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05/04/2007 7:19 PM

So I've woken up at five AM the last two mornings in a row to film a zombie movie for a friend of mine. Anyone else done something similar? I want to hear stories!

Yeah, we scared the daylights out of some of the janitors at our high school, because students weren't suppose to be there today, and we just...were. All decked out. Like zombies. It was wonderful, we looked fantastic, and as soon as the director and I (being the assistant director that is) finish some of the editing, we're going to put it on YouTube or some such thing. I'll make ya'll watch it.

Anyway, tell me about your movie making experiences.

05/07/2007 8:21 PM

here is the video we made. WATCH IT!


05/12/2007 11:03 AM

Yeah, i did.

A close friend of mine attended The Academy of Art in San Francisco, majoring in film. I played parts in his projects a few times. In particular, I played a character named Bubba.

First one was Bubba's Kitchen. A redneck cooking show straight out of my trailer. Second one was From Frankie to Bubba, in which I was the leader of a band of redneck zombie hunters... coincidentally :D

When they would have parties and shit, out in the city, ones I would go to with him, it seems the projects got around because I recieved frequent, "holy shit... it's Bubbba" from strangers.

05/12/2007 11:05 AM


I'll resurrect a Max thread for you in the general chit chat section of the community forems, relating to this.

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