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04/29/2007 10:31 PM

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05/02/2007 7:58 PM

Grotin clutched his report in his hand; this report was necessary, if he wanted to keep his job. Grotin still knew that he and Roy where friends and he would be able to keep his job if Mustang liked, the only thing that made him nervous was that Roy Mustang wouldn't be examining the report. Instead it would be Haley Farlin a tall blond haired woman, she was always hungry for power and was constantly trying to get promoted thus she wouldn't accept anything less than excellent to further her career. He was constantly thinking of any answers for any question she would or could ask.

"Interesting, this would let us explore more of this world as we know that there are other gigantic landmasses other than our enemies', hopefully we can get recruits from there as well. Do you know what our enemies' movements are?" asked Haley, "Actually they have done no movements recently. Our spies have told us that they will be sending a negotiator in 3 days, most likely during daytime". After many unimportant questions he was free to go to his office. He started walking down the hall, sat on his chair, and waited for someone to give him his next task.

[I] Those Brimans accused us when any of us got there, we weren't responsible for some terrible night of abominations. We try to help them and they make a war out of this, how ungrateful. I hope these other people from the next continent don't accuse us right away for something terrible.[/I] this ran through his head many times until he was interrupted by a messenger, "sir the team will be ready in five days please get everything ready for the mission. The boat will be there at noon," stated the messenger, "I will make sure they are ready by then" replied grotin.

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05/07/2007 11:45 AM

Could I take the role of Winry Rockbell? Thanks! >;D

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