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05/04/2007 7:32 PM

nanayashi begins his patrol of the former metropolis of new haven. he starts along the western border of the two camps. the rebals further along the east. and the evil communist regime some where in front of him. he begins a slow walking path between buildings so he can detect enemies on his radar better. he quickly checks to see how the other scouts are doing on his comsat map and gets ready to hit the under fire key as soon as a blip shows. for now all is silent compaired to what has recently been going on.

" damn this is getting boring. where has the enemy gone to this place was filled with them yesterday. i wonder if they're pulling out some or just stocking up for a huge attack."

nanayashi stops behind a building across from the old market place. so many fond memories of when there were many things being sold from produce to shirts. from mech parts to bicycles. now its just a large reminder of the horrors of the war. of the many slain. and of the many things destroyed from this war. the market was just a bunch of craters now.
he stops a while and hits the on post key for his comsat. telling everyone he's keeping a certain are covered for now. he eyes his radar looking for the possibility of a small bleep.

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05/04/2007 7:52 PM

Lieutenant Shigetomo, the officer in command of the scouting mission, radios from his gundam

"All units...(static) have made contact with enemy...(static) under fire...(static) request backup..."

As he finishes his message an enemy mobile suit appears from around a corner and fires on Shigetomo's gundam. Barely blocking with his shield he slashes the enemy suit in half.

"God i hope they get here in time"

05/04/2007 8:16 PM

nanayashi gets a report from his radio. " all units...have made contact with enemy.....underfire......request backup."
unsure if he should answer the message he hesitates for a second as his comsat pinpoints the location of the call and shows it came a few miles south of his position.

" hmm ill leave a scout marker here and head down to the call. but something just doesn't feel right about this." he says to hime self as he sets the probe. once he's done setting it he starts down toward the call. he radios in a reply.

" this is blackjack #27 i read you. i'll come to your northern side over."

05/05/2007 7:04 AM

"Well hurry up...i cant hold out much longer"

At this time Shigetomo's gundam sidestepped another mobile suit and slashed its head off with his beam saber.

05/05/2007 7:48 AM

"Have begun...ing casualties...Two d...now. They...a Gundam. What...plan, sir? Over."

Bonner silently curses his intelligence connections. They warned him about Gundams stationed in the area, but if one is that far from the base, it typically means there are more dangerous mechs ready to defend. Nonetheless, he considers his plan solid enough, even against Gundams. He turns on his radio and talks to the cooperating platoon leader: "Roger that. Maintain your defense; do not attempt to engage the Gundam. Help is on the way. How many mechs are accompanying the enemy? Over."

"At...two confir... Beginning def...maneuvers..."

Another message arrives soon after, this time much clearer and recognizable as the voice of Weber, the scout: "Enemy light combat mech is two miles North, en route to South city area."

"Roger," replies Bonner. "All Scoundrels, prepare to engage. At least three mechs in the South city region, one en route from the North."

"I'll take care of the reinforcing mech," comes the confident voice of Goldhirsch, the direct combatant.

"Weber and I will engage the main force with our allies. Kozel-"

"Moving to support position," Kozel interrupts.

"You got it. Move out!"

05/05/2007 7:36 PM

as nanayashi heads to the lt. he notices an enemy mech heading towards him. " shit now what?" trying his best not to fight one on one against the enemy mech to try to help conceal his position he takes a robo flare and sets it to ride south and toward the enemy base. the energy of the probe fakes the other mechs sensors so the mech chases the probe thinking its him. nanayashi looks at his comsat and sees that the probe has lead it away to a safe distance and is now on the edge of what looks to be a outpost. he marks its position and heads toward the lt.

nanayashi gets to where his commander was and sets covering fire. " how'd you get to be the lucky one to get shot up ehh?" he says on the radio. " i've got your back for a while." he swings his twin guns around peppering the area with heavy machinegun rounds. he takes out two mechs while a few others dodge behind buildings. checking his comsat he sees two go right and one slower one go right." hey ill take the two flanking left can you take the big un on the right?"

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05/07/2007 3:09 PM

Mertura dropped in it's shell casing from the missile body behind the hill south of the town, with the battle still raging it was unlikely that she was to be noticed. The force of hitting the ground forced the shell open leaving the unit free to move after it's short descent, Thelea moved the throttle forward and the Arm slave started it's movement cycle, "Right leg 65 degrees left 58, gradient 34%," Thelea made audio adjustments to the Mech as it climbed the hill. She piloted it up the hill till she reached the peak, she deployed the proximity sensor and got Mertura into the prone postion, "A.I. engage E.C.S. invisible mode," as she cocked the huge sniper rife. A series of projectors opened up and showered the Mech with a faint blue light before it disappeared, Thelea switched to scope screen mode and took sight.

She made sure to change her position constantly and kept firing her way through a magazines, she new each bullet ether destroyed, immobilized or damaged one of the hostile units below but her jobs was to make them scared and keep their heads down, give the U.E.P some breathing space. She knew if she caused much more trouble they'd take action against her so she hefted up Mertura and power down E.C.S. and moved on to the next hill.

05/07/2007 6:44 PM

nanayashi takes out the two on the left and leaves the one on the right. suddenly the radio opens up in chatter.

" SHIT SNIPER. SOMEONE GET A LOCK ON." " where i dont see it? .... ah hit." "where is that bugger? where are you guys located? under fire!!!!!! from above.!!!!!"

"Everyone seek cover turn on any electronic and heat camo that you may have" yells nanayashi over the radio." keep a look out on where the bullets land that'll help give the position away." as soon as he said this two rounds tore through the air by nanayashi head section and hit the buildings in front of him. " Whoa its to my right. its coming from the south. id say a little over 4 miles." nanayashi takes cover behind the nearest building and turns on his camo. hiding his electronic and heat signatures. he boosts his radars limits and looks for any kind of wave. seeing no heat he moves it to sound and movement hopeing to find the sniper while its in its shooting frenzy. " base set me up with a link to the theata gun. i'm looking for our sniper and will give the coordinates when its found.

05/07/2007 7:17 PM

Shigetomo turned his gundam in the direction of the enemy fire. Setting his gundams ocular sensors to thermal he is able to make out the position of a prone mech sniper. The rocket pack on the back of his gundam flares to life as the suit is lifted towards the other mech, landing on the barrel of the sniper rifle he would lower his beam saber to the face of the enemy mech and opens up an all frequency broadcast.

"Stand down"

05/07/2007 7:51 PM

(ooc: until shigetomo checks the ooc page out and sees his mistake we'll act as if that hasn't happened yet.)

nanayashi waits as his radar shows very little until suddenly the sniper slips and fires another round. showing their position on the map. " i found the sonofa gun. he's at -4,+.05 of my position. aim there and fire the theata gun now!!!!!"

05/07/2007 8:04 PM

"Weber, report in. Who are they firing at?"

"They're hitting the enemy. Most of the scouting force has been neutralized."

"Got it." Bonner switches his proximity radio on and speaks to the leader of the allied team. "Friendly sniper confirmed. Switch to a harassing strategy. Drive the enemy out from cover and keep them in his sights. Over and out."

Bonner checks his sensors. Most of the enemy mechs have gone silent. He checks his external cameras. There is no sign of movement. "Nothing. We can make the first move..."

"Bonner, come in!" Goldhirsch. "Enemy mech is headed for our base. Moving too fast to pursue. What are your orders?"

Bonner looks at a map of the area on his console. "Send the enemy's coordinates to Orlov."

"Any special requests?" Orlov jokes.

"Just slow him down before he makes it to our base. Goldhirsch, remain in pursuit. Weber, let's..."

Suddenly, an emergency warning appears on Bonner's console. He opens up his radio to all allied frequencies and shouts: "Large-scale weapons fire detected in orbit! All allied units, evade! I repeat, EVADE!"

05/07/2007 8:27 PM

nanayashi checks his radar quickly. suddenly he sees most of the enemy forces travaling to the spot he marked on the map. " no way they fell for it. oh my god they fell for it. " then nanayashi notices that most of the enemy units are retreating. " shit they know about the theata going online. all units full out attack all units full out attack." on his comsat nanayashi hit the fire at will and the full out rush commands at once. after hitting these he saw that base had sent out reinforcement mechs to . " ok i want all reinforcements to keep the normal border line. we're gonna follow them to what could be their base or where ever they're retreating to . we wont let any of them escape. this is a search and destroy." nanayashi commands the new troops. as he does this he sets the cannon to fire at all movement of non r.f.p mechs or un registered mechs within a mile of the blast. quickly nanayashi sets his boosters to full and charges the lines.

05/08/2007 9:26 AM

Thelea didn't take a second to respond, dwarfed by the Gundam she worked blind knowing where it would still be she launched Mertura and grabbed it by the thigh, the other hand ripped a magnetized charge from her back and latched it to it's right joint. The Gundam began to swing around but she was much faster, Mertura launched a flash bang (A Mech one would consits of sound, metal shards to block radar, heat and a blinding flash) and dove into the undergrowth.

Mertura lay strewn in mud in a ditch half covered by a tree but Thelea wasn't don't yet, she pressed the button marked "Leech 1" and there was a blast that shock the trees and should have blasted that Gundam's leg to hell. She put the E.C.S. back on and opened the front hatch taking her M18 to her shoulder and pulling off her helmet, she moved a short way from the suit and got ready to move out.

05/08/2007 3:52 PM

"Five minutes to arrival." The mono tone voice chided annoying the already on edged Ty. He had been sleeping until turbulance had slammed him around the small cockpit. It annoyed him that despite Amanozako being so big he had a really confined space. Yawning he flicked on the main power lazily and watched through the view screen the base come into view.

Everything was hectic on the ground which forced him to take a landing about half a mile outside of the base. Ty stretched as well as he could before watchign the carry-all fly off. Lazily he put on his head set and flicked on the com. bringing a storm of shouts primarilly a call to evade making him feel like he was bleeding from the ears. Finding a quiet channel he grumbled before setting the gun platform in motion towards the base.

05/08/2007 3:56 PM

"Damn it...the leg is blown to shit"

Shigetomo tried to get the leg of his gundam to respond but it wouldnt move. He was stuck, so he decided to just lay low and wait for the support units to arrive.

05/08/2007 4:01 PM

nanayashi rushed into enemy lines occasionally spraying rounds when he got a good lock on a target. " man this is getting to easy. like shooting fish in a barrel. " just as he said that. there was a warning from base. " all units a heavy mech has been located entering the battlefield. all units take caution."

" shit as if this day couldn't get worse." nanayashi said as he took down two more retreating mechs. he thought this would be a easy crapshoot. mabe he might not want the theata gun aimed at the sniper and use it on the heavy mech. he keeps the gun on the wait order and fires at three more mechs and hits them behind a wall. diableing two and destroying the third.

05/08/2007 4:11 PM

"Sooooo.. we have some harrasers?" Ty was still a bit annoyed from the flight and was looking forward to tearing some one apart. Stopping he started targeting nothing in sight, sighing he realised he would have to wait a little or would he? "This is the Amanozako requesting a spotter on enemy units." Hopefully he could get some one to patch through a lock.

05/09/2007 12:34 PM

"Fuck now im losing my other systems"

Shigetomos gundam wouldnt respond to even the most basic commands, the only thing he could get to work was the radio. Switching to the secure network he put out an all points bulletin,

"all units we have a downed mech in sector GX587, please assisst"

Not knowing if his call would be heard he had no choice but to load his assault rifle incase someone breached his mobile suit

05/09/2007 1:16 PM

"Safe for now then," she climbed out of the hedge she was hiding in and headed back to her Mech, she put her helmet back on and got back into the pilot seat. She powered it up and climbed back out to the head of the machine and got to work pulling fused parts out and reconnecting those that still worked after a few minutes Thelea got back in and shut the compartment hatch. "A.I. status,"

"Visual systems offline, switching to heat sig, sonar and radar and sound location, Secondary system's online, E.C.S. down at 50% due to open hull on dorsal section," The electronic voice faded. "Well then lets tell them we're here," She moved the mech up wards and to it's feet, she started running back towards the base.

05/10/2007 2:14 PM

nanayshi was at the new stand still lines. the mechs finally stopped retreating and started to fire back. but that didn't matter to much. especially if they weren't very skilled. most looked like new fresh out of the oven privates. but he had that occasional one that could get near him. one even skimmed his armor but did little damage to it. he had destroyed 5 more mechs in the last half hour of the battle and still had no sign of the heavy mech.
" man why'd they bring in a heavy mech and not try to use it? " he questioned himself. but then he had no time to answer since suddenly his comsat went haywire with a warning across the screen
/ heavy mech found/ x:390 y:229/ use extreme caution.
" what the hell? who found it ?" he looked at his comsat to see who was in that area. it was his probe!!!
" perefect now i wont have to worry about that thing so much now." he sent a command to the probe telling it to fire trac rounds at the heavy mech so he could constintly read its position and feed it to the theata.
" perfect now. what ever happened to that reported sniper? "
nanayashi was starting to get sprayed by covering fire.
" damn it now lets see how they like a flanking manuver."
he ran to the right of the three man group. they must not of had him on their radars since he got directly behind them and unloaded an uncountable number of rounds. destroying each one in a heartbeat.

05/13/2007 1:02 PM

"It don't care if there's lag rate fix in on," Thelea was glad for the scale of her mech, not only was it faster it could be cared for by your standard 20 ton truck. Two guys worked on drilling the head into place and plugging it to the system, she didn't have time to reset the system so the head was on operator mode, hence the lag rate. She listened to the sounds of war, shrikes of metal on metal, explosions all normal, Thelea's mech started up. She moved of from the position next to the truck and out towards the battle, they were much closer now, she crouched next to a burn out truck and took a down the vally.

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