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05/05/2007 9:08 AM

Morning in Last Chance, Texas started the way it usualy did for Darren, with beams of light filtering into his room from a smattering of bullet holes in the side of his prefab shelter. His grandmother had always said those shots came fro mthe first Tiberium war, back in 1995, but he knew the shelter had only been here since 1998. Darren sat up and rubbed his face, when he pulled his hands away they were grimy with soot. The man sighed adn prepared for his day at work. When he was ready he stopped at the door to his shelter and pulled on his filtration mask, it wouldn't be much, but it would help. The dusty eyepieces provided a strange window through which to view the world. Upon exiting his shelter he found himself looking upon the dilapitated ruins of Last Chance. It was ravage by two Tiberium wars. Both were brought about by the Nod Pyramid. It had brought jobs and a place of worship to thousands of people, disenfranchised by the first Tiberium war. GDI forces from Dallas had come in and destroyed the pyramid, that was how Darren's brother, Kyle, had been killed, in defense of that pyramid.

[i]Nod is our only hope little brother, GDI doesn't care about people like us. Kane can help us.[i/] that was what he had said before they had both burned the Nod Scorpion's tail onot the backs of their right hand. Darren looked down at the faded scar. Thunder rumbled in the distance, an Ion strom was rolling in from the red zone to the north. It was going to be a rough one.

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