed, even now his senses were slow to return. Feeling increadibly weak he lay there on the ground no wanting to move yet knowing something had to be done. Slowly he raised himself still shaken by the events unfolding. People were dying rapidly and there was also a disturbance in Ada but what he did not know. He had to act but how he did not know.

He had taken afew steps when a small glow announced the presence of Lumaniathel. Rk'th turned to meet her and she spoke in her usual calm and cold demenor, "Our followers are dying, as well gods fight ammongst eachother. This is a dark time but all we can do for now is wait for a calm in the storm so that we may plan and make a difference instead of wasting our resources futilly." Rk'th didn't have the energy to argue nor did he want to, he knew Lumaniathel had studied the odd and this was what it was all he could do for now was wait at one of his temples here on Aza and hope that those who still held reason could at least slow thsese events.

06/11/2007 12:34 PM

Kual twirled around, grabbing the arm of Maelmorn, the Dream-god. He moved the god out of the way quickly, avoiding one of Ororoc's massive swings.

"Time-Brother," he called. "It is time for Ororoc to sleep. He must reach Oririsosis and [i]sleep.[/i]"

"[i] I agree, Maelmorn. Oririsosis is the only way we can calm Ororoc out of this state. If we cannot hold him back, the dammage he will cause will be immense.[/i]"

Kual readied Rordas, and charged towards Ororoc, and with each hit his shield took, his feet were forced into the ground. The relentless pummeling of Ororoc's swords were begining to wear upon the powers of the defensive Ohlum Rordas. The burden fell more and more upon Kual, who, even as a god, could not hold up to Ororoc's strength.

Then came an opening. If Kual raised his shield for a block, then Ororoc's face would be open to an attack. The problem with this was that Kual did not want to harm his friend, but if he did not he would surely be crushed under the weight of Ororoc's blows. He drew his spear Rordas back, thrusting it towards the face of the God of Fear.

But Kual had faltered due to his friendship, missing by a slight margin and only grazing Ororoc's cheek.

Ororoc swatted Kual aside with his sword, and Rordas could hold no longer. The shield upon Kual's arm shattered, and Rordas returned to it's original form. Kual was sent flying by the impact, smashing deep into the ground, limp.

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06/12/2007 6:59 PM

Ororoc paused for a moment, all the Iq ceased in mid flight and fell in heaps of clanging metal, appearing to be nothing more than piles of scrap. He stared without eyes at the Gods before him. Was this the eye of the storm or had he truly reached Oririsosis? Had the nightmare ended? He hefted the long slender blade into the air, it's jagged curves and twisted outcropping dripped with god-blood. He let a cool wind pass about them... Silence. His arms pulsated with rushing scarlet and depth-less adrenaline. His chest heaved like a great sore, filled with pus and rushing blood, the maw in its middle seemed to gasp for the air it didn't need. He clenched his fangs until they bore deep into his gums, a dark incarnadine pooled fourth. Kual lay sprawled on the ground nearby, fear had finally reached his eyes. Ororoc tightened his grip on Saanqis and walked slowly towards Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al who stood at the center of the staunch defenders at present. He had left his blade high, it made an imposing silhouette against a reddening evening sky. Ada only ever went dark when the world below was in peril. This was a dire time. Dire things were to be done and prevented. Madness reigned in the mind of a god. Whereas justice and balance took precedence in the minds of other gods. How such horrors had come to pass was undeniably the most inconceivably ominous thing ever to befall A'oor. Darkness was the puppet master here today. It pulled the chords, it watched the drama play, it laughed. How the shadows would lengthen before they would recede. The dark-tide had come and the moon that pulled it surely refused to pull it back. Ororoc stood now not but five feet from Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al. He opened his horrid mouth and let a breath pass over his flickering tongues, a raspy whispering issued forth and crept into the ears of the gods about him.
To...You....Then...You...Will...Die...In...PEACE!!!!" Ororoc's voice rang out on that last word in a mighty roar. It was almost time... Surely his Oririsosis was coming soon...

06/13/2007 8:06 PM

Maelmorn watched in horror as Kual's defenses were finally bested by Ororoc's pain. Bracing for the worst, Maelmorn let out a deep breath he didn't know he'd been holding when the Iq clanged to the ground. The sky was the overly-ripe red of blood and turmoil and the dreams Maelmorn yet could feel were of fear and flight from the monsters of the mind. Ororoc turned his horrid, utterly alien yet utterly human face once again toward Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al, the harmony god desperatly trying to bring his brother back to balance. He roared. A keening screech with power to shake Aza and all the waking world. Mealmorn could feel dark blood welling in his pale ears, trying to vent the pain in his head and heart. He dug his nails into the ground where Kual had pushed him out of the way, and then he knew what to do. Mealmorn, the god of dreams and thoughtful planning--a foriegner to impulse and action--lunged at the fear-god, pushing through the pounding in his head, and [i]reached[/i]. He reached out his left hand--the dreaming hand--writhing with the pale remnants of the sleeping world, and pushed shaking fingertips to Ororoc's forehead. The dream tatoos seemed to have been struck by lightening, they sizzled and danced across Maelmorn's shoulder, wrist, collarbone--and Maelmorn pushed. He pushed the dreams, the sleep, into Ororoc's mind--he was trying to rush the god into his Oririsosis, but his power was failing. Fast. Maelmorn had staggered in front of the Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al to act out his impulse, and now turned back to his harmony-brother and harmony-sister all in one, straining to hold his position, digging his long fingernails into Ororoc's flesh.
"He must sleep," he gasped, turning dark eyes pleading to Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al, flashing over to Kual. "I cannot do this alone," he whispered.

06/14/2007 7:25 PM

The long nails of Maelmorm's faint left hand slithered deep into Ororoc's head and even further into his mind. He screeched and bellowed in pain as they bore through his already torn sanity. Vast waves of restlessness came over him as a dream like sensation crawled over him, his head felt heavy and born down upon. He roared out in a desperate attempt at wakefulness. He forced himself out of the haze only to be dragged back in again, Maelmorm's grip was truly one of fortitude and desperation. But Ororoc would not be put to sleep without a fight, he swung his great blade down upon the god of dreams, its black edges spoke ill of the soon-to-be victim, a dire moment if there ever was one.

06/15/2007 4:50 AM

But Ororoc would not be put to sleep without a fight, he swung his great blade down upon the god of dreams, its black edges spoke ill of the soon-to-be victim, a dire moment if there ever was one.

In a flash, before responding to Maelmorn's plea, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al leaped next to the Dream God, bringing his hand up and around in a circular motion.

As Ororoc's sword descended upon the dream, a sword appeared in Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al's hand, and the deity struck the attacking weapon on the side, veering it off course so that it missed the Dream God.

"He must sleep," he gasped, turning dark eyes pleading to Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al, flashing over to Kual. "I cannot do this alone," he whispered.

"Fear not, Dream-Brother. Together we shall aid him," he responded. With that, he reached out and placed his hand on the open side of Ororoc's head, while simultaneously grabbing Maelmorn's free hand with his own.

Thus, the circuit was complete. Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al, Maelmorn, and Ororoc were all connected. Maelmorn was pushing power through to Ororoc, Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al added his own energy to the Dream God, empowering him with the energy of both of them. At the same time, it sent balancing waves of energy at the God of Fear, aiding the process that Maelmorn had started.

Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al could only hope that they would be enough.

06/18/2007 9:24 PM

Ajuntas removed his horned mask, and teleported reappearing behind Dh'ava Sh'yamagh'al. Surprisingly Ajuntas put a gloved hand on Dh'ava's back, and began to channel his own energy into Dh'ava. Unforunately Ajuntas formed a link with all the other gods as well, and he found it really hard not to laugh.

In his amusement he decided he would concentrate again..He would be good for now, and he delighted in the idea of guilt tripping Ororoc into serving him in the upcoming war. Yes it was true war was brewing faster than Argon's foul moods. Ajuntas would strike first and unexpectedly when none could fathom the betrayal.

Ajuntas's pale lips upturned in a subtle smirk.


Zilkin the second in command of the Utemna returned to Ajuntas's biggest temple overseeing what was being done in terms of the army that was being built.

The mortals had done well burning trees, and wood to fuel fires of their forges.. Smoke billowed into the sky, and cruel manical gates erected around Ajuntas's lands. The gates were broad, and dark. Spikes jutted out from them, and a dark errie glow swept through the walls as if they had some chaotic magic in them.

Zilkin saw that Ajuntas's people had become violent, and sadistic. Well pleased with the progress Zilkin returned to the plane of the gods awaiting the ordeal with Ororoc to be over.

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