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05/03/2007 3:11 PM

The planet Gaia was a planet which moves on with the times, never looking back, forgetting it's past like it was nothing. The people who inhabit this great planet have built huge cities in all different shapes and designs. Sky scrapers which could reach to the edge of the atmosphere. Transport systems supported by advanced lasers and nanotechnology. Almost everything was as wonderous as could be.

Yet there was a time in this planet where technology hadn't even been dreamt of yet. Where the inhabitants had to rely on their magical abilities to fend off the fiends which come their way. Cities back then were the equivilant of a few mud huts. All that remains from this past in today, is the magic on which these people sealed away in tiny pieces of jewellery. These were known as materia.


Cid was cruising along on his ship as he usually would on the weekend. FLying low down to the the sea, before reaching land, and then quickly weaving in and out of valleys to show off to whomever may be on the ground watching.

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!" he screamed as he swooped passed his house.

"Crazy hotshot!" shouted his engineer as he passed. Then Cid came flying round ready for a dangerous landing. All he could see in his path was a clear runway bar his engineer who was watching him, however he didn't stop.

"Woah, you crazy person!" the engineer shouted as he ran straight off the side of the runway, watching Cid swoop in with a flawless entry. He popped the hatch leading out of the cockpit and climbed down the rope ladder.

"What the hell ja think you're doing?" his engineer said once Cid had reached the ground.

"Relax Bert, I just took her out for a spin" he replied with a smug grinn on his face.

"A quick spin, looked to me like you were joy riding in there!" Don't ya know that if you damage that ship we'll be out of work for weeks?" he asked rubbing his bold head covered in oil stains which were dotted around the rest of his body as well.

"Hell like i could damage this fine beauty, I'm just way too good." he replied, still with that smug attitude about him.

"Ahh kids these days are far too cocky for their own good." he murmmered to himself.

"Whats that gramps?" he asked

"Didn't I tell you not to call me gramps!" he shouted, clenching the spanner in his hand tighter and tighter. Then realising more importnat matters were in the way he calmed him self down.

"By the way, there's a job waiting for you inside the office." he explained.

"For me? Alright!" he shouted.

"Now you be careful you here? I don't want you excepting no suicide missions!" he warned Cid

"come on Burt, give me a little credit will ya?"

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05/05/2007 3:38 AM

Vahn leaned against the back of the pub wall, staring at his glass of alcohol. He didn't feel like drinking it anymore, but the pain in his arm still burned inside. He reached for it and downed it in one, sighing in satisfaction that the pain had gone at last. [i]Seven glasses. It taking more to kill the pain now.[/i] He took little notice of the people around him, as they took little notice of him... or at least tried to; it is likely difficult to ignore a man dressed in worn, ragged clothes carrying a shining metal sword slightly taller than the man who wields it, and almost as wide.

He rose to his feet and walked to the bar, dropped the coin for his drinks on the counter, then walked out carrying his sword on his back. The streets of this little town were quieter than the cities, and he preffered that. The quieter the better. The sea air here was especially nice, fresh and even tasty compared to the water out of the taps - he could drink salt water as easily as common water, but he cannot understand why; another talent hidden in the recesses of his lost memory.

Then he heard the familiar sound of an airship in the south, and the people started talking about "that bloody hotshot Cid" along with their normal conversations. He carried on through the streets, avoiding contact with people as he looked around. Nothing here seemed familiar, but he had to wonder why he was drawn to this place. Nothing made sense about his awakening, nor about his journey to this place. Somewhere here was part of the answer to his question - who am I?

05/05/2007 12:19 PM

"So the employer wants you to take down a bounty?" Berty said on the phone, while Cid was flying along to his destination.

"Thats pretty much the jist of it." he replied while finding a spot to put his feet up. He had the ship on auto pilot so he was relaxing, eating snaks and playing his heavy metal music so loud Berty could hear it down the phone.

"This sounds kinda dodgy, i mean we don't... will you turn that god forsaken music down?!" he groaned down the telephone.

"Yeah, yeah" Cid turns his music down to a simple murmuring level. "So what were you saying there gramps?"

"I was saying this guy seems kinda dodgy, I mean he didn't give you details about himself, and he paid you all the money up front." he said to Cid

"Listen, we don't ask questions, and whats the money gotta do with it?" he asked.

"I'm just saying that if he's willing to do that, he must be powerful enough to get it back if you decided on turning tail on him." Berty explained.

"Relax gramps, your getting paranoid, listen, I'll have this bounty down and we'll have a clean 5000 gil on to spend on the ship." Cid hangs up the phone.


Just as he reaches his destination, he notices the guy he's after escaping on a ship of his own. Alarmed by this, he tosses his snacks to the side, turns auto pilot on and goes full throttle after him.

"Oh there is no way your getting away from me pal!" he launches several missiles which the bounty ship manages to dodge. Both ships flying clean in the sky. Suddenly the ship in front starts to dive, to try and lose Cid on the ground, however he simply brings "The Sweet Lucy" down after him. Weaving in and out of hilles and mountains, he notices his bounty entering a valley. This was his mistake.

Cid instantly pulled up and took a shortcut across the top to the other side of the valley. There he turns his ship around and prepares himself for a game of chicken. Both ships now flying full pelt at each other through the valley, neither making a change in course. Suddenly the bounty snaps, and in a panic turns to the left without realising ha has no left to turn to. He crashes into the wall and the ship flings in two, one half exploding straight away and the other flying straight towards Cid. Cid dodges it though and prepares to land his ship to collect the body.


Walking up to the body he strapped in in the cargo bay and then went looking around the crash site for anything he could loot. He finds nothing but spare parts until he comes across this strange liquid. he walks up to it as it emitts it's own light.

"Wow it's beautiful" he sais to himself as he gazes upon it. "Must be worth a fortune." Saying this he piles up the remains of the liquid and heads home.

05/05/2007 12:38 PM

Vahn walked on out of the town, forgetting its name as merely a stone on his journey, but as he took a step outside his head started to shake in pain. He dropped to the floor, his brain feeling on fire and his hands feeling as though they were covered in lava as the pain intensified. And then he saw it;

Walking up to the body he strapped in in the cargo bay and then went looking around the crash site for anything he could loot. He finds nothing but spare parts until he comes across this strange liquid. he walks up to it as it emitts it's own light.

"Wow it's beautiful" he sais to himself as he gazes upon it. "Must be worth a fortune." Saying this he piles up the remains of the liquid and heads home.

The pain subsided, and the vision stuck in his mind for minutes after, as clear as the blue sky above him. [i]What the... that liquid... I recognise it... but from where?[/i] His mind jumped from one flash to another, confusing him. People had gathered around him now to see if he was alright. When Vahn realised this, he stood up and turned to the people.

'I am looking for a skilled airship pilot by the name of Cid. Where can I find him?'

05/05/2007 9:27 PM

raikoh was in a new town. not one that he has normally been in but one thats actually on the main road for once. this was rare since he has never gotten to like the main cities much. he heads for the pub in town. its alot bigger than the ones hes seen. this one had to be able to fit the last three villages he's been in all at once. he entered the pub and talked to the bartender. " whatll ya have?" the bartender inquires.

"nothing for now thanks. do you know where i could find some bounties or a few requests of some of the people?"

" hell you came ot the right man." the bartender replies. " lets see here we have three bounties. one for a murderer in the jagds. one for a swordsman out in the kilsbern forests somewhere and one for a man in the main city. cept there doesn't seem to be any reason for this guys head. it doesn't say what he's done against the law. its probaly one of the illeagal bounts. as for requests. we have someone who wishes to be acompanied for a study on the possible location on some old runes in the north. thats about it really."

" thanks now can i get more information on the unknown bount? oh and on the request to."
" sure." says the bartender." here are some papers on the two you wanted. it should have all the info you need."
as raikoh leaves the pub he takes a look at the unknown bount.

bounty: a man known as cid
reason: unspecified.
collection type: dead or alive
reward: 20,000 gil
last seen: near the town of sephgo

as raikoh looks at the bounty he begins to notice an additional note tied to the paper. it says: get me his head garns or ill rip your throat out. he has to pay for what he's doing to our business.

( mustve been the original copy ) he thinks ( mabe i should llok for this guy. figure out who hes pissed off.) as he gets done looking at the paper he turns to his friend horace. ( a bangaa templar he helped fend off four wyrms with. ) and shows him the bounty. they begin to set off for sephgo.

05/06/2007 2:39 AM

Cid returns to his house, with a triumphant grin on his face. He wonders outside his space ship to see Berty already there waiting for him.

"Guess what i just got?" he asks in an obvious tone.

"What the hell have you done this time?!" Berty shouts back at him.

"Someone's shoved a bounty on your head for 20000 gil, I've had people round here looking for you all day! I had half a mind to turn you in myself!" he explains in a very agrrevated tone.

"Woah slow down, your saying someones shoved a bounty on me?" he asks again, just to confirm what was said.

"Take a look for your self!" Berty hands Cid the flyer.

"What? This doesn't make any sence! Who could possibly have a grudge on me?" he quieries.

"I'm telling ya it's that damn guy who hired us! I told you he was fishy!" he sais, feeling sure of himself.

"Now now, lets not jump straight into conclusions, this is probably some sort of slip up of some kind right?" he asks

"A slip up? A SLIP UP! This could get you killed! You gotta run away now!"Berty explained.

"Where?" he asked.

"Anywhere, take the ship and fly. if people come looking for you i'll point them in the wrong direction, now go!"

Cid climbed into his air ship, lifted up and shot off North.

05/06/2007 8:34 PM

as raikoh traveled to the town of sephgo. he sees a airship pass overhead in the opposite direction that he came from. he continues down the road until he reaches the town and asks around on where this cid person lived. after many fruitless tries. a man in the airship parts shop tells him where cid lives and where he might be if he wasn't there.

" so horace what do you think of this? most people either don't know who he is. know him but dont know where he lives. or say he's a really good man. so who'd he piss off?" raikoh starts as they travel down the road.

" i would think that ssssomething iss wrong here." the bangaa responds." thisss must be an illeagal bounty. probally from some kind of powerful clan or theive ring. mabe he witnessed something that he shouldn't have."

" i dont think so horace. it says on this sidenote what he DID to the business. i think he's been running someone he shouldn't out. or mabe he is getting to mixed in with a bad clan or ring. geuss we'll have to find out ourselves."

as they finally reach cids house they are welcomed by a man that does not sound like the description of cid. " we're looking for a man named cid. we were told he lives here."

05/07/2007 2:47 AM

Aya rolled up to the street that was the first place she always looked for Sid knowing full well he was never there. Her hair floated freely out behind her as moved down to the street opposite Cid's house, there was a guy looking out of place, wearing armor of any amount was a bad idea of the desert.

"You looking for Sid too," Aya dismounted her bike and walked other to the stranger, "You not hunting him are you, cuss if you are I'm gona get there first," stopping a few feet from the guy. She put her hand on her gunsword and eased it out an inch waiting for his answer.

05/07/2007 4:10 AM

It had taken Vahn some time to navigate the path he had been directed to in order to reach the home of this Cid, the airship pilot who he had seen in his vision. [i]Vision... what the hell had I become?[/i] Ran through his mind often as the walked up the craggy path, his sword starting to feel heavy on his back for a change. It had been the first time since he carried the thing that it's weight had bothered him, and that was always a bad sign... and he hated it when things like that happened.

He reached the top of the path to find himself staring at three people - a tall man wearing what seemed to be an archaic set of armour, with helm and boots to match, carrying an unusual katana-like sword; a girl with blonde hair and green eyes carrying a rifle of some kind and a strange sword; and an old man, starting to look rather concerned at the fact that there were now three weapon-wielding people at his door step.

'I take it we all have business with this Cid?' Vahn said in a rough voice, keeping his eyes on both of the armed persons.

05/07/2007 11:38 AM

Swishing over the canyons, he wonders what his next move should be. He needed a place to hide out til Berty can tell him that the heat was off. But where. He hadn't made many friends in this world, he pretty much kept to himself. Then he remembered an old buddy of his, Aya. He hadn't seen her in years

"Hope she's still at Home ll" Just at that moment he notices a bleep on his radar coming towards his ship.

"No, no, not NOW!" he shouts as he manuevers he ship just inches away from the blast. Tje Sweet Lucy still feels some of the impact as half of the glass windows on the cockpit break and fly all over the place, a few pieces cutting Cid.

He dashes all over the place, trying to avoid the other 5 missiles coming his way. Weaving up and down he manages to dodge 4 of them until the last one comes.

"Come on, Come On" he sais as the emergency lights go on and off in a red flash. Cid has both his arms bulging with muscle as he clings onto the wheel pulling it as far up as he can. However the missile manages to explode right in his left engine, and with almost no power keeping the ship in flight, he spirals down to the ground.

In the desperation of it all he jumps out the the side with no parachute, hoping for a safe landing. He crashes down in a forest of Cuunta.

05/07/2007 2:03 PM

Aya took note of the fact that now an other person had come, she had better get to Cid before they get to him. She ran and jumped onto her bike and gunned it before anyone had a chance to react, she shot down the street leavening many people complaining about the dust. The winding streets and back alleys of Sephgo meant Aya didn't get a chance to relax until she left the city's form a few miles behind her. As for finding Cid, she was going to have to call in a favor.

"Gramps, any idea where Cid is," looking skyward while on her mobile phone, " I know he's not there but where is he now," looking down off the cliff, "Thanks I'll come see you soon as, K," Aya flicked the phone shut and put it in her pocket while kicking off the ground. She started the bike and moved off down the dirt cliffs on the borders of Sephgo, the uneven ground being absorbed by the suspension.

A pair of Coeurl jumped from the cliff walls as began to chase Aya, she turned the bike to fight them.

Aya Coeurl x2
Level: 10 Level 4
Heath 150/150 Heath 90/90
Mana 75/75 Mana 45/45
Strength 5 Strength 3
Attack 10 Attack 4
Defense 5 Defense 3
Speed 10 Speed 8
Luck 10 Luck 2

Using gun sword (10 damage) Aya attacks Coeurl 1 13/20 is rolled plus 10 attack = 23
strength subtract Coeurls defense = 2 23 times 2 = 46

Aya does 46 damage to Coeurl 1

Coeurl 1 attacks Aya 19/20 is rolled plus 4 attack = 21 strength subtract Aya's defense
= -2 so multiply by 0

Coeurl does 21 damage to Aya

Coeurl 2 attacks Aya and does 14 damage

Aya 125/150 Coeurl 1 44/90 Coeurl 2 90/90

Aya attacks Coeurl 1 and does 30 damage

Coeurl 1 attacks Aya and does 21 damage
Coeurl 2 attacks Aya and does 20 damage

Aya 84/150 Coeurl 1 10/90 Coeurl 2 90/90

Aya attacks Coeurl 1 and does 26 damage
Coeurl 1 is defeated
Coeurl 2 attacks Aya and does 11 damage

Aya 84/150 Coeurl 90/90
Aya attacks Coeurl and does 32 damage
Coeurl attacks Aya and does 22 damage
Aya 62/150 Coeurl 58/90
Aya attacks Coeurl and does 50 damage
Coeurl attacks Aya and does 22 damage
Aya 40/150 Coeurl 8/90
Aya attacks Coeurl and does 46 damage
Coeurl is defeated

240 experience gained 4880/5120 till next level

Aya kept the bike steady and strait during this attack and by the end had reached the end of the canyon and out onto the southern great dessert heading for the village of Durmfreis from there she should be able to find Cid or at least which way he was going. She sped out with the loose earthen sand spraying up behind her the land here was a go between desert and grassy plain, Aya managed to keep out of the way of other monsters as moved out and after an hour or so reached the village.

The village was very small only seven huts and a center hall, Aya dismounted and went is search of the village elder.

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05/07/2007 2:48 PM

[i]Why is it that everyone woman who I come across has the tendancy to run away?[/i] Vahn mused as he turned away to follow the tracks of the bike, obivously on the trail of Cid herself. The other man in armour seemed inconsequential to this now. If she had left, then Cid must have moved elsewhere - that, and there seemed to be a lack of an airship waiting here.

He moved down the path to follow after the bike, running faster and faster as he felt the urge to pursue this Cid taht occupied his mind. He had no idea who he was or what he had to do with that liquid... but he [i]knew[/i] that substance was important somehow, and he had to ensure that it would not fall into the hands of...

'Of whom?' He said under his breathe as he started making dust trails on the ground, running faster than most people could ever hope to but still no where near the speed of that bike. He would be lagging behind her for some time, but he needed to find Cid. He was the first link to the questions he sought answers to.

05/07/2007 7:06 PM

raikoh and horace still stood there half in shock at the fact that two people came out of virtually nowhere and went just as fast as they came. still with no answers raikoh looks around the place for any clues to what happened. " hey theres a strip out here. looks like a landing strip for a airship." raikoh said.

" wanna bet the ship we saw earlier was his?" replied horace. " i bet that he tried to get away to a hiding place. lets find a way to get to him.... fast."

" come on horace you know how i hate airs ships and that."
" so... we wont have to use that." horace searches in his sack for awhile and takes out a rather large crystal." these were used by the hunters of my people long ago. they were only used by the most gifted ones who could mine these from dangerous caverns. it lets you go wherever you want and find whoever you want. however it can only be used a few times before it runs out of power. it takes weeks for it to get enough power to take someone anywhere. lets use it sparingly."

" ok but sometimes i wish you wouldve show me sooner."
horace and raikoh hold the crystal in there hands horace begins to chant several words over and over again. " now tell it who to find..." says horace quickly and then continues the chanting. " cid " suddenly the crystal turns bright red blinding them both....

when they come to raikoh looks around. they were in some kind of forest. after alittle look around he sees a body lieing on the ground...
" hey do you think thats him? do you think we're too late?" raikoh starts.

" hes breathing so he must be alive... hey raikoh notice this place. its the same forest as the one the wryms lived. we gotta get him outa here. if im right there should be a village to our east a ways. lets get him to a mage." horace says as he picks up the unconcious body. they start to head east.

05/08/2007 10:52 AM

"So it's a sky ship you seek... humm.... there was one a while ago and then there was a huge explosion, many monsters came running out of the forest, the forest guardian must have awoken," the old man stared into the distance, "Bad times, bad times."

"So your saying a ship crashed in the forest," Aya looked the same way as the old man, " So how hards this forest guardian, and does it kill people..." trailing off.

"Lookout its back," several villagers ran with spears towards a huge red "Wounded Zaghnal" and Aya left the old man running to her bike and grabbed her rifle, the villagers would be no match for the beast. She aimed at the beast's head;

Aya (sniper rifle 30 damage + 5 strength)
Old Wounded Zaghnal

Aya fired at the Zaghnal and hits doing 50 damage and the Zaghnal which is penned back by a wall of spears presented by the villagers. She reloads the barrel and fires a second shot doing 47 damage to the beast which leaps over the wall of spikes charging towards her. Aya reloaded the rifle but knew she didn't have time to fire so dropped it, taking out her gunsword and prepared to cast holy. She casts holy as the beast reaches her causing 78 points of damage and using 20 mana points, in return the Zaghnal does 185 and Aya is knocked unconsciousness and falls to the ground.

Aya stirred slightly, "Are you awake my dear," the old man sat next to her as she lay in a bed, "I must thank you for your help with out it I fear that our village would have been destroyed."

Aya sat up in the bed, "It's no problem," Feeling the bruise on her chest, looking at the old man, "How long was I out."

"Not long only a few hours, before you go the villagers wanted you to have items from the beasts corpse," handing her a red orb, some bottles of liquid and a set of fangs. Aya was about to thank him but he interrupted her, "I also wanted to give you something, it was given to me when I was young to protect this village but now I am too old so you would make better use of it helping others as you did us," He handed her a gunsword with runes engraved on the blade.

~ Fire ~

Fire is the basic magic learn by all mages and just knowing it proves ones worth in magic ideals

(Fire magic 40 damage cost 15 mana, plus 20 mana to total)

~ The Sword of Artose ~

A blade from times before with a lighter stronger metal built by a master smith, it is faster and stronger that a standard gunsword and due to this it can be used to block more easily. The runes on the side don't appear to do anything but those that have carried this blade have become very powerful in their time.

(30 attack, + 1 strength, +2 defense, +10% extra experience)


"Thanks but are you sure," eying the blade as ancient relic.

"I can not use it any more, not they way you did," He opened the hut door, "Another passed through here heading for the forest, you should find your friend."

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05/08/2007 11:21 AM

Vahn was starting to become tired from his running... he never paid any attention to how long he ran for these days. The first time he had done so he had counted over an hour, and it frightened him for a long while afterwards. Yet, since then he had found it a useful talent - along with all the others that he had discovered on his journey - and so he kept running, following the bike tracks.

Some time later, he saw the edge of a village near a forest, and as he closed in on the village he spotted the bike that belonged to the girl. [i]It's about time too. I don't like running for this long.[/i] He slowed himself down, feeling the strain in his legs and fatigue beginning to take its toll on him. He sauntered on to the village, keeping his eyes open for anything unusual. He managed to get close to the bike, and could not see her anywhere nearby. He decided to wait there for her, seeing as she would not leave it unattended for long. He heard a hut door open and turned to see who it was - and the girl was there.

Vahn raised his hands up to show he was unarmed - as such - and stood there. 'I'm not here to fight you. I just want to find Cid.'

05/08/2007 12:49 PM

"You know I can't trust you," walking gingerly towards him, "Why do you want to find him," she picked up the rifle lent on the bike and put it in the storage hatch on the bottom left side. She stood waiting half lent on the bike, looking at him with their huge differences in height noticeable.

~ Before the end time and the second incarnate of Gaia's Sin People prospered and again cites covered the land, but as always it was fluid, the face of the planet and much of it's history was up heaved and lost. This was known as the Before Time, legends of this time are passed down but not as much was lost as it seemed and since land has grown but in the life of Gaia it yearns for something greater and many things have come to surface. The life stream from the Farplain gave old new life and it looks as if memories in the before time have fallen through. ~

05/09/2007 11:11 AM

Vahn looked down at his right hand, sighing at the leather glove. 'It's not an easy explaination to give.' He looked up to the sky, remembering the first time he awakened in this life, in the middle of a desert, carrying the heavy sword in his right hand. 'I have no real memory of who I am, but recently I have had these... flashes. Some I think are from my past, and some are, I think, of the present. The one I had today showed this Cid exploring a crash site, and recovering a strange liquid.' Vahn slowly removed the glove on his right hand;

His skin was cracked with red streams of liquid flowing all around it and up his arm. He placed the glove back on again, sighing. 'My whole right arm and some of my shoulder is like that. I don't know how or why... but when I saw that liquid, I felt as though I should know what it is. I don't care about Cid. I just want what he found.' Vahn took several steps away, giving the girl her space. 'I just want some answers to who and what I am, and Cid holds a key to that answer.'

05/09/2007 12:01 PM

(OOC: lol, luna you don't have to act out the entire battle in turn based moves)

Cid woke himself up to see himself being treated my a mage. He had his hands over him with a white light coming out. The first words that came to his head was "magic?"

"I'm sorry, no" the mage replied. He lifted up his arm to reveal the materia underneathe it. "You do know that materia is a long lost art? We mages simply know how to mine materia and transfer more magic into it. We aren't able to use magic ourselves."

"Yeah, I know about that. ahhh my head!"

"Try not to move till i've finished healing." the mage insisted.

"Thanks but i gotta get going." Cid began to sit up, pulling his unbuttoned shirt over his shoulders.

"Very well, if you insist, i assume however you'll be thanking the stranger who saved you." he replied.

"Saved me?" Cid asked.

"Yes he came with you over his shoulder, said you were laying in the middle of the forest." he answered.

Suddenly Cid began to think deeply and then drawn up a cobnclusion. "My Ship!" he shouted.

"Excuse me?"

"Could you thank him for me? cheers" Cid replied as he jumped out the window dashing to look for the crash site of his ship.

"Please be ok, please be ok, please be ok!" he repeated to himself as he jumped over vines, weaved through trees, seaching the whole forest. Finally he found it, "The Sweet Lucy", up in flames.

"NOOOOOO! I took so long building that beauty!" he screamed at the top of his voice.

Suddenly, and the sound of his shreik, the kiquid began to react, and it slowly moved it's way to him.

"Wah?" he came out with as he noticed the liquid crawling up to him, as if it were a living being. He moved his hands under it, and it climbed up.

"What is this thing?"

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05/09/2007 12:42 PM

OOC But I want to... just has a feel to it, and I like it, but with people have a problem with it then I could stop. That arm is just like the Sif from Blood+.... hummm OOC

"Well," Aya was taken aback by his wrist, "Have you tried a healer, I could try," stopping for a second, "Have I seen you before, cuss I'm pretty sure, have you ever been to Home?"
Refocusing, "Oh Cid," jumping on her bike, waiting for the stranger, "You coming or what?"

05/09/2007 1:51 PM

He shrugged. 'I don't even know where Home is. And as for healers... the last one refused to touch me, and the one before that died trying to remove it. I've since given up on having it cleansed.' He lifted the sword from his back with his right hand alone, easily gripping it by the end of the handle. 'It does give me some advantages, however.' He slug the sword over onto his back again.

'And now, let's find this Cid. I just hope nothing bad has happened to him.' He said quietly, and moved over to her, placing himself behind her on the bike. 'Ready when you are.'

05/09/2007 4:06 PM

as Raikoh waits for the mage to finish he was in the pub for a while talking to some of the villagers. half were amazed that he wasn't attacked by the forests guardian. after a few rounds around the house he decides to go back to the mages hut. he meets horace at the hut.
" so hows our trouble maker doing? is he alive?"
"dont know." replied horace." i haven't been in yet. ive been waiting for you"
they both walk in side only to see the mage there all alone.
" what the hell? where'd he go?" yelled raikoh.

" he jumped out the window. said something about a airship and ran into the forest."
" damnit come on horace lets get to the wreckage before something happens to him. "
raikoh and horace quickly run out into the forest on the same path they took from the wreckage. as they get there they see cid at his wreckage being attacked by some form of liquid.
" what the hell? what is that? its like no creature i've seen before? hey cid are you ok?"
/ wait a sec/ raikoh thinks / crap he wont know who we are damn it lets just get him outa here/ " horace come on i'll get cid you go grab that things attention."

05/10/2007 10:38 AM

(OOC: ok then, just try not to do it with people nd we'll be ok)

What?" Cid said as he looked up, seeing to men that looked like bounty hunter. Suddenly the weird liquid starting curling up towards Cid, as if it were scared and wanted protection. Cid wasn't in the mood for asking questions.

He threw a grenade at these mysterious figures and ran far into the forest.


"Where should I go now?" he wondered to himself as he stood sat there next to his torn apart ship.

"I've got no ride, no direction, not even a place to stay." Cid said to himself, finally realising the depth of the situation he was in. He ran so far into this forest he lost his tracks and forgot which direction he came from. All he had left, beside the petty change in his pocket, was this weird liquid which had grown acustom to him.

"I gotta think up a name for this little fella." He said, drawing his attention from the problem at hand to this substance.

"Hmm... how bout Slimy?" as soon as he suggested that, the liquid made a whiny noise and shunk inwards.

"Alright alright!, hmm... howz about Falkut? After the ferocious Tiger/God who ruled over this forest?" The Slime seemed happier with that name, it started to gather together to stand up right. As if it were proud.

"Then it's agreed, your name is now Falkut. Still haven't a clue what you are or why you were made, but we'll figure that one out later i guess. First we gotta get out of this forest." So Cid and Falkut set off to find a way out of the forest.


After many hours he grew tired, and began to feel his eyelids dropping. Slowly but surely. At that moment he was pounced on by a giant Behemoth, fully grown. It smacked down both of Cid's arms and held them down with it's weight, as well as Cid's legs. He couldn't reach for anything. In the excitment Falkut was flung from his hand far away. Cid was in deep trouble.

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05/10/2007 11:23 AM

OOC Well After all that I will be using it in a flash game but not so much here OOC

Aya lined up the softest spot on the target, it's eyes were a mild yellow, not for much longer. The shot would have echoed for miles in the silent forest, beast collapsed into a huge heap next to what she was hopping was Cid. The guy she's meet had already gone, she dropped the rifle into the holder and kicked the bike to life, she sped towards the bodies.

05/10/2007 12:40 PM

Cid heard the sound of a gunshot, from several miles away. Then he heard the groan of another beast call out as it hit the deck. He wondered to himself, could this shot have been Aya? The behemoth which was piled on Cid was also distracted by this sound, and in that instant, Cid tore one of his arms from beneathe the monsters grasp, grabbed his dagger and shoved it straight into the other leg of the behemoth.

It backed off giving Cid some breathing room. Cid pulled out his other dagger and extended them both to twice the length. He stared the behemoth down as it stared back at him. Suddenly, they both charged at each other with immense force. Cid ducked out the way before impact, leaving the behemoth carrying forward. Cid had a clear shot at it's back. He jumped in the air and raised his daggers to strike. In the last second however, the behemoth turned and stiked his chest. Making him fly several yards into a tree with blood coming out of his chest.

He landed right next to Falkut and it in turn got very scared. The behemoth stared down at him and then pounced. In that instant, Falkut latched itself onto Cid and the behemoth was stopped dead in it's tracks, blinded by an immense light coming from Cid. He was glowing green, just like the Falkut.

Cid started to levitate as the scars on his chest began to fade. He landed and opened his eyes. All the behemoth saw was a quick flash before Cid dashed straight passed him with his dagger, cutting straight through it and stopping a couple of yards after it.

There was a delay until the behemoth fell to the ground dead. The green light surrounding Cid faded, Falkut came off and Cid fell unconcious on the ground. Falkut hid away tucked inside Cid's pocket and waited for him to wake.

05/10/2007 1:58 PM

raikoh was searching through the forest yet again. when he finally found cid something happened and both him and horace were distorted as he got away. with him the liquid. they kept on a lookout for him since they had heard a terrible beasts yell. they headed in that direction. soon enough they came upon cid next to him was a large creature. although he noticed it was some kind of behemoth he hadn't seen one in quite awhile. as he took a second look around he noticed nothing near him.

" damn does this guy ever stay out of trouble? i mean comeon this must be twice in less than 3 hours he's been ko'd." raikoh started." hey horace i think we should get him outa here and get him somewhere safer. perhaps to dimitri's place?"

" yes i think he shouldn't be that well wanted in that city. although it is across the border of the countries. do you think it would be safe enough?" horace replied.

" yea i think it would be. i doubt the people who made the bounty would cross the border. and i highly doubt dimitri would let him get away as that stupid healer did. besides dimitri's a great mage. he is one of the few left who knows real magic. lets go we should use the crystal. i doubt we'll get there in time before this guy wakes up and tries to run off."
raikoh picks up cids body.
" wait isn't the border near here? lets just summon the old chocobos. we'll get there in time. besides dimitri is only on the edge of the border. we'll get there in now time.

raikoh takes out a small flute with his free hand and plays a small tune. suddenly two chocobo appear through a small portal of light. they mount the chocobo and begin to ride off across the border.

05/12/2007 7:30 AM

Vahn arrived at where Aya, a seemingly crack shot with that rifle of hers, had downed a behemoth. He had seen where the shot was going to hit and had started running ahead of her while she aimed. Once more his unusual reflexes and speed had kicked in, but he had no idea how long he had been in getting here. There were no bike tracks, telling him that either she was arriving soon or that she was walking in, but there was something else among the clearing - chocobo tracks, heading towards what must have been the border.

'What is it with people after this guy?' Vahn muttered under his breath, and then he heard the familiar roar of Aya's bike closing up to him. He turned to see her, and pointed to the tracks. 'Looks like your friend has a lot of admirers today. We should get moving after them - chocobos are not all that slow.' He waited patiently for Aya to invite him back on the bike to pursue whomever had taken Cid for a chocobo ride.

05/13/2007 10:38 AM

"I had him as well," Powering the bike through the clearing and back into the forest, she dogged trees and bushes slowing the them down but the chocobo riders would have the same problem. Vahn had his hands on her waist with no handholds other than the handlebars due to the smooth finish to the sides, this made Aya slightly nervous but there was something more important before she had time to talk about it. "You better hold on tight," Aya tensed up as the bike plunged off a cliff. It fell for about a few hundred feet before catching on one of the ancient brable vines that drapped down the face of the cliff, the wheels kicked up fleshy plant parts. Aya pulled the bike from one vine to another moving down at insane speeds, she spotted two specks of yellow at the bottom, she wouldn't have been to worried about catching them but that would be a problem anymore. A huge green wyvern was gliding down the cliff face in front of them, chasing the chocobos.

05/13/2007 1:03 PM

The great city of Sarados. Home to many people who want to know more about their existance. This town is situated outside the forest of Falkut, which is rumored to be guarded by a powerful god. The reason why he city and the forest work so brilliantly together is because they are both important links to the past which archologists have been resarching for years.

Archeology research is very popular in this city, and many acheologists have recently discovered new and facinating evidence as to the dissapearance of their ancestors. This evidence are the Kalabanik ruins which lay several miles underground. They are attempting to find a way down there but all attemps have failed. However rumor has it that in this fast city of Sarados, there lives a decendant of the ancestors who can use real magic. However, these are of course, only rumors...

05/19/2007 8:57 AM

Vincent stood before the HeadMaster of See.D, the elite mercenary squad that were so feared that many nations dared not upset a friend of the HeadMaster's in case they turned to him for help, but looking at the Vincent you think that he would of been the leader, his face emotionless, his dress code black and his cape the only thing that moved. In comparison the HeadMaster, named Laguna, was a shortish fellow, a smile wide across his face as he spoke to him.

"Congratulations on being promoted to full S.eeD status," he looked at the young gun-blade specialist "Usually we would wait until after we have a celebrated to send a new recruit out, but our hand has been forced, we must move now," Cid took out a photo and passed it to Vincent "Find this man, and make sure he lives." Vincent store at the photo for a second and examined it.
"Do we have a name HeadMaster?"
"Our client did not give us one." Vincent nodded "One more thing, wear your uniform, so he knows who you are, i have heard that you scared people on your test cause you appeared out of shapdws in your normal garments." Vincent nodded and left the presence of the Headmaster.

Vincent cleaned his blade of a fiend's blood as he made sure that no other's were around. In this forest he knew he would forever be in the 'void' but that was best for him, for no emotion came to him and he could stand above the pettyness of trust and friendship. Still he had learned over this three months that this man had owned an airship and he had also heard a airship had crashed here somwhere in only the last day. he walked into a clearing and saw the fallen behemoth and the tracks of two chocobo's, he quickly studied the area and built up a mental image of what had transpired, if his hunch was correct then he should follow the tracks, on foot that was no easy chore. Then he heard a motorised noise and the growl of a wyvern.

Vincent couldn't believe it, surely no one else would be in this forest.... unless they wanted Cid.
"Damn!" he exclaimed as he ran through the forest, there had to be a way to make up some ground, but for now he just had to run to his bike, that he had left just outside the clearing. he quickly jumped onto his bike and forced it into life, following the sound of the wyvern and the other bike.

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05/20/2007 8:13 PM

raikoh made it across the border. it took him awhile since he had to dodge past a band of thieves but he made it to dimitris place and set the unconcius cid inside.
" hey di. i need you heal this guy quick we need to question him on some activities on the other side of the border."

dimitri was a rather tall hume with pure white hair though he was very young. his eyes were white as well. he wore a grey robe with several layers under it.

" why raikoh its nice to see you again. now what happened here? this guy seems to not have caught a break."

" you know how i've got this thing against airships right? well he's just been through a airship crash and tried defending himself from a behemoth. not much else to say really. oh and you say something about the theif patrols at your next town meeting. they're becoming quite a nusence."
raikoh laid cid on the table in the next room and let dimitri through.
" oh and please cast a bind spell on him. he got away the last time he woke up, and he tried to escape. thats where the behemoth part comes in."

" ah yes i see." replies dimitri." i guess i should use it if he plans on getting into that much trouble. now stand back. we dont want what happened last time to happen now."

with a quick chant from dimitri a black mist appears on the floor and begins to grow. it then turns into tentacles and wraps around cid and the table.

" now for the healing. "
dimitri puts a hand on cids visible wounds. after this his eyes and hair begins to glow in a great white light. the rest of cids wounds are healed.
" now take a rest raikoh. say wheres horace? is he doing fine?"

" yes he's doing great. in fact he's right outside guarding the door. "

" thats good. well i'll stay here and wait for your friend here to awaken. it shouldn't bee long now. it looks like something had healed him a little before ya got here. he doesn't look like he just beat a behemoth."

" yes actually i did notice that alittle. mabe someone else was there with him."
raikoh gets up and leaves the room knowing that cid wouldn't be able to move off the table and out of the room.
" get me when he wakes."

05/21/2007 6:00 AM

Vincent never caught up to the bike or the chocobo's, though he did reach the city limits.
"So this is Sarados," Vincent glanced over the city "Well one more hell hole for me to visit." Vincent entered the city, his uniform stuck out from the rest of the city, it wasn't every day that a member of S.eeD was seen on his own, as such it was that a group of young people, approximately the same age as vincent, came up to him.
"You new to town mister?"the voice from one of them sounded as though it was more a threat than a question. Vincent ignored him and carried on walking.
"Who the hell do you think you are, you don't ignore us!" One shouted as he drew a knife.
Vincent didn't hesitate he drew his gun-blade
"you may regret drawing that knife." Vincent's voice was cold and emotionless.

The youths looked at him and suddenly appeared to recognise exactly what his uniform meant.
"Whoah c...c...calm down mister." One stuttered. Vincent ignored them and walked on by straight to the nearest bar to find information on where the nearet healer was. Vincent was pointed in the direction of a mage's dwelling he was hoping he had got the right place.

He looked at the building and walked upto the front door, it had been slightly ajar and thus Vincent walked in, not drawing his weapon but keeping it loose by his side ready to react with minimal effort. he walked throught the house till he found his objective and a tall man stabding beside him.

"Excuse me sir, I am Vincent, S.eeD first class, i have come for this gentleman."

05/21/2007 10:25 AM

(OOC you'll need to work out what faction S.eeD is working for)

Aya kept the bike steady along a single vine and pulled her blade out from the opening compartment as was about to take aim when the vine jolted. Her brothers blade launched itself deep into a piece vegetation deep in the patch of great sprawling vines. "Dam, why now," she pulled the bike up and off the vines still 70 or so feet from the rocky floor. The wyvern burst into flame and shrieked rising back into the air, the fire was soon gone but the beast got the message. It left the cliff face and head back to it's roost in the forest.

The bike hit the ground with a clump that nearly knocked Aya off, she felt Vahn tight around her waist and brought the bike to a stop.

(OOC up to AuricFalken if your still here)

Aya rolled into Sarados looking at the shell of a crashed airship that made up the slum area as she crossed the main road, there was one person that she could trust for information here. There was an eccentric man that claimed he could do magic but he knew every thing no matter how small that happened in the city. She rolled passed Dimitri's house and noted the guard, she kept going down the street. Dimitri never had a guard and not one she thinks she saw before, "Best try the back door," she muttered to herself.

05/21/2007 2:17 PM

[i]Damn those chocobos are faster than I remember.[/i] Vahn thought quickly as he saw that the distance between them was not decreasing as it should have, but considering the wyvern above seemed more interested in the fast moving bike the pair of them were on than the fast moving bird ahead, the fact that Cid was getting further away was the last worry on his mind. Her ability to drive the bike was astounding, considering the speed she was moving at and the tight manouvres she was performing - especially when it hit the ground hard. He let go of her momentarily, latching his right hand to the bike as it touched ground - it shook hard, nearly knocking himself and the biker off, but he quickly grabbed her again to let her know he was still around.

'Nice driving.' Vahn said, smiling.


They rolled into Sarados, where Vahn remembered travelling from to get towards Cid in the first place, and let her lead the way through the place. He had only been here to pass through it, never really noting how to get around the place. Eventually she rolled passed a building with a guard in front of it - he had to be a guard, and a bad one at that because he stuck out even to a man with amnesia - and she seemed slightly concerned. After she moved past him he could barely hear her mutter "best try the back door". He nodded to himself, silently agreeing with her, and moved his right hand to grasp his sword... just in case.

05/25/2007 1:59 PM

"Help me..." a strange unusual voice dried out to Cid wholst unconcious.

"Wha..? Who..? Who are... you?" Cid asked not realising the state he was in. Inside his concious was his floationg body in an abyss of darkness.

"I need your help..." the same vboice cried out to him.

"Where are you? I can't help without know where you are" he explained.

Suddenly the black abyss faded being rapidly replaced by an image of a ginourmous temple deep within a cavern. He searched around noticing the dagger like pinnicles dangling from the ceiling, they could fall at any time but Cid seemed more occupied with this voice that kept calling out to him. It felt familiar but he didn't know how. He felt as if he had known this voice all his life. He walked on down towards the rocky temple where this voice seemed to be originating from. As he entered he noticed the very Strange decorations which had been set throughout the temple. He suddenly reconised them to be similar to the tatoos on his body. He checked although, just to be sure.

This was getting weirder and weirder for Cid. As he moved closer through the temple he could feel his heart weighing him down more and more, as if it were forcefully dragging him down. He reached his hand out for some kind of object to keep himself up. All he could reach was this stone like ornament which felt brittle against his skin. The smell of dust clogged up his throat causing him to cough, he wasn't likeing this at all, yet he carried on through the corridors, following the voice.

He finally opens the door to the room which contains the voice. He opens it and sees this great beautiful mistress shiny bright with green.

"Shall I play some music?" She says as she turns around to Cid. She sits by a harp and play's a beautiful melody in which Cid becomes mesmorized in. He can't escape from this womans beauty, yet he pulls away just for a second to ask this question.

"Why do you need help?"

"Come and find me, and then you'll know why." Was her reply.


"He's lost quite a lot of energy. I'm going to have to heal him immediatly." Dimitry said as he lies Cid along the table.

"Get me three mastered materia, all cure." His assistant places it in his hand, which he then has absorbed into his arms, two in the left, one in the right. He lays his hands along Cid's chest, stares up at the ceiling and closes his eyes. As cure is being casted a green circle appears around his hands and Dimitry's hair starts to flicker upwards.

Cid bursts into consiouness almost immediatly gasping really hard.

"Calm down! relax, your alive thank god." Dimitry explained.

"What, how?"

"You were mounted by an adult behemoth which knoked you out, I'm surprised you survived, your very lucky these two boys saved you."

"Oh thanks doc, suppose i should thank them." Then he muttered under his breathe "Who was that girl?"

05/27/2007 6:52 PM

dimitri came back from the other room.
" hey raikoh he's awake now."
raikoh came back from the other room. it had been only a half hour since he left hopefully dimitri's bind spell was still in effect.

" perfect now mabe we can get some answers." replied raikoh " has he said anything since he awoke?"

" yes he said to thank you but he can do that himself. and he muttered something about a girl but i couldn't hear to much of it."

"good now i know i can get some answers from him. oh and tell horace he can come back in. and see if you can get a few other clans men here. try getting james and kiltroth."

" fine ill try. mabe through some meditation and telepathy ill call em. it might take a day or so for them to come."

" dont worry we'll have all the time in the world. unless he tries getting away from us again. but hopefully we'll be able to join them."
raikoh walked into the room that cid was kept in. thankfully he was still restrained by the spell.

" now tell me, who's after you and why?" raikoh starts in.

05/28/2007 12:50 PM

"There's me for one," The blade that Aya had got from the elder pricked the back of his neck, "Where did you get off being so annoying," pushing herself into the door and closing it. "Now I know you aren't helping him, that was a really shoddy binding spell by the way," through he couldn't see it she was smiling.

"Lets get this sorted once and for all," looking Cid in the bed, "Who do you want to go with, cuss these guys are nothing but trouble and seconders I need to talk to you, so does he," looking over at the corner cast in shadow.

05/29/2007 12:32 AM

Vincent stepped forward, out of the shadow, his uniform making him stick out from the group that now surronded Cid. the woman had spoken, her blade was held at a man's neck.

"Lets get this sorted once and for all," looking Cid in the bed, "Who do you want to go with, cuss these guys are nothing but trouble and seconders I need to talk to you, so does he," looking over at the corner cast in shadow.

"I believe we should all be calm now, this Cid is under the protection of S.eeD so if anyone makes a move to hurt him you may regret it." Vincent looked around the room, subtley, he was definately the youngest but was probably the most overlooked. but still he looked cold and uncaring quite what the others would think of him he wouldn't even dream of guessing, but for now it was a stalemate.

05/29/2007 2:10 AM

[i]Why does it always get complicated...[/i] Vahn thought to himself, sighing as he saw everyone seemingly putting each other under the "don't do anything to Cid or I'll get you" stalemate. He could have tried to fight through them, but there was a chance of inuring Cid... and chance that, at this point, he could not afford to take.

He reacehd over his shoulder and pulled out his massive sword with his right hand, and carefully layed it down on the ground. 'I'm not in the mood for a fight'. He stepped forwards towards Cid, waiting to see how the others would react.

05/29/2007 7:37 PM

" holy shit!!!" riakoh said as a whole bunch of people started comeing from parts of the room each carrying a weapon of somekind. " dimitri get cid outa here i'll hold em off. call horace in to. we shoulda got someone to the back door instead." raikoh took out his sword and stood between some of the people and cid but then pointed his sword at the girl with the knife closest to cid. " now you back away from him. im not letting you cash in a innocent for a bounty. now over there or you will be killed." just then horace entered the room. " horace keep my back covered i'll get the girl away from cid. im gonna make a hole for dimitri to sneak through and get cid outa here." raikoh said to horace. " hey dimitri take him to kiltroth. he'll be able to hide him well. i can take care of these folks." raikoh now looked over to the girl again. " now where were we? you have 10 seconds to back away from cid or i'll be forced to make the first strike." raikoh said to her as he got his sword in the ready position. after three seconds it started to glow a great blue light. " seven seconds. your choice, life or death?" he said to her as his sword continued to glow stronger. he was using his energy to make the only blow that would wound the girl but not hurt cid. the suzuiki butterflies. although they looked weak not to many woke the same day they were struck by them. " four seconds."

05/30/2007 1:25 AM

Vincent casually drew his gun-blade and balanced it on his shoulder as he watched the desperate maneauver of this mad man.
"Drop your weapon," Vincent casually pressed his beacon hidden on his blade "The whole of S.eeD now know that I am in trouble...." He started directly at Riakoh "Can you really out run S.eeD?" He gave a nod of indifference "...Its your choice"

He looked throughout till he found the one known as Dimitri.
"I'll guarentee if you move it will be the last move you make." he showed no emotion in what he said, he was getting no joy or satisfaction from thi it was just his job and right now he knew that at least 5 more S.eeD members were on their way, the rapid response team would be here within minutes and then things would get interesting.

05/30/2007 8:12 PM

raikoh was ready to beat this girl into oblivion but now one of the guys behind him started to threaten dimitri." you leave him outa this." raikoh said " suzuiki butterfly!"

with a quick slash of his sword in the air, suddenly dozens upon dozens of small butterflies made up of energy flew towards the people that were behind raiokh. but most were aimed at the one threatening dimitri. " touch one and it'll be your last memory before you wake up in the hospital." raikoh said hopeing that he would back off. there were enough of the butterflies between him and dimitri he wouldn't get a clear shot with his gun blade nor would he be able to move to strike dimitri without touching a butterfly. but that wouldn't be pleasent now would it. " now who are all of you and what business with cid do you have." raikoh said pointing his sword back at the girl but keeping close watch on the man with the gunblade." horace get dimitri outa here. its getting to hectic here. i'll move cid on my own."

05/31/2007 1:45 AM

Vincent didn't bat an eyelid at the butterflies, did this man not know what S.eeD were, they had better versions of these things but still he kept them at arms length but did not withdraw his blade instead like a flash had it pointed towards dimitri's throat.
"I don't care what he tells you, but you leave and your dead," he then turned his attention back to the one that released the butterflies "recall your butterflies before i do something that 'you' will regret."

Vincent checked his watch, and calmly started to mutter some words, only summoners knew what these words meant, but some knew what they hearalded, he was begniing to summon an aeon, though maybe he was not as strong as many he could still summon and right now he needed an edge, this would be his edge.

05/31/2007 1:33 PM

Vahn sighed loud enough to be heard across the room, and his eyes flickered slightly... a slight green glow from the iris spreading to underneath his lids. He extended his right hand out to one of the "butterflies", and his hand too started glowing green faintly. He extended his fingers around the flying explosive energy, and looked over at Cid, then back to the man who had made these things.

'I am quickly loosing my patience with this.'

He closed his hand around the butterfly... and nothing happened. If there had been an explosion, then nothing had happened within the room. He opened his hand and a small, black bead rested in his palm. He turned his hand to drop it to the ground, and the glowing ceased.

'I could do that to everything in here... [i]everything[/i]. But, all I want is to talk to Cid. After that... well, that is no longer my concern. Now, if anyone has a problem with two people having a conversation, let me know right now so I can get this over with and get back to the business at hand.'

05/31/2007 7:00 PM

" theres one problem. i cant pull them back. they aren't a summon. " said raikoh to the one with blade at dimitris throat." besides dimitri show him you specialty."

" of course. " replied dimitri. he closed his eyes and said two words " to kiltroth "
in that instant he disappeared in a wisp of bright light.

" so whats left to threaten when he can teleport? " said raikoh " oh and very impressive. " he said to the one who turned the butterfly to a bead. not cery many get that close without feeling their wrath. dont worry i have a special spell for you. but for now..." he turns toward the one formally threatening dimitri. " yyou might wanna be careful that one is getting awfully close to your foot." noting a butterfly that is closeing in on his legs. " but it might already be to late. " suddenly the butterfly hit his leg. within the second it hit him he was thrown out of the house making a hole through the wall and bounced and the ground as he flew fromthe great force. leaveing his attention from the one that was just thrown from the house he turned toward the girl but noticed the butterflies were disappearing. " ahh the spell fades already. too bad. but now for you miss. get away from cid and everything will be fine. now please tell me who the hell are all of you?"

06/01/2007 12:55 AM

Vincent pulled himself up and dusted himself off.
'not as strong as i remember' he thought as he dustred himself off and then muttered the final bits of the summon. He was surronded by a ring of purple light as it towered in the air and from this tower of light thus did valefore, lord of the skies appear next to him.
"Now let us see how strong these fellows are." He sent valefor flying ahead of him and poised it claws first over the mad man's head, it was then he walked in and smiled at the mage.
"let us try this again, you will not move master mage otherwise next time you may teleport onto my sword, and you," he said looking at raikoh "will not pull anymore silly stunts, if anyone wishes to talk to Cid they can, but they will speak to him in front of me for he is now under S.eeD protection.... are we all clear." His voice was flat with no emotion ofr many people this would make them nervous, he showed no hatred towards the man that had blasted his through a wall and that should of unnerved most people.

06/01/2007 6:55 PM

raikoh was startled at how soon the other man reappeared. and he was starting to get really pissed of at how many threats he's had so far. now he was starting to get despirate. "horace summon adrammalech warn him of cid as our ally. and might as well keep the girl safe just in case." raikoh said to horace. now with dimitri out of the way and no way cid was getting out of the girls arms so all he had to worry about was himself. with the one guy summoning valefor all he had to worry about was what was above him. " so lets make this alittle more intresting." he said to the summoner. " byakko!" suddenly a large bolt of lighting (about three times the size of raikoh ) had enveloped all that was above and around raikoh. completely hitting valefor and sending it soaring through the air making another hole in dimitris house. " now to defeat him yet again. " raikoh said as he jumped through the air ready to take on valefor. he had done this a few times before. he jumped from the hole that it made and landed on the roof. he saw valefor landed through the woods in front of dimitri's house destroying a few trees. " come on then lets make this very intresting. horace get ready to summon but dont do it yet. keep your eye on the other two. since cids binded he wont be able to be moved from where he's at no matter how hard the girl tries. " he saw valefor get back up and move toward him. he readied his sword. confident that he could stop it. especially since the only things that could penitrate this ancient armor were spells. and of course the brother blade. ultimatium. but he knew right where that blade was at. the bottom of the aracibar sea. with a smile he awaited valefor as it closed in.

06/05/2007 1:31 AM

While the man was ditracted by valefore Vinent took his chance, he circled him and came up behind him, slammed him to the ground and held his blade at his throat.
"Now that I have your attention, you will tell me why you want Cid!"

06/08/2007 11:20 AM

Vahn was struck by the butterfly, and for the moment of the explosion, his senses blacnked out. He recalled the sound of the explosion, being moved through the air, and then...

[i]...The table was cold and hard. He could feel his legs struggling under the leather straps, and his left hand doing its best to force out of the straps that held it down, but his right arm refused to move. He turned his head to see why... his eyes widened in horror; his arm, all the way to his shoulder, was missing.

'NOOOOO!' He screamed writhing in pure rage on the table. He saw a face in the distance, a face with long white hair, green eyes, and a red coat...[/i]

...Vahn opened his eyes, shaking off the effect of the blast from himself - seeing that his armour had taken most of the explosion - and turned back to the building where Cid and the others were. Unfortunately, things had gotten alot more... interesting, while he had been out. The "See.D" soldier was standing over the mage, blade at his throat. Vahn shook his head, almost laughing at the pair of them and their ridiculousness, when his mind felt a "pulse" of somekind... like a ripple in the water. He turned his head to where it came from, and saw five cloaked figures closing in on the house from a few hundred feet away. [i]How did they find me again?[/i]

Vahn stepped inside, hurriedly grabbing his sword, and looked around the room.

'If you kids are finished playing around, there are more important things to contend with. There are Reavers coming.' He said, and stepped back outside the building through the hole he had been blasted through moments ago, his sword gripped firmly in his two hands.

06/14/2007 3:33 PM

Dear strangers

I don't know who any of you are, or why you have gone to such lengths to find me, however the matter of the fact is, I don't really much care. I've gone off to follow a dream, and i'd really appreciate it if you'd all stop following me so that I can live in peace.

Yours faithfully
Cid Greyboar

Peaceout ;)

That was what Cid had left in the letter as the rest of them fought over him. "Man those guys can get serious, they need to chill" Cid was crawling using his hands and arms only as he and Aya escaped through the sewers. Dimitri was so amazed by the battle he didn't even notice, and as Aya had mentioned the bind spell wasn't all that great, Cid already gained movement in his arms and it wasn't long till his lefs would start working. "Man it stinks in here, how you holding up Aya?"

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06/27/2007 3:49 PM

Vahn saw the Reavers closing down the street, their cloaks still hiding them from the sight of the common people walking around - although their attention was more drawn to the explosions than anything else. Vahn turned to look back inside, and was surprised to see that both Cid and the bike-riding girl had vanished. [i]Where the heck... I am really starting to have a bad week.[/i]

He moved back inside, seeing a letter of somesort nearby. Seeing that the others here had paused in their "who is the best" competition, he quickly picked up the letter and read it aloud. He swore under his breathe, and glanced at the pair of them.

'There's no point in staying here and facing a squad of Reavers. I'm leaving, and I hope you figure out to do the same.' Vahn gave them one last glance, and then ran back out of the hole in the wall - letter in hand - and started running the opposite direction from the Reavers. [i]I need to find a way to stop them from finding me this quickly.[/i]

07/02/2007 7:39 PM

"Kalabanik runis? No way your getting down there."
"The Kalabanik ruins you ask? no idea where it is."
"The Kalabanik ruins? please tell me your joking. They're over 1000 metres below your feet."

This was pretty much the what everyone told Cid when he asked about the Kalabanik ruins and how to get down there. the look of dissapointment covered his face as he had no way of getting down there what so ever. Not knowing what his next step was, and with heavy rain outside, he went inside a restaurant for lunch with Aya.


"Cheese Burger please" he asked the waitress

"Sure thing hun" she replied.

The smell of various cooked meat cheered him up slightly, but still not enough. He's fixated on finding this girl in his dream. He wanted to know why she was talking to him, why she chose him.

Suddenly he over heard someone saying something. A voice in a crowd gathered outside. In fact several people muttering in coversation but all about the same thing, the Kalabanik ruins. He rushed outside in the pouring rain, forgetting his cheese burger, and fought his way through the crowd to the T.V shop they were gathered by. There was a news conferance on featuring a couple of scientists and a giant driling machine. They were explaining it's purpose.

"Proffesor Tankati and I have put dedicated amouts of research into this, our prize invention. The drill master 5000. With this ew invention, we believe it will be possible to desend the necessary required distance to reach the Kalabanik ruins in where we will discover quite a deal about where we came from."

Right then Cid had one thing on his mind.

"I gotta get on that drill!"

07/16/2007 10:14 AM

She had seen him before, but she wasn't sure where but after their daring and not to mention disgusting escape they split up, "There is no why I'm leaving my bike, theres a guy we can trust at Antlions Baza, ask for Kermit," She waved running away from him, they had the upper hand and Cid could look after himself and was good at hiding so she wasn't worried.

Two days had passed, they rain hadn't let up for the last day which was oddness in itself as any rain was rare mid season but this was heavy flooding rain, the dust streets were washed into channels heading down to the sea. The shop keepers in this area had placed small walls at their doors to keep the water out, Cid had arranged to meet her here in a few minutes but with him he'd be distracted and come in late. She had parked her bike round the back, it wasn't hard to get back during the chaos back there, that was what she wanted to ask him about.

"Curry, hot," Aya placed a few gil on the table,
"We don't take that here miss," The burly chef looked down on her his huge grease stained apron blocking out the room.
"Sorry," she put the coins back in her pocket and pulled out a bag, she unlaced the top and took a gold coin out, "I've been away for a while."

The main room was plain not overly clean but wasn't dangerous with flans running around, "That was hellish," speaking to herself remembering a dump she had been to before. There were few other people most at the bar in the corner and some smoking what she suspected to be riboflavin, the smell could make paint peel, looking the wall she smiled to herself, "Really could."

Cid walked in and blanked her, walking over to the bar and asking for a cheese burger, and then leaving without her, he's getting an earful. She placed a second coin on the bar and took the cheese burger, and walked out after Cid.

He was standing at the back of a crowd, Aya poked him in the back, "If you walkout on food people will steal it," He turned round and she threw the burger into the air and turned her back on him walking back inside. In the short time she was out of shelter she had been drenched, "Why do I bother really," sitting back down in her seat. Cid came in and sat opposite her looking like he had just dived in a lake, "Whats the weather like outside," she smiled, "I mean it one of these meat heads would have taken it," one of them glowered at her. The chef placed the bowl of curry in front of her and walked away, "So why are you one of the most wanted men in this city?"

07/16/2007 1:52 PM

"You still have your motorbike?" Cid asked with a suspectable grin on his face. After Aya replied yes he answered, "We're about to find out a lot about whats going on here, but we got some work to do first."

Aya just stared straight at him with a confused face, she had known Cid long enough to know he was thinking trouble. Suddenly Cid grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the restaurant, with Aya flinging money out of hand to pay for the tip.

There they were, standing on top of a hill on the outskirts of the city. the drill was on a podium positioned about 45 degrees downwards. The scientists were giving a huge speech about something or other, but Cid wasn't paying attention. He had the wind blowing through his hair as he began to wonder if he would like the answers he would get.

"Today on this momentus occasion, we will be discovering new bounds and horizons, as we learn a grwat deal about our past and how we came to be. I would like to say... HOLY COW!" He screamed as a silouette of Cid, Aya and her bike came gleaming down from the sun, blinding everyone who tried to look at it. As they landed everyone made a clearing and the bike paused for a second, with the back wheel still turning. The bike then rode onwards, with Cid on the back knocking out as many guards as he could get with his spear. He rolled off the back, and said, "I'll meet you in the drill!"

After rolling three or four time he steadied himself with both feet and one hand on the ground,and the other hand holding his spear. He lifted his head in this position and said "Alright? Who's first?"

07/16/2007 3:01 PM

Trouble was a huge understatement, this was suicide Cid wanted this bad, "I don't plan on dieing here today," Aya kicked a man in the head as she rode past. She had to find somewhere to get off before they get organized to fight back, she turned a corner, "Thats just not fair," a van moved to block the street a head. She pulled on the brake but it was already to late, the bike slammed side on into the van but Aya had already jumped from the bike but she too hit the side of the van.

"She's just a kid, she can't be the one where looking for," Two men stood over a figure, "She is young but this isn't her, kill her."

"That hurt like helluva," As if by instinct she grabbed her side, the was a small flash of white light, she bent down to the bike and took several swords from it, "Only way now is back the way I came," A group of suited men filled the way back, "Is it possible to talk about this?"
The men walked towards her, "Give yourself up and we wont kill you,"
"I was talking to you, just walk away now and you'll be fine," pulling her gun sword and a smaller dagger from their hilts.
"I see, well then you've chosen your fate," the main man smiled pulling his own gunsword out from under his jacket, "Shoot to kill."

The men opened up with a volley of fire to which Aya dived to the left firing two shots back hitting one man in the leg, there was a flash of veridian light, "That was your last chance," She took an aggressive stance. The men opened fire again but Aya just stood, the bullets that would have hit her flashed and dropped to the floor, "Last chance."
"Your gona die bitch," He ran at her swiping with his blade, "You don't show me up like that, Die."
"Thats just mean," Blocked hid hit and was knocked back he fired at her but it had no effect, "Your a mage huh, Your kind should have died out," Swiping at her her.
"I am no mage, I'm," Dodging his attack, "I'm Albed, and you are really mean, she thrust forward jumping in the air. His attack passed under her legs as she scrunched them up, Aya's blade pierced into his chest, she pushed off with her legs. He fell to his knees gasping, "Now will you let me go?"

The men all pointed their guns at her, "Fine, But you asked for it," She swung her blade and the ground in front of the men bust into flame, "I wont miss twice," The men looked at each other and ran, "Not that I have the power to do it twice." Aya walked other to the wounded man, "You don't deserve this but I don't want to kill anyone," She punched him in the face then placed her hands on his waist and there was a flash of the light. "Now Which way was the control room."

07/19/2007 3:15 PM

Stood, alone, a single man looking for answers, willing to break the law for it as well. Stuck in his stance, with a huge circle around him, surrounded by armed guard who are slowly closing in. His eyes switching, from left to right, looking at the best possible way to get past this.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a man from behind starts charging at him. "No get back!" his boss said as he held his gun with a shaking hand and shooting rapidly. At the distance the person was at it was shameful he was missing. Cid jumped, landed behind him, swiped the back of his knees with the wooden part of his spear, and watched him fall to the ground.

Cid holds his pose for a second or two, then stands back up and gets into a stance again.
He glances over at the boss, as he looks at his men, his men looking back, and the boss looking ready. The boss nods his head three times and then suddenly all hell broke lose.

All 8 guards came running at him shooting their guns, a few of them had good shots and Cid had to deflect them with the metal part of his spaear. Cid ducked and rolled under one mans feet, causing him to trip. Then stamping on the back of his head to knock him out. Afterwards he ducked behind a gas canister, and launched it across to the men. Before the boss could shout don't shoot, a stray bullet had hit it in mid air. the 4 closest to the explosion were out unconcious, leaving a smokey battle field for Cid. "Perfect"

Te next 2 guards weren't that hard, simple sneak up and smack round the back of the head. Then it was just Cid and the boss. The smoke cleared slightly and the boss was in sight. The boss fired but he was out of bullets. "Fine, lets do this old fasioned then" He pulled out a long metal cane, and it started sparking with electricity.

"Uh oh" The boss came at him with lightning reactions, Cis kept blocking as hard as he could but the power at which he was attacking was quite immence. Cid got backed into a water system in which he ducked as the boss took another swing at him. with the boss leaning over him, all Cid had to do was to stand up and let him fall over.

He was being shocked for about 5 seconds before the cane short circuited, but he was alive, just paralysed for a while, but now Cin needs to get to the drill.

07/20/2007 9:14 AM

"Well that seems to be all of them," Aya looked around the abandoned courtyard where the speech was being made minutes before, "Now if I was a control panel where would I be," looking up at the scaffold tower at the other end of the courtyard. "Looks like a start," Aya stuck tot the crates at the side of the yard and made her way over to the base of the tower, "This is just to easy."


A woman in back knelt aloft a shipping crate watching as the figure below neutralized a group of security guys, "Looks like he's my kind of guy," She licked her lips," Looks like she was calling out after all." The last guy fell and the figure moved deeper into a rig of cables and out the other side, "Time the aces were dealt then," The woman jumped into the air and disappeared.


"Now for suicide this has gone quite well even if I do say so myself, there's even a lift." The doors opened with a ping, a group of security guys guns out looked in but the lift was empty, "No one here boss," Two of the guy checked the interior.
"Well it didn't come up by itself did it," he barked back.
There was a small clink as a large metal ball dropped from the roof of the lift,
"Get back you fools," yelled the boss,
There was a flash of blinding light and the sound of several bodies falling to the floor, "There we go," Aya dropped from the hatch in the lift roof landing neatly of the lift floor, "So it is up here then," walking over to the control panel that filled a side of the room.

"That would make this the on button, looking across the panel at the button labeled "ON", "So to power it up I need to connect it all," Aya continued to talk to herself as she flicked switches and more lights on the panel came on.


The woman was waiting for Cid as he came into the clearing where the drill was, "So you finally got here I was fearing maybe you had died, not that it matters," she started to walk towards him, "You just did my job for me, thank you but we seem to have different aims." Cid readied his spear as she closed in, she smiled, "I would love to fight you but today I have other things in mind," she vanished from in front of him and whispered in his ear, "You wouldn't have stood a chance anyway," Cid turned and backed away but she was gone again, "But I'm impressed the others never made it this far," Standing back where she started, "SeeD did a better job than I through they would."

"What others?" Cid yelled at this woman
"Ask me nicely and I might tell you, yell again an I'll end you now,"
Cid composed himself, what the hell was the women she didn't seem human, "What others?"
"There others that answered her call of course, the reason why you all tried until death to reach her, why would anyone chase after a mere dream like that is beyond me but here we are. That man who liked himself to much, Tankati was his name, he had the same dream so I had to kill him and the other scientists, very messy, you and that girl are the last ones left of them all. She should be ready by now," The woman looked up at the tower, "She'll kill you both," She smiled at Cid, "I'd have loved to fight you, but this is a cleaner way," She jumped into the air and vanished.


"So now it's ready to go, what ever Cid hopes to find I hope he brings me a souvenir," Aya pressed the button, the panel's lights all flashed, Aya smiled.

The tower was the first thing to go, Aya was blasted back from the panel into the back wall, she screamed as her bones broke and her skin was torn away, the wall behind her disintegrated as the blast left the tower into the air. Cid stared as this happened, a tear may have started to form in his eye, but it didn't have time to roll down his cheek. The explosion traveled down the powered mist cables, as it passed Cid the blast threw him into the air then the tank on the drill ignited.

The blast enveloped the whole facility where the research was to take place in fire, from the top of a skyscraper the woman smiled, "This is Roku containment confirmed."

07/22/2007 2:30 PM

"Aya?" Cid asked as he found himself lieing on the floor without the ability to move. His entire body numb, and all of him limbs paralyzed. "This is not Aya" a voice replied in answer to Cid's earlier question. "Then... where am I?" he askedthis mysterious voice, which felt rather familiar to him. "Why did you ask that?" answering with another question. "What?" Cid said in confusion. "You asked "Where am i?" rather than "Who are you". I wondered why that was." After everything which has happened today, Cid's patience had gotten quite short. "Listen to me you... what ever you are! Tell me where the hell am I and how I can get back to where I was!" Cid shouted. Silence fell for quite a while, Cid breathing heavily after his loud rant, which appeared to echo for a while. "We can take you back at any time, but as for where you are, you can find that out for yourself."

Suddenly, Cid's leg twitched. he had feeling in it again and in the rest of his body shortly. He could stand up, not well, and he was a bit stumbly, but he could stabilize himself enough to walk. Looking out into the distance he could see the ruins from his dreams.

Walking through it, it seemed a lot more real, which is understandable considering this wasn't his dreams. "Where are you?" he asked hoping for another reply. "We're quite close, just around the next corner." they replied, these mysterious voices with a very calm tone. As if they were greater beings than the everything else. Cid came up to a door, the same door he found that girl. It was time for some answers.

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07/23/2007 1:27 AM

Vincent sighed to himself, this had meant to of been a simple mission, go in, bring Cid to the Garden and that was it, instead he had lost Cid, had to fight with a mad man, whom now lay on the floor unmoving.

He walked over to where the letter was.
"meh," he said "Doesn't give me a clue." He exited the house and saw people coming closer, all were dressed in law enforcement clothing.
"This is not my day." he said to himself.
"Stop in the name of the law" The leader shouted at him.
"I am a member of S.eeD, you will let me pass without hinderance." Vincent commanded but the officer looked at him.
"We have orders to eliminate any member of S.eeD on sight."
This was turnign out to be a completely bad day for him, who would order something like that and try for the wrath of S.eeD, not seeing many options Vincent looked towards his bike and ran, jumped onto it and kicked it into life.

The officer and his men raised there guns and opened fire, narrowly missing Vincent as he sped out of the town and towards the drill, once he got close he saw what commotion had happened.
[i]finally[/i] he thought to himself [i]a little luck for me[/i] He left his bike on the outskirts and entered the area, it was a mess but Vincent had to find Cid.

07/23/2007 7:35 AM

"Some people don't know when to give up and die," Roku stood atop the Reimna building, "I have to say SeeD is better than expected, but their usefulness is up," she smiled, "Then again it might be more fun this way." She flicked open her phone, "Police, members of SeeD have attacked the Techisha drill site and are still there, I really don't know what to do."
"Stay put miss we'll be there as soon as possible," Roku hung up,
"Looks like he's going to get a fair chance," looking up at the sky, "He won't leave in one piece."


"If your going away then you should be careful, I don't want you to get yourself killed out there Aya, I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you. So promise me you'll take care and don't do anything stupid, things aren't the same out there, it's much crazier world than you'd think." The man smiled and put his hand on her shoulder, "I'll miss you," he kissed her on the forehead.


"No," Aya gave all her reaming strength, she had managed not keep her organs near stable but it wouldn't last long, "Help," her cry was no more than a whisper.

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07/24/2007 2:05 AM

((err, was the whisper for help to vincent, if it wasn't i'll change the post))

Vincent stood surveying the area, it looked as though a bomb had hit the area, then he saw her, a girl, her body mutilated lying on the floor. He walked over to her, his figure imposing, but he knelt down besides her and forced her to drink a potion.
"This should help you, then maybe you can help me." Vincent spoke to her, then years of training, since he was ten, made him hear the sound of feet coming up behind him.

"You can stop right there SeeD." One of the police said, Guns pointing straight at Vincent. Vincent turned around and looked at them all. He didn't say anything, his blood red cape flapping in the wind, one minute he was stood unarmed, next he had somersaulted into the air and was in between them, one of his gunblades drawn. With one swipe he took the lead officer down, or at least the one that had spoken.

The Police didn't know what to do, if they shot they risked shooting their own rather than the SeeD member, yet this, he couldn't be more than a boy, they had thought was like a deamon, as another police men fell, they quickly engaged their brains and brought out their swords, disgarding their guns.

Vincent had taken out three out of the 7 men, but now they had realised they needed close quater weapons, cursing, he jumped out of the middle and ran to his bike, the police following. Flipping over the bike he pressed a button and another gun blade was released into the air which he caught landed and readied himself.

In the end the years of training SeeD had given him was more than a match for four men, though he had been caught several times on his arms, and with only wearing his uniform blood had been drawn. As he looked around the sight, he caught no sight of anyone, yet had anyone had seen his eyes, they would of known he knew that someone was watching him. He quickly went back to the fallen girl.

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07/24/2007 7:12 AM

Roku leapt from the building air rushing past her, landing lightly on her feet, "This is getting old, Rei better be ready to change my assignment soon," she climbed onto a black bike, and screeched from sight.


Hazy, a whole numbness, questions, life, questioning life? what would that mean?

Aya gasped for air, she was alive at least, "Cid," she pulled up, her new brittle bones groaned under the stress, she fell back to the ground, "Was this me or is someone else here," her voice was stifled due to the once crushed windpipe.

She looked up as turning her head was still beyond her, and a few minutes passed and she heard the roar of a bike, it came to a stop near her, foot steps. "I'll kill you for sure this time, I'll gut you and pull out your heart," the figure walked into Aya's view, "Where is he?"
"You did this? Aya tried to glare but her skin was in the same state as her bones,
"Any normal person would be dead by now, where is the SeeD?"
"How would I know,"
"He intros himself," Roku vanished.

He quickly went back to the fallen girl.

"Look, she's here," Aya wheezed at the steps coming towards her.

07/25/2007 5:39 AM

Vincent stood above the fallen woman, his red cape flapping in the wind again, making his regal blue uniform look even more impressive with its golden embroidary. Why would the police force challange a member of SeeD, it was like commitign suicide, as he was thinking this over his phone rang.
"Speak." Vincent said as he answered the phone.
"Vincent, this is the headmaster, you are to report back immediately.... we have a problem."
"Sorry sir, I don't have this cid guy."
"Find him and bring him in... it appears we have had war declared on us."

The phone hung up, Vincent stood, no emotion on his face but his mind was racing, who had the guts to declare war on SeeD, they were always merecenaries, neutral until paid for, they had no empire and yet someone had declared war. he had to find this cid, he had to bring him in and at the same time, there was this mutilated girl. Could all this be connected. His beacon started to go off again, the Ragnorak ship was near, his transport home was close, he hesitated should he send it back, just in case.

07/25/2007 3:54 PM

"Tell me why have you brought me here!? Whats going on!? Why are people after me!?" al these questions being shouted from the inpatient Cid's mouth. The girl in the room just stared at him for a brief moment, and then finally replied.

"Calm down, all will be revealed now, you see, we are a great civilisation that once flourished all over this world many millenia ago, yet most of us perished and we near extinction even till this day. This figure you see here, is merely whats left of us, trying to form a figure which would appear fimilia to your kind for you see, we do not look like you, we are merely energy floating around."
"But that still doesn't answer many of my questions!" Cid said.
"Well before the woman above killed you, we used our powers to bring you sown here, although it sacrificed a great deal of us." they explained
"Wait, why me? Why am I so important?" Cid wondered
"You see..." Suddenly this civilisation was interupted by an earthquake.
"Oh no! She's come back!" They shouted.
"Who?" Cid asked "Who's come back?" He asked again.
"Listen, we don't have much time, look for the Shina ruins, more will be explained there, it's due east from here under the sea, we know that your civilisation has sonagram pictures of it. You must find a way down hurry!" They said with their last breathe as Cid was teleported out. Before he was gone, he shouted "Wait!"and ran at them, yet after the teleportation he was back on the surface, finishing his word and still running.

He looked up in front of him, and he could see what seemed to be a SeeD member over Aya's body.

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07/26/2007 8:31 AM

The imperial city of Selucila, slivering high-rises reaching up into the sky, filled with skycars. Millions live in this city the second largest in Gaia and from the roof tops the city goes on forever, at the current time it is also possible from the roof tops to see four figures in black standing looking out over the grand plaza, "The time has come," the first spoke, black hair blowing in the high winds and a tower coat dropping from his neck.

"Have the others succeeded then," A second spoke, her light blue hair being the brightest of the group; she wore the same coat as the first but open at the front.

"It no longer matters if Roku fails or not," The first spoke again, "The wheels are in motion, Faiths actions can't change that, dreams are things that can't be reached,"

"We know our orders Iti, can't we get this pretty get together over with, I want to see the fireworks," A third spoke cropped brown hair with black jeans, black collared shirt and same coloured jacket, simple reflective sunglasses covered his eyes. "No words Kyuu, all to scary for you, huh?"

A young girl stood on the end of the line, she too in black but looking less menacing than the others in a blouse and pleated skirt. "It's not scary, I just have questions for Iti," She spoke in a calm voice, she flashed her green eyes at Yon who has spoke before, her brown hair waving slightly. "Why all this trouble for a dream if it can't happen," all turned to look at her.

Iti spoke first, "Are you questioning my orders Ninth," He walked along the ledge of building towards her.

"No First, I just wanted to know the reason," She backed away slightly her voice not sounding so calm.

"Yon, Hati time has come move out," Iti commanded his back now turned to them and both vanished as if smoke. Iti moved closer to Kyuu, "Rei gives orders, we follow orders haven't you leant yet Ninth, you follow orders of the Hyaku before you," She had backed to the edge of the building. "Never question my orders, never act so familiar with me in front of the others," With the back of his hand he swiped at her cheek, sending her flying two buildings along the row. He was two steps in front of her as she landed rubble flying from her path as she hit the ground, "Meet with the others as planned or I'll do much worse to you." He took a sword from his hip and stabbed her twice once in the gut and once in her chest, "Remember this," Iti vanished from sight.

Kyuu clambered to her feet her wounds were already gone but that didn't mean that it was something she wanted to go through again. She looked back down to the square, "So many will die for his orders, how can we follow him if we don't know why," She rubbed at the gap in her blouse where her pale skin peeked out. "It's time," She vanished as the others had.


"Mr San the ship is ready," The ship in question is a battleship, the battleship Yuna a skyship of the Trane Alliance, two hundred meters long and twenty wide with eight major gun mounts with range of 15kms. It's powerd by a magisite-mist reactor from which most energy is given to flight and defensive fields around the ship, this makes it a long lasting battle ship able to hold it's own against and Empire ship. The bridge is open plan with the main wheel in the centre and panels around the edge, along the back wall there are chairs for the captain and first mate but on this ship there is a third, in which sat the man referred to as Mr San.
"Very well turn us port and target guns on the border," The man shifted in his chair, "Gentlemen were going to test the water a little," He got to his feet, "Carry out the orders as planed, best of luck captain."
"I wish you good fortune San," the captain replied,
"I left you something to pay the boatman with in my ship I'll leave it for you should the need arise," With this the man left his black coat blowing out behind him.


Fort Moonmoth was both a border station and a coastal gun platform overlooking the inland sea that make up the middle of Shyosia and is one of the first points of attack for any enemy so it is heavily fortified.
"Take a look at this, Biggs,"
"What is it,
"That's just it, it looks like a battle ship but we don't have any launched out here,"
"What's that solider," shouted a burly looking man from a balcony overlooking the room
"Unknown battleship 15kms south-east,"
"Sound a first level alert, send out a recon to identify the ship, I want all crews to their stations, as of now that ship is target one,"
"Looks like it's going to happen Biggs,"
"I know Wedge,"


Blasts started in the city carrying chunks of buildings, people and anything else that happened to be in the way and flinging them into the street. Buildings crumbled to the ground and the city was full of cries, Kyuu looked from where she was standing, "So it begins."


Roku looked on, "Times up," She whispered to herself, she appeared back in the clearing where the two men were standing. "Looks like we get that fight after all," She looked at Cid, "What ever it was she saved you for was it'll have been in vain," Roku turned to the man in the red cape, "As for you, you are one of the few left, that was taken care of after all we can't have freelancers getting in the way," She smiled. Roku pulled the claymore from her back, "Shall we,"

07/26/2007 1:19 PM

((quick question, is Roku meant to die here, cause she won't be able to take on Vincent unless she has some unknow secret training, and the quote i use sounds like the whole of SeeD is gone, if you want me to make it so she dies, tell em, but for now, i'm going to put up a diversion so we can escape.))

Vincent looked away from Roku and to the man he thought had to be Cid.
"The Ragnorak is close, take her and get on it! I will deal with this female." Vincent's face shot back to this female with the claymore.

As for you, you are one of the few left, that was taken care of after all we can't have freelancers getting in the way,"

"You think you can beat SeeD" Vincent laughed at her, "You obviously don't realise who your dealing with." With that he drew both his gun blades and stood before her.
"Shall we dance?" He asked performing a mocking bow "We shall see if you can really hope to master SeeD."

Vincent of course had no intention of fighting now, though his pose with the blades showed him ready, but it was the purple circle that appeared on the floor then tunred golden that proved otherwise for out of the sky came Bahumat King of Dragons.

"Of course, you must prove yourself worthy first, meet my friend." he checked his homer, the ship was ETA'd to arrive in one minute. For now it looked as though he would get out of this.

07/27/2007 5:59 AM

"You think for more than a second you can beat me, really now come come," Roku smiled looking at the huge beast, "You have no idea, trying to use my brethren to fight me, all talk, I hate that." Bahumat launched into the air and landed a few feet in front of her, she walked towards it placing a hand on the side of its head, "It's ok, go back, sleep, you don't have to answer him anymore," her voice was softer and caring that before. Bahumat glowed slightly, orbs of light started to pour from it and rose into the sky, it was gone.

"Ni is a much better fighter than me she must have slaughtered them, you are the one that has no idea what your dealing with," she pulled her claymore back to two hands, "You'll die first." She slammed the sword down into the ground causing a shock wave aimed at him and at the same time pushed up over the wave strait at the man, pulling the blade after her spiraling slightly.

07/27/2007 6:08 AM

Vincent stood unmoved as Bahumat was sent away, so she was a summoner like him, obviously alot more trained in those ways and yet she tought she could dance swords with him.

As the shock wave came to him he jumped in the air, his cloak seeming to grow larger, covered the view of the woman, suddenly he was behind her, both blades drawn.
"Come now woman, you must do better than that to beat SeeD." he smiled again as he came at her, using one blade to go for the throat the other blade to strike at the belly.

The Ragnorak was hovering above the scene, with 5 members of SeeD, seeing Vincent fighting as he was four of the five got their chosen weapons and para dropped onto the scene surronding Cid and the fallen girl.

07/27/2007 9:04 AM

"Old tricks," she threw her sword at him, appeared behind him, she dropped some daggers from her belt that fired at him then appeared above him firing down with her gun sword, pinning him in a field of fire. Roku flashed back to her sword and smashed him with the flat of it, sending him flying into a shipping crate, punching a hole in the first side and a dent in the second.

"Ni could have done a better job," She jumped into the air towards the ship, and the dropping men, she slashed one's shoot and they fell to the ground, a second she cut into with her blade cut flesh and bone right through one's waist. The last two made it down to Gaia, Cid and Aya had made it some way but not far, both of the SeeD turn their attention to Roku. "Shall I give you despair," She grinned at them pulling the shades from her face, she ran at them and they at her, "Too slow," she appeared behind one pushing the sword right through him, the last one was already running at her. Roku readied her blade but the SeeD burst into back smoke with a yell, Roku turned, "Ni he was mine," A tall man in black with short white hair stood behind her, he spoke, "Come, Iti has called a meeting, it wouldn't do to be late."
"What of these, shouldn't we kill them,"
"They are but remnants, but a ship however, the sky belongs to the Chaos," Ni reached out at it, closing his hand and crushing the reactor, "Come now," both of them vanished. The air ship started to slowly fall to the ground, being forced to land.

(ooc, however good members of SeeD are they are human, they however are not. Jam and me want them be undefetable for now to make the story harder but they won't be coming back into our characters for a while. Oh and me and Jam are on holiday for a while (yep again) so not posts for a few days)

07/27/2007 10:28 AM

"Captain Rederick we can't land ," said Nowe to Grensen who was resting in his quarters,
"Why not Nowe is the radio acting up again?" asked the captain,
"Just look outside I doubt we will be aloud to give the supplies in this firefight there is..." "What do you mean a firefight ?" Grensen interrupted running into the deck running all the possibilities there were without joining the warfare,"Sir there is a possibility to give the supplies down there," Nowe pointed down below them where some people were, "good plan Nowe, Sti take us down we don't go to low though I want to watch in case that Fort fires at us,"The Legacy slowly descended closer to the ground as four SeeD para through the air then blood spread the window and a figure flew up past the blood. Grensen dropped out a rope and went down "god Nowe get down here we got us an injured girl.

07/30/2007 1:20 AM

"Come on, we can make it" Cid was telling himself and Aya as he had Aya's arm wrapped over his shoulder. He had no idea that the fight had already finished for he was running to fast and not looking back. He was just looking for a hospital at the moment.

Suddenly from above a great huge airship flew in and hovered a few hundred feet in front of him and Aya. A man on a microphone started to talk. "We can see you have injured with you, please get on our airship, we have medical staff aboard."

"Should i trust them i wonder?" Cid thought to himself. "Get on... the airship" Aya said briefly as she joined the concious world for a split second and dozed off again. "Fine" CiD said to himself as he started to climb the rope ladder that had dropped down. The airship then took off.

08/02/2007 12:39 AM

Vincent managed to deflect the daggers, however the wall of fire kept him trapped until he eventually summoned Shiva, the lady of ice, to get rid of the fire looking at the aeon he spoke.
"Thank you old friend." Shiva smiled as she vanished, there was no point her staying with that girl around, yet when he looked up, she was gone.
"I have a bad feeling about this." His transponder went off, it was the emergency signal, all SeeD were to go to 'The House' that meant they were to meet at the floating fortress near the Shina ruins.

It was now he looked, not one of the five SeeD members had survived,
[i]what were they?[/i] he thought to himself, the airship started to move with Cid and Aya on
[i]Typicla[/i] he thought to himself he had battled against whatever she was, somehow had survived and was now being left there, so he waved his hands up at the ship and then drew out his flare gun and fired a flare straight up in the air, with the ragnoark gone it was his only ticket out of here, afterall, he had a funny feeling that his bike was destroyed.

08/03/2007 11:13 AM

"Captain there is still someone someone on the ground he has set off a flare," Said Nowe to Grensen,
"Sti get on it, Nowe take these two to the medical bay be quick about," Said Rederick lowing the rope ladder again.
"Right this way then," said Nowe leading the way through the ship. When they got the the medical bay the door was locked Nowe shouted, "Loesda open up someones injured here !" the door opened and a short man with red hair stood looking at them, "Right then whats happened here ?"

"You must be having a party here three people in one day," Said to the man who had just come aboard who was walking past Rederick "Hey I think I need a explanation on whats going on here," said Grensen pointing his gun at the back of the mans head Sti had also drawn is gun pointing it at the man as well.

08/03/2007 11:36 AM

"You must be having a party here three people in one day," Said to the man who had just come aboard who was walking past Rederick "Hey I think I need a explanation on whats going on here," said Grensen pointing his gun at the back of the mans head Sti had also drawn is gun pointing it at the man as well.

Vincent didn't even smile, he was a broken man, he had been out manauvered, out classed and five members of SeeD were dead, instead he just collpased to the floor.
"What does it matter... We can't compete with that, we're finished." the transponder still blinked at his every so often but as far as he was aware it was over.

The he noticed the guns and his anger flared up.
"Lower them right now! you do not need to treat me as a prisinor or as a threat, honestly, do i look like i am in the mood to fight!" For all his shouting he was still unched on the floor, his face down and his posture insecure.
"There must be a way to stop her." He mumbled to himself.

08/03/2007 12:22 PM

Grensen lowered his gun Sti turned back to the controls "I'm sorry I didn't mean to treat you as a prisoner or a well your are a treat I saw you fight it was superb I'm amazed you got out of their alive most guy would of died anyway I'm just confused four came on board and just..."

"Four you said only three ?" said the man sounding slightly confused still lying on the ground

"Well three and a half we caught one of the guys that came down from the other ship but as we brought him inside his legs just disconnected and came back to Gaia before those other two came on board he's in my quarters through that door if you care to look anyway better be off Loesda can't always be trusted ," said Grensen walking through the door to see Nowe waiting outside with the man that came with the girl.

"How is she ?" Grensen asked Nowe,
"Don't know only Loe knows that but she a bit worse for wear right now," answered Nowe.

08/04/2007 9:03 AM

Cid wondered out of the medi bay where Aya had been resting unconcious to wonder what all this shouting he could hear was. Upon exiting he saw a few people and a body lieing across the floor. He recognised him from the battle and grew quite worried. "Ok whats going on here?" he said to all the people who slowly turned around to look at him. Before any of them could answer him, the woman who was treating Aya ran in. "She's awake!" she said.

08/04/2007 9:42 AM

"She's awake," it sounded far away, as if her body was a container she poured back into it, Aya openned her eyes. What ever the potion the SeeD had given her had worked she flexed her fingers and toes, her bones clicking slightly her skin tight over her thin body, this made her aware of something. She pulled the covers of the bed over herself and her knees up to her chest, a man came into the room that she didn't recognize followed by one she did. "Cid," she called out looking past the other man, "Where are we?"

08/04/2007 12:19 PM

Cid came rushing down to meet her. Suddenly Aya was smacked by the full force of Cid rushing into her for a hug. "I thought you were gone!" Cid said in relief. Then he pulled away from her and turned around, with his back facing her, as he pulled up his sleeve to rub the tear drops from his eye. "Are you crying?" Aya asked as she was surprised to see the 'ever so macho' Cid having deep feelings. "I'm just so happy to see you alive!" he said. Suddenly Aya felt sympathy for him and they began to hug.

08/04/2007 2:39 PM

Aya wasn't just startled by the hug but the fact that Cid was only a blanket away from her naked body, she was glad that Cid was worried about her but she didn't want him to cry. She smiled still slightly angry about his suicidal plan, he hugged her again her nubile body pressed in his embrace, she pushed back against his chest. "I'm glad we're ok but," blush reaching her cheeks, "Your a lot older than me," pausing for a second, "What happened down there, there was an explosion and then that guy," Cid seemed to have composed himself looking slightly embarrassed. Aya pull the blanket closer around her and aimed a question at the stranger, "Could you get me something to wear," she guessed that Cid had carried her in, "How much did her see," she asked herself.

08/05/2007 12:48 PM

Vincent shook his head, despair was not the way forward instead he looked at the two that had at one point been holding guns at him.
"I need to get to the Shina ruins, but first where are the man and woman you brought in, I have questions that need answering."

Vincent got himself up and straigtend his navy blue uniform and unruffled his hair... what was she, he knew that he was more than just a human, a summoner always was, but she had made him look normal, she had for all puposes beaten him, had the other five SeeD not appeared, it would be him dead, not them.

Vincent suddenly remembered something that The Headmaster Laguna had mentioned.
[i]we don't know who the employer is, just he payed well[/i] a thought came across Vincent, was this all a test, could all this just be a test to see if there was any strength to defy whatever they were, were there more just waiting.
"Well where are they?"

08/06/2007 7:33 AM

They're through there, " said Grensen pointing towards the med bay
"Captain there is a problem with the engine Can you check it out ?" said Sti as a high pitched beep sounded,
"I'll leave you to have a talk with them in there see ya later," said Grensen putting on a pair of safety goggles. As Grensen entered the room a lot of white smoke billowed out He rushed in shutting the door the problem was easily seen a pipe at the back had been riddled with holes like gunshots but it was fine when they left.

"Any luck Gren ?" Sti asked, "No its to damaged to fix in the air we need to land again I need two days," replied Grensen.
"Lady and gentlemen this is your captain speaking we need to land for urgent repairs for two days this matter can not be changed but a plan of survival will be any suggestions should be taken to me. That is all,"Said Grensen over the microphone.

08/06/2007 11:24 AM

(ooc: Got something big planned that we can all be part of... just wait a little later)

"hmm...?" That was all that exited Cid's mouth as the captain said how they'll be landing for a few days. Aya looked quite cross with him, but Cid wasn't even paying attention. Cid looked outside the window to see a vast desert completly empty and barren. But in the distance he noticed a small village, with about 20 or so small houses.

Cid turned around and asked a passing crew member "Whats the nearest settlement called? The crew member laughed and replied. "There's no settlements for miles! The nearest one is Sarados, where we left from, and there's no way we can make it back there." Cid grew quite worried. "But i swear i saw a...." he paused as he came to the window to notice the settlement he saw before had dissapeared. "Weird" he said to himself. Aya was extremely angry at this point for Cid was completly ignoring her now.


Cid rushed outside onto the viewing deck, with wind rushing thorugh his hair, and the ship slowly coming down to flat ground in the desert. As the ship got closer to the ground, the sand started to pick up from the power of the ships propellers, and it started to hit Cids face as he put on a pair of goggles and sheilded his face with his arms. Finally the Ship landed, with quite a rough landing, but not too bad. "I could've done better" Cid mumbled to himself, then he jumped of the side of the viewing balcony and ran down the side of the ship to the ground whilst everyone else took the ladder.

08/06/2007 3:22 PM

"Just cuss you got voices in your head doesn't mean you can forget manors," Aya yelled at Cid as he ran from the room, "Air head," she spoke to herself. The crewman she had asked for clothes came back in with a bundle, "This is all there is that might fit you," placing in at the end of the bed, and a pair of shoes on the floor, the crewman turned and left. Aya waited for him to close the door, and then a little longer to make sure he was gone, she got out of the bed pulling the blanket around herself and looked at the bundle left on the bed. She pulled the top layer it was a thick white gown with yellow and green embroidery at the edges, but that was it. The rest of the bundle was a pair of socks and pants, "Guess there aren't any girls round here," sucking on her lip. She put the clothes on and looked at herself in the small mirror at the side of the room, "Well I look almost like a Berber girl," Smiling, "I should fit in here," Looking out the window at the sweeping expanse of desert as the sand settled.

Aya walked out thanking the fact that the potion had made her hair grow back to so she wasn't bald, few of the men were running out onto the side of the ship. She follow them on to an open balcony there was a man running out in the distance towards a small glint on the horizon, "Cid your going to get killed if your that reckless, you still owe me." She turned heading back inside the ship, "This time I'll wait till you need saving," heading back to the room she had been in.

08/07/2007 2:00 AM

Vincent entered the room that the man had indicated and found the woman that had been badly wounded.
"Are you ok to talk?" Vincent asked, looking at Aya not knowing her name, his mind wondered, how did he look, his uniform was a mess, dirty, torn and crumpled, his face was even worse, his eyes showed the strain of the day, but his voice would not let it shine through.
"Look, I need to knwo whats going on, I have been told to protect this Cid, whats going on?"

Vincent looked calm, but deep down he was scared, no one he had ever met had been able to dismiss his aeons with such ease before, no one had seen through his cape trick before, he had been outclassed and he wanted to know how and why.

08/07/2007 11:30 AM

"Cid is Cid, if you want to know what he's doing you better ask him, something about a woman in his dreams," Aya was perched on the edge of the bed, "You look worse off than me." She dropped to her feet, her arms hanging at her sides, she was much shorter than the man towering over her. "Protect Cid from what, you haven't don't a very good job so far," Aya looked up at him, her hands behind her back, "Who are you anyway?"


"Sir we've lost contact with headquarters, is seems like we're under attack," Biggs looked up from his monitor,
"Then this was a diversion open fire, down that ship," The commander bellowed from the parapet.

The ground based cannons rolled on their bearings fixing on the speck in the distance, behind two huge hatches opened and skyships began to rise from them. Dust started to fly in swirls as the reactor field bounced off the ground, the gattlings and cannon locked in their fixings.


"Captain we're being targeted by the base,"
"What, Mr San arranged clearance for us, where is he,"
"Sir he's already left the ship, we can't track his vessel,"
"Begin to fall back, target their guns give as much power to the forcefield as we've got and call for reinforcements," The captain wiped his brow, "That bastard tricked us."


"Targeted Sir,"
"Fire all batteries, give orders to attack to all ships,"
"Yes Sir,"

The canons from the cliff side bunkers burst with light and the ground trembled with the force of the blast, the shells arched over in the air at the distant speck on the horizon. The shells impacted before hitting the ship, blasting out on the translucent blue haze that bubbled around the vessel, the shells burst in reds, greens and slivers. The Yuna fired back, it's own shells tearing through the patterned sky impacting the cliff face miles in the distance. The Rude and The Reno rose through the dust and smoke heading for The Yuna, their bow guns firing in volleys with the ground guns. Both sides kept firing at each other the Yuna backing away and Reno and Rude chasing after it, by now it was out of range of the ground guns.

The three ships raced out into the inland sea exchanging fire are they went, the Reno and the Rude were smaller and faster than the Yuna, they reached each other after a few minutes of the chase. The fields around each ship clashed as they came along side, bursting into deep red before breaking to dust and falling to the ground. Men along each side of the ship began firing with small arms at the other, chips of wood and metal burst from each ship, until the Rude opened up with it's main cannons at close range blasting the left side out of the Yuna.

The ship only listed at first but fell towards the sea faster and faster, the midship broke in two with the left falling much faster than the right, men jumped from the stricken sky ship into the sea. The Rude and the Reno began to turn as they came under fire from the sea, Seaships started to come towards the wreck of the Yuna. Both ships had their fields back but they could fight a fleet on their own so the started to rise up into the sky out of the range of their guns.


"Seems you plan worked, Iti, " San looked up at him on the pinnacle of the rock, "Will it really work may people wont want it."
"People need war to function properly, they'll be more than happy to wage war to their own means without us," Iti smiled looking back at the silent group standing, "You've done well, we will weak both worlds as is our masters will, at the time we will strike until then do as you will," Looking at Roku, "Do not get in their way."

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08/07/2007 1:38 PM

"Protect Cid from what, you haven't don't a very good job so far," Aya looked up at him, her hands behind her back, "Who are you anyway?"

Vincent looked at her calmly his ice blue eyes piercing the very air between them.
"If not for me, you and Cid would be dead, if not for my firends, we would all be dead..." Vincent paused a minute, now was not the time to rub people the wrong way and this he sighed "I am a member of SeeD, we were hired to make sure that he lives, other than that I do not know."

Headmaster laguna sighed terribly, where had they all come from, luckily no one knew of HOUSE, even he had only heard it as rumour, but here it was, the first ever SeeD training ground. he lloked at the group that was with him.
"Ok lets get this place ready, looks like they have declared war on us.. whoever 'they' are."

he looked at the rota and grimaced, all SeeD operatives were accounted for accept Vincent, he was out in the field, had he died like the other five, a tear came to his eye, he had sent the poor boy to his death.
"Sir! we have seen an armed party appraoching."
"How many?"
"Over a thousand."
"That is an army you fool...." laguna got to the microphone "This is the headmaster, all SeeD are to mount Chocobo's, we will meet this force head on!"

08/07/2007 4:07 PM

"So your like a bodyguard then," Taking his cold stare, "You should have said something," Walking to the door, "Cid's going to this village thingy, with some of the crewmen, if you want to bodyguard him then you should go after."
"I'm going to go see if I can lend a hand here, nice a day as it is airships don't like the desert," She was confident that this time Cid was going to do his own thing and she would only get in the way.

Aya left looking for the captain of the ship, "He has to be around here somewhere." After much wandering she found him, "I can help you with any problems the ship has, if you don't mind," Smiling trying to look cute.


Kyuu stood on the ridge near the village, "I don't think such beings are capable of the task Rei has given them," She pulled the hair out of her eyes as the wind picked up. She watched Cid running across the desert followed by a group of crewmen, "In this weather such recklessness is dangerous," She took a step forwards and slid down the dune. Her dress had changed she wore a robe of mustard yellow much like Aya's, it was the dress of the desert people. She walked along the middle of the dunes heading for the rocky outcrop where the there were a few buildings, where Cid and the others where heading.


Hati and another figure stood in front of the line, "We will soon be attacked here but this is as good a place as any, the ground is good and will soon be stained with blood." Hati just stood as the other figure spoke, "Fight the good fight and we will win my friends, to the victors the spoils, to those that fall the glory of Valhalla." He then lead a great cheer, the sound of two thousand men and women that shook the very ground. You put her hand on his shoulder, "It is time now," looking him in the eye, "Go is this part of Rei's plan?"
"It doesn't matter, this is for my own pleasure," Taking her hand in his, "Then we will have our own time."


Yon got up, the curtains of the room were drawn, he searched for his clothes that were laying on the floor, on finding them he began to put them on. There was a young woman, her leg and head showing from under a duvet she was asleep, Yon pulled his jacket on and walked across the floor to the door, "It wouldn't have worked babe, you and me, were to different," he closed the door behind him.


Iti and Ni sat opposite each other on a small table, both had a cup of coffee and a cake was in the middle, "The others take pleasure in the world, with the people here, but if the world it to be righted then this must all go,"
"Do you and Rei wish to rest that badly," Ni took a sip of her coffee.
"When you have watched the world for as long as we have it is clear, unlike you or the others Rei and I have no memories," Iti too took a sip of his coffee, "I know yours are fading Ni, it feels like your falling for ever not knowing what you are is hell, death is a release I long for."
"But you still remember things since then, that make you, the you I know you," Ni smiled taking a slice of cake, "How long has it been?"
"Hundred and fifty seven years since I last started, before that it must have been centuries, Rei and me have seen empires rise and fall before you came, I gave up before you and the others came, but even now I want for this to be over," Taking his own slice of cake.
"What do you think awaits us, on the other side will we still be us," Looking over the table.
"In your hundred and twenty years have you felt nothing about what there is," Taking a bite of his cake,
"But not of what it really is," Still looking watching him.
"Everything and nothing, that is all I can say, when Rei next comes he can tell you it all, he'll probably tell all of us what the final plan is at then that'll be the end of it all," He looked out off the veranda.
"But you still don't know if you'll ever be ready to leave," Taking a sip,
"We'll see but I'm more than happy to die when my time comes, but I wont know when that is till it comes," finishing his coffee, "I'm going to go for a walk."

08/08/2007 6:14 AM

Vincent watched the girl walk out of the room, for a minute Vincent just looked after her, then seemed almost to snap back to reality and left the room, heading towards the exit of the airship where he would wait for Cid his gun blade balanced on his right shoulder, his other waiting to be drawn, but for now Vincent looked detached and unemotional, but if you looked into his eyes people would of noted that he may well be fighting some inner deamon.

SeeD's artillery finished firing, as the sun started to rise, all that remain of the force that had approached was the close combat part of the army, still a sizeable force of five hundred men, twice as many as there was SeeD and throught SeeD's force there was rumour of uncertainty, who would dream of declaring war on them, who could singley kill five or six members of SeeD.

The Headmaster knew of these doubts and he had ridden his Chocobo to the front of the mounted SeeD.
"We have been chased from our Garden's!" Laguna started "But this time we stand, Swords will be broken, uniforms torn, a sword day, a red day as the red Sun rises, Ride now for the Glory of SeeD!" Laguna lifted his sword as all the other lifted their own weapons and as one they yelled.
"DEATH!....DEATH!" As Laguna lowered his sword the Chocobo's were kicked into life as they began to charge.

For a while it looked as though the opposing force would hold in an attempet to win, but as it became apparant that the SeeD were charginf head on at them, they began to panic, it wasn't until SeeD were in the midst that they managed to contain their panic, but it was too late, SeeD were producing all their deadly dances of death and within minutes the force that had come before seeD was demolished.

Laguna raised his sword in the air.
"Victory!" he cheered as the others did too, but then they noticed, the blood coming form the chest of Laguna, several SeeD ran towards him as he swayed on his chocobo, then as far as Laguna was aware, there was only blackness.

08/08/2007 7:30 AM

Go and Hati stood atop the cliff face looking down his gun still smoking, "Fragility of this vessel is all that keeps them tethered to this world," he eyed the battlefield. Bodies of the dead and dying littered the ground, "Tactics are the winner of wars not those with the strongest men, Hati wont you play your part?"
"Very well," She took several steps forward taking a flute from inside her coat, by now she was walking on air.

She placed her lips on the end of the instrument and began to play,

As she did so, as the sound echoed round the field, a single light came from each body. As Hati floated those left watched her and the now swirling lights, they headed up towards her swirling into intricate pattens. The lights began to coalesce to form a single orb, the light growing more and more brilliant. She stopped playing, the orb shot towards her and emitting a blinding flash, when the light dissipated Hati was standing next to a huge one eyed man, she walked away. The man raised his hand into the air and a eight legged war horse galloped through the sky towards him. When the horse reached him her mounted it still in motion pulling a huge lance and axe out of nowhere, he charged at the group of SeeD, boulders flying up from the ground behind him.


Roku walk onto the bridge the sash on the navy uniform pulling out behind her, "Are we ready to launch yet lieutenant," Taking her seat in the captains chair.
"Yes Madam Captain," The man saluted, "Omega is ready for launch,"
"Have the new guns been put in place,"
"Yes Captain,"
"Then launch, we can't do anything in this bunker," Roku looked forward out of the main window, "I wont lose ever again," she whispered to herself.

Hatches all over the cities and bases in the Ren empire were opening and from them ships were rising, in the streets soldiers matched, the beinging of the war was already underway.

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08/08/2007 1:33 PM

"Yea sure you can help, the problem is that the main power pipe has been damaged the holes are easy enough its just that we need to find the right metal so it doesn't spark off the whole engine room and downing us for good, now Loesda, thats the woman that was in med bay, is testing what the metal in here is Nowe, he's my apprentice and successor of this ship should I die, is checking that nothing else is broken so we don't die if we start the engi..." Grensen paused turning round and going back down the corridor heading for the storage "Right then do you think you can carry a crate of metal ?" asked Grensen the girl nodded.

"Right we need to lug these two down to Nowe then we can start," the crates weren't too heavy but still needed a bit of strength to pull through to Nowe "You know I'm surprised that you can pull that crate Loe normally adds something drowsy anyway I never actually introduced myself I'm Grensen,"

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08/08/2007 3:53 PM

Cid found himself miles away from the ships landing site, wondering around the desert for hours. He was determined to find this village he saw before. Walking all over the place, you could see the heat was starting to get to his brain, from the tracks he left in the sand. An overhead view would show you that his walking pattern was all over the place, and not in a straight line. Still he continued on, slowly marching to the middle of nowhere. He turned around to find that he couldn't even see the ship anymore.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Cid screamed into the air as the aggrevation drove him insane. He fell to his knees, and then to his face, lieing on the scorcing sand, not even caring anymore. Eventually he fell asleep.


"And theeeen, i went to see the elder, and he was really old, like 100 years, an theeeeen..." the little girl started saying as Cid laid unconcious in the bed beside her.

"hmm?" Cid began to wake up, and the face of the little girl rose in excitment for she was extremely happy he was up. So excited she ran out the room, dropt her teddy bear and sceamed "Daddy daddy! He's up! He's awake!".

Cid grew ever so confused as he usually would be, waking in a strangers house. Suddenly the father walked in with the little girl, holding her hand. She bent down to pick up her teddy bear which she dropped.

"So your up?" The man asked.
"Where am I?" The obvious question was that Cid asked.
"Your in a small village called 'The Ratna Lonigte', it's a small settlement pretty much in the middle of the desert." the man replied.
"No settlements my arse" Cid mumbled under his mouth.
"What was that?" The man asked.
"Oh nothing... uh" Suddenly Cid's stomach started to growl.
"Haha! Don't worry we've got that sorted out, come."

Suddenly Cid was lead to this table with lots of food, fiend meat, flan desert, plus more importantly, lots of water. Cid tried to keep his manners but he couldn't resist. He found himself stuffing everything he could reach into his wide open mouthed jaw. The father began to laugh as Cid tried to talk, but with his mouth full of food, no one could understand him. Cid then took a huge gulp, swallowed all the food in his mouth and asked, "How do you get such good food in the middle of nowhere?"
"Ah don't you worry about that, in fact go round the village and get to meet the locals." he said avoiding the question.
"Can i leave the village? I had some friends with me that i need to get in touch with." he requested.
"Uh better not, a sandstorms coming." The man said in a rather suspicious tone.

Cid wondered round the village for an hour but grew easily tired of this place. He walked over to the edge of the village and saw that there was no sandstorm. "They won't mind if i just pop back and say hello." Cid thought to himself, but before he took one step another man came along and said, "Sorry u can't leave at this time."
"But I just wanna see my friends, if I run, it'll only take me a couple of hours." Cid explained. The man holding his arm gripped tighter whilst the rest of the villagers started to close in. The man said "Your gonna stay for as long as we want you to!"

08/08/2007 4:49 PM

There was an outcrop of rock with a village below, water spewing from the cliff top into the desert sand, Kyuu kept walking towards it, it was odd, it felt odd. She walked for twenty or so more minutes before reaching the edge of where the village was, now there was no thing but open desert. Kyuu paused for a second, she blinked. She lost her balance for a second, she steadied herself against the side of a building, it wasn't the same village she had seen from the ridge, this was home. She used to run in these streets, play with the children here, live with her family. The people around her didn't seem to pay her any notice, she already knew this was out of place but she was willing to play along with it for now. She walk to the centre of the village where there was a fountain, from there down the street to the right then four houses in she stopped. "This can't be here," Kyuu put her and on the door, it pushed open, there was a family. A mother, a father, a boy, a girl and a baby, Kyuu just watched, the father stood up, "Everyone, business at the mill has gotten so good lately we'll be moving to the city this winter," he smiled, Kyuu knew this even through she couldn't see his face.

She knew what happened next, she had already lived this once. Shouts and screams came from the far end of the village, people came running in all directions, then there was a flash of orange light. When the light cleared dust had filled the air, nearly everything had been flattened from the house she was standing next to the father carried out his daughter, staggering before falling, A man in black stood next to where he fell. "Iti," Kyuu remembering the chain of events.
The father spoke, gasping for air in the dusty smog, "Please save my daughter, please save Keena," The man lost his balance falling to the ground exposing the small form of his daughter. The man in black bent down and took the child in his arms, he turned and walked out of the villages as if that was all he had come for.

She ran after the man but he had already gone, she reached the edge of the ruin of the village. Iti stood there, he walked towards her, "Your name is Kyuu, do you understand that Ninth?"
"You lied to me," Kyuu yelled at him, "You told me I never had a family,"
"You wanted to believe it," He hit her back,
Kyuu lay looking up at the dusty sky, "My name is Keena," clenching her fists.

08/09/2007 12:48 AM

Vincent had stood waiting now for a while, he realsied he had been waiting too long, suddenly his head screamed out in agony.
[i]we will be here waiting[/i] a voice said to Vincent.
[i]where, when?[/i] he responded
[i]you will know... go Cid may need you[/i] Vincent's head stopped screaming at him.
Drawing both Gun Blades he left the ship in the direction that Cid had gone, running, despite the heat.

Vincent found himself looking at a small nomadic type village.
"Oh great...nomads." He said to himself.
But it wasn't until something growled at him that he realsied he was being watched, he turned round and there was a nomad, a sword in his hand.
Vincent didn't hesitate, he raised both Gun Blades ready to defend himself, as the nomad ran at hims, slashing his sword through the air. Vincent waitied calmy and parried the first blow that looked like it would get him, then jumped backwards to avoid the second blow.
As the nomad kept swinging madly Vincent had no alternative, but to finish this, jumping as he could he tried to get over the nomad.
But doubt had entered his mind and his jump was not enough, he got caught byt the blade, just on tha ankle, and he scrunched his face in pain, but was still able to plunge both Gun Blades in the nomad's back.

Collapsing to the floor, Vincent kept watching the village, as soon as he saw Cid he would enter, injured ankle or not.


The doctor's of SeeD looked at Laguna's body, as did all the members of SeeD, the Headmaster had died.
"We are leaderless now, until the other masters arrive."
"What happens if there are no more masters left?"
"Then we shall initiate protocol 66."
"Nods, what happens if there is nothing in the basement, or if there is nothing in to the north?"
"Then SeeD will ride out and claim vengence!"

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08/09/2007 7:12 AM

Cid grew ever so scared, as the villagers began to attack. He quickly jumped into the air, landing on top of a building and starting roof hopping across the buildings. Whilst running he didn't want to hurt any of them, for afterall they're just plain civilians. Upon running he saw the little girl just standing there hugging her teddy. He jumped down to grab her, but she tried to resist and even ended up biting him. "Ahh!" He screamed as the girls bite was a lot harder than he expected. "Whats going on here?" Cid asked in an angry tone. The girl replied in a distorted tone, "Don't you get it?" the girl began to laugh and floated in the air.

"None of this is real!"

She laughed even more as all the villagers, all the buildings, even the little girl were swept away into sand. Cid sheilded his eyes whilst trying to see what was going on. Suddenly, a huge antlion rose from beneathe the ground and started to speak to Cid's mind.

"I have the power of mirage! I created that village to keep you occupied for my next feasting, and now, i will take great pleasure in devouring you and your friends!" the great antlion explained.

08/09/2007 7:53 AM

"I have the power of mirage! I created that village to keep you occupied for my next feasting, and now, i will take great pleasure in devouring you and your friends!" the great antlion explained.

"What the hell!" Vincent excalimed. "Odin! come to me!" Vincent stood for a second, nothing happened, Vincent sighed another thing to worry about once he had Cid safe, fool for wandering off alone.

Vincent started to run, his ankle causing him so much pain it was unbeliebable, yet still he ran, his face set in determination, he would not allow this thing to kill Cid, he would make sure that if any of them died it would be this thing.

He came up next to Cid, handing him one of his gun blades.
"You know how to use this?" Vincent questioned, eyeing the antlion, his own gun blade ready for defence of him and cid.

The members of SeeD looked at the approaching aeon, suddenly iot stopped, as quite a long way away, Vincent tried to summon it, it was this hesitation that SeeD managed to deploy their anti aeon weapon, its soul purpose to disrupt flows of magic.
"Turn that one now! We will not be stopped from reaching house!" The headmaster of the northern garden yelled.

It was quickly turned on, and all SeeD drew their weapons just in case, as it got closer the pyreflies that create the physcial image of the aeon started to dissipitate until just as it reached the first line of SeeD it disappeared.

"Good, that was close, keep it ready and charge, we head south now, to Shina Ruins!"

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08/09/2007 8:34 AM

Aya had already crawled into the gap when the metal was torn away, "Whats the point in all this junk, more to the point whats broken," looking up at a ream of wires.
"Secondary grav boot's shot," Nowe put the box down on the iron grating.
"Ain't nothing wrong with your grav boot," Aya looked at a sliver box with wires coming out of it, "Grav boot's just fine,"
"No it ain't, else it would work," Nowe didn't like a girl who looked like she knew nothing about engines telling him what was what in his room.
"Sure it is. Grav boot ain't your trouble, I saw the wires here shot up but that not the problem, your reg couple's bad," Aya pointed up.
"The... the what," Nowe came over and looked up at where she was pointing.
"Reg couple, right here, see," she kept pointing with Nowe gazing up
"No," He shook his head,
"This, I'm pointing right at it," Aya getting annoyed with him, "Ripping a small cylinder off the engine and handed it to him.
"Hey," Nowe was shocked this girl was pulling bits off his baby.
" Doesn't really serve much of a purpose anyway, just tends to gum up the works when it gets tacked," She pointed at a wrench on the opposite side of the room, "Hand me that, please," pointing at it. Nowe complied still in a daze as Aya continued pulling out a long cord from the back of the engine, "Better to just plug your g-line straight into the port-pin-lock and that should," she looked at the engine as it whirred to life.

"Whats next she asked," looking at the stunned Nowe.


Keena lay motionless, "What happened," She questioned herself, she knew that before this point she did things but the last thing she could remember was an explosion of orange light and being with her family. There was a gust of wind, the sky changed to a clear day, there was a roar that filled her ears. Keena pushed off from the ground onto to her feet, two men stood before a towering beast, its huge demonic eyes set deep into it scarlet head. It bore resemblance to and insect with mandibles and limbs like claws resting on the sand which was sinking under it's weight.

Keena took a deep breath, this part she remembered, she pulled a pair of black gloves from inside her gown and pulled them over her fingers, flexing them afterwards. She started running towards the men as the beast pulled it claws into the air.

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08/10/2007 2:18 AM

"You might want to fix up this hole it leads right out to my quarters ," Grensen said looking into the engine form a man size hole,
"Captain what are you doing outside there isn't another hole is there ?" Asked Nowe still getting over how much the girl knew about the ship he thought to himself that even Grensen didn't know that much about the ship, "there were many holes but there fixed I thought you would want the ship in top shape since your getting it, anyway I've been changing the targeting system on the auto guns I got a few still to go so best be off,"

Grensen walked along the side of the ship reaching a turret was sparking off "deactivate," commanded Grensen, "unknown command ," replied the turret "target found fire at will," Grensen just got out of the way before the turret started to fire "old piece of junk," Grensen muttered diving under the turret shooting at him and pressed the emergency shut off then unscrewed the top of it and found all but one wire had been cut this started looking like sabotage but why and who.

08/12/2007 4:26 PM

Cid stood there tinkering with this gunblade that had been given to him.

"You know how to use this?"

but before he could say no Vincent had already charged after the antlion leaving Cid behind to figure out how to use it. Suddenly several huge tenticles arose from underneathe the sand, all connected to this one humoungous antlion. Whils Vincent was fighting the main body, Cid was dodging these tenticles that were being flung at him. As they land, a huge stretch of sand flies up into the air only to resettle on the ground again. This battle was truely immence and yet Cid was still having trouble activating his gunblade.

Whilst staring at it, he didn't realise one of the tenticles landing straight for him, and without enough time to move he was surely done for. He chucked this gunsword on the floor and dived down on the ground with his eyes closed, however the gunblade triggered as it landed and shot the tenticle, flinging it back.

cid ran over to the gunblade, turning it over to realise the trigger underneathe. After slapping his head in stupidity he get ready to fight.

08/13/2007 1:11 AM

((today we find out Vincent has never had a gf!))

Vincent dodged a blow from the head of the vile thing and saw Cid struggling with the gun blade.
"Ugh.... use it as a sword if you can't use the gun bit!" He shouted as again he dodged an attack from a tenticle, using his sword he parried another tenticle and muttering to himself as he parried another blow.
"If I ever find you odin, so help me!" Jumping up high he managed to avoid the devasting attack made by the antiolion using his mouth yet the tenticle managed to cath him this time and he was sent flying to the ground next to Cid.

Looking to Cid he spoke.
"You know, your more hassle than... A girlfriend" then stopped as he thought, how would i know. Bringing his sword to his shoulder he raised his hand palm up and moved his fingers to his palm several times.
"Round two, you bastard!" Vincent ran forward, a glow appearing around him, jumping over the tentacles he managed to come before the main body again and suddenly let out all his fury, each attack slicing into the the antilions body until eventually he jumped back, went to one knee has he noticed a tentacle had hit him during it then placing the tip of his gunblade just a milimetre off the ground he ran and as he came up to the antiolion's body again he brought it up in a sweeping arch as he jumped upstraight up to the top of the antiolion and then somersaulted backwards ready to defend Cid.

Vincent stood waiting,it would be now he would find out had that been enough, if not, he was fresh out of tricks, although he could try to summon again.

SeeD were finally all getting to HOUSE, a proper search of HOUSE had found something they were unsure of, something that their level of technical understanding could not comprehend.

It was a control box of some description but orders were orders, no one was to mess with it before either the new Headmaster said or lacking a headmaster, war was officially decalred on the small empire that had attacled them.

08/13/2007 3:08 AM

Cid has been striking the tenticles one at a time, but eventually, he begame weiry and tired just like Vincent had. They both stood close together ready for attack starting straight at the great antlion. Both Cid and Vincent held their gunblades up high, pointing straight at the tenticle flying towards them. They had both exhausted all their energy and found it very hard to run. All they could do was shoot, with the little good it does. They fired away what must have seemed like 50 or so shots as the tenticle came to a huge drop.

Cid fell to his knees out of exhaustion, and then he laid flat on the floor. "It's too much..." he said as he struggled to stay consious. Just then, Falkut, the green slime that had been traveling with Cid, climbed out his back pocket and infused with Cid once more.

Cid became an entirely new person while Vincent just stood their in amazment. Cid began to float in the air with a green aura surrounding him. "You shall not defeat me!" the infused Cid said as he began to create a ball of pure energy into his hands. It started off small, however as Cid began chanting it grew larger and he needed to hold it over his head.

"Take this foul creature!" he threw with energy ball with all of his might, the first thing to go was the tenticle that was being flung at him and Vincent. As it touched the tenticle, it completly incinerated. It was so bright, almost no one could stare at it. Even worse than the sun, yet it was no where near as hot as the sun.

It finally came up to the main body of the Antlion, however, it could not run because it was paralyzed in fear so much. It incinerated just like everythingelse in it's path. As soon as the antlion had died, the energy ball had dissapeared and Cid fell to the ground, unconcious again.

08/13/2007 7:58 AM

Vincent stood above the collpased Cid.
"was that what I thought it was?" he said to himself as he picked up the unconscious Cid, it was now that Vincent was glad for the injections, quite why they had started no one was sure, other than it was tradition for the best to do it.

Vincent looked around, his bearings had completely gone.
"Ugh.... really not good." he sighed to himself he had taken no compass bearing before leaving so that was no use.
"Valefore, mighty lord of the skies, are you talking to me?" as he spoke he realised how foolish this summon sounded, but so far both bahumat and odin had either ignored him or abandoned him.

For a few seconds Vincent seemed almost defeated as another aeon had abandoned him then shrieking towards him came a bird ;like creature.
"Oh thank you mighty lor...." He stopped as he realised that this bird was a dark purple.
"Bad day!" he said as he suddenly picked a direction and ran in the desert carrying Cid. It just so happened that he had picked the right way, not that he knew yet.

The dark valefore only foloowed them for half an hour and the disappeared, just as Vincent was fianlly able to realsie he had gone the right way and that the ship was now a hazy object in the distance.

08/13/2007 1:03 PM

(OOC Gee, spend two days away and miss out OOC)

Keena kept running after the men, the bright light had thrown he back when she was close and after that when she opened her eyes, they were far into the distance. Keena ran after them and a blur following them, the sand was hot under her feet and the sun was hammering down, a beached ship lay into the distance. She was gaining on them the blur was a bird a huge on with streaming wings of purple, it turned in the air. The bird flew strait for her letting out a cry, Keena pushed off the sand with her left foot. She was eye too eye with the beast, she lead with a right punch to the side of it head, under it's eye followed by a left punch to it's body as she fell back to the sand. The bird left out cry, a beam of blue light coming from it's mouth cutting the sand, Keena rolled dodging the beam as it turned the sand to glass. The bird passed her flying into the distance before turning, Keena readied herself next to the line of glass as it came back towards her. She drove her hand into the glass splintering it into thousands of pieces into the sky most hitting the bird driving it high into the sky, it kept rising until it disappeared.

Keena took her hand from the ground pulling with it a small orb that was already sinking into her hand, it glowed with a faint green light. Keena stared it for a second as it was absorbed into her after doing so she looked at where the two men had been. They were barely visible in the distance, once again Keena started to run after them.

08/14/2007 3:36 AM

Vincent burst into the airship carrying Cid, he stood in the way of one of the crew.
"Wheres the medical bay?" The crew man just pointed, Vincent carried Cid to the bay and placed him on a bed.
[i]what had distracted the bird?[/i] Vincent looked around, the voice had been in his head, it had been the voice that had spoken to him earlier.

For the first time he looked at the gun blade he had given Cid.
"Damn!" It had been broken, he was only down to one blade now, one gun blade it would not be enough.
[i]perhaps[/i] he thought to himself [i]it is time i used a new weapon[/i] He walked back to the exit of the ship and walked down the ramp, his gun blade resting on his shoulder, he caught something small on the horizon, it could be human.

Vincent was about to summon an aeon, but remembered what had happened last time, this time he would be alone, whatever this war entailed, for that had to be what it was, man would fight alone.

08/14/2007 2:10 PM

Keena got closer and closer to the ship, the sand was thiner here and she didn't slip as much. The ship was a huge construct laying slightly off center, it creaked in the sunlight as the metal expanded. There was a man standing on the ramp into the hold, it was one of them from before, she was hot, the robe kept the sun off her but not the heat, sweat dripped from her hairline. She stopped about twenty meters from the man and looked at him, standing ridged she waited. She just looked for a while not knowing what to expect.


Aya just gave the man a look when he said about the hole, "That is something you can do for yourself," dropping from the casing she had been sitting on. The ship was getting intolerably hot steam hissed from the drops of sweat from the haggard crewmen. Aya walked along the corridors and ladders that were near to hot to touch, down to the base layer of the ship. Her thinking behind this was that three would be some wind outside and thus it would be cooler but it was now early afternoon and the heat just got worse as she went. When she reached the vast cargo bay that was open onto the sand, she saw that Cid's bodyguard was standing looking out into the sand. She squeezed past crates and a few crewmen to the opening and walked up to him, she looked out from behind him. There was a young girl standing there that must have been about her age, she had medium length black hair and wore much the same robe as Aya was. It struck her as odd that the two were standing looking at each other, "So this your girlfriend," Aya walked up next to him giving him a smile.

08/15/2007 12:51 AM

"So this your girlfriend,"

Vincent felt a stab of lonliness but quickly replaced with his cold hearted nature, he turned to Aya his face set grim, yet deep down in his eyes there was regret and loneliness.
"I do not have time for girlfriends." His voice was cold and even but as he turned to face the new comer something happened in him that hadn't happened before, he thought she was pretty.
[i]damn it... no time for that![/i]
[i]love blooms on the battlefield[/i] another voice mocked him in his head, he quickly shook his head and stepped off the ramp.

He looked at her, no looked was not the right word, he sized her up, there was something vaguely familiar about her, yet he couldn't quite place it.
"If you don't want any trouble get on the ship." Vincent said calmly, he then turned to Aya.
"Cid is in sick bay, he may need real medical attention." Vincent noted he sounded like he was taking control but didn't care, what he cared about was survival.
"We need to move on, this heat won't do the ship any good, so if we can get it in the air and make our way somewhere other than here."

Vincent tunred and slowly walked back up the ramp, sweat was still forming on his brows, as he noted the headache.
"Oh damn!" he said as he swayed "Water!" he only made two steps before he fell into the wall and had to hold himself up. One unfortunate crewman was looking at him.
"Don't just stand there!" He snapped "Dehydration... get me some water!" his head started to hurt even more and his vision started to get blurry.
[i]I'm sure i'm under twenty[/i]
[i]then stop acting like a hard, hard things are brittle[/i]

08/15/2007 10:51 AM

The girl walked forward, her hand drifting under her robe, Aya watched waiting to see, she unarmed and this guy wasn't going to be any help. The girl walked closer pulling a water skin, undoing the sliver clasp. She was on the ramp now, in the shade of the metal oven she help out the water still several paces from the man. Aya stepped forward, taking the skin thinking it strange a desert girl coming here and even giving her water away. Aya opened the cap which fell on a neat sliver chain, she took the mans hands and placed them on the neck of the skin. "Drink it," she ordered, letting go of his hands and turning to the desert girl, "Utls lyn cmo empbw tnyn," Aya asked the girl who was just standing looking at the man. She answered turning her gaze to Aya, "P khnlf Terran," She smiled to the fact that someone spoke Nomagi, "I am Keena Jamval of the sweeping wester sands."
"I am Aya Sharriel of the ruby beach," Aya walked up to Keena taking her wrist and holding it as Keena held hers, "Why are you so far from your home," releasing from her grip.

"Why are you," Keena asked her back, "My home is gone, long ago since then I have traveled," Looking at the man, "Who is he."
"It would be best to ask him that," Aya too turned to the man but still spoke to Keena, "I have to say I don't really know him." The crew man came back with a canteen looking at the two girls. "You should have a drink too," Aya pulled on Keenas arm leading her from the cargo bay to the main corridor. They pair reached the medical bay, Aya pushed the door open, "Hey Cid," she waved at him, he was now sat up but still on a drip. There was a sink in the conner of the room and this was where Aya took Keena taking a glass from the shelf and filling it with water. "Did you have fun out there," he was now facing Cid and walked over to him.

08/16/2007 1:02 AM

Vincent drank the water taking it slowly like he had been taught, suffering from dehydration was bad, however, you couldn't just drink water at an excessive rate, you had to do it slowly, this he did.

His head still ached but through the aching he kept thiking that the look of that girl was familiar, he sighed rather than shaking his head, he couldn't believe that he had thought that girl pretty.
[i]but she was and you know it![/i] the voice said in his head.
[i]I am in a war, I have no time[/i] the voice didn't respond, instead his head seemed to subside from its ache.

He made his way slowly to the 'ready room' there he saw what looked like a communication device. He carefull looked at the settings and flicked the switch that said whole ship.
"I know i am not the captain, however I request the presence of the captain, Cid, Aya and anyone else that might be of any help as to where we are going next... report to the ready room...now if you please." Vincent flicked the switch off.

Vincent looked at the map of Gaia it was all there, including the presumed location of Sinra's Midgar.
[i]Theres one thing missing.[/i] This voice was different, but he looked at the map, nothing was missing.
[i]Why then is there nothing in the north[/i] Vincent looked, there was never anything in the north, he suddenly felt as though the room was colder darker, as he turned he saw a figure covered in black robes, drawing his gun blade he looked at it it never raised its head it just spoke.
"North........Crater." and then collapsed, the room seemed to lighten up again and the chill left the room. But Vincent was more confused, the body had gone.


The whole of SeeD, that was left, had finally come together, the votes were being made for a new Headmaster, it would only take a day, then SeeD would see what would happen, they had elarnt using the books that using a lost technology this Garden could hover above the ground, it could move, whats more it had weapons, SeeD had a moveable fortress.

However the elite group of SeeD, known as Avalanche, were in a meeting themselves.
"We are not a real army!" One member shot.
"We cannot go to war we do not have the resources that the countries have, we are meant to be placed to aid armies, not be one." Another said.
"However, we lost Headmaster Laguna, this cannot be forgiven." A third member spoke.
"The perhaps we should start political assaination, leaderless there will be no war against SeeD. there was murmer of agreement throughout the room.
"Who will we send?" No one asnwered.

08/16/2007 7:21 AM

Aya had been sat on the bed next to Cid with Keena hovering behind her, the two had been talking since Aya came it, Keena however had stayed quiet. "Your going to have to stop running round like a little kid," Aya felt slightly cheeky telling the grown man off, "Cuss you never think things through." She waited for Cid to tell her off for talking to him like that, Keena now knelt on the bed just behind Aya. Both dressed the same way and acting fairly close would think them childhood friends, but that was just the way of desert people. The nudge of a body against her back reminded Aya that she and Cid wasn't alone, "Oh," her brain ticking over, "Cid this is Keena," She pulled on Keena forcing her into a sitting position next to her, "Keena this is Cid."
"It's very nice to meet you," Keena bowed her head, she had a soft shy voice that matched with her compliant body and actions. Aya took her hands and pulled Keenas head up, "It's not like you need to respect him or anything," Sticking her tongue out at him.
Keena wasn't sure if this was a joke or not but she liked Aya and they were both Nomagi and she was comfortable even if a little left out.

A crackle came through the ship, a voice was amplified to the same dullness as anyone else that use the intercom, "I know i am not the captain, however I request the presence of the captain, Cid, Aya and anyone else that might be of any help as to where we are going next... report to the ready room...now if you please."
"Well whats the rush really," Aya looked back down at Cid still in the bed, "After you."

08/17/2007 12:29 PM

"Well that's great," said Grensen to himself wrestling with a bundle of wires in a small shaft above his room. He took quick guesses at where the wires which made the light go out. I'll fix it later Grensen said to himself. He kicked open the grate and crawled out landing nimbly on his feet he pulled down his goggles and went over to his desk upon it were; his gloves, two knifes and his gun blade, his twin sword rested against the bed. He pulled on his gloves slotted in his knives into the gloves and walked out locking his door and walked to the ready room passing Nowe in the corridor he turned round and walked at the same speed as Nowe, "I've got a question for you Nowe," Grensen suddenly raised his voice so it carried down the corridor, "What have you done to the wiring in my room you know it takes ages to fix that room !" Nowe didn't respond it was incredibly rare to see Grensen shouting through rage. Grensen walked back down towards the ready room.

08/17/2007 3:21 PM

Walking towards the ready room, Cid quickly noticed how quickly Aya and KEena were getting on. Cid started to feel like the third wheel on the way their, which he didn't like cos he had known Aya almost all his life. "So Kiwi, how did u end up here?" Cid said trying to be nice and joining the conversation, however all he got was a shy turn away from Keena and a very hard nudge from Aya when Cid got her name wrong. "Ow!" Cid shouted out whilst rubbing his arm. He obviously was the third wheel now.


Everyone gathered in the ready room, he noticed Vincent was looking quite worried, as if something terrible happened, but what could it be though? he seemed fine on the intercom and that was 5 minutes ago. Cid didn't think about it much though, he never does.

He saw a big map in the middle of the room, with the entire map on it. His eyes were drawn straight to the east of the coast. Thats where the Shina ruins are, where he was told to go by that civilisation, he wanted to know more about this slime he had found. He noticed it wasn't on the map though, it was a farely new discovery and this map looked pretty old.

Then he began to wonder, how he became unconcious again and how he escaped the great antlion. The last thing he remembered was the tenticle about to strike him. He asked before the meeting began, "What happened out there?"

08/17/2007 4:35 PM

"So is there water this far out," Aya still was still feeling slightly hostile to Cid, it wasn't her fault there was a culture clash, plus she never got someone her own age to talk to.

"I don't know," Keena was walking slightly behind Aya who had a strong grip on her hand but Keena wasn't being pulled along,

"I'm not really sure where here is," She didn't really sound like a Nomagi. Aya cocked her head for a second still walking,

"I don't know where we are ether," showing a grin to Keena, "Guess it doesn't really matter right now," looking forward at Cid who seemed to ignoring them. "So how did you get here, don't tell you woke up and you were just here," Aya had ment this as a joke but as surprised when Keena came to a stop.

"But I think that was what happened," Aya had let go of her hand which she dropped to her waist, Keena was looking down at the floor, "I remember seeing a man in black, he hurt me. Then Cid and that other man were fighting a monster and now I'm here," Keena shook slightly it's wouldn't look out of place if she cried, but she wouldn't do that. Aya got the message, desert girls weren't allowed cry. She took two steps to Keena and wrapped her arms around her push her head over her shoulder,

"You can stay with me till you remember," Aya held her for a while before releasing, "Is that what you want," Keena nodded but still look slightly despondent. Aya knelt slightly to be right in front of Keena's view, she tilted her head slightly to the left and placed her lips on Keenas just for a second.

"I'm fine," They both returned to normal positions looking at each other, "You mean it," A smile almost forming on her face.

"I sure do," Taking her hand Aya turned at pulled Keena after her at a run, "They'll be waiting for us," pulling to a stop by the door reading ready room. She pushed the thick door open and entered raising her hand in the air, "Does anyone know where we are," Beaming at the room full of people filling the doorway with Keena just behind her.

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08/18/2007 6:47 AM

"Does anyone know where we are,"

Vincent, who had been looking at the map, turned to face Aya and nodded.
"we are appoximately here," pointing to an area of the map "In the sandsea, within the free states." For a while he continued to look at the map and then turned to the captain.
"You may know better than i, but why idoes this map show nothing further up north only sea?"

Vincent folded his arms and began to speak to all that were there.
"It is plain that we are at war with an unknown power, there purpose is unknown to us, and so far they have been winning." Vincent looked around the room, he wasn't too sure who's attention he had caught but he carried on regardless.
"It is time we stopped running round aimlessly, I am not saying to challenge them in combat yet, for one managed to kill five SeeD without breaking a sweat.... Who here can say they can do it."

he looked at the girl that had been in the desert and suddenly it hit him, it fell on his mind like a tonne of bricks, she looked vaguely like the woman he had fought and lost against.
"What in the life stream." he mumbled to himself, regaining his composure he finished his little speech.
"I have asked you all here to formulate what we are going to do and why, i for one must locate HOUSE." As he mentioned HOUSE m,any of the crew looked at him a smiled slyly, HOUSE was only a legend to most people
"once i have got there and got what i need my services will be at the disposale of Cid once again.

08/18/2007 12:08 PM

"FIRE starboard cannons," Roku yelled at the bridge crew, "Full speed once we pass the Intrepitor," the hole ship shook as a shell passed through the shield. "KEEP WORKING," she yelled getting angry to in failure of the other ships, "Launch any of the sky fighters we have left."

The battle raged in three dimensions around them in the sky and on the waves, wreckage floated on the waves which was blacked from the smoke coming from the ships. Roku's powered towards another ship steam and smoke still coming from the cannon, the ram on the front of the ship groaned as it split the decks of it enemy. Roku smiled t the destruction around her, the ship before she split in two and began to fall into the dark sea. A red firework burst over head and the Trane ships retreated from the field, a deep purple one burst shortly afterwards calling the Ren ships back. "I can't wait till next time," Roku stood up and stared out at the other vessels.


"What is your name anyway," Through this was a bit out of the blue, "What does this have to do with the rest of us, if we're picking where we need to go I need to go south," Aya looked at Cid, "If we all want to go different ways then we'd better go to the nearest city and split up," Looking round at everyone before her in the room. Keena bent her head to Aya ear, "You don't have to do that for me," she whispered not wishing to undermine her. Aya just gave her a smile and turned back, "It's clear were not being chased here and it's be safer to split up anyways," She looked down at the map running her finger from where the bodyguards had been to the nearest city, "Vertuim."

Keena who had been holding Aya's hand the whole time took in what was happening and from what Aya had told her, she didn't think she should get too involved with whatever they were planing. For a room full of strangers she felt pretty easy with them apart from she didn't like the way that the guy she followed looked at her.

08/18/2007 1:03 PM

"I'm going with Vincent!" Cid shouted with is hand banging squarely in the middle of the table. He had become quite angry for everyone had ignored his earlier question. Aya looked quite confused at Cid, this wasn't like him at all for Cid usually hated being told what to do, and now he's agreeing that he should go with Vincent. Vincent on the other hand looked quite pleased that Cid had agreed to come with him instead of running away like he usually does.

"I want to know why this HOUSE, if it so exists, is so interested in protecting me! I have my resons for going with him" This was the first time Cid have ever acted like this. With all that was going on, he grew more terrified of the fact that he had no idea what was going on. So many questions unanswered. What was this green slime? Who were those people down in the ruins? Why was a bounty placed on his head? Why is HOUSE interested in protecting him? Who were those people cloaked in black? What will he find in the Shina ruins? however eventually, with all these questions flowing through his head, he wanted at least one of them to be solved, so he ended up shouting. "What the hell happened in the desert!"

08/18/2007 2:37 PM

Keena jumped when Cid hit the table sinking behind Aya, it was sudden like a riboflavin trip but Keena wouldn't know that. She saw herself, on a ridge looking down at Cid running slipping slightly in the sand, the heat raking down and a slight breeze. Nothing. It came to Keena as if it was something learned a long time ago, "P stpbx ps ulk Qaum Muqwama, lb Lbsm Apmbm, ps umoae ennb apfn l eynlg. Bmstpbw sm umyyc lsmos" She spoke so the room could hear but it would only mean anything to Aya.
"Pk stls km," Aya asked her to get a nod in reply, "She says it's wasn't anything to worry about, it was just a group dream, a Qaum Muqwama from an Ant Lion," thinking that sounded unreal she turned back to Keena, "Isn't that right?" Again Keena nodded but this time she added, "I don't know what that lensing was," Still talking from behind Aya, "Unless it was mist," Trailing off.

"Well ether way I'm helping Keena," Aya didn't really understand why he was getting so stressed unless the heat was getting to him, "And you owe me a new bike, money for clothes and equipment that I lost in that raid," Giving him a grin, "Else I'll turn you in for that bounty," waving her finger.

08/18/2007 10:22 PM

Raikoh had been traveling in the desert for awhile now. His greatsword was becoming a hinderance. He was wondering why exactly he stopped by his clan's lodge so he could take the greatsword in exchange for the katana. it could be worse of course. another antlion could appear. He had to fight three already and with this emense heat. Raikoh continued on he looked in the sky farther ahead thinking he could here a airship. but he couldn't quite see it yet.
" Damn it was that guy lieing about seeing Cid come this way?" Raikoh said to himself. He took a few more steps and then collapsed. He needed a rest. Raikoh had been moving nonstop since Cid got out of his grasp at dimitri's house. He finally got a good lead and look at him now. he laid there for a moment wondering if that sound was getting louder.

08/19/2007 7:14 AM

"Well, now now we know what we're doing, can we please get moving" Cid didn't like waiting around too long, he was never the patient type, he couldn't wait for answers, and no one here was giving them to him. He felt like he was being treated like an idiot, he knew the antlion created a mirage, what he didn't know was how he ended up back on the ship, and the antlion nowhere in sight.

Mayby no one there even saw it, mayby they were all unconcious at the time as well. Perhaps they were just as clueless as he was, still he wanted answers and wasn't prepared to wait much longer. "Well, we gonna get moving or what?"

08/19/2007 9:31 AM

Vincent sighed heavily Cid din't have a clue about SeeD or HOUSE or anything so he spoke up.
"Cid, it is not HOUSE that is protecting you, HOUSE is a comples, much like a garden, except it is a lot older than any other garden," Staring unemotionally at him he carried on "Secondly I have told you SeeD have been paid to keep you alive, only the Headmaster knew who had paid us."

He turned to Aya and Keena, though in his mind he knew what keena was he couldn't help it he still thought her quite pretty and this confusio showed in his face, he was not used to these feelings.
"My name is Vincent and as for your new bike and stuff, if the captain can take us here," he pointed to a area just south of the Shinra ruins "This is where HOUSE is, you can get a new bike there and provisions." for now at least Vincent felt they should stay together.

Then he turned to Cid again, he ran the events of the desert through his mind and spoke quietly.
"You are better off not knowing, when the time is right you will understand." and then he felt a sharp stabbing pain near his heart, his hand reacted and went over it, he hunched himself over and suddenly the pain was gone his face had gone white, this had not happened for two years, he didn't need it to happen now.

08/19/2007 10:49 AM

"If your care to listen instead of being sick thats what I hope it is," said Grensen leaning back in his chair, "Vertuim would probably be the best place to go first I need to meet someone who put in an order for a ton a metal he won't miss the bit we used, after that we will be able to go much faster if anyone cares to travel without much problem," Spinning round to the controls putting Legacy into full speed. "Let's see what we can do, we will probably be there in about quater of an hour take any room you want apart from mine it's for lack of a better word broken," Grensen spun round, put on his goggles on and walked out of the ready room back to his own room. He crawled back up inside the shaft and started reconnecting wires.

08/19/2007 1:09 PM

"I'd wish you would stop looking at her like that," Aya took note of the fact her had gone white and his eyes lapsed over Keena, giving him a scowl that really didn't suite her. "Whatever's going on in your head do you really think dragging two young girls into a battlefield is the proper thing to do," Aya wasn't really expecting an answer, "Just owe me the stuff and give me any spare money you've got," With a doesn't sound like you'll need it tone. "I'm getting off, I never asked to get dragged into any of this and it's not my problem as long as you pay me back," She wasn't ready to put up with any other plan of action. She gave Keena a look asking her, "Is this what you want," She got a hand squeeze in reply and both turned there gaze onto the announced Vincent.

"You know if I turned Cid in, you could aways break him out or you go to the bank, the money is more important that the stuff," She wasn't really looking for an argument but wanted to put Vincent in his place. She had more to pushed on him but Keena stepped forward slightly, "Would you give me back my mayia-skin," She looked up at him for a second before looking back at floor or at least his feet.

Aya gave it's a moments thought, every guy here is a stressed out angry guts, they'll make themselves sick if they keep up like this, she thought back a minute or so. "You are ok, aren't you," peering at Vincent.

08/19/2007 2:12 PM

((I have a request, can only keena come find him, also what is mayia-skin? he hasn't taken anything form her?))

Vincent had paid little attntion to aya, he was scared and it showed, he still clutched his side but the pain was getting worse, as he slightly pulled up his sleeve he saw what he feared.
"I...I..." he didn't say anymore he staggered out of room and into the hanger of the airship. He collpased to the floor as his body began to change.

he couldn't fight it anymore, he felt so weak, so useless, this thing had been inside him since he was a child, it was always there and for the first time he could not fight it alone, his feelings could not focus.
[i]Damn that girl![/i] she was stook in his head he couldn't focus.

Vincent no longer had control over his body but he could see it all, his uniform was in tatters across his body, wings had sprouted from his back and he was now pale, he was a monster.
[i]NOOO!!!!!![/i] he screamed in his head and suddenl the voice of the monster responded.
[i]insolent human, did you think you could hold me back[/i] Vincent's mind started to race. This was not him, this could not happen.
[i]We will only help once[/i] the voices that had told him they would be waiting spoke and suddenly he started to return to human form.

Vincent picked himself off the floor, the beats within, had been subdued for now but what had sparked it and what was it.
[i]I have to leave[/i] he thought to himself, it was all getting too much and thus he sat and put his head in his hands and tears started to fall down his face.

08/19/2007 4:06 PM

(OOC the water skin you drank from, the "demon form" reminds me of Fruits basket OOC)

The two girls watched as Vincent staggered out, Aya wasn't going to question whatever he was up to so she turned back to Cid who still seemed to be steaming, "I'm gona go take a shower before we get off," Looking at Keena, "Will you be ok on your own."
To this she got a smile, "I'll be fine, you don't need to worry,"

Aya waved as if goodbye to Keena who she had only known for an hour or so but felt very close to. Keena too enjoyed being with Aya and this was the reason why she wanted to go with her, not just to remember who she was. She still wanted her mayia-skin and as Aya had said they would be departing soon so she would have to find that man. She walked down the corridor, the heat had gone down now they were in the air but it was still stifling. She walked down the same way the man must have gone, she stopped when she saw a notch in the wall, it was like claw marks. She didn't take much heed from it as they could be from anything and walked out into another cavernous room, it was just like the cargo bay but must be on the other side of the ship. There was a slight sound but still it wasn't abnormal, Keena wondered passed the box that blocked the room from sight. She saw what looked like the man hunched in the open part of the hanger, she walked towards him. As she walked she could feel the sadness emanating from him and slightly stifled breaths could be heard as she got closer. He didn't move even when she was right beside him, Keena wasn't really sure what to do but she'd remembered Aya's action when she was like this.

Keena knelt down in front of Vincent who was still in the same position as if she wasn't even there. She lifted his chin with her hand, his eyes blood shot and tears still sanding on his face, Keena hadn't seen tears before but she guessed what they were. She didn't even really think about it but to her it was just a comforting thing, she laid her chafed lips on his in the same way Aya had, only for a second. "You shouldn't waste water like that, worrying will only make it worse," She pulled back letting go of his chin her hand slightly moist, was kneeling a few inches from him, not sure what she should say next.


Aya sat on the rail that ran round the edge of the deck, "Not allowed to take a shower, it's going to rain soon whats the problem," she sighed looking down at the sand passing between her legs. "They have no idea what they've put me through," she moaned to herself," she was going to start listing them but the black moving rock took her attention.
"Well it looks like it needs help," She turned to a few crewmen that were on deck, "MAN OVERBOARD." Several crewmen ran to the edge and one threw a rope, the ship was going to fast to stop for who ever it was.

08/19/2007 7:46 PM

Raikoh looked up as the sound grew much louder than expected. He saw the airship coming right towards him. As it started to pass he got up useing some unknown strength and ran towards a rope they threw. Raikoh hated airships normally but this ship would have water and it mihgt be easier to find Cid in one of these things. he ran towards the rope and gave a leap. He grabbed onto the rope and realized that maybe all that running wasn't such a good idea since his legs felt like mush. Raikoh's head felt a bit dizzy but he held on for his life until they could pick him up.

08/20/2007 4:03 AM

"You shouldn't waste water like that, worrying will only make it worse,"

Vincent spoke, though the tears still came down his face his voice was calm, his eyes were like a void.
"How can I not worry," he pointed to the wreck the savagry of the spasms. "When i can do that" for a minute he looked into her eyes his mind battling about what he should say.

Fishing through his pocket he dropped the water skin on the floor, picking himself up he looked out of the window, they were at the main city, or very close. Finally his heart got the better of his mind, it was unusual feeling for him that he almost tripped pver hs words.
"I doubt we will see each other again," he almost lost his confidence "but i like you." He fished out something new from his pocket.
"Take this," he handed her something that looked like a phone "Aya was right, war is not a place for women," he hid his face from her by turning away looking out of the window. "if your ever in trouble press the red button, it will tell me where you are and i'll.... err come find you."

Vincent's nerve broke and he walked out of the hold and to a room, it was empty so he walked into it and lay on the bed, he had to get new clothes.

08/20/2007 8:07 AM

Keena really wasn't sure what was happening, she stooped down to pick um her mayia-skin tucking it under her arm. She looked at the phone, she didn't have any idea how to use it but she understood what Vincent what told her. She stood in the empty room for a second before turning after Vincent, he was already out of sight. She walked back down the corridor but didn't see him, it was running over in her head but she didn't get it. If he liked her why was he acting so strange and why was he crying, this change of culture really didn't get through to her. While she was mulling over this she bumped into someone and lost her balance, she looked up and found herself staring at Cid. "I'm sorry Mr Cid," She bowed her head even through she was on the floor. She looked like some sort of doll with her back to the side of the corridor.


Aya watched at the crewmen pulled the person on board, when he reached the deck he flopped from the rope into a heap. She got a look at his face, "Your that bounty hunter, what the hell are you doing here," Poking him with her foot, "And don't say your after Cid still." One of the crewmen came over carrying some water the rest hung around Aya and the man.

08/20/2007 1:34 PM

Grensen gave the water to the man "you met before then I got to stop picking you up anyway must be going," Said Grensen before walking over to the microphone, "Right people were just about to land get what you need if going to go to Shina ruins you got about an hour if your not you get a natural length of your life, oh cargo bay active order six and four," Said Grensen over the microphone. Grensen walked past the man now sitting up by the side of the ship past his room into the cargo bay instead of being normal silence there was a quiet mechanical clicking as four machina were lifting a large crate between them.
As soon as the ship touched down Grensen dropped to cargo door and pulled a small crate saying, "execute order one with order ten," Grensen walked out into a busy street with the machina following.

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08/21/2007 12:33 AM

Vincent looked out the window as they landed, there were security guards everywhere.
"Why so much security?" He asked himself, as he surveyed the the landing pad they appeared to be searching for something.

Two grunts came walking up to Grensen.
"Excuse me Captain......" The first grunt stopped.
"By orders, we must search your ship for any members of SeeD we are at war and cannot allow them to walk free." The other grunt finished.

Vincent heard what was said, so that was why, he sighed heavily and left the room looking down the corridor of the airship he went to the crew's quaters and got out of his uniform and changed into a crew's uniform.
"Now, the uniform?" he looked around and found an incinerator and quickly threw his clothes in, at least for now this may be good enough to hide himself.

08/22/2007 12:38 PM

I'm sorry Mr Cid,"

Cid looked confused, for earlier she was ignoring him, now she seemed a lot more polite, but also a lot more worried about something. Said to himself, "May as well make myself useful, i'm not gonna be getting anywhere for a while." So he followed her down the corridor to this room where she was sitting on the bed, looking all droopy and miserable.

"Oh god, i'm hopeless at these sort of things." Cid mumbled to himself quietly, still he thought he may as well have ago at it. He sat down beside her and put his arm around her shoulder and said, "Whats buggin you?"

08/22/2007 3:58 PM

Keena had said she was sorry and didn't get why he followed her, she was getting slightly paranoid about it but she brushed that aside. She went to the room that Aya had gone to, after the meeting. She could still hear Cid's foot steps behind her, she walked into the room and sat on the bed looking at the door. Went Cid entered she had no idea of what to do looking despondent she stayed where she was to see if he would say something. He came over and sat on the bed, Keena stiffened up her eyes widening as he put his arm round her pulling her close.

"Whats buggin you?"

(ooc raikoh this is after you post next post with Aya if you do ooc)

She froze for a few seconds, she had no idea what this meant, there wasn't anything bugging her and there was on reason for him to put his arm round her. Cid had a strong grip of her, which he may have in his opinion been comforting but to Keena he was forcing himself on her. She wouldn't let that happen, not to this man. She punched him under the ribs knocking him off the bed, falling like a sack he hit the floor pulling Keena with him. She still griped her shoulder and had pulled her onto him, she ran for the door seeing Aya standing there she wrapped her arms around her.

Aya had been there a few seconds to see Cid pulling her to the ground but nothing before that, she scowled at him as he laid on the floor breathing deeply. "Your a sicko, if thats the stuff you into we're not coming back," Aya slammed the door shut, she firmly took Keena's hand and stormed down the corridor with a shaken Keena in tow. She pushed past a crewman in a badly fitting uniform but didn't pay any attention to him, taking Aya out into the hangar and off the ship.
"What did he do to you," Aya had taken her to one side on a bench not to far from the ship, she listen to Keena as she told the events from her perspective of how Cid had stalked her and came onto her. "We don't need to go back there anyway," Still holding Keena's hand she stood up, "Lets go find something to eat," Smiling down on the still visibly shaken Keena.

08/22/2007 7:57 PM

(ooc: hang on what? i got confused at that last post. i'll edit once i understand.)

Raikoh got back up. He was finally getting his senses back. The room spun a little bit yet and his legs did feel a little worn. But he had to snap out of it quick. That one chick from dimitri's house was here. She said something to him before he blacked out.

"And don't say your after Cid still."

"Hell thats part of it." Raikoh said to practicaly no one. He decided to start walking around the ship. He kept a hand by his greatsword as he used the walls for balance. He had to find her. Or at least Cid.

08/23/2007 10:33 AM

"ughh" was the noise that came out of Cid's mouth as he tried pulling himself to his feet. He grasped the bedding covers to his side and pushed downwards to try and lift himself. He ended up sitting on the bed where he was before he got brutally beaten. "What was that about?" he thought to himself. Then he staggered out of the room slowly holding his ribs. He had no idea what Keena thought his intentions were. "Thats what I get for being the nice guy" As he stumbled out of the room he reached his hand out and latched onto a crewman's shoulder. "Thanks" he said before realising it was Vincent in disguise. "Vincent?"

08/24/2007 3:47 AM

Vincent nodded at Cid, looking back down the corridor he spoke.
"We have to go...." Vincent back at Cid and spotted movement so looked beyond Cid.
"Thats never good." he said seeing the two military men, he would rather cause no harm.

"Follow me," Vincent started heading to the hanger "We'll have to go by another route to HOUSE, unless you have given up on your quest." Vincent moved quickly yet not obviously hurrying away from the two men.

The new SeeD headmaster had been picked, he was now Headmaster Seifer and he had called together a council of the most senior SeeD and the other two masters.
"What news?"
"We have reason to believe that Vincent leonheart, the missing SeeD member, is still alive." the new headmaster nodded.
"Furthermore, there is a battle raging over the Shinra ruins." Murmers of acknowledgement same up and suddenly shouting came about as to how it should be handled.

The argueing suddenly stooped as the Headmaster raised his hand and began to speak.
"We will locate Vincent, we will then do as we always have, try to keep the peace." There was no argueing, not with Seifer, he was the complete opposite to the friendly Laguna, he was a man to make sure they survived.

08/24/2007 11:12 AM

The sound of quiet footsteps reached Grensen he saw a disguised Vincent and Cid heavy footsteps were heard down the corridor. Grensen beckoned them inside and stood in the doorway Grensen waited until he saw the Grunts again,
"Looks like your about done you two," Said Grensen pretending to be annoyed,
"No sir we still got to check the engine room and the incinerator then we need to do..." The grunt tailed off noticing some movement behind Grensen. The grunts attempted to get past him,
"Your gonna have to deactivate them sir, they are a security risk," Said the grunt pointing at the machina still trying to get past. Grensen dropped his arms,
"Oh okay order 5," the machina sped off to their owner. The smaller grunt punched Grensen in the stomach knocking the wind out of him and forced him to his knees while the taller one ran a small way into the street,
"If you let me I can take you to the owner so you can talk to him,"Grensen said being pulled up by the grunts after a quick nod to each other the grunts pushed Grensen into the street he started to lead the way.

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08/24/2007 12:41 PM

Keena didn't seem very hungry and didn't eat much compared to Aya who mopped up several bowls of stew and a ice cream Sunday. After this hour long stop Aya and Keena went to look at the transport timetable, it was already late in the afternoon so there wouldn't be any southern transports till morning as the journey would take most of a day. "Guess this give us time to go shopping," Aya smiled at Keena, "We just need to go to the bank first," This time waiting for Leena to walk with her.

The bank was just the same as the other building on the outside but inside it had marble floors with metal booths round the edge and a towering ceiling with balconies above. Aya took Keena, who was amazed by the hight of the room, over to one of the booths, "Wait here just a sec," Aya ducked inside and pulled a metal screen in place blocking her from view. Keena looked round the floor that seemed quite calm even with the large number of people that were walking around. After a minute or so Aya came back out with a ruby red rod, hwe hand span in length, "You know you should check if you have an account," Pointing into the booth. Keena gingerly walked inside and looked at the panel, "What do I do," looking at her companion. Aya stepped into the booth pulling the screen shut, "Press the green button," Aya was at the wall behind Keena looking over her shoulder. "Look into the yellow circles till they go red," Keena did this and promptly the circles went red. Aya stared the screen as the number appearing got bigger and bigger, "We could buy a ship with all this," Aya pushed past Keena, "Now you choose how much you want to take out," questioning why there was so much money in the account.

Keena paused for second, "How much should I take out," looking at Aya like she had done something wrong. "Well," Aya gave it some thought, "I must be there for a reason so this much," She pressed a purple button and a small gold coin with a hole through fell into the tray. She motioned for Keena to take it and opened the booth, "You must be the daughter of a millionaire to have that kind of money," She pulled Keena out of the bank and into the nearest shop. Even with the massive amounts of money in the account Aya didn't take out much and after two or three hours the had spent nearly all their money.

They had got a room in a fairly well to do inn and left their purchases in their room and were exploring the city, they were just wandering until Aya saw something she had to look at. They were standing at the entrance to the city scrap heap, Aya's eyes were wide looking at the heaps of metal and Keena watched nervously. As if fired from a cannon Aya shot off to a near by pile quickly followed by Keena who was trying not to run. There was a shower of pieces of junk as Aya uncovered what looked like a slightly out of shape sports car, but as more was uncovered it clearly wasn't.

The front had two pontoons on each side, then an open body that looked like a jeep without wheels and a raised back under which stuck out two big nozzles pointing downward at an angle. Aya was kneeling on the front of it slightly out of breath from her vigorous junk throwing, "It really is a NXZ-34 Zeus," She seemed to completely ignore Keena as she lifted the hatch at the back and started poking around. Keena just stood and watched wondering want Aya was doing, after a while she walked forward a little bit and sat on an overturned oil drum.

Keena jumped as she felt a hand on her shoulder, she half rolled half fell from the drum and found herself looking at a grubby old man. Aya stuck her head out at the noise and the man spoke to both of them. "Misses you shouldn't go poking around, not the place for young woman," He didn't seem like he was angry but not very friendly.
"How much for this," She pointed at the Zeus she had been working on, "I'd like to borrow some tools too," Aya walked up to the man stumbling over the strewn ground. The man looked her bright green eyes and the intricate pattens there in, "So you one of those," Looking at Keena who moved to Aya's side. "I've got tools if your gona take it," He looked at the pair, "Guess you can have it for free," He waved for them to follow him.

The sun was setting when Aya packed up, she had found a new windscreen, fixed on a folding roof and got some proper seats from various places in the dump. "Shall we," Aya ushered Keena into the skycar and jumped in herself, "Well lets hope I did a good job," She turned the key, nothing. She moaned to herself and opened the panel tying the ends of two wires together and the whole thing shook. Aya let out a sigh, she pushed down on the stick in the middle of the car and it rose up a foot from the ground, "Glad we got that sorted," Keena gave a small smile. Aya put her foot down and eased the car out of the junkyard and took it back down to inn that they were staying in.

08/27/2007 2:57 PM

Cid was running with Vincent, following him around the ship. He noticed they were heading upwards to the viewing deck, however he only noticed because he was still aching from the beating he got a while ago and he couldn't move upwards so easily. Eventually they got to the top where Vincent grabbed some old rope he found in a storage room. he chucked it over the side and let it dangle of the edge. He tied the other end to a pillar of some sort which was supporting the ship. "You've got to be kidding me!" Vincent went down first followed by the ever so slow Cid. Vincent had already made it to the bottom when Cid was half way. Cid was closing his eyes tightly, trying to cope with the aching while climbing down this rope.

With his eyes closed he heard a voice. "...come to the Shina ruins..." the voice said. When Cid heard it he lost concentration and began to fall, he tried grabbing onto the rope but he got serious rope burn. A lot of flesh had been torn off his hands and they were beggining to bleed. It was a rough landing which did Cid's back in, but somehow he mustered up the strength to keep moving. He and Vincent ran into the city.

08/27/2007 5:58 PM

Aya turned the key on the dashboard and the car drifted down and settled on the side of the road. Keena looked pretty drowsy her head dropping slightly she was clearly tired, Aya gave her a nudge, "If you go to sleep now then I'll have to carry you," She got out of the car, " Come on," Waiting for her partner to move. Keena dropped from the side and walked round to where Aya was standing on the sidewalk, "I'm sorry but," Keena fell silent as Aya interrupted, "Nothing to be sorry for, if you want to sleep hurry up and go to bed," She smiled, she liked acting the mother. She follow Keena inside waving at the desk clerk as they went inside.

The room was on the second floor, the walls were covered in old blue, green wallpaper and wood paneling. There were two beds with a wolf rug in the middle, Keena was flopped on one bed and Aya was on the other taking her shoes off. She took her socks of flexed her toes, they were slightly swollen from the heat and the walking for hours. She looked over at Keena's bed, she was already fast asleep her breathing shallower and slower. Aya took two steps over to her the rug feeling weird on her feet, she waited next too Keena for a second listening to her soft breath. She slid to the end of Keena's bed and undid the laces to her boots before taking them off. She then moved Keena's light form to the wall side of the bed and slid the duvet from under her and placed it one top.

Aya walked back over to her side of the room, she pulled the robe she was wearing off over her head revealing her soft skin that had grown back that day. She bent down and took out a night dress she had brought and slipped it on in the same fashion, throwing her hair back she walked into the bathroom. She stared into the mirror for a while, "Pnudran, yna oui ug?," She turned from the mirror and took the night dress off, placing it on the corner unit and she stepped into the the shower.

She walked slowly back into the room, her hair still slightly wet from towel drying. Aya turned the light off and walked to her bed the room bathed in slight moon light the broke the darkness. She slid under the covers and wrapped herself in them, she hadn't had a nice bed like this to sleep in for a long time. She left out a deep breath and waited for sleep to claim her, it wasn't that she wasn't tired but things had all been so strange recently. She fixed her gaze upon Keena looking at her in a peaceful relaxed state seemed to do it, she drifted from the world of the conscious.

08/27/2007 9:01 PM

Raikoh finally got some sense of balance and headed outside. He was out on the upper deck of the airship. He sheilded his eyes alittle from the bright sun until his eyes refocused. He looked around and saw numerous crew members going about their business. Raikoh stared for a moment at the large ship and its different levels that he could see. He stared for a moment at what he thought was some kind of command center. * no a bridge isn't it called?* Raikoh thought. He started to look out at the outside setting. he looked out and saw two people running towards what looked like a toen or a city. " Hey theres two men out there shouldn't you pick them up?" raikoh yelled at some of the crewmembers. he looked around to see if anyone heard him and noticed a rope hanging off the side of the ship. he looked to where it lead and it seemed to go above him on to a higher deck. strangely it was tied around a pillar. * no way thats supposed to be there. * " HEY WE HAVE SOME ESCAPEES DOWN THERE!" yelled Raikoh. He saw one or two people turn there heads but that wasn't enough. Raikoh hoped he was well enough to chase them as he slid down the rope. Once he got to the bottom of the rope he thanked the Gods that he had gauntlets on. He landed on the ground and started after the two escapees.

08/28/2007 1:13 AM

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Vincent looked around the outskirts of the city, he had heard the man shout and then come to follow them but for now they had remained ahead. Within the city he had gone looking for a a mode of transport, not certain whether Cid kept up but now more than ever he wanted to get to HOUSE, from there he could decide where to go next and hopefully find answers to questions.

Finally he found a place next to what appeared to be a cafe, he eyed a motorbike, not as good as his old one that had been left but still acceptable.
"How much for the bike?" Vincent asked, trying to change his accent slightly.
"Probably more than you have!" The garage owner snapped back shunning Vincent then turning his back on him.

Vincent scanned the area, smart owner, the keys had not been left on show, so drawing his gun blade he walked over to the owner and placed the point of his blade underneath his shoulder blades.
"Now that I have your undivided attention." Vincent's voice was low and cold "I will give you 500 gil for it and you will give me the bike." the man nodded and gulped passing Vincent the keys. Vincent made sure the gil went to him and then knocked him out using the butt of his blade. He jumped on the bike and it roared into life as he turned on the ignition, then getting on it properly he left the garage scanning around for Cid to pick him up if need be.

08/28/2007 8:42 PM

Raikoh was getting closer to one of the men. His outline looked familiar but Raikoh couldn't figure out where he saw him yet. The other man was faster and had already made it to the outskirts. As Raikoh got closer to the slower of the two he figured out who it was. " CID," Raikoh yelled, " CID YOU SON OF A GUN GET BACK HERE." Raikoh finally caught up and tackled Cid while putting the blade right across Cid's throat.

" well now i got you now tell me what the hell is going on and WHY are you wanted so much. oh and who was that other man." Raikoh said as he started to ease up but he kept the sword on him. Intent on making sure Cid didn't get away without answer at least ONE question.

08/29/2007 1:08 AM

Vincent saw the scene of cid underneath the man he left the bike taking the keys as he got closer he realised who the man was. Drawing his gunblade slowly he placed it at the base of the man's neck.
"Ease off him, drop your weapon and take two steps back from us." Vincent said casually drawing a little blood as he moved his blade across his neck.
"There is no need for needless death, but i must see this man alive too my superior."


The members of avalanche looked to the new boss.
"Well sir?"
"Eliminate him and bring us his head so we can show the whole world what happens when they mess with SeeD." The members all saluted and as quickly as you like the room emptied leaving only Seifer looking at a map that included an island to the north.
"I know your out there, but what part have you in this....... Sephiroth."

08/30/2007 11:04 AM

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Cid was panting like hell. He had no idea whats happening to him or this civilisation, he had just gotten beaten up and accused of taking advantage of someone, he was running away from the ship, without even knowing why, his hands were burning like hell from the rope, his back was done in from the fall, and now finally his life was being threatened by someone he doesn't even know.

So Cid elbowed Raikoh in the stomach and began to shout "For god sake! Will you people stop coming after me! Vincent would you mind carrying me to HOUSE?" he asked politely before he simply collasped and fell unconcious like he usually does.


*Cid's subconcious*

"The boy does faint alot doesn't he?" A mysterious voice stated.
"Yes, mayby it was a mistake to trust him" Another voice suggested.
"Hey! I can hear you you know!" Cid shouted at the voices.
"Why, he's managed to speak to us, mayby he isn't totally incompetent" one of the voices replied.
"Who are you calling incompetent you..."
"My he can summon aggresion as well, what a clever little boy you are. That'll be very useful later" the voice interupted Cid

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08/30/2007 8:12 PM

Raikoh's neck tighted from this new guy. However once he looked back at Cid for a second he realized that Cid passed out. Raikoh finally took his blade off Cids neck for a moment and stood up. " well since he's out like this it he won't matter to any of us. Just drop whatever bounty you have on him and screw off." Raikoh said as he turned around. " just walk away and.... son of a bitch you were at dimitri's house before Cid dissappeared." Raikoh quickly swipped the gunblade away from his throat. " Get back away from him what do you want. He hasn't done to much to earn the bounty so back off and i'll let you go."

08/31/2007 12:47 AM

Vincent sighed heavily and looked at the collapsed Cid and then at Raikoh.
"Your an idiot... you know that don't you," Vincent withdrew his gun blade knowing that this man was no real match for him and walked over to Cid and picked him up.
"not only could i beat you while carrying this burden, but me and Cid are working together.... so if you have no objections, and even if you do, back off and leave us to it."

Vincent carried him over to the cycle and placed him over the back of it as he turned to look at the strange man that thought himself an equal to Vincent he tilted his head to one side and muttered tohimself.
"Even pawns have their uses," he then raised his voice to the same level as was normal. "if you really want Cid head to Midgar, if you know what that is." Vincent kicked the bike into life and headed to the sizeable fortress of HOUSE.


*Forgotten Capital*
"Will he come?" One spirit asked.
"Even if he doesn't want to the reunion will draw him." Another responded.
"Are we wise to trust one that has been corrupted with the catastrophey's cells?" the original spoke.
"We don't have a choice." A third and new spirit said. "the fates are starting to play we must merely try to survive."

08/31/2007 1:05 AM

"What the?" Cid suddenly came to whilst on the bike, he looked down and saw the top of his thighs strapped down to the bike, whilst his arms were wrapped around Vincents neck. While the air rushed through Cid's hair bulling on it's roots, he figured out that he must be heading to HOUSE.

08/31/2007 5:05 AM

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When Aya wiped the dust away from her eyes she could see Keena was already up, she was in mid progress of drying her hair but stopped when noticing Aya stirring movements. "I didn't mean to wake you," Keena looked slightly ashamed, to this Aya just stuck her tongue out crawling out of bed and walking into the bathroom. Keena looked for a while at the bathroom door not knowing what Aya had meant by that, she dismissed it and continued to dry her hair.

Aya was now dressed in a pair of light blue jeans, a faded yellow tank top and the same combat boots she was given on the ship more, practical that anything else and the whole thing was crowed with a pair of goggles on her head like a tiara. She was loading things into the Zeus that would make on lookers think she was going to war, she was loading a R-gage sniper rifle into the holster she had mounted to the side when Keena came out. She was dressed in dark blue blouse, dark green pleated skirt, black leg warmers that peeked out from under it. On her feet she wore a pair of tight desert trainers that were meant to keep sand out and short white socks. Keena had been with Aya when she had bought the weapons but it was still surprising to see them the morning after, "Is it really dangerous," Walking to a stack of sliver boxes.

"Not really, but there is a war going on," She climbed over the seats to the back and opened a compartment, "Plus you've got to earn money, that means bounties," She dropped a bag into the compartment with a metallic thud, "Want to help me finish up?" Keena and Aya finished loading crates and weapons into the back of the Zeus. The pair then walked back inside the Inn. Again Keena didn't eat much and Aya took more notice of this, "Whats up, don't you like it," Keena shook her head,
"I just don't feel very hungry," Taking a mouthful of a very thick sweet porridge just to show she liked it. Aya smiled to herself, she really like hanging out with Keena she was just like a little shy kid.

When they got underway Aya was driving and Keena was sat in the front passenger seat.
They were getting quite a lot of stares partly for being young and attractive but mostly for driving a piece of kit that would fetch a lot of gil whatever state it was in. They left the town without any event, they were heading south on a journey that would normally take a day on a bus. She pushed the central stick fully forward, the Zeus lurched then raced across the flat road. This was a good thing to Aya as it meant they would be there in a few hours but she would have to take the tarp canopy-roof down before it was torn away. They were heading to the township of Burt' Kurm and from there into the dessert until they reached the sweeping wester sands then to find Keena's home.

08/31/2007 9:59 AM

"Well it might of taken two days but here we are talk to him about the machina and if you please I'll get back to my ship," Said Grensen pointing at a small man sitting under a tent he walked away while the two grunts towered over the man. As Grensen was walking back to his ship he noticed someone reaching behind him he looked round the man speed round the corner holding a small bag of gil Grensen ran after him.

The chase had led into a small alleyway and a dead end the man turned drawing a small blade, Grensen gave a small grin and charged at the man unarmed dodged his blade which swished though the air and punched him in the upper body sending him to the ground. Grensen picked up the bag and started walking back to his ship when he saw seven men all armed with daggers and swords.

08/31/2007 9:18 PM

Raikoh watched as the man took Cid on the Bike and started it.

"if you really want Cid head to Midgar, if you know what that is."

" Midgar? where is that? Wait come back!!!" Raikoh said as the man started driving away "damn it better go in his direction."

Raikoh started running towards where he thought this Midgar was at. Either that or mabe He might find Cid or the man again.

09/04/2007 2:22 AM

"Halt!" A man in full SeeD uniform spoke "You cannot go into HOUSE without authorisation." Vincent sighed heavily since the morning began he had been seen by six of these people.
"I am Vincent Leonheart SeeD 2nd Class, i.d 754896." the SeeD man looked shocked and stood out of the way as Vincent led the bike into the vehicle. he then turned to look at Cid.
"Welcome to HOUSE, first stronghold of SeeD."

Vincent got off the bike and undid all the fasteners on Cid.
"Come on, we'll get something to eat before we go find the Headmaster." Vincent made his way out of the garage and stopped. the design of all garden's were the same, circular with rooms extending of it, the only difference here was that this place was bigger than some cities.

"Come on" he called to Cid, feeling much better for being home, as he followed the signs that led them to the canteen.

09/04/2007 7:46 AM

"Diver faster," Aya called to Keena trying to keep her balance and hold a seven foot rifle barrel steady. They were driving through open desert sand billowing out behind them, a huge roar shook the ground and a hole full of teeth flew out of the sand cloud the earth split as the body following the teeth hit it. Aya was standing atop the back of the Zeus trying to get a clear shot with the R-gage, she had already shot it twice but all that had done was made it madder. The wind pulled at her trying to throw her from the back of the car, the gun gave a massive chink and a shell the size of her hand fell from the barrel. The was an explosion in the sand cloud and the beast let out a low moan.

Aya climbs over the seats with the rifle slung over her shoulder and behind Keena, tapping her on the shoulder. Keena pulled herself up and over into the passenger seat, Aya dropper in a put the rifle into the holster while pulling the accelerator back. The car came to a stop and they both stood up to look at the mound in the distance as the sand cleared. Aya sat back down taking the car to a low speed she turns it back toward the beast, it had stopped moving and blue blood poured out in a small stream, huge birds were already overhead. Aya was more taken by the dust cloud moving towards them and the metallic glint running before it.

09/10/2007 2:17 PM

One of the more economically developed cities. Their research and technology has reached limits far beyond normal comparison to other cities. The science foundation gets huge grants every month to help carry on their technology. Today the standard of living greatly exceeds that of anywhere else, assuming you live in the richer side of the city. A huge plate was built to undermine the lower class citizens, and to divide them. Above the plate is the rich people in their luxurious buildings. Below is one of the worst slumbs you'll ever see, with disease, crime and all sorts of horrible things. If a probl;em occurs in midgar, it's sent down there.

09/10/2007 2:19 PM

Aya had pulled the scope from the rifle and had pointed it out at the dust cloud, there was a jeep powering towards them. There were three people inside at she could make out, they were franticly jumping around inside firing from the back of the vehicle. Aya adjusted the scope and saw a familiar flash of teeth and crack of earth, she put the scope and placed it back on the gun. "What is it," Keena enquired sat up in the passenger seat. Aya turned to her, "It's like an odd day ja vou," She smiled as a confused Keena didn't understand, reaching back for the rifle.

She reached out talking the wooden butt up to her shoulder and stretching the other as far as she could along the barrel, she took aim right above the yellow blur in the distance still coming towards them. She took a long time with the shot, Keena peering past her trying to see off into the distance as got ever closer. They were less than hundred meters away when she finally took the shot Keena had go quite worried about it but hadn't said anything. It was quite clear that there was a boy, a girl on the back and an older man driving the car there were flashes of green light as they went along, each one sounding like a thunder clap. Aya fired the gun again with yet another huge click and less than a second later there was a flash of light and a roar of pain as the ground shafted up and a tail could be seen flicking as it vanished.

The occupants stepped out from the fresh yellow jeep that had pulled up about twenty feet from Aya and Keena, they had started walking towards them the man carried a spear and a field generator that was humming slightly. The boy who know couldn't be called that looking older than they did, carried a sword in its hilt and the same field hum came from his belt. He had short blond hair that didn't really match his tanned body; it seemed to make him more handsome in Aya's eyes. Next to him was a girl, "Young woman," Aya corrected herself in her head; she had nearly forgot how old she was. The young woman had long blond hair like the young man but she carried a rod of a sliver wood.

The young man spoke first, "I am prince Garland of Sliccicbere, my sister and I would like to thank you for you help," He held his hand out for her to shake, after a few seconds thought she did so, they released and Aya took two steps back.
"I am Aya Sharriel and this is Keena Jamval," Pulling Keena closer to her, "Where is Sliccicbere, I've never heard of it," She wasn't trying to be rude but this guy seemed stuck up. She pushed her hair out of her eyes while waiting for his reply maybe slightly taken aback by her question.

He looked slightly embarrassed by her question scratching the back of his head, "Well it's north of here about seven days drive, I guess most people haven't heard of it," Giving a wryly smile not fitting his station, maybe she was wrong about him being stuck up. Keena spoke up he shyness seem to be disappearing the more time she spend around Aya, "What are you doing here, your highness," She hid behind Aya nearly strait away thinking she had said something wrong when his highness started laughing.

"My brother isn't use to having his tile used," The girl who had jaw dropping features took off from where her brother stopped, "We're heading to a meeting," She was stopped as the burly man put his spear across her,
"They might be spies," He had a gruff voice that seem to match perfectly with is well build figure and grizzled looks, "They don't need to know."
"Bolt, theses people saved us and do they look like spies," The princess gave him a glowering look, "You are here to protect us not give orders," the spear was removed and Bolt walked back to the jeep mumbling something like, "Looks can be deceiving."

"My name is Garnet, we're going to the acid caves to a meeting of the free states, your more than welcome to come as part of our entourage, for your part in our rescue." Garment had an air about her but she didn't seem like a princess other than her criminal looks. Garland had recomposed himself, "That is of course if you want too, and please call me Garland," Smiling at Keena as she winced highly embarrassed for giving him a grace.

"We're heading that way anyway, so a secret meeting will make it even better," Trying to shift Keena from behind her but to no avail," You would happen to know about a village near there," They might have finally met someone hat knew something.
Bolt walked back over this time without the spear, "There haven't been any people out here nigh on fourteen years, only village got blown away, just glass left," He was a gruff as he was before, "Most folks thinks it's cursed."

There was a silence before being broken by Aya, "Well we'd still like to see it, and it's safer to travel in groups so we'd be happy too come," Acknowledgement were exchanged and the two groups went back to there transports and driving along side each other but with some distance. "So what do you think of Garland," Aya wanted Keena view of this new guy.

09/10/2007 8:37 PM

Raikoh finally made his way to the outer wall of the city. It was large and vast and was guarded. but the guards shouldn't have to much of a problem with him. Raikoh figured he could act his way into the city if he had to. All he should have to do is claim he'd been traveling for days and had no more food or water ( which that part was at least true.) Raikoh started a somewhat dizzied stumble to help his story. Hopefully the guards didn't want a death of a stranger on their hands. If not there was always plan b. He finally reached the gate.

"Halt." said one of the guards, " you cannot go into HOUSE without authorisation."
Time to do his trick.

" please help. i've...... been lost in the desert........ no water nor food for several days.... please help." As soon as he finished he did a collapse act down on his knees for extra drama. The guard looked surprised for a second and talked to the second one.

" aw hell what should we do? This guy needs medical attention. It looks like he's got heatstroke. Should we take him in to a medical facility?"

" I don't think so. We aren't supposed to let anyone in without authorisation."

" hell with that. This guy could die in front of us? what'll we say then?"

" True. alright take him to a medical facility but make sure you keep him near the slums. I'll alert the higher ups about him."

Suddenly Raikoh was picked up and taken inside. " we're getting you to a hospital. Don't move. We'll tell you what you will be allowed to do once you recover." Raikoh just acted to pass out and waited as he felt somethign move beneath him.

( The great spirit awakens)
The great spirit finally awoke. it had been only 100 years but it was time. The ninth judgemaster was to awaken now. However he needed to find where the judgemaster was supposed to be before he could start the tests. Even then it was a race against time. For the First judgemaster also would reawaken soon. The great spirit had to keep this new judgemaster safe. Or else corruption would reign forever. " where are you great judgemaster?......master?.....ster?. may your spirit call to me for your trial shall begin."
He waited till he heard the reply. Really anyone could become a judgemaster however this was not only one who discovered the tomb but one who was of the liniage to. Finally he heard the answer. " midgar "

Raikoh finally felt the vehicle come to a stop. He didn't have that much further to act. ( your trial awaits you young master.) Raikoh heard this strange voice in his head. But he couldn't figure where it came from. He figured it was from outside but it had a familiar sound to it. but where did he hear it before? Raikoh set the thoughts aside for he was being taken inside to a hospital. He couldn't wait to see the looks on the mages faces inside. If they still used those here.

09/17/2007 1:35 PM

Cid was quite hungry, despite all the questions he had in his mind he was going through as much food as he could eat. It was all on vincent, cos he got free food at the canteen because of his position here at house.

Cid started to choke for a bit and made very loud coughing noises. Eventually it ended up with him spitting the food back on the plate. After a few more coughs and a lot of disturbed fewers all Cid had to say was "Can I have seconds?"


In a dark realm covered in pitch black and the temperature at absoluto zero (-273.15 C) an onimous glow appears in the middle, and 2 voices arise from the glow.

"We can't trust this bafoon with our survival!" The first voice said.
"You have anyone else in mind?" The second voice pondered.
"Thats not the point, listen if we want him to succeed we'll need to get his head straight. If he really can save this place then we must put him through a trial to improve his skills!" The first voice suggested.
"Your not suggesting..." The second voice said.
"Yes, the deep pearl treasure in sephgo." The first voice replied.
"But thats outragous, we want this kid alive!" The second voice explained.
"If he can't do this trial he may as well be dead, you know as well as I do that the enemy we face can do this trial easily, what hope do we have if he cannot?" the first voice questioned.
"Very well, I'll will get a message to him." The second voice said.

The onimous glow dissapeared and the room became blank.

09/18/2007 12:35 AM

((ooc.... Raikoh i'm not going to say much but think would a group like the SAS do that... don't forget SeeD is an elite military organisation, luckily i think i can make up for this.))

Vincent looked at Cid, the way he rammed his food down his throat was almost disgusting. yet he indicated that there was sconds ready for him as in the back of his mind was the young Keena, proberbly now he was forgotten by her but no matter he could not change that while he was here.

Headmaster Seifer looked up at the SeeD member.
"your saying you let an unknown gentlemen into our base?" Seifer's eyes were burning with fury, the SeeD member bowed apologotecilly. Getting up Seifer looked fierce.
"take me to him, I will sort this out."

Vincent finally sighed and got up.
"Don't know about you Cid but i need new weapons so i'm going to go to the armoury" Vincent left the canteen and looked down the circular corridor, a sign above the caferteria led him to the armoury.
"I need my gun-blade repaired." Vincent said to the armourer.
"Sorry no can do, gun blades are all due to be replaced by this weapon." the man said bringing out a huge wide sword.
"I've never seen that weapon before."
"its new, only ever seen them in HOUSE, its a copy of the typical buster sword, except... well here take it, you'll learn about it in the field, though i'll say now, it can split." Vincent looked at the blade before picking it up and then nodded at the armourer.
"I need clothes too." The armourer pointed to a room.
"All we've got is old SeeD style uniform." Vincent nodded and went into the room to get changed.
((vincent now wearing something like Cloud wore in Advent children))


Seifer arrived in the infirmary to see the man surronded by doctors.
"If you don't get up now i will have you restrained and i will let them study you." Seifer looked at this man that had faked his weakness and he suddenly had a plan for him, a plan that would mean he could use Vincent for another plan.

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09/18/2007 1:29 PM

The time for being placid is coming to an end, we must rearrange our plans and put pressure on the other factions," Iti turned from the edge of the cliff looking into the desert, "Ni, you still remember the story I told you went we first met, the woman sat looking out into the distance.
"You told me of how the destroyer worlds was stopped along time ago, and how, and how after at that time she was imprisoned," After finishing she glanced up at him, "Are you going to tell me the proper story now?"
"Very well, as my second you have a right to know, this is not be be know to the others," He pulled on his blade feeling the hilt in his grip, his black hair waving is the light wind. "When everything was young, from the plants to the creature there was a calamity, a rock fell from the sky smashing the earth then creating Bumisa. Rei came into being on that day, he didn't remember anything before that so he guess that when he happened. He walked the earth and watched it recover, he tended a garden and after many years he begin to tire and that was when he met her. Rei wouldn't tell me her name, only that she was our mother, everyones mother, together they created mankind. After a long time even the greatest love weakens and Rei and mother had different dreams for their children, mother didn't want them to have the same power they both did and gave them death. Rei felt that that was wrong and challenged her, for years they fought a never ending battle neither able to die, turning so much to a waste land but one day when they battled in Rei garden he found a way to trap her. From there we don't know what she's really done only Rei knows, but we can form a outline, and we know that she's nearly ready to break free," He sighed, "Rei hopes to kill her, and free everyone."
"Why didn't he take death back,"
"He tried, but it wasn't something that could be undone, even we& ," He looked up at the sky as a drop feel from above. The rain fell hard and fast drumming on his face and flicking sand up from the ground, "So water of life as come to the empty barren world."

Ni stood up and walked over to Iti, "Almost romantic isn't it," The valley was already flooded and water poured off the cliff.
"Come now," Looking away from her, "I'm going to get Yon to pay her a visit and check how far her usefulness is going to last," He vanished, a splash of water ripped from where he was standing, leaving Iti alone in the cascading rain.


Aya stood next to a dismayed Keena, a huge patch of dark green glass stretched out before them light glinting into a eerie glow around them, "Guess what they said was true," Aya pulled Keena's slightly shaking form to her, "It's not fair for things like that to happen to a young girl," Aya took on the mothering role again. She held Keena for a few minutes before turning to the rest of their party, "I guess we came out here for nothing," Aya directed this at Garland, "So less you want us to take you right up to acid caves then," Garland cut her off.
"Course we want you to come with us, and as it's out of your way there will be payment," He gave a smile trying to hide his blatant ulterior motive and then turned his back on them, "I'd like you to come," Walking back to the jeep and waited for the others. Garnet gave Aya and Keena a slightly odd look with the thought, "That's the kind of girls my brother likes," She wouldn't have thought so taking her gaze into a look at Aya, "I would also like you to come and even stay with us if it's not to much trouble."
"Well," Aya was unsure about what they really wanted from her, "I would like to talk to Bolt so we'll come but I don't know about staying."
"Very well," Garnet nodded to them both and then walked to join her brother, Bolt flowing close behind.

"Come on silly, we know loads more about your past from this and I bet Bolt knows something more," Pulling Keena even closer as they walked.
"Its just that I wanted there to be a home waiting for me, guess that is silly," She pouted slightly pulling away from Aya a few steps, "Don't worry or I'll leave without you," turning and sticking her tongue out.
"Oh no you don't," She ran after Keena who had reached the Zeus, Aya vaulted over her into the driver seat, "I really am rubbing off on you," She was surprised by Keena's changing persona as she started the engine.


The acid caves were at the base of a small mountain the walls of which were naturally vibrant colours red, yellows and greens to name but a few. The main chamber was centuries old and had a huge table forty meters across cut into the bare rock. The room was already full of people as they entered; they all wore emblems of their kingdoms and clothes fitting people of high station, for the most part. There were a few dressed in plain robes and turbans huddled on the far side of the room, Aya and Keena walked behind Garland, Garnet and Bolt who were greeted by an aide and show to their seats. A few more people arrived shortly after them and after a while the chatter in the room died down. A man walked up onto the table his metal boot clanking on the rock, "This is the first time in fifty years such a meeting has been called, it is good to see how many of you have come." The man wore a glimmering green robe with emblem of a tiger on it, "I am the Lord of the Cosmic Dunes, I was randomly picked to lead this meeting on a single topic. We all know what this problems is as nearly all of you have been plagued by them in recent months, these people are SeeD spies they have show skill and daring akin to them like no other. King Trela," Interacting to a man on the far side of the room, "Sent a army to meet with SeeD, they were brutally slathered. They can cut us down one by one unless we stand united and crush them now, I ask for Jihad like those of years past." He closed his speech to cheers across the room with a few grumbles, Garland was cheering but Garnet was not.

The meeting ended not long afterwards, many had already know what was going to happen are would be going to the heads of their assembling armies and a few were returning home. The rest had sent would via phones to be met along the way, the meeting was a formality more than anything else. Aya had had an inkling about the meeting and her suspicions were proved right as their party was saying goodbye to friendly ambassadors. "Brother," Aya ran at a tall brown haired man, "You were here," She leapt up wrapping her arms around his neck.
"Aya what are you doing here," On hearing her name a number of accompanying aides bowed, "E ryja muhkat du rumt oui, edc paah cu muhk," He kissed her neck.
"So your little desert girl is more than she seems," Garnet smiled at her brother who seemed to have just about gathered what was happening. Keena stood nearby looking at Aya as she embraced the man, "That's what I wanted."

09/18/2007 7:55 PM

( ooc: i'm unfamiliar with the SAS i'll check it up on ask.com or somewhere else. and damn this thread was quiet for a few days.)

"If you don't get up now i will have you restrained and i will let them study you."

* Shit now what? * Raikoh looked around the room and saw a man of clearly high standing amongst the group. They didn't need much help to figure his plan. Raikoh needed to get out. * Well there's the traditional running. Pray this place isn't locked down.* Raikoh jumped up and shoved the New man down. he ran through some doors and ended up in a hallway. no more than three steps later did he hear it.

" intruder alert. Lockdown engaged."

Raikoh watched as some windows showing the outer city suddenly shut closed. He didn't want to waste time bashing through one so he kept running. As he got to the end of the hall it split into a T. " which way now?" raikoh said to himself. Raikoh looked to the left and saw some armed men coming then looked right and saw some docters and nurses staring at him. " right it is." Raikoh said as he darted right and pushed past the employees. Pretty soon he was surrounded by more men. * great now what? * raikoh said as he reached for his sword only to realize it was gone. they must've took it earlier and he forgot about it. Of course Raikoh had a backup weapon. He took out a knife with some inscriptions on the blade. He might be stuck here but he wouldn't go without a fight.

09/19/2007 10:06 AM

((let me know if you want this changed, i'm just showing that SeeD are one step ahead of the minor nations, or at least are reacting quickly to the armies marching towards them))

Vincent had run at the intruder alert noise and found Raikoh surronded by SeeD and Seifer stood in front og him.
"Have you quite finished running, I would rather you lived." Seifer was saying to Raikoh. Vincent merely looked at them.
"You have a choice Raikoh, you can either look after Cid for me.... or you can die, I have a war on my hands so please make your descision quickly.... You will of course have the most advanced aiship at your disposal, being 'The Highwind'." Seifer looked at Vincent.

"Excuse me master seifer......" Vincent started.
"Headmaster Seifer.... Laguna was killed." Vincent looked shock in his eyes
and then hatred appeared in his eyes.
"Who." Seifer drew a photo from his pocket.
"This is king Trela.... it was his army... however he is one of two targets i have for you" vincent looked at Seifer.
"the other target is this man," he drew out another photo "he is a lord and leader of an allied force coming to engage us.... they will find us ready and they will find that HOUSE is more than capable to stop them.... you must then go north" Seifer then placed a map in Vincent's hands "The coordinates will lead you to a city... i cannot tell you what happened to you as a child but go here and you will learn."

Vincent just nodded he was stunned, he had been told to go north now by his headmaster... what was going on he was unsure, but for now he left the group around Raikoh and looked at the battle coordinates, he saw where the army was and made his mind up, he would hunt and he would kill his two prey and with that he found a bike and placed his sword in it and drove off towards the where the army of the free empires was forming.

09/20/2007 2:21 PM

(I'm sorry if there's not meant to be an arena here, but i thought my guy could be doing something whilst you and raikoh have your conflict)

Cid sat there as eating more food as Vincent wondered off to look at some sort of crises escalating in the medibay. After Cid had swollowed his food he shouted down after Vincent. "Fine! leave me on my own!" Quite angry that he wasn't getting of his answers, and very full from the food he just ate, Cid decided to wonder round HOUSE for a bit to see what he could find.

Upon wondering he saw quite a lot of restricted areas, a few training grounds, and even a couple more canteens. However the thing that grabbed his attention was the arena. Cid lit up with excitement and ran up to the SeeD member outside on the desk.

"Hey... uh... I was wondering if i could say, have a few battles against some of your boys." Cid asked. This paticular SeeD member was well built and looked like he knew a lot about fighting.

"Heh! Not on your life, you know the kinda people who enter here? You'd get cremed in a second!" The Seed member replied.

"Look, alright, how about i give you 20 gil, you slap a uniform on me, and no one will know, besides whats the worst thats gonna happen? Not like i'm gonna win or anything... remember?" Cid suggested.

"Well alright, but make sure you don't take your helmet off. Have a nice funeral." The SeeD member said. After that he set the desk up in the closed position and went to go see the fight.

Cid was in an arena but there was barely any audience, literally about 5 people out of what could be 5000, however he wasn't in a real match, just a training session.

"You my sparring partner?" One SeeD member said as he walked onto the arena with the same outfit. "You don't look like much" Cid kept silent and took up a fighting position.
"Fine if you wanna get this over with" The SeeD member said.


"The SeeD member on the arena desk was stunned as he watched Cid take on one man after the next as if they were nothing. Sure they were still in training but even defeating trainee SeeD was quite a feet.

Cid just stood there as the last partner he pumeled walked off slowly holding his stomach tight. Cid look at his wrist and saw that he had been gone for a while, so he took off his uniform and shouted to the SeeD member who was watching him "Thanks! I had fun!" And then ran off to the restaurant to see if Vincent was back.

09/21/2007 9:26 AM

(OOC yeah that fine but Seed is way out numbered, for later posts and there isn't really a leader OOC)

Aya was walking her brother towards Keena, Garland and Garent. She was arm in arm with him gazing up at his face which bore a resemblance to hers. He grinned as they walked both talking very quickly in Al behd before reaching the others.

"This is Keena, Garland and Garnet," Pointing to each in turn, "Everyone this is my brother, Wada Sharriel," Then in a posh voice unlike her normal one, "My brother is future-chief of the Al bhed," Nudging him forward.
"What does that make you?" Garland wanted it spelled out clearly,
"She's my sister, she is also a future-chief," Wada answered for his sister, his voice eloquent and balanced, "You are the son of Jecho, how is your father," Wada and Garland became entangled in conversation.
Aya walked over to Keena, "What do you want to do now," Taking her hand, "Do you want to look around here or go with my brother," Hesitating a bit," I'll stay with you either way."


Yon moved through the crowd of people, respected refinery his ass these guys were all rats they made a living off others, he hated it. Pushing past a man in a blue tinted suit of armor he caught sight off Kyuu, he watched her staying still in the crowd. She hugged a girl not dressed like the others and smiled, he'd never seen her smile, her toyed the thought in his head for a while. He was a fan of the female form and would say the girls in that group were attractive they were all clearly under age, "Youth should be innocence," he muttered to himself.
"Love is fleeting," A elderly man tapped him on the shoulder as he walked past, "To be young again," Walking away from him. Like he is it, Yon thought to himself this time, he walked towards Kyuu making sure to avoid her eyes, moving to a few paces behind her looking like he was waiting for someone. He waited to the girl talking to move, he fixed his sunglasses on his face as she turn and pulled on the arm of a man, not that he cared about that. Yon ran from standing grabbing Kyuu at a speed faster than that of a human could ever manage and pulled her hand over mouth behind a small rock formation twenty or so meters away. "Hey little one, it's me Iti wants to know whats your holiday like," Taking her hand from her mouth, already he could tell she was going to scream and clamped back down. "What the hell do you think your doing bitch, it's me," He took a look at her, her eyes were lighter than before and she had a real look of terror on her face. "You found your own way, it'll be only time before he takes you back," He was cut off by a shout and pressure to his ribs, "Bitch."

"It's a Seed spy," The cry ran out, but Yon had already vanished after spending less than a second on his back in plain sight, the cry had gone out and armed men swarmed the area. Keena didn't move, she slumped against the rock, shaking slight the sudden surprise still being processed, he knew her and she didn't remember him so he was who she was looking for. That didn't mean she wasn't scared and as it got through to her she was more and more afraid. A hand tapped her on the shoulder, "Hey what happened, little miss," Wada slid down to a sitting position next to her putting is arm around, "You just disappeared."
Keena let him pull her close, "There was a man," Her voice wavering, "He said Iti was going to take me away," She tugged on his arm without noticing.
"Well it's over now," He pulled her to her feet, "We've all got work to do now,"

09/21/2007 12:40 PM

((I'll move this when Raikoh makes his comment but well am bored with little to do))

Vincent watched the commotion from above them, standing next to his bike with binoculars looking down as he scanned the area his heart almost skipped a beat, there in the group was Keena.
"On no...." He looked he hoped beyond belief he was wrong, his feelings for her were uncertain but he knew he couldn't bring himself to kill her if she defended any of them.

Vincent placed the binoculars in a pouch on his waist and drew his sword from his bike and looked at it, it was an interesting blade able to split into six blades but why, six was too many. Carefully putting it on its sheath and drawing his pistol he went down into the area.

The commotion caused by whatever had happened had increased the number of patrols and so Vincent spent alot of time waiting and hiding until he came close to the tents and with it he saw the king enter one. Vincent wasted little time, waiting till the coast was clear he stealthily made his way into the same tent and came face to face with the king.
"You know why i am here." Vincent said, the king looked confused.
"Who are you?"
"SeeD." was Vincent's reply and with it the king's eyes widened in fear and with it came a shout.
"SeeD is here!" he shouted, Vincent waited no longer aiming his pistol he shot, hitting him between the eyes and then exited the tent by sliding through the layers just in time to be missed by the approaching people and with it was a space allowing Vincent to headed into the desert to await his next target.

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09/22/2007 12:17 PM

(OCC Uh no woods, we're in the desert OCC)

"I don't really like dudes, but I'm more than happy to slit you head to toe," Yon paced after the SeeD, "Your a nasty piece of work to kill someone without a fair fight," He was now about a mile from the camp. He drew a crossbow from under his cloak its arms folding out as he did so, "Now your turn," He approached the SeeDs hiding place. This was going to get in the way of the plan, plus he didn't like the way he looked at Kyuu.


"He's dead," One of king Trela's Aides knelt over him, "Find and kill that bastard," Several men in armor ran out of the tent barking orders.

Wada had taken Keena back to the group and Trela had asked to see her about the SeeD, They were almost there when the second incident happened, Wada and Garland had run to see for them selves, this was something that had the whole camp in uproar. "I'm gona find this guy and kill him," Aya looked at Keena, "Come on," Keena pulled back,
"Isn't Vincent in SeeD," She looked confused more than worried, "He wasn't evil,"
"Well this guy isn't Vincent, he's killing people, he's killed one of my fathers friends," Aya looked very angry her eyes would be flaming if they could, "You don't have to fight but I don't wana leave you." Keena nodded, Aya held her hand and they ran to one of the lookout posts followed by Garnet and Bolt. Aya was now dressed in a sandy brown leather suit with a black cog on the right breast, Keena was dressed the same making them seem more like a pair.

The post was just a scaffold tower ten or so meters tall, with just on man on top and a huge set of tripod binoculars. Aya flew up the ladder jumping from the ground to halfway then to the top pulling over the edge, Keena looked up from the ground, she thought it better to wait as she heard Aya shouting at the sentry. She looked and Garent and Bolt, both looking bemused, "She's got quite a temper, lets hope she doesn't waste it," Garnet patted Keena on the shoulder and walked on a few steps.

Aya looked through the eye pieces scanning the desert she stopped, turned the dial and gave a small grunt of acknowledgement, before sliding down the ladder. She ran past Keena, "I'll be right back," And off into the camp.

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09/30/2007 1:42 PM

Waiting in the restaurant Cid grew ever more annoyed. "Grrr where the hell has he gone?" Cid asked. Sitting with his chair leaned back and his arms crossed. His right leg holding onto the edge of the chair keeping his balence. He waited but not patiently, you could tell the look of irritation gathering on his face. He started rocking his chair using his leg to push against the table. The more he waited, the more he waited, the more impatient he grew and eventually he rocked so hard he fell backwards off his chair.

His face red with anger he got up, and stormed straight out, because he couldn't wait for Vincent any longer. walking around he went for another stroll to cool off, and become more familia with his surroundings.

He saw this person on a stall giving out free samples of a test food product. Cid grew curious of this new product and thought he could try it out. As he approached the stall the man shouted out, " Try our hottest chilli yet! Free sample!" "I'd like to have one please" Cid asked. "suddenly the man pulled out a piece of paper and said "Please sign here so that we are not responsible for any mishaps which may occur whilst consuming our product." This shocked Cid but he payed no attention to it and signed it.

As he dropped the chilli striaght down his throat without chewing, it had a few seconds delay before finally the spicyness of the chilli kicked in. Cid ran around in circles at speeds he never knew waving his hand in front of his mouth. Eventually he fell unconcious.


"Oi wake up you lazy good for nothing..." One voice began to say before being interupted by Cid.
"I'm up I'm up!" Cid said.
"No your not, the covers are still on!" The voice said again.
"Just 5 more minutes please!" Cid begged.
"No now! you have to get up for the trial today!" The voice explained.
"What trial?" Cid questioned.
"The trial of sephgo, you know, where you get the pearl!" "The voice explained again.


"Oh god! I completly forgot about the trial of sephgo!" Cid said as he sprung up from his unconcious state with the stall man and a few other strangers at his side. "Hey you all right?" The stall man said, I've never met anyone who downed the entire chilli at once, most fellows just take a nibel and refuse to eat more. What was that nonsence about Sephgo anyhow?"

Cid replied with a grinn on his face. "It's my next destination!"

10/07/2007 7:49 PM

Raikoh made his way out of the building. Or so it seemed. The air vents were large and had to have had an opening. There was no way seed would suffocate everyone in the building. Raikoh had been crawling for 10 minutes. But now he made his way outside. Raikoh turned a corner realizing that it got really loud. " dammit blocked." Raikoh said as he stared at the fans blowing air from the outside in.

_________________________________________________________________________ *Earlier*

Raikoh was surrounded by the guards. and now came the guy he met outside.

"You have a choice Raikoh, you can either look after Cid for me.... or you can die, I have a war on my hands so please make your descision quickly.... You will of course have the most advanced aiship at your disposal, being 'The Highwind'."

Raikoh had thought of giving this a chance but thought it wouldn't really work. " no thanks. i'll make my way outa here myself. just tell me where you're going next and i'll meet you there." The officer from earlier gave the other man something. Now Raikoh was stuck with the officer and the men again.

10/07/2007 7:55 PM

Raikoh made his way out of the building. Or so it seemed. The air vents were large and had to have had an opening. There was no way seed would suffocate everyone in the building. Raikoh had been crawling for 10 minutes. But now he made his way outside. Raikoh turned a corner realizing that it got really loud. " dammit blocked." Raikoh said as he stared at the fans blowing air from the outside in.

_________________________________________________________________________ *Earlier*

Raikoh was surrounded by the guards. and now came the guy he met outside.

"You have a choice Raikoh, you can either look after Cid for me.... or you can die, I have a war on my hands so please make your descision quickly.... You will of course have the most advanced aiship at your disposal, being 'The Highwind'."

Raikoh had thought of giving this a chance but thought it wouldn't really work. " no thanks. i'll make my way outa here myself. just tell me where you're going next and i'll meet you there." The officer from earlier gave the other man something. Now Raikoh was stuck with the officer and the men again.
" Now stop running theres no where you can go." Said the officer.
" how about no." raikoh said as rushed one officer and stabbed him in the stomach. Raikoh then turned and roundhoused another guard next to him and hit a third with a uppercut. Raikoh made his hole and started to run again. He turned down a hall, then another and went through a door on his right. Though the room was dark he found a place to hide. outside he could hear peoples footsteps and some yelling. when it passed he got up and looked around the room. " perfect. an airvent." raikoh said as he saw the large vent. He could hardly fit through but he had enough room to crawl. Now Raikoh started to make his way out through the vents.

10/10/2007 1:19 PM

Vincent turned and saw Yann, the crossbow aimed dead centre, without thinking he jumped into the air narrowly avoiding the bolt that sprung from the crossbow. Drawing his new sword he looked at Yann.
"...What do you want!?" Vincent exclaimed.
"What I want...." Yann responded "Is to have you suffer and die just like that man you killed," Yann sprung at him forcing cloud onto the defensive pushing his blade in the way of each of Yann's blows barely parrying them.

Vincent landed with a thud on the floor as Yann got a shot in between his defense.
"Scum like you are as strong as you are foolish," Yann mocked as he went on the offensive, Vincent did the best he could parrying each blow, then as he somersaulted backwards he released one of the blades from his sword. Yann looked, a slight look came across his face one of concern.
"Ironic you use one of them." he spoke as he again came onto the attack lunging at Vincent with new fierceness, but with each attack Vincent parried each blow, always on the back foot but somehow managing to block each blow.

As he jumped back form the last blow he fixed the sub blade back into the main sword and looked behind him, some of the alliance had arrived and looked at the two people, they had seen the obviousness of difference in skill yet they were unsure, Vincent in the old style SeeD uniform, yet it was Yann they had seen, for now they stood ready.

Yann jumped and tried to get a blow from above, but to no avail as Vincent blocked with his sword forcing him to somersaulted away, as Vincent landed going down to one knee due to the intensity of the fight, but no sooner than he had done that, than Yann attacked again forcing Vincent back and back again until eventually Vincent was near enough flung about a meter.
"Why wont you die scum!" Yann yelled ignoring the others, his self assuredness almost arrogance and then something happened, something that neither Yann or Vincent could predict, Vincent started to change until he was a the deamon Chaos.

Yann jumped back and looked at the deamon.
"So you are the vessel of that." The deamon that was once Vincent did not respond instead flew towards him and went on the offensive, forcing Yann back and jumping out of distance.
Yann was shocked at the change of events, he hadn't been told about the beast, there was a puff of black smoke, he seemed to disappear leaving Vincent going back to human form surrounded by alliance personal.

10/10/2007 1:47 PM

(OOC I just noticed his name is Yon not Yann =p )

"He's a SeeD," A burly man called, "Look at his uniform," He tighten his grip on his spear.
"He's not a SeeD, he's a shape shifter, a fiend," A second called, pointing a gun.
"Either way we should kill him,"

"No," Wada walked forward through the large group of men still building in number, "No, this poor soul has been attack by a SeeD," Wada gave the shaking man a cold hard stare, "In fact he is a friend of mine, and a guest of this camp," He pulled the man to his feet and bent close to his ear, "Ahano, best come with me, however powerful you are you will die if you fight here," Whispered so only Vincent could hear. He put his arm around his shoulder and pulled him along side and away from the crowd towards the nearest tent.


"Iti, why didn't you tell me Rei had chosen a host for that thing," Yon was outraged by the event, "Why did," Iti cut him off.
"I did not know, you would be foolish if you thought Rei told me everything, you have news about Kyuu?"
"She is different, she had no idea who I am, she doesn't know who she is," Yon looked slightly dejected.
"That is interesting news, useful for us as long as she's with the alliance, but," He paused putting his hand to his mouth, "I shall think about our next move."

10/10/2007 8:52 PM

Raikoh kept crawling through the vent. it had been five minutes since he saw an opening. He turned around a corner and accidently fell down the large drop off that appeared. " DAMNIT " Raikoh yelled as he fell. He stuck his knife out hopeing it would stab through the vent and slow his fall. however all it did was make more noise. Raikoh finally hit the bottom of the vent and fell through it hitting a metal floor. " AHH " Raikoh said in pain as he slowly got up and looked around. He got to his knees but got kicked onto his back. Raikoh looked up and saw a woman in her skivvies stomping down on his stomach.
" YOU PERVERT!!" she yelled at him as he tried to get out of the room.

" GEEZZ SORRY MISS!" Raikoh yelled as he quickly ran out of the room to keep from being beaten to death by her. He closed the door behind him and let out a sigh. " that wasn't supposed to happen. so now what?"

" THERE HE IS." said someone from Raikoh's left. A couple of guards ran towards Raikoh. Raikoh got his knife ready but one of the guards was already on him and hit Raikoh with a blunt object knocking Raikoh out.

10/12/2007 10:06 AM

Walking back to the restaurant with still a lump on his head, Cid tried once more in the hope that Vincent had returned to him. Upon returning he said to him self "Surprise surprise!".

This aggrevated Cid a lot. However as he was walking out he saw an unconcious man being dragged off by two guards. Cid took no notice at first but then looked back as he remembered him as the one who threatened him earlier.

Cid looked around and figured, well if vincent wouldn't show up, Cid won't wait for him. So he walked towards the two guards and followed them for a breif moment as they moved him into an empty room with one light in the middle, a desk underneath the light and 2 chairs. Cid watched through the window on the door as they tied him up to the chair, it looked like an interrigation wasabout to happen

10/15/2007 2:12 AM

"No," Wada walked forward through the large group of men still building in number, "No, this poor soul has been attack by a SeeD," Wada gave the shaking man a cold hard stare, "In fact he is a friend of mine, and a guest of this camp," He pulled the man to his feet and bent close to his ear, "Ahano, best come with me, however powerful you are you will die if you fight here," Whispered so only Vincent could hear. He put his arm around his shoulder and pulled him along side and away from the crowd towards the nearest tent.

"That.... was no SeeD....wasn't...wasn't even human." Vincent managed before collapsing and blacking out into unconsciousness.

Seifer walked into the room that Cid was and saw his hands were bound to the chair and coughed loudly.
"I did not order this." No sooner had he said that, than several SeeD walked forward and unbound him far too casually, and this displeased Seifer "Remember who is in charge here." The SeeD members unbounding Cid looked a bit worried and hurried up what they were doing.
"Forgive Cid, we have enemies everywhere, and i must travel into the lion's den, but that is of no consequence to you what is, is that I am giving you an airship, not just any airship, this is The Highwind, fabled airship of legend, however first I need to find you a companion since i sent Vincent on another mission, would you please wait here, we're having problems with the other one."
Seifer looked sincere and in truth he was, though he had his reasons, he knew who was coming and could not risk enemies.


"Alrigth sir," the two SeeD said that had found Raikoh "We're getting fed up with your lame attempts at escape, so if you please would you come with us, we will take you to Cid, then you can leave and go anywhere you want." The two SeeD guards waited for raikoh to make a move

10/17/2007 7:48 PM

Raikoh had the Headache of a lifetime.

"Alrigth sir," the two SeeD said that had found Raikoh "We're getting fed up with your lame attempts at escape, so if you please would you come with us, we will take you to Cid, then you can leave and go anywhere you want."

" ah hell whatever take me to him." Raikoh said not really listening to what the guards said. His head hurt so much he could hardly think. The guards took him by the arms and escorted him to wherever he agreed to go to. He remembered trying to find another way out, falling out of the vents, starting to fight two guards then suddenly he was being escorted by the same damn guards. Raikoh just let them take him. " hey could you guys give me some asprin? I got an awful headache." just as Raikoh said this one of the guards smacked him in the back of the head again.
" theres your damn asprin. Not come on." the guard said. Raikoh followed.

10/27/2007 10:14 AM

(ooc: i was never tied up, it was raikoh who was about to be interrorgated)

Cid was put into a waiting room, which angered him a lot for he had done enough waiting as it is. However Cid played along because he was being offered a huge airship, which he has needed since his last one got shot down.

As he was thinking his mind began to wonder about his new "Companion" as Seifer put it.
Would he be strong? Would he be clever? Would he even be a he? Suddenly Cid heard the door in front of him slide open with his new companion standing in the archway of the door.

"Oh so your my new companion"

11/22/2007 2:06 PM

Wada carried the stranger towards his tent feeling the weight that he carried, not just outside but on his mind. It took sevral minutes to reach the group of tents made from mustard yellow cloth, silver and orange moons. Each with a copper sun at the pinnacle casting shadows on the dusty ground. Wada lay the man in his tent under his personal guard, the inside of the tent was lavishly furnished but only to the eye. The cloth coverings were disguising folding tables, chairs and beds, nothing was wasted as far was weight was concerned.

Wada watched as Keena, Garnet and Bolt walked towards him, he took a look around. His troops were milling around, some carrying out checks, some sparring others sat around fires. He couldn't see Aya anywhere, but he had to admit that most of the uniforms looked the same.

"So you are now the commander of this force," Garnet walked past him slightly, "You have my support," She bowed her head slightly.

"Thank you lieutenant, I hope your family's proficiency with tactics has been passed onto you," Wada let this new flow from the tip of this tongue. To this Bolt raised his brow quite taken with one of his charges be raised to such a rank, not that she wasn't worthy.

"Chief Wada, it is more than a honor," Garnet bowed from her waist as far as she could; she indeed was well versed in tactics but had never served in such a position. She wanted to be over joyed but now a large number of lives would be depending on her.


Aya had run to her transport taken both her gunsword and rifle, the sword sheafed and the rifle slung over her shoulder but still only a foot from the ground and sevral feet over her shoulder. She was half running back when a woman walked out in front of her, short orange hair blowing slightly a black long coat covering her from the neck to her ankles.

"Are you SeeD," Aya drew her sword, and held it pointing out to the right.

"No, I am here to offer my support," She dropped her coat from her shoulder showing that she was unarmed, "I want to offer you my sky cruiser, one of the most powerful, Avet Sharriel.

"That still doesn't tell me who you are," Aya put the sword back in the scabbard and studied the woman, she was wearing a Trane Alliance uniform of a captain.

"I am Roku, captain of the Omega and I have orders to help in the coming battle," She took her coat from the ground, pulling her coat over her shoulders again.

Aya was calmer now and sevral men were walking towards her, "Avet, Lussyhtan Wada wants to caa you," It was quite clear some of the Al Bhed were having communication problems.

"Take me too him," Looking at Roku, "And this woman is also to see my brother."


Keena sat on the side of the bed looking at Vincent as she dabbed and a small cut on his cheek, she smiled slightly glad that she could see him again. They hadn't been gone more than a week but that felt a lot longer, she turned to look at the tent opening as Aya and sevral people in different uniforms entered. Aide spoke their names, "Lord Auime, Clactir Humios, David of Hyrogen, Oma Sekis, Queen Julyic, Avet Sharriel and Roku," The Aide left the tent.

Wada looked at Roku but after meeting his sisters eyes he gave it no more though, "You are to take lead positions for each division. "My lady Julyic, you will lead the cavalry, Lord David," Wada continued to detail duties to his generals.

Aya shifted to move to Keena and sat at her side, "Is he OK," Touching Keena on the arm, He brother still talking the in the back ground.

"I think he'll be OK, but he changed into a monster thing and back," Keena looked down at him sweat on his forehead started to roll again, "I think it happened before, on the ship."

"I'll talk to Benyial when we're finished," She held Keena's hand at turned back to her brothers detailing.


"You were ordered to join us," Wada was slightly skeptical about this offer but a extra ship was a great opportunity, "Report to Oma Sekis on the plateau, I believe that he would put you on point." Roku bowed her head and left the room, turning with a flurry that made her coat wave out behind her.

Aya returned to the room with a glinting metallic syringe filled with blue liquid, "This should help, Benyial says that it as a better chance than anything else to help him," Aya handed Keena the syringe.

"You want me to do it," Keena looked up at Aya looking slightly surprised.

"Your the one nursing him," Aya grinned at her, "I have important leader type stuff to do." She walked over to her brother who was sat in a chair looking out of the the front of the tent.

"Aya I have something that I can't ask of anyone else," Wada looked at her, problematically showing the trouble he had telling his sister to do this.

Keena's eyes widened as she heard was was said forgetting that she was injecting Vincent with the blue liquid for a few seconds. She sat for a second as Aya walked out of the tent followed by Wada, she let the needle now empty fall to the floor looking at the wall in front of her.

11/23/2007 5:05 AM

The mind is a fragile thing, the injection of mako into every SeeD makes that mind stronger and able to cope with the burden, however twenty years ago a scientist performed some experiments by injecting unknown matter into a few children's cells, upon hearing this Headmaster Laguna had the man executed and all those children found and brought up within SeeD. Vincent had been one of these children, injected with foreign body cells, that Shinra had called Jenova cells as well as the cells of the harbringer of the end... Chaos.

As it was this made Vincent's mind very fragile and right now a battle raged in his head a battle that he was slowly loseing, with both jenova cells and the chaos cells attacking him without mercy and then suddenly it stopped and all was calm, to the outside world he stopped breathing and in his mind he saw a bright light, then stars and planets until eventually he saw two people, one male, one female.
"Its not your time yet." the female voice said.
"Tough break kid, looks like your not wanted here." The male voice joked.
"Mother?" Vincent spoke.
"Avert this war...the planet cannot take another war to be raged." The female voice carried on regardless.
"Listen kid, the planet is being led to believe it is dieing, more death will only lead to the weapons being released." Then suddenly both the male and female were gone and bright light surronded him again and then all was peaceful and black. The suddenly he had a sharp intake of breath and opened his eyes to keena.

((Raikoh you need to make a post about you and cid meeting each other))
Seifer stepped off the airship The SAS (SeeD AirShip) Invincible, able of flying at greater heights than normal and faster than even the most pro found al bhed airships it was second only to the Highwind, but as he stepped off he saw the enourmous band of free nations.
Before leaving he had ordered that HOUSE move using its technology, also the Garden's on the other continents should be informed as to what had happened, he was a man expecting death, soon to be the shortest serving Headmaster, if things did not go as he planned, with him was two First Class SeeD in the same uniforms that Vincent wore none of them were armed and Seifer wore his white diplomatic and ceremony clothing.
"You both know you don't have to be here." Both SeeD just nodded but didn't move. Sighing at the inevitability of it all he signalled for the crew to hover there orders were plain, if seifer dies, they flee to where HOUSE eventually end up.
"Well, now we see if we can sit and talk with our enemy, I have learned much that they must hear."
"Sir?" one of the two SeeD spoke.
"Just a theory, but it explains how no one knows who struck the first blow." Seifer waited patiently knowing that sooner or later they would come out to meet them there was no fear on his face or in his eyes, but a mere acceptence at what migt happen, it was a gambl;e, but a gamble he had to take or the planet would suffer.

12/02/2007 1:41 PM

The room was silent as the new comapnion stood in front of Cid, looking straight into his eyes with confusion, and Cid looking back, wondering what she was thinking.

Suddenly the girl burst out in a violent rant. "WHAT! MY FIRST PARTNER AND IT'S THIS SCRAWNY SHWIMP?"


They both stood in fighting positions, with clenched fists, and their faces barely inches apart. Then at the same time they both turned away from each other and crossed their arms.

"I refuse to work with this person" the woman said.

"I'm sorry, but you were assigned to him, orders are orders." the soldier outside the room said.

"Fine" she turned around and offered her hand in a hand shake, yet with her head still turned away from him. Cid took her hand and shook it briefly.

She was aorund early 30's with long blonde hair tied up elegantly. She wore a standard recruit SeeD uniform, but wore it with dignity. She must have had an upper class up bringing from her accent and posture, so the reason why someone like her would be willing to fight bedazzeled Cid.

"Excuse me, I don't even know your name yet." Cid said.

"It's Velicity Graynor you moron, and don't ever forget it!" she replied with a high and mighty tone.

12/11/2007 1:26 PM

"Are you feeling better," She placed her hand on his shoulder, still shocked about what Wada had asked even if she didn't quite understand it, "Do you want me to get you anything," She was feeling rather shy but fought not to show it. She looked at him laying in the bed, moving up from his legs which were covered up to his chest by a blanket and from there and his ripped clothes back to his face.

Aya was rather grim but her brother had made a convincing argument and she didn't have to die it was just fairly likely. She strapped on a pair of boots that were almost to her knees and then a suit of armor, made of dull mat metals and Telsalon before leaving the tent she was sat followed by two men in the same outfit.

Wada was sat in the conference tent waiting for the head master to arrive he knew it was already to late, the men were riled and the lords and kings wanted a fight. Light was starting to shift at the sun lowered slightly, as he came up with the best way to say no.


"Are we ready sir,"
"Yep we'll be in firing range just after the start of the attack, they won't know what hit them,"


"He's called a meeting," Ni walked towards Iti who was sat in a boat in the middle of a lake formed by the rain, water rippling under her footsteps as she went, "Do you think that it will work?"

Iti was bouncing a small girl on his knee, "No it wont, Roku's already there," He stopped and held the child up, "There are more of us and quicker than before, it must mean that Mother is weakening the bond ands he has already some control, that is why we must act."

"I wander about calling her after a number, you said she was different," Ni was now sat in the boat and touched the child's hair.

"I did, I have already chosen a name for her, Mary,"

12/12/2007 11:17 AM

Vincent blinked unsteadily, as he struggled to pick himself up into a sitting position, as he did a serious pain went through his head, grabbing his head he groaned and lay himself back down.
"I...some painkillers, anything to numb this pain." he looked keena and smiled casually at her.


The Headmaster entered the tent and looked at what he suspected must be their leader and deep inside he sighed, he could already tell that unless he managed to make them realise exactly what was at stake he would have to run, and with him SeeD, they would have to leave this continent and re group.
"Let me start by saying I wish our meeting was in better circumstances." Seifer gave the slight nod of the head like one would give an equal.
"As you are probably well aware I am not Headmaster laguna, I am the new Headmaster, Headmaster Seifer, replacement for Laguna after his death after a surprise attack was launched against us, when we had just recently found HOUSE, which i tell you now, is no longer where you think it is." The two first class SeeD seemed to be looking at everyone and everything, in their eyes was death, it was obvious that though they would not start the fight it was likely that they could take out any threat to a point. ((sort of like the Aiel from robert jordan books))
"Anyway, back to why I have come... I must question you, who struck first?" the question was blunt and he knew that there wasn't really an answer. "From the perspective of SeeD, our three Garden's on this continent, were attacked without prior warning, we fled to a location that only Master's know.
Upon fleeing, some were hounded by the aeon Odin, others were brought into direct conflict with an army, that i admit, we expelled with more force than was needed, however, think these people, as far as we were aware had expelled us from our homes, and for what, we hold no land, only the Garden's, which are now gone because of self destruct sequences." Seifer looked around the room and walked over to one of the alliance guards.
"Hows your history son?" The alliance guard looked nervous, or maybe ready to kill him, if he was to draw his blade or gun it would be the last mistake he made, and probably the end of everyone in this tent.
"Before you ask what I am going on about I shall explain, The lifestream courses through this planet, flowing between the dimensions of life and death, maintaining an equilibrium so that the life energy is constantly replaced, now what happens during say an epidemic, the lifestream is overfilled with life energy, the planet reacts violently and sometimes when it is in danger it produces things to defend itself." Seifer picked up a spear, and suddenly three of the guards lifeted their weapons, only to find the two SeeD had stood neutral, at which point Seifer thrusted the spear into the ground.
"The planet must heal itself for every scar, and with an epidemic, its no different, it uses that excess life energy to heal itself."
Seifer let out a big sigh and looked outside, he was sure he saw something glint in the dimming sunlight, but he gathered it for the airship.
"I asked about history causer this has happened before, but rather than using an illnees someone is using war, look at the death the great war between the two empires has already caused, now someone is pulling the strings on us all to make a second war, a war that will bring about the end of life, for the planet will summon its greates and most powerful weapon.... Omega and if you think that is just a myth, judging by the commotion and the general chit chat i heard before I came into this tent, you know that Chaos the harbinger of Omega has awakened." Seifer sat back down opposite wada.
"Even if this war must go ahead, I beg you to watch everything look for the signs, already our scientists inform me that the lesser weapons are waking, we ourselves are leaving this continent, because whatever is going to happen is going to hit this continent hard and fast." Seifer looked deep and concerned that all he was saying would just be ignored so placing his hand into his pocket he drew out a piece of parchment, showing a great all of fire coming to the planet.
"She's coming back." Seifer merely now just looked at wada, it all lay in the balance, would be be smart, would he realise that more war would speed up what was happening, so he said one last thing.
"Why would SeeD attack you first? You are our major source of income."


Vincent suddenly sat up his headache had gone and he found himself looking north.
"Their already there." He hung his head down and clapsed his hands together and placed them between his knees.
"All my life I have been running," he stood up and grabbed his sword. "hey," he gave a slight smile "It feels lighter, must of been all that running, made me stronger," he looked at Keena and placed his sword in its holder on his back and then clasped her hands into his.
"Whoever they are, this ends now, one way...or another." he brought one of her hands up and kissed it lightly then let them drop and made his way out of the tent.
"So one last dance for me."

12/12/2007 3:01 PM

[i] "A little man with disillusions of grandeur, you think in terms you understand that isn't leaning or discovering its lying to make you feel like you have any control of things, you have none," Iti spoke only to Seifer. "Don't think you at all have a answer, it isn't in terms you can even comprehend. Why, because Mother wills it," Iti's voice pieced right through his mind, "Mother wills it." [/i]

"Your argument works with many many if fundro vua," Wada turned in his chair relaxed, "Defend itself from what, people? Could it be the planet sees us as an infection and remove us when, no I do not even think fate is that cruel. I think that; yet again you believe you are right, but your don't have any proof. I know that strings are being pulled and what is behind it but I think that you are most negative about it, whether it by our own hands or with our own blood, I choose hands over the blood of my people. This isn't the end, life always goes on there are always those who will do the planets will, but sides are not cut and dry. Take more care in choosing yours," Wada didn't want a war but the price otherwise was too great.

A guard entered the tent and whispered in Wada's ear, Wada conveyed the message, "I'm sorry but there is someone who wishes to speak with you," He turned his eyes to the tent opening.

[u]Mako Reactor 7[/u]

"E's tuha,"
"Mycd uha cad,"
"Suja uid, dah sehidac,"

Aya and Yria move to the access door, "Think how many of our people risked their lives, just for this code," Yria whispered to her.

"Don't, just focus on getting out," Aya had reached a grim place in her mind and wasn't in the mood for chit chat, "Next door."

They moved in the shadows of the access tunnels away from Mako Reactor 7 and back to the entrance they had made. Aya was dressed in the armor she had put on before and Yria wore the same, both carrying vicious looking gunswords each with double ended curved blade. They waited in a cargo lift as the time ticked down, "It wasn't that hard," Yria leaned against the wall, her long blond hair falling out from under her helmet.

"Just make sure you get out alive, it gets harder from here," Aya moved to the lift door, "Keep your guard up, its time." The floor shook as the Third, Fifth, Seventh reactors and main shaft were demolished each with a ten second time difference. "Lets move," Aya slid the door open after the shaking stopped, Yria went first then she followed.

[u]At a Loss[/u]

"Wait," Keena ran after Vincent grabbing his arm, "Everyone else has gone, Aya might never come back and now you want to leave me, I'm not going to let you," Pulling at him, "You can't stop me." She was almost tearful, "Your meant to be resting."

[u]Little Girl in Red[/u]

Iti walked through the tent opening as time stopped around him leaving only Seifer able to react, from under his cloak he took Mary, a child looking no older than six or seven and placed her on the table. "Dear Headmaster, someone wanted to meet you," He smiled as the the little girl walked towards him, in a red dress and shoes.

Mary played with the end of her braided red hair not paying much attention to the two men but she did speak as she played, "You know nothing of my mother, I will make you suffer more than the others when you pass from your body." The girl walked closer, her red eyes fixed on his, "Then you might glimpse her," She grabbed his arm twisting it, "Maybe."

12/13/2007 3:15 AM

Seifer couldn't believe it and as his arm was being twisted he couldn't help but laugh.
"Poor little remnants," using what force he had the managed to break the hold from the little girl, he had no weapon, he was here as a diplomat. "I know more about," he held his tongue for a while "Jenova than you will ever realise, I know that the one you see as her key son was just an experiment."
Seifer clicked his neck from side to side. "i find it ironic that you move against me, me who is only democratically voted, me who if i die hey will not even mourn. However I know one, there is someone here that you are unsure of isn't there.... there is someone who has chaos that you cannot understand." he pressed a little button on his watch "And he's now on his way." Seifer laughed again as he started another speech.
"The life stream courses through our planet, across the boundaries of life and death, if that cycle is the very truth of life and death, then history will inevitably repeat itself so go on, kill me and bring your jenova's and your...." he stopped he looked straght at iti and spoke into his mind
'I know more about your plan than you realise'
"and your sephiroth's, we'll do as life dictates and stop you every single time." Seifer stood there as the time flux started to end.


The current Master in charge of HOUSE looked out, the sea was clear and as he looked back onto the continent of his birth he gave the signal to set sail across the ocean.


Vincent looked at his watch, it was bleeping, and judging by the bleeping the Headmaster was very close, he turned and looked at Keena.
"I have a duty to do, if we don't stand against these people who knows what will happen, I can't ask you to come with me as it will be too dangerous." Vincent ran heading toward the command tent, until he saw the tent and saw the Headmaster stood there, a little girl in front of him and another man standing in front of the tent entrance, drawing his sword he made himself stand at the doorway.

12/14/2007 5:33 PM

[u] Omega Stigma [/u]

"He isn't like your puppets you created so long ago, he's one of mothers children, born of the lifestream like all other beings other than me and mother but he is no remnant." Mary swayed before turning from him, "Watch it consume you and the others you want to protect so much," She pointed backward at his arm where her hand grip started to glow green, "Racking your body with pain, your own little war."

"Even a clock stops," Iti smiled like a proud farther as Mary walked back, smiling more at the pain Seifer was in, "Haven't you worked out who she is yet, I'll tell you if you want," Iti walked over to him and bent down whispering to his ear, "You called her Omega," He walked back to the opening.

[u] Nobody home [/u]

"Theres almost no one here," Aya stood in the great hall with four Cbal Hyw and a small number of bodies,

"SeeD Grunts, they ran," A burly man with a fresh scar on his cheek spoke,

"So we chase," Aya flipped her blade in hand, "Get up to the top level, Melo report back to headquarters and get reinforcements," Aya ran for the main door followed by three of the Cbal Hyw moving for the main elevator. As they ran they were joined by more cells until they numbered fifty, each in sliver and black armor black and red under shirts and most with long blond hair, they waited to reach the roof.

[u] Remnants of a Foggy Mirror [/u]

"I remember you, little puppet, you look so much like Cloud, he hurt mother but not as much as Tojo did," Mary jumped from the table as the tent reanimated. Wada leaped up backing away as his guards moved forwards, purple flames erupted from behind Iti to the sides of the tent and from there around all the edges blocking the exits but not spreading.

"You know what you carry is what damages the lifestream, when you die you will do so much damage, mother doesn't want that yet," Her eyes widened as she saw Keena running towards her," Disgusting."

Mary lifted her hand and brought it back down a blue glow at her finger tips, everyone over than Iti fell to their knees. Keena had just reached Vincent before being pushed down next to him, she let out a, "Hummh," as she struggled against it. Mary walked towards her the purple flames reflected in her eyes even though they were behind her, "Kyuu, you were once pure yet you let yourself become infected with their, your so disgusting," The girl put her red shoe on Keena's shoulder and pushed her head right to the ground. "Mother only wants pure life, not that of remnants," She swung her had towards one of the trapped guards who erupted into green light and vanished, "Like him."

Keena was too scared to struggle, her head was tipped towards Vincent as she felt her shoulder cracking, tears started to roll down her face something that hadn't happened to her before, streaming in long lines from her eyes. Mary took her foot off her and pulled he back to a kneeling position, "See how you own blood is rejected," Mary wiped Keena's face and showed her that it wasn't tears but blood flowing from her eyes.

"Who are you," Keena spluttered as blood started to drip from her mouth, she was terrified now she was losing control of her own body.

"I am the beginning of an end," She stopped and smiled, "And a beginning of a new world," She turned to Iti, "I'm really bored now, Iti I want to go play somewhere else," Holding her arms out to him like a little kid.

"Are you finished then," Iti picked her up,

"Almost," She waved her hand and the pressure was relased from everyones backs and the fire in the tent turned orange and started to spread as both Iti and nary vanished into black smoke.

Keena stayed on her knees gaging as the blood still spilled from her mouth and eyes, she tried to speak but all that came out was a bubble of blood.

Wada took a spear from one of the remaining guards and cut a hole in the side of the tent through the fire then jumped through if followed by most of the guards, he turned to check who made it out.

12/15/2007 3:44 AM

Seifer managed to crawl out of the tent, the pain in his arm was unbelievable, so omega, this was almost impossible, that meant they had corrupted the planet, the lifestream itself would no be against them but as he looked towards Wada and back at his two SeeD guards that had formed a protective circle around him he spoke.
"Now....do...you believe me." His face was wrived in pain as he stood up, being helped by his two guards.
"We need to get Vincent then onto the Invincible, from there we must go north." he told his two guards, they merely nodded the pain was getting worse, but Seifer knew where he could heal it, he knew a place that could heal anything.


"Keena!" Vincent screamed as he pulled himself up his emotion was stressed to a peak as he looked at this child and then back to Keena, he had a choice he knew, drawing a smoke grenade he popped it opencovering the tent in even more smoke, picking Keena up he carried through the tent and out the hole to find Seifer being carried by two SeeD though he was still alive.
"Headmaster, we must save her." Seifer looked,
"Vincent, she was with people that wanted to kill us all, they may still want to destroy all SeeD despite what has just happened here.
"I don't care...I..." Seifer raised his hand and shook his head and then spoke into his radio.
"Invincible this is Seifer."
"Yes Headmaster."
"We need you to come pick us up two casevac's." The radio was switched off and he turned to Wada.
"I beg of you, if you care about this girl, don't fire on that airship, must get to the ruins of Midgar."

*In the city of the ancients*
The spirit looked towards the other spirit.
"They have found out how to use the planet." the other spirit nodded.
"I doubt any of them can do it alone this time." Another one said joining them.
"The perhaps it is time we played our parts." A fouth said approaching.
"Barret you know that is forbidden."
"Yes Tifa, but so is using Omega as your own personal weapon." The one known as tifa looked towards the new comer.
"Its been a while Cloud."
"If we cannot join with them, then we must get them here, and give them what strength and power we have." The all nodded in agreement.

*North Crater*
the Planet finally realised what it had done, Omega had been released early, there was no alternative, and thus did it release Ultimate, Diamond, Ruby and emerald weapons, only together could they stop Omega and as they were released, throughoput Gaia a sound appeared like that of a piece of materia dropping into water.

"Sir, we have radio contact with another Garden."
"Excellent." the master nodded.
"It has over seven thousand SeeD sir, i didn't know any Garden got that big."
"On our continent where the armies of every nation are quite big, we will not get many members, however on this continent, the armies are not big, they rely on SeeD mainly to keep the peace and their independence."
"That means we can hit back against the alliance." The SeeD spoke and the master shook his head.
"That would contradict a direct order, plus, we still are ouytnumbered about fifthteen to one." He looked out over the sea and caugh a glimpse of land "Besides we have different orders when we reach this continent."
"Sir?" The master shook his head showing that the conversation was over.

12/15/2007 3:32 PM

[u] Messages from the Stars, part 1 [/u]

Wyatt drifted along to corridor, his long red leather coat drifting behind him with a slight flap as he passed the air ducts, "Hey Brad," A man with jet black hair was drifting towards him dressed in a dull silver jumpsuit.

"Hey, I'm finished up on the bridge but Lucie wants to talk to you about the," Brad paused as he turned in the air passing Wyatt, "Scratch that Rei wanted to see you," Brad kept drifting backwards as Wyatt pushed off from the floor shooting along the corridor. Wyatt turned using his legs to stop at the top of the corridor, he open the hatch and drifted onto the bridge. It was an oval room in gleaming white with seats and stations for fifty people, Lucie was sat at the first monitoring station around the central construct. A few feet from her was a man with long silver hair hundreds of book floated open around him, "You wanted to see me sir?" Wyatt spoke to the man.

"You have been most interested with Gaia," The man turned in the air, "Things are changing and I have to play my cards," The man closed one of the books, "I need an message delivered."

[i] "Wait for me, in time you will have that chance be patient, I'll come at the right time and all of our brothers and sisters will be free, keep it safe till then," A younger man with long sliver hair stood with a teenage boy with short white hair in the middle of a wasteland. "I can't stay here I will send a message before we return, do your best to be their," The man turned pulling a long masamune sword from the ground.

"Rei I trust you, Mother will pay for what she did, for what she will do," The youth smiled wind beginning to kick up loose earth.

"Hold onto this until I get back," Rei threw the sword into the air, the youth caught it as Rei vanished. [/i]

[u] Famfrit [/u]

Go and Hati were stood on the deck of a floating wreck two miles from land watching as flotilla of boats headed towards them, "Hati I think now would be a good time," He released her hand and walked off towards the ruin of a bridge. Hati sighed before diving from the deck onto the sea, softly landing on the surface and took out her flute.

The water shifted and writhed under her until it started to rise in snaking lines into the sky before it all smashed down, the once clear sky was pitch black with clouds. Hati leapt from the water back onto the ship, she held her hair out of her eyes as she watched water pour from gap the clouds and engulf the ships. Go jumped down from the shattered bridge to her side taking her hand and he too watched the struggling ships out to sea. "Why is Iti not to know about this, doesn't she trust him," Hati kept staring out to sea.

"It doesn't really matter, she is in charge now I follow her orders," Go let Hati's hand fall and walked to the ships port side, "Here they come."

[u] Squall, Air and Sea [/u]

"Avet, their right ahead," A Cbal Hyw was hanging out of the side of the chopper, water whipped up showered the occupants, Aya was sat by the hatch and turned to lean out herself. Below was chaos ships capsized, and others struggling not to crash into each other,"Attack the ship that are still afloat," Aya bellowed over the sound of the engine and the storm below, "Try not to get too low."

There were twelve choppers and four small airships descending on the vessels, streams of materia and bullets fell on the stricken ships. Aya and the other occupants fired at the men on the decks of the ships as they past between them, they came around on a second pass with some fire returned from the ships. They were readying for a third pass as sevral aircraft headed towards them, damage done they started to retreat as the storm seemed to pass.

[u] Deaths door, Stories and Gaia[/u]

Vincent was holding her, his face already tinted red faded as Keena felt like she was falling, for a very long time.

[i] "Along time ago there was a boy, born of Gaia he was happy but lonely until a girl fell from the sky, they loved each other very much. But one day the girl got so bored of the world she wanted to make it go away, the boy didn't he loved playing with Gaia so he and the girl had a fight. The world swallowed up the girl and the boy was very sad, he started to get bored of Gaia all on his own so he slept."

"A long time later he woke up and vowed to protect Gaia leaving it in the hands of others, while Gaia was fighting inside,"

"Today the planet lost, and the girl that hated it so much became what she hated, now she has more power than ever to liven up the boring world." [/i]

"I'm not the same, inside me is something else now, I know it wasn't what she wanted but now I think I can understand why so many people are fighting," Keena wasn't talking to herself in her head as a voice answered.

"I'm very tired, I need to rest, take care of me child and when he who loves me more than anything visits you must greet him, careful," The voice was very motherly and made Keena feel warm inside, "Then he'll tell you what to do."

[u] Dark planet [/u]

Through out Gaia was the sound of screaming lasting for a few seconds, the lifestream changed colour to a dull purple and stopped flowing, stagnating. A teenage girl of about thirteen stood in a pool with Iti standing on the edge, watching as the water turned black.

"Don't you just love it," The girl span around before jumping onto the flowers growing around it, "Boring old world is going to change," She waved her hands and the flowers burst into black flames, "Mothers so happy."

"What do you plan to do about them Mary," Iti watched the fire burn trying not to let a grim look seep in to his eyes.

"Well, I could just kill them all but thats no fun, I'll help mother take control of the WEAPONS and then we'll make a better world, it'll be great Iti," She ran and swung on his arm. "I want everyone to be there at the end to watch," She ran to the front of the church "I'm gona explore some more, Shinra must have been so much fun."

[u] Brief reasoning [/u]

Wada watched the headmasters pain, "It wouldn't be wise to move without me, Midgar was the first hit target of the Cbal Hyw, what your looking for may well be gone. And if not then you have a hard time getting to it, I suggest that you take me and some of my men with you," Wada walked to Vincent, "Don't let her die."

Men were putting out the fire and the Omega sailed overhead next to Invincible with two other ships heading towards it. Roku watched the ship from her bridge, "This world is to changing for better or worse we'll see."

"What was that captain,"

"Nothing, keep course with that ship and keep the guns trained on it," Roku walked back from the window and sat in her chair.

[u] Messages from the Stars, part 2 [/u]

Wyatt stood on the edge of a great crater, he hadn't been cold before, nor felt as much gravity but he was already used to it, his jacket blew out to his left. "Just how long am I meant to wait," He blew on his hands before walking back to shuttle he had landed in. He shut the hatch, the faded Shinra Electric Power Company logo painted on to the middle of it. He sat and waited looking at the crater outside.

12/16/2007 3:14 AM

*Boarding the Invincible*
"You better get on board my ship then sir," Seifer spoke, as the airship landed "You and ten guards should be ample." The pain in his voice becoming more apparent and as the great doors of the airship opened he signaled everyone aboard as several medics came running out in unison and almost scarily organised. Upon everyone boarding an aide came to the Headmaster and waited patiently while the Headmaster signalled him to speak.
"What are our orders?"
"Plot a course and make all haste Midgar, we're heading to the slums, sector six, also station one of the first class SeeD to watch our guests, we may have invited them, but we can not be sure of their motives, they are not to be messed with merely watched.... do I make myself clear." The aide saluted and left the Headmaster lying on his bed.
"Who am I to lead these people." Seifer sighed to himself, keeping himself awake, he estimated that the journey should take mere minutes as he looked to his side he saw Vincent watching over the girl.
Vincent was knelt down next to her bed, keena's pulse was low and he had clasped his hands around hers.
"you can't die..." he whispered his tears forming in his eyes. "You can't die...I've not told you." He watched silently over her for the while.
Meanwhile the aide found one of the First Class SeeD.
"Ah sir." The SeeD looked at the aide.
"The Headmaster has ordered one of you first class boys to watch our guests... not to harm or mess unless they cause harm to us." The SeeD member nodded and went on his way to Wada to watch. Eventually he made it back to the bridge.
"Sector 5 slums sir." the captain nodded and suddenly to the outside world the great airship took off and within mere seconds had disappeared out of view.


*Beginning to resist*
The Master of HOUSE and the Master of the Garden they had just made contact with met up and shook hands.
"Well, what are the Headmaster's orders then old friend."
"We are to go back to basics, we are not an army and shouldn't think like one." The older of the two masters nodded thoughtfully. The younger, the one controlling HOUSE, broght out a map and pointed to an area.
"Thats the palace of that empire." the young one nodded.
"the Headmaster wishes us to stop all wars, to stop the mass death, he sees the only way is to eliminate the leaders and replace them with leaders we like."
"He has a well conceived plan, unless these 'others' you have spoken of in your radio contact get involved." the young officer nodded.
"That is why his further order was to get all SeeD in HOUSE, it can move and has no fixed location." The older nodded, he had seen HOUSE it dwarfed even his Garden which was the size of a small town, HOUSE was more like a large city.
"So we are to abandon our Garden." The young office
"not yet, but eventually." The old master look concerned but nodded.
"I shall get some of our first class."


*landing outside the slums*
Seifer felt the airship slow and then begin to descend.
"Vincent, its time to go." Seifer spoke as Vincent picked up the girl and Seifer struggled out of bed, just as his feet touched the floor the two first class SeeD were there to support him and help him over to a ship communicator.
"We have arrived at the Midgar slums, please all meet me outside, things are going to get interesting from here." Seifer then switched to a the bridge communicator.
"Captain if we are not back in one hour you are to make all haste to the north, find a city on a mushroom shaped rock, you will know when you see it."
Carrying the Headmaster almost the two SeeD made their way to the exit and Vincent followed carrying Keena.
"Where are we going sir?"
"A place... a place only remembered in myth and legend, but something she said...something that girl in red said makes me believe it is real, if its not.... well we'll cross that bridge when we get to it."
They silently waited outside the ship for the others looking into the ruins, but somewhere in the distance they felt they were being watched.


*The city of the Ancients*
"Why the hell did she do that!" Barret yelled.
"maybe she thought it was for the best." a slim dark haired figure spoke
"the weapons will cause a distraction barret, long enough for us to react." Cloud spoke they'll be here by the end of the day I am sure...unless...unless he is back."
"And is he is?"
"Then i will break the rules, he cannot be involved just yet." Cloud spoke looking deadly serious.

12/16/2007 7:38 AM

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[u] Children [/u]

Siti sat atop a broken wall, he had brought Zyuu from the plain to Iti and now he didn't have job to do anymore, everyone was here. He wanted to know what Mary was like, having spent so much time away waiting, he had no doubts of her power but he did of her motives. He like all the other must could feel the change in the lifestream, now Mother was the whisper in his ear.

He dropped from the wall and walked down the streets he use to watch before it happened, Siti could hear the sound of children playing. He kept walking over rubble in the road dust crunching foot, this section was uninhabited but most of the others weren't, at least before today. A wall expolded in front of him showering him with dust as a girl like a rag doll flew into the building opposite, followed seconds later by a girl he new must be Mary leaping from the fresh hole. The girl thrown stood up and leapt to the top of the building she had just been blasted through, followed by Mary as both vanished. Sits knew the Zyuu was wild but he hadn't thought she would so willingly be Marys playmate, there were different voices now, not Al Bhed and not native, "So they came to find her."

[u] Black Waters [/u]

Iti picked the last flower slightly burnt from the edge of the patch, he tossed it aside into the black murky pool where it wilted and sank. He had seen Zyuu briefly before Mary whisked her away and in here he could see tainting the same as the pool. He walked to the front of the church closing the doors after himself, "So this is my final rest, now I must continue the melody."

[u] Nabund[/u]

"A large group of Cbal Hyw was ready as the airship landed above them were sevral aircraft and airships like the Omega were approaching. They stiffened as SeeD members disembarked but were relived when they saw their leader, "Fa ryja hafc dryd druca baubma yna ehceta, dra nacd uv dra ledo ec calina," A very tall bulky man spoke to Wada his head bowed.

"Jano famm, tuh'd ahkyka dras caht cusa sah hundr du dra myga," Wada touched him on the shoulder. The man turned and with a few words and group ran back to towards the landing zone. Wada and his men now with some of the Cbal Hyw caugth up with the SeeD group as they walked deeper into the ruin, a man with short silver hair, a man with a black coat decorated with metallic pauldrons and a long masamune sword, "Iti," Wada spoke under his breath.

[u] Cut and Dry [/u]

"Run from this place, if you wish to live run," Iti's eyes flashed, he was agitated and his normal calm was gone, "You stupid people." The second floor of a building to their right exploded with bricks and mortar rained down, Zyuu bounced along the road before getting to her feet. She stared with surprise at the large group, Mary leapt out after her the ground splintering under her. Mary turned to the group, "Are you having fun yet?"

12/19/2007 4:07 PM

Cid stood at the wheel, flying the airship that was given to him by SeeD. Velicity offered to have her men take the helm but Cid refused for it's been a while since he last got to fly one. He almost forgotten how fun it was. As he passed a small setlement he did a fancy weeving maneuver to impress people, however the rest of the crew on bousrd wasn't prepared and stumbled over.

"You idiot! This isn't a stunt ship! This is a high class battle ship thats not to played around with!" Velicity shouted at Cid.

"Ok jeez calm down. So does this ship have a name then or what? Cid asked

Velicity cleared her throat before telling Cid the name given to the airsip "The name of this airship is, The Juggernaut"

Cid paused for a second when he heard that name. Then suddenly he burst out in laughter. "The Juggernaut? Thats no where near original! Makes the ship sound slow!" Cid carried on laughing until Velicity slapped him round the face.

"You better watch what you say or..." then velicity turned around and left suddenly.

"Huh, wonder whats gotten into her" Cid wondered to himself.

Velicity stormed straight to her room on the ship without breaking stride. She entered her room which was decorated in quite a girly manor, such as pink wall paper and chocobo dolls on the bed. She sat on her bed and looked over at the side table. There was a picture of a man that looked roughly the same age as her, in a frame standing up. She picked up the picture and a tear escaped her eye and rolled down off her cheek onto the picture. She whispered "Don't worry, I won't dissapoint you."

12/22/2007 6:16 AM

An aide came running into the operations room.
"Sorry for the intrusion sir, but we are getting reports from Junon." The two master's looked up from their map and notes.
"What is wrong?"
"One of their reacors was blown up, and they reckon their are fifty of them that did it."
"how many SeeD do we have in that city?"
"sixteen students and one instructor." The master of HOUSE sighed, he would have to send some SeeD there he could not leave them without help.
"Send me Avalanche, we'll have to use them." The aide nodded and left the room and the two masters loked at each other.
"If we all combine together the great empires will turn on us."
"I know, But the Headmaster has ordered this, now we need to know everything we can about Shinra, I hate to say it, but we know so little about what we are trying." The other master nodded

The eight members of Avalanche entered the operations room and looked at the two masters.
"You summoned us?" The two masters nodded.
"You are to take The Highwind, seen as Cid didn't, and go to Junon, get the students and the tutor out of there, if the aggressors are alliance members you are not to confront them, they are seifer's orders, he has not changed them nor is he dead, therefore they stand." The avalanche members nodded and left the masters.
"We'll have to contact Cid and velicity, we need them to find out information on Shinra and all they know about everything." Both masters nodded and gopt the signals man to contact the Juggernaught with the intended message.


Vincent looked at the white haired man and laid Keena on the ground carefully and stepped forward with the ahead of the group and drew his sword.
"Get out of our way, we are here for a purpose more important than anything you could omprehend.
Meanwhile Seifer managed to look up and was in a state of shock.
"No, it can't be... its...its... Vincent, let it go... there will be other places, we just have to search." Seifer pleaded with Vincent, this was not right, none of them were ready for both this monster and Omega.
"We don't have time she's dieing." Vincent shot back and looked directly at Iti. "its your choice, get out of our way or get ready to dance." The anger in Vincent's voice was apparant and the glow in his eyes was red like, Chaos was waking inside of him.

12/22/2007 4:34 PM

Velicity was lying in bed, wondering about what had happened in the past, she still couldn't let go. Her trail of thought was interupted by the crackle coming from the intercom, caused by Cid's lack of knowledge when it comes to fancy technology.

"Veli... co...lan...go" This was all Velicity could get over the intercom. Velicity got up in a rage, smacked her finger on the intercom button and shouted "Hold your finger on the button you idiot!" Cid did so and said "Velicity, come to the bridge. We've landed in Sephgo."

"Sephgo?" Velicity wondered to herself. Velicity walked quite quickly to the bridge where she saw Cid standing in wait.

"What are we doing in Sephgo? We were heading for north crater!" Velicity asked, with her arms crossed tightly.

"I've got an errand to do, wait here and watch the ship will ya?" he said as he headed for the door.

"Hang on a second! I'm the leader of this expedition, I own this ship! Who are you to tell me what to do!" She shouted at him.

"If you own the ship, then you won't want it stolen now will you? See ya!" Cid said as he ran out the door quickly leaving Velicity in the ship and the rest of the crew looking quite scared that Velicity might take her anger out on them. She turned around and gave evil eyes to all of her crew.

Another message comes through, but this time it was over the radio. Velicity went over to see what it was. "Velicity, we've changed objectives. We want you to investigate an organisation that goes by the name of Shinra, they have a research lab in Sephgo, near your current position."

"Understood, over and out" Velicity replied back to them.

12/22/2007 5:29 PM


[i] "Don't cry now," [/i]

Mary stood childlike wander across her face looking at Vincent, "Scary, huh," Stepping out of the crushed crater, "No fun." She leapt into the air, Al Bhed ran to the sides of the road taking up in ruins either side as she floated. Iti sword still drawn looked at each of them, looking at those that were on the verge of death.

The light faded overhead into near pitch black in seconds, Mary dropped one foot extended onto Vincents blade moving as a blur of red. Vincent was sent flying backwards his blade splitting sending flying swords into the ground, the ground cracking under her as she landed. Several bullets hit her body, she turned to the left side of the road as it burst into flame with the cries of dieing souls. Blood dripped from the wounds as they healed over leaving only holes in her dress, she walked towards Seifer and Keena. She pulled the longest blade with the grip on the side from the ground, she ran towards Seifer increasing in speed, blade to the side she swung at his waist.

There was a clash of metal, Iti had kicked Seifer to the side and blocked Mary. He was forced backwards as she kept pushing, "You are my puppet," Pushing faster now Iti was beginning to lose his footing. He slipped kicking at Mary as she adjusted. She jumped to avoid him, landing back where they'd started. Iti was already on his feet as she launched a purple wave from the blade. He jumped over it towards her as she leapt at him both meeting in the air. Blades clashed again, Mary grabbing Iti's neck and he clutching at her arm. They tumbled in the air before crashing into the walls on the left of the road above the flames. One after an other building were reduced to dust, the ruins collapsing.


Ni walked up the road as the fighting continued, she wanted to help Iti but there as someone more important. She picked her up, holding Kyuu in her arms. Looking at those that were recovering from battle she vanished.

12/27/2007 3:33 PM

Cid wondered around Sephgo for some time, it was mostly caves however. He wasn't sure what he was doing here, only that he might be able to gain some answers around these parts. After about an hour or so of searching he found this huge archway decorated much like the tattos on Cid's body. He passed through and came into a dim passageway, lit only by torches held on the side. Passing through he felt a small rumble benethe him. He shrugged it off however. Further on her felt another one slightly bigger.

Suddenly Cid found him self jumping frantically from ledge to ledge and the ground beneathe him began to fall. He was trying his best to judge how far he needed to jump so that he would stick the next landing, he only had a split second to think of each one though. After a panic filled surprise he managed to escape the corridor and came to another archway, but instead of decorations, it had a message.

"Hu ajem syo bycc"

Cid never understood any type of foreign language, so he just entered witout thinking. As he came up to the archway, he was stopped by an invisible barrier. "What the?" Suddenly the slime inside Cid's pocket started shivering. "Hey buddy you okay? You wanna wait outside?" He placed to slime down by the side and went to enter again, this time he was let through. "Hmm thats strange" Cid wondered to himself.

"Hello? Anybody here?" Velicity started to call out as she searched through the abandoned research facility. She couldn't find any incriminating evidence around at all, just what seemed like standard experiments. She walked over to the information center and attempted to restore power there. She looked on the map stored there and saw that there was a floor missing. "Strange I saw 7 floors from the out side, not 6" She went into the elevator to observe this missing floor. "Please select a destination" The recorded message asked. "Floor 7" The lift moved upwards to the floor she indicated. When the lift stopped Velicity walked outside to find she was on floor 6. She walked back in and said "No i said floor 7" however there was no response. "Floor 7 do you hear me!" She tryed again.

"It won't take you there" a mysterious man said from afar. Velicity poked her head out and asked "Who are you?"

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