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05/03/2007 12:03 AM

It is evening, the sun is just started to descend behind the granite walls of Miss Ferrers School for the gifted. Or as Midori liked to know it as, school for the freaks. No-one knows of its exact location, Midori had heard countless rumous of it being located in the north of russia because it frequently snowed. She breathed in slowly and tightened her grip on her suitcase. For someone who was moving into what could be described as her new home, she packed considerably light. She so no need for 'things', she just brought with her what she needed. A photo album, some letters from friends, her school year book, and some other treasured items from friends and family.
She was quite suprised to recieve notice that she had been accepted into this enigma of a school.

She never considered herself anything special. She had shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, quite flat chested and doe like eyes. A waif. She grew up in London, Bristol, so was quite used to the cold. But never had she seen anything like this...
In the courtyard there were people levitating eachother, and laughing as though suddenley flying into the air was something completley natural. There was a young boy standing next to a fountain who was turning the water to ice and then defrosting it again. Midori knew she was in for some suprises when she received the letter, and anyone older may have not being able to cope. But when your 16, nothing seems impossible.

She held infront of her the letter, and turning it over to the back folllowed the directions to her dorm room. There were also other notices like "School dance this Friday!!". They had school dances at her old school, but she doubted she woul dbe able to find anyone to go with. Her boyfriend, or EX boyfriend wasnt to civil towards her when she told him she was leaving, but regardless it would be hard to find someone to replace him. The world doesnt make men like that anymore.

05/03/2007 12:12 AM

Something collided into her arm... She looked up and found herself looking into the most stunning face of a young women. The women smiled.
"Well hello! You must be Miss Bell, Im your headmaster Miss Ferrer. Lovley to meet you."
"Um.. how did you know my name wa-"
"Each new student is given a name badge on arrival." Ferrer pointed to the said name badge.
"But, how..?"
"One thing you will learn here Midori is that 'how' is not a word often spoken." She smiled.

Midori had heard a rumour on arrival that Miss ferrer was actually more then three hundred years old. The reason for her sustained youth was because she had never been able to fall in love. That was her gift. Makes a lot of sense, Midori thought.

05/05/2007 7:43 PM

Jake was confused. Not an awkward situation, really. He 'might' have been expelled form his last school for some nonsense concerning staplers and restraining orders. But he had burned those records, so it didn't really matter now.

In fact, fire had been playing an interesting role in his life over the past few days.
In a period of 48 hours, his house had been burnt down, along with his card collection, his videogames, and his dog, Ino.

For such an unfortunate young lad, the only place left to roam was the School for Gifted Children. Jake theorized that they thought he was 'burning' things with his mind. What a joke.

And yet, as he walked into the institute, bustling with children and teachers, he felt a sense of calm. "I'll own this place."

05/17/2007 9:59 AM

Dahlia stood next to the door of the school, her school, the one she'd been trapped in for far too long. She hated it here. Wished she could rip the place to pieces and walk away. It was simply not that easy for her. Everyone had some sort of special powers...Dahlia had practically failed every one of her classes, not because she wasn't gifted, but because she couldn't care less. She ran her hands through her long blonde hair, and then wiped at her face, careful not to smear her make-up, especially her heavy eyeliner. Her mother used to scream at her for hiding her blue eyes behind the black make-up, but she never cared. In fact, she couldn't remember the last time she cared about anything but getting out of the educational prison.

Staring out towards the courtyard, she watched Miss Ferrer approach a new student and engage in conversation. "Great," she mumbled, "Another inmate."

Her attention was distracted as she stared at an approaching boy. She shifted her gaze ever so often, only to disguise the fact she was staring at him. Dahlia came to the conclusion that he seemed just as excited as she did.

And yet, as he walked into the institute, bustling with children and teachers, he felt a sense of calm. "I'll own this place."

Hearing his words, she muttered back in retort, "Too bad I already do."

05/17/2007 10:14 AM

[OOC: just a head's up- this thread has been dead for a while and none of the previous posters have been active in quite some time... which is a pity because that was a nice post]

05/17/2007 10:28 AM

(ooc: yea i know the thread has been dead for a while...its mainly boredom that provoked me to post...and a small glimmer of hope that maybe it will kick back up again! if you know of any good ones i can get into let me know...i see you're just about everywhere in here)

05/17/2007 10:46 AM


i see you're just about everywhere in here

like a plague, lol. It's a great diversion from getting any real work done.
Check out the interest thread- there's a few that haven't gotten off the ground yet because they're waiting for a few more souls. Most of the ones in here are fairly established.. Civil War, maybe? Don't know if you're into superheroes but there's not too many of us posting in that, and it wouldn't be too hard to get into.

Also of course I have to recommend Everyday Exceptions- but I'm biased ;) It's been going for a while but the story 'proper' hasn't really kicked off yet, so again it should be easy to join.Threads start all the time, anyway so something should hopefully come along soon.

Just post a bio in any thread you're interested in first so the DM can okay you for joining and hopefully you'll find something to your liking soon ]]]

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