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05/03/2007 8:12 PM

Essentially my idea is this... There is a new world in creation, in the depths of reality, its people are only just burgeoning on the begining of civilization. They look to the heavens searching desperately for something to believe in, to worship. And so the sheer weight of their hopes, dreams and faith has stirred the very fabric of reality, and has given birth to a great pantheon of Gods. These gods will be your characters.

RULES! I know we all hear this all the time, but please no overpowering your character, now I know that you're playing a god but I want them to have both weakness and power. I want them to be complicated and intruiging (hope that's spelt right!) not overshadowing of the other gods... there is no master god so don't try to play one!!!
No one can have the same domain, try to keep them all different. First come first serve for domains please. No bickering!! if it's taken then thats it, use your imagination and think of something else!!
Remember that the technology level of this world is extremely low... mind you however that this rp will take place over several ages on this world. I don't want the tech to go anywhere above mideival(hope I spelled that right too!). And please remember I will try to help everyone with the pacing of the timeline so don't make any major jumps without everyone else please, lets go for balance!!

Now here's a character outline for you to follow.

Name:(just make up a good name...)+

Domain:(what does your god lord over? what is his or her realm of power, what does he/she control in the mortal realm?)

Dogma:(What is he/she's religious doctrine. What do his/her worshipers believe of, or know of their god. The bible would be a good example of dogma.)

Appearance:(what does he/she look like in the realm of the gods, how do the other gods see he/she?

Alignment:(good, evil, neutral, or other....If you can think of one feel free to use it!)

Background:(what's he/she's history? what have they done/created. What's their story?)

So thats it... WHAT do you think?

05/03/2007 8:19 PM

i like this idea. could the gods also be like warriors?

05/03/2007 8:32 PM

Background:(what's he/she's history? what have they done/created. What's their story?)

If the gods were created by the will of the people, then wouldn't their history be that they were created? They don't have a history, because they were created. Unless you have it set in a time several centuries/millennia after they were created.

Dogma:(What is he/she's religious doctrine. What do his/her worshipers believe of, or know of their god. The bible would be a good example of dogma.)

Technically the bible is a doctrine. The ten commandments would be an example of dogma. They are two different words, you can't use them interchangeably.

Doctrine: 1. a particular principle, position, or policy taught or advocated, as of a religion or government: Catholic doctrines; the Monroe Doctrine.
2. something that is taught; teachings collectively: religious doctrine.
3. a body or system of teachings relating to a particular subject: the doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Dogma: 1. A doctrine or a corpus of doctrines relating to matters such as morality and faith, set forth in an authoritative manner by a church.

Finally: I think this is a wonderful idea, and I would love to join if it were to be created. Would it be a pantheistic, kathenotheistic, or polytheistic set up?

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05/04/2007 5:51 AM

Show off, lol.

Trying to figure out if I'm actually interested or if it's just my ego that is ;)

The impression I'm getting from this is Greek mythology- am I completely wrong?
If gods have to get their own followers (or did they spring [i]from[/i] the followers- regardless, they need to recruit, lol) that's going to lead to bickering and potentially fights, and manipulating/straight out bossing mortals around, a la Greek Gods.
Not that I'm complaining at the prospect, lol, but just want to make sure my impression is vaguely right.

My one worry would be, like you mentioned, overpowering. In a couple of RPs over the last while involving powers and the like even though it was expressly mentioned that they weren't to be overpowered characters still turned up that were, so I think you'd need to control that carefully.

05/04/2007 11:47 AM

seems interesting

05/06/2007 12:23 PM

The rp is going to take place about a thousahnd years after the initial creation (springing from the followers so to speak) I plan to analyze potential Gods/characters intensely, making sure the overpowering problem doens't become an issue. Also I would like the players to remember that the real drama of the rp is in the fact that you each have a seperate group of followers and you are no longer in contest for believers, you are trying to develope their civilization and strengthen belief, remember that in the realm of the gods you are able to "physically interact with other gods, develope relationships, make enemies, create alliances, you also each have a form of "divine servants" sort of like your divine army of angels or whatever.
Here's a guideline on what I'd like you to go by when it comes to making these up. You are encouraged to give a few of them names.

What are they called?

What do they look like?

How do they behave?

What do they think of you as a master/creator?

Answer these questions in your description of them.

Also Max... CALM down... I wasn't really that worried about what I called it doctrine/dogma but I'd like to know about both if possible in character creation. So Max please just don't worry about it... and the bible is has in fact defined Christian dogma over the years so really they kind of become inseperable in religious conversation, although they are indeed different concepts, thank you for your commentary though regardless. Anyway if any of this raises more questions or answers any... Then I've done my job... I think... So yeah post any Ideas and if you like maybe a character sheet.


05/06/2007 12:28 PM

Oh and Raikoh please define what you mean by "like warriors"? Because I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that... So yeah! please answer and then, well, I can answer you! Which is good. I think. Maybe. Yeah. Alright then please post more comments and ideas everybody!

05/06/2007 12:32 PM

Finally: I think this is a wonderful idea, and I would love to join if it were to be created. Would it be a pantheistic, kathenotheistic, or polytheistic set up?

this is more like polytheistic... but then again I'm not entirely sure what kathenotheistic is...*embarrassed blush consumes TheCritch's face* but yeah I'm leaning towards polytheistic, post more on that and I'll get back to you on that okay Max? Thanks for the important question, glad to have you aboard!

05/06/2007 12:38 PM

you also each have a form of "divine servants" sort of like your divine army of angels or whatever.

I'm definitely having some of those! lol

05/06/2007 2:06 PM

Name: Ororoc

Domain: Fear. He creates all that is terrifying and horrid in his land. He is the planter of nightmares and phobias. His people pray to him seeking refuge from his horrors. He does not however enjoy creating fear in his people. He uses it more often then not to protect them. He uses it as a means of punishment for those of his faith.

Appearance. He is enshrouded by long black robes. His head is the only visible part of his body, it is faceless except for two white eye's void of any pupils or veins. His flesh is a dark grey, nearly black. It is wrinkled and strained, almost stretched around his strange head. His robes are torn and covered in a black oily substance, at his feet black tendrils of this dark fluid slither and curl through the air. Large twisted, gleaming black blades float around his body in a bizarre slow orbit. An eerie singing also seems to creap out of his nonexistant mouth, not even in words, more like a low rumbling moan, a truely deep, dark sound. The blades that encircle him can be forced to break orbit and fly at would be enemies.

Divine servants: His divine servants are known as the Iq. They appear to be a collection of floating black blades, dripping with blood and the same oily substance that covers their master. These blades join together to look like a vaguely human form, although rather skeletal and strange. The first of these was named Mawb, a truly fearsome Iq if there ever was one. Ororoc sent it to the world to spread the word of horror and Ororoc. Mawb is one of thirteen such Iq that are considered the elite of Ororocs divine servants.
The other twelve are: Liqsis, Uwn, Yowb, Pitoc, Bawc, Cis, Suc, Doqa, Fec, Orq, Diltis, Wowc, and Tix. Their master is kind to them, he sees to it that they are content and well treated amongst one another. The elite thirteen are the only ones that never leave Ororoc's side, unless it is of dire urgence.

Alignment: Good, he is, despite his domain of power, a truly kind and merciful god. He has never punished one undeserving of punishment, his people are truly thankfull for his guidance and his undeniable devotion to his people.

Background: He has done little in the way of large or biblical events. But he has done some amazing things. His first act as a god was the forging of a great dark steel tower in the centre of his follower's land. This was his first temple and his greatest. He has also forged a great sword of dark steel that he had given to his first and only prophet: Das. Das took the great blade and swore an oath never to misuse it. Das died at the age of 100, when he fought the foreign warlord, Asar, in a duel to determine the fate of his people. The deal was simple, win and your nation is spared, lose and your people lose everything. Although Das died, the Warrior king Asar had been so moved the devotion and self sacrifice of the century old Das that he withdrew his armies and left the lands of Ororoc in peace. Das has been immortalized in the eyes of his people and his story refuses to die even hundreds of years after he died.

Dogma/Doctrine: When Ororoc sent Mawb to the realm of mortals he sent him with this message and nothing more:

Fear not fear, fear those that fear nothing.

If you fear nothing, then you are nothing.

Fear is natural.

Fear can protect you or hurt you.

Love is the greatest gift, it is the only thing that will protect you from fear.

Remember love above all else.

Do not murder or hate those who love, thus do not murder anyone, for all can love.

Do not murder the fearless, for they too can fear and will meet justice.

Never steal that which is not yours.

Individuality is a great thing, do not shun it and never shun those that are individuals.

Never leave those who cannot protect themselves unprotected.

Never challenge anyone's honour or their pride.

All that you have done is the fault of none other than yourself.

Only you can forgive yourself if you have done wrong.

All those that forgive you do so because you have forgiven yourself.

All must love and all must be honourable to those that love.

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05/06/2007 4:14 PM

Wow, Critch, Ororoc is [i]hella[/i] impressive.
I'm more than a little intimidated ;)

Name: Adama Poena

Domain: Pleasure/Pain.

Appearance: Primarily maintains a humanoid form that will flit between two versions depending on circumstance and her whim: Adama, the younger, is dark haired and luscious, clothed lightly in silks and sensuous velvets and perpetually barefooted. She is languorous and prone to laziness, easily distracted and mindless of that which does not directly affect her and, to a lesser extent, her followers. She can be tender and soft, enchanted by the simplest of things, or moved to great and unpreditctable passions. Poena is identical to Adama in all but demeanour. She is intense and single-minded, possessing great focus. Where her sister can be tempestuous and volatile she is calm and softly spoken. Where Adama's smile is seductive but simultaneously cruel Poena's is kind and melancholy.

Divine servants: Their servants are legion, and walk all corners of the earth (lol). Adama's servants are intangible and of two main kinds: Venalis pace the land wherever there are people, whispering promises and weaving seductive dreams. Volupes, lamenting and haruanging, haunt the dreams of those who denied their pleasures and harbour regrets.
Leva are the servants of Poena. Diffuse and unbound they are drawn to those in pain of body or spirit, enveloping those who silently accept them. To each person they are different: to some they bring courage to endure, to some they bring release, to some clarity and acceptance. To those who cling to pain they become bound until either death or acceptance.

Alignment: Neutral- Poena true, Adama chaotic

Background: Once sister Goddesses the two have, over time, merged to one being as appetites grew and lines became blurred. Poena was birthed early in the history of man, Adama almost immediately after, feral and ravenous. Poena does not actively seek followers as all too frequently those who would worship her are misguided and their ways anathema to her. As such there is no 'base' of worship: instead she sends her servants to all those who suffer and would be comforted.
Adama would have all mankind worship her and delights in the debasement of her followers that they may know they are not above animals. Nothing is taboo and self-control is abhorrent to her.


Pleasure must succeed to pleasure, else past pleasure turns to pain:
seize pleasure at once and without care, for it is destroyed by preparations.

Do not run from feeling with the mistaken belief that you cannot bear the pain: you have already borne the pain, and it brings strength.

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05/06/2007 4:25 PM

Can someone PM me when we get an actual RP for this? When it moves out of the Interest Query thread I mean.

I'll put up an idea there, once I know it's going up.

I can't wait.


05/06/2007 5:18 PM

I shall join, Critch! This looks like fun!

Name: Kual-Juah

Domain: Time. The recorder of history and ruler of the Great Library of Enous, Kual created the Tome of all Past, a book that writes every event that goes on in the world as it happens. He keeps this book in a hidden room in the Great Library, and he is the only one who is authorized to look into its pages. Kual also gave his followers the gift of timelessness, the ability to live in eternal youth for as long as they serve. Kual-Juah's followers follow the belief that nobody is more important than anybody else, and that everyone plays a vital role in the flow of history.

Appearance: Kual looks old and ruffled, with snow white hair and a beard that reaches to the floor. He wears beaten, grey robes, and looks as if he was a hermit. He is hunched and gaunt, and is always reading a book. He has bright blue eyes, and seems as wise as he is.

Divine Servants: Kual's divine servants are his Bookkeepers, the overseers and protectors of the Great Library of Enous, watching over all of Kual's favourite literature. They all appear young, with light blue eyes and black hair. They wear spectacles and white robes, and can be male or female, but most of the time they are female. They also tend to the gardens that surround the Library, and guard the Stream of Youth as well as the Tree of Age.

Alignment: Kual-Juah is neutral, and the only side he takes in an argument is the side of reason. He is extremely intelligent in his decisions, and is almost never flustered or angry. He looks ahead, and uses the wisdom of immortal life, not morality, to weight each decision he makes.

Background: Kual created the Library in the beginning, and then the Garden of Time to surround it. The garden was created so that the Stream of Youth and the Tree of Age may grow and flow accordingly. Kual had read the Great War of Jural as it happened, had known every betrayal and conspiracy that had happened in the Mortal realm and the Gods'. He despised war, because war always mutilated the pages of history with unwanted violence and darkness for centuries to come.

The first mortal disciple of Kual-Juah was a man known as Gauw. Gauw was not chosen because he was smart or wise, he was chosen because he had a certain destiny about him. Kual knew somehow that Gauw would do something, something that would alter the entire Tome of all Past with his actions. Kual wanted to shape it, make sure that whatever change he made was for the betterment of all. Kual failed in his teachings, and Gauw became the instigator of the Great War of Jural.

Ever since that day, Kual had reclused himself in the Library, vowing never to take another mortal apprentice. His doctrine therefore was always delivered to his followers by his Bookkeepers. He always blamed himself for the Great War of Jural, so vowed to prevent any cataclysmic war from ever happening again, diligently searching the Tome of all Past for any clues alluding towards conflict, or friction between countries.

Dogma: Followers of Kual-Juah follow a strict daily ceremony of chanting over the Five Great Events of History in the temple of Kual.

The Creation teaches us equality, that we were all created as equals, and we will all end as equals.

The First flight of the Birds, the exact moment after creation in which winged creatures flew. The beauty of this teaches us that we should never let go of our aspirations, even if they are to fly.

The first Death teaches us to respect life and properly mourn the dead, and even if we live forever, we are not immortal.

The Great War of Jural teaches us to be kind to the others around us, and never to instigate violence.

The Great Repair of Jural teaches us to work together, even in the face of darkness.

05/06/2007 5:20 PM

Name: Kratos

Kratos was a captain in the army of Sparta


Um Shigetomo this rp isn't taking place in the world as we know it, it's taking place on a world that does not in any way resemble earth. and I would like it if you didn't use Kratos because it's kind of a rip off of the God Of War the game. And try to get a less broad domain than just war in its entirety. And remember your domain only affects the land of your followers not the entire realm of the mortals. Their are no gods from any mythology in this rp. Try to be a bit more original and I can let you but you'll have to clean up that character really good and make up a really good and original concept and name... Please and thank you good luck!! Looking forward to having you onboard.

05/06/2007 5:22 PM

Nanuk and Vampire chaos, you guys are good, excellent characters. I'll start the thread in the general section.

05/06/2007 5:28 PM

Their servants are legion, and walk all corners of the earth

very cool but remember and your powers only influence the lands of your followers and not the entire mortal realm. other than that perfect! the servants can roam free in the world but keep your powers over mortals local to your land and temples.

05/06/2007 6:00 PM

Don't worry, that's what I was planning.
The only reason I let them roam free is because pretty much everyone is touched by both of their domains at some point, but they're not exerting power there.

05/07/2007 3:57 AM

Are people still eligible to join this?
has it allready started (if so can some one pm the url)


(this look realy interesting)

05/07/2007 8:55 PM

just look for it under general roleplay
it should be easy to find.

05/08/2007 10:43 AM

Sounds very interesting, if you're still accepting I'd like to join.

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