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05/03/2007 6:30 AM

I'm lost... forgotten... chained to the world with no clue as to what is happening...
My soul... feels so heavy... as if gravity is pulling the core of my soul it down to the centre of known exsistence.
I shall not cry... I shall not smile... I'm ready to face the doors of death...
Open arms... loved ones... joy and harmony for us all... except...
They lied... there is not joy... there is no loved ones with opened arms...
Only more suffering...

It was round about 11:24pm, and yet the city was not empty of it's hustle and bustle. Sirens whirling around streets paved with tramps and hookers, and sewers were homes for rats and other un hygienic animals. The sirens got louder and seemed to echo in a choir of screams as you come towards a bridge. Yellow police tap rapped around everything it could as a body laid stone dead on the ground. A black car was inside the police investigation zone, with blood splattered upon it's wind-screen.

The heavens began to cry... or so you would think... as it began to rain down upon the situation. From the darkness under the bridge a small girl, ragged in a white dress with a long rusty chain upon her neck would giggle and run along the water, her body and movement like fog and smoke, hovering along until it disappeared as another figure, alot darker than the girl, would appear and stand, stand watching the girl disappear and like it had appeared it disappeared into the darkness.

05/03/2007 6:41 AM

As light began to pierce through the darkness, the sound of sirens would fade out. The body laid now on a hospital bed, strapped to hundreds of wires, like some sort of machine. The faint beep of the heart moniter was the only sound that occured in the room, as the many doctors proded the body, trying to figure out what was wrong.

Near the accident that happened at that night, a body... or what seemed to be a body, laid, unconcious upon the banks of the river. It would twitch and clench his fists, stretching his arms and legs as helets out a yawn. His eyes would open, only to squint at the sunlight from the sun. "Where... am i?", he said, lifting himself of the ground and stagggering up the bank.

He had no clue who he was... where he was... or even how he got on that bank. It seemed he had amnesia. By now the city was full of buisness people, which was one of the things he could remember, men in suits equal buisness men or women. But something was different... a chain was attatched to their leg... and on the other side... was a small child. He would reach out and touch the child infront only to see it's blank expressional face glaring at him. He felt cold all of a sudden, and slightly freaked out. Who were they? And why was everyone looking at him... or even through him like he wasn't there....?

05/06/2007 3:37 AM

He trudged on, through the city streets and alleyways, aimlessly journeying around. He looked up into the sky, atleast that wasn't any different. He walked on, the city becoming busier and busier with people, and white cladded children attacked to their legs by chains. He looked to his own leg to see... nothing... Why was he the only one with no... whatever they were. He leaned up against the wall, pondering to himself what do to. He tried to remember what happened last night but nothing came up. He went into his pocket, his phone... wallet... keys... all gone. Was he mugged and thrown onto the bank? Yes that seemed to be a sensible excuse.

It was time to decide where to go.. and the best place to go was the police station or home, and seeing as he had no idea where home was he decided to go to the police station, to report his missing things. Question was... where is the nearest police station? Sighing, he would trudge on, rying to kick a can but not succeseding as it seemed his foot went through the can. He was now seriously freaked out and so he began to run, run as fast as he could, trying to find the nearest police station.

05/08/2007 10:50 AM

[i]Shoe.. where's my shoe?[/i]

She'd been looking at her foot for- how long, now? Forever?

Small and white it was, surprisingly so considering the amount of dirt around the embankment. A few faint scratches around the heel, chipped black polish on the toes.

She was perched on a wall beside a sluggish river she couldn't remember the name of, head hung low staring at the naked appendage.
Her other foot- the non-naked one, the one with a shoe- swung aimlessly, and faintly smugly she thought.

[i]Where's my shoe?[/i]

She couldn't think why it would be missing, and she knew she should be annoyed- it was a cute shoe- but somehow wasn't really, not just yet.

Maybe she had another pair, maybe that's why she wasn't angry. Or maybe she had other things to be angry about.

She lifted her other foot to her knee and checked if she was wearing a sock.
She was.
So that was missing too.

And now that woman was back, the one with the tight face.

She was watching her, from the bridge that crossed the river. The [b]R[/b]iver.

She'd been there earlier. She'd looked up a few times from her foot to see her, dark and still, just watching.
She couldn't see her face, but she thought she was smiling.
Maybe she was one of those perverts they talked about.

Eh, so what if she was?
She probably got to have two shoes.
Socks too, maybe.

Her toes- the bare ones- wiggled a little, and she turned her eyes away from the bridge and back to the foot.

[i]Where's my shoe?[/i]

05/08/2007 1:26 PM

Silent wind blowing in empty water

Ripples in a wave being but not, total flux both being and not, like a place with no one to be there, a speck in nothing.

If this was a place with no one what was she, a cat, wet. Paw by paw it moved puddle marks on the dry board, what scared it?

Fuzz, static, T.V., was it broken, difference channel, no&. sofa& lost it, can't feel, what&

Faded, not this time, just here, here is better than none, here is like a place with no one there, she is a speck in nothing. She couldn't sense, wouldn't?

Sense, what was that like, what sense meant, lost, in a place like a place with no one there, but she was, then this is a place, in something, a speck in somewhere. Sense was like sound, but what was that, life is ductile, was she, sound could be bent too, was she like sound, an echo?

An echo wouldn't keep would it, it would have stopped, and echo couldn't be in a place like a place with no one to be there to hear it, but she was. She could hear herself in an echo from nowhere to where, and essence of life of an echo, life's shadow. What sense was a shadow, taste, touch, something else, sight, light everywhere, no shadows here? What of taste and touch were they two proof of something, She couldn't feel, nothing she had felt was there, taste was soft, plain, but there she could feel something else but now, she was real, not an echo of a shadow in a place like a place of nothing. Reality brought touch and fresh sounds, the being of life, itself and echo inside her, and a feeling of form of being, embraced her tiny figure.

Calm was with her now, but little remained of what she had been if ever, but free from nothing she walked, then ran naked in the white light. Good was all she felt but a single sound was all she felt that plunged her back, hanging, swinging side to side, Limbo no longer took her, Life echoed back to her, ebb and flow of everything and nothing

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