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05/02/2007 1:16 PM

im interested to know if anyone would be willing to have a LOTR rp set during the war of the ring but with your own made up characters on an alternate quest. Anyone?

05/05/2007 1:44 PM

so is anyone thinking of joining?

05/08/2007 10:59 AM

aye i will, more info plz...

05/08/2007 11:22 AM

basically its going to be our own made up characters on an alternate quest to stop the forces of Sauron in middle earth...what else do you want to know?

05/08/2007 12:14 PM

ok, im, in. do you want to start?

05/08/2007 3:00 PM

Im definatly in.
Lets all stay together on one storyline, rather than have 3/4 going on at once. Maybe we should list what our characters are?

05/08/2007 3:16 PM

My character is Aeglos, an Elf. ill post a Bio later. i think we should get this started soon.... lol.

05/08/2007 3:45 PM

Encaitaro stood on the borders of the forest. Lifting his hood he could feel in the air that things were not right down south, the eye of Sauron was moving. He tightened his quiver and grabbed his bow and left the woods for the southern lands of men.

05/08/2007 4:19 PM

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05/09/2007 4:56 AM

As he was leaving the woods a voice called out from the woods.

"Where are you going Encai? and on what bussiness is it?"

The owner of the voice, Afeldar did not wait for a reply. He jumped down from his vantage point in the trees and landed next to Encaitaro perfectly. His long blode hair, so typical of an elf tied behind his head in a pony tail, he was tall, but stocky, well stocky by elven standards.

"There is alot of dangers around the foreset edges at this time, I myself have seen bands of orcs, dwarfs and humans all only this morning. I know not what they do, or where they travel so do not ask, my job is merely to keep them from the forest. To protect our people, you cannot leave here without good reason, as we do not wish to attract the hordes into our forests.

Several other Elves in the trees where now visable, they all had bows in had, they need not have an arrow in there hands as they could easily loose two arrows in as many seconds. Many had there eyes firmly set Encaitaro awaiting the reply of the elf.

05/09/2007 9:21 AM

Among these Elves was Aeglos. A tall and noble elf who was high in favour in the Courts of Caras Galadhon. he looked at the elves that stood about him, as if suming them up.

"Afeldar, there are powers moving to destroy all peoples of Middle Earth, do us Elves not have a part to play in the War of the Ring. are we to leave Middle Earth to its fate. yes many bands of Orcs swarm these parts, but if all else fails and the Kingdoms of Men crumble, we will be surrounded by foes. we must go to the aid of those that are under attack. i offer myself as a volunteer to lead a small force of Elves to aid the Men of Rohan. will you not grant me leave?"

Aeglos stood, staring Afeldar in the eyes, defiantly. he did not intend to stay even if Afeldar denied him leave of the Woods. he knew he had cause to leave and that Lord Celeborn agreed with him.

05/09/2007 11:54 AM

"As captain of the Mirkwood archers i need not explain my reason for going but if you must know...i am heading south to find lord legolas"

Encaitaro stood amidst the quarrel,

"And i am not going to take a band of archers with me...this is a job for few not many"

He strode forward intent on leaving and knowing that if he were shot there would be great punishments for those responsible.

05/09/2007 12:42 PM

Aeglos turned and walked off away from the eaves of the forest. he knew that the rest of the Elves were watching him but he cared not. he was to go to Edoras. there was news that Theoden had been awoken from some enchantment by the wizard Gandalf and that the wizard and a small fellowship were preparing for war.

many leagues he sprinted until at last he stopped and let out a shrill whistle. he continued to sprint lightly until a faint whinying could be heard. he stood and waited. Nimfoot his horse approached. he lovingly stroked its main then mounted it. he gently spurred it on southwards to the nearest crossing point of the Anduin.

05/09/2007 12:49 PM

Without a horse it took Encaitaro a while to reach the city of Edoras but he arrived just in time to learn of the evacuation to helms deep. Upon reaching the ancient fortress he was granted access after speaking with the king from the walls. Heading straight for the armory he equiped himself with leather pauldrons and under his elven shirt he dawned a small chain mail vest. Then he went to speak with his long time friend and rival Legolas,

"Ai ne Vedui, Mae go Vonnen Legolas"

"And to you Encaitaro, i am glad to see you still drawing breath in these uncertain times"

"Thes mordor orcs keep trying my friend but i have no intention of surrendering my life just yet"

05/09/2007 1:07 PM

Aeglos had crossed the Anduin many days ago, his horse was weary and he was too. his Elf eyes could make up a long train of figures marching. tens of thousands by the look. then, a small speck on the horizen was a wretched looking figure, leaning upon a horse that was slowly trotting. as he watched the being tightened the reigns and galloped away.

Aeglos spurred Nimfoot on. after a long chase aeglos finally caught up with the man who wore the guise of a Ranger. aeglos recognised this to be Aragorn of the Dunedain because in a fleeting glimpse he saw the Ring of Barahir upon the Rangers finger.

"Rohan has emptied, its people have made for Helms Deep. now i see that Saruman had this planned from the very beginning. he has them trapped in that delve. Come if you will, Elf, for Rohan need all aid it can muster." explained Aragorn.

"Aye, i have travelled for many leagues to aid the Rohirrim and seem to have intercepted you just in time, come we will ride together to the fortress, and there we shall fight together" replied Aeglos.

together they spurred their horses on, weary and travel worn though they were. it was dark when they entered the Deeping Comb. they wew welcomed by Aragorns company and King Theoden of the Mark. Beside Legoals was a strange Elf that Aeglos had not seen before.

"hail Elf," he said in the Elf tongue and grinned before continuing "I see that aid has come unlooked for still. another Elf has come to answer the threat of the White hand."

a horn bellowed from somewhere. "that is no Orc Horn" exclaimed Legolas.

a vast army of Elves from Lorien marched up towards the gates. it seems that Celeborn decided to send a small fighting force after all.

05/09/2007 5:51 PM

"Ai nevedui...this is well needed indeed, i never thought a host of elves would come to the defence of this place."

Encaitaro stood above the gate of Helm's Deep. Upon his back he carried his longbow, and on his belt his gleaming knife shone in the moonlight.

"Mae go vonnen Haldir"

05/10/2007 11:33 AM

Aeglos departed as the host of elves filed into the fortress. slowly he headed for the Armoury. many men rushed past him in a hurry to reach the defences and ready themselves for the siege. at last he reached the Armoury and began searching through the various items that were there.

at that moment Haldir entered the room and presented him with Lorien Elven Armour, sent to him by order of Galadriel. along with this new suit came a Bow of finest Mallorn and a long, beautiful curving sword of Mithril, light to wield and fantastically sharp. Aeglos knelt as he accepted the gifts and put them on in silence. he sheathed his new sword, naming it Edrial, he hoisted upon his back a quiver of arrows that were slender and of Elvish fletchery. Aeglos grasped his bow and exited the Armoury, following Haldir to the Deeping wall.

The sky was darkening and far off was the steady tramp of many feet and armour clad Uruks. Isengard was almost upon them.

06/12/2007 2:52 PM

Sinrah was sitting on his horse Trebid when he saw coming over the hill many horsemen ridding back down the road to Helms Deep, "Riders of Rohan where are you going to at this time and this vast an army," a man rode up to him and said

"We are riding to aid the king will you join us we'll need all the hands we can get"

"How long will it take to get to Helms Deep then rider?"

"We are only a night away, and address me as Eomer in future now we ride!" The horses rode off as Sinrah joined. If there is a battle they will have keep fighting till morning as the sky started to get clouded as though a storm was coming but to fast, Sinrah started to wonder what would happen to his family if Helms Deep is captured.

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06/23/2007 2:18 PM

Earith tightened the grip on his bow as he watched carefully from his vantage point. A nice spot in the centre of the deeping wall. Out of his pocket he took a small letter, his eyes glanced the last words that his brother had said to him,

[i]"I am departing on a mission with my squire, our cousin, Arendir. Hopefully he will grow to be a good fighter, he says that he wants to be a rider of Rohan someday. Hope is not lost my friend and dearest brother, there is still much good in this world, and our fate lies in alliance. I only hope to[/i]

06/23/2007 2:28 PM

Earith tightened the grip on his bow as he watched carefully from his vantage point. A nice spot in the centre of the deeping wall. Out of his pocket he took a small letter, his eyes glanced the last words that his brother had said to him,

[i]April 12th:
"I am departing on a mission with my squire, our cousin, Arendir. Hopefully he will grow to be a good fighter, he says that he wants to be a rider of Rohan someday. Hope is not lost my friend and dearest brother, there is still much good in this world, and our fate lies in alliance. I only hope to see us elves team up with others to rid us of this evil.

I know you were against me joining the Gondor militia, but the forests and rivers here are lovely. Yesterday I met the steward's son, Faramir, he is a great man from what I have seen. The enemy's eye is searching for something, it is well too observing. We are heading out beyond Osgilliath to scout the area tomorrow.[/i]

The next letter was more grim...

[i]April 17th:
"We were ambushed like orcs, I fear the worst. I am wounded in my side...it is the most blood I have ever seen. I grow weaker every day. Life is but a stage that we play a part on. Be careful how you play it. I am sad as I feel that I will not be returning to see the great golden leaves of Lothlorien again...to gaze eyes on the beauty of our lady, Galadriel.

I leave you my duties as ambassador, report to Galadriel and she will give you orders. Goodbye brother. Farwell[/i]

A tear rolled down his cheek. His brows tilted and he grew angry. He would see the White City and see it personally to wipe out the evil that curses our land.

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